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University of Michigan | 


Bcnled hj ^ 


1n\m,0s.:.,S,, ' I 

Ht?l,o i9(»i 






^ s >» «- >.*■> * •■-' 

j2U^ ti'r^»,.y^ 


^ -^- : • 

IB i,GtH>«^lc 


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'S6ld by hkn, and by Tkokas (i Andhiws, £^(iit,'iad by 

TnauAt a Whiftlb, Niaiiaryporl. 

Juke 1804, 

: ,,..:KGtH>ylt 



Tlicfeu., ..... 4s Publicola, ,35 

Romului, ... - 76 Solm & PMicsla amparcd, >6o 

ltiimiUa!£3nefeusceiiparid,iis Themiftoclej, - . , afic 

Lucurgui, - . . . lao Cimillm, --.'.. 30B 

Numa, 160 Pericles, - - - . . 346 


Fabiui Maxlmuj - . i Pelopid*!-, ■. - . . ,qS 

Firiilcs a faiiu! Maxivuu Marcellui, .... gjo 

cemparid 31 PclopijM B Marccllts cm- 

Alcibiadn. 34 piTfd, 66 

CBiusMirciusCoriolanut, 77 Arillideg, ..... ^gg 

AlciiUdti (^ Corialatai citt- Cata iheCenfor, - . . iqc 

P^'J, "4 'Irifiides (3 Qua ccmpartd 336 

Tlmoleon, - . . .118 PhilopiEmM, - . - a.^ 

Psulus ^iniliui, - . 154 Titus QiiinaiiuFlamLniu!, 364 

TimalcBs O Paului j£mlias Philapxnn (J flemnius cm. 

compared, .... 194 pared, ..... ggj ■ 

Pyrrhut, - - . . , Niciai, ..... , 

Caiui Minui, ... 43 Mareiu CtilTui, . - . 1 

Lytmitt, 90 Xicki (3 Mtrau Crajnj 

Sylli, Ill comiartd, ...... 

LjfindtT H SyUa cemparid, ifi^ Seitoriui, ..... i 

Cimon ■ . 170 Eumtoo, . . . . j 

, ■ Lnculliu, ..... 193 Strlornii (3 Eiinenn coW- 

Cimoii a Liicuilui cmparid, 145 fartd, ..... j 


Ag«6I»ui, ..... 1 Pfaocion, ..... I 

Pompey, ...... 44 C«to the Younger, - . '. 

^p^latuS^PiimpiycenpaTcd, iiS Agit, ...... g 

Alexinder 133 Cleomencs, -...,, 

JuliB2C«6r, - . . , BM, * 

VOL. V. 

Tibsriu! Gracchui, . . 1 Antony, ..... 1 
C»i us Gracchus, - . - ao . Dtnulriui (3 AtUeaj compared, a 

M. BruCui, . . . . s 

G'lHchm 36 Bin (3 Brutal emparcd, 3 

Doraoilhenes, - ... 41. Artaxitxej, .... 3 

Cfcero, ..... 69 Atitui, ..... 3 

Dt«i!lhtiiciC3Ckeracmpa'ci,ii3 Gaibi, ..... g 

DiinttiLiu, . . . . . 117 OLha, ■ . .-..-. 4 


Jn Account of Weights, Measures, and 
DenomitiationS of Money, 

Me&tioned by Flutasch. — From the Tiblu of Dr. ArliUhaot. 


lb. oz. dwt ft. 

The Roman libra or pound .- - oo lo iS 13^ 

The Attic mina or pound - - - 00 n 07 16^ 

The Alticialant equal to fixty minx jS u 00 i?!- 


p«k gil. piBt), 
The Ronun niodiui - - - . % o o| 
The Roman chanix, one pint loo inearlv 

t'StT^si folid inchea, J . " 

TRe Attic medimnjs - - . - + b 6^ 


pint folid inchei. 
The«oty!e - - I - . - - ^ i,i4i4' 

Thecrathus -- ----- ij o.jiCfj ' 

Thechus - 6 ajjfijS 


Zng. pacci, fl. inchei. 
The Roman foot -----.. ooii-^ 
The Roman cubit ---..-.01 j^ 
The Roman pace --...,. 04 10 

Tlie Roman furlong - . - . . no 4 4 
The Roman mile --.--..- 967 o o 
The Grecian cubit ---.-. 01 6^ ' 

The Grecian furlong .--.... joo 4 4^ 
The Grecian mile -..--. 805 j o 
M. B. In this computalian, the Englilb pace is five f*et> ' 



The quadrans, about ----.oooo) 
The as .--_.--- -ooo o^ 

The feftertius ------- 0013^ 

The feftenium equal ta 1000 feltertii tig* 
The denarius --....- ^073 

The Attic obolus ooii^ 

The drachma .--...- 007.3 
The tnina ^ 100 drachmae ---3470. 
The talent = 60 minse -• - - 193 iS o o 
The flater aureus of the Greeks 1 , 

weighing two Attic drachms J ' ^ 

The ftater daricus ,--.--iitin 
TbeRomaR aureus was of different ' 
value at different periods. Ac- 
cording to the proportion men- 
tioned by Tacitus, when it ex- 
changed for 15 denarii, it was of 
the Ijune value as the Gicdaa fia- 



a lb. tho Hr« Olya- 



tM tcBplf of Juphtr Ctplto] 
HsiUii C«l« Mail Ml t 

lull. I EsbllcoU 4lei. 

itniUbon.. ■ 

l».|l. 3 BmU !]>• Pcifiiti botb It fe> •bJ 
iMMlL.SClaoiidlM. Akiywlu bom lb ._._ 

V F40pvnDcAiB viT, wbic 

adci fat 14 d«Uli bf «dcT of 
4 OvtnbniH til bioikci C) lu iaafiti 


:>i. 1 Lyfmiritr feu ■> Ike Hell 

K AUustui ud I. 

KIU> bli kncbir TtwriHM., «|ie . 

clopMat ittfuu AltUHlar tlu , nr 
if PI»«t, bal filtt I. tlH iMtU . 
Ii> riniu battle of UmdHh 1» "hi 


[m l> killed i<rCi»pHi. 

]< <>rcb>nH> HUth *Ulip 

Ul of Ihe Grmnitu. 
• dlti,' md 6s. 


: - 

, bntlidiltvtr-l 13S 
AUiuiiu, hIibI 


' ) fioDiilhHl • 



UcfiJopoUt. About thii Ik one )iv«d 

II Wir, whick l(gE 


"p°lo A°iti«7duV***" ' ° " 




FutdC w>r, vhteb ct 

M°T^ »w nal-i a-t r«gsd t) 

ftft(«lor(hip. Cent inl* Ctppi- 


Mtk M blndir mallei of Rgni*. 

Tiku Atkeni. 



Stnt into Spiln. 

rm Tootgti )<>''>» ii'iuB bi (rii> 

T<t foon aRer he dlfeiu FoDllua Td 

ifin=..,tl>.g«..ofRo=.. 1,1U« 











ublic pK 


• 10 Alb 











onfuUtlp, it 

in £ 
cnl >f<i 


kRoilw itiSttft It quia. CntTot 

Mpi. or l.iiitil_. 

nirili, mil tht l»o C«li, HtU 
Irftou. Ha nMOlti bli du 

imShi <i (iliiD kr tWFtnMuiliirf Uo. 

P*Mr*T So i«e JlfTpI, ud u 


Iriiidivlfiuof AogvAoi, Lepidi 
he biulc ot Fbirlppi, !n wliLch 

»JThtb.ttl.Df ASfuio. AMmrllbt.Mn 
I Mdfii«lnl0 BtTPt "i* CI"?''"- 

1^1, liTlw rs«ll «f vlii<<>. 



The Numerical Letters refer to the Volume, 
the Figures to the Page, and the letter a to the 

rr rdmii It Cttgraptf it marlud vili • 

■aSAf/TES,tit6itoTi<art,anA «3i- The gront at the t 

mMnerofSghting,!. 48. 

cadimy, cut down by Sylla, iii. 

AitnllJai kills Cliniu, ud 

135. > 

(K> himfelf up tyrant inSicyon, 

AcatuBlii, tribe of i, 348, 

V.345. Killed, 346. 

* Aaatlam!, iii. 90. 

*A6ai, river iv. 79. 

* Aeariaia iii. 6. 1. 368. 

MilU«s, othecwite AolHw!, 

'Ac^n.^Uv', defealed by 

Ton of Homului and Herlilia, i. 

Af-ibm, iv. 34. 

9 a. 

Ac«,JnU^ y^r.i. .86. 

AbaKritns,v. 357. 

Aiajlu,, the fon of P(11m, 

•'Ahtlui,n'>a,\i. 14S. 

diei»ftheloufyd>l«ile,iii. 163. 

Mra, IV. llg. V. 94. 

Aaa Larcnlia, wife of Fiu. 

ftutuj, and nurfe of Romului 

ThemiBoelei i. 165. 

and Remm, i, 80. 

.nd«, ;v. »... 

• Achaam, PhilopOEnten 

•^yo», ii. 63, iv. 1B4. 

chaigej their arnij, ii, 349 350. 

.^didflui, difcovcrs to Caftor 

Eredal^tueof bra(> at Delphi 
to their general and benefaSor 

and Pollaxthat Helen wai kopt 

ptivalely »t AphLdni, i, 71, 

Philopirmen, 352. Break iheir 

AiAdim, io called from Aca. 

logue with Philip,, and join 

AnKus, md (pared for hii take. 

with the Romani,369.-. Redeem 

i. 72, Adorned by Cimon, 

the Roman ciplivei 379, De- 

iii. .35. The opinion) of 

mand fuccors of Sparta teainll 
the ^tolianj, iv. 39a. Choofo 

the old and new academy, iii. 

S44. Middle acldcmy, v. 

Aratiu their general, v, 357, 

347. ". New academy, v, 7a. 

Their form of government, 331.' 

Academy equally favored by 

n. Their iawj, 364. ti. Oil 

the Gfteks .Dd RomiD., v. 

in Antlgoni/i, 3B0. 

Vot. VI. B 

ACT [ I, 

* Jcharna, an Alhmiu bo- 
tough, i. 381. 

•A*(/c«j, river, i. 368. 
. Alhl/ai, one of the officen 
of Ftolcmy, undcitikci to alTiC- 
fioilc Pompcy, iv. 1*5. Put 10 
doth by.CKlar, iiS. Hii plot 
•gainll Cxiat, 165. 

JdiiUti, divine boncri paiil 
biminEpirui, iii. 1. SUin in 
the gMM of Troy by Ptrii, 168. 
Rdigiom bomigc paid liitn by 
Alfxander, uid that pcince't 
faying of him, iv ,48. 

/Iciliiis Ciiui, hi> account of 
the fcall of Ln^ccilia, i. 1O4. 

Jciiiui Gl»iru,ii, 317, 3S0. 

Ailiiu, one of Czlii'i fold. 
iera, hii valor, iv. »34, 

AcilUs, a ftieid of Bluliu, 

it, V. 46. Abulcd byCIran, i. 
Extremely vehement in Ciiui 
Gracciiua, 3. 

' jtSim, bltlleof, V. MI, 

Jnphii, what be fiid to Al- 

/ida, queen oi Caria, iv. 15S. 

-W«w, iv. ,3. 

Aiidlui, king of Thnc^, WM 
in'Anlony'i army, v. toS. 

■ Adiainif iii. 114, 

M'vmnluif an Atbtniw -gen- 
eral, ii. 73- 

Ainntai, the favoiite of A- 
polio, i. i6j. 

' ng of the Molof- 
I TbemiftoclM, 

nini, )□ enemy 10 Tl 
fled from the Aihcniii 


.. igi, 

Aadti given to Oradti by 
bit fon Phnatei, with a delign 
to poilon him^ but cures hta 
dioply, iii. 331. 

Aifrnaaerii who la called, ii. 

Ainit, the ceremoniei of hia 
feads, ii. 51. The Athenian 
embirkition for Sicily, happen- 
ing at ihe time of thole feafli, 
accounted ominous, ib. ill. a6B. 

,4^u/fiiiii, required for a llran- 


1. 73- 

• Ara, 


• Acrilla^ iL »48. 
Atriunului, a pan of phjlof- 

Dphy not communicaled to eve. 
ly common Icholar, iv. 140. 
' JcrocHiiUh. defcribed, v. 

357. Taken by Antigonui, 

358. Taken by Alatus, 36B. 
Surrendered by him to Aniigo- 
nuaGonalus, 380. 

Ai-sn, king of the Ceninen. 

' fea, makes war upon Romulus, 

i. 94. Is defeated and killed by 

• jltmriam, Mount, iv. 315. 
liLTalaOis, Ion of Arciit king 

of Sparta, hii coDnexion with 
Chelidonis, iii. 31. Bis gal. 
lint behavior, 35. 

• ASt, ibe iea coalt of Acha- 
ia, fo called, V. 136. 

A8t(m, two of that name, iii. 

, and the god. 
AJranus, ii. laS. Ita inhab- 

• AdraMa, Mount iii. EO3. 
Mrafiy.!, affifled by Thefeui 

in recovering ihe bodies of tbofe 
that were llaia at the fiege of 
Thetcs, i. 6^. 

* Airii, a Tufcan colony 
whence the Adriatic (ea took iu 

Airim one of Lucallut'a 


, the ufe and Furce of 

AdulUry, not known in Spat- 
ta,i. 140. Solon's law concern, 
ing adultery 343. 

jEaiida, the Gtccian confed- 
erals (acriiice 10 them, i. 183. 

jEacidis, king ofthe Uolof- 
fians, drpaled, iii, 3. 

Aincits, (on in law to Sciron, 
L ji. Alexander dclcendcd 


jEiiiU!, two ocdcn of them, 
iii- 46. 

•^«, iii. 3I..i. 193. _ 
-iSgii, in Auioiiin Uibe, 11, 


^^cu;, the father of Thefe- 
. us.i.fS. Diicoveiihuloa,^. 

His deith, 60. 

* ^gcai So, ill. 178. 

' jEgialia, jllind of, ii. 424. 

the wivice be did Antui, v. 

*»>j«/«i, iii. 26S. 

* ^ii»;, retained ia theiT 
duty by Cato, ii. 3tB. 

* ^icarii, tuAMieaian tribe, 

Mniliatt family from whenc« 
they Iprung, i. 171. ii. 155, 
Miiilius Miacus, i. 345. 
bailie, the wife of Scipia 



.faiV/a, daughter of Scauriu 
and N^^lla, and daughter in 
Iiw to Sylla, married 10 Pom. 
pey, iv. 51. Din in cbildbed 
ib. and iii. teo. 

• jEnixria, iile of, iii. 80. 
jBmiUi foundcrofLavinium,' 

ii. 103- 

^i<aiarias,-vihcacc the name, 
ii. 179. 

* JErtus icityof Thrace, IT. 

a6..".: LBft,.T7- 

* jEflum, 1. 3S0. 

^b, TWuu leaTci Ariadne 
for her, i. j9, 69. 

•Mgoi, Fiilamos, iii. 97. ii. 
12- "■ 334- 

" £^ypl, fubdueJ by Alex- 

(d to lake from them hitdiftinc. 
Uon between foldien and me- 
chanic), i. 115. Their opinion 
concerning the go di, 165. Their 
wheel], and ibe myllical mean- 
ingof tbem, 181. Laughatthe 
mean appearance of Agerdani 

Mtii^ the poverty and content 
ID which they lived, ii. 158, 

^lie, one of the wlvei of 
Sylla.iii. 129. 

JEtial T<J,iT>, ii. I5B. 

JElim Sixlai, codIuI with 
i:i!iiijiiuu, ii. 36$. 

territories, 1.333. 

JSrepiu, Fyrrhus'i great con- 
cern for his death, iii. 9. 

^rufm, kiag of Macedon, a. 
muled himfelf with malung 
lampi and tablet, v. 13a. 

.£/ili'n(j, the oiator, lofei hii 
cauleagainft Dcmollhenei, and 
retiio toRhede*, v. 61, 6*. 

^fckytits, brother to Timo- 

fihanet'a wife, endeavora to dif- 
uade him from ennaving Co. 
linth, and, not fuci^eeding, joins 
TiniaUoa 10 killing him, ii. 

^fchyiiu the tragic poet, 
contendt with Sophoclei, iii. 
179. Lofa Mm prile, retireato 
Sicily, anddietof di(caDleiit,ib. 
Hiitngediea,!. 69.11. 873. iv. 

^/Ji/iuofArgoa, ». 365. 

.dS/^uJatiui, laid to have bacD 
enteruiaedbySoph9clei,i. 166. 
Hij temple at Epidauni*,iv. 66. 

£fiiia, hii judgment of ora- 
tor., V. jO. 

<^>e, river, ii. 170. 

JEl'K the fabulift, hti *dllec 
to Solon, i. 130. A bybg of 
hit, <i. laS. 

AGE r i< } AGE 

j£l^», daughter af Pittheiu, -war bttwem the Gicdu and 

ind mother of Tbclcu), i. 4;. terfaai, 6. Humblei Lylaa- 

CiriiedpiifoQerloLaccdiEnioii, der, 7, S. Defcau TilTipber- 

aad from thence to Tioy, 73. nu, 9. Takes Pfaamibaziu'a 

* j£iBlians, ii. 348. Carry camp, 11. i>. Inlcndi to pen- 
(ifF<iftythoubDdHeloU,iT.4i3. etnlc into the heart of Pcrfla, 
Their war with the Achxani, but is Rolled from A &a by the 
ii. 348. V. 370, 373, 384. In cphori, 15. PaUa [hniughMa. 
JJuiiitiiu'janny,afcribcloihein. cedoo, 17. Defeata the Phar. 
lelves the viftocy over the Mav taliani, ib. Indulgant to hii 
cedoniim, ii. 37a. fnendi, 14, and to hi> children, 

.i^roniiu, Lucius, has a cam- e8. Fig hu the confederates at 

maud under Fompey in Spain. Chieronea, 18, 19 Ravagei the 

igainftSertorioi,Ui.35j. Pom. territories of Cotlnth, la, 83. 

peyleavei Armenia in his cu[- Defeats the Acarnaniaai.if. O- 

tody, iv. 78. Defeati Phcaates bligca the Grcelu to ■ peace 

king of Parthia, 80. DcfbHsthe' with the king of Perfia, ib. 

Arabians near Mount A man ui, Jnflificj Fhicbidu in his fei^ing 

83. HisinfulIiflgCpeechioPoin. the Cadmea, R5. Goes lo war 

pey, 113. He and Varro de- with the Thebani, 18, 3a. 

leated in Spain by Cxiar, £54. Teachei them the art of war. 

He and Juba defeated by Cilar, ib. His implacable hatred lo 

in Afiica, near Thapfus, ifii, the Thebans proves at laU al. 

S69. . - molt the ruin of Spalta, ib. Ta. 

• AJrici, iv. 1S7, »70. ken ill it Mcgaia, ag. Th» 
Agammtsn, why piealed with Spanani defaiid by Epaminom- 

the dirpuiMbctweeDUIySnind duatLcudn, jt. »■ Agefi. 

Achillei, iv. (. SKtificca his liut nnrcbea tgainft the Uantj. 

own diughicr, 6. Tbe lenu neuu, 33. Qttelli 1 f edition in 

on which he exempu a rich Lacedxmon, 35, EpaminoiidM 

coward from Cervice, 9, makea an attempt upon Laced«> 

of Fericlei, i. 34S. ed in the battle of Hantino, 

Atathtrtat, * painter^ lalnea 3S. Agcfilaui goet into Egypt, 

himielfupoDthecxpedibou with 39. Deferti Taehoi, and enlen 

which he workt, i. 360. The into the fcrvlce of Neilanabia, 

■nluier of Zeuxia upon it, ib. 41. Setsouton hit return to 

Kept prilbner bvAlcibiado till Sparta, 43. Ii driven by a 

he bad painted bis houfc, ii, 49. barm to the harbor of Meiie- 

AiUltaclM, the millrets of laus in Africa and there die., 

Ptolemy Phitopater, iv. 426. 44. His corple embalmed, and 

AgallmcUif the Sytacudn, brought to I.accilcinan,ib. Tha 

ibus, iii. 9. Agia III. in tlie fifth genera- 

A^aliailii, fan of ty&ma. tion, ib. 
chus, pucfucsDemalriui,v. 156. Agtfilaui, one of the Epbori, 

Jgavi, iii. 330. iv. 391, 393, 404. 

4fgft4iu, the brother of Agis, jtg'/pclii, king of SpaiTa, 

iv. 1. Some would have let him hia chara^r, iv. ai, and death, 

afide on account of his lameneb, s6. 
but he reigna notwithfiandingi 

3. His perfon, education and „ , 

(jbira£le[, a. Comnundi in ^ phatei, 3< 


Jgiair,n. 3B3, iii. 114. 

A^iai, and young Aiiftoma . 
«huj, mwr Argoiwilh the king 
of Micedon's troops, v, 368. 

jigialii, the vidow oE Agi 

. Cleo: 


• jtgrigaitiim, iipeo pled, ii. 
AgrigeiOine], tffift Dion, v. 

Jgrippa MflKitnu, i 
Agrippa, die Uleni 


Her death, 4 

^,(i] killed in battle, v. 61. 

^git, fon of Archidamui, 
king of SpirtJ, iv. I. Hiian- 
[wcr to an AdKiiian, i. 144. 
Another laying of hii 146. — 
Money firft found iu w>y into 
SMna in hii reign, 156. His 
htred of Alcibiadei for de. 
bauching hii wife, iv. «.■ ii. 5§^- 

Agii, ton of Eudamidw, iv. 
383. Hii ehjF>atr, 3*4, 3911. 
Atunpti to nftote the ancient 
. lawi and difcipline of Spam, 
385. Offentoditlrihutehiipit- 
rimany, and retain only what trlba, ii. x<n: 
Lycurgui had originatly ap. ^'dJc.hii mother Periboei, i. 
pointed, 3 as. Deceived by A. 69. Miifon Eurylaca, ii. 34. 
gefkliui one of the ephoii, 391. Jiimtetti, king sf the MoloU 

Cos to linn the Achzant a. (iBni, i. 74. - Reieatei TbeTcui at 
pinlt the Atoliini, 391. Findi the rcauell of Herculei, 76. 

end of Au. 

acheiCaiIiut,v. 191. 
bitde of AaiuiD, v. 

, by vhom (he hai Nero | 
and afterward 1 married loClao- 
diuj Ciehr, v. iiS. Muideitd 
by Nero, ib. 

Atks, Lt^atita, a temple C- 
" ' him by Ckmilluii 1. 

^/aift*], out o( the Atbeaiia- 

"•"Xn , 

* JUa, lilheniieD of that 
place pielent StU* -wiA fame.' 
fifli, iii. 151. 

AUitomaiiai, one of ihe-fitt- 
oliin monthi, ii. 197. 
•Jlia.i. 78, 79. 

• Jliamanj, 1 people, near ■ 
Mount Cancalui, iv. 78. De- 
feaiid by Pompey, who granli 
them peace, tb. Revolt, and 
are BgHn defeated by Pompey, 

eaufe the* !ind* were 
not divided, 393. Ftiei to the- 
temple of Nunerva for ptolee- 
tioD, ib. Put to death by or. 
decof theepbori,396i i. 119. n, 
i^jwfljtbe Athenian, iti. 103. 

Agam, the Teian, worelilTn 
naili in hii fhocs, iv. iBi- 

Agnenidii, the orator ac. 
■nrei Pbocion, iv. 315. lapul' 
to death bytbe Atheniani, 319 . 

AgirUiimis declare) he heard 
Antigonui fay that Alexander-* banka, 1, 
wa» poiloned, i». 119. AIHnui,a nomin 

i^ui, ont of the -triba of ' l]e£ted on by Marius, in. 51. 
Atheni, i. 54. Sylli'i lieutenant kUled by the 

jlgrariaa laoi, among il -die- (oldien, iii. 118. 
Romini, V. 7, 38,11. ThaCof- Albiniu,Liiciiii, hiipicty, i, 
Lycuigui, i. 13a. Theillcon- 319. 

Ic^ucnce of iu being evaded, v. Jllaxtis, hii epigram eo Phil. 
7. ip, ii. 371. 

Agrauloi, her conrccrated jVcxus, iheSardiin, poifoned 

grove at Atheni, ii. 48. The by Mitbridatei forbeating him 
o«h taken there by the Athe> in a horfe race, iv. 81. 
■uiD youth, ib. ■ Jtlcander, hii bcvariot u 

■ Al^ lake overflowa i 

ALC f . 

Lyciirgat,*iiilliow puaiQitd [or 
'», i- 13s- 

Aluui, ioa of Tluiryla, 
ill. I . Fatbu a£ Arybu, ib. 

Aicclai, niala to obey the 
Ordeis of P«tdicc», iii 969- — 
Di{puus the comnund with Eu- 
menes, 371. 

Jk^iadit, detceoded from 
Aj«x by the (alher'i <ide, and 
by hit mother Diuomicbe from 
Alcmxan. U. 34. Hii fitbet 
Cliniu gain! honor in the Cei' 
fight of Animifium, and falli in 
the battle af Coranea, ib. Hij 
guaidiina were Fericlu and A- 
liphton, ib. The attachment 
of Socratato him, conLributea 
to hii fame, ib- Hii beauty 
long retains iti chairo, ib. He 
hu ■ lifpiDg wl^ch ii graceful, 
aj. Faniculari of bii child. 
hood.ib. .Hu realoni for not 
learning to play upon the Hui 

poor man, 38. Hii behavior 

to Homer, 39. What he laid 
of Periclo, ai to giving in his 

him in the battle of Potidxa, 
and he retunu ihe favor in 
that of Delium, 39. 40. Give* 
Hipponicui, a nun nfpe^ble 
both for hi> bitih and fortune, 
a box on tbe ear, 40. Hum- 
bles himfelf for his rude fro- 
lic, and afterwards mariieshis 
daughter Hipparete, who biuigi 
him a portion of ten talenti, ib. 
Deniandi of his biuthcr in law 
Calli^ a, ten Ulenti more on tbe 
birth of their (irll child.fO. CaU- 
liat declares him his faeir, in cafe 
of his dying without children, 
ib. Hipparete, offended at his 
dilTolute life, leavCi him ; but 
being obliged to prefent in pub- 
- II of divorce, he 

» 3 



She di« whiJt Alci- 

biadet ia on his voyage to E^m- 
fus, ib. The affair of his dog, 
ib. and of his quail, ib. A pa- 
pulata£b of hii, ib. Chooff* to 
recommend himlelf principally 
by his eluquence, 41. Excelaia 
tlut tefpeft, ib. Famed for hii 
horCea wd chatiota, ib. HiiTic> 
lories at the Olympic gamei ib. 
Several cities contribute to hta 
cxpencei, 43. He impolet up- 
on one Diomedei, with regard 
to a chariot, ib. Fbieax and Ni- 
ctashit chief competitott far tbe 
public favor, 44. He join* 
with them, to turn the baa of 
ollracifm upon Kypetbolus, ib. 
Outof envy to Nicias, breaks 
tbe peace which that geocial 
had made with the Ijcedxmo* 
niaos, by privately ftirring up 
the Atgivu agaiiill tbem, and 
by impoQng upoa the Spartaa 
ambifilsdori, 45, 46, 47, En> 
gages the Usntintaiis and £le- 
ans, as well as Argives, in al- 
liance with Athens, 47. After 
the battle of Maatinea, an at- 
tempt ii made towards AriAoc- 
racy in Argot ; but Alcitnadet 
(upports ibe popular party, ib. 
He perfuades the people of Ar- 
gos, and thole of Patii loo, lo 
join their ciiics by long walls to 
the fea, ib. His luxury, profu. 
fion and effeminancy of dieb, 
tamifh hii great qualities, 48. 
His device upon his Oiield, ib. 
Sallies of his, which the Athe- 
nians called good natured, 49, 
He makes a dreadful llaughter 
amongft the Meliins, ib. What 
Timon, the mifantbrophijt, (aid 
to him, ib. He putt the Alhb 
niani upon the Sicilian cxpcdi* 
tion, andencoungei the young 
raento hope forlbeconqueR of 
Carthage iifelf, jo. The Sici- 
lian war dilapproved by Sacra- 
tea, and Meton, ^1. Niciaa^ 
Alcibiidci, and Laniachui, ap- 
pointed genenls, ib. They are 
invelled with difcrelionary pow- 
ers, ib. Bad omen* iMenm^ 

ALC C i» ] Ale 

■twely, ibe meuraful memo- to fuch of tlie Alheniin nabili- 

Biu in^e fcaftof Adonii, ind ly ai were vith ihe army inSa- 

ihe dcSKtog of ibc Henns, ib, noi, 60. Pbrynichus ind AU 

AlcibLides iaaccufed of defu- ciWaitt endaviir to couDter. - 

ing the lUtules, and at a mock work each other. 61. Agree - 

celcbralioo of the inyftrrie* of, ably lo the ittful propolal o( 

Cent, 51. Hii enemies have in- Alcihiadei, >o oligarchy i< >n- 

tcrelt and art eaough to get hii traduced at Athens, ib. The 

trill put off till gfierhii depart' army id Samoa in itfentmeDt 

ure 10 Sicily, 53. The forcei be of (he ufurpaiiona of the /*a* 

went out with, ib. He takea httnirtd at home choore Alci. 

Catana, and ifier which, he U biades geoerai, 6a. Hii ptu- 

foon recalled to lake biatrial, ib, dent behavior favei the com- 

Aadocidei dw orator iscommil- monwealth, ib. NearAbydoa, 

ted to prilonontbebineiccount he defeat! the Laced fmonean 

tnd perTuaded by Timieui to Sect commanded by Mindarui, 

tarn evidence, for the fake ol hii 63. Tlie /wr htmdtti aM 

pardon, 55. The Salaminlan qualhed at Atheni, 61. AlcU 

gtlley ii lent from Alcibiadai biadei goei to wait upon Tifla- 

ib. He embariii 
hii own, ib. Hii departure pre- 
vent) the taking of ftblTana. ib. 
IIeatrive>atThurii,and efcapei 
dK fealch that wai made after 
lum, 56. Hii lofwer to one 
vho alked ' him whether he 


him. ib. Ha letlrea la Sparta, 
57. Perfuades the Spartans to 
bind Gylippua to Sicily, to de- 
clare war againft the Athenians, 
and to fortify Deceica, ib. Con- 
forms himlelf perfeaiy lo the 
Spartan manners, jg. His fur- 
piifing verlatility in adapting 
the culloms of alt the couniriei 
to which he came, ib. He cor- 
rupts "nmia, the wife of Agii, 
and (he has a fon by him, nam- 
ed Leolychidas, ib. The illandt 
join the Laced asmonbni, and 

iiTel of phernes, and i: . 

64. Find) meant to make Ml 
elcape, and join the Atbeniana 
again, ib. Defeats Phiinabi- 
lui. kills Mindarui and takn 
Cyzicai, 65. Intercepti the tet- 

Thrafyllu), who had beei 
ueaien before Ep he fus, and fup- 
ports him aRilnll Phatnabaeus, 

luld not trufthlscountty,ib. cafion of their tod, ib. 
is condemned inhis ablence, aget Thrafyllui, who 

Ionia to revolt, 58, 59, The both by (ea 

Phamahaiut, 66. Leys iieg* 

erofSelybtia,ib. The Chalee- 
lonians return to Iheir allegianc« 
o Athens, 67. Recovers By lan- 

ins with tears of joy, 68, 69. 
He addrdfes the people in full 
afPembiv. who give him [he ab- 
of their forces 

11 are jeiloui oihia giary, 
and he retires to the court of 
'l^l&phernBi, 59, In what 
naaner he was cartefled there, 
ib, , He adviies that grandee to 
keep the balance even between 
iIk Lacedemonians and Atheni- 
•■•lib. MalMi private propalals. 

Eumolpid« takeojF the execra- 

; procefGon lo Eieufis in the 
It of Ceres, 71. The Athe- 
iD( afprcheolive o( bii letting 

ALC C so 

Umlclfuptfnnt, boo fend him ' 
to ba igiJD, ib. He dcflati tha 
ptopic of Andrai, ind a PHty 
of LiudiBmaDUiii in thit iflind, 
but doci not dlu the city,7 1 , ; ■. 
The Alheaiani in difplofed 
tint be dos nal do every thing, 
71, He goes iou Ciri. >o nile 
money, and leaTca cbe Beet ia 
charge with Antlochiu, ib. An- 
lischiu iigliti, contrary to bit 
orderi, and i> beaten ty Lyfan- 
der, ib. Ale ibiadei after wardi 
offcn Lybader batlte, but be 
declinci it, 73. Thrafyhultu 
coo t» Alheni to acculc Alci- 
bildei, ib. The Alheniaoi ap. 
point new comminden, ib. Al- 
cibiadea retire* into Thrace, 
where he hid previsufly built a 
caftU near Bifanthe, ib. Hecol- 
IcAi bimeforeign troop], makei 
war upon fome province! of 
'Ehrace,and defendi the Ciccian 
frontier, ib. Fiodi IbenewA- 
Ibenian genenti ill ftationed at 
jEgoi Poumo*, and unmindful 
of difcipline.ib. Goes la inform 
tbcm ot their danger, and it 
treatedi^l,74, Lylanderdefteoyi 
ibe Athenian fleet, Cakci Alheni 
ilfelf, ind fell up the thirty ly- 
nnti, ib. k 7j. Alcibiadu it- 
Itret into Bithyoia, and from 
thence 10 the court of Phaina. 
bazui, of whom he dehrei a (afe 
ConduS laAnuerxei, 75. The 
Albeniant liment their ill inat- 
mantof Alcibiadei, ib. Criliai, 
ooe of the thirty tynnw, exborti 
LyfaBderlo procure the doth 
•1 Alcibiadei, and he receivci 
otden (o thefameputporetrom 

s Phimabazui 
off, 7G. Hii dream preceding 
bit death, ib. The manner of 
hi) death ib. Sc 77. Hi> mil- 
trad Timandn^givu him aJc. 

M'daaiu, V. 45. 
Mcitmi, the Achxan, hi* 
friendlhip to Dion, v. 146. 

Jicmiu, ttve Epiioi, a bnve 

Icmam, ge 
1 tgiinft 

JEnenil of the Athca 
(be Cirrhzani, i. 
>ot, " 

AUtittn, fon of Amphiaraui, 
V. 346. 

' Alcmt»; i. 50. Her body 
difippcan aa they are carryLnr 
itto the grave, iia. Married 
to RhadaroantiiU] after the death 
of Arophilryon, iii. 118, 119, 

Alcyoruiu, carriei Pytrhui'a- 
heid to hii father Aligonuif 
and ii reproved for it, i>>. 43, 
BchavB-with lame propriety to. 
Helenui the fan of Pyrrbiu, ib. 

• Altjia, iv. 146. 

AUa, the fepulchn of lUa- 



vtdtr, fon of Amynta* 
the (econd Icing of Macedon^ 
killed by hii brothcf iMal«Miy, 

AitxsndiT, the fon of Pynhiu^ 
by Lanada, iii. 9. 

AltxaxUr, the (on of Callui- 
der, expelled by hii btothet 
Antipater, iii. G. Calli in Pyrr- 
hui&Demetriui.ib. likillid,7. 

Alaajtdir, of Antioch, v. 197. 

ifffnFiicr.of Myndot, ill. 59.. 
the philofopher. 



./4/miiifr, ^ tyrant of Pbc. 
rie, beaten by Pclopidai, ii. sigj 
Seizes Pelopidas, and Koieniii, 
■ti. Defeated by the llubani 
aad The<&)iaai, aij. Killed 
by the contrivaace of hit wife, 

Altximiir the Great, olden, 
the Macedonian troops to cut 
Hieir beards, ind why, i. 48. A 
defccndantof Hercules by Cara> 
nui, and of ^jciu by Neopto- 
lemitt, iv. 134. Son of Philip 
and Olympiu, ib, Prefignified, 
by 1 dretm of hit father'!, to ba 


pofleOfd of * bold ind lionlilu firfi that braki the bcral Imd, 

couragt, ib. Some iccounW of ib, Phil Lp'snurtiage with Cl«. 

bit preunded divine extraSioii, opatra biings on ■ quinel b». 

135- Bom ibe lame day that twfeen him and AlexandBT) ib. 

the lempte of Diana was buiiL Alexander placet Olympiui in 

at Epbefui, ib. Philip ulic* Epirui, and nticu himl^f inia 

(be city of Potidasa, l»s an ac. lllyricum, ib. DiniiTatua, tbs 

count of 1 vifioty woo for him Coiindiian, p roc u tea a recooci. 

il the Olympic gamei, and of luien between Philip and Al. 

the birth of hli Ion, ig6. Ly- exandcr, 143. Alexander imi- 

Appui, the only ftatiury wbom ginatbathii father deCgni tba 

Alexander allowed to tepreleat crowiiof Macedon far Aridzui, 

bini, ib. Hii pcrlbndelcribcd, and therefore endeavon to £up< 

ib. Apeilej, in painting him, plant hit natunl brother in ■ 

did not lucceed ai to the com. maU:h that it negotiating for 

plexion, ib. He ii continent, him, ib. niilip bmilhoa hi* 

and fublitne jn hit ambition, loD'scaunfellon, ib. Ptufaolu 

187- A remarkable faying of being ibufed by order of AtU- 

hit, ib. Givei no encourage- lut and Cleopatra, appliet t* 

meni to the atbleta;, ib. Hit Philip for jutlice, 144. It di. 

father haj^pening to lie abfait, nied it, and killt him. ib. O- 

hereceivei, when very young, lympiu) and Alexander, fuppa[< 

the Ferfian ambadadun, ib. — edaccompliceiinlhiamurder,ib. 

They are aftonilhea it hit lofty Heendeavori to wipe off thai 

and entcrptifing genius, 138. alpcifioa, ib. The ftale of Ma- 

On each new viflory of Philip'* cedon, and its dependenciei, it 

byt hit father will leave him no- the death of Philip, ib. Alex- 

tlung (o ccnauer, ib. Ixonidei, ■ndti'i cooacil tdviltt him la 

■ relation of the quten't, ia hli give up Greece, and ta trat the 

gonemoT, and LyAmachua, the tevolting barbaiiana with mild- 

Acimanian, hi> pnctptor, ib. tub, ib. But, though only 

Bucephaluaii offered in (ale to twenty yiar* old, he refblvo M 

Fiulip, and Alexander manage* proceed with vigor, 14J. — 

bin, when none of the groom* Uarches to tbe banki of tlu Di- 

weicable to do it, 139. Philip nubc, and defota Syrmua king 

ioidtfor AriHodetoinaruahii of theTriballi, <b. Maichea la 

ba in philolophy. 140. Alei- chaftile the Tbcbina and Athe- 

■nder'i ieuerloArilloIle, on hi* niant, lb, Makei equitabia 

publilhing tieatilei upon the propofatitothe Thebaniatlitft j 

profo under parts of (cience. ib. and, thele being rejected, ha 

That Philolopher'i anlwer, ib. begint the war with great fury, 

Alexander haia practical knowl. ib. Take* Thebet.aiHl levels it 

edge of phylic, ib. Loves po- widi tbe ground, ib. Sella 

lite literature, t4(. Hii great the inhabitant* for (Uvei, a few 

eaeem for the Iliad, ib. What excepted, ib. Theinjuiiea dooe 

books Hitpalus bsnt to him in Tinioclea, her levenge and in- 

Alb, ib. Hit faying concern- Irepid behavior, 146. He for- 

ed Ariftotle, ib. Philip, upon gives the Athenians, ib. Long 

hit expedition to ^Byzantium, lememben, with legtet, hi> 

1 regent| ib. He re. cruelty to the Tbebans, 

barbatoui nation that defied capiaingeneral of ( 
Ktielled during hii fcgency, 14a. againft the Perliani, 147. What 

) that defied capiainieneral of Gixec* 

, 14a. againft the Perhana, 147. V" 

„ in the palfed between him and Di 

Mil* oi Cbsroofai and 11 tb* t«,ib. He confulti tbe 01 

ALE t : 

M Ddpbi, ib. Omco of liii 
[ucocfi, ib. The number of 
tioopi with wbich he palTci into 
Afia, ifi. The trifling [utn be 
had provided for tbcir pay, ib. 
Ue giv*> away almofl all ihc 
tevenuca al Macedon, ib. ViriU 
Ilium, lie rifiui Ri Miocrva, and 
dou homage al tbe tomb of A' 
chillis, ib. Fighu the bitlle 
withtbe PerriiDi on the banki 
•f the Granicua, 149. Ii in 
gial dmger of being flain, 15a 
SivtA by Clitui, ib. Ere^i (b- 

t ] ALU 

and hi] two daugbten, ira tk 
mongathcprifonen.ib, Aluia' 
del behaves to theia with giar 
honor and humanity, 15J. — 
Knows DO woman beFon mar- 
iiage,eiceplftarhnethe widowaf 
Uemaon,ib. Severely nprovei 
PhiloxeniKCoianiiiftmoui pio- 
polal,ijS. Givei older fordw 

who had corrupted thewivea at 
fome of the merceDirie^, ib. I> 
temperate in eaLing and drink. 

> frie 

1 fell Id 


A^ t. 

Sends prerenti 
(o the GmiTi, ib. Sardii, and 
«the[ citiei, make thci r fubmif- 
&>D,ib. He ukes Halicimar. 
(us and Miletui by Ilorm, ib. 
A brab plale, with a prophecy 
infcribcd, ia thrown up by a 
fpiine in Lycia, ib. He baliena 
to reduce all the coiA, ib. His 
march by Clymai, along'the 
Oiore of the Pamphylian tea, 
before the ttcefaof the flood, ib. 
Alexander nntiei the Gordian 
knot, 15s. Uemnon, Dariui'i 
bcA officer, dici, tjg. Dariiu 
nurebet from Saia with fii bun- 
died lbaulandsi>en,ib, Dariiu'i 
dream, ib. That prince i« en. 
counged by Alexandct'i long 
fiayin Cicilia, ib. That ftay 
owing to fickneb, contraded by 
fail bathing in the river Cydnui, 
ib. None but Philip the Acar. 

cure,ib. Farmenio accufei Phil- 
ip of a defign to poifon him, ib. 
The Unking fcene while Alex. 
■Oder takei Philip's medicine, 
ia. He recovers in thrc« day>, 
I£S- Dariui negleSi the ad- 
vice of AmvnCai, and enter! the 
flraiBofCicilia,il>. Thisthrows 
' ' a upon ground where hi 



Xy have any benefit of 
ben, ib. Alexander is wound- 
ed, but kills a hundred and ten 
tbouiandaf tlieenemy,i56. Ths 
■Botbci and ibe wife of Duiui, 

:r hi) entertein- 
menttweiecondu£bed,ib. Vain, 
and very capable of being flat- 
tered, 160. Seiiei the Perl4»i 
money and equipages at Damaf* 
cus, ib. The kings of Cypro. 
and PhiEnitia make the'ir lub- 
minion ; only Tyie holds out, 
ib. He befwget that city fevot 
month], ib. Prefagei of bit (dc* 
ce(s, ib. 161. Make* an excsr- 
fioti againS the Anbiaiuaf Ad- 
tillibanus, and ia brought Into- 
great danger Ibrongh the iadif. 
ciction of bis prec^tsr LyQma- 
cbus, 161. Tyre taken, i6a. 
Gaza taken, ib. He (eodi part 
oE ^ Ipoili to 01ym[Mui and 
Cleopatra, ib: Sends live hun. 
dred talents weight of frankin- 
cenfe to hi> lite governor Leoi 
nidas, ib. Puis Homer'i Iliad . 
in a valuable calket, which bad 
belonged to Dariui, i6y. Fixea 
upon the happy lituation of M- 

intimition from Homer in » 
dream, ib. Its figure, 164. O- 
men of its being a commercial 
place, ib. He vilits the terriple 
of Jupiter Aromon, ib. The 
dangers attending that journey ; 
overcome by Alexander'! fupe. 
tiargood fonune, ib. A flock 
of crowi condu£l> him on hi* 
way, 165. Amnion (alutei him 
as his Ion 1 informihimthatthe 
death of Philip ii fufficieatLya.. 

ALE I '3 2 ALE 

■cnpil ; and promife] him the ib. Giva ordcn fornbaildini 

coiiqiieftoftbeworidiib. Coa (he city or Platn, and why,ib 

to hear Pfiunmo, an Egyptian Send) prefcnti to die Crotoniini 

philolb|riier, i66, Hii preten. 

iioni to divinity ilMtiv condufitd 

ib. and 167. Athii retnin f roiii 

'Egypt to Ptiienicii, he celebnta 

pmea in boDor ai die godi, 

167. Ailitnodonu beara awav 

Uieprim inlngedy, 

to Alexander ; but Alexinr 

wife of D 

Inluly, 176. Sank 
a gulpb ol fire, dbht ArbeU | 
at alio of thcnaphtlia and bi. 
Innicn in the province of Bab- 
ylon, ib. and 177, Alexander 
an away finds immenle trea(ures in Sofa, 
I. Daii. 17S. Water from the Nile and 
of peaciJ the Danube found ia the repoli. 
toriej of rfie kingj of Perfis, 
ib. He enien Perfia, (hitiugh ■ 

Llry diffi 

ult of a. 

a68- The 

■ad Alexander, though 

march, FCtUTni, and buciei her flaughier at lirA fii 
with gnat magnificence, ib. Find; 
Tireui, one of Dariu'ieunuchi, 
Did to hii mafter with the nrwt, 
Sl The important and aifefi- 
ingdifcourlcihatpaaed between 
than, 16S, i6g. Dariui pray*, 
thatif^ period of the Perlun 
glory wai arrived, none but Al. 
cxander might fit on the throne 
ofCyru, 169, ij*. • Alexander 
having lubdued all bn Ihii fide 
(he Euphratei, facgini hii march 
agaxnft Darius, who had taken 
the field with > million of men, 
170, The fcrvanu of Alexan- 
dei'i army matie parliei, and 
cfaoofe two ehiefi, one of which 
they call Alexander, and tbo 
olber Ibttut, ib. Alexander 
o chiefs to fight io 

ifuR the^aa 
a Perfepolli, 
ib. Conlideri whether be fhiU 
rear again a ftaiue of Xerxet, 
which was thrown down, 179, 
What Demaratua faid, when he 
6w hitq firft fcatfd 00 the Pet- 
Ban throne, ib. He bumi the 
palace of Xeixei at the inftiga. 
tion of a couitefan, |83. His 
munificente incrcafea with hii 

that muDificence, ib. Hit moth- , 
er Olympiat endeavon lo let. 


fiagle csmbat ; and the 

attemplj alio to direA the gov. 
emment of Macedon di 
hiiabfence,proveBfruiIle{i, . 
Hit great oRictri give into li 
my and eifemiuacy, and he 
proveiihem with all the tern. 

COnridered as an omen of the pet of a philofopher, ib. Ect> 

bcrilicei to Fiak bcfope the in the exercile of hunting, ib. 

bautcof Arbela, 171. Panne, and iSgi Hii officnt begin to 

nio and others advife Alexander fpeak. lit of him, 1S3, Hii'no. 

to attack, the Perriani in the ble faying thereupoo, ib. Hia 

night, ib. Alexander an(wen, attention ID hii fiicDdt, and the 

that he will not fteal a vifiory, obliging letteri he wrote to 

ib. Steeps long the momipgof them, ib.ind 184. He paid Uk 

the batde, ib. The battle de. " " ■> -■- ■ "■ ■ 
feribed, 171, 175. Dariui Hies, 
and Parmenio's demand of af- 
filtance prevents Alexander £ron 
going on the putfuit, 175- 

exander it acknowledged king 
' " " ■■ Declj 

(IrifleU regard lo jullici 
firiL years of hii reign, and exe. 
cuted it with great taodeiation ; 
but afterward) bccomea iniexi. 
bly (evere, and liHeni too much 
to informer.. .84. On intelli- 
Rcnce thai BelTus had Icized tbo 
Gnece, perloB of Diho), he dilmiQea 


Ibe Thcllslani wi 

r "»♦ ] ALE 

lich pi«f- fclf ind bii fithrr, 

lb. Thii 

. expcditioui apens thewt'y to I: 

maich, to get that prince into He ntufa to introduce pnloiu 

hishsodi, 185. DiftielTedwith to ibt king, who cjme to in. 

thirlt, butiefutu toilmili,whili form him of aconfpincy, 191. 

fo miiiy otbtrs wanted wjler, "nieeonfpiratoriiflain ; andAl- 

ib. DuTiui ii found extended exandet, wanting hrtber piooft 

•n hi) chaiint, and pierced with againii Philntu, hai him put to 

many darts, ib. A Macedonian the lortuit, ib, Not only Ffai. 

K'va him fame water to qnench lotai, but bit lather PanntDio, 

I thiFft.ib. That nobiemLnd- -the king'i oldeft and beftic 

Uft > 


tellor and 


indet Heath, 1 

body with bis own aiidct tei'iible to his friends, ib. 

Pouthe traitor flelTui Tlf fad ftory of Clilut, 193, 

idful death, ib. Ordeti 194. Alexinder't incxprtflible 

^ body of Dariuiall thel 
of a loyal funeral, ib. Senas 
embalmed to his mother, i 
Take, his broiiwr Ox^thres im 

of li 


takes a view of the Cafpian Sa, 
ib. Hiih.irle Bucepbalusiitak 
m by the barbarians, hut foon 
brought to him again, ib. In 
Parthia he lirtt puu on the mbe 
of the «aftern kings. 1B7. Palles 
the Orexims, and defeats the 
Scythians ib There, laid by Xli 

, CalUflhenes, 
and AnaxETchm.toconfolehini, 
ib.ind 195, Circ urn SaaCCs that 
brongbl on the ruin of Calbfthe. 
nes, ib. and 196. His (everity; 
his refufing to worlhip Altxii). 
der, 197. UojulUy aceufed of . 
being concerned in Hermolaus'i 
plot, 19B. Variou4 accounts of 
CaDifthcnes-j dealh, ib. Alex- 

vifiled by the queen of the Am- 
BEom, ib. His <pccch id the ar- 
my on entering Hyrcania, 18a. 
He endeavors to unite the Afi- 
>tic>, to the Macedonians, by a 
mixtuRoffafhionit.ib. Selefli 
thiity tboubnd boys, to lieed. 
ucaled in the Grecian literaturr,- 
end trained to arms in the Mac 



is Indiai 
I J the baggage, igg. 

i, Hephieftioa and Cra. 
terus, quarrel, ib. 1 heyartef- 
feflually reconciled by him, ib. 
Philolas, the fon of Parmcnio, 
has Rreat aHthoritiej amongit mercenaries, 
the Macedonians, ib. But takes philobphera, 
too much ftate upon him for a " - • 

fubjeS, i9«, Parmenio lays to 
him. My Ion, be lefs, ib. By 

ref refhed by a belter omen, ib. 
On breaking the ground by the 
river Oxus, he finds a fpriog of 
oily liquor, ib- Diflodgo Sifl- 
nirthrrs from a rock apparently 
impregnable, eoo. Beficget Ny< 
la, 101. Acuphis comes with' 
propolaTs of peace from theciti- 
zens, and is appointed governor 
of the place, ib. Tsxilea, a 
powt^rfuE ]ridianking,meelshjm 

ander makes him a prelmt of a 
thoufand talents, toi After 
llieca[)iIulationof a certain city, 
he dcfltoyi a bodv of Indian 




a pnft on tl 
ein' bank of the Hydafpea, 

Paffes the river with ^nai 
nimending himlcl'f danger, 103 His faying there, 
to nis minrers, slcribej all the upon, it>. The battle with Po- 
great afliQiii of the war to bim. lut-defcribed by Alexander him- 

Idf, ib. Tbe uneammon G*c of by let, *it. On the rtpoit af 

Poiui, ind the can hit clepbut thit derign, hii ncwfubjtfts re. 

~t<K>k of him, wben wounded, voir, ind otlMr great ditorders 

ib. Aliunder ilki Porm, now irile, ib. Olympiu >nd Clea- 

hii priisTKr, how be dafiKi to patn league agiinft Anlipatir, 

.~\ie treaied ; and be fayi, " Like and drive him aut of Macedo. 

• king," 104. The csD^ueroT nia, ib. He chaftili) his awn 

Tcftoreihimhii kingdom, which lieutenanti, ib. Kill) Oxyarle* 

he wai to goveoi ii hii lieuten- viiih hi) own hand, ib. Givei 

aat, and addi a large country to every woman in Pcrfia ■ ple£r 

il, ib. Appoint! Philip, ODCof of geld, ib. Finda the tombof 

hiaownfrlBBda, to the govern- Cyrus brake open, andpuUCbs 

DKDtof another large country, author of that (acrilege to death, 

ib. Buccphalui dici, ib, Al- aia. The irdcriptian on tlw 

exaader buildaacity In memo. t*mb, ib. Calanut bums him- 

TV of him, ib. Refolvesto pafi Self, ib. Hi j prophecy previoui 

the Gasgei, but hit tro«p> tb- to that aHion, ib. Several of 

folutely refufc (o da it, »0s. Alexander') fiiendt killed by 

Hi) Kiief thenupon, ib. He drinking In a great caroubl, ib, 

buitdt gnat allara, and leivei He ukcs Statira, the daughter of 

armt and mangen moch bigger Diriui, to wife, end marrieabii 

thin thole in aSt, ib. Forma ■ friends to Perfian ladiei, ib. 

^fign to viru the ocean, and Pays off the debts of all who had 

fills down the rivera fof that married Perfian women, Big. 

purpofe, B06. Maket feveral Antigenes, though not in debt, 

defcenti, and atucki cities by 'putt himfelf upsn the lift ; bat 

the way, ib. It in extrftae it detefted and punilhed, lb. 

idaDger ia that of the Malli, ib. Alexander findi the thirty ihou- 

Takea Un Gymnabphifia, wha fandPerllin boyiperfeS in their 

lud Hi [Ted up Sabbat and otben Grecian exereifei. Hid it greatly 
to revolt, lO}. Fuct abnrule delighted, ib. But it itmatler 
^uelliont to tliem, and com- ofunealineb to the Macedoni- 
mandt them, on pain of death, ans, ib. Hetaket¥erfiansforhii 
to give right foluiisns, ib. and goardi, and rejeftitheMacedo- 
aoi. What palTcd between hiia niani for their maiinoui belnj 
•nd the philofopher Calanui, ior, 114. Thay humble thtj 
aog. Arrivea at the ocean, and felvca, and are nardanei' 
faila to thci<1aofSciilou1Ui,ib. His generous beharior 1 
X^jnfideia ■ the nature of the fea invalidi who return to Uacedo- 
and the coaft, ib. Ordera his nii,-ib. He celebntet gamei at 

admirarNearchiit, to fail round, '£cbatana,-ib. Hephaiflion Tick. 
keeping India en the right, ib. eni and dies there, ib. Hit maf- 
Marchra himfelf through the ler'i grief on that oreaGon, ib, 
country of the Ori>ei,ib. Lofei The moumiig and monument 
in his Indian expedition one forhim, aij. Alexander faC' 
foorlh panof hii numemuiar* lificeithe CuOxanite thdwnci 

my, ib. Reaches Gedroha, .of Hephieftion, (b. Procuret 
which ia a feliile country, tio. •rders f«m Ammon « revere 
Marches throngh Carinania in a him ai a demigod, ib. Near- 
Bacchanalian manner, ib. llie chui rctumi from a frcond ex> 
proccilioD dcfcribed, ib. Is de- pedition, ib. The Xhtldeani 
lightrdwiththeaccountofNear- wtrn Alexander not to enter 
chuj's expedilinn, ib. Medi- Babylon, ib. Omeni of hit ap- 
tates himfelf a great expedition pnachitigeotl, 116. H«jHitM 
Vol. VI. C 

midnun to deith forpntting oi 
his lobe and djidcm, ib. 1 
j'eilous of tilt itCigtia of Anil 
pttcT and h\i iom, 216^ £1^ 


iolting, il.. 
An accouot of ifaa progrels ef 
^t fever, from bis own jour. 
mil, 118. Dit9,'ib. Us Tufpt. 
cion of poibii [il] fomc ^lart 
aftcrhiidcatb,lb. Roxuia,now 
pttgnsnt by Alexander, gels Sta- 

• jilpi, mouDMiB* d(, iii. 64. 

* ^//ifl, iv. 404, 

v4/rar, ballou ukcD fiem it^ 

complice, .and ufei Aridxut ■ .^i^uj, ■ place n«r Megan, 

only 91 B Icieta, ib, i. 72. 

Altxandcr, tbe fon of Deme. • .fsiflniK, mount, V. lei. iv. 

»riiij, byDtidamia, v. 162. 83. v. ijg. 

AliJ!aniir and Cleopatra Iwini .^Bap^^aJ, j. 57. 

of Cleopatra, by Antony, lut- * Amatlnifieii, fitt/a UK Am- 

named the Sun and the Moon, atbiifiaii, i. 59. 

V. I gg. ■ Ainaioni, their hillory ind 

Akxandtr of Corinih, 358. wars, i. 66. Tbeir (epulchres it 

Alesandrr, the {011 of Pcrleui, Megara andScoiuffaea, 68. Thtir 

ii, 191. wars rcprelented by Phidiai, 

.^rManJfr, the fon of Polyper. 380. Tbey are liid to iflill ibe 

chon, iw. 314. V. 123, .... ■ r. --. 

" jIUiaidrii, founded by Al- 
exander, iv. 163. Token of iu 
being a commercial place, 164. 
Itj figure, ib. The great libta- 
ly burnt, s66. 


79. Tbetrzfl of coun 

inhabited, go. Their 

vifitto A 

be a I^aioi 


I fufpei 

, 67, 6S. 

AahnjftdoTS, Roman, violate 

AUxandriics th* billoilin, iii. the lawi of natioDS atClurmm, i. 

107. 317. Condemnedbyihe/«hiii, 

Alixas of Laodicea, ptinilhed ib. Screened by the people, ib. 

for his infidelity to Antony, v. Ambiorii, kingsf tlie Gauli, 

Q17. botsCollaand Titurius, hut it 

* Alexia bcfieged by Csfar, defeated by Cxfar, iv. 244. 

A^bhiim cenlured, iii. 115. 


iv. 146. Surrendi 

Alcxiiratti, chief 
to Pyrthuj, iii. g. 

exandera letter tc 

AtiKus, one of tbd watdi of 
Athens, iii. 173. Thucydides : 
beloBged to it, ih. 

• Allia river, i. 319. Battle 
of, in which uie Cauls over- 
throw the Romans, ib. 

» A/ldrogei, their ambalTa- 

Amiufca/iij at Spart 

* Ambronti march a{ 


c of the wards of 

us, 62. 

Aaiujlvl. See Fatinl. 

* Aincria, iii. 59. 

Aminiuj, the Phocean, oneo 
nligonus^s officers, marches tf 
:e relief of Spam again ft Pyr. 
lus, iii. 36, 

Amrjirii, daughter of Aitax. 

AMU e 

nxcs, hci inceftuoBs mirriag<, 

Amtaii the DeceloiD, i. iBl. 
Amnliui, ■ Friend of Cxfii'i, 

* ^i/it, an Acheniaa coin. 
ny>iii. »I5. BefiegeJ by Lu- 
cullutf ai4. Defended by Cal- 
limuhu), ib. At lenglli ukea 
■nd'burat, 215. 

.Amnan, tin £bn of FaGplBe, 
iv. 388. 

, Jupiter, hii orxle 
confulied by Lyiander, iii. 110. 
By Ciman, 191. By ihe Athc. 
niana, b6j. By Alex«nder, iv.. 

Aammius the philalbpher, 
Pluurch'i matter, i. 11. 

AiHiaai the laauii, hij fay- 
ing. '*■ 335' • 

Atxbiiii the mufician, Vi ^rfi. 

Afampkiretm the Spai 


Atxycla, the nuile of AlcibU 
idej, i. iii.ii. 34. 

Aiuyalai, hii advice to DarU 

.te^nfdf, king of Lycionia, 
fendi farcei to Antony, v. 108. 
Goes over to Augulliu, sog. 

Amynlai fent by Fbilip ta 
TIkU., v. 56. 

Amkis, Caflor and Follax- 
why fo called, i, 73. 

Anaiiarfii, ihe Scyihian, his 
converlalion and frieudttiip- 
wiib .Solan, i. 203. 

Anaiiia, Luciiu, ■ lenator, 
aruek byCriffuj, iii. 333. 

' Anapiti, liver, v. sgo. ii. 


Ansrchy, dreadful ti 

'morgai, ^ 


den Agis, alfo the mothei and 
gpndmolher of Agis, iv. 397. 
' AapAinrem , his oracle, ii.- 

Af^kkrtla, an Athenian oi- 
itor, diet ac the couic of Ti. 
gxanes, iil. 119. 

AstphiBfoni., or general af- 
fambly of thie flatet of Greece, 
iii. 135- Undertake the war a. 
glinft the Cirrhzani, i. loS. 
The remonftrance made to iheni ■ 
by Themiftocle., «8a. Their 
decree tgaiatt the people of' 
Scyroi, iii. 1^78. 

* AnpMlxkia.iu. 6. 

* Amphipttis, an Atbeiuan 
w.jlony, iii, 178.11. 177. 

* Ampkijfa, V. 55. i8». 

Amfiilluas, iii. 117. 

Aiffkiiryn, iii. iig. 

An^lii, i. 388- V. 67. 

Afuli"! dilpoi^ei bis broth- 
er Nuinilor, i. 79. Otdera 
Roroului and Retnui 10 be de. 
ftroyed, ib, la killed by tbefe 
two pcincei, Si- 

ef Clatomenz, 
laid to have uught Thcnill«- 
cles, i. 166. Periclei indebted 
te him for moit of hii philofo- 
phy. 350. Denieilheworldio 
beibceffeaofcluBce, ib. Re. 
folvM ta ftarve himttif, 366, 
Hii explication of the lunar e. 
ilipfes, iii. a8o. A profccution 
intended agai lift him at Atheu, 
and why, 1, 3B1. Peiiclei con- 
duCii him out of Atheoi, ib. 

Anaxarckiis, tlie fophift, JT. 
i56. Put to death by Nic< 

. ,67. « 

'• '95-„ 

Aajsidanau, i 

AiaaiUmi, governor i>f By- 

Mcibiadet, ii, 6j. Accufed (et 
t at Sparta, and it acquitted. 

iiD, the Traienlan, dw 
>f het by Theleui, i. 69. 
harid, moUwr to Oflavia, 
■■ 18,5. 

A'akatit!, defpatchcd by Ma^ 
ius'i guards, iii. &6. 
AnctHa, i.179. M, 


ANB I 9 

dngilai, one of Fynfaol'a 
Icmnn, ill. m. 

Midui, Iioclua, the pnter, 
fcita Ccntiui, king of IllyTii, 
z Ttptfti imong in ths h«nt 4f bit dombiioai. 

S"'. > 


. Andrtcihi, » n»inecr who 

AidrttUi the ontor, ii, 51. 

Anirtckfn, one of thofe thit 
IJTed Pynbui in ht> infmcy, iii. 

AtdrvclHis the hillorini, lii. 

IV. »73, 

AkiMiUi, bowmncifuHytbey 
ought 10 tieufeil, ii. 311. Thft 
moil fearful, the turdeft to be 
""•'^t V. 339. Why fome fce 
clearly in cbani^t, md art ■!- 
rnoA blind in the diytilM, 3jt, 

AmiTeciiitj oppofei the Spar- 

ttn intcreft in liiebej, ii. ado. ' rtwo, nrer, 1. ijo. 

Iial&flioitFdicAchena.iai. .fniffj, Diini io called. See 

Aninclidis, a faithful feivaot DiMa. 

to Pynhiu, ili. s. Aaivt, river, or nther tmttM, 

■MdndUa teedfcd of being iv. %^6. 

coiTUtRed bytfaekinsef Ferfli, A»mtrjary in hMot nf Hie 

iii. 117, bravenenwho hllMAebatds 

■jUirBfiiltu, Vme ef India, of Flatza, ii. ■07. 

jrATtnti S^enctu with fi*ehini. Atnim, nnrdenMiilt Atlto. 

""■'■'' ~ ly the orator, Iii. 88. 



Alexander in 

■AnirAgens murdei<ed on the 

wWch acteunt the 'Alheniatu 
pay tribute, 55, Omwi infti- 
tnted in honor of him by Hi- 
no*, lb. 

Afdrmieiif, pifioTE of her 
partiiw with Heftof, v. *Be. 

■jindnfrtarJai, father of Timft- 
ui the hil\oriin, it prince of 
Tau ro meitiuta, where he behtres 
nirith gnat equity, ii. ts6. 

Aiarm/Kma betrays CrifTui, 
iii. 316. 

AnJrm of Halicamtffiu, his 

Anniiit Gtllus^ one ofOlIn'* 
general!, v. 411, Mirahei )• 
the relief of Cremdta, lb. Hi* 
adviceloOtbo, 413. 

Attaai killed in wnftlmg by 
HcTculei, i. gi. Hii incredibla 
Aae, iii. 346. Where bid to be 
buried, ib. 

Arttgorti of Chios, his be* 
havlor to Paufanias, ii. 199. 

Anlalddtti in great tavor 
wiih Artaietxes, v. 335. Hi*. 
layingtoAgeTtlaut, iv. 18. A'n- 

^ , other laying of his, J4. Sent 

i. 65. by the LKedsmoninii to nsgA- 

Aadrmtictts, the Rhodilo, tiate peace, B4. His death, *. 


*Mdri)s, ii. 197. The an. 

muliM, i. 96. 

Twer of it. inhAittnu toTbe- 

Anltntri. 171, 

miBodei, i. a8g. Colomitd by 

• AM<J«i, iii, 151. 

Pericles, i. 359. 

Ailhimb,,, ii. 89- 

ANT t >9 1 ANT 

jMttmeciilti, Ji* Atheaiin sU. ConiailTioncd bv ihe lAk 

licald, (ent to LKCdEMwa ind c^oDiaai, along with Anlipi- 

dic Megiicniitai, i. 379. Tbe tcT, to iniDige thewiragiioll 

Ucgaienliiiu lalpe&ai to be EiuneDCi, ,374. Dirpciia pa- 

guilty of hit deiUi, ib, f"t in the camp of £umcne>, 

AalitfitriM, Buutl) of, >■>. kicing a piice upoa hit bead, 

*3S. V. 138, 139. ib. Hli laying on Eumenei*! 

Anltt the dau^iur of A*iif foibeaiing to feize tui baggiga, 

liui, i. 79. 376. Be&ega that gnanl is 

AkHjs and Viliniui made the calllc of Non, 377. Offen 

pTCton tbiQugta Fampey'i iO' hiic pou, 378. Deftaud by 

ttK&, iv. g6. Eumcnei near lbs Piritigiii, 

» Aniiaiis, aod other Vol fci. sSi. His [aying on Eutneiwt't 

tiu dalcaled by Coiiolaaui, ii. bciag carried in a litter through 

84. Th«it olhor wart with the (he Taalu, 381. Iideceived by 

Roroiai, 94, a llratagcni of Eumenu, 384. 

_.. yi_f__.. _.f..._ ._ Tikca the baggage of the Aijy- 
rafpidei, who ifled uodtl Eii- 

S70. menet, 385. Offeri Co icllore 

Anlkralti, the SpiiQui, k.ills it if they will deliver him up, 

Xpatnioondat in balile, iv. 38. ib. Puu £unieiKa to death. 

He and hii polUrity exaapied 38S. PuDilhea th> ArgynC- 

'-- ■' pid<« for their troBcbery,-' 

AMicyra, one oS Demetrius'* 

miftrelfei, V. ,35. 

tell their maOen haw- happily 

• Antiiyrt, V. 114. 

he aad hia ton Demetriui lived 

Anliieaei, one of the princi- 
pal ofhcara of the Argyralpidci, 

together, j. ng,. Sufpeaa Hi- 

Ihridatca, oneofhiiown cout- 

iii. 379. CotpiretagainftEu- 

tieri, j>n acCoDot of ■ dream, 

meoei, 384. Ii put to death by 

.»0, Hiiwar. with Ptaleny, 

ib.- Hiarailleryupon hiafoo. 

Aniigtiai, banifhed from 
court By AleModer, and why. 

V. 131. Repiovfi his foa for 

inquiring into hilcouDcill, 140. 

iv. 113. Pardor*d.ib. 

Killed Ln the battle of Iplu., 

A<, V. iiS. 

.4.,.; Whatapeafant of Phry- 

AnUgstt, daughter of BtOJ 

gialaid with- regard to him, iv. 

nice by Philip her firft huiUnd, 


■carried to Pyrthui, iii. 4. . 

ABliga'ns Gnaliiit fon of De- 

Afiigont of Pydoj, miareli 

metrius, reign in Macedon, iii. 

•oPhilotaa, betniyiliiin.iv. 190. 

31. Defeated by Pyirhw, ib. , 

* AiUgoTiet, the. .name of 

Called inioAtgoj by Arillippui, 

Mantinea chaaged u> thac See 

37, Tbe anfwer he lent Pyr- 


rhu5 upOD the challenge, 36. 

Aalisenis, thename-ofianew 
iTibe added by iheAlheniaui, v. 

Repiovet hii ton Alcyooeus tot 

bringing Pyrrhus's head to him. 


4».. Biirnilhcbodyof Pyrrhu* 

AMigosui,- themoft powerful 

honorably, 43. Hii obliging 

•FAlexiader'afuccellart, v. 1 19. 

behavior to Heltnus the fon oT 

A faying' of hii bcfoK the i«. 

Pyrrhut, and to hit officeVi, ib. 

BghtnearAadros, ii. 197- Said 

Offclito furrender himfelf to 

Pytrhui would be the greaiojl 

Seleucui, on conditioD that he 

general in the world, it he live4 

would let hi> lather at liberty. 

ANT t 3« J 

>i 35^' HitpifianfarDu- Aim M « 

■■-'tfmitorotA -" ' ' 

Hii fucceti M . , , , . „ - 

, 35S. Hii dtMt, JiUionhij taa of Sdcncai by 

97*. ' Apuu, *. 143. Mil in love 

Amigunu III. rununied D»- with SlnMBkc hii fidicT't wife, 

fon, ii. 160. laviKd by the 148. Seleuciu givei ber up u» 

Actazdn to b« general cf Ihe hin, 144. 
kagDe, iv. 415. but iaUlU firft 
entnviag AciocDiimh ptll in 
fail hndi, V. 380. The nfpea 

tielhowed Antui, ib. Thehon. JkA^ tbe Aisucni, givai 

onpiidhim by the Aefazin*, MTbeleut, i. 65. 

•SB'i jRi- Retuiniinto H>ce- Afuru, ^ fan of LycWa 

donii, where he declim hii ' ^> t. 159. 

kiD&nn Fhilip hli fucccOor, jtnlifaUr defeated hj tlM 

383. Die) inmiMlittUy tftera;. Im-. 

bMtle, 384! pofeihudc(»ditiiH»«Bt)icA- 

Jbaigmui, king of JudXi, theniani, 309. Bii mfwet to 

iKliaded byAittafiy, it dwiirfl Phocitm, ib. Hii teftimooy af 

lOag who f(iffn«d in dnt nan. Phoeion, gia. Hli dnnaer 

air, V. 1B9. "nd deMh, 311, 513. Danot. 

* .AJiMamiJ, in«ont,iv.tei. tboKs, and othen, put to deitb 

JlKtfltchiis wriWa ■ put^yric by bti order, v. 65. 

onLytindtc, iii. 107, JntipMrT, toa of Caninderr 

.4iuniiciliii. ii. 149. Wiitei killi hii mother, "nieSUaoini 

i> pn'rfe vf L;flaltd«r, iii. 107, and expels hi) bmlher Alexm- 

SO8. dcr, iu. 6. 

■ iliitiiifA, Epidiphne, iit. Jutifattr of Tarflia, Iii, B9. 
Hi) lettum in philoibphy, t» 
whom dedicitcd, v. 7. 

Aajfaltr of Tyre, the Stoic 
pMlofopher, tncbet Cico Iha 

jlnljcchii, tribe of, ii, 169. Younger the Stoic philoibphy,. 

/laliiKhiii, in Athenian pilot, iv. 313. 

-moniinenda himfelf to Alcibi. AMflwtti, v. 49. 

ado by a trilling fervice, ii. 4a. Anlifhaai, i. >8j. 

It entrufted vi& the fleet in hit Antiphilns, an Atbenim gcne- 

ablence, iii. 93. Fighu contra- ral, iv. 306, 30;. 

ry to ordeit, and ii killed by Anli/tic, the Rinmou&an, iii. 

Lylander, ib. 159, - Aceuled by Demoflhcnes 

Afi'iKias ef Arcaton, fiiA and C(nule»ned, v. jg, 

tncbei thedoArinei of the old Mlipka, hii inveftive aplnft 

academy, iii. C43. Quiti ihem Alcibiadci, it, 36. 

for the new, v. 71, 72. Lraven jboii/mly, fabuloiu, i. 46. 

tint and adopts die doftrinei«f AnlifnaloTian band, an abia- 

thc'Stoict, 73. Brutus a great doned let of men, a kind of 

admirer of him, S73. Cicero guards to SnlpitiBi, iii. )7. 

«neaf hiiharer), 71, iii, tff. Antiftiinis, a laving of hi* 

Aatirt'iai the Creal, at war eoneetning the Thebint, i. 158. 

■wtlhtheFomsn!,ii.3s9. Han- Another concerning linKniai, 

ntbalathiseourt, 373. Pefeat- 346. _ 

ad by the Romans, 3,^9. Mar- _ iMiJlia, marrifd (o PWnpe y ^ 

rics a yotini (irl at Ciulcii, ib. ' iv, 43. JDivoiced, itg. 

■JuyUf, wift of Aippiat «wdi wUi OlocUii*, ferIoB>«f ' 

Cliudlai, iBd iDtilhe[*a( ebu> the moft profligate sb>n8a;,ib. 

4ii,v.4. - .-■■■- - 

Auijliia, the firfetar, i 
Girei hi) daughter U Pih , , . „ , 
lb. Lo(e> bit 4i(B la aipoHfing lint into Gnwe, ib. Employe 
huintciBft, 51. him<clElbgniD«iUarv«xerciL. 
Anli/liiit Vmt, 1^M*t IB nmd (be tmAy of clo(|uaioa, 
Bp>in, iv. it^. ib. Adopti tbe Afitlic ftyls, iU 
• dntiwB, li. III. V. aM. Goas -with Gibiniui inlo Syria, 
rfatMM, daughter of Marie wiih-a ctnnmaiidol cavalry, ib. 
Aawny by OdavU, HaroedtO In bB&aging Ariitabulut, iithc 
Drufui, v. B17. firftto^caietbewill, lb. Tdu* 
JalattUs, CleopaUB'i adninl Ariftobului tnd hii fon piifon- 
(illcyfaciLled.T. sOB. on, ib. OlMniiu and be leftora 
Aioimu, LucBu, rabclt *. Ptolemy 10 iii* kiagdom, 165. 
g^Et Dflisdtian, ii, 179. Antoay prevaMi Ptolamy from 
.ififmtiu, Caiiu, conliil With puttini the dtiteoaof TeluliuBi 
Cicxro, V. 79. Harchei igaiHft lodeam, ib. Hia humaie sne 
Catiline, 83. Dafeut and killi of the body of Anbdaiu, lb. 
Um, H. nthec of IdaA An- Hia perCoD defcribed, ib. Mia.. 
tony<s Crft wift, 170. free nutuier engaging to tba {al> 
AitMtint, niUiui, CdtTK- dlen, t66. Hia gnat liberality, 
etiiia him, iv, IB3. kb. Through Curio'i maaqa is 
JtUnnu, C«ua, bwtber of defied tribune of (be people, 
VtH't Antony, defeated by. Cice- knd ii very (nviecable U> Csefar 
TO '1 foil, V. (90. -SumndeKd -agauift Poiopcy, ib. After fbma 
toBrutui, and kept dofeprif. equitable propolali in behalf of 
oner, 191. Put (o death after Cxfar to ihe feaate, he ii con. 
die piob:riptiiin of Oiccni and luaDded by Lentului the conlut 
Bnitui Alhinui, ag*. to leave Ibc boaCe, 167. Dif- 
■Ajitfiiax CrMicui, father to guilei himfelf like a (enr ant, and. 
Mark AuMny, hit ehaia£ler, i. goa immediately to Ccbr, ib. 
163. Upon thia Qelar enlcn. Italy, 
^nfoaiiii HoiMrttnj, v. 40O. ib. Leavet the coniiDand of ' 
AtWij, Hark, the cnior, the army in Italy to Antooy,. 
difcnvered by the Itmplicity of during hii expedition to SpaiD.. 
■ fervant, iii. 87. Marlui knds and » tut return connivei at hit 
aparty to defpatrhhim, ib. Hia iraegalaritiet, I'fiS* Ocfar, hav- 
(loquence dihnna the foldiera, ing pafled the Ionian with a. 
ib. Killed by Anniui,'8e. fniall number of troepi, &nd« 
' Aetny, Mark, gtandlbn of back hiafhipi for mare force*, 
Mark Antony the orator, and ib. Antony bettiofFLibo, and. 
fonof Antoniui Cmicui,v. 163.. carriea a coniiderablB reinfoFce- 
Hi^ mother Julia, hai Cnmdiua merit tn Cefar, ib. Antony 
lientulusforhnfscondhaibiad. diflinguiOiet himUif in every, 
ib. Antony i> educated under eog^^ment, 169, Iftiibccom- 
her aufpios, ib. He conceives ibind of Cetar'i left Wing in. 
a ftiong Rfcntnwnt tgainft Ci< ihe battle of Pharfalia, ih. 
ceio, for bit putting tentului to When Ciiaritappoinlod difta- 
deith,ib. Engaging in his per- tor. and goes upon ihe purfuiG 
fun, hue anfortunate in his con- of Pompcy, he lends Antony to 
nexioni, 164. Forms a' friend' Rome in charaficr of the cenb. 
4iipfitllwitfaCvtki,«HilKft(r' laloftbebotfe, ib. DelaMl^ 

ANT C 3» J AW* 

•ocof the tribuBB, prDpohi a funcnl onlion, he euEpcnte, 

decree far ibolifhiug debu, ib. the people agaiaft the coii(pim 

Aalony fufptAt him of a cciiu- ton, ib. firutui and bii pany 

inal comniercc with hit wife, leave the city, uid- Cxtu't 

and oppofei him, not only by fiiendi join Antooy, ib. CaU 

advice of the fenate, but fiam phumJa, Cxbr'i lelifl, mtrufti 

pcrloail rereotment, ib. He fiim with her Irufure, ib. Tha 

ditmiOe) hit wife, who wai advutage Antony makei of Cz- 

diugbter of Caiiu Anioiiiui, ib. liJ't paperi, ib. Oaaviiu.tha 

All fober people an offeaded at reliUoD and heir of Czbr, ai- 

hit exccflivc iri^ulaiides, ib. livn at RoDie from Apollania, 

and 17a. Cziir, to fliaw hit 174. As Cielai'i ex«uU>t, hs 

diQiltelolhe[epro<:eediDgi,tikei appliei to Antony for the ef- 

Lepidiu, and a»t Aotoay, for fefli, and ii iefu{ed, ib. Joina 

hii collsgue in the coaCullhip, Cicero, and the nil of Antony ■( 

170. Critt orders him 10 pay encmici, abuini an inteiell in 
for Pompcy'i faoule, which he the lenale, aad aBemblei Cclat'* 
had. He marriea Fulvia. the vetnaiii, ib. An accommod*. 
widow of Clodiui, a woman of tion between O^laviui and Ad- 
>ii)oilimhitiDUifpirit,ib. Cie- tonytakei place, butiifoon de- 
far, it hti return from ^ain, firoysd, ib. They both pre. 
tafcei Antony for hii colleague, pare for war, ib. Cicero per- 

171. Is inclined to fubftitute liudei dte fcnale to declare 
DolabeUainhiiowii room ; but Antony a public enemy, and la 
Antony, ai augur, pretends that commiflioa Hiitiui and Fan& 
the omeui ire againft it, ib. to drive him out of Italy, I7f< 
Antony, in the fiaft at the Lu- The confuli are Ihia near Mo- 
percalia, attempLs to put a dia- dena, but Antony is defeated, ib. 
dem on the head of CEfar, who Antony and his troops are dil- 
wai fcated in a triumphal robe treffed by famine, ib. He is a 
on the roltrum, 171. Ciclar pauera of fortitude, ib. PalTca 
(eems to decline it, and is ap- the Alps, and draws over the 
plauded by the people, who can troops of Lepidus, but attempt! 
bear every thing of foveieignty nothing again ft his lifeorhonoc, , 
except the title of king, ib. The ih. MunatiuiPlancusjoinshiin, 
diadem is put upon one of Cb' 17G. He leaves a fufScivni force 
br's (Utuei, but two of the tri- in Gaul, and returns to Italy 
bunes lal(e it off, ib. Cxfar with a grcalatmy, ib. Otlaviua 
turns thole ttibunea out of of- fnding 
6ee, ib. Thiic ' 

I a little 

, .. :i ilbnd, and divide the em- 

objefts, ib. Antony is amufcd pireof the world amongll them, 

without,whileCa!fari5 defpaich- ib. They profcribe no fewer 

cd inthe ieoatehoule, 173. He Ihaa three hundred Roniaat, 

abCconds in the habit ol a {lave, 177. Antony gives up bis uncle 

ib. Sends bii foo to the con- Lucius Cxfar, and Oflaviui fac- 

fplratorsinthecapitolasanhoft. rifices Cicero, 176. Ofbviua 

age, ib. Propofei an amneAy agrees to matry Claudia, the 

to the lienate, ib. Ambition daughter of Fulvia, 177. An- 

draws him.froiD ihefe moderate tony ortkrs Cicero's head, and 

CDunCeb, ib. la makinsCielaT's the Imud with which he baA 

ANT t J3 1 ANT 

-wrikten the nUippici, to be nificcnt pnfent to Ph'iloat the 
placed on the rafira, ib. The phyriciin, 183. Clrapitn aL- 
molher of Antony favu Luclu) tendt Mm in hit night nmblci 
Cztar, lb. The triumvlTate ti in th< habit of i Dive, ib. Hit 
eXtTEmely OpprriEvc, ib. An. filhing (lory, 1B4. He (fcceive* 
tony difgrjcej Ptinlpey'i houCe difigieable newi from different 
viUitlMvilen«xcc<Iei,ib. Oc- quirten : rulv]a and hii brotb- 
taviu> infilli on a divifioii oFtbe er Lucius, after ihty had oppof* 
treafureandtheanny, Ib. They ed Cxfai Ibme lime, are obi ig- 
go aoainlt Brutuj and Calfiui, ed id qait Italy ; the Parthian* 
Ind leave Lepldui govemoT of leduce great part of Afia, ib. 
Rome, 178. OfiavLuj ii drfeat- He awttci froiU bil intbxici- 
■d by Brutal in itx (irfl engage- tion, niarchei lo Fhcenicia, and 
meni, and itcapei by Qlghi, ib. from thence faili towardi Italy,. 
' CaSiul ii difealed by- Antony, ib. f ulvia die$ at Slcyon, iSj. 
asd put! la end to bis life, ib. This event opena a way tor le- 
Bnitus a beaten in a lecond conciliation MtWMn him and 
battle, and (laya himlctf, ib. The Czfar, ib. The tridniTiiare 
honor of this viftory, too, Fall* fettlelheir rerpeAive clainnand 
to Antony, ib. Antony (lay 1 powen, ib. CiefaT gives hi> Gt- 
Hortenriua on the tomb of hia. Ur 06avia to Antony in V»t. 
biothCT .Caiui, ib. Throwi a ri*g'', ib. Sextua, the Ion of 
puMe i^tic over the body 6F Palnpey, having gained aeon-. 
knihii, ma orderj him an (ion- (i*rable martKme power ii aU 
6Uble funen], lb. Cictar u Ibwed to tup STcU^ and Sar- 
convryed ra Rotnt, Tick, ib. dinia, 1S6. Sextui hat an op- 
ADtony Taifea cotitrlbutioni in poitiinilyto deftrayAntanyand 
Alia i having pramired Eve Cxfar, at an eDlerUinmenC On 
Ihoufend drtKhmai to each pri- board his galley, bot forbnit It, 
ttte iaaa,ib. R«tuma to Greece, ib. Antony fenda Veciidiu) in- 
Dkefe his bebavioi at (ir(t ia ve- to Afia againd tbe PanhSani, ib. 
ry acceptable, 170. Palles again Talcca upon himCelf the dffice 6f 
lalo Afia, where he lives indie highpriefttoCxIaY the dlBitor, 
noHluxucions manner, lb. U ih. The ftar of Oftaviml for- 
celebrated at Ephefus in i.Ve lune luperior to that of Antony, 
character of Bacchus, ib. Dil- Ib. Antony leaves Italy, and 
fraces his jollity and freedom takes O^via with him into 
with ^moft ravage cruelty and Gnece, 187. Celebratea Gym. 
extortion, ib. His real eharac- naftic garnet at Athena, on new* 
ler moredeveloped, 180. Cleo- riiat Veniidiua was f uccefsful a. 
patracomei into Cilicia to an- gainft the PaTtbiani, ib. Ven- 
iwer a'charge laid againft her, tidiui engage* Pacorui, fan of 
andtbe Bcxibls Antony falli in. ihefcingof Pattbia, inSyria,and 
toberfaaits, tSi. She (ails a- kills him, ib. He bring* Anti- 
long die Cydnua in the chane- ochut, the king of Conimageae, 
for of Venu*, ib. Tlieir mutu- to termi, ib. Goes to Rome 

fip parting the intereda of An- ed in perfon, ib. Upon tone 

toiSy in Rome, he is revelling difagreeable new! Concerning 

wiUi Cleopatra at Alexandria, Cefar'i deriEnE, Antony laiU . 

3>. AnIAny's foQ make* a mag- With thru hundrad Ihip* Uti 

ANT t 34 3 ANT 

fame conlideialilc exploit wfA 
rlelcCl party t butdrawiog too 

goei lo war with Fompey far farfrom the nuia Oody, iifur. 

Ihe ncDvcry of Sicily ( and An- rounded, ib. ind 195. Scndi 

tony, leaving bit wife and cbil- for [uccors, which arc injudi. 

drca in (be ore of Cxfai, leU cioufly Teat in fmall dctach- 

outforAfia, 189. On hii Ji- ment4, 195. Antony himfclf.U, 

ilvil there, he Tendi foe Cleopa- lift, beau the enemy off, ib. 

tia, ib. He gives ber kvail TheRomans, inthiia£tioa,have 

confidcrable piovinces, 413. three thourand lU\a, and five 

Gives the fumame of the Sun thouDind wounded, ib. The 

and Moon t» the twintheliad great iffeflion of Ibe Croopt for 

by Cleopatra, ib. Phraates (layj Antony, ib. His addreli to tlw 

his father Oiodes ', upon which anny «n thai occaGon, conclud- 

Biany of the Panhiau chiefs fly td withaprayer.tiut, ifthegodi 

to Antonv, 190. KegivesMo- bidfomeill fortune in refeive, 

nelei three ciiici, ib. Reviewi ' it might fall upon him, and not 

hii army in Armenia, which upon hie men, 19G. The Rom- 

conriftsofa hundred thoufand im, when attacked again, alTume 

nai, ib. Hii atlacbmeat to the form of a pent buule, ib. 

Cleopatra precipitates his meal- t'aminrpn^ailianiongtbem, ib. 

Htes, ib. He lays Hegc to They eat an herb which brings 

Phnali without hii battering on inadncli and death, 19;. 

engines, igi. Fhraates falla up- Antony uftea cries out, " O the 

on Statiaaui, who wasconduUf- ten thoufaad t" lb. Mitbri- 

ing the engma, kiltt ten thou- dates, cuufin to Moncfes, cunei 

&nd of hit men, and deflroys in the night and warns Antony 

the engmei, ib. Artavardes, not to dekend into the plain, 

King of Armenia, withdraw) in ib.andigS. TheParthiaoi,con> 

defpaii, ib. Anmoy attempta tiary lo cuftom, purtuc him ia 

to bring the Panhlans Co 1 the night, 198. The Romini 

filched battle, but does not fuc- have lo contend with thirfi, and 

ceed, 191. The Parthians gall with the Paithians at the fama 

die Romans in their return to time, ib. They come up to ■ 

Antony finds 
ad ikd in hii 

■hat his troops had ikd in hii oui, and drink of it too Freely, 

pretence from before Phnau, ib. The Mardian acquaintj 

and puniftiei them with decl- them, that there is another river 

ination, ib. Phraatei prctendi at no great diftaru:e, whofe 

to come to terms with Antony, water i^ Iweel and falubrioua, 

but intends dl die time to barali ib. Mithridales comes again, 

bim in his retreat, 193. Anto- and advifes the Romani to halU 

ny deGgns to take his route en to thjt river, bccaule it 

through an opencountry, but i» would terminate the purfuit, 

adviied,by acenain MaTdian,Io 199. Antony accordingly move* 

take the fafer road of the moun- on ; tut a ftrange diforder hap- 

. tains, ib. The Parthi^s make jKni in his army, and hji lent 

their appearance ths third day, is plundered, ib. The Romans 

■nd atuck the Romans, 194. pats the Is ft oirntioned river in. 

Antony, afiir this, maichei in peace, e 00. Six days after thit, 

fo judicious a form, that the en- they reach the Araxei, and when 

emy can make little imp relCoD, tbcy have palTed it, kili the. 

and think of retitiag, ib. Tla< ground in Armenia, with great 

wuiCillusprgpoleiiop«ifo(m ividlly, ib. Tiic.neur. Bleaty 

ANT t 35 I ANT 

tlirewi flinn inu thedropfyand the mrdiaiion of O^via, biibt* 
tbecholi<,ib. They vieiEIwcnty- Canidius to peifuide Antony ta 
{even diy) in thfii return from permit her lo attend bim in 
rhmtz, ind had bolen the the war, ib. They {ptnd their 

flecifive, bccaufeArtava[deihad where Cleopilt 

niideoff with the Armenian ouido 0£Uvia in her fjvonto 

horii, ib. Antony does not the people, ib. He fendi [ome 

cha[ii<c die Armenian at pref- of his people to turn Oflavia 

ent, but foza him afterwardi, oulof hii houfe at Ronte, ib. 

*nd leidi him in triumph into Antony, inllead oE itlicking 

Alexandrii, lOi. Antony, who Cxlai immediately, gives him 

had loft twenty (houfand men time to prepare himfelf, B06. 

al ready in hit retmt, lofes eight Titiui and Flancua are ill ufed 

Ihou&nd more through the fe- by Cleopatra, lor oppoling her 

verity of the vrcadKr, in the (lay in the army, and they go 

remainder of hii march, ib. over toCx(ar, ib. Cielariatiea 

Waits forClmpatraaiafortbe- Antony's will fromthe veBals, 

tween Beryius and Sidon, ib. and reads it in die (mate, ib. 

The Pinhians and the Medei Antony's friends, and Geminiua . 

quarrel about the Roman fpoils, in particular, point «ul lo him 

and the Mede offcR his alGhance his true intereft, but they are 

to Antony, ib. Oftavia expref- driven away by the creatures of 

tes 1 delire u> vifit Antony, and Cleopatra, 107. CxCar declarca 

Cxiar Elves her his leave, in war ?gainft Cleopatra, lt>. - Pra- 

hopei uut fome event would digiei announcing the event of 

lead (o a quarrel, ib. She is the war, lb. and so3. An 10 ' 

commanded by Antony to Hop count of their refpeflive forces, 

■t Athens, but tenis, however, log. Antony, notwithlUndina 

Niger to him, with an tccount hia llrength at land, is perfnaded 

of the many valuable prefents by Cleopatn to d«ide the dif- 

Diehadbroughthim.soi. Cle. pute at lea, ib. CircumQancea 

opaira afCefli to be dying for the previous to IbebaiileoFAaium, 

love of Antony, lb. He returns 109. Dimltiai Amyntas, and 

lo E^pl, and puts off the Mede Deiotarus go over to Cfelar, ib. 

till fummer, ib. Betrothes ooe Canidiui gives Antony falutary 

of Cleopatra's fans to a daughter counfel ; but the fafcinaiioBS of 

of the Mede, Ib, Czlar appears Cleopatra prevent bis liltening 

to be, and indeed the Romans in to it, 110. An old [oldier r. 

general are, ofFended at his neg- monflrates againd a fea (tght, 

ledofOftavia, and hlidlfpof- lb, Cefar has omens of vlftory, 

ing of kingdoms in favor of m. The battle defcribed, lb. 

the children of Cleopatra, 203. Sens,, Cleopatra flies, before 

Ci&r accufcs him in the fenate, the hjiile is loft, and Antony ti 

la^. Antony recriminates, ib. infitualed enough to follow her, 

Czfar replies, ib. Aritony fends til. Heenters Cleopatra's gal' 

Canidiui to the fea coaft with ley, and fits three days in fom- 

fixteen l^iona, ib. Goes to £- bioui fitence, ib. Hu inlelli. 

phefui, attended by Cleopatra, gence that his army ii life in 

ib. AfTemblei a fleet of eight Macedonia, but Inlkcad of goin; 

hundred (hips, two hundred of to it, fends orders toCanidiusio 

which weterupplied byOaopi- condud it into Afia, 113, Di- 

tn, ib. Cleopatn, jealous of vides a Ihipload of triafurca- 

ANT t 35 ] AN3f 

-IpODgSliiifriaidi.inddibDia'ci Wir, lak«i Pcluliun], «nd »4v 

them, lb. The gilliot rcTilU vaocealo AlnudTu, mS. Ii 

uce which fail fleet nude afnr appTcheBrive that Cltopitn wilt 

be defected it, ib. Hi) tnd ditftroy her tmlurtt, uid Itnia 

foitet Ttnnin embodied fcven meflengcri to her ceuliauaUy, 

days, ind do not Currender to ib. Anlonymikei) biiOi fillv, 

'Ccrir, till their offi^en defert and Kpuliej the enemy, ib. 

Ihem, 314. Cxfat relieve! the Seodi a challenge to Cxr^r, 

ciliei oF Greece, which had been which it ■) much disregarded at 

much oppreffed, ib. Antony onethntbe had fept foimerly, 

ilaudiin Lybia, and lendi Cleo- ib. A noiCe of dcpaning Baf 

'patra from Parxlonium into E~ chanali, prcbgei the fate of Ah- 

.gypi, ib. Retires into 1 mcl- tony, 119, Antony defignt lo 

Bncholy delen, vith only two atuck. Cielar both by lea and 

■Uendant], ib. The command- land ; but the flett and cavalry 

■«r of his troops in Lybia re- defctt hini, ib. Hii infanuy 

volu, and be attempts to kill ate routed, ind he exclaimt that 

)iimlelf,ib. It prevented by bit Cleopatra has bttiayed hiai, ib. 

friends, and conveyed to *'" ■^- " 
andria.ib. Finds Cleop; 
gaged in »n attempt to di 

ftipi over the Iflhmus into the ib. H« c 

Red tea, and with all her wealth Eros to defpalch hi 

d forces to leek lome remote defpatches himfelf. a 
lesl-is fwotd 
leys ttiat iie carried Over, are out the ftroke daet not pr«ve 
Ikumt by the Arabians *f Pe- mortal, ib. Cleopaliafendi far 

:ountry, ib. Bdt the firft gal- ges^ii (word ii)to his boweli, 
leys that are carried Over, are but the ftroke daet n 

, and n>e and her 

kind •!' Timoniaii retirement draw him up into the monu. 

near Pharos, ib. After he it In- taent, ib. Ilieit alfe^ing meeu 

formed that his army, and all ing, ib. Antooy dio, ib. Pro- 

hli allies had defencd him, he culeiui it lent to her by Ccfar, 

abandons his hopes and his caret and Ihe makes a requihtioB of 

together, and returns to Alex- the kingdom for her children, 

indria, 116. Cleopatra and he sir. Proauleiut forms alciieme 

^ /ortn the foeiety of r*e cimpm- to get into [be monument, and 

tinj in dtalh, as they had be- fuccceds, ib. & sia. Cleopairti 

fore inftituted that of the inim. aitemptj to (lab hecfelf, but ia 

ilaili livers, ib. They pafj prevented, esi. Cifir'i entry 

ibeir time in mutual treats and into Alexandria, ib. Anlyllui 

diverGoni, ib. Cleapaira makes (on of Antony by Fulvia, ia put 

experiment of (evenl poiibns, to death, ib. Theodorus, who 

and gives the preference to the betrayed him, is crucified for 

■(p,ili. They fend Euphranius, theft, 113. Czfari* is likewlle 

ttKir children's tutor on an em- betrayed by hit govemor, and 

baffyto Casfar, ib. Ceraren- -afterwards put to death, ib. 

courages Clcopatratohopeevery deopatra ii permitted to bury 

thing, provided that {he gave up Antony, which (he does in a 

Antony, and amufei her with a iHagnihcent manner, ib. She 

■pretence e( love, it7. Antony rtfolves t» ilatve herfelf, but is 

caufes Tliyreus, Cetar't freed- prevented, ib, Cifar pays her 

mim, to he whipped, ib. Cleo- a vifit, ib. She puu an invent- 

f atra redoubles her attentions to ory of her gosds in his hands, 

Antony.'ib. Cxfai. runewacbe 114. DolabcUa inCams her. 

APH t ; 

dut ftic it to be <eiiC iway with 
her children, aig. Her lalt ab. 
Utioni and TpaKh at Antany'i 
lomb, ib. A peiEuit biingi her 
■a lip in I baOui of !ig>, ib. 
She din, aafi. 'Dm defundanM 
of Antony come u be emperon, 

iMofliui Lrcim, brother of An- 
tony, created tribune, v. 174. 

Aitmy, Ion of Antony by 
Fnlvia, V. 427. 

Aitony, the Rift who layi vio- 
lent handsonSeitoriui, iii. 364. 

Anlfiliui, the liaor, killed ia 

] APO 

Jpkidms, 1 fiiend of 'Ael*- 

• Aj-hytis, a 

:ity of Tbraae, 

Apii, the ex woilhip^d by 
die Eg>Tiliini, iv. 417, 

Afolm, daughter sf AgeQlaui 
by Cleora, iv. to. 

Jpolla Ddpknimi, L 5*. 
Abolin, tbe laurelled, i. aSs. 
JptUaIfminius,»\. .to. 
.rf^//«Ijin«,iii, 38. 
if^D^^aliiu, iii. 141. 
jAMZ/g Tcgyritat, u. ii.i. 
.rt(hi(fc r&r."«j, iii. tit. 

. . -^ , u— AMU, hi> templa ploadeied 

A-^lias, fan of Antony by by Ibe pirates, iv. (6. 
Fuivia,v, S16. Ia put to death, ApaUo, thenaawoFoneof Lu- 
ia>. cullui'a dining rooma, iii. 14J. 

Jiyoj, bn of Antheniion, ^^Arrolrj, tbe eldell foncf 
Alcibiads'i Frolic It hiihaulc, Disnyfiiu, v. E57. Surrenden 
ii. 37. Tbe Crttthatbribed the the caltle of Syracufe to Dion, 

jud^ at Athcni, S9. 

AdtiMi. SaAiiliiMi. 

Apana, daughter of Artax- 
erxei, married to Phanubazus, 


ApamA, diughCet of Artaba- 
Eut, iii. 3G6. 
Apama, wife »l Sekuout, v. 

^p^tienUf fpvtmot of Bab- 
ylon, iv.-iig. 

ApeHtdanu, the]Fha1erean, la 
iv- 358- 

"Apellt!, drawi Alexander'a ries Cleopatra to Cxfar, iv. 165. 
plflure, iv. 536. Doei not fuc- App^ledona, the Athenian, 
ceed ai (o his compleKion, ib. hai onlioni written for hina by 
Surprifed at Prologeno'i painC- Demofthenea, v. 53. 
■ng, V. 134. Enters himfelf of * AptUmaa, ii. 140. iii. rgi. 
the fehool of Sicyon, ,v. 354. y. sB6, sgo. 

- ■' - ' ■ of ih- '■ "- ■' 


:r Philip of Macedon, 1 

Apdlicm, ilie Telan, his li- 
hriry carried by Sylla to Rsne, 

Apemaitiis; what it bid to 
Timon, and Timon'a anfwer, 
v, 215. 

■ Aptrallauj tai Alhanam. 
Biu, ii. 380. 

Aphtpjisn, atchi 
iii, 179- 

• Apkid«a,T^^<ii foidt Hel- 
en thilber, i 71. Taken by 
Caftoi »fi Psltux, 7a. 

^pellnidts, Stat bySaleucut 
to Qemetriua, V. 160. 

AptUmidej, the Stoic, 41 widi 
Clto al Utiea, iv. 375. 

Apellimiiii Utia, tcacbo rheto- 
ric at Rhodes, v. 71. Cieltt 
and Cicero hii icholan, iv. ttj. 
V. 71. Hiafpeech to Cicero, ib. 

Apothpiiats of Cyncui, iv. 
II. Procura a cooteitnce be- 
1 Fhamabaaua and Ageii- 





wbidi they (hnv 

S[>«t>tb)C they denned nutfil 

Ut'Ve mnd, i. ^40. 

Jfptritim !an by BtUIui, 

*. •a*, agB, 308- Srni by 

Dion, V. 13s, 169 OfTTie- 

(cu(M the IwUk of Miiitbou, 

ApptriUnt iC CliEtonca, in 

If ■..-Opinion of ihe Epicuie. 
ana ^DEciniDg iheoi, v. igB, 

JppUafi, ill different cScai, 
it. to. 

Jp^ Roid. See ir«j. 

itf^iw, compoimr lor ibe 
cenfeilhip with Ecipio Afiici- 

jMins pcfIui<Ia'Paiiip«y tint 
Ccur'« inuy would revolt a> 

SieUy, .-. -,.. 

>l|t^ &«J{ii>. Iiii nttion. 
HmKie'lO' the UnUx in tbc cile of 
CorioliDut, ii. 94, Hri Ipeech 
igainll nuking peace withfyt. 
diui, iii- ai. 

/f^i ClmiJHi, betralhi hit 
daughter Claudia to Tiberiiu 

Gracchua, v. 3. . Acgi 

^Mu Oaiidias killed by Aigc 

TeleSnui.jLi. 156. _ in hi 

Tirquin igalnll ibe c 
wnllh, i. a39. TheirFate, %^^. 

Anitiss Umrtui, a vile bying 
efCicero'iofhim, V. 93. 

Apiiliui, □nc of Meullui'a 
lieutenant!, beaten by Seitoriui, 
iii. 3ii. 

■<?"'""'. '■ 4'9- 

• Arati draw DenuHut into 
tbc deferta, T. ita. He debMi 
Ihein, and caniei off fevm huB- 
dnd caneli, ib. AlcxarvdM*! 
expedition again 11 ibem, iv. t6i, 
Bum Cleopatra' t galley*, v. ilg. 

■ jlrMa Pttraa, it. 84. 

• Aratians, Nabtlhzan, 'v. 
n't.— ^cenite, iii. 117. 

ilHCHif titular adintal of tb> 
LaccdienoDtan Beo, iii.gfi. 

• Artth^t, iiL 388. 

• Artr, river, iv. aaj, 145. 
AMiritu, i. 74. 
Aratiam, ». 389. 

Aritai, the Ion of Cliniat, ia 
-datieetof being (lain, -wtten A. 
bandilua [eta hjtnfdf Up tyrant 
in Sicyon, v. 345. Aratui, wh« 
wai iSen ortly l«vtn yeari old, 
wanden about the city afterthe 
■niTination of hii father; en. 
ten the boufe of Sofo, die lifta 
of Abanlidai, and filW in law 
to Cliniai ; and by bet ii pK- 
ferved till fiie can fend him la 
Acgas, ib. He a cduciKd 'al 

a liberal 

Apfiiu Claifiii, % Sabine, mi. 

J met with five tholitind timi' 
ica'to Rome, and i> maite a len- 
atoi, i. 158. 

'.djifiui aedks, feat by Lucul- 
■loitoTigtane.,iiL, 1,3. 

MhiVans, left govertiorln 
Lybia by Pompey, iv. 366. 

youth didinguifhei bini- 
feir nidltti) the Falxfln, ib. 
Abanti'daa being flain, hi) bdi- 
er Paleai Cms himlelf up (ynnt 
of Sicyon, 34C. Fifeai ii fbin 
by Nicoclei, who alTuinei the 
fame power, ib. Aratus undei- 
taiics the deliverance of Sicyon, 
lb. Though be is not yet quite 
twenty yeaij old, Nicoclfs, the 
iWgning tyrant, is lfr»ldof him, 
ib. Ariftotnichui and Ecdchii 
join ill ihtenterptife, 347. Ar- 

ARA r ]l 3 A** 

cdofinn the iniclligcace ; but Encounten with greU imgi^ 

■del, tbit there were cemiu in hii piQige, 354. Ii,weU iC 

wuchful doge near the plice, ceivad b^ Ptolemy, oa accounC 

wbich would pnibabW ilanD of bit fupplying him with.piint- 

thc gmrdi ib- The manner is ings, for vfhkh Sicyoa w» £4* 

-which he piavided men, armi, moiH, ib. Antiu hated lyrantf 

and fcaiing liddcn, 348. Seadi to (uch a deeree, that he could 

■ patty before to the tovet of nai be periuided to fpira ikf 

PalygDoCui, and a few othen pi&urc of one, 355. Ftolemy 

to conhne the dagi, and the giveihimtn hundnd and fifty 

gardener that kept them, ih. uleuu ptyable al Icveral limn, 

Dcceivm the fpiet whom Ni- ib. By thli maoey be KCODciln 

coclu ient to Argo), ib. Findi the poor to Che rich, and focum 

the dogs let look, but plaotihii the comma n wealth, ib. Th* 

laddect notwilh£Uadiag, 349. exllei eiefl hii llalue in bnEti ' 

Hit company it much alarmed 3(6. The inlcriptiOD upon i^ 

nthe watch which pa& by, ib. ib. Aiuigonus endcavoii tv 

But not ditcDvend cilber by gain Antui, or make Ptolemy 

ihefc, or by the perfon whohtpt iuEpefi him, ib. Atatui ii cho- 

guard .in ibe tower, ib. Me {en general of the league, and 

comes (uddenly, with a {mail ravages the territoiiei of t^ocri^ 

piny, upon (he tyrant's guards and Calydon, ib. Macche* l» 

at Che palace, and taka them Itu: aOilUncc of te BcMKiao^ 

ail pcrConen, 350. Calls togeth- agaioft die ^toliaj^a, but coiae* 

■r hii frieodi in the towo, ib. loo late, 357. Is geaiial agaii^ 

A herald, by his order, pcj. and nndettakes thi ceUbiatii 

claim) llbtcty to the citlzerH, lb. eateiprils of ra^overiag the cit* 

They fet hrr to tltf tyiant't pah- adjcL oE Coriath fiom ibe Ua- 

ace, ib. Not! imr loft oa e»- cedaniam, ih. For thli puT- 

ibei fide, ib. Tht cynnl tfcape* paO: he fornw a coanaxioi^ whh' 

by a luburnoean f»Bi)u, ib. certain Syiiani, who bad ibrodi. 

AntuB rvali all thit had beta crabldieriD the gaRifoo, and 

binilhed by thi tynnta, ih.* i% hovinK puiloined lA kisg ftf 

hid undar diScnllics, oB ac- MicEdon'a iTafuieii, thcTcupiiit 

count of othen being palTalTed retired ca Sicyon, 3^, ErgU 

of tkw property of [be tKil«s, rtut, one of the breifaera, un- 

3JI. ijnitsi Sieyou to ibe A- denakea to conduft him to » 

ch>aB kagua, ih. In what part of the wall not abate fif-- 

manncr the Achsan kagut be- tcao feet high, ib. Araliu pram- 

cama (o refpaSible and import- ilci them GxCy talents in cafg of 

aat, ib. The cbaiafUr of Ar- Liccefi, ib. H\s danger of btlng 

atui, 3ji. He (crves in th> difcovered, 360. He gcu iato> 

Aclueiit cavalry, a^id diAin- Carinlh by night, vd advaDcta^ 

guilhes himtelf^ by ready abe- towards the oitadel, 3$t. The 

dicace to bit ganeral, whoever town u alarmed, and he proceeds 

he might happen to he, 353. op the rocknolwithilandiag, ib. 

Ptolemy, king of Egypt, rajkei llie moon is either bright, or o- ■ 

him a preTenl of Cwcoiyfive lal< vercloitded, as his uudartaUinj; 

eiiti, and he lays out the whole requira, ib. Arcbelaui, who- 

for the advantage of bii fellaw commanded for Anligoaui in 

citiieni, ib. The,exil«s being the town, marches to attack 

damoiout for their property, he Aratui'a rear ; but the three 

takes a voyage to Egypt to get hundred, whom AtMui had 

iBoitey ta ukify all paniat, ibi left behind, f^U upon Aicba> 


I, mi jtnC bim b 

C 40 ] 

flight, for tbe la 


c puipofe, and fell* 

o'lbe them for Hitci, 368. Dnwi 

Uine huiidnd, tnd condu^ Ariftlppui agiinft Clcoiuc by ■ 

ihcm up ihc rock, ib. Tbc ctL- fttaUgem, putt bim ta ths 

(del it gtined by Antus, ib. tout, and kiUi him in tbc pur* 

The nil of Aratui'i forcuir- fuk, ib. I1iis in good raeaf- 

tivc from Sicyoa, ind the Co- UK Icmovo Ihe impuutian of 

nnthiani open tbcii giUs t» cowardice, which Ibmc cn- 

them, ib. He pertuada the davored lo fallen upon him, 

Cacinlhiani to join th< league, ib. Agial and young AnlLo- 

•nd dclivert lo tbem ibe keys machus entei Argot with the 

of their city, 363. How he king of Macedon's troopt, ib. 

ditpolei of the piKoiicn, ib. LyAadei (tts himlelf up tyrani 

TeifiiK, lata governor of the --»'—' '- ■- - ^ i- 

titsdrl, efcapeitoCencbrez, ib, 
Aratut feiacs thcHeraum, and 
the birbor of LechcEum, ib. 
The Magamfiaai lerolt from 
Aalig6nus, 364. The Traie- 
niaui and Epidaunani ilfo join 
the Aehxan " 

fdf, : 

veil » 

lays it down, and joins Lii cily 
ta the Achzan league, 369. 
He is eleaed general, and, can. 
Irary to found policy, make* 
the Laceda^moniana, 

runt Aliica, and ravjgei the ib. Quafreli with Ar 
ifle of Salamii, ib. Seu the loles Eis inteteft, ib. 

> the i€.toliaiii t« 
loponnefus, but fallt upon them 
while they are pluadeiing Fel- 
, diOodgei Uiem, uid kill* ■ 

Athenian prifonen fiei 
nnfom, and thereby fov 
feeds of dcfefiion from the Mi- 
-cedanians, ib. Brings Ptolemy 
into the AchcMi league, by de- 
claring him ita prote£lar, ib, la Make) peace with than, 3}!. 
,chslen general ertry other year, Makei levcnl altempU upon the 
ib. AUempti to lefcue Argoa Fiia:!!!, *nd in one ol them 
from the yoke of tynnay i but bra^ 'fait leg, gj^. la deFealed 
e of his ilTociaiu difcoven by Bilbyl, Demetriu'a general, 
lo-' ib. OivWiedeai 

the delign to the tyrant A 

fie death of Demetiii 

. , . le of their allilUuce ; and be prevails 

I Eervinti, ib. Ariflip- upon Diogenes, the Macedonian 

puj fnceeedj to the tyranny, and governor, la deliver up to them 

geti ■ fine laid upoa the Achx- the Pyrciu, Muiiychia, Salamis, 

mns, far the late breach of the and Sunium, for a hundred and 

peace, ib. The miCerable life fifty ttlenti, of which he fur- 

of a tyrant defcribed in that of nilhet forty; ib. and 373. The 

Arillipput, 366. Antui make) Aehxan league receivei leveraL 
icveral trtiitleb atleinpti upon '' ' ' ' 

Atgos, ib. The Argives, for 
-whofe libettin he light], 

. affiftance, "367. 'He 
figbtta pitched battle with A- 
liftippus, and leti the viSoiy 
flip out ofhit handa, ib, Adda 
Cleonx to the AehEan league. 
ib. Celebrates tbc Nemean 

It CkoDz, ib. Takel 


iGdcrablc llaua i 
.muniiy,373, Amongll thele 
is Atgos 1 ATatus having ner. 
fuadod its tyrant Ariftoroachui 
to quit the fovereignty, and join- 
the Achzam. ib. AriHomachua. 
is cholea geneial of the league, 
and propolea to carry his arma, 
into Laconia, ib. Aratus 01^ 
poles a wac with Cleo: 

le vrbo were goiDg to Argoa impolitic, but at lalt conleuta,. 

AR* t 4' T ARC' 

fH- CleamcDci offitnbMtltit gonBi,indfurTtiii)cnta)iiTiiA- 
F>llintiaum,bulAntui prtvents crocorinth, 380. Goei with the 
t<K offer from bung icceptcil, Adixm nuKillnla to meet . 
ib. Lyliadei iccnfei Aiatiu to Antigonui, iV- Aabgoniu'r. 
die Achcuu, ib. He U cbofea friendlhipfarbimiib. and 381. 
prxtor the next year notwith- Sevcnl iCtioni under tbe wiIU- 
fltndiDg, ib. Beaten by Cleo. oF Corinth, ^Sr. A igos revolt* 
nUDci, ib. CoIlefU hn army, to the Micedoniani, ud Cleo- 
■ad fuipiilu Mantinea, ib. Ly- mtnei letiiea to ' Mtntinti, ib. 
Gado, in inotber aaioii, puts Aratui fubiaitsto msny moiti- 
Ac ri^ wing of the lactdc- tying things, after AntigoauS' 
noniwitoflight; butgoingtoo wat become roifter of Acroco- 
(ar In the purfuit, ii entangled linth, ^». Has the meacnels- 
ID an intricate piece of ground, to Call Maulina (after it waa 
and llain by Cle«menes, 375, rciaken) Anligonia, 383. Cleo- 
TTk lofa of that brave mao, and menei being o«rthto>vn in the 
the defeat of the army, ii im- battle of Scllafta, rclirei to E. 
BUled to Aratui'i neglefting to gyp', ib, Anligonuj returns to- 
&ppoithim,ih. Antuiiiiomc Macedonia, and fendi Philip, 
time cooIideTied ia ■ difgraceful whom he declared h'sl (ueeelrorr 
figbt by tiie AchtEani, ib. He to Achaia, ib. After the death- 
tedeemi hi* credit i little, by of Antigonua, the £tatiint at> 
botjog M^iftonus, father in tack Aratus, and defeat him>. 
lawt* Cleomenea, vii caking 3B4. Hfe calls Ailip to his af- 
bim prifoner, ib. When it fiflance, 385. iTw inconfifUncy- 
comeitobi) lumapin, dec! ins of Philip's Dchavior lobwn, ib.. 
4ie command, OD account of the Philip corrupta young. Araltit'*. 
■rowing power of Cleomenet, wife, 3B6. Aratus adfjfes Phil— 
ib. The bad policy of Arstui, Ip not to teize the caftle of 
in calling in the Macedonian), Ithome, 387. Philip orders k 
inflead of faffering CleoioQenea, d*{e of flow poilon to be given. 
to be appointed general of ibe bim, 388. Aratui dia at >£• 
leigue, 376. Oesmenes is ex- gium, U>. Ta buried at Sicyon, 
■fpcnted by fruitlefs negotia- ^ The Kllimony which Itic 
tioni, and nakes a ftill grealet oracle of Delphi paid to hi* vir- 
progielswitbhitarnu, 377. A- tue, 389. Divine honor* paid 
)Mu> attempts to cut off the in. him,ib. Fbilip give* young A^ 
sovilart in Corinth, and with ratus polioni which deprive bini' 
dificulty clcapa with his ovra ofhi* nafon, ib. The divine 
life, 378. The eormthiani put vengance puifue Philip for hii- 

ra the handi of Clfc breach of hofpilality, 390. 
' * luplheeil- Aaftu the younger, hii Joea. 
circumval- dilhonoied by Philip, v. 386. 

and he Ihuts up the ei 

applicj to Hasapoifon given him by Pbil- 

Ae JE«>\ans and Atheniani for ip which deprives bin. of hia- 

•lEllancc, but without effcA.ib. iHlellefts, 389,39a 

Cleomenea offers bin a yearly * jfrowi, river, iv. 77. v. aoo. 

Eliondftweivetalents.oncen- jtrtaiii, .bow puniiben by 

condition!, ib; ATVus'ain- Artaxerxesfordereition.v. aa7, 

fincere anfwer, ib. Cleaotene* ' ^rhiU, battle of, Iv. 17^^ 

Mock* up Sicyon, tb. ArMu* * ArMis, didria of, it. SOk. 

■(capes from thence with much- * ^roJiiiiu.Beam eaters, why- 

dlHicuIty ta .*gium, and by a 4o called, ii 79. Come into Ilal* 

^lee ot council cilli io AntL witbEMnder, Lio^ Ds&iUdi 


h^ AieKiamm, wilhoullbeloli 

4» ] 


I*yiij[of hij) 

of one Spanm, 

jinadian, yor, i. 1S6.' 

Aradiui, bid In be the per- 
ioB thit killed Gilbi, v. 413. 

AtciJUbiu ind Amphaiea bt- 
iny Agii, iv.395. 

Aruflam, ihe icademiciia, Zeuxldaioui, and (iitHrof 
ii. 34«-*-3«. mdAgeril.iii,iv... Finei 

Anhedaaau, the j£loIi 

i^reAjidinu, king of Spiiti, 
IT. 1. Endavan to reconcile 
theCreekitoacbotbet, i. 373> 
Mirctiei into the tenitoriu of 
tlie Athenian), 381 Son of 


iiryiog -a 
Other [lanicuUn, Hi, 188. 

ArihiJamiis, fon af Agcfiliul, 
iv. 17. Cleonymui ii hit fa> 
vorile, ib. Intetccdu forSpho. 
drill, ib. Defeat! the Arci- 
dian>,3fi. Uisvilor.gS. SUin,> 
by the Mcfbpiam, 383. 

Archiilttuu, ion of Eudimi. 
das, hi. 383, 


ArchiLaa, king of Sparta, 

Archtlam, oik of Mtthridate'i 
generalj, iii. igs. 139. i**- 
Aflirwardi in the fmii» at the 
RoBUiu, tax. 

Arthelaus, ■ sieFctnnt 
Ddium, iu. 1 48. 
, Arcitlmis, ^vean^^ai. 174. 

Ariielmis, ihe poet, iii. 173. 

Ariitlaai, an officer of Anli> 
gonm'i, V. 36a. 

jlrthcletj, Antony'i caie of 
tisdcad body, v. 165. 

ArcliifltUl, one of the fom of FUlo to reium to aiciiy, v, n^ n. 
ThemiHioclcs, i. 30O. Ai^hilxhai, the godi do bon< 

ArihcfiTatits,'iia faying con- 01 to hii memory, i. l6j. 
ccrning Alcibiada, ii. 49. At The cbar^fier of hit wrilingi, 
iirhaliimalhiipoetlived,ii.a70. iv. 3a j. Vcriti of bit, i. 48. 

ATchtJkalai propoles ■ At- v. 414, 
cree Bgainfl Fhocion, iv. 315. Archimidts, yiViy blamed by 

Arthias, one of Ihe lliebaa Plato, ii. 144, Inveou levei^ 
tyranu, ii. loi. Mil faying, milinty macbineiat the requej 
Ii kilted, to6. of Hiero, ib. Thepnweiof hit 


called by Clomenci and mur- 
dered, 40a. 

'TchidfmuSt f^t ^ perfuadt 

prieft, ii, 9Q5. 

, the Athenian hig! 

machines, 145. Defeat 
celliu, who calls himaB 


Arc/iHiadii, an Alheni 
fcStt the Spartan gravity, ii, be heart 
994. Reproved foiincon&ften. the town 
cy by Pboiioo, ib. 


after her death, v. 1^7. 

.^rcAidoau, what Ihe G>id tl 
the Ijtcedxinanean teoatt, iii 

the tumult when, 
iken, »s'- How. 
killed, ib. Bcgrected by Mar.. 
«llut,ib. What tbedevtceon. 
bii tombftonc wat, 148. 

Arckippe, wife of Themifto- 
elei, i. 300. 

AnhifJHu the poet, ii. 35. 
'— '-- ■■■- -itle of ihe chief- 

ofAgi>,iv.384. Givejup h 

tflalc to the public, 386. It office, i. 
nuidcrtdbyarderefAnipbiR^ Archmidu, fent by the Syr 

3^7.- Bculaiit to DiOD| v. sGp.. 

ARG C 43 ] ARI 

Arciylas, the fir& inventor af nukti hiinlelf milUr of itf.i*> 

, ■jethanici, ii. »43. 413. Z,o(niHgiin,4i6. Pyt- 

A^ciylti, the Pyltugoinui, liiui maka an. auempl upqa it, 

iKuiUy for Plato'i lafay in Si- iii. 3S1 . . 

•ily, V. a4». Deraindi him of Arg'yraJ)Kilei,ot dUti&ieidst 

Diooyliu), 244. commiDded by Anli genes and 

Arci/us, » Spirun oHlctr, Teuiimui, iii. 384. Never de- 

■ucuted for furiendering the fealed, 385, Their Irrachery 

Cadmea, ii. ao8. to Eumenei, 386. PuuiOicii by 

ArSurai,ha rifing attended Astigoaui, 38S. 

with lanpelluoui wcatlK^ v. Ariadne falli in love with 

>4S. Tliefcui, ind give* him a. clus 

* Ardtii,\.^H. to tlw Labyrinth, i. 57. Dilfer- 

Ariapagiies, i. itg. enc accouatv of heC) 5S. H» 

.^rcr^nii, court of, eftiblifti- two font by Thefeui, 59, I) 

cd by Salon,on a better footing, cad upon the iOcof Cyprus, ib. 

i. Ii8. fiiaioaiei wbe^r every Divine bono ri paid her there, 

manlqjavifiblelivelihoodjsj, ib. Two Ariadnei, ib. 

Iti powerlefTened, 35g, 3J6. A'Uc\is,» friend o( Cy'h»i 

Areticui, v. 153. brother to Artaxcrxet, v. 334, 

Anu, daughter of DianyQM Anaii<*ii, Xeixc'i biothec 

the elder by Aciftomich«t, and and admiral, a very brave man, 

wlfeof Dion, V. 134. Compel, i. igit. Killed In tbe baldeof 

jcd to marry Timociatei, 144. Salami), ib. 

Put to death by Icelea, V. B71. . Ariamtri, an Arabian, fent 

' Arelha/ii'i, 159. v, igo. bytheParthiansto mincadCrar. 

Arrm, king of Sparta, iii. 3a. (i», iii. 313. CaHius repioacbea 

Arrives laloBably from Crete him' with perlidy,3ij. 

to .the relief of Sparta againft AriariUhti, ting of Cappado- 

Eyrrhui, 36, 37. Cati off a cia and Paphlagonla, iii. 367. 

number of Pyrrhui'i men in Taken prlfonerbyPerdicc as, 368; 

iheir miich to Argos, 37, Af- Ariaraiha, one of the fons of 

liDi the Argives, 39. Mithridales, iii. 134. Poitoned 

Argas, tbc name of a poet, by: hit father, iv. 81. 
and of a (peciei of ferpenu, v. Ariefpii, one of the fotw of 

44. Artaxerxa, hi> mildned andti. 

Argts, DeroofUienea Co called, midity, v, 343, Poifooi him- 

Argiltmii, molberof Biafidai, Ariiaus, natural fonof Philip 

■Jayiogof ben, i. 151. of Miccdon, iv. 143. By Fhi> 

* jfrjTiHi^, iii. gg. i. 387. linna a courleian, iig. Pro— 

* ilrrtKi, thdr king!, i. iig. miling in his ehildhoud, but 
Inviled by Alcibiadei to join hurt both in health and under< 
the Atbcniani, ii. 47. Celt' ftandingbyOlympiu'ipotioni, 
bratei the Neraean gamei v. ib. 

Argim, Galba'ifrtedman,bu- 

liei hit tnafter, v. 4^5. eviJ, le. ■. 

Argo, the name of Jafon'i ■ ATiaumaa, ukcn by Czrir, 

Blip, i. SB- iv. ios,a&i. . 

* Argoi and MelTent j the Ari^'ifl"!, general of the 
eaufeottbeirruin,!. tag. Plati^n., hi» dtearo, ii. aSi. 

>&^<u,Antuidclive»ilftom Aiimiufiu, a SpaiUB, ^koll*- 

its tyruu, v, 3J3. CteonuM Uatdoniut, ii. >9% 

AirfarxjwijUiig af C*ppa- Orir wntbig to ba ftMcred in 

docii, expelled I17 Mitbiidita, (bar d^tntracy, 174. Datii 

McAablifhail by Sylla, iii. 1*6, iniin with Itariui'i Bett at 

148. SyllancmcUatbofetwo Uantbon, «iid iHaga tbc 

priacei, ijO. ndghbofiBg coantry, ib. Of 

AritUruaa Reftiblllhed by tlx gBienli appoLaKd to ■& a- 

CiecrD, T. 101. pinB him, Mikiadei wat fiift 

Ariimmdti.ioa of Gobfyat, lB<ligait]i,ind ArillMct nest to 

K Ferfiaq ccaenl, lii. 1S3. bim, ib. The latter glvci up 

Aiitifii, king of ibe Gcr- hii turn in the comnand, and 

taaai, CkIu'i wir with him giatlyftinigibBu tha handi af 

hr.asB.^ tha fDnnci, t^j. The battle 

j<n^n,u>d his brother Per- of Manibon defcribcd, ib. 

klei, guardiana to Atcibiidci, Wbile the Gttcki nuich to de- 

U. 34. fead Alhedi, Ariftidca ii left at 

ilnJl^Mtiu, gtncnl of the Ifan^n to guard the prironen- 

Achcaiu, ii. gj4, 35^ and [poilt, ib. Heacquiu him. 

AriJUgatts, of Cyuciu, bit klf of that charge in the moll 

- dream, lii, 104. upiigbl manner, 176. ButCal~ 

Arijaniltr tA TelmefTiu, thr liatandothen toiich thcmfclvea. 

divioeriDUrpictiPhilip'idream, uaknown to fain, ib. Cbofeii 

iv. 134. Hia obfinttion lo A- aTEhan, ib. SurnanKd the Juft, 

lexander eonccniing the {weal- a};. BaniOiedby the oftiacirm, 

ing of Orpbcua'i ftatue, 14B. a7ft. Eitraordinity inftanccof 

Foietelli the taking of Tyie, hii nodefation,ib. Hiipnyer 

16a. Sacrificei to FiAK, 171. foTtbe Atlmiani on going into 

What be doe* to cncourige At. exile, ^^g. Recced, ib. Foi 

cunder'amai, 173. Farewama the good sf the public (cruplea 

AUxinderof an inpendiogcvil, not to join hii enemy Thcmiiio- 

■91. Endaavon to comfon clei, aBo. Tbcconfultationi be> 

him after he had killed Clilui, (ween him and Themiftoclet 

■94- doling tbc warwithXeixei, ib. 

AriJUti, the ProcanncTian, Takeithenephewi of thatpriace 

Aeftory ofhitvaniCbing, i. lai. priibnen, ib. Oppofca tbc pro- 

4njliai,t citiien of Argot, poU of Tbenilloclei, iBi. 

niitta Pyrrhii) Either, iii. 37. What he otdeted the SparMi 

OpenaoMaf thagalet foihira, amfadadon to tell their anflettr 

89. aSa. Hliorderio the pricfta,. 

Ariferia, or A/lcria, one of , ib. Hat the chief command of 

Cimon'i mitlrcfla, iii. 174. the Aiheniani in the war with. 

ArifiUcj, the Ion of Lyfi- Mardoniui, tOg. Martbei to 

nachui, of the tribe of Anti. Platxa, ib. Confulls the niacin 

echiu, and ihewardofAlaptce, of Apollo, and receive! a per- 

H. aCg. DifEcient account! of plexing inlwer, which ii at lall 

bii e^ate, ib. and S70. On unriddled, 184. Puts an end. 

what account appointed aithon, to the ditpote between the Te- 

tfi. A favorer of aiiftocticy, geatE and the Atheniini, abouE 

ib. Forthatand othur realosa tbcirpall in the battle, by re- 

■Iwayi oppofedbyThemilloelei, ferringit to the allies, 185. iSt 

ib. TheirdiSereotdifpofitiool prudent behavior on difcovet. 

andchtraaeT),s7i. llieinteg. ing a coafpiracy in the Atheni-. 

tity, piirioiKm, and (leidinefs in camp, 186. Hie Megaren. 

«f Ariftidei, 173. His fpcech fiani being diftreS^d by the Pec. 

taibcAtboiuiiu wilb icCptata lian caidry, .AiiOidci Iciidaa 


SarCy of Atbcaianj ta their af- jcA to hitnanly, ib. Joined rn 
(bncc, ■87. Atsxaader, king commifliaa with Ciman in an 
of Macedon, conies in thenight, expedilion. at (a, 199. The 
and infomi) Arlltidei of thedc- juftice and candor of thcfe two 
fign of Mardonius- lo attack, the generals draw the chief com* 
Gteekitbenexldiy, zSS. Aiif- nMd of the altiu from the La- 
tides iiDinedialely acquaints cedamoniani to the Athenians, 
Ptutaniai, the commander in ib. The LacedEmoniini derne 
chief, widi (his intelligence, ib. that Ariftidea may regulate the 
Reproves the Athenians for find- quAtis of all Ihs flates of Greece, 
ing faulu with their being re- for the war with the barbarians, 
moved to the light wing,^cing 300. He executes that com* 
the PerfuDs, SB9. Mardoniuj miliion with his ufaal integrity 
alters his difpohtkin to avoid and ability, ib. WbiE be bid 
(ightiog with the Athenian], to Tbemiiiocle) on the qualiti- 
«90. The day pallea without a cationiof ageneral, 301. Make* 
banle', ib. The Greeks make a a difference between private and 
movement to gain a camp more politii 
advantageous for water, it>. found 
Dangers from the leparatian of It to be unjuft lobting the nub' 
the troops, and from waiting lie treafurt of Greece from 
long far aufpicious tokens in the Delos to- Athens, but at the 
iaciilUes, igs, 091, iga. The lame time bys, it was expe- 
LacedEm*nians,in^ great hav- dieil, ib. Though he made 
ock amontft the Perfiiru, who the public rich, himlelfconcin- 
behave with grsat gallwitry, ib. uea poor, 30a. Reckoned by 
Arinides haftens to jobs tbcfor- Plata the gruteft and moll ti- 
mer, but is attacked by tha luftrioug nan of Ml time, ib. 
way, by the Tfaebtni and other Hii candid behavior to ll>e. 
Greeki, alliai to the Peciians, miAoclea, ib. Various aecounti 
>93> He 4efeata them, ib. — of his death, 303. Hii monu- 
Mardoniui is Oaia by Arimner. menl at Phalerum erefted at 
tus » Spartan, ib. The Perfian the public charge, ib. His (bft 
camp is lalun, and pnidi;;iout and daughters prayidtd (or by 
fUughter made, 194. What the the pablic, ib. and 3O4. 
Jofsonbothfidei was, ib. The AHftiiis the Locriao, il. 183. 
Greeks rear an allar to liberty, Arifiidis, fan of Xenophilui, ' 
095. The Athenians and Lace- ii. 170. 

dxmoDiant difpute about the /trijiidts, author of the Mile- 

cbief honor of the day, but lues, iii. 319. 
compromile the matter by ad- Arijlion, tyrant of Athens, 

judging it to the Platxani, 196. compels ihecilytooppofeSylla, 

The decree whichAriftidei pro- iii. 135. His vile charaaer, 

poled in their favor to the gea- 1 37. Surienders the citadel for 

eral aiTeinbly of the Greeks, want af water, 139. Poilooed 

S97- Their annual pracellion by Sylla's otder, 149. 
in memory of thob) wha died Arijiippai of Argos invite) 

for liberty, ib. and 198. Aril- Antlgonus thither, iii. 37. Sets 

tldei permit] archons to be cho. himtelf up tyrant tbeit, v. 36$. 

leaoutofibewhoUbodyofcit- The milerable Hfe of a tyrant, 

izens, agS. Tbe high teltimo- 366. Killed in his aight, 36a. 
ny the Athenians Rave to bis Ariflippus the Cyreoiai, what 

virtue, in ordering Themilloclis he fiid of DionyTiua, v. S43, 

In comauoicatc 1 ceriain firo- A jocular piediftiou of biahib^ 

ARI C 4« 7 AKX 

..M^lie Chian, V. 49. Ai^Muobu tha yonugMC 

^ri/2siWf,T)ieini&oclabuilil» n^sn* fame time M AjpH, *. 

lUmple to DiuA uadcr that 36S. QuiU liie lyiwny, joina 

nune. S« fiiiiu. the AchEu l«|ue, and is elcO- 

AfifiaMti o£ CaHwdiia, t. edgtnenl, 373. It pM is doth 

61. 38>> 38"' 

Jrijtialtf kiDf of Ju^ ^r^toMMJoffenahecMomb 

tiken prifboci by Pampey, i*. ihrce Irveral tima for bivine ■• 

6f Halui head igiiiaft G>bi- oflni l^illed ■ huadnd Ijccda- 

niuand Antoay, ud it afiin mwiiaai, r 107, loS. 

■mongft the capiivo, v. i6j. Ai^m dcfati Maiaodir >a4 

Arijxlaiu, ihc (atluTofLy- Eulhydemus, iiL i]f. Hu. 

Eandcr, iii. gi. {Intagein. ib. a. 

ArJJiecTatit the biAoiian, ii. Arificn, cDmnundcr of (b« 

3^&. pEoauHu, bit liiying to Aicui»- 

ArifitxTtUi, V. 53, d«r, Lv. iSo. 

AnS(^riui tba riwtorician, Ahpm, the phUaropber, i>. 

"Mtcndi Mick Antony in hU TU 173. 

iqaniao retl nmoit, v. 114. Arifim affilU PiUilntua in 

Arifiocriim fail to Philip of tsiming bis tynnaji ml Atbnia, 

MKedonbyBexidonu,iv. 143. i. 133, 

J/iJkJtmiu, lyaat of Mig^ JiiJlBnicm, nalnral fan of 

lopolii, ii. 341. Eununes, exciut uaubl«i ia. 

4riSi>daitui, iau ol HmtcaitX, Aita, 11389- U^aSMnuiiMdir 

fctwidct <^ ibe njyal fwuly tf- v. 19. 

^MTti, iv.. BO, A-^iaau, Uith^idaCN't a^ 

Ar^aiimtu dw MiWua, lent milkl, dillwcd up En Lvcullitft 

fcyDeractriuata thagavemarof by hii own people, iii. ie6. 

Atbeai, V, 113- Sent bv tbe jtifliMciu, ol l&atboa, «. 

Am* to Antigonui with tbe 6j. 

.ocwtof a viaoiy, 119. >r jS«a«M, ib| muHdiai iiik 

Jrifitditns lbs Tanagnm if- lOS- 

biHniUi Epbialtn. i'^SsS- ^'^A^Aawi tk* conil pe*^ 

^ri^9/il«, (be public infaiiB* hUfayini of tbeSuniaai, L 374. 

tr, iv. ag^ Of Akibiadea, ii 48. 

Jrifi^n, Damoahcsn AriJIiOikaniii, one of Al(Ma> 

v^eaao ociiioa igaioA bio, dei*) liFeguaida, iv. 193. 

1. £4. Ariflaphm, Am painter, U* 

Ari/logiiaii'i gnnd daughter dnwing ofNosza, ii> 4^ 

married at the public cbxge of /tipflm Ibe anior, iv. agi. 

dif Atheniaai, u. 304. When iccbon, v. 61. 

.^i^HUcAc, daughter oFHip- AiJltiU'ik* Stagyrite, i. 41, 

parinus, nurried to Dionyfmt 45, 64. Uia engaging maoner, 

the elder, V, 131. Hei fpeecti ii. B16. Uii wtilingi but little 

to Dieia on teOccing him his koown in ^ tine of SylU, iii^ 

wife Arete, 161. Futtu death iii. Fbijip fends bi bim to 

byorderof IcEtei, a^i. ukc ^e luitioii of Alexander, . 

Ari/lmiaclaii, an nxile fiom i«. 140. Hia acioamaiici and 

Sicyon, joins Aiatiis is bii co- epotict, ih. His niaaphylio. ' 

tirpiili for the deliveimu of 'A. What Ciccra bid of Mi 

that city, V. 347. writing], v. oo. 

JryimackM, tyaant of Ar- JrijMt of A^tti pcrfodH 

F», *. 3^5' Sbiu bf bii bt- the Aii|iT«s M fnte CUomcMrt 

>M I « ] WtT 

tnUtsQ, iv. 41$. A 'fiicsd to * ^^m SM**i when tlH 

. Anna, ib. Tufeu tnay wm dnwn up, i. 

ArifiMit tin Isglciin ilSfti in 044. 

- klUli^ Ibc-tynoit df GiCTOn, v. • ArftvUi rivn, UL «gt. 

■j^C * '*:fj river, iv. jO. 

JriBoxeHtu ihe iBn&cbD, Ini Arfitu, M iiift the mmi of 

((iiellion to Dionyfiui concent- Annenei MtMinon,v, 31G. 

IngFliio, ii. 131. Art^aiai, ■ Fuba o&iccr, 

.^ryjimtM, tynal ofSieyon, ii. •94. 

Iiii piQurc cscEDcDily dnwn Antitau, fuher ef Barfuie, 

ty Melindiu, v. 354. Antoi iii. flSfi. i». i J7. . 

difindto ^nn U oa tte*c- Artugerfa, ^coenl of the 

CDiiiu, asj. Cidofiuii, T. 3*3. Sbin by 

AnlSuaia iffilti Lycm^ui -Cyrw, 314. 

in fonning the LiodBiiioiriin jbtafiraa, oiled tilt kUt^t 

-cDtnmonwc^lh, i. titi. vim, y. 3(6. Biiap Aiuxcrae* 

ifrnu dw vlulorophCT 'hon< >ii Kcoant orCytut'i deuh, lb. 

«Fed by <^anui Czbr v. jlrtm^i, king of Armenia, 

«a*. '' .pia with fix thoufand borCe la 

« ,<rvw, *. >0V. ■idtoCnfTui.iii.jii. Hucx. 

ArmaoMj, their canity, t, cellentadTiix taCnffiu iziper-. 

-100. Ion, lb. H>k« pace with O- 

Armlufiritm, i. to6. rode*, %tg, Writu tragediet 

Amactt, a PerGan, {nc by «nd other pieeei in Greek, 330. 

ThianiftiKlei to Xerxo, L tif. Artmitfdis, an ally bi An> 

-ii. «Si. t«ny, V. igo. Why he wldh 

■ Arfitam, and lEidiftTift, Jrcw from the Roman Camp, 

-». 76,iH 4j. -t9'' 

Arrnidii, v.'6g. Artaimi the Amraitaa, lil. 

Arriui, Ouitliu, mromu the sgi. 

-farata of (onie .paiticulin of • .AfOMfn, built by the ad- 

Catiline'i confpiracy, v. Sa. viceof Hannibal, iii. sgi. 

Arm, a Tulian noblenun. Artaxiriui, San. of Xemoat 

See Ar^ms. fiiTnanied LDDgiminiu, v. 316. 

i<miirtiiu command] tbcnain Hii chin£ter, 31B. 

body of Aitgu&ut'i 0eetH Ac- Ariaxerxii II, (umamcdMne- 

tium.v.iia, tnon, 4.316. Son of Diriuiand 

Arjacci, a eommon name of Piryfilii the daughter of At- 

the kings of Palthii, iii. 31O. a. Iiuixei Longimanui, ib. Hat 

-ir. t«4. HI. thm bni[heri,'Cyrui, Olbnea, 

Aifitts Oniis, the firft that and Oxitbrea, ib. OF a mild 

.lendi anonbalTyEotheftanuni, difaa&tion, thevtry leverledf 

iii. 116, 310. Underftandi the hii brother Cynu, ib. Uarriaa 

Greek language,. 330. Mikei Stattra, and with much dilBciil- 

peact with Attavaidci, king of ty keept her, when tlie king had 

Armenia, and mirrio hia (onto put her bmlhei to death, and. 

^.. _^....| (i?ta, sag. Hit defignedthn fhe (hould (hare 

fhiaatei t(iva him hisfite, ib.and 317. Hii moth- 
it hai the gicaiei afft3ion 
For Cyrui, and ii de&ioui of 
raifrng bira ta the throne, 317. 

r. 343. -The prttenee Ihe malu) ufa of 

BUin, 344, foe that puTpolc, ib, Dariva 

Arjaiai of Alhcm, iii. 1 39. afiiHiinu hit eLdeft lon-Ui l<c< 

ART r -A 

KtSot notwtihiUnding, >nd 

chingo hit nine from Arbca , 

lo Amxeixei, ib. Cyrui hu the whole buliocfa, by rcfufmg 

tbegoveromait ofLydii, ' " ' ■•- - 

Ihc comitund of the <a co 


Anaxcrxci, -when tbii piiocc 
gooto Piiirgirdz to beconfc- 
cnwed king, ib. The cercras- 

c poll in iIm cconc, op- 
pofiu to thi king, 3*3. Cyrui 
killi Arugcrld,' geocnl of chc 
CaduGini, 314. Virioui ic- 
count! ofthcdathef Cyrui, ib. 
and 31 j, and oFhiitngagement 
with Aitiierxei, 319. TIk be- 
luvioi of Aniiemei on the 
dathofCynu, 316. Hediinki 

The confpincy it dilcoveitd to 

the king by TiflJpbenKi ; but 

'Cynu efcipci -with impunity, .... _ 

tbiough the inlerceflion of the dily, ib. The right hand 
the had of Cynu iie cut 
.417. Tbp king caUedi a < 
derablc body of men, *ni 

motber, ud c< 
I'fpire to Che (oveRignty, i1 
3i3. Cynuinlilltfoidgn traopi 


ofi dilit< 

and the crime 
tiauii of hivin, 
rus fell by hit 

~ Other piniculm of hit charac. 
lei.ib. Someofhijf»yingj,3i9. 
He admiit hit brother OlUnei 
■nd Outbrei to hit table, con- ftilian, who ire 
tnry to the cullom of Ftcfii, for that honor, 
ib. The queen Stalira behavei eial' 
intpopu1irminn<i,ib. Cyrui get 
't paittiint in Perfia, ~ ' 

ceg, 390. The 
Cyrua wrote to the Licedxi 
niant, ib. They order thtir ge. 
aeni Cleatchui to ferve Cyrui 

y "bing, 



ibleend, ib. hrylatii indul- 
'Cngcance up«a them, 
uia on uie eunuch wbo cut alf 
Cyrui'i head and band, ib. and 
which £30. Milhiidatca fuffei^ tht 
ciurl punilhment of Ike iial, 
3»9. 33*»- Artaxerxei. 

thoufand .bai 

thirteen chourand Gneki, it> 
TllTapheme] informs the kinf 
of the I«1 defigni of Cyrui, Lb 

— - -■-' rebel ; and Fsry. 



tode^i 331. ParyiatiipoiCona 

the queen Statira, 331. Ar- 

taierxei pnoilhnGigit,who wsi 

an acceflbry to the murdeffaf- 

ter the minner that poifor.era 

were punilhed in Perfu j but 

onlyconfinet hii mother to the 

., city of Babylon, 333. The ten 

vail thoubad Greeki make good 

ihrir retreat out of the htait of 

the enemy't country, ib. Tlie 

LKcdcmoniant attempt to de. 

liver the Afiacic Creeks ften 

id (ail i 

tnarch alinoll to Babylon, ib. 
Tiribazut loufet the knig to ac. 

tion, ib. The king bringi nine . .._ _._ _ 

hundred thouland men into the firll cupcdilioni i but fuccced 
under AgeliJim, ib. and 334. 

ciouny, 3»». The battle of Cu- 
naxa, ib. ClearchuiadvifeaCy- 
lut to poft himb:U behind the 

xei, by bit money, O'ln 
up a Grecian war tgainft Lks. 
d»mon,334, Agefdimij called 

ART [ 49 3 **T 

■Mlhe'dchaeeaf hiaowncDiin- Tin b«ir ipplnnc,acconKilg to 

try, ib. Artixerxcs gaini the cuILotd, being la tw granted lut 

fa ftght near Cnidu, by Conon fird Kqiud, he ilki for Afpa. 

■nd PhKiubaaui, ib. The pease Ga, lite the cancubioe of Cy. 

af Anukidu fQllowj, which ri», -ib. The king give* her, 

nukd the Aliiiic Creeki, ud but loos aflcT uk«i hcriway, 

theidindincIianedimQiiglhcir and etnileenlet hti to Dign 

depcDdcDcici, tiibuliry to ibe Anitii, 940. Dariui ii highly 

"Pcrfiuu, 33 j. The liiDg payi olfeadid Mlhe«ffroiM,'il(. Ti- 

smt 3tlaiIi«B to Aatileidu; libizoi,. whom the king hid 

bill afur iIm SpirlHU had loft dilippoiDtedofaiwoE the prin- 

'^baltloof L,ni&j>, tieau him ttHa, uKiwf Darius to con' 

-with caDtempt, ib. Pelapi- ip'" agaiDll hii father, g^i. 

idu keept up hia di^cyatthe Artaxotuu reedva intelligeneo, 

^rGin court, while Ihuenia that the eanipiiaton darigned to 

dilhonoribit coramiffion, 306. niter his chimbir in tha kigfat, 

llie king nukea Tinagoiii the and lull bin in hii bed, 341. 

Athenian lichpnleBti.intt he it The prudent method ha took to 

afterward) capitally condens- be convioiJed oF Ae tri>th,iDd 

cd by the Atbeniana for Mceiv- forhaaown fahlyr-ib, Tiiiba. 

ing them, lb. Paryfalia it n. voifallt^figlitiagiahitowaJe. 

called by Ibe king, ib. At her feacc, ib. Deriuaiitriedfarthe 

inftigatiaD be put] Tiflajrhamea confpincy, coademned, and 

to death, ib. She cberilhet hi* put to dathrib.'& I4g. 0:lnn 

ipiffion for hit otra daughter find* NieaBB to lake off hU elder 

Atofla, 337. He marriei Atot- legitimMe brotfaer Ariafpu, and 

li, and alio aDodutoF hii «wn hit nataral brother Arlamet, 3^3. 

daughter! named Ameftrir, ib. " .... 
Sendi PbrmbaEaa and' Iphi. 

cratet agaioik die Athenian! ; yBra, 944. Ochai reigiu'ia a 

~but the expedition nilcirrici bnguinary maniur, ih. 

by the difference between Hk JrttmUtruir a Gtaek, hit 

eenerali, ib. Marcha in pts. (iiviceitaLucullua, iii. aio. 

Ion Bgainft the Caduliana, ih. .frtnatJaru thtCnidiao,giT« 

Hii nunecou) army ii greatly "Cclar an aceoiuit in wiiliag of 

diftreHedforwantOlprovilioni, the con [piracy again A Mm, >v. 

ib. Tiribizui eittricatet them iSa. 

frotn the difficulty by a ftratk. ArtauJUt queen of Hilicar- 

.sem, ib. AmitrxeilhowiUm- naOiu, ttkei up the body of 

Mlf very patient of fatigue, gsS. Ariamenes, brathtr to Xeixai. 

On hit arrival in hit own do- i. 181. 

minions pcrmiti hia troopa to > i^rlmj^iui, battlct of,, ii. 

'felt the trees of hi] parka for fueli 24. 

ib. ThinkihimfelFdelpired by jf'Miai^llJ, month of, iv. 149. 

hit grandeei for hit ill (ucccfi in ArUmmi, of Colophon, what 

-ibeeiipeditioniandbeconieieru- Alexander bid to him, iv. 1991 

elandfanguinary, 339. Ilitfona jlrlttua, engineer to Peri' 

makepaniea for the crown, ih. clei, why called fcrifhtrttia. 

The equitable part of hia fub- i. stk. 
jeSi favor Dariut the oldaS 

fon ; but Ochui hopet to gain , _ 

thecrawn, thnugh the iniereft rupt the Greekt with fetfiaa 

of Alolla, ih. Artaxerxet de- gold]!. 17*. 
clarea Darlui bit fucceflbr, ib. 
Voi. VI, i 



Artmiu Hlvila OAiviHiiu 4^, iu biw ocmCom n e»^ 

•to qoit the ciDip, V. job. dmi, v. 916. 

jlrli compucil to tht fenta, dj^jia, Fericlo Kcnfcd «f 

V. 117. nuking war on die Sonuiu W 

* .^rKrni ind Ciniula people ber inlUplian, i. 371. A oa- 

of Gaul, W. >4C. Vercingeto- tive of Milctui, lb. Skilled >n 

iK ibeir chief defeiled by C*. ritetoric 

tmt, 146. 


Ami, fon of PoHcna, i. iss. 

Anau peifiuda the Ciuli to 
'nigme into IMly, i. 316. 

Jrjtai, (on of Alcena, md 
iufaerof facidet, i)i 

fghci ris ber, and bn > fon by her, 
a tbe jb. 5be ii accuCed of iapiely, 

and of bdng viocateb to Fer- 
• ■n5> icla, and wim difScully &ved 

by thil grot nun, 381. 

'""' ' "^ - cooeulrine 

Ahaji* of nuen, cooeul 
toCyru), i. 373. Her m 
origuully Millo, ib. 


* ^i^r^nfoi, broifaer«f Olympi> priefte[>ioDi*aiADitii,v. 340. 

», i«. tM- 4f^l<u. Achilla (0 called in 

,^, > fmall eojn, i. 314. Epinit, iii. 1. 

,it(9«/nuiwi, who, iii. 171. AJ^h^iui, > name expiefCire 

Afimim, fbnof £nea>, i. 77. tt( one of tbe attcibutci of Ncp> 

Ajitlii, king of Mauritania, tuiK. Sh HtfMu. 

expelled, iil. 345. AffiRed by AJ)iii, tbe ciladd of Argoi, 

.1 ^•,..__ _:_._. !L iii. 39, iv. 413. 

Afi, kickx a lion to death, i*. 

■ .^, liver, iii. 14T. 

Afiimpuj, the fird that railed 
the power of Ibeephoii, iv.406. 

Afivuhii, the' double pirt he 
a& between Phryoichiu, and 
Alcibiidu, ii. 6d. 

Afiyphilas, the Poridooian, in- 
terprtuCimon't dream, iii. 191. 

• Affyriens. iii, saa- 

A/yJaiu, 1 

the Cilit . 

Afcltfiadei, biiogi the firft 
account of Alexaoder'i death to 

1 geuerali lent into Si- 

A^mSM) or Afgandelei, a 
PerGan word, ir. 143. n. 

* Afa, □ppreDeif by Sylla, 
iii. ijo. Mitbridatei'i mana- 
<n of Romaoi thcic, 

^/fa, youogtft daughter of place of refugebyRomuluian 

' Theiniftoclet, „ 

AJitticxs, one of Galtn'i 
■freednKn, v. 407. 

AJitlK ftyle, v. 164. 

Jfinana, a feaft of the Syn. 
.fufani, iji. *36. 

• Afiaani, river, iii. iBj. 

AJiniMi Pcllii,, hit account of 
.(be battle of Pharfalia, iv. 119. 
Attend) C«br in Africa, 16B. 
AfriendofCzfai, 364. 

AJiniti, ■ friend of Aoloay, 
V. 169. 

-• Afipie, diftriS of, i. «06. 
•~ AJipus^ Sinope hi* daughter, 

bune againll CralTui, i 
Atcllmj advifn Brutu: 
'C Augullui battle, v. 

I, i. 56. Aftply tbemEetvo 
at a late periad to tuvigilian, 
57. Cel^raie the OfchophoTia, 

ATH f i 

inio thice cU^ hy ThuCevs, 
64. Rebel apinft TheCeui liv. 
ing, 71. Pay divine hoaoti 
la Thetetrs after fail death, 75. 
Commanded by che oncle la 
biing fail bon« ta Acbenl, ib. 
Make a law agsinll menCioHing 
the recovering of SaUmii, EOg. 
Solon geU that law repealed by 
ilratagem, 1106. Allow PiG- 
(traCiu ■ guard, 13). Their 
viaory at &iiami*. 1S3. they 
rejefl an advantageous propaul 
(Ibc burning of the flset of the 


njuJl, !&». 

Under Periclej ibey beat the 
Laced xmoniani, 370. Six faun. 
drei of tbem colonize Slnope, 
369. Some of them branded 
■a the forehead by the Simiini, 
37^. Farbid the MeginnfMoi 
their porta and all their territo- 
rlei, }7g. Their fmall number. 
iflcr the plague, 587. Their 
war with Sitnoit, 374. Beaten 
by Lyrmder, iii, 99, Under 
thiciy tyrant!, 104 Dalivered 
from tteiryske, 110. Recover 
th* Cidmea for the Tbebar.i, 
iv. >6. The can tEKytook of 
tbeir poor, ii. 304. Tlieir hu- 
manity, ib. The three things 
they ought men the ule of. 
iii. i8i. lealoui of men of 
part), ijSr Thtir cagemefi 
for die Sicilian expedition, and 
eraat deligai in confequenc* af 
it, ii. go. Their armies and 
geoeiali ruined in Sicily, iii, 

■ 83, a86. Some of their mtn 
laved for repeating a few vetie* 
from Euripides, iS?. Tliey 
declare war againlt Philip of 
Macedon, iv. igS. Receives 
Macedonian ganilon into Mu- 
nychij, 309. Their fervility 
to Antigonui and Demetrius, v. 

■ *4, iij. Their ingntitude to 
Demetriui, 149, 156. 

* Muni rebuilt by Thamii^ 
loclei, ifter Ic wh burnt by 
Xerxes, i. 187. Beautified by 
^riclei. 361. The plague there, 
(84. The ^miue, iii. 137- v. 

the bell, and ii 
theworainthe world, v. 171. 
Taken by Lylander, ii, 74, iii. 

Aihnddorss the aflor, fined 
for being abltnt on the fellival 
of Bacchus, iv. 167. Viaoti- 
ous in Alexander's exhibitionsr 

Athcnodiirus &k Iinbrian, re- 
lealed by Ateunder, It there- 
quell of Phoclon, iv. 301. 

Mkcaodanu the Stoic philof- 
opher, brought by Cato to 
BJime, iv. 347. 

■ MkcnofAmci, one of Al««a- 
dei's iervaots, iv. ij6. 

>^ii(^, Then dorui called one, 

• Athtfit, liver, iii. 64. 

Mkla, their difcipline in- 
confiftent with that oC foldien, 
ii. 34f. Theil vori«ioua ippt- 

JiUitk exercifes notadmlr. 
cd by Philopameo, ii. 344^ 
Nor by Alexaoder the Great, 
iv. 137. 

AtUnlic llland, a work of 
Solan's left unEailhed, i. 133. 
Plato atcemptt the fame, but 

* Atlantic ocean, iii, 344. 

Mo!, iv . 388. 

Alopi, daughter, and at th 
ame time wife to Artaxerxej 
'■ 337. Favors Ochuj, 343. 



Atdxi, king, adfls Flamin- 
ius in his operationi in Greece, 
ii.370. Dies, ib. 

Autilai, uncle to Ctcopitri, 
wifeof Philip of Macedon, iv. 

Allalai PhilnuttT, leaves ht« 
kingdom to the people ofRome, 
V. 19. R. AmuleshimrelFwith 
planting poifosoui herbs, 139. 


JrlU, mother of Augjiaui, 

T. i08,.i85. 

AllKa, the people of it t,oX. 
IcAed into one city by TbHcui, 
i. 63. Oil the ptiBCipil com- 

i 1 AXO 

of juliuiC*rir, 887. Iiehoron 

snCul a 

Ibe I 

of f 


P?ofccuIi _.._ 

Cidiui forihe murder of Cifar, 
ib. Muflen hi« irmy, 300. I* 
conveyed out of Ih* cimp, 30 B. 
Hi) Ren bcalsi by thuof Biu. 

wi, 307. 

Aagufi, iBonlh of, fo called 
fnm htm, i. ift;', - 

" A/ii, iv, 6. ii. iifi. 

Aihs Gabimm, ■ frttad of 
Pompey, iv. 347. 

liiJai fojspfiBj, tribune of Ihe 
people, hit (uddcn death, iii, 

AiTat rerrsnl miid lo 4*0111- 
pda Cicfar-a wife. See Aha. 

Aartlia, Cefar') cgother, 7, ' 
9t iv. iiG, S18. 

ATrliH!, Caiut, ■ Ron ail 
knight, tceoMiki pitmpey and 
CraliiH, iv. (ij. 

AaTrlUi,Qu\Mut, proiciibed 
byByHifordK fakcofbkAl. 
bmvilli, iU. 1(9. 

AtlarHiis, btvtbcT in I»w to 
X«(x«, hai three childroi Tieti- 
ficed in 1 barbiroui and (uper- 
Aitioui msmoct bytheCmlu, 
i. sat. 

AxlitUmif, wily the firft Ir- 
lubitinu of Aitiu called thenu 
[elvei (a, i, 46. n. 

Ailslem, King af ' PeoBit, 
givei liii daughter to Pyrthiit, 
rniiippi, 17!). ttut ill. 4, 

viaoiioin, ib, and /•idycai the wreMtT, sf. 

L provinces areiOien- fioni) Callibiua, iii. lO]. For 
Ml Diare, 1B5. which the thirty lyrinli defirity 
;ora- him, ib. 

' ilal^iai, founder of Siaope, 

AlliltBs, V. 330. 

Auiliii, daughter cf Sonnui, 
Mid wife of Calo the younger, 
ii. 3«5. Ii divorced, 339 

Atliiiti ftrgilh, givet the fig- 
ml for killing Gilba, *. 411. 

Aiti], twa of that name^ iii, 

Anius TuU^i, V. 69. 

* Avtulmt, Mount, i. io£. 

•AM'. »«',"■) 7. 

AMfiJiui, t ^turer of Bylla, 
iii. >68. 

Augurs, tiKnr eeretnoniea, i. 
169. Their power, ii, ijS. 

daturia. See Oaeii. 

AiieaSii Ca/ir, Antony it 
faftdelpifeihia youth, v. 174. 
He collefb Cxin'i veKrani, 
io3. AJSociaUs with Clato, 
ib. 1 75, 287. Fotma the trium- 
viniewith Aolany and Lepi- 
dui, 176,191. A|reei 10 a lift 
oflwohundicd prolcriptiana, 
tgt. MarrietCtauUia t^< daugh- 
tcrofFulvii, 177. Detcaiedky 

ed Aug! 

Hit aniwer to Abtony'i 
plaint), 204. Declarea war a. 
giind Cieopatca, 207, Com- 
Antony >t Aftior?, »ii. In 
confcquence of an omen eiefl)' 
the iiitiiei of a man and hii 
■ri,ib. EntertAlexandcia, 3)1. 
Xndeavora to five Cleopatra 
for hij triumph, 114. But iiat 
laft obliged lo carry only bet 
effigy, a»T- Biiriei her mag- 
nificeolly with Antony, *. Hit 
urival at Rome up«D the dcilb 

« AiiImhh, iv. 49. 

AxiiKhii, father of Afpafia, 
i. 37J. 

A/i«!, or ratlitr *ciiii, fup- 
pored to have ■ criminal com- 
merce with the wife ef Crafltu, 

Axmts, tabl<] on whichSo- 
loB wmte Ilia 1aw9, i. m6. 

DJBYCE, i. itiM 111. 
■O * Bt^ltn, the foil «bout 
>I bitumiuoui ind hot, the cli- 
initB lira very kot, iv. 177. 

* Bttiyiinitni lea, iii. 114. 

Bacchiaila, who hid long gov- 
erned in Corinth, vfhen iSty 
ntired from thence to Lacedx- 
inon, leenuni defpicable lt> the. 
Spuuns on iccouiit of their 
being {hmvid, iii. gi. 

Bacchidts, the eunuch, em- 
ployal by HithridiWs to kill 
nil wiva md Tiften, iii. 113. 

Matcloii, wilhed when an id- 
ftint in ibe faaotiiB of Ciffub, 
iii. iiS. 

Bauhii, the feall of ^1^*0- 
ria, or the orrying ofbougta, 
inflilutBl by Tbefem in honor 
of Baccbut aad Ariadne, i. 61, 

Bacthai, rumamed OmtJUs, 
or the Devoutcr, i. 181. Stat- 
ue of Bacchuicenied in piocef. 
fioQ to Eleufii, ii. 7.1. Called 
Eviasmi Thriantui, 155. A- 
venger of Thebei, dw place- of 


1 of 

the Btna Ota, isS. Antony : 
ifalei him, v. iBa N>ci*< man- 
umiu a Have for ptrCooMing 
Wm, iii, 151. 

BacdiylidiJ, vedei of bii on 

BaSrian, canlry, ir. 171. 
Batini, Marcui, i. it^. 

Bagoai, his tnule given to 
JPHrmenio, iv. 181. 

Magnu wlni the prize is- 1 
public c)ibibi(ion,.iv, 110. 

Baliu, Ctnuiiiu. Sec Ctr- 



Ballel, the Spartai 
lacmben into their focictict of 
npaai>yit, i. 135, . 

J 3 BAS 

Bixiloli on fome occifioni tik-. 
en from the altar, i. 381. 

Balu, the nymph, (aid to be 
mother of Epimcnidei, i. aio. 

BMdf tacred band of The- 

Batidai, ii. agg. 
> Bantia, city of, ii. (Sa. 
JbrritjtnM, ii. 171. 
Btritr, Ccfar't, difoovenn' 
plot agalnfl bira at Alexiudria, 

Barter'! Ihop it Athena, tba 
Grll newi ol itK defeat in Sicilv 
toldUKn, and near being fatd 
to the poor barber, iii. iSB. 

Barca, the Carthaginian, letla 
Hannilnl be knew not bow to ■ 
make ule of a viSory, ii. 10. 

Bardyaans, a bdnd of rufEma^ 
kept b)F Hariu* o hit guaidi, 

iii.Sa. B- -'^ ' "- -' ■' 


Bcrley, giTCn to the Roaitn< 
ftddien who mifb^ved, in-- 
flead vf wheat, ii. ^tg. 

Barreh, in whic% the vtftat' 
virgin! keep their moA lactvA^ 
ntenGla, i. saa. 

Ai>)(a(, diugbter of Aitabi-- 
Eui, widow of MMBaont Hid' 
miltnl] to Alexander, l>ai a Ion 
' by Aleitander, named Henmlea, . 

iii. 366. iv. .5,. 

aMTfint, fiOcr to the foimeri' 
giTtnto-BHimenea, iii. aS6. 

Baflka Parda, built by Cato ' 
ifeelder, ii. 3 a 51.1 

BtSlKo, built by Fiidua neat' 
the Ana, iv. a48. v. 41a. 

BtStlas, Luciua, an officer of~ 
Sylla',,iii. ,jj. 
' Ja^r^, not obliged to mil- 
tain dKir fathiD, 1. lag. , 

A^rif, and pcrlbni of the-. 
half blood, could not perform 
Iheii exercife* in tb& Oymnali.- 
um at Atbeni wid|-dietnieboni> 
Athenia(i>,'i. tfij, Lawagiinft! 
dwmat Alheni, sS^i 

Bapa-d (on of Fericlea Mgif- - 
leied by his f athnV' Dane- a»> 

BAT t M 3 BEL 

b^timMe, Iwcisle I* Ind loft thus wiih the Romani, in. i^ 

1hi other cbildfoi, i. 387. Ttnt >□, tj, 16, >9. with the baclu- 

fan afteivml* c^ndeiDDcd to risni ^alkd Mimeitinet, 98. 

die, ib. «i>h Pnauehai, 4. In Argot, 

• Ssjfrinic, iwiifiketiition, 39— «■. Of Fhilopmncn wRb 
luniliariea (■ FeTfeui, it. t6a, Miehinidii.ik 351. with DinD- 
~ y horlctiun (nd ■ ftoi (ol- cnm, 360. widi Nabii, 356, 

Wn, tJf. Fetfaui, by Of Aichiilnnui wilfa the Ar- 

ee.lolH^ififfiAiiice, CKliini, canmocly cilled fie 

,6s- • (Mrfr/i iaofc, iY. 36. OfPor- 

B'i'^'!, prieltd Cybde, (ena widi (he Kammi, i. 113. 

uhat be foRtd* the &ati>aii>, Of Qumtui with the Mtcedc» nljru, ne.1 the Apfn., ii. 368. 

AsIcAtr, DemoIUinia fe ctll- Of ihe RoiDiRt widi ?hjlip tt 

•a,T. 43. Cynofeephiiie, 3J1. Of Scitit. 

Baliliia, I fixt and mafkiia riaiwiA Memmiiu, Tataptj's 

•( tint omie, V. 43. Ijenttnait, in. sjB. Of Syll> 

* Amnaiu, dKir nrilry ^ wMt Tc)e<Mius >nd Lamponiai, 
beft in Oennmy, r. 416. 155. with Ifiriu the yoangcr, 

#«ik/gri. liwl ipitift dieiD, ib. Of Miriui with the Ara- 

i. 13B. ^i&ftly ridicolotii bnnea, 61, wkh the TtutODO, 

beinp in Spam, ib. 61, 63. with the Cimbri, 67, 

ttllmig, bow praAifed ■- £8, CX CnlTui wi^ the Pii. 

mongft^ Romaiu. See Oe- tbiiai, 317, 311. Of Antiiny 

ttacy. with the Panfanni, v. too.. 

Btkjdii,* (culpWr, ttoa. OfLncnllaa with Tigrana, TiL 

£■(0 af Siitope, W. 393. 117. Of Niciii with the Syn- 

BmU of die Romvu md cufani, igi, 183. 

Sritinei, i/ 97- (t/f. Of Ma- Jedn^, why Aleiatider or. 

ibiioii, ii. 175- Of LeuAn, W. derad ibofc of the Uacedoaimi 

31. ii. 116. 0[ PlKKi, «93, to be Ihaved, i. 48. 

^f. OfSfMtiaea,u.8si,3S*. <»jh, thm moft mifchier-. 

■n. 58. Of !(>(«, ii*. 4- '■ "4'- oiu otia, v, 64. 

Of Salami), i. afli. rt/tj. ,Of • Bciriaam, v. 413, 

Allia, 319. Of Chxnnn.lii. Jecj, Aoclit of thcni, by Sb- 

i46.i».i8,i9.T.i7. OfCo- ■ " ■ " 

TOiMa, i. gfiS. Of PhaKalta, iv. 

— 116, 119, «6*. Of Gftokua, — „ 

149,150. Of ISaa, 196. Of Bted from dead oxen, iv. 431. 

/Mela, 171, ITS' Of AlexiO' Omeni from (wima of beei. 

der with Poma, •03. Of Phi- Sec Omnt and Prodigiti. 

lipid, T. B*i, 3O4. OfAftium, Btillti hni itoai dad aflh, 

V. 411, 411- Of Bedtitcum, iT.431. 

4*6. Of Crinwfol.ii. 141, 143. Btltni proTidn * Ihip for 

OfCDnaxa,v. 3*1, 311. Of Mirioi in bii dlfiicli, iii. 8*. 

Cannx, ii. 18, ig. Of Arte. * BilgafoiiaatAhjCxJir, 

milinm, 34. Of Orchomnini, iv. 139. 

iii. 147. Of SocTO, 3£7. iv. 60. Bilitnta!, hiA to lave pro- 

e4 Hnnda 171. Of StIItlia, vided the poilon for Stitita, 

a. 346- »■ *«3- Of Trebii, il, wife ot ArtaxentM, ». 331. 

3. OfTegyne, •!*. OfTlna- SiUim, ibe pnetot, [eiied 

fymenni, 4. Of Tnvign, iii. by pirala, iv. 67. 

aSg. Of Hmolaon with tbe Jc//gu, iii. 131, 133. 

CHibt[iDiaiu, ii.i43. OfPyi- Btltau, iecreury to Arux' 


erxci MoemiHi, ddivm him a ordered fcini 
letter from Timigani, v, 336. 

iii. 4. In qucftion by Lmi), v. 139. 

Btrenul, one of the wiva of BeccMi, kieg oi Uppet Nu- 

SCthrididei, iii. 113. Tiket mJde, or HiuffUnii. Jugui< 

poilbA,^ut not enoagh Co def- Ihi'i htbcr ia law, bctnyi him 

fitch her. Hid Bftefwudi ii to Sylli, iiij 51, ca. Pntmu- 

ftiingled, E14, Sylli with laipuBceiU fituia, 

■ BtTcnicii, a city bvUt by repnleattng tiut pi«c of hi(- 

PyTitiut, iii. 6, tory, 7c, ii6. KevWc* tlw 

*- Berm, iv. 109. iii. i-i. <purrtl bclwon Uarioi tad. 

'■BtrylMi, V. toi. udSylla, 7$, 116. 

Mt0ki,iaiUa(oa iplnft Di- AmAitj, kinj of LybU, io- 

nuijiv.iSf-ftpUniOimmC, iBti. Aotoity'i smiy, t. 908. 

Bcfiit, IB officer who com- Bttdnnim, m Athaiita feift, . 

nondid in Africa ; on Kbriiu'i i. £7. 

account, * man of good family, BaUrttiitit, month of, i. 67. 

but without capacity for war, iv. 170,^9. 
iii. 51. *J«(Xm, Ly&nder'i cspedi. 

BtJHa, triboDC of thepeopi*, •- '■'" '■■ '-'-' --" "-- 

•, it "M. 

BHiJmi, Calpamiu*, Cxla't BaOiam hare i 

colle^oe in the eoDfi^fbip, it. of (acrificing k AdHi, 

$1, 91, 131, 133. faTeiDfullAg(£lau*foraltenipl- 

BiMut, Ctto'i faa in bw, ing it, iv. 6. 

h. 340. Btiarix, tcjng of the Cimbrif 

iaiAlis, Cm of BtbslM and iii. £7. 

P«Tcia, V. iSl. * Bain, ii. lot. 

Bin, i. «6. * BaUa. ii. lOi. 

Biilitu, Cuut, V. tft 

fiimni, daughter of BaT- 
dwUi9,ltmgofI!lyria, and wife 

of Fyniiiu, ill. g. •- Jbanii, v. iiO. 

■ BifilUi. in Iliiace coloniaed . ■ BaJ^onu, CiDinaritD, i. 
by theAdmiaai, i. 359. G7. iii. 194. 

•J!j/aiiri(,ii. 73. • Btttiaati, > people of 

SUiys, DcroeCiiut'i geaenl, Thrace, i. 5j 

beati Aiatna, 1. 17a. BttUmry, ii. j<8. 

■ BiAjnia, iji. t3$. iu (6. fflrauiiiFi, one of the Theban 
1. if8. vaontht, ii. tiS. 

Jlidmand Cleobii, pntemd Braciyllai,t Theban, frioid 

in poiotofbappineli, by Salon, t»Fbi)ip of Uacedaa.'ii. 369. 
b CtceCui, i. 33a BrafiJaiy oppofed the p»os 

Bltad, that ofa bull accoimti of Gnee for die lake of diC- 

cd poifonoui, i. joo. playing hii o 

■ Bia^, the philolbpher, v. a6i. Slain in the battle nen 

7. tCi7 ReCalulely declaret to Amphipolia, ib. 
the pitiiciin), that he woutd * A-cam, a baiAgk »f Ak- 

kvte doM irinBt« Tibuiu* Ika, t. 10^. 


BRU [ i< ] BftU 

Smuu, kiDgof -(be Giuji, Brutut, the. pneur, foil by 
hii bold inrwer to (be Romu the IcuMe (□ Sylli, iii. 131. 
tmlntradon. i. 316, 317. He Brftui, one oi Cttbo't patt- 
nurcbu to Rome, 317. De. ill, iv. 49. 

feiti the RoQUDi, 319. Thu ' Smtui, the fitber of Maicnt 
event little known ia Greece, Sruttu, defentU Mu(iiu ipinft 
Smg. He bcG^ei (he cipical, Potnpey, butit lift furiEaden 
314. Aiiea to nirch anfor 1 it, lad P*mpey, by ■ bmch of 
ftipulited fum, but iddt lin fiith, puti him tq'deMh,iv. jSi 
{word to the weighti, jtj. He Brntiu, Albinui, in riie con- 
withdnwi hii tToopi on the ip- Ipincy agamft Ccbr, ii. 179. 
pnnch of CiintHui, 330, Ltiwfat it ■ugnrv, >nd dnwa 

Brixrtas, Atchimcdct um- CzUtouton (be ideiof Mirch, 
pared: to hhn, ii, 146. 'So. Ii piolcnbed lad put ta 

BrStty, at Rome, ii^ 891 death,.*. ig%. 
iv. BS, 99. a. When it began Brului, Harciu, bii pe« 
It Alheni, ii. 89< ■nceftorwai Juaiu>Btutui,wbo 

BriJrt ovcrthe Rhine built expelled the Tiiquini, T. 171. 
by €KUr in ten ityt, tv. 141. Uippilyformidto virtue by na- 

iln'i^f, SubliciiD orwsaden, (uiE,aadhai ail (he adianagei 
at Rome, elteemed licrcd, i. of cultivation, ib. Hii motbET 
173. When built, ib. Sanitia wai defcended Frotn Ser. 

Britii, fervanti and (utleia, viliuiAhata, who (bbbed Spn. 
ihatitteiided Brutut't amy, t. riiu Ifelioi for afpiring to tbe 
305. moAarchv, and Tiller to Calo the 

• Briuia, Czfat'i two eipe. philofopher, ib. He maniet 
dltioni into it, iv. 143. The Porcii the daughter of Cato, 
eninenee of fuch an ifland 173. Acquainted with tbc 
doubled imongft tbe Ro nuns, doftrinaof allthephilotophen;. 
ib. but (he Platonifti and ancient 

*■ BriiaUiBit,-v. 4^0. academy ftood bigheft inhlier. 

Arnd, the black broth ofthC' teem, ib. An(iDchua of Alci- 
Lacedcmoniani, i. ijj. What Ion hii favorite; whole brother 
• Spartan cook lijd, give it iM AriQon he entertained in hii 
chief relilh, ib. own houi*i ib. Empylui, the 

Bmhai, union a T9Te thiBg ofitor.ilfo lived with Bnitut, 

-'— - " "- Brutut fpaki with gnat 

lity in Latin, both in tliB. 

_. . . . _ d and at the bar, ib. In 

o Fabiu), ii. 15, i6> Greek he effeili the laconic 

* Brutii, iv. 3G3. vay, ib. Inltancei of that la- 
Bmliai Sura, deputy govern conic turn in hii epiftles, ib. 

nor of Macedonia, drivet Ar- Accompiniei Cato to CypruJ in 
cbelaui out of Greece, iii. 135. hit expedition apinft Ptolemy, 
ilriUfl], Luciu) Juniu], puti B74. Dirpofea of thalprince'ft. 
on the appearance of an idcot, effefb, end carriei the Ueature 
1,136.11. ExpelstheTarquini-, to Rome, ib. Out of principle, 
T.ija. (^ndemnjhiJOwnfons, joini Pompey igjinft CK&r, 
and attend! the execution, i. thoHghPompcy Ind puthu fa- 
941. Hi) deathf 144^ How thcr to doth, ib. Afbi Ibme 
Icpre^ted in hii ftaiue, ib. x. time; A lieutenant to Selliui, 
T. 17*. who wMgoverDor of Sicily, but 

Bratts, JuMiu), tha lirft'trl- goes volunteer to Macedonia, 
.bane of the people, it, gi. before the bittle oE Phirblia, ib^. 


C J7 3 


rp«K fro 



n the d 

tiu o[ tb« 


■Re. Thcgnst firmDeb 


p, in 

ileriry at 

OltioDI, ib. 

of the 


r hid 

. hlRh 

cfteem for 


b. CsCndeUyihiicam. 


g fome reiton i« be. 


10 toine of the fiiendi of 



e »»l.i 

fon, 175. 


from thence wrilei lo Cccfsn-, The igoniej of Poicia, 183. 

who fen^j for him, an<l enter- Poplliiis La:aa addreOei Czfir, 

taint him amongft his ftiendt, and ^k confptratort are ifnid 

ib. He reconcile* Ciefar 10 hli th>t he i> openisg their deGgn; 

friend Caffiui, B76. Someic- ib. The confpiiatori get ctofe 

count of the chiiafler of Bru- about Citar't oheir, undcrprt- 

lu], ib. Ciefar, previaufly to hii tcnceofprefentiagifuitto himr 

expedition into ftfrici,appoiiia ib. The proteti of ibrir gnat 

himgovemorofCifalpineGiul, undettakins, iSi- Caiar is 

ib. DllTention between Brutui (lain, ib. Brutut, in attempting 

__j ^..^ ., . .,. nr , . . ■.tthijUigfeinthelacriSce, 
,Founded In (be hand, ib.. 

I mnfe hononhli Propo-lei to make a Xpeech, bat 

pr«iDtinijitn«nCalliiu,ii). Crf- ll>e fennori fly, ib. Pnewata 

fiai ii aStaiti, and repreCmd the lakiag off Mark Antoti^r, 

Gcbr to Brutui ii t cynnt, ib. contrary M itte Banian of bit. 

CB(«r hu hli falpicioH, yet ■((bciatM, ib. Hcflndhiipany 

Irufla ur the honor ol Bntfin, beCtkc ihemMva to iba capt- 

•b. SiyingiofCxIar eoncera- to), ib. They prodain libnty 

ing hifli, ib. Brutui hated chc 10 ihi people n they pifi, iSj. 

imperial power, and CilSut hat- After the firil altrm ii over, tte 

ed tbeenpernr, (73. BrttCui ii itatton and the people go ini. 

inifnated 10 takeoff Ccfar by body to die ooit^pinton in dw 

private ialiniitioni and anony* capltel ib. Brutui'i fpeech i> 

motH lecten, ih. Cadiui iiifnnni well Kceivtd,>ndb«udhi(ptT- 

Bratut, ChatdiefiiendiorCiEfar ty carae down into the forum, 

intended to novediat be fbould lb. Srutui ii hevd Iben with 

be declared king, 179. Wliat nvcrtnce 1 but Cinna, atletnpt- 

Bruiiij (aid uponitjb. Me vi. ing ts acculc C«lar, i> loaded 

fiti Q. Ligariin, who offers to witii the moll opprobrioui Ian*, 

join m the difign againft Cie&r, gua^e, ib. The cORfpiratorv 

ib. They take in others of their rcijn once more into the capi- 

friendi, but except Cicero onic- to), ib. The (enale alTeinble the 

countof hiitimiditv, iSo, The day following. and an amnefty 

great (ecrecy with which the de- is decreed, lb. Antony fends,^ 

fi^ wn condnfltd, ib. Brnlui hia fon to ^ capicol ai a bof. 

becomei penli'eindfullofanit. tage, ib. Brutus and hia aOb- 

iely, ib. The greatneb of Por- ciatcs come down, and there U 

tia'i eondufl on that occafion, an appearmce of a ganenil re. 

■ 81. Her addrefa loBrutu),ib. conciliation, ib, Antony his. 

71k lenite aOenbla on the idea the thanks olf the fenau for pn> 

of March, inPompey'tBafillca, TtnCicig a civil war, and the- 

the day t!uc Brutal and his aC> ptincipd of the conlpintors 

(bciatcshadpitcheduponfoithe have provinces affigoed dwni, 

encution of their purpofe, ib. ib. BruCin commiti > leconil. 

Ut tilua I dagserwidl hhn, ■ nd gttKn error. Lb pcnoittiiic 


Bud Co eive him i public fune- faimfdf nu 
rtl, 186. The cajjit tiutih Apollooii, 
bnndifcoratbepilei*nil fun lo thetmopil 

Antony UpsblilhCcUT'i will, calltd Bulimia, 390. Makes 

._j .. -1... i.f_ .*_..«:- fuoe, himfelfraafterof Dyrrh»cliiuiii, 
'.palloaii, uid fiuthn>Iui, uid 
-wtmopi (tut held thofe citify 

relhe haulet at the confpin. ib. Tikti Caiui, tbebrotherof 

Ion, ib. Cinna the poet ii mit- Antony, pii loner, ib. Young 

taken forC'""" ''«='"'fP'™''""i Ctefatdtivei Antony out of Il»- 

and torn in piccet by the mob, ly, Ibliciu tha confulftiip at an 

ib, Brutut and hi* pity rctiR improper age, and kecpi an un- 

IB Antium ; butthe DiDwi with necellan> army in- pay, 191. 

which he wii to enleitain the Cxlar, Kadinf the lenile inclia* 

people, a prztor, are eihibiled ed to favor Btutui, reconcilcf 

with great m^niticeiice, 18;. himfelf to Antony, and obtain* 

0£bviu9 camei to Rorm, a(- thcconruiaiipbyfarce,ib. Ht 

fumu ihe name of Cieljr, and ii no looner contul thin be or- 

gltllly in|ratiilit bimfelF with dempcocefi igainllBnitui and 

Ibe people, by paying them the hi* accomplice! for murdering 

money thai wu left them by hit thefitft migidnle of Rome, ik 

bimrdfto Celar'a veteran! bjr vincaiamongft them, and leula 

billibenliw, ib. Cicero ioini a llftof twO'hundrait profcrip- 

bin, ib. Brutui'i (pirlced let. tlona, 191. Brutuiadd Calliul 

Mn 10 Cicero on that juAflion, meet at Smyrna ^ ib. Their far. 

IBS. Brutui nfolvei to leave cti very nr»fi)ble, ib. Tbeir 

iMly, lb. The aStflIng cii- difftrentdilporitionaandvlcwi, 

cumlUncn of Poreia'a parting (93. Brutua dcGrea CiSiuaU 

with him at £lea, ib. He fail) let him have pan uf hit Creif- 

from EIca to Atheni, aSa. ' He nre, and with much difficulty 

atloidt the lefiurei of the pfai~ obliini a third, (94. CafGo* 

lofophcn there ; but privately behivet with great levetity oa 

prepirei for war, ib, Sendi the taking of Rhodei, it>. The 

Heroflratui into Macedonia, Lycians oppofe firutui, and be 
while be [eeuni the young Ro- ' layi ficge lo ibe city of Xan- 

man> that vfcre In Atbou, and thui, ib, Hitoptiatiooi agaioft 

amongft the reft the fon af Cice> the Xanlhiant, and the piii&oii- 

10. ib. Goa toCaivAui, acity ale derire that people had of 

of Eubsa, wherci^ friend of hi> death, ib. Brucui weepiat the 

waiairivtd from Alia with fomc aneflingcircumnaDcei In which 

DiipiUdin wilhmaney,ib. Leii a XanChian womaa wai found, 

fall an ominous cxpreflion ai an 195. Procliimtarewardtoany 

cniertiinment on hit birthday, foldier who could [ive a Xao- 

ib. AnliftiuieiveahimRvehun- thian, ib. Bring] the Patateani 

dred thoubad dtichnut af the and othcn 10 (urrender, by dif- 

iBoney he wij tarrying 10 Italy, nifliDg (ome women without 

ib. Uacolkfliforca, ib. At lanfom, and other ionaoeei of 

Demettiaa, faicttbeiDna which jullice and moderadoD, ib. 

Juliui Csiir intended for the Riilb only a hundred and fifty 

Parthian war, ib. Macedonia talenti inLycia, while Calliui a. 

ii delivered up to him by Hor- mallfi eight ihouland atRhods, 

tenGuitheprxtor,ib, Hemakei *gj, Tlitodatui, who advitcd 

a forced march to Dyrrhachium (Iw murder of Fompey ibe 

iaordertoi^chitbeforeCaiui, Great, falli into the htndi of 

the biotber of Mark Antony, Brutui, and ii put lo death, igfi. 

ind it feized with the difal^r Brulut and CaOiua meet at- Sa» 

BRU C 59 ] B^I- 
dii, ud fall into debatu ind The liFiin ef Cisbr ud Aoto- 
mutiul accubtioni, ib. Fivo' ayiDaniadiSerent )>oftare,307. 
Dim puu ui end (o thole di(' Aa iiafoniuiaLc circumltance to 
pnUi by an iS of cynical Fkc- Brutui, that be dou not gtt in- 
don, 197. Caffiui blimo Bi-u- lelligence of ibe vifiory gained 
tui lei dilgncing Luciiu Pella, by hii flee^ ib. Tha ^eftre 
•D account of lua embeuyog appcan Co bim Bgaia, 308. O- 
thepublic money, md Brutna iBeniaiuiouaccbia(ill,ib. Bnu 
puu him in mind oftheidnof tui iflaUtfaeenemy's left wing | 
March, ib, A little before tbey but fail own left wing, at the 
left Aria, Bnitua hHinextnor- bme time, ii defeated, and be ii 
dinaryapparition,a9S. CaOiui, furrounded, 308. The valoi 
who wu ID Epicurean, difputet and gloiioui death ofMarcua, 
tbc nality af apparition!, ib. the (on of Cato, 309. Luciliua 
Omen of dieir defeat at Philip- palTuhirafelf for Brutus, and ii 
pi, 199. Brulua comei upon taken prifoner, ib. Brutui. it- 
Norlnnua near Symbolum, and (ended bv a few of bii officen 
mull have deHroyed hit whole and friends, Itopi under the cav- 
■rmy, had not AnUny, within- ily of a large rock, 310. Ap- 
■redible celerity, marched to hii peati to heaven, ib. Sight deep- 
idief, ib. Cxfar, who had been ly at the mention of Flaviuj 
kept bdiind by Gcknefa, jvina and Labco, ib. Statillua uuder- 
ADtony,ib, Circumftances pre- taket to make hU way through 
*ioui to the battle of Philippi, the enemy, to lee, whetbei the 
300. Callius irHiiined to pro- camp of Brutut wai life, ib. 
tfiSt the war, but overruled by Holdi up a torch, being the fie- 
Brutui, ib. Caffiui alks Brutui, nal he had promited, but Oain 
wihaChi) refolution isconceraing in his retum, ib. Brutui defirea 
Oigbt and death, 301. Biutui'a teveral of hii friend) Co alTift in 
aniwer, ib. Tbe baicle de. defpatchiag bim, andiirefu&d, 
tc[ibed,302, 3O3. Brucuiifvic- 311. Hii lalt addiela to bis 
tarioM in the right wing, and friends, ib. He falli upon hii 
Clalfini dcfetled in the left, 303. (word, bis friend) behave with 
The want of ibeir kaowing in flat honor, ib. Hit wife Por> 
time the circonlUnces of etch cia, being prevented from any 
other, prove* the' ruin , of both, other kind of death, takes bum* 
ib. Caffiui, in confequence of ing coal) in her mouth, and dies, 
■B unfortunate millake, orders 311. He receivei an honoiablo 
bii freedmaa Pindarus to def- interment from fail enemy Aa- 
pitefa him, 304. Brutui )a. tony, 315. What palled be- 
tneacioverCai!iui,andollthim twcen Ooavius and (he Mila- 
ihe Uft of Romans, ib. Encour- nete, with regard to the ftatue 
■ges Caffim'i troops, 305. Tbe of Bruiui, ib. 
cnemy'i loft greatlyexceedt his, Bahald, niunbered by Flu- 
lb. Demetrius, a (ervaut of tarch among the Roman fur- 
CaRius. eoei over to Antonv. oamei, i. 147. 

• Baiifhslid, iv. 440 
Btctphalui, Alexander'i ccU 

, ebnled managed by 

ib. Abtemifb iatbe charaSet himand obuined,iv. 139. His 

of Bnilus, that he promifes hii age, 104. 

troop], 4n cafe of vi&iTy, the Au/iWri,i difUmper in which 

plunder of the cities of l^cc- perfoni are extremely hungry, 

.dxmoo and Tbclliloaica, 306. v. E90. 

n, but icfnfei, 

i. 85-. . 

'■ i^cUiHs, or nil»T -e-iU™, 
the zdile, ipptie) ta Ckwo, 
when goveranr of Cilici» for 
p.r.ibtra, V. loi. Cicero'i MW 

-- — - leotne • CaAi^aiH, v. 3S3, 3^7. 

tyTlKlhu, md l*crificed 10 A- Cafias, the oonE wnul(D cil~ 
Tolla Ddphiniui, i. -54. led, lii. 354. 

BoA md wolf in lni(a M Ar< CuciVw, mocbei of Lucullui, 
£01, cmbUmarical, iii. 40. iii- 193- 

Jii/fof brafa upon whieb Gtiijiii UmUIU, diDghter ot 
the Cimbriu» liid their handi Uetdlui ihe chief peotiff, wife 
IB the folamnity of na Mdi, iii. of Sylli, iii. ng-indmocheilo 
Ij. jEnrili* by Scauriu her fonDer 

Ball bnitiiMd to th< iivtt huftand, 16a Diei, 161. 
KupbntBi,tiyLiiCDllua,iii. ait. Eaaiim Utulli, fon of Me- 

Bflla, > Romaa annment for tellui Numidicui, iii. 46. Ded- 
«hi]dnii, i. rOi. icit« the piSure of Flon to 

Bfiali, in wtmminnerRh the tcmpltof CallOT and Pok. 
(filled by Lycucgui, I, iji, lux, iv. 46. Defired liy die it' 
laS' "y "> >a'« tl« commiod in 

BiniidtWvt, two Greeki and Rome agiioll MeiiuEiad Cin. 
-two Gaulf, by the Romini, in 1 . • r ... ^ 

compttioce widi A» Sibyltne 
-proph«cie>, ii. »gt. 

Jti^iVTheninenu fe nlled 
for hii verdlility, iii. iga. 

Buyf™, king of Egypt, (tcri- 
fiudbyHcrcule), i. 51. 

AicfiU, Cato'i frecdmaii, iv. 

Auhii, tbc poet, i. 1O3. Iwer, ic. 

Butcs, general of the Pe^ Caiia. SeetWu. 
liani, bnng befiegcd byCimoB, Caliitcy. ittBacieiars. 
burni hinfelf, iii. 177. • OnlMnfi,, beam by Ro. 

■ .SuMrffuj, V. «90. Inuliu,.i. 94. 

• Bjiflnfiuw, ncovenri by • Caxtn, iv. Bi. 

Alclbinle], ii. 69. Saved by Caphijai, a RiuQcian, iii. 9> 
fbocion, iv. ag7. Or^, derciud by the Teu- 

tonei and Ambraaes, iii. 339. 
Capio, minici Fotnpcy'a 
C. daughter, who hid been con- 

tiadtd 10 Fiulliu the Ion of 

ClBIRt, country of Cabm, Sylla, iv. qi. 
ii. 109. Capia, halfbrotlw lo Cala 

(jiiri, the rfn nnf^i, or Sa- llle younger, much beloved by 
-mnthracian godt, iii. aoy, 109. him, iv, 313. Hii death, 318. 
■n, ii. 179. n. aSj. Their lemple Cafir, Caiut'Jaliiu, SylUen- 
plundeted by pitaut, iv. 6E. dravnn to bring him la icpu' 

Cdiid], whit, i. 135. diale Comet ii, the daughlerof 

* Cadrnta, the ciudel oE Cinna, and, being unable to <f- 
Thebc), (o called, iv. 15. Moft feS it, canlifcatea ber dowry, 
unjuftly Tuiprifed bv Phnbidas iv. aio, Maiiui, by marrying 
the Lacedemoaiin, i\>. Julia, Czrar*! aunt, had a fami- 

Cadma, lifter of Neoptole- 'ly connexion with him, ib. 
mus, iii, g. CxGnr lofei the priefthood 

Caimas.ui. 14a. through Sylla'i meant, ib. SylU 

fayi, that in Cclar were many 
tiUrii, ib. CxCafciMcealihim- 

blF, !b. Syllt'i blsodboundi be i^cfti them, 116. Hii faying 
fill in witb him, lai. He to hii mother on ihitocoiion, 
bribetone Conielius to let him ib. Pi[oaDdCitu1iubUmeCi- 
go, ib. Repiinto Nicomedei cero for (paring Cnbi in the 
Ib Bilh)Fiiii, ib. Reembaiki.and time of Catiiioe's conrpiracy, ib. 
ii tikea by picato, ib. Id what The fpeech which Cxfar made 
manner he lived while imongft in the (enaU at that lime, far ■ 
the pinlei, ib. Payi bii ran- lighu^r puni{hment than death, 
Ibm, mini fome vdTeli, calug ib. Ciio and Catului carry it 
thoie piralu,ind ciuciScsthem, agiinft him, 317. In daogebof 
ib. Studiesunder Apolloniui being killed onthaCoccarion, aa 
Hollo, at Rhods, lai. Uaa be goei out of the fenatehoufe, 
gieat power] a> an orator, ib. ib. During hi) prxtorlbip, 
Accuia DoUbella and Publhti while ihe women ire celebrat- 
Antoniui, ib. and 113. Gaini a ing the myfteriei of the Jcns dia 
^onfiderible iaCerelt by defend- in hii houi^, Clodius CQncerU 
. ing perlbnt impeKhed, and a an intrigue with Pompeia, iiS. 
Jttll greater by bit condefcen- Clodiui is deteflcd, (29.— 
ioa, and Ibe geoeroua manner Ciefar divorces Pompeia, ib. 
in which he Uvea, 113. PerCona Hii celebrated faying tbeieup. 
in power diftegard him atfirft, on, ib. Clodiui ii acculed of 
imagining he muA (oonexbauli impiety, but ibe influence of 
hiieftate, ib. Ciceto f«mi to ibepeople^vei him, ib. Cxfar 
have been the tirSt who dilcov- baa the government of the Far- 
tied in him deep and danger- ther Spain afur bla prKtoiIbip, 
oui deTipia, ib. He obtains a ib. CraiTus engages for him for 
tribunelbip in ibe army, before debtsof eight hundred and thir- 
bii competitor Popiliui, ib. ty talents, before be can lave 
ProDDunsea the funeral oration Rome, 130. Another laying of 
of hit aunt Julia, and hn the his on palling through a village 
' -'' ' - ' ing forth (be ima- onthe Alps, ib. Hiiconcemoa 
, lb. and itf. — readingthehillory of Alexander 

, . _..- .. ihfGim^ii,. He reduces fame 

of the naiions,ot Spain, and pen- 

trary tocuAom, 334. Goes out civil government fatlifaftory to 
quxlloi into Spain with Aniif- the Spaniards, though helillsbii 
tiua Velus, ib, TakeiPompeia own coffers, ib. At his return 
to hi) third wiFe, ib. A tltou- drops hu iciumph, becaufe hii 
fand three hundred talents in applicetiun for thai and the con- 
debt before he got any public fu^te at the fame time was not 
tmployme at^i b. Exhibits three confident, ib. Reconciles Pam- 
hundred^jffr twenty pair of pey and CraiTui, ib. Cato atone 
gladial^llPwhen xiiU, ib. Re. fonfeet the bad confequence of 
vivct the&ftion of Mariui, and that union, 231. Cxfar is ap- 
Rllarahia inugei, 115, Catu- pointed coiifulwith Cilpnmiui 
lus impeacbei him for thii, ib. Bibului, ib. Procures decrees 
The fcnaee givei it for bim, ib. for a divifion of land) and di(. 
Metellui, the chief ponlifF, diei, tribution of com, ib. Givea hia 

, ib. Catulua olftti him of Pit*, and procurei the c<— 

Ikrge (uRu, on condition ibal fulfhip for Kfo for the vear en- 
be will drop bii ptetenlioni, but faing, lb, Bibulua, finding hii 

M of Maiiua, ib. and itf. — 
FionoDnces a funeral panegyric 
for bis own wife, which (at Ihe 


I 6» 3 


dnoEtion fruillefi, ni hit life Ik confali ttie yar cnfulng, as J 
BttcD in danger, ntcfiddlic pub* togct Cis(tr'i goveninKni pro- 
tic •flnnblici no nuin, 133. — longed Tor live^'ein mon, ib. 
-fdrnpey (illi the forum with The Ulipettf andihc Tenchtetrt 
limed men, ind Cctar hai the two Gcimin natiani, rrficw iha 
government of GjuI decreed mir, ib. C.&rkill. fo.r hun- 
him for five yeari, ib. Cjelar dred thoutnd of ihtm, ■4», 
.leidt Cato toward! priron, but The Sicambii harboc the tew 
does not commit him, ib. Hit thii efuped, md ihii affoids 
^uellion to ConCdim, and that him 1 ptecotce to enter Gcrmi- 
' lenalor'i aniwer, ib. He geti ny, il>. He thrawi a bridge 
Clodius elcQed tribi'ne of the over the Rhine, ib. The Soevi 
people, ib. It the groleft gen- and the Sicambri retire into 
eral and conqueror the Romana their lotefli, ib. Czlir, after * 
.ever bad, 134. Inllanceiof tlie hiving laid wafte the country 
Tilorof fai]<oldieri,ib and 135. with fire, retumt to Gaul, 143. 
llie great exampte he let ibera Hi) two expeditiani into Britain, 
in that refpeA, ib. Hn the ib. He leceivei newt of Julia'i 
.falling ficknefifirft at Cordiiba, death, ib. The people bury her 
936. Hit indefatigable powera, in (he Camput Marliui.ib. He 
ib. An excellent ho rfeman, ib. feparales hii legionafor the con- 




lii and Tigu- Tlie Gauli under ihe eoi 

rini, who hid burnt their own Ambiorix, Fili upon th 

lowni, and dcligned to pere- cutofffoineoF liii lieutcDanta, 

> Italy, 137. Oblige! 144. . He gtti intelligence of 

fettle I 

again in 
t they had quitted, 
in detent ^' " 

the toad to Italy, and 
halleiu back to the relief of 
Quiulus Cicero, ib. TbeGiuU 

march igiinft him, and he da. 
fan ihcm by flratagcm, ibi 
Pcrapey lend) tilm two laioae 
in the room of ihole he had lafl, 
ib. The Giula revolt again, 
and under the eonduft of Vtr- 

ihe mid'ft'of f"evere' w^'ier" 
•45. He defeat! them with hii 

igiinft AriotlQut, king of. the 
CcnHni, flj8, 139. He puti 
hit army in winter quaners in 
the eoiMtry of the Scquani, and 
repairs to Gaul on this Tide the 
Po, 139. Great numbers come 
to him from Rome, and be car. 
rict on a vaiiely of flale in. 
triguci, ib. The Beige revolt, 
and he loan reducea them, ib. 
Mar:heiagainfttheNe[vii, who 
attack hitn fuddenly, ' ' " 
nln coofidcrahic 
140. tlii own valor and that 
of the tenth legion, reftores the 
aflion, and he deflioyi almofl 
rfltbelrtroopi, ib. The Ien«e 
order 1 ihsnklgiving for fiflieii 
day), oil account of thi J viflory, 
<40. Hi crolTei the Alps again, 
and flienglheni hii irttiefl by 
btil>eiry,E4i. PompeyandCraf- 
fui, with a multitude of other' 

fimaton, wail on him at Lucca, fift any longer ai 1 commoo- 
ib. It li agreed that they Ihall wealth, 148- Pompey ii declM* 

of their army reliiei 
Alefia, ib. He bcbrgei 
A prodigioua 

and 147. Ihe beliegcd furren. 
der,and Vcrciogrtorhtputahim- 
felf inthebandtof thecontjutr- 
or, 247. The deslh of CraDur 
opent the way to the civil war 
between Ccbr and Pompey,ib. 
The cOEiupt Sate of Rome M 
that time, tnalua It uolit to lub- 

CM t 6s J cm 

•dibkconful, mud tiii lui cav- Meullut, t^i. Miicbo inM' 
•ramcBti of Soiia and Ailici Spain, reduce) Poinpey'i arm* 
I tohim, ib. CxCir there, and jncorpanut it with 

■pplici for anotber conCulfhip, hii own, ib. Rduta 

■ad for the cantinuatioD of hii and ii declared diSitor by ihe 

commilfiaD in Gaul, ib. The lenate tbere, ib. Hit aSi while- 

CDnfuli behave to bi> agenli with baboldi that office, which it on- 

nncoT, and even diifranchiCc lyfnreleTeii dayi, s^j, Dc- 

thc colony oF NoTOComum, chrei himfelf contul with Ser. 

,j which hr had lately planted, ib, vilius Ifauricus, ib, Hiicbei to 

''^UlcrtbecDnfulOiip of Marcel- Bnindurium, ib. CroHeathel. 

lui, Czlargaini the new con- onianwithpanofhitlroopi, ib, 

fUt Paului, and the tribune Cu- 'nkes Oricum and Apollonia, 

.. ria, by money, ib. Sendiback ib. Sends back hii Ihipi, lo 

the iw« legions which Pompey biingover the left of his fortet, 

had lent him, t^g, TMe bat tho(e lUps are taken by the- 

troopi give it out that Cxiar'i enemy, ib. Refolvei to crofi 
whole army wai ready to come - the (ea in a twelve oaied boat, 

over to Pompey, ib. PUmpcy to fetch the tall of his troopa | 
oppofet hi* enemy only with- but lb) winter Itocnu prevent 

fpeechci and decnei, ib. Ce- it, 156, Antony arrives froni' 

br's reqiiiRtiont have > great Brundulium wilhlbetroopi,ib. 

appearance of jtiftice ; butSci- CclariidilLrelTedfaiproviriona, 

pioand Lentuluicarry itagainft ib. Ilai the advantage in leve. 

Iiim in the lenile, ib. and 157. ral ikirmilbea ; but in one ii 

Cicero almaftbringi inatten IQ driven back Co hb camp, and in 

, ■compromife, e^. But Ltn. daoger oF having it taken, ibi 

Inluj, in the rjje of pan y, Csfit't faying on that oceafion, 

drivdouttbc tribunea Antony SjB. He marcbci agiinft Scj. 

aDdCurio.'andtheyflyloCzIaT pio, who lay in Macedonia, ib. 

in the habit of llivea, ib. C>- Pampey.foreoodrearoiu.lifar 

fir It perplend In his delibtra- waiting the advaataget of time ; . 

tionion the banks oftheRu. but not a man, eccept Cato, ii 

bieoo, agi. He pifla it, ib. of his opinion, 159. Ccfar 

Takei Ariminnm, ib. Home,- tdtciGomphi, in Ttie&ly, iU 

•od the Rlt of Italy are in great Afki hii troapt whether they 

bid) Pompey fliamp with hi> aSion or to wjit far leinfotte- 
fool, and bring his lejloni out niaiti. a6o. Onieni of vidlory 
of tkeearth, ib. Pompey Icavea to Cxfir, ib. and 163. Circum. 
Kome, and oidert the Wate and ftancei previout to the battle of 
every friend toliberty to follow Phacfalia, c£i. The battle, 

*■ -■'- '-•-' " «6». Pompey flie., i6b. What 

Czfat laid on viewing the ene- 
my') camp, lb. He incorpo- 
ntea with hia own troopa moft , 
of the ptifonen, and pardon* 
many pertoni of diftlnftion i 
Brului among ihs red, ib. 
Signi preceding the vl^ry lb. , 
■II Italy lnGxtydays,repainto CieCac beftowi liberty on the 
Jtome, lb. Takeadnoney out of whole couiitry of TheOaly, 1G4. 
the public tm&ry, notvnlb- Graota the lame ptifilege to 
flanding the oppoMon from the Caidiani, at the iec|aeft of 


9M t «+ ] CM 

Ttmpomput, ib. Dllchar^ u be ii faitifying ■ camp tt 
the iaiubilmu of AGi from a Tbxftut, >nd givu bin lo ot- 
thirdpattof ibeirinipolli, ib. (ito defeat, ib. Takatbecimp 
Hiibebiviol when Thrudoliiu of Afraniui, and deftroyi tbit 
prelenud to him tbe had of ofjuba, with the ftme tide aE 
Pompey, ib. He hu tbe lalif- fucceti, ib. H>neni to Utica, 
faaioD of faving every day one in hopej of taking, C»to alive, 
or other of his (ellow ciliieni, aSg. Hii laying on finding 
ib. ' Iiill treated by Fhotlnm, that he had de(patched himlelf, 
andleod>forCleopBtra,ib. De- ib. He wrilej the Aniieato, »70. 
roandilhefumidueto him from Leads up hii triumph), ib. Eiu 
Ptolemy, ib. The llratagem leisiai the people at twenty. 
by which Cleopatra wai con- two ihouiand lablea, ib. tx- 
veyed into bii nalicE, 165. He hibitj gimej io honor of bii . 
lofilb thai [be {hall TEign along daujhier Julia^ ib. Mirchet 
with hrr brother, ib. AehilUa into Spain, and iiglrti the biccie 
and PhoCinui plot agalnft Cx- of Munda, in which he defeat! 
fafi life, ib. Celir kill. Pho- the (ona of Pompey with great 
linul; butAchilla efcapei to difficulty, 171. The elder of 
die irmv, and involvei Ciefar in the loni 11 taken and put to 
t very dingeroui war, ib. The death, ib. Hie triumph for this 
Kgyptiansltnp uptbeaquedutli viflory dirpleafeB the Roman), 
that fupplied hii quarter, ib. ib. He is crated perpetual die- 
lleiifsrccdtobiirnhisniipsin taWr, ll^^. Other extravagant 
harbor, ib. The fiarae) dellroy bonotj ate conferred upon him, 
the great Alexandrian libra- lt>. A temiile ii built Io Cle- 
iy,'t66. Casfit'i extreme dm- mency, ib. He ran agaia tbe 
gerinihe naval fight nnr Fh>. flatuea of Pompey, which had 
TO), ib. Ptolemy ii never b<cn thrown down, ib. Cice* 
heard of after it, ib. Cleopatra ro'a laying on that occafion, ib. 
bringa Cclar a fon, who ii Refu(e> to have a guard, and 
fumed Cxfario, ib. On Intel- why, ib. Colonizes Carthage 
ligeRCG that Phamacei, Ton of and Corinth, ib. Sludioui lo 
Mithrldatn, had defeated hii giin all ranki of people, 173. 
lieutenantDomitlu), he marches Detigni to conquer Par.hia, and 
againll him, and dcTeaU him from thence to march north- 
near Zela, ib. Hi) laconic ae- ward., extending the Roman 
t6iint of that aQion, ib. Re- empire to the ocean on every 
Inini Cn Rome near tbe end of fide, ib. Attempts to dig 
(heyearof his Dscond di&tor- through the illhmus of Co. 
Aip, ib. Is declared contul tor rinth, and meditates other great 
the year enfuing, ib. Doa not thingi, ib. Codeai the kalen. 
fufficiently punilh either hii dar, 874. His paffion foi the 
lieutenants or hit foldiers for title of king proves his ruin, 
their mi tderaeanors, 167. Be. 375. He 'doa not rifc to the 

Cato, Scipio, apd Juba, ib. in a body, ib. Antony olfen 

Gives one Scipio Sallutlui the him a diadem, at the fellival of 

nominal command, on account the l.upcrcalia, 176 He finds 

of an oracle that declared the the people agiinft his receiving 

Scipioa would be ilwayiviao- it, ib. Two of ih^ triUan 

rious in Africa, 168- Ii much take the perfons into cuflodv 

annoyed by the Numidian cav. who firft laluted him king, and 

airy, ib. fall) upoa Sciyio, teat the diadem* from Ui fU-. 

CM [ <J 3 CAli' 

tHM, ib. He depoln the tri- Cafir, oaaviinui. Sec Ah* 
basei, 177. BniEiu li dtTired gitflm- 

toukeofTthe lyrant, ib. H* C^ifir, Luciiu, {cut by the 
hefiatci on leeount •! the oblU council of Ulici to interccdi 
gitioni he had Id Ccdr, ib. with Cabr, Iv. 376- Givcnup - 
CK&r hit -fome intimition of by Anlony in th« ptafcilplion, 
the confpiracy, and [urpc& though hii uncle, v. 110,176,' 
Ciffim, bat will believe uothiog Sived by hijCller, 177. 
ill of Brutus, 278. Prefisetof Cz^r.Sextut Juliui, iu. iij. 

Cicbr'i death, ib. Hepiefen <i. 

■ fudden death la any other, ib. Cafiria,{oa of Juliui Cxfii 

CUpucnia't dreiia,-i79. He by Cleopatra, iv. 366. v. aie. 

leadi Antony to idioum the' Milrdered by Odavianut, >I3. 
lenate.ih. BTutuiAlbinuiIaughi * Ctjcia, a delightful tctrot 

hhn out of Ml fears, and con- of Cicero, v. 111. 
duBs him to the fenate houfo, Couu, fofier brother «f Mi< 

ib. ind eSo. . Aitemidoru) putt thriditet.^iali hit crown after ~ 
1 paper la hi'i hand, containing his death, aod glvei iltoFauftm 
snaccountof the conspiracy 1 the ton oFSylU, iv. 86. 
but he his not opportunity to Caiai CcrKtHui, of Padua, 

read it, iSo. Cimui adclrellea foietelsCasbt'iviaory, It. aSa. 
theftatueofPompey, ib. An- Sei ike Btktr Cnjj tadri'liitr • 

tony ii held in difcouTrt -with- -/ami/y iw»cs. 
oMthehoafe, s8a. Thecon- Cdlanui lakca M^ra, T. 
fpiratora approach him under 278. ' 

ERtence oF petitioning for the C^afUl, the Inijian phrlofo- 

rotberofCiiabcr, tgi. CaCca pher,iv. aoS. The regard AU 

gjrei hitn (he fird blow, ib. ertander had for hjtn, tog, 

Cifefar malua ' forme redflance, Hit (ymbol of Iheon'ihide, ib. 

but on peiceiTing thefword of BuTni binil<>lf> at*, 
BrattUiheyieldttahiifate, ib: • Cuiuru, ii. 146, ir. M, . 

He.dyes the pedeOal of Poln- 31a ». 66.'- 
pey'i (latue with hia blood, ib. Clltnai, iv. 160. ' 

Bhitui attempi to fpeak to the - CallxM'ui, ii. 69, • 
feaate ; but it breaki up, !t8a. * CiUrci, iv. «3t, 

Antony and Lepidushide them- - Calippui, an acquaiotance of 

felvea, ib. l iIk coofpiratori' Dion's with whom he lodged ' 

nuich to die capital, with their ■tAtlieiu,v. 141, Goei with 

bloody fworda in their handa, Dion to Sytaeufe, 150, 869. — 

and call the people to liberty, Murdenbim, 170; Killed, ^71. 

ib. llicy come ' down from : C<)Itriii», an Athenian oQicer, . 

the eapitol, and Brutus addreC- defeated in Thrice, iii. 157, 

fei4he people, ib. 'Hielcnatei) . Calliai tin Athenian, najiea 

aJliinibled, and an aft of gene- s declaration in form, that if he 

nl amnefty piflcd, ib: Cir- diedwithout childKn« Alcibii' 

cumftancet which enrage the dei, his btoiher in law, Ihoiild 

people, ib. 'nte body of C«- be hit heir, ii. 4a. Tikei the 

tat ii burnt in the foium, ib. Perfian gold, and kills the per- 

Hedied at the age offiftyfis,- fan diatdireAed hinttoie, 176. 

and furvived Pompeyonly fouT FirO couGn to AHflidei,and ic- 

-yean, aSj. Thole who dipt cufed of (uftering him to want 

their handi in his blood, come ofceSariei, 30a. Vtndicatea ~ 

toanunliiDciyend, tb. Acorn. hioiEelf againlft that charge, ib. . 

•t Appean after his dealb, ib- Miuiei Eipioice, iii. 174, ,Ne- - 

gatiaut a tfcaly wim Uie king 
of Perfu well, 185. 

Ca/lai the Syrtcufin, v. 45. 

Caltibitts ippaiatrd governor 
of the ciudtt of Atbent hy hy- 

Calliclii the ufurer, i». i^i. 
Calliclti ifae Ion of ArRnida, 

! J CAM 

Ctit!pliaui,<iii£ philofepbd 
endeivon to confotc Alexin* 
del, when he hid killed Qitui, 
iv. 195. Kit farofm on AniX' 
■rchiu, ib. Hiichinaer, 196. 
Hit ontion in pnife of Ibe Mi. 
Cedoniani, and another in tbeit 
difpnile, tg6. Ariltotle'i oU- 
lirvaiian on him hereby j uftl- 
fied, That be wai an (xcelloit 
onUtr, but winled prudence, 
197. Nephew to Ariftotit, 198. 
Kefufeata wotlliip Aleunder, 
197. What he wai acculed of 
tiying 10 HennoUui, 19B. Hii 

Caliicralei, the Syraeulan _ 

*nl, challengei Laimchui, and dath, 

they die by each olher'a band, . CtllMeiui, one of the on- 

iii. vj%. toil whom Alexander denund- 

Cailicralci ind Iftinut, the cd of the Alheniaai, v. 60. 

architefU who built the Pirtbe- Callifiliinti, the hilloriin, a, 

non, i. 361. 37, 165. 

Ci//^aU>, of the pofUriiy of . CM/rclai, l^icUry . to IIU 

Antic nlei, enjoys the piivilege thridatet, ,iiL 113. 

of exemption flora tixea ia ibe CMtifiralsi, the orator, T. 44, 

time of Flutircb, iv. 39. «a. 

OUIkratiiai, the Spartan gen. 

SuiS*'™. bntb'm 


fucceed Lyftndcr, 

" ?Xdv" 

hii apffli- 
cation to Cyrui for money, ib. 
Defeated and flab at the battle 
of Arginufa:, ib. 

* Callidrttuii, Mount, ii. 319. 

OUIimiuhsi, an eiccellent en. 
the [ervice of Mithri- 
. aif. Seta lire to the 
cityof Amifui, wfaenhecan nq 
longer defend it, ib. Taken 
priianer by LucuUua at Niftbia, 
and kept in cbaini, isj. 

CMmtim, fucnamed Can- 
buj, iv. 309. V. 64. Fliei from 
Mheoi, iv. 315. Sentence- of 
death Bailed againft him, 317. 

CailipJun, IQ Athenian exile, 
intcnxds wjth Sylla forAtbeoi, 
Ui. isS- 

CMiptdes, the tragedian, iL 
68. iv. u. His vanity, ag. 

GeUiJlhtml, aiieaf LucuUw'l 
freedmcn, givei 'him a eolion 
which aficfU hit brain, iii, 243. 

Nimphidiui.v. 397. 

Calpurnii, from CalpM* tho 
(onof Numa, i. i8g. 

C'lfTiU, daughter of ^b, 
and wife of Catar, iv. 91, »3a. 
Her dream, 379. Poti bcifelF 
under the protefiien of Antony, 

ite. Uliui Salinaior, iii- 3*4. 
Calpai, laid to. be the (on of 

Calvituij, I.uciui, iv. ti6. 

Cidvifiii, 1 retainer to A11-. 
guftuB, acculea Antony, v., eo6.. 

Cahijiiu Saiiaui, A.. Roman. 
geneial, v. 399. 

• Calydan, v. 356. 

CidyimUn boar, killed by 
Meteager, with ibt aOilUnccof 
Thefcua, i. 69. 

■ Cdndrinfani) v.. 140. 


cam) [ «7 3 CAM 

CknWci, fifty thonlaoil oF thnt lift BTtictci be highly o€r 

bunuabui&ed ia the (andi of fendett the people, ib, Themau 

Africi, iv. i6j. roiu conLiibuU their goldta 

Caaels, when firll bid la be omamenU, and ■ large vaCe 

ben by the Ronins, iii. 105. u lent to Delphi, ib. Chofe* 

Camil'j hauie, a place So i. military tribune a third 

called, iv. 170. time, 311, Btfieget Falerii, >b. 

* CsMeriam taken by Rom- The treachery of the fchooU 

ului, i. 107. malltr, and hii . chillileawiie, 

Ctuuriaii idmicted cilizeiu 311. TheFilerian>,ftruckvfith 

of Rome by Mariut conlnry Co the generooi bdiavior of Ci- 

liw, iii 70. millui, furiender their city, ib. 

Ctmillui m CafinilUi, * msne He 1 ales hii (on, 313 la ac- 

rhe youth that Icivei culed of fraud with refpeft la 

ipkoE Jupiter, i. 179. the Tulcan Ipoili, ib. Quiti 

Camiilu* never conful, becaule Rome, a voluntacy exile, it). 

in hit tiow military tribunei Imprecato rengeaoce on tha . 

wen appointed inftead of con. Romana, 314. U fined hfuea 

(uli, 30B. The Krit who railed thoubnd d/cj, ib.. TolCeni of 

the family of the Furii to dtf. the ipproaclung calamitiei, ihv 

Un^ioD, ib. -A great a^ijia What led the Gauli firll into 

t>£ hii in the wan with the Italy, 315-, They now befiego 

^ui^ndVolfci, 303. Raifcd Clurium,a.6. A Roman am - 

tq the cenfotQiip, ib. Oblign - baffador unjullly mixes with 
'■■'■' ' hich the 


tribute to the fuppliei, ib. A mana give up the reft of th* 

feeond lime military tiibune, city, and retire into the cipitot, 

394. Dtfeau the FalKci and 3i,t. Rome ii takfn and buinl^ 

Capenatc), white hii aplleaguei a^3i3a4: Frovirioni beginning 

c»rry onthe licgeof Veil, 304, to fail the 'Gauli, part reoiiint 

In the tenth year of the fiege before the eapitol, and ptif - 

appointed, diSalor, 306. He goej out to forage and plunder, 

taXH Comeliui Scipio for hii 3114. CamilliM, who had taken 

je«eralofhorii,ib. Hijvowi, up hit refideoce neat Ardea, 

ib. He takes Veil by mining, cuu in piecei, a confiderabl* 

ib. and 3QJ. Weeps over the corps near that pJsEe, ib. iiji^, 

mifetiis of that great cily, 307. The Romans in Vdi deGre Ca- \ 

His generous prayer, ib.. Falls millus to take the command oE 

ia turning after his player, 308. them, which be refufes tilf 

Removes ihe ftatue .of Juno tq comroiflioned by. the fcnate, 

Rome,' ib. Leads up bis tti- 336, Declared diOatai the fec< 

umph in a chaiiot draws .by a:\A tioie, 317. Finds twenty 

four white horles, which fort of thoufand men inarms at Veii, 

carriage bad been appropriated and adds them t» his army, ib, 

tc) the lenice of^gods.jog^ The Gauls cll^b the rocks by 

OppaJes (he removing half the Ihe way which one of the Ro. 

peopleofRometoVeii.ib. His. maos hid ifcended, butare dif, 

vow of the tenthofthefpoilsto covered by fumegeefc kep; 

Apollo, and abfuld ptocading near Juno's temple, and rq>iilC 

(IxreugMi, ib.indsiO, latbcte ed b][MiDliui,3i7,3l8> ff»> 

CAM r « ] CAW 

Tlfiom giaw force in die Gaul- with Ha pcoiHe af Tufeulnm, . 

iOi cimp snd fickneli pte»»ili 340. A fcdition ptenili in 

in it, iV. The belicged Ueat Romt ; ths people infilling (tul 

with Brenaai, md offer him a one ot the confuli Ihould be ■ 

thouluidpoDiulaweightorgitld plcbeiin, 34). Is ippointed 

While thit ii waghinj diftjtor the foorth j'" " "- — 

CamlDut coma lo Rome, 330. 

Hii dllcODrle with Brennus, ib. 

The^ COOK to blowi imongK 

Ae ruioi, ib. Brennut marc^ 

in the night and eacampi on 

the road 10 Gabii, ib. Camil- 

lul atlacki and dereati them, 

■ad tnaks himfelf mailer of 

their camp, ib. Eaten Rome 

in triumph, 331. Reftoru the 

temptES, aad builds one » a 

new deity, AiuiLocuutiui, ib. 

Pttpares to rebuild thecity,bat 

the people hanker after Vrii, , 

lb. The (cnate ippointt him the plague, ib. 'Exticmely r»- 

refigiu thit office under 
pretence of Ccknet), ib. (( /if. 
Anotbet diflator, and an Agn- 
n-ao law, 341. The OauU 
march again lowatdt Rome, 
and Camillui, being tppolnted 
diOator the Cxth time, defeatt - 
tbemnear the river Anlo, ihou^ 
nowvetyold, ib. and 343. Re- 
concile! ihc fcoate and pe«ple. 

diAitar the third lime, 

I retted, ib. 

• Caiptma ii. S. iv. 347. 

CaiKfiU! Martial had beea 
lEoft of it the pmpeity of Tar. 
quin, i. 343. 

CdnuJ^itiu, a (bldier wbogoel . 
over from Brutut tcr Auguftut, . 
V. 308. 

("""""'.»'■ 4'3- 

Caialknm, a LacedEmaniia 
thario., dtfcribed, iv. «o. 

CandiiaUi, looCelv clad that - 
they might tnor«farilythowlh( 
wouodi Ihey had received, ii. ■ 
igreement made t. 

The Roniaiu are attacked by 
fcreial of the neighboring 
flatei, and the military tribuoei 
furronnded od Mount Marciiu 
by the Lalinu, ib. and 334. 
Bums the enemy') worki and 
Sivei them .<n entire defeat, 
Safi. rmdi thecity ofSutrium 
taken, and retakes it the fame 
iiy,. ib. Triumph) for thele 
great iflion*, 337. Envied by 
Manliut CaiMtolinui, who, 
courting tbepopulaceendeivori 
er, ib, Manliui ii condemned 
■nd executed, 338. With diffi. 

tulty prevailed upon to icc.:5>t .. .. . 

IhemiliiatyttibuneBiipthefixth pie, propohitoknd Pompey . 
time, ib. Marcbei againft the ambalTadar to Ptolemy, iv, 94. . 
-... __j .1. „_ir_.__. - CaiuJiBj, or Pb«i ' ' — 

mongft tl 
ery, ib. 

CiKithvi, Seiron hii 
Heniache the daughter 
(heus, i, 6s. 

(iuHj, Javelintmidec 

CaKiiks, tribune ofthepeo- 

and the Vsllcii 
33g. Succon hii colleagues, 
who had lalhly ventured upon 
an a&ion, and routs the enrmy. 
the day following, ib. Retakes 
fetricum, a Roman colony, and 
put) theTufcani,he found there 

ed hi Cyprus, iv. 549, v. 174. 

CoKiftui, Antony's lieutenant, 
bribed by Cleopatra lo purfuada . 
Antony to a thing that piovrt 
hii ruin, V. la^. Advifn An- 

tony to fight at the head of hit ,. 

ID IIk fwoid, ib. Ho V be dealt land fo reel, and net of the licet, 

CAR C *9 ] CAR 

tlO, Qaib hiiciap after An- doth of CiDoi he afurpi tU 

tony'ifligbt, »I4. Brinp An. government, iv. 48. Put Is 

tony word that hii annyu Ait. death by Pompey, 1 

perfcd, 116. '■ ■■■ ' 

Cninw RiHIm. tontul fot 

pan of a d^y, iv. 173. . but ai Anaxeritet claimed diat 

■ OBiopus, iv, 419. honor to himrelf, the fbldier 

■ Ctnmt, li. 17. (ulfen fsr hii naadvllcd ambi- 
Canmriu (Caiui) and Ciftui tion, v, 31^, 398. 

revolt from SpirtKui, iii. 301. * Cjrid, 1. ji. ii. 73. iv. 10. 
Canl/unii, iv. 310. • CdTiMj, by the IVriiiu 

Cjaalda, ■ veftal vir)[in, eoH' called Cocki, 

facnied by Numi, 

Caiiiis, a muricitm.'Gilba*) 

pretent tohim, v. 40*. 
• Cai-Jiuia, ii. 438, ts9- 
" " a celeb rated a^or, 

T. 187. 

Cafanetts, ii. 1 98 . 
• Cuftta/ri, tonqueted by 
Camiltus, i. 304, ]06, 

Cup/ufiut, » friend of Ara. 

Carinna, one of Carbo'i offi- 

tlalU, feaft ol 

Cj^flit, fenl by SylU 
the treafora of Delphi, 
Condufli Hortenriui 
idn forcemeat, 139. 

* Capivd, iv. 401. V. 384. 
Cuei'lo. See Funtiiui. 
Capiltl, taken by the Sablnei, 

i. 96. Befieged by the Gauli, 
^14. Minllui't judge) could 
not condemn him while they 
had that in light, 338. 

Capiltlifii, ij' Citutui, *. 
■ CaMeli'iii, (Juintius, i. 337. 

* Cajipximi, iii. 134, 367, 
iv. 153. V, lOr. 

* Ci^^iixuti, their godde[i, 

Carmtnlai Gait, i 

Ca'niaJts, founder of the new 

academy, iii. 143. v. 7a. Sent 

BDibiBaiior by the Athenian) la 

Rome, ii. 329. Mgch admired 

> leize there for hii eloquence, ib. 

, i.q,;. Cnmnu, aSyracufan month, 

ilh hji called by tlie AtbeDJant Meu- 

gitnion, iii. aS6. 

* Carnulii and Arveni, 1 war- 
like people amongll the Gauti, 
JT. (45. Vereingetori*, thrir 
general, defoled by CcCar, 146, 

• Carliagr,ca\oniicibjCm. 
', iv. 17a. Called Junonlk 
' Caiu) Gracchui, when be re- 

9. .Join Iceteiagaind'H. 

an, 114, Send twenty gil. 

a Rhegium, to oppofeTi- 

■'■■■, xzs- 

19 fu- 

cy,,i»;. Theylead 
ly into Sicily under 
and Hamilcar, .41. 
, ilexanderdelcended Pad the river Crimelui, \^t, 
frotn-him, iv. 134. Defated by Timoleon, 143. 

Curia defeated by the Teu- Enter inta feagae with Mamer. 
loneiand Ambronei, iii. j8. cui and Icetea, 1-45. SendCifco 

Ci;4i^(pirur,eoraniitsgieat with another army intoSicily, 
autragetiiiRanw, iv. 48. Fliei in which, for the Hra time. 
iM» Lybia, iii. i^j. On the they eaiplay . Greek. ioeiG«it»- 

iribalf ii. £0 

Ctpthiei lacririced {b Bacchui 
Onnella. See Bacckm. 

Caratus. See Callimeiai. 

CAS r 70 3 CAT 

lt«, ib. UikejMKCwiih Ti- cruelly it Rhoda, ib. Di{ci>Br^ 

nokon, 148. fc» with Biutui upomppiri' 

CarvUiui, SpuTi>u, the {iTft tloiu, 198, 199 An iuiluc1c]r 

KoiDiD thit jivoTccd hit wife, omen hippeni to him, 300. 

i. 105, 196. CiTCi hit opinion ininfl ■ bat- 

CaryUidu, tbeic dinec, v, ite, ib Hit ditcourle with Met 

jgt. It\», 3O1, and with Brutui, ib. 

■ Carjfiits, ■ city of Eiib«i, The wing which hecommaaded- 
*. «S9. ioaled,>adhiic*inp plundered, 

Cufca, Fubliui, the &rft ihit goj, 304. A miftake in le- 

jive Cie[>r a blow in the Caulc coimDiiering makei him refolve 

boule, V. aSi. 306. upon dnih, 3O4. Pindarui, hit 

■ Caji*»m, ti. B. frecdman defpiicba bim with 
* Ctjiiaa la, it) witerfwed, ihc fame (word that he dipt in 

IT. 1S6. the blood of Cmitt, ib. 

Cagaudr*, daughter of Pria- Cd^i Siava, fail vilot, iv. 

nut, iv. 388 , 134. 

Ca^initT lakei care of th« Ca^uj, Quiniut, v, 16.7. 
education ai PhitopiEmen, ii. Cafier and Pollttx make war 

341. upon Athens For their filter Hc- 

Cnjpotdir, the enemy of JEa- len, whom- Thefcus had carried 

cidei, detnandi Pyrrhui, when off. i. 7a, ^%. Reeeiied into - 

■u infant, from Glauciu, iiL 3. Aihoii, and adopted by Aphid>- 

Caffaitdtr, Ion of Anti|»Kr, nui, in order to theii being ini- 

Uugb) at the barbaiitni who !• ilaled in (he mynerlei of Ceres, 

dole Alexander, iv. aiS.Ciufei. ib. Appear in the battle by jha 

Dem^da to t>e put to death for Lake Regillm, and immediate.- 

calling hi) father Aalipileran ly after are feen at Rome giving 

old lotteo Ilalk, and defpalchea notice o( the viflory, ii. 79, 

hii ton K ihe fame time, v. 179. Their temple in Saino- 

68. HI) irmy defeated by I>e> thradi, .178- At Rome, iii. 

taetritii, I3j. lai- W- 46, 34«' 'niotighdo 

Cafmirii, v, 1 gf. affiH Lybnder in a In fight, ill. 

*Cd^iaiiii, ii. 3> 100. Their differeot purfuiti, 

Cafijs Stiact, I friend to v. 1. Stan of gold -dedicated 

Ifariui, why expelled the feo- to them by LyEandet, iii. 106. 
■te, iii. 41. ■ CojSa^, a city of IbeCclli' 

C^aj defeated by Spattacui, bcrians, iii. 339 . 

Ctfiui, one of the oSc^n of 

> Ciaffui, Spartacui, jU. 301. 
a keep to Calaiatii, Demetriui fo en- 

leightt beyond the Euphra- titled by the Athmiani in one oT 

ia,i>i,3ii ExpoAulatei with their aUi of warfhip, v. iij. 
ibemitor Ariamoa, 315. Mir. * Cilaiu, acity in Sicily, *. 

xiei Junia, the filler of Brutui, iji. ii. jj' 119, , 
V, »;?. Hit enmity to C«&r, • CiUmia, v. 158. 
ib. Hit converlation with BrU' Calilw, Luriui, mnrden hii- 

toi, 179. AddrdTet the Italue ownbrotlier,and per(uad«Sy)- 

ot Pompey (though of Epicu- la 10 put him amongft the pm. 

lean princip lei} before be give! Iciihcd, v. 7B, >iii. ig9. Au 

CcCar the blow, 134. Africa tempti to fubvert the govern-. 

allolted at hit province, t%^ meat, and i> near exccutiDe it, 

DeUverit third part of hii treat- iv.jjS, Account of hit cocTpi. 

aie to Btutiu, *9t. Behave* nsy, jb. HiaicMnplica, iba 

CiAT f ?i J CAT 

*ne procndingi Mnrtqueat ingl, *nd tbe Intcnft at V«Uti> 

thcKupan, ib. Hit cbtraOer, u*, piocnre bim fricndi tbei*, 

V. 73. Snndi for ihaconruU ib. Hcuippointedi legioniry 

Ihip, ind lolei it, ib. HiireTo- uibuac.iadaEteiwardtquzllor, 

lutioniokill Cicero, Si. Hi* ib. Rifetto the highcH honon 

Ulalcnt (lyinic in the fenate, ib. In linw, and 1i ihe collngue of 

Fiili in hit applicaLion for [he Vilcriui both in tb«coD(ulitG 

(Onfullhip again, ib, li com- and cenfotniip, ib. likuFi- 

nund<d la quit Rone, and af. biuiMaximuilorfaiimodtl, ib. 

(emblei an acmy, 83. Debaui When quEftor to Sclpio iathe 

in the folate concerning the Afiicanexpeditittn, com*! home 

manut in which hii Kcompli' taaccnFe him of laviniingthe 

ca Qiould be puniOied, 86,87 public money, 309. Called tha 

He and hh aimy deflroyed by Raman Deraofthenea, ib. Th« 

Caiu) AotOnius, S3. Romani compaiaclvely corrupt 

CdtD the CenfoT, bid to be in his time, ib. Hii exireme 

born at Tutculum, ii. 305. lemptlarce and frugality, 31O. 

Lives in hii youth on ■ paternal Flutarch't letlcAioniun biilelU 

dlatenear thAouiitry ol the ing hit old navei, 311. When- 

Sabinei, ib. Hii third name o- governor of Sardinia, hepuU 

liginallv Priicus, ib. Why the people of that country to 

c^ged lo Cato, ib. Hii hair no mannerof charge, 311. In- 

led, and eyeigrey, ib. Healthy cxorable in whatever lelatci Co 

and ftrong, tor be waa inared public juAice, ib. The oiturs 

ts labor and temperance, go6. of hti llyle, ib. Hit renlark- 

Conlidert eloquence a> an id- able faying), 313 — 31J. Sent 

ditional body, ib. fladi caa- into the Hither Spain, 315, 

(n in the village] and bor- Hirea iroopa of theCelliberijct, 

ought, but plcadi withoDl fee ib. Gains a great battle, 316. 

or reward, ib. Military glory Takes four handred towns, ib, 

Aill a greater ohjeQ with him,' Givei every loldjer 1 pound 

ib. Makes hii firll campaign at weight of filver, over and above 

the age of iiventeen, when Hso- hi. booly, ib. Keeps not only 

ibal was at the height of hi) himfelf, but all hit dependtnli 

--'■----■ Italy, ib. Hilbe. frORlex ■ - -• ■ 

a battle, ib. Marches bimlell appointed hit fucceiJbr, 

on foot and carrio his own near d>e cunclurion of the wtr; 

amu, ib.. Never angiy with a meafure that reileAs difhoiioc 

his fervant for hit manner of on faira rather than on Cato, ib. 

dreflingbii viauilt, ib. Wa- and 317. ' Cato ii honored 

ter hit common drink, ib. In with a triumph. 317. He is 

thiarefpeabe followed the ex- equallyindultriouiin thepuhlic 

tmpte of Maniui Curiut, ib. Ictv ice afterwards, ib. Goes a 

Servei under Fabius Maiimui volunteer with Tiberius Sem. 

it the firge of Tarentum, and pronius into Thrace, and with 

forms a. conneKinn then with Aciliui Glabria into Greece, 

Neinhutthe Pythagomn, 307. 317. Sneral Grecian cities n- 

Ifama Greek at • laic period, volt, bjt Cain letaini Corinth, 

ib. What were his lavorilo Patrc, and ^.gium, in their 

■uthori, ib. Valeriu] Flaccui, duty, 318. Tlu purport of hit 

who had a country halite in hit fpesch to the Aihoiiins. ib. 

eetghborbood, tatcet him into Anti 
hU proleaion. and idvifu him 

lD|otoIlome,308, Uiaplead- mopylx, but Cato' laltei 1 

CAT t. ?• 3 

cuit, ind fall* upen hii tar, ib. excn 
■ndsig. Maniui atCacki himin «on< 
fimt, and be it pul lo Sigbl, 
310. Citocarricithe £ra.ncwi 
of Ihe viaary [o K«iae, ib. 
Coafiden it » a great p'olitiul 
duty M pni&cute otFaidenigi I . 
liii brother Lucius, ib. Often 

1. What Hit 


cxtnTigiDt praiCe be give t» 
economy, ih. Difplnkd u the 
influcDcE whiib the cloqiKoce 
of Caroeades hid on tbr RoinaB 
youth, ib. Hu unjult it&ac- 
tiaa on Soentei, 330. Hitpre- 
diSion, ib. Ab eiteiny 10 th« 
Grecian phyriciint, 331. A 
quick himlelF, ib. Marritt a 
young wife ill hit old »ge, 33«. 

be laid chereupan, 
didate for ihe cenfotlhip, 31a. 
Wut ibe pswei of that office 
w»,ib. Cbofai,iiotwiihlUnd-' 
iag hii decluatiom that he will 
he a (even coifor, 313. Vale. 
liai Flaccaa ii appointed hii 
colleague, at hit requefl, ib. — 
He en rdlli Valeriui Ilaccui chief 
of the Icnale, ib. Expelt Lu- 
Ciui Quintiui aud Minilitu, ib. 
Degr^ea Lucius the brother of 
Scipio. ib What be did with 
refpcft to atiielei of luxury, 
3C4. He deiiiplilhu the houics 

wife, to 

■ of Salt.. 
niiLs, ib. Ban the death of 
bii Ion Marcui with the mod> 
eiation of * pbilo(opher, ib. 
Wrilei hiAoriei and booki oq 
couQtry affain, 333 Keepi i 
better uble in the cauatry than 
in town, ib. Hb converlalioa*, 
-what, ib, Gsti ambaffadoi^to 
Carthage, 334. Caufis the third 
Puflic war, 335. Diei in the 
beginning of it, ib, A verfe of 
Homer'a which he applied 10 
iflerwaidi [he lecoad 


«, 336. 

Ilul jutted out into the llreet. 

C4/B, Mtrcui, foo of Cato tb< 

ib. U lined two lalenu, 315. 

Cenlor, lofei bis fword in battle. 

Ccnlured for building the Por- 

ii.174. Whathedoestorecov- 

cianhsllat du public charge, 

cr it, ib. Marries the daugh- 

ib. The people en£t hitftatae 

ter of Piului *miliuB, ga?- 

in d>e temple •£ Iheili, ib — 

CflfD, Ihe graodfithet of Cato 

The infetiption on that ftatue. 

the Cenfor,had five horfcs killed 

ib, What be had laid before 

under him in battles, ii. 305. 

concerning ftatues, ib. Of all 

Caw SalmiiLi, ii. J3». 336. 

men the molt forwarf 10 com. 

CbW of Ulica, great gtandfon 

mend himlelf, ib. Choofej a 

of Cato the Ceofor, iv, 319, 

wife rather for familv than for. 
tune, 316. Prefers iheehataftcr 

Left an orphan, together with 

his brother Ca^pio and hit liflet 

of a goad huCband to thai ef a 

Porcii, ib. Brought up in the 

great lenator, ib. Takes upon 

houfe el Liviui Drulus, hit 

himfelf the education of hit ion. 

mother's brolh-^r, gao. Had 

ib. His fon'i conftitution and 

great firmnefi and folidity when 

qualities, 387, That foo mar. 

achild, ib. Extraordinary jn- 

tiea Tenia, Ihe daughter of 

llauces of his intrepidity, and 

Paului .«miliui, ih. Caio'. 

!«ve of juflice in that period. 

321. He alks hii preceptor for 

3>9. Tutiii hilthonghli from 

afwordtokillSyila, 312. Kij 

aiilwer to tliofe that aiked him. 

whom he loved mod, 3113. Kit 

ufury upou {hips in Ibe moil 

alK^ion for bis brotlier Czpio 

vcrygieat, ib. He ukes upon 

money to hii (laves, 329. In 

him the prielHumd of Apollo, 

what manner repaid, ib. The 

ib. Forms 1 cotiaeflion widi 


AntipiEcr oETjrrCt forlhe<ake 
offtiidying the Stoic philoCo- 
phy, ID. Culdvtcei Ihe elo- 
quence which WBS htSos popu- 
l»r affemblia, ib. The firil oc- 
caiionofhii {peaking in pub' 
lie, 3>4. The ualuie of hu d- 
oqueace delcribcd, ib. He 
llienctheiu hii coofiiLution by 

hit court, 3tg. HiifnaniiGr at 

IravellLng, and tsn not to ba 
trDiiblerome ib. Metti with 
a plafiuil adventure on enteriog 
Aniiocli, 330. Pompey gives 
him an honorable reception it 
Ephefui, ib. What Curio hat 
laid to Caco with refpefi to 
hii traveling, 331. Deiotarui 
TtavcJiilwayioo ftrongly importunes him tore- 
Coot, ib. I) retaarkably patient ceive his prelents, and he make* 
and abfteniaui in fickacCi, ib. averylhort Hay at hii court. 
Qriak!. at firft, only one glab on account of that importunity, 
after hii meals, but in time ib. He lails from Brundurium 
loves to lit over a battle, foi co Rome in the Ihip that canied 
the lake of philolbphicti con- Cepio't remains, and has a bad 
verCation, ib. Very iaattenlive parftge, ib. When qoiftor, 
to hii drefi, even wheO he ap- mak^ a great rcformatiaa in 
■eared in public, 315. l.endi that departi 

ii money to hii f cien< 
interelt, ib. Knows no wo 
before his martiage, ib. 
his Eirlladdreneato Lepida, 
di Appointed, 

inft t 

proceed ingi 

Marriu Auilia tha daughter of 
Soianui, ib. Serves is a volun- 
teer under OeUi 

Calls the adafliiis, employed by 
Sylla, to sccount, 333. Pre- 
vents 1:1s colleague Marcellui 
from making an unjuft grant, 
laiH' 334. Alwayi attends the meet- 
hole ings of the fenale, ib. Watches 
overthe condu£l of Pompey, 
335- Oppolei the pemicious 
praQifei of Clodius, ib. Hit 
veracity boconei proverl)iil, ib. 

with Spa rtacui, ib. A law Not inclined to olferhtmrelf for 
being made agalnil the u(t of tribune of the people, but putt 
nomenclaiors, he. commits the a force upon himVelf when he 
names of the citiuni to mem- finds that MetellusNepos Sands 
Dry, 316. Goes with a tri- for that ofiice, 33G. Being ap- 
buiie's commiflioQ under Ru- jiointed tribune, he gives the 
~ people a levere charge with leU 

pe£t to corruption intheconfu- 
lar eleflioDs, 337. Profecutei 
Murzna for oifending in that 

briut gives blm the command 
of a legion, which he forms in 
the moft excellent manner to 

to Pergimus,and prevails upon 
Alhenodorui the Stoic, to re- 
turn with him, ib. Hii broth- 
er C«pio dies at j£,nut in 
Thrace, 318. On this occafion 
he (bows rather the Tenfibility 
of a tirother thin the fortitude 
of a philofopher, ib. Is left 
coheir with Cxpio's daughter, 
ib. Cxlar't calumuy againfl 
bim, ib. Great exprelTK 
affeSi ' 


departure, ib. 

and Deiotarui 

Vot, VI 


Banding, confults him during 
his confulfbip, ib. Cato fup- 
ports the fupien-.e magiflrate by 
many excellent mea(uiea during 
the turbulent times of CatlUne, 
338- He prevails with the fen- 
ate to decree that the, cootpi- 
racors Ihould be, capitally pun- 
iihed, 339. A billet is brought 
tu Czlar in the Ibiate houle, 
oF and Clio infiRs on having it 
read publicly, ib. The billet 

CAT E 74 a CAT 

■iio), ib. The conduQ oFhii lyricutn md the Gaulifor fr»« 
own wife AttiVa not unexcip' yati ; upon whkh C>to KlU 
tionabli, ib. He divoreethfr, Ihnn, ttiy were voting ■ ly- 
ib. Minia Miicli ifce diueti- nnt into the citadel of Rome. 
ler of Philip, 34O. Uonenliiii it>, CUo ii feni to Cyprui, 
defiret to km ber, and Cato that Clodiui might be able to 
eivcs her up to him, ib He banifh Cicera, si». Cato, be. 
pertuades the fcnaW lo giant fore hit drpeiiurc, exhorts Ci- 
the people a free gift sf corn, crro to yield to the neceffity of 
in order (o counleiwork the ibe times, ib. Bringi Ptolemy 
popularity of Ciefar, 341. The king of Cyprus 10 fubmit by 
ill, policy of that pruceeding, negotiaiiom, ib. Ptoletev, kinj 
ib. n. Mettliui propofet id ot EgypI, who vita on hi) way 
cdiA lo call Foaipey and hii Id Rome, to (oltcit hii reel, 
tioops into lDly> intending Iq tablilhment in that kingdom, 
give up the Date into his hands, waiti on Cilo M Rhoda, 3^ j. 
ib. Cato oppofei him at the The good advice that Cato give 
haiard of bialife, and tucecedi, him, fb. Piolemy of Cyprus 
Ai'i 343' P<wen» the (mate poiloni liimlelf, ib. Cato r^ 
irom voting Metelliu iof»mouj, ftorei the Byiantlne exilfa, and 
343, ProeuisiLuoullua biitii- wconcitej them to their fellow 
umph, which Memmiua had at- citiiena, ib. Ofl^di Munatiui 
nmpled to deprive himof, 34). by hi) minule attention to th« 
PtevecU the fenate from gnnt> ble of Ptolcmy'i gooda, 35a. 
ing Pompey's rcquifilion to de- Munallus is nconciled to him, 
fcr the eleQron of confuh till through die mediation of Mar- 
fall arrival, ib. Pompey de- cia, 351. Cato retumi near 
mandi two of Cato's nieces in fcven thoufand talenli of lilver 
marriage, the elder for hinfelf, to Rome, ib. Ht> bonoiable 
and the yoinger for bis fon ; reception there ;and great priv- 
■nd Cato nfufei him, ib. Pom- ilexes decreed him, which h* 
pey is foon after guilty of open declines, ib. and 351. Cicero, 
, bribery, ib. What Cato laid en his return from tnnithment, 
to the women upon tt, 345. pulls down the tribunitial iSj 
Calo'i bad policy, in rejtfiinj ef Clodius, 35a. Catodefendi 
the alliance of Pompey, throws thnn, ib. Thii occafioni « 
him into -the arms of Cxfar, ib. coldnefs between Cicero and 
Cato lupportj LuculluJ againft Cato, but afterwards they- are 
Pompey, ib. Oppofcs the A- reconciled, ib. Ca la r, Pompey, 
grariiui law propoted by Pom- and Crallus, etefl ihemftlve* 
pey ind Cailar, ib. Thcycarty Inio a triumvirate, and, ai it 
it againfl him by violence, 346. were, divide theempiieamODgll 
The fcnste it commanded to them ; upon which, Cato ad- 
iwesr to the obfcrvance of the vilfs his brother inlaw Lucius 
law, ib. Cito is prevailed up- Domitius lu oppole them will) 
ijn by Cicero 10 tal;etheoiih. ib. leipeft lo ihe confulihlp, 353. 
tie oppofes Cefar wjih lefpefl Pompey and Cnffus drive Do- 
to the diltribution of lands in mitius out of the Campus Mir- 
Campanla, Bid Cxfarleadshim tius by violence, and ihey are 
lo prifnn, 347. Cielarperccivei elefled confulg, ib. Caio it 
the bad policy of that mca(ure, wounded in the fray, ib. Calo 
and engages one o I the tribunn flands for Ihe prsiorfhip, l>ut 
to rcfcue him, ib. The people Pompey deteata him by very 
note Czlat tl^e'pToviiicu of II- unfair ncMis, jj^. Cato, in m 


ilready ItlaA by 

fel [he EotnTnon wealth, ib. He adverfe piny, ib. Cos [i 

jSRTcDtitliepeoplafiam pulling Fompey (t Dyrrhachium, 364. 

down Pompey'i lUtuea, 355; AdvifutoprocraDInatelhe war, 

Tb11« Poia|!<y Thai he wai and that no R«iiiid Ifaould be' 

niGng Cicfar, to the rum of killed, except in (he field of 

UmMf and the comraonwntth bilCle, ib. Goes inta ACa far 

too, ib. Iselefted prastor, but Ihepurpofs of nifing men and 

difgracei that o&ce by ibe (hipf, lb. Pompcy, jejloui of 

netDnef] ot hii dicli, lb. Cato'i love sf liberty, givei the 

Moves fur a law, that eveiy command o! the ilex ta Blbu- 

feandidate Siauld declare upon lut, 36,5. Pompey't addrefsio 

oath Lhat he had been guilty, of the arinjr little regarded, in 

no bribery, 356^ Clodraiaeca- com par lion of that ofCato, ib. 

lei Cato of enbexiling a q uan. Fompey, aFier his fucceti at 

tity of the Cyprian tresfAr?, DynhjchiuHi, leaves his maga- 

SS7- Matcui FivoniHi, a friend z'mei there, togclbtr with Af- 

of Calo's, eleaedxdileihraigh teen culiorts, undec iIk com- 

his afliftance, 35ft. Ctto can- mind of Cato, ib. Af»r th* 

dafls tlie public entetUiDincati ovenhrow at Pharralii, Cato 

forFavoDiui with temarkable p>ik^ into Corcyra, and takes 

paiiimony, ib.- Sci^ie, Hyp- Iheoommand of the tint, 36(1. 

icua, and Milo, being candi- Pompey the younger would 

drteifoTtheconlulite, and no- have killed Ci::en>, but Cato 

thing but violence and aaaichy livn bim, ib. He is intormed, 

itreviiliB;, Cato (tippeiti Blbu- on the African coad, of the 

loi's motion tfet' PSmpey- death of Pompey, ib. His- 

Hiould be decliTed folc conLl, march through the dehru of 

359. Reproves Pompey for Lybia, to join Eciplo, ib. Cor- 

lome partial proceeding), 3*0. nid* the pride ot Juba, 367. 

Cato, jealoui of cbe progMs Refulci to takethe coranund of 

IhiCCBlar wai mikiu towards tbeatmy upon him, but repents 

fupreme power, ilandi forihe of Uaflervarilt, 363^ Saves th* 

Donfullhip, ib. Loia liisilec- Ucicaoi Cram beii^g put 10 the 

lion by his teal againd bribery, fword, ib. FoniiieiUtica, and 

361. Oppofes a diankfgiving filUicwithprovirnn), ib. fiA- 

ft>rC«(ar^iviaorle! inOerma- vKtiScipioto piKiceoa (lowly 

ny, ib. A propolalbtiaginade in the war, but is notaiiended 

in the fiMiale to appoint a Cue- to, Ib. Scipio is defeated and 

csfbr to Cxhr, and Ca:fi['i ruined in the battle of Thapfua, 

friaids oppofing it, except on 369. Cato's Cpeech to the three 

eenainonditioHS, CatodocliRa haadred, 37a. They give up 

that Cxiai had now throwa otF the thouxblt of flmding a Citft, 

the malk, 3S1. On Cclac'i 371. What pai!bd between Ca- 

taklng AriiunBTD, Cato advifes to and a body of ravaUy, 371, 

the fenate to put every [hin^ in 373. Statylliui affefts 10 imi- 

Ihchandi of Pani]>cy. ib. Sends tatethe Gntuied of Cato, 375. 

bia younger Ion to Munitiss ID Clrcamflancei previous to ihs 

the country of (he Brutii, 363, death of Cato, 376, 377. Cir. 

Takes Marcis again, on die camftaaces of bis death, 378, 

death of Horlen Tius, ib. fV>l- 379. 

lows Pompey with his ddell Ctio, but of Cato of Utraa, 

(»n, ib. Ii ippoiiiled n tbe iv. 3S0. His intrigue with th* 


E 7fi j CEP 

Cilir, one of Ihe frimdi o( 

Ramuliu, laid ta bethe pcribn 

CaUli, the wraith of the pritn- 
lli«tima, i. 247, 

Calulas, Lutitiui, coniul with 
Mtriui, iii. 97. Guard) the 
couattyoftliGNaiici,ib. Qnili 
the |»IIci of the Alps, 64. Puti 
bimfelf It the head of hii flying 
farco, that they might feein to 
be only lelreating, 65. Fightj 

■ battle in conjunaion with 
Mariui, and the viSory ii chief, 
ty owingtoCaUilus, 6g. Voh 

■ temple ■-''■■ 


that killed Remiu 


i. se. 

Cilcr, Metellui.why io called, 
Cclixnii, in Uppir Phiygia, 
ighi ti 

Hi> ■>; 
I of hit t 

Ciltri , 
Romului uled as a llfcgu: 
lOg DiimiOiid by Numa, 169. 

Cilitact, arguDMUt agaiall it, 
i. t04, ioj. 

Cil/ys, Mariui, ■ friend of 
CalbaV, V, 419. Ssved by O- 
tho, 41^. Their fiid interview 


nimlelf, to the great vexil 
•fMariui, 114, 135. Cati 
sjnfor wLthCtaffuj, 304. < 
pofesCralTm'gaitrrnpi to m 

ed. lb. 

□E their < 

iitrians, iii. 41, 339. 
Deraand two hundred talcBtt 
tiutary, ib. Acculei nfCato for theiralfiliaaec in Ml 
9 the fcnaie, for felting wan, and he agieei t» the d*. 
■ ■■'■ ' '- ■■- ' romd, ii. 315. 

1. aas, UOfar' 
ir for the pontifii 



'- 53- 


CatuluJi conful with 
>;8. Hii addrefi to 
ig Ponipty, 

iv. b8. Endeiv< 
ohniiiioui feerelary in the 
quxOnr'i olEce, 331. Blamn 
Citeiofot fufferinjCifarto et. 
capo in Catiline'i confpitirey, 
126. Hiideadi, iii. gg. 

* Cmiinjti, Houat, i*. So. 
iii. aog. V. Its. 


. sas. ' 


(ize,>nd foreign dreli, 411. 
. CiJiliai, Marcui, ioformed 

TdKArM, V. 135, 363. 
* Ctninen^tfj, i 94. g6. 
Ctnfir, office of, i. 303, ». ii. 

Ctafor dying in hii ofiii^e, n 
ijiiuipicioiis ciicumAance, i. 
314, I. None 10 bear thilof- 
Bee twice, ii. 77, The wfpea 
the eenfora paid Pompey, iv. 

Ctafarism of the family of the 
MiFCii, ii. 77. Accufes Syllaef 
extortion in Cappadocia, but 
does not bring him to hii trials 
iii. 116. 

Cnjinieii and Mcgabacchui 
compiiiioas of youni; CtaSui, 
iii.3.8. Theformerordcrshii- 
armor bearer to kill kim, 3*0. 

Ctalurici io Rome, ii. 95. 1, 

Ceniiia-s, their battle with tha 

approach of the Gauli, i. 314, 

e of (he lapithc, i, 70. 

Ophalks, Icat fron Corijith 

CHA C »7 ] CBA 

to-iffiffi Timoleon in eompiling fo*: Phocion, ib. Lofci M> lilt 

■ body of Uwi for the Syracu- by hii tuat in incmpdng M 

.f>Di,-ii. 140. . Un<lin^i&afCbia>,ib. 

C(pib/fli,afTkiidaf Aratot'), aaren.toanierolCiiKnmea, 

V. «e8. ' iii. 14.*- 

Ctpkifiai, t rauTKiiB, iit. 9. Charnd^i, irchon it Atbettt, . 

C<^^ni}, «ne w<tM sffilhid v. €■. 
Pelopidai in l1eli\«ring Thcba, * Charenea, Ibe pitce of Flo- 

faHi m the tttaclc upon Leonli- tmYrt niliWity, i, 11. iii. 170. 

■ ■ ' HUtory •( itj intibia "' " 

the fl»ti»ry,. 

B>Mle> I 

* Oidctdm, befiegcd by AIi- 

Ctramicm, pirt af AtlOM fe cibiidei,ti.te. Sy MidHidUa, 

railed, iv. 316. Tite {iptifici. iii. ■•■. 

tion of the word, iii. lOj. n. 

Ctratmian ■lur, an almbuilt 
•f boro>. S«e Krrtln. 
* CWMiam iBomttii 


Cirttns, IV. ij(, 

Ctr^ma, the taemc «f Aiio- 
SRii, Of Pluto'a dag, i. 71. 

* Ccciiu, ifle of, iii. 8^ . ti 

Cercym the Arcadian, The^ 
feu kill] W™ in wreftling, L 
^1. and nvifha his ddigbltT, 

, i. 105. The Spartaoi 
d to heron Wing 
mine, 1 53 Hn itryfte- 

lemplcoif Mi- 
nerva at Sfsia, i. lae. iv. 390. 

* Oli'liuiiaii, fortldli ibe 
gmtrwfi of Sylla, iii. i(6. 

" Ciilctj, i.ea ii. 359, 374,. 
38»,3Bi.v. 15,. 

CUkldn, i. 6;, 74. 

■Ch*maltim, never xhingei M 
white, ii. 57. 
* Cialafira, ir. 19D. 


Hit teinpie af Hermioi 
dercd by Sk ■ ■ 
Ccthtps "' 

Ctlhtgui tb« tribune, hli fla- 
Ijitioui life, iii. 198. A» enemy 
toLucullui, 199. An accom- 
plice in Catiline's confpincy, 
IV. 339. v.a^., He»ndLentu- 
lui put 10 death by ordei of the 
[snate, 3S. Hid bfleavmployea 
b}' CatUine to kill Cicero, 8>. 

ChiirUi ilie Athenian, gan 
to j£;ypt, and TkIvm m^ea' 
himadmini, iv. 40. WSen gen- 
eral of the Athenian!, Phoeion 
9 under hii 

Chares^ Xht Adicnian general, 

with young M^ Timothcnis'i oblcrvalion on hia 

fhoviFing hii woimda, ii. 197. 

ntto thi itTiilance of ihc By, 

• C*«rw, Fiver, v, 367- 

C*«r«llie hiftoilan, iv. 155. 

CliarkUi, Riocion'i fon in 

jw, execute! a fcmdaloai c jm- 

niifBfinforHa»palu!,iv. 304. Is 

durafler, ib. His gtcat Ttgaid -finooiaiied to infwer -tor it, u 

Chtrkla, wife of Scinm, 


Chariiemiu ttka Troy, iv. 
CtariJemui the onlor, n 

Citirilmi, kiag of SpirUr 

duid by CimoD, iii. iSj. Of 



Ciicitni, ubd by llie Ranwu 
•ugury, T. 15. 

C^U, bora with uidiplwiii'i , 
id: Srt Frtdigiti . 
iJatim, the wcilcly dcnroy- 
idatSpitU, i. 14a. llieicft 


' edbcilcil t^e, 1 

. - - ' J><- 

refuge in the Chalcioccuii 1 

aiarimaui the divim , . . = -- 

friendof AntDi't, V, 364. difference* betvMen the Giedu 

ClitTiMs, whea erft uled in durini the Feiliin wir, I. 171, 

iriumphi, i. 96. Chtlt, one of Cito'a fUvei, > 

. Ckaria dnwn by four while gnuimitim, ii, 31E. 

hoifet, apprDpriated la Jupiter, * Ciitir* city io tlicin>nd ol 

i. 309. CuDiUuionlyprefumc) that lume, furaiHiet Aicibiidiw 

■ ' ■' ' " with provender for ■ ' ' ' 

, Ciarieli armed with Icythei, 
lii. 113 

Cherp. See Aaultt. 

ClmWn, one of Cleopatn'i 
womai, V. »07, , The defence 
Ae Diakei for her miftreTi, (ge. 

Clarca Unit hii houfe Id Fe- 
.lopidii and theexilei on Ihcir 
Nndertiking to deliver Thcbea 8S. 

.pelt Milhii. 
dito'i forca (ibdi Chiai, iii. 

CUiin, » neircnger intended 
to be fent by Hippo ilhenidaa to 
ID Fdopidu, but fonuMiely 


3 Egyptian moath, i, 


SO J. 


Mith fuch firmneri [hit 
It diCmiilu hit fe*n, 

Oiing poet. 

ClurimiUs, who (o called, t 

ChOTilii , 
retained by Lyftndet, 

CkcUrgie, Periclo of thtt 
■ward, i. 318. 

Ciirni of maCc, fent annual' 
ly to Deloa, by. the i\ 
'■' J1S3- 

Ckaripsi fbn of MachaDi, 

prinie of Epirus, 1 friend to tlK 
■Roman », ii, 367. 

• Oc/'W«iuiiiifl*ndi, iii. 134. 

Chll'imiii, daughter of Leo- 
tychidg], and 

Ckruxtfida, while walked 

"aV. i. 67. 

Ciiyfanlts, an officer in tl^ 
»nny of Cyrut, ii. bSS. 

Chr^irmu, bii fon Plolemji 
ICeof Cleony- killed by CJeomenei's puly 1* 
miu. 111. 3s. n criminal com- Alexindiit, iv. 430. 
mercebetweenberandAcTDIatui Ckryfiffvi,t. 34). 
the fon of Areui, in which tlie Ckr^s, ■ courlezaa, one of' 
Spinani -eueouTage ibem, 3>. Detnecriui'i miftreflei, v. 135. 
^d 35. Ckryfagmius tiK muGciai, iu 

CManis, daughter of Leoni. eS. ' 
du, and wifeof Cieotnbrotui, a Chryfigmus one of Sylli'l 

pattern of love and duty to ber frudtnen, v. 7 1 . 
father and her hulbiad,iv. 394. ticcrc, Marcui Tulllui, bii- 
• Chtrfottife of Epirui, iii. b. mother Helvia of a noble fimi- 
efThracf, solaniud by Ved- ly and excellesl cbvaiUr, v- 

etc C 7> ] CIC 

C9> VaTlouiaccoBnttofdMfon- a milevolcnl nun, ib. WIiu 

ijyof hij. father, ib. Whence quEfloridSicily,{upplieiRoins 

Ibcnanw ofCicero.ib. What with com, ib. Nocwitbftuidiiis 

helaid on hii friendi. idviliog thii juflicc ladmo- 

iiijp to.chanjc his name, ih. dentiaa recommend him to th* 

Inftoid of bii third oime, eit- Sicilian!, ilk from in >dveii- 

xnv^ tvftchupon (valewhich ture on hii return perceives the 

be dedicated when quElUr in flow progreli otfimc, 74. Ac~ 

Sicily, ib. Of diftinguifhed rep' quiioti himfdf with the naniu 

utition amoDglt hit fchool fcl- and connexions of tbc Roinani, 

low I, 7 a. Hit poctty, ib. At. ib. Will take no fee vr reward 

mdi the lemurs of Philo the for hii lervlcu at ibc bar, ib. 

Acidemician, and ftiidiea law In what tnanner he gained the - 

under MucIu<Sczvola,il>. Geti Sicilians thriiciufe againftVerr 

■ talle of millDiy knowledge Ta, ib. and 7 j. Hit infwet to 

nnder Sylla in the Marfiaa war, Hortenrmi, when he [aid he 

71. Withdraws to aphilato- could notlolve riddle), 75. TIk 

phic life, on account of the dif- preleoti the Siciliaoi made, him, 

orders of the Hale, ib. Detcnds when zdiLe, ib. His couotrvr 

Rofciui, when icculed by Syl. feats, 76. Tbe fortune his wif« 

la'i orden, oF the murder at bit Terentti brought him, ib. Has 

btber, Ib. In fear of Sylla't re- a.numbci of men of letlen*- 

lentmant, rctlni to. Greece, un- bout him, ib. Very ablLemiona 

der pretence d( doing It for lui in hia diet, and attentive to cx- 

bealth, ib. His habiCofbody ercife, ib. Gives up hit town 

flender, and hit voice harlh, ib. houfe to hii brocher, and takei 

Attends the leSuret of Anti- up hii reTidence on the Palacioe 

ocbus 11 Atheoi, and admirei hili, ib, Hai a levee at great as 

hii elocution, ib, Lovei the Cnffus or Pompey, itu Re. 

new academy, 71. Receives the turned firft wieo candidale for 

newiofSvlU.'s.dcUh, ib.. Hit the prztoilhip, Ib- Condemns. 

bcaltb and manner of fpaking Llciniui Macer, and the culprit 

gready impr«ved,ib. Hiifiienda killi bimlelf, ib. Hit behavior 

H Rome (oticit hia return ; but toVatinim, 7}. .and to Manll. 

be firft (alls to AGa, and attends ua, ib. Out of fear ot Catiline 

the phi Id lb phcri and. rhetoric iani and hit affociatei, the patrician* 

there, Jb. How ApolloniusMo- join the plebeians to rai(uigCi< 

lowas afFcaedat Rhodes, on cero to thecanrut(hip,.73.. Tb* 

Cicero 't declaiming inG reek, ib. deteftable character ind deGgni - 

Cicero confulu the oracle at of Catiline, ib. Cptiline folic itj 

Delphi, which bidi him fallow theconfullhip.ind lofeilt iCi- 

nature, and not the opinion of cero and Caiua Antoniut being 

the roultitiide, 73. Thismakei appoinied to that olBce, 79. The 

him cautious o? any attempts tribuneiof thep^oplepropofelo 

towards popularity, ih. Allaft let up a decemvirate, but Cicera , 

tiebetakcihiaifelftathebir,an4 quafhcs.the bill, ib, and 80. In. 

is immediilcly dihioguifhed llance of die force of hij eJo- , 

above ell ihe oraloti in Rome, qucnce in bringing the people to 

ib. Finds advantage in point rdi(h a theatrical regulation iq 

o( a&ion, from the inHruAiont favor of the equelliian order, , 

of Ro[ciuaandjEfop,.ib. What So. Catiline ha fteui his enter. 

ha bid of bawling oriton, ib, prife before the return of Poin« 

Bis free ule of hii talent at n^ pcy, Bi. Privately engagesSyU 

iwrtec geu him the cbauOer.of la's vctenns, at ibe betd af 

CIO c •» I; crc 

Wlibn wu Minliui, 9). Cicero hifcimiHloiM, ib. LentDliii puW 

Irriiigi ■ charge ipinft him ia' i>S hii prxtoriin robe in the 

■he iaatt, but hu not faficient baiiFc, an^, with hi] acconipli' 

Eofi, ib, CatiKm offer* hhn- cm, ii fclMn Into cnftoJy, ib. 

igjinfoTthsceofullhip.bDt Cicero givea the people an ac- 

lofet it throHgh rt)e lijilnce coont of the proi-efdiogs b( the 

KndinterefioFCic<ro, ib. Cnf- ^*y, ib. Spends the night fal- 

fui, MarceDui tai MetCllui le win gin Confide ring wlut pun • 

Gcipio.cometoCicero'thmireat ilhment heOiouId inllia on the 

midnighlilndbTingi f icfcet of criminals, 86. Silanui vaKsfat 

letlin which give light into the the higheft puniAiment, ib. The 

iBtended maj&cic, ib. Cicera Mhei (enaton do the fame, till . 

BfTemblca the lenite, and pro- it comei to CzfiTi-wbo waibe- 

dnca the pKliet, Si. Q. Atri. lintd himie^ not to dillike 0^ 

IB informi the (enate ef the de> Omfpincy, ib. CtfiT dcclaiei 

fignj of Syllabi veter>n<, ib. only forcon^iffationBiidiiDpTi^ 

Tile conruli ate enif owered to fooment, 87. LuWtioj Citijl* 

■fk in the biJimei they tiiiok for capital ; which is [up potted 

IkR For the piefetvation of the t>y Ciio, (nd cenlimied by the 

commonwealth, ib. Cicerotat:e» Mnte, ib. Cicero Icadi tlK 

the care of the city upon him- convi^ {everally through the 

ftlf, ib. Oaljliiu rendtMarclui tdrata to prifon, where ^eyare 

and Ctlhegirt taafTiJEaiie hhn ; executed, ib, Tlie peoplecall 

but be ii apprrfcd of ha danger htm the pieferver imd ^ond - 

by Tulvia, ib. Cicero iffemblei founder of Rome, 8S- Catiline 

Aafenacc, and C»Ulineappe«ra giret Calui Antoniui battle,and 

and attempu to fpok, hat i> i> deftroyed with hit whole ar- 

preveated, ib. and Sj. Cicera i»y, ib, 0»br, now prartor, , 

tonmands hin to quit Rome ; lod two of the tribanea pre. 

and he marchesoat withenfigni Tent Cicero from addreOing th« 

of authority, indioon alTemblea people, and allow him only to 

la army of twenty thoofand talte the oath on laying down 

men, S3. 'Antony, Cicero't coU his sfGce, ib, andSg. He take* 

league, ia fent igainft him, ib, it inafotm ef^iiownpSc), Tin 

lentdushea^ tHeconfpinton saenrpla againfl him defeated 

In Rome, ib. Ttie ebarafteh' of 'byCato, ib. He gains the glo- 

Lentulus, A. He ii deceived Tioiu title of Fitherofhiscoun. 

tiy pralenAed prophcciei, ib. try, ib. His vanity di^ lifting ; 

ReTolvei Id kill the whole fen. VM not unwilling that othci> . 

Ite, and bum the cirv, Si- thould baveiliejr (hare of hon. 

The confpiratots take the am. »r, ib.ind 99. His tefbimoniea 

balLdoTi of the Allobrogea jnto to 'tbe merit of AriKotle, Flats, 

the plot, and charge them with , »nd Dunofthenes, 90. ftvorj 

letters, to their nation, and 10 he did Cralippus, ib. Hii fon 

Catiline, ib. ThBy fend oneTi. ftudiei under that phJlofopheT, 

luiOf Crotona with the ambaf^ ' ib. Georgiisacculed of accuf- 

ladors, ib. Cicero, by hii great tomingyoung Cielir to a I ife cX 

vigilance and-addrefs, difcoven )>]eafure and inlemperance, ib. 

this affair, ib. Ij^sanambufh Cicero's fuperiorkeennefsof eX' 

for the Ctolonian, and feizej prelBon leads him into violation's 

him ; theambafEadors privatdy of decorum, ib. Inftancn of 

affifting the flaie, Bj. Cicero that keennefs, 91, 92, 93. CIo- 

aHembles the lenaie, and lays rJiusbKomesCicero'joiemyfot 

the letters before it, ib, Odier giving evidence Jgainft his pte 

CIC C «' 

■f an aliii, it the time when 
he entered Cziar'i houCe in diC- 
piife, gj. Clodiui i) elefied 
tHbuneof the people, and ac- 
t»ciu Cicero, 95. How ihe iri- 
umvinte cben jlood aiTeQed to- 
ward > Cicero, ib. Ciceroappiies 
toCxbrfoialieulenancy under 
■■'-1 in Gaul ; but relioquiOiei 

- ] CIC 

^al Cablet, ind endeavon to aa- 
nul them, but ii prevented by 
Cats, ib. Milo killi Clodiiu ; 
and, being arniened foT the 
faft, choofet Cicero for hii ad- 
vocate, 109. Cicero, though b 
able ai 

t aftei i 

9 grantii 

g6. Thiioffendi Cafar, 96. Clo- 

for putting Lenluius and Ceihe- 
gus to death, ib. Cicero puu 
on mourning, and ^wentylhou- 
fandyoungmciiof the beft fam- 
ilies fupplicale the people with 
him, ib. He applIettoPompey, 
who ungratefutly deferti him, 
ib. Dedicate! a fbtue of Mi- 
nerva in the capilnJ, 97. Fliei 
from Rome at midnight, ib. Ii 
treated in general willi gnat 
klndnefi, notwithltandlni hit 
banifhment and interdiSion 
from RreA water by CIodius,ib. 
What happened on his tailing 
um, 98. He bean hi) tx'iic in 
■ manner unhecomiog a philo- 
fopher,ib. Clodiujbumshlivil. 
lai; and in the place when hit 
-houfe ftood in Romn, erefb a 
temple to Liberty, ib, Affronti 
Pompay, who now repents of hi) 
Cuffc ring Cicero to be baniihed, 
ib. The fenata rerolvci to def- 
patch no public bufincfs tillCi- 
ceto is recalled, gg. A great 
tumult ea Cue!, in which Quin- 
tal, the limther of Cicero, is left 
for deed, Ib, Milo fummans 
Clodiui 10 anfwer for hit viola- 
tion of tils public peace, ib. 
, Pompey driva Clodiui out of 
the fonim, and the people vote 
for Cicero's return with great 
unanimity, ib. The lenate viu 
with the commoni in zeal for 
Cicero, ib. Thecitiei, through 
which he. palTei, do the ijm*, 
lb. Heretumafiicteennionthsaf. 
ler hi) banilhment, ih. Eiazea 
CtodLuf's afbfrom thetritMui- 

rpeaking, i 
of the 1 

pnieontuUntaCiticia, whe 
behavea with great integrity, . 
prudence and moderation, lOi. 
Brings the Cappadociani to fub. 
mil to Ariobarinnei without 
bloodlhed, ih. Roult the rob- 
heri who had pofTeffed them- 

filjled lapcTiltr hy the armv, 
ib. Hi) anfwer to the xdile 
Cfflliui, who applied to him for 
panihcii, ib. n. Vifita Rhodei 
and Athens ia his return, 1O3. 
rifid) llie flames of civil war 
ready to>realt out at Rome, lb. - 
Hia faying on the fenale's de- 
great doubt and perplexity as to 
tlie party he Oiould lake, ih. , 
Cxfar would have been fitisiicd 
with his Ibnding neuter, but at 
lafthe joint Poropey,ib. Cato 
blamet him for not nmainiae 
at Rome, ib. He repenti of 
the Aep he had taken, 103. 
DifparagM Fompey'a pieplra- 
tioDS, counfeli, and alliea,' ib. 
Some flrokej of wit and repar- 
tee, in which he indulged him- 
felf in the camn, lb: After the 
battle of Pharlalia wu loA, Ca- 
to defkrei Cicero as a perfon of 
confular dignity, to take (he 
command of the fleet ; and,on hii 
refufal, young Foropey.thnat- 
enstokHI himjih. He wail, 
at Bruodufium for Casfafs re- 
turn from Egypt, lOj. Is treat- 
ed by tho conqueror with great 
humanity and regard, ib. Th» 
oompliment Cclar paid him in 
his Anticato, ib, Hiseiequencs 
prevails upon Ccfar to acquit 
LigaTHU, contrary to hiuvfoln- 

CIC C I* 1 C!L 

lien, ib. Hefpoidt hiitiroein eilli him off, and-ukti anothw 

Jhilofophic retiremeHl, and ia collague, ib.ind tio. The iri- 

irmingthe ycung nobtlicy, ib. uovinte it fonncd between 

InvenU Latin teinu in logic ind Antony, Lcpidut uid Odavia- 

aalunl philofaphy, antwetiblc niu, no. They prolcribc two 

to ihe Creek, 1O5. Rarely goei hundred pclfoQt, ill. Cic[ircon< 

to Rome, and then only Ca vote tendi for Cicera a while | but 

Czfit new honors, ib. Whit uponAnlony giving up hit uncle 

he (lid of CzCir'i fctting up L. C«br, and Lepidus agreeing 

Pampey's Siataa, il>, foraii to put hii brother Ptului in ths 

■ defign to write the binary of Ua, Cicero ii bcrificed, ib. 

■ ' iliaptevent- TTie diftrefifol roovemeoM of 

•d, ib. Divorces Terentij. and 

Cicero and hit brother Quintua, 

matiiet a young lady of great 

undertheterrorsofp rofcription , . 

fortune, to whom ha wai guar- 

ib. Tbeypart.m. Quintua 

dian, ib. Loiei bis daughter 

and hi] ion are Utraycd by hi\ 

terTuIlia, loS. Puuawayfait 

Rrvanti to the alTalEni, ib. Ci- 

new wife, becaufe IheJeemed to 

cero it carded to hit couniry^ 

rejoice at the d«uh of Tullia, 

hnufeat Allyra, where he goea 

<b. Atier the death of Czfar, 

on board a velTal, and coalli a- 

Cicero recommeudt a general 

iongloCircieum, ib. Though 

smnelly, and that piavincei 

he hai a favorable wind he^puta 

Jhould bedccteedio Brutuiand 

to Ihore, and iFicr virioui per< 

CaOiui, ib. Antony inflames 

plexing niovenMnU, <eek> th* 
lea again, ib, Omcnt of his 

the people, by Ihowins them 

the dead body o[ Cxtar, and 
the friend] of lilfertyquit the 

death.ib. ThtallaninscoBieup, 

amongft whom vras Popiliu), 

lity, ib. Cic* 

thens, butthenewi of Antony'i under profeeution for parricidev 

refornutUHi invilei him to re< m. He tttetctu hii neck out 

tarn to Rome, 107. Livea ibere of the litM, and HcKoniaa 

iifearof>I%ffin>^n,ib. Oila- givei hioi the £*■! blow, ib. 

viui coiDci to Rometodemaikl Diet in the Aitytbutdi yar of- 

Casfar'j iuberlance, and form* '■"ags, ib. Hi* taad andhaaJ* 

aconntxion with Ciceto, 108, are (aOoMd up ovcrtbc roftrt. 

T%e dream which Cicem had by Antony, ib. Wiat Ai^uf- 

lome yean befote concerning tus ftid of Cicero to one of bit 

Oftavius, ib. The roiVa!tion own grand fBM, ug. AuKuftw 

which Brutua made upOQ that takei the fon of Ciceio for hia' 

new connexionof Cicero's, iC>9. colleague in the conUillhip, and 

Cicero expels Antony, ib. Hii- under hie aufpicts public dil- 

tiui and Panla are fent to give honoris done lo the memory o(' 

Antony baule, ib. The rank Antony, ib. 

ef prsetor and the faices are Ckero, Qaintui, v. 66, 99,, 

gianled to Oftaviui through 111. Befieged by Ambiofi*, 

Cicero's meini,ib. Thecmifiilj iv. E.4. Cifar. relitvea him,. 

Ml in the aSioa, aod their ibid. 

troopi are incorpoisted with 

Ccfor'i, ib. Antony being beit- 

■n, the fetMe. endeavon to {.tclrtas, 1. eott. 

draw youngCcfar'i IToopi f F«Ri OUris, orturban, v. 3; 

him, ib. Czfar perfuades Cice- ■ Ci'^u, Cicero'* bcj 

ro to give him bit intereft for there at proconful, v. lei 

it» contuVhip, and afterward* Otiiini pinta, ibeit ft' 

ciM C «3 J cm 

■K^ audacity, iv. 66, 67. R.C- iDvafionofXeTxe),il>. and ijj, 

iluced by Fompey, 69—71. DiAinguiQiei bimfdf in the bau 

Cillei, Ptolemy 'a general, de- tic of Salamii, 175. The pcch. 

feated and taken prifQDcr by pie begin to be wtaiyofTlte. 

Demetfiu), T. iii. miflocln, and with pleafure re- 

amier, Meliliu, Metcllut 
M.Tullm. Cimber, !>yi hold oj 
CxtiT'i robe, which is 1 figni 
for tie reft to ftiike, iv. s8i, v 

" Ci'tiri and Teutooei invade fa 
Italy with an army of three hui 
dnd thoabnd men, iii, jj. 

tration,ib. Ariftideicontributej 
to his advaiicemcat, lb. Com- 
mands It fea for the Albeniaiu, 
and draws the allies 



ed 10 each other with 
The dei^ierate behavi 
womea upon defeat, id. 

• Cinmerian Bofphorus, paf- 
(:d by the Aroazoni, i. 67. 

by force, but by his 
uoiil^mg niinnera, ib. Defnta 
the Perfians In Thnce, and re- 
dncei their general Butea to fuch 
eiliemity, Slat he bums the ei. 
ty of Eion, aod perilhei in the 
llime>,i77. P1>ais there a col- 
iks fatten- ony af Athenians, and eieda 

rdi, 69. thiee 


, paJt from the fea of pira 

rble hermz in memory 
of his viftory, ib, Tbeinlciip- 
tioni upontbofeheimE, ib. Co- 
lonize! AmpI)ipotis,i7S. Takea 
Scyros, and clears the .£gcaii 


borders of the northern ocean, 
by the Palus Mzatis, into Atia 
Uinor, iii. 53. Their ciriginal 
country (o dark^nd difmal, that 
Hnmer (hence took the image 
•f hell, j4. 

Cimm, the Ton of Miltiadn 
and Hegcfipyle, daughter to 
king Olon^i, iii. 173. In his 
youth not unlike bis gnndfa- 
ther, who got the title ofCo- 
■lemosfor hi] flupidityand in- 
diCcretion, ib. Vet has fome- 
thlng generous and tincere in his 
behavior, ib. Actufed of a 
criminal comnenie with his lif- 
ter Elpinice, ib. Calliai mar- 
riet Elpinice, and pays her fi- 
tbei'inne, 174, Cimonhaihii takes money and Ihi) 
miftrcfres Alteria ind Mnellra, nedoftbe alii 
ib. Marries ICodice the daugh- 
ter of Euryptotemus, ib. His 
great attachment to her while 
Ihe liva, and forrow for her 
death, ib. Equal in courage to 
Miltiadea, and in prudence to 
ThcmiAdcles ; and an houeiler 

' One of the firil 10 Irytlie'fc 

IE of Alheoi at tea, upon the the ri 

.E Thefeul , . 

and carriei them with great fo- 
lemnity to Atbms, 179, Game* 
inllituted at Albent on thjt oc- 
cafion, ib. Gimon's talent for 
fi-iging, ib. His divlfion of the 
booty taken at Seftos and By- 
zantium, ib. Hii hofpitality 

of Athena, iSo. Revives the 
memory of the golden age, 181. 
Though fo kind to the people, 
yet is of ariftocratic principle*, 
ib, Oppofei Ephi>1tes in hii at- 
tempt to abolifh the court of A- 
icopagus, ib. His t;ob1e anfwec 
to Rhsfaces the Perfian, who 
"" He 

bilging them to ferve in perlbn, 
ib. This naturally givci the A- 
thenians tbe fuperioriiy, ib. Ha 
reduces ttte king of Ferfia (bef- 
feftually, that from Ionia to 
Paraphyiia there was not a Per- 
fian ftandard to be ften, ib. and 
181. Reduces the Pharelitei, 
DeEcaU the Perfian fleet ia 

rjLurymedon, and talua 

CIM r «4 ] CIN 

two hundred (hips, ib. ic 1B4. and Cyprai.Ib. Preragu of Mi 

Raujiie PerfunlindforcKthe 6eUb, 191. Defeatitbe Perfim 

lame day, ib. M«u the I^ce. fleet on ibe Aliiiic coaS, ib. 

niciin nin[an:einent| and takei Conccivo a deGgn to oyertum 

all tbdr fhi^i, ib. Obligs the that whole empire, ib. Call* 

king of Peclia, by treaty, 
come within the Cbelidonian iii- 
■ndi with hi« Ibipt, oor within 
a dayi journey of the Greciaa 
(ea vilh hii Und !otte>, ib. 
With the treafure he brings 
home, buildt the wall on the 
fouth fide of the citadel, and 
perromu other public works, 
1S5. Reduce] all tbc Tbnciin 
Cherronefus, ib. Defeats the 
Thiacians, and (ecuics the gold- 
en mines, to riie Athenians, ib. 
I] acculed for not invading 
Macedonia when he had (o fair 
an oppoEtunily, ib. AcquJLLed 
through Elpinice'i application 
to FeKcles, i36. Pericles, du- 
ring the ablencc of Cimon, con- 
traSathejuiifdiaian of the A- 
reopagitei, and hringi almol? " 
caufea before the people, ju. 
Cimon, at his rtlum, attempts 
to reltore that juiiCditJinn, but 
in vain, ib. . The friendfliip 
that (ubfiHed between Cimon 
and the Lacedtemonians, 

■beforeCyprus, ib 

Jupiter Ammon, ib. The god 
declares tbat Cimon is already 
with him, ige. He diea ' ' 
tbe fi^e of Citium, ib 
given orden that the otncera 
ihould fail home with tbe fleet, 
aud in tbe mean time conceal 
hii death, ib. The laft of tbe 
Grecian generals that did any 
thing confidetable againft tli 



what, 1 

Pyrrhut concerning happineJi, 
iii, 16. Sent by Pyrihus to 
Rome wlih prspofals of peace, 
which are rejefled, at. CalU 
a all the fcnite of Kome an alTembly 
sF klngt, E3. Gives Fabiiciut 
an account af the Epicurean 
philofophy, ib. Sent with other ' 
offers ts Rome, a4. Sent into 
Sicily, . 

The 1 


, Father of Tballui, i 

ke, apply to- the Athe- 
nians 'for Inccorsagai^lt tbc He- 
. lou and Medealans, iSS. Ci- 
mon marches to their relief, Ib. 

Corinth, ib. and.iS9! Thel.ace- 
. dcmoniani call in the Athenians 
( fecoad time, and aficrwardi 
dilmifa their troops without em- 
ploying them, 189. TheAihe- 
niauj banith Cimon, and declait 
war againft the Laced xm on ians, 
ib. Cimnn's friends diftingmfb 

ChgonmFarro, , 
Nymphldlui, v. ^c 
death by Galba, ib. 

Ci'ia, Lucius, though of the 
oppofite party, named conful by 
Sylla, upon a '" "" '" " 

> his i. 

reds, i 



tailed, il 

es peace be 
and Laced. 



ont of Rome by Ofiavius, 84, 
Hires a petCbn to alTafliuaie Fani- 
pey and hlj father, iv. 46- Kil- 
led by one of his owu oSiccrs, 

Ci'nnii, oneofdieconrplralors 
igainll Csfar, iv. 083. v. 185. 

,- HelvL 

friend of Cal 

IS that 

Ccfar, after his death, I1 
him to fupper, v. 1B6. Goes to 
attend his oblcquics, and being 
taken by the mbble £or the other 

CiniUi, ii ton 
ilfo, iv. «8j. 

• Cinj, one of (he cilia oftr- 
•d to Phocion by Alcunder, i*i 

r 'S 1 CLE 

piccei, ib. See tenced to dealb, and Aid from 
LKcdsmon, ib. Fidtcrof Gy- 

• Cinaum, iii 

. 78. V. .1 

"■ ■74- 

Circus Flaminias, iii. 138. 

Cirnu Atun'su, i. 01. 

• CnT«o(Kn, ■ villige in the 
tetriloiy of ATpinam, where 
Hiriu) originiUy lired, iii. 45. 

•CiiT*fl, i. 159, »08. 

Ci^j and Ephiallet, imprif- 
oned by Aleiiadcr, iv. 1 84. 

0/«/i, afouolaii ■ ■ 

• Ciliarim, Mount, v. 60. 


Cliarcits, feat : 
by Philip to Tbebei, v. 56, 

Clcarchis, dw LaccdasRioaiaa 
gmml, ordered 10 obey Cynit, 
V. 3«o. Hu over ciutioiu id- 
vieetB Cyrui, 311. Ruini the 
wboleifFairby ibad difpoliLuM 
oftheGmkj, 313. 

Clmuncy, * temple dedicitei 
to that viitae in honor of C«- 
r.r, iv. aju. 

CMiJand Bitoo, preferred hi 
point of happioefi, by Solon, ts 

CUMc, dmghlerof GyUn, 
■nd mother of Demoflhcnei, v. 


Galia fwiiQi the Tiber _._ 
liariGback, i. 155. An equcHrl- 
•n llltue of hei ID the Via Si- 
cn, «s6. 

• C2irt», river, L 08. 

■ CUni, temple then pluil> 
dcred br (be pirates, iv. 6G. 

• Clapidiam, ii. t^y 
C'dwJM, daughter of Appiai 

Claudius, beiraibedtoTibeilui 

Cla'vlia. daughter of Fulvia, 
married to Auguftuj Czlar, v. 


Citxrilui tompromilea the 
dirpute between the AdKiiiaos 
ind Spartan!, *9 to ending! 
trophy, ii. loG. 

C/tAifi, fonof Hyllui. iii. i. 

Clemiiritiii fucceeda AgeC- 
polii, and ii Cent with an army 
intaB<cotia,li, loS.aiJ.iv. 16. 
Killed in the battle ofLeuara, 

Clemirilai, king of Sparta In 
(he room of hii father in law 
ly, i. llS. Ixonidai, who il dcpofed, iv. 

Claudius, the emperor, (eti 33s. Tikes refuge in the ton-' 
earthen vefleli bcTon Viniua, pie of Ncpluoe, 393. Hit wife < 
■fier he had flolen one of plate, Chelonii, who had before at- 
V. goo, tended her father in bii banifh- 

bim, 395- 

"' merftt the Aaypalenfian, 
nt of hii gigantic ftrengtb, 
. Of hii body'a vmilh- 

CUidii, Kcount of that fami- 

Cliudius. See Apphu 
Cliifit. See Apfiuj. 
* Clttomcna, iii. a6S- ii. £4. 
Clixnitai, fbnof CleomedoD, 

Irida, Pcriclei bribei 
wiljidniwthe Laceds- 
foren, i. 370. Ii len- 

ing after hi> death. 

C/Haujm, liticd bj tbf J^biv with ■ ItaM pvty, ipd iUSt 4 

_i ..« ^ ephori exript oiM, ib. A- 

geTilnui, who w(Mtb( [univi^ 

leg. one, miko hit ippomc* tka . 

C/<Mtnui the Spanm, ent o( ntxl diy, and ii fpind, 40^ 

the KfaitiaUiii bctwren the A- 'C!«>mEDetbuii(keteichty<^the 

dKnuDt ind He^ccnGani, i. nofl sbiioxiDiii cjJizaEu, 406, 

Uf|. Hiifptcchta tlKptoplcin juU- 

Ckmmest !nn of Immdai, fiolior -'"-■- ''-- "- 

.nunicf Agiitii ijie widow of 
Agii, iv. 398. fHit chaiafter, 
iL — .o-..!.gjj it Ibe prCTiil- 

.1 of Sparta, 393. , ,_,. 

Inlttuaed in the SWlc phitor- Formt the youth KXaidiBf W 

'^y by Sphzrui, ib, Soundi the dircipUne of Lrcurvm, iV. 

•r.T.iiH gbom brlagJDg btck Takea bU bratfacr Eiwhdjt foi . 

n confiitutuin lo iu hii partner in the throne, 40V. ' 


nonucity foe the eieculion gf tion from ihr Achcani, ib. U 

4ilideligiu, ib, Seisei Acbenc ■ pattern •( robriety, ib. Whit 

lUin, 4O1. WMi^ki dMiaotioni kind ol table he kept for Rita- 

^FAntua, ib. Vfi ia recatlad gen, 409. The Mantioeau put 

Trom Arcadia by the ephori, ib. ibcmldvet under hii pratcc- 

Sot out again, ib. Takei hb- tian, 419. Kc defaU the A- 

ibydliuni In the territoiin of cbzmi at Dymcje, ib. lo&Qj 

>^Tgoi,ib, TIm AcbKani march on being appointed to the ccm- 

Igiinfthim with ananny gT«t. iliand of the ItwuCi ib. Hi^ 

)y fuperlor to hii, undcT Ibc fickneb breilu hi> rocaruMa, 

cannind of AiiRomacbui, ib. 411. AnCua, out of nvyto, 

YetAratui ptevtnU tbei r fight- Clforamei, in*ita. AnUgonui 

4ng, ib. Clcumcri'i goesto the inta Feloponnefui. >b. Clev- 

■ffiOance of the El cam agalnft menet dccUm war againQ the A- 

the AcbEUiF, and defaia the chzani, 413. Tikea Palkoe, 

latter at Lycaiuin, ib. Antvi Pbeneuin, and Feslelcum. — 

makei ■ Eudden roovemeat ko Coin^ upon Aigoa at the tinu 

Mantinai and likes it, 40a. ef the Kcmean gamea, and taka 

CteoDienea nxala Ai^hidamut it, ib. Makci himlelf maaet of 

from exile, who ii loon after CIcddc and Phliut. 414. Tlte 

treacheioaUy llain, lb. BTib«9 Connthiani invite hiai into their 

. .- ,.!.■_ city, ib. Heinveflalheciladd, 

which w>a in the luudi of the . 

I, and killi Achzans, 41 j. f onlhti t}ic O- 

LyUadsi, 4O3. Periuadettuafa- nc>nBiounlHnt,ib. Antigonui, . 

therinlaw Megiftonii-Ca join af lor ieveral vain attempti, e<V 

him in endeworing 10 break into Peloponncrui, by meana of 

the yoke of the cphoii, and tn a defefilon of the Argivrs, ib. 

procure an equal divifion of Cleomenes TEIirti to drfesd U- 

landi, ib. Ronarkable dream cnnia, 416. Hi> wife Agialia 

of one of die ephori in the tera- diei, 417. PiQlcmy promifta 

pleaf Pafipbz, ib Cleomenes him fuccon, ib. His mothw, 

takesHeiiea and AKici, two cit. and children tn lent holltgei 

iei belonging ta the Acbcan inio ^gypt, ib. He enfnn. 

j^ue,4a4. K^ufni fuddwl^r cBltt a nuajm «C IteflelflUi 

4(iS; Mrim t ditetfioii igiitA 'CIokU. hi. Hi. iSg.iv. 

Oe proEncfi of 4ie MlcedaoUn 310, 41^. v. 167, 3SB. farpriftog Megdapolii, C/ioioie af Byuatiaiii,cmiitk 

ib. uid4i9 Hakn two cxcur- with gnu rdufUocc tawtiai 

■fioni into tiB teirieoriw of Ar. dte btd of Paufanm, king oS- 

foa, 4*a, 41T. Ii foried n ac- Snrti.iDd itiatdvcituitlykilU 

■.^ian,.for wntof niqiieyi41i. ™ by him, lit. ij6. He &ek» 

Befsta and niiiud in tlM bu- meani of eXpiition.indiavokH 

tie oTsellar», ib. & 413. Takei berghaH, ib. "the talvf tkt 

Klip It Gydiium, 414. Atiligo- made him, ib.' 
mibduvei todieSparluK wi^ CItmiiUs, t, iiS. 
gist humanity, lb. Therycioa Clcawymm of Spiiti, flin uf ~ 

enhoiti Cimmencito kill him- AitTlieMni agaluft' Deinettiiii, 

felf, and fbon ifwr (eo tbe ex^ bjit, an thai prioce'i approach, 

nnpl>,ib,ani]4ij. CtconMDa*> withdrawi,v. 1 ^o. Hiiwiftuo- 

vfwer, 415. He <ilU to Egypt, faithfal to him, iii. 31. Calk ia 

whiTC Flalemy EuCrgetea treau Pyrrhuj, ud advifci him to al- - 

Mm with fame degree of gtoe- tack Sparta immedlitnly ; but 

rafity, 416. Ptolemy'i [ucccr- that idvice ii not (IfteiMd tg,- 

for, bfing a weak prince, foon and Pyirtiua faili, 31 — 36. 
begin) to look bpoti him wiih ■ llioayitui, ion of Spbodiiai, 

IB evil eye, ib. He derirnonty favoriie of Afchidamiu, ton of 

I fhip to carry him to PdopOD. Agefilaua, iv. 17, Hit vator 

Mfus, and ii nfilfcd ii, 417. and dealt, gi. 
The great iniury done him by C/foayaau, fitlierdf Leonidai, 

Nkagoni the MeSliiiitn, 41S. >v. 383. 

Hiii confined to hii apaniSMit, CinfaUT commlndi for An^ 

flk H*gtlaout of conRotment Ula, in AcroeoTinth, v. «7S. 
by i AntagtAn, 419. ' After Ocs^fn, daaglitBt ai Miih- 

»(eM exertioiu of valor io the tfdata, «nd wife of 'Tigraix*, 

nitsta, he iindi it ImpoDible to iii. 119. 
•K:apc, and therefore kills him- Cltspura, Cxfar utideitikei 

fcir,43a- Hiafrienas despatch the .£gyp Jan war for bet lake, . 

itemUvci with hitn, ib. FCo. Iv. 364 Ciefar lendt for her, 

kaiy put! hii mothet and chil- andlhecontriveato bcconveycid 

dren 10 deatK, 431. to him ina carpel, (6j. Ccfat 

CItn, &K Athenian, accufei Rconcileahertaher 

Tericlei, i. 383. Hii extravagant Her brainier i« loft in in aftion 

i&ion in IpeakiDgiiii. 160 V. I. upon the Nile, 166. Cclarde- 

Bii charafter, iii. 159. Rcfleflj' elartj her Queen of Egypt, and 

tinNiciat, andhavinplhecom. basa fan by her named Czlario, 

UUnd given him, Tctumi viflo- ib. Cammindcd to appear be- 

IloDi, lb. Tr6ub1ctame in the (ore Antony, v. i ia. Hci mf%- ■ 

•dainiftralloQ, «6d. Ii killed biScCnl (pirit, and the charma 

Inbutle,i6i. ofherconverCalLon, iSi. On a 

Uem.orHilicarnaltui, coih- party o[ filhing, p'uti a &I1 filli 

|lotei an oratiDn for LyCander, on Antooy'ahaak.andlellihiOi 

containing irgumenti for ituk- that kingi, not K!h, wcie hit 

Ing tbe kingi of Sparta eleSiv«, ^me, 184. DrCSei in the hib- 

ill. 11J. itof thcgadde<iIlii,BOj. Sup- 

Gim, theByuDtliie, hiaeC- plici Antony 

ttCDi for PboeioD, *. 197. and proviliom, t6i , 104. ]e*l- 

Cim, oBe of ifaeCynuibof oiuof the hoaori paid Odavii 

BtyQB,v. J4J,, at Atbew, to*, lOj, Antoiir 


- Tab nuny friend! en pimbaiior in tbefaEghtawr 

COUTH, 103. FeiCaadct Antony AnemiliDin, 1. 174. ■.11.34, 

to ^ebl Oaavhu by Tei, 110. Palli io the tntUe of Coroaea, 

Ruiai Antony by her flight, for ib. 

flie dnws him rfter her, in. C/iniai, fiihet of Aotui, one 

Foimi a Lcheine lo retire into of the Iwo chief nugiftraies oJE 

the fjtthrft pint of the eift, Sicy»n, v. 315. ' Killed bv A- 

• 14. MateiM wperimenl of bjintid.i, ib. 

Hafca an exntrimenl 
1 poifonous drugi, 1116 

Cli^htHcs. fon of Alcmioii, 

™~ .ciuniou. aniinaii, IB. expell the Pirifliatidi, and e(- 

Uuildi fcvetal monuments ai re- tjiblilbe* .the daaociacy it Alh- 

pofiioriei of brt wealth, 118. enj, i. 348. 

Ujawi up Antonytulf dead Into C/iwuMtiiij, t. 70. 

one of them, Eio. Seiicd byPio- • ClilerfaJis, how Soiis ie- 

enleiiii, iga. Her inleniiooi to quitjhimfelf of his proraife to 

ft»Tvehcr(elfto death. 11,1, An- lliem i. iBi, 

guftu. vifiti her, ib. Her ad- Clita, <av« Ox life of Alex- 

irefa to tly godi at Antony'i inder, iv. 150, 111 omen wtile 

Vimb, 115. Writei a letter to he ia facrificing, 19a, Bttuvei 

Augulliu, laS. Diea, ib. rudely lo Akiunder.and ijkllN 

Cltofalra and Attjiinder, ed by hioi, ips, 194, The kinj 

twini of Antony, by Cleopalii, itKonfolable for hit death, ib. 

"r. (69. Cleopalramarriopiiucc Clilat earriei Phocion and 

Julia, the hidiirian, ti-j. bil friendt ai piifoncn lo Atf>- 

t/tsi^jtm, wife of Philip, iv. eo», iv, 316, 

CJilui, (ervtat 10 Srutui, 1. 

„ -.w,. CffuAi and hita of purple, iha 

C/ettAJites, Ihc Aiheiiiin, HL moll hononble miiki oF the 

.kinguiihes himlidf by hii brave- piince'i regard iRHingll ihc Ma- 

ly, iv. B96, cedonians. iii. 375. 

. CUepkivSui, Off of the loni of Clodia, Qflcr of Clodiiu, and 

I'hemilluclei, i. 300, wife of Luculliu, divorced for 

ClcspkjliU, Homen poemi injuiing her hulband'a bed, iii. 

pTtleivfd by hij pofteriiy i, »39 v. 94. 

J114. tCloJiii called Quad rat tiria, . 

ClfopHisai, Amiochua mat- and why, ». 95. 

tics Ills daughter in Eubcta, ii. Zlediai Publiai raifes a mu- 

3B1. tiny in the army agaluft Lucul. 

. C.'(«-fl. wife of Agerilaut, iv. Im, iii, 135. Hi. infimo.u cha. 

EO. rafler, v, 94, Infulu Pompey, 

CIMdm, a fountain in the iv.93. Intricuei wilb Pompeia, 

citailclof Alheni, V. 187. B. C«Wt'a wift, or attempt] at 

WJtHio, lire hillorian, i, 67. ■ - - ' ■ 

people, ib. Caufes great dif- 
Zlimax, cliH'i of, under tutbance in Rome, 335, 345, 
I Alexander marchei by v. 95. For Jbe fake of being 
mphyliin lia, iv. 151, made tribune defcendi from ;i 

Kfli,« friend of Solsn'i, patrician intoa plebeian family, 

347. 36>- Send. Cato lo Cy. 
liti, filbet of Alcibiidd, pnu, 348. Proleculea and bar- 

eOA C ' <« 3 COM 

itbt* Crcero, v, 97. Burn) C'u CibW/oacpf Cacbo'ioficcn, 

cero'i boulci, Oft. Killed by i«.49. 

Milo, 100. Cn!tDf, tbe ontir, v. lOt. ■. 

C/«fiiiiCZit(r,lbeprxUt,&Bt CoSif, two of ftonc mada 

ajiioft Sp*r(icu), ill. >g8. for Nuitu, oni for bi* body, 

Godits, (be bnnund of Fat- ind ibe atber for kii bnoki, i. 

VA, who ifierwirds wu nurri- 190. 

•d to AntOBy.v. i](k CiWb. SccIVcfAn'as. 

Ct-^u goo in dibuih Tiau Ch'k, dnt of Pnfii Aampcd 

l.^idiit'1 camp to Antony, v> with (lie figuieof >a ircher ; 

17X. lieiice AgeGlaul byi 

CImUh' Ctl/ait tht AniiocbU diivoi out pf Afu I 


Wnce Ageulaul &yi hs wm 

^ , diivai out (rf Afu by tl' - 

tB', bii advice to NympUdiuit tbouCind arcbcii, iv. 161 

V.400. • Okhis, i. 6a. It, 77. 

Cfairu Mtfir commandi in' * Calits, i. 906. 

Africi, V. 39^ Delilirntei CtUatiiuu, Ticquiniut, ftc 

iboat alTumiiiE the imperulti- (lulbaudaf LucrcIii,ESaicncaB> 

He, ib. SWu by TlebHuanui, (ul, i. 137. Acculed of SttoT. 

4<M. ing 't'arquia, 2411 t^yidowB 

GHeari, ■ lUDic of th> Am- tbc foi>[uiite, ib. 
c^nili, iv. i3t. 

OklU.' SmCWm. „ 

* Onjuv, belieged *y tW ^C out hj Pericls, i. 359,.. 
Gtuli,i.3te- TbcRoamim- , * Culevt, t loWn (a ulle^ 
hilador, on thit occi&on uo. ii. 360. ^roblbly Oioold b* 
juftlvcoinmiUbaftilitiMigiiu& ' wiioea Coronlt, ib, a. < 

C/ymnK, i. 73' oty by tucullui,iii- 196. , 

* C>te'i»ii > iiwr ia^Kti, Coioffui of Menulit, li. *6, • 
tor which the Inute Bled U C>/l lacil&enl by tbt licbwit, 
BiMt, called ilfu Oenui. i. i>a.' ii. •!«. 

Ciuiu. . Jcc dJJ ik CmsU ' Cd^Au, V. 50. 
micrHiirfimaytms. C«eJr,v. i>7, tbifwdcot, 

* Ctiius, iL 63. bl.'ilar - iil. 140. a. 

' * CaiiirUJ, iv, 164 ' Cuma, a lirge oltc nparrd 

Cm/chu, 1 niDK civm to' far (even olghu afterlbe ileith 

Cifiwn, tlM grmdratlwr of Ci- otCc<ir,iv. 1B3, 184. 

man Ibe Atlniin gcocnl, iiii ' Cmui, aicbon whm Pififira. 

173. , tui trefltd hiilyiinnj, i. 135. 

Cttciw, Otbo'difMbet'i loD, Coiaimiij, the tonful, Ufirgea 

V. 430, . CoriolL, ii. 6». Beali ibe Vol. 

CkA, on whu accafioo thr fciani, 84. ' Spulti in pn1(e of 

LtceJftmoniun offend one in- Citu MHciui, Sj. Gives blm 

ticrilice, iv. 36. A goldm cock. ^ fumame of Coiiolmos, 86. 

MHied oalhepoiDtof a Ipeir, ' Cai^iitm, a place in Kwne 

V. gaf. where tleftioiu were held, and 

CikJ>i. Sea Hn'all'iU. - oihcr public burinefitranfodcd, 

C*inf, i. Gs. ■. Solonde. i. St. Wliy (o called, iCD. 

' 4^>ded from him, 199. ■ CtnunjiiK, iv, 89. v. 1S7. 

* Ctltfiria, givoi by.AnHMy Ctsfamty of goodi in Si, 
wCieapacn, V. 1S9- tura'atimei Cinon'i libeialitjr 

. Ct^iWlfe of SylU, divorced nfemliled it, iii. 181. 
tie^auCe Oie waa banco, lii-i*}. . CMjdiii»,tbe people of Rone 

CON C JO. 3 ■ COR 

didiibuled into coRipiiiiet by Ctiasri, ■ temple built U 

Nunuiucordingiatheirtradc), her, i. 345. v. 35. 

i. 184. CniSai, tutor to Tbelcui, i. 

Cumfatifm uid Siaiiui ; 48. 

Of ^fanning of a common- Cimoii (akct an unfair idvan. 

walth,to tbef^ppingmiluDiC' tigc.-with re(pc3 in tbc public, 

ing of fmtll bodiei in tit wa- of Solon's (riencKhip for htn, 

trr, ii.349. Tbefplritofcoo- i. »i4. 

tenlion in llatn, compared to Cnm, tbc Atbaiim gencnl, 

' the foice of diftcmpcit in the dcfeaied by Lyfandci at ^go* 

buman body, 360. OfPynhua FoMmoi, iii. gg. DefcMi tiw 

to a nmeller, ill. 31. Of tm- ' Spanuii neir Cnidui, v. 334. 

buiou> mm to Uian, iv. 381. Killa their admiisl -Filknder. 

SubjcOi la be cbofen For the it, i3. Rebuildt the long walla 

nind u cotoia are for the eye, of Atbena with the Feifiao mo- 

34S. The operatioai of 1 (latef- ney, iv. af. 

mill, compared to thole of> Centptm burnt the body of 

phyfician, 366. The pifliona Miocion, iv. 318, 

of the foul, to the (lriag$ of a Cnfiima,' Utroii of con< 

muficil. inllnimenl, ib. Tbc fcimce upoD Mariui, iii. SS. 

rage of tyranny diOalvcd ki the On FaaEuiiai, 176. 

aidorofyouthfidiDdulgeQcki, Cttfidim telli Cxbr, be it 

n iron ii foftened in the fin, v, fecure^in the armor of old age, 

t35- The precipitate ilepa of iv. 13?. 

rctumingfr(«dom,compaiedto CoaJpiriKy againft Ceiar, v. 

theiaOiuleof Ktuminghetllb, iSo, iSi. Of Catiline, iv. 166, 

I j8. The fcvere, though neeef- 338. v. Bi. 

ftTy, mafara of adminilln- Coii^id^, a fcaft amoagft lbs 

lion, compared (o the bandaga Romani, 1. 94. 

oF furgeoiu, iii. 149. Alcibia- CtifiJs, wben one of then 

des, cempired to tbe land of wai £ill cbofen out of the pl*> 

Egypt, a6o. Of biography to b^itni, i. 147. ■. 

portrait paining, iv. 134. Of Cmfui, the god of counlel, 

the Macedonian army, afler the whole altir Romulua preieaded: 

death of Alexander, lo^lyphi- to ihid under gro and, i. gi. 

mui after hii eye was put out. Kept covered, except during; 

v.35.1. Tbt gHBt councils of tbe equeftrian games, ib. 

a fiaie, compared to anchora, Cepilhi, chief of the Tec- 

i. tig. The conllituent parti loCagz, taken ptiforierhySyila, 

•f an army, to thole of the hu- iii. 114. 

iiita body, ii. S9T^ Overnu- Chu, ii. 63. 

liDut gtnecdttu timorotiiphy- CtpiniBU, governor fat ihci 

ficiant, sj?. The Spartan pha- Romtniin Carrx, ill. 323. K*~ 

lanx, to ■ fierce aaima] ere^ing ceivei Craffiis into tbe town af> 

^ii briftles, iga. tet hit defeat, ib. 

Cmttai mirrort, the vtftal Carcyni, Aiitdne'i nurle, i. 

vir^t recovered fire by them 6o. 

when theirs happened to be ex- * (orcyra, an i Hand of con- 
Hnguiihed, i. 174. fidenble ftrengih, i. 377. Fyr< 

poled to be »ffiftcd by bring Tbe dllpute between its inhal 
ftrucii with lk>Iie> in the full itints and the citv of Coilnt 
oF the Lupcrcalla. See Lupa- deiermit;td by TncBuAocittj 


COR ' C »> ] con, 

• Ctriait, ii. t^i. Diut is ths bMtle with die V»U 
Cmiylit, iv. 317. fciani, B4, The VoKciini ire 
Cori, daughter, of Aidoneui cntiicly defeated, ih. Comir 

kiag of the MoloIGiiu, L 7 1 . niui oScn Marciuitbe tenthof 

■ Corfiniam, iv. 193. the Tpoib, 85. ,Uarciui Rfa{es 

* Cgn'n'it, it> rcgBid for lib- the offer, ind only delircs to 
city, ii. 119, WhyciUedihe have a Volfcbn ielared, to 
Fillers efCrucr, 374. v. 357. whom he wai bound by the lie* 
Coloaited by Cclar, iv. 171. of hefpitilily, ib. Coniniii* 

Cerinthian', what tlaim the givei hint the rumame of CorU 

Athenian! hid apoa them n the olioui, S6, Some obfervalion* 

' lAhmiaD gimet, i. 65. Cols' upon the Grecian and Romui 

'leSyneule.ii. 119,11, Affill "^ " "* 

puipofe they cboofe Timoleon the tribunei lay hold of that 

noenl, and (end fuppllei after oppoitunily to incenk the peo- 

him, lb. Their war with the pie againd the lenate, B7, The 

Corcyrcant, i. 377. people oFVelilrx having fuSer- 

Corialtuim, Caiui Marciut, ed by vpeflileniialdiforder, de- 

' ~ 1 illuftrioui family, i>, 77, fire a colony from Ron 

lentgcniui not Cnfficiently cul' Coiiolanuamaiieianiaroid inls 

tivalEd, ib. Hii heroic ftrengtfi the tenitsriea of Aitium with 

Improved by cxercile, 78, Makea abodyBFvoIunteen,ind brings 

hit firfl campaign when Tarqu in off nienty of provifioni, 88. 

wai endeavoring to recftablilh Standt for the confullhip, and 

hitnCelf, ib, Gaini a civic crown the people, on the light of bi* 

in (be deciSve battle, 79, Hia fcaia, are inclined to fcrvehim j 

tSeftionate altcntioa to hit but the great appearance of fesr' 

mother Volumnia, go. Helivei aton in hli intereft awakci 

in the lame houfe with b«r, af- tbcit jealaufy, 89. Hi) TelcDt- - 

lei Ik IB married, ib. The neat thereupon, ib. A great 

tommoni apply to the lenate for quantity of brcadcom ii brought 

relief againft the ufurera, ib. to Rome, and Coriolanui piii- 

Keli^itpiomiled them before poiet the holding up in price,' 

Ibe Sabine war, but denied af. and advife) the teoatenot todif^ 

ter it ; and Coriolinut in par- tribute that grali), which was a 

ticular, it leveic againft theju, prerent from Gelo, go...' Hia 

ti. IIe people fecede to the fpeech on that occa^'n, ib, 

bcred mount, ib. The feiate The liibunea flir up [he people, 

fend to them the moft venerable aad fummon Coriolanut to ao- 

menof.dieir bedys and at the fwerfDrtheadvicebchad|i>en, 

bead of them Meneniut Agrip- (t, A tumult enfuu, ga. The 

-a, who addnffa them with a conCuIi and lenate endeavsr to 

ible that brinji them to temper, appnfe the people, ib. iTio 

•I, 8i. Before they are recon. tribunei infill that Coiiolaniu 

eiled to the fenate, tbey obtain (hall anfWcr to certain aniclet, 

tribunn *o defend ihetr tighli, ib. loilesd of the fubiniffiv« 

Bi. Tbcptebclaoi now readily language which the people'ex- 

give in their names for the war, pecked, he. makci ■ Inughty 

ib. Corioli it taken, chiefly by fpeech, ib. Slc'iniui piopole^ 

thcvaloTof Uiieiui, 83. He lenience of death againlt Corio- 

halUn) to aQUl the conf ul Comi- laaiM, 93, The patiiciMU pi*< 


ict, ib. The ntrlciiat dc- from It, ib. Both IttiktE *nd 
ifid I legil trill for Carioli' people lend ■ depntatloD, defii- 
1 before the people, tndSi- ingbita to bcrM:aiiclI(dandin 

'Oindiai Oppofci the MiiU't ««) ftvotible to th« Vollclmi, . 
■Dowifig Uie po^Ie ■ Ti^t of 104. . OitM Ihe Rotinni Aictr ■ 
fuffngeipinftthrm, 94., nn- Vbyi 10 coDGder df thM and 

Ctthileri OolMtfii 

lAeMitrtil, ib. _.. . 
\tttA tbtir word, md brin{ 
new c^iga ipioA him, 95, 
Tbey dfo make the people vdw 
*y ttibei, md not by ceoturiei, 
I condemned to ei[lc 
by ■ BMJTjrftJ of three tribei, ib. 
Reinarlsi uahmnUed, g6. Med- 
lIMea reren^, ind fot ibit pur- 
tali! tppiies la de VolIcuBi, 
Hl Hw iddtHk td TulHni AU' 
ficHia, Cfae principil : 
Wongft Ibem, and bilbt 

. . ToHi 
Vslfeiint, «lia entied Ml tt>. 
nown, eah»]- <ploft hirti, ib. 
Corioltnci) tfmit the Ibbitv)! 
in bmOiDg ^ diiti of Item*, 
W ttibei, md not by ceoturiei, lOj. Tbt Romant fend if*- 
ib. He 11 condemned to exile cand nnbalTy 10 demmd ttroft 
fivoiabU canditioni ; ind '■ 
titird, eonfiftinft of Ihe mialften 
of itfligiOB ;' but Cotlollni^ 
Udi ibem ei thei tccepi the foi- 
ttier ptopoliciMu, ei ptepitto 
a- far wtr, 1O5, to6. Tbc diviM 
bii iflillince cxplalntd by Plutarch 
He. to be > moral IsfinniM, 107. 
. , . [ngjeflad t* 

gl. A remarlLilde prodiey hip- . Valeria, >■ Ihe -wai praying ia 
peniatRorroe,ib. TbeRowiani tix temple of Jupito CaJitolU 
oohriritbe Votfcimi to quit nut, ib. Shegoei withanum- 
Aeic city, on occa&aa of fame fcer of runmni to Volumull the 
Unblic ifiQWi, 100. The Vol- raolSer of Corioluliit, Ud m- 
tciml denuHd reHitulion of the tteiti her, and hit «ite Veixil- 
hndi and cllin lltey bad Haft, ipfly to him in bdulf of^ 
Hkd are anfweted with a delU Iheir falling country, ib. Tic - 
ante, >b. Coriolanui is joined afFiaingnuellng between Cori- 
iscmtimilBonwithTlillus, i*i. olmui tad Mi family, lOS. 
He mikei m inroad into the Vulumnia'i fpeeebto hia, lOg. ., 
Konan tcrriauiea, but fparet He ftindt a long time iilcot, 
the land) of the picric iani, ib. no. Voluouiia throwi-hcrftlf ' 
Ttic VolfciSdi repair lo ibe- at hit feet, and prertllif ib, 
{MndanJ io gnat numben, ib. The e!tc& hit depirtuct from 
TdHqi takes part of tbem to before RoQir had upDD the Vol- 
tatriba the lowai, and Corio fciini,ib. and upoalbeRomani, . 
hnui wiihiheotberpanmaichtt m. A temple ii built to the 
Into Latium, .101. Coriolanut foTtuae of women, ib. Tullua • 
Hkei fereral lOwni, f ubjeA to, niediiata the d«ih ofCorioIa- 
BT in alliance with Ihe Romini, nui, 111. He ii (ummoned to 
iti Upon hia inarch agaiuft 
LiVittium, iht ptebelaiupropore 
to^recal him 1 but fiam lu ill- 

timtd refeDtmeut, or Ipiril of to be Ixatd, fall upon 1 
fmpoEtion, the patrieiana refute defpalch him on lne(pot,ii3. 
theircanlent, leg. Hemarcbei The Vo1[c'»ni give him an bOn- 
lauiedindy .towirdi Aodie,. onUe Jiutii),. iig. .'Ibe Bo- 

KiiiUD are penniucil to dmit/uuCtfAfriu, (udOniaa 

moumlDg for him, ib. tni Sulp[ciui, aceradcd from 

Tbe Volfciaiu quarrel with tbc tbe pikfi'i office foe degcimcy 

, i, their frioidi and allio, 
abaut the choice of a f^eral, 
114. They light a grtal bailie 
with the RonuDi, in which 
TuUu. fall), and they ire re- 
duced 10 iha obedience of 



oti, befitgcd and taken 
by the Roninu, ii. 83. 

CtrntKlTtt, one coofidered 
■I ficred, bring Tuppofcd to 
grow from the ftsfTof Romu- 

Cfrntlia, dioghier of Melel- 
lut Scipio, and widow of Pub. 
liui Cranui.ourried 10 Fompey, 
iv. lOo, Her great accompli (h- 
Dieats, ib. Her fid mccling 
. with Pompey at Mjtylenc, 1 1». 
Chargea Pompey') defeil on hii 
eonnenioni with her ill foriune, 
lb, Ii an eye wicnert of hit 
tragical death, iij. 

Cmnilu, daughter of Cin- 
oa, and Cxtai'') hiA wife, iv. 

if ceremony and ai 
ominoiu accident, ii. 134. 

Cm'HtiiHi Co&i eommaoda 
ai a military tribune, « a lime 
when there were not confult, 
and hii the honor of offering 
up the fpoilt allied Ofiifa^i- 

Ciritc/iiu, Fubliui, i. 190. 

Cerndas-Balbus hinden C«- 
[ar froiD lirug up (s the (enile, 

Coriii/iiu, CaiuJ, adiV.nerat 
Padua, announeei ibere the be» 
ginning and iffue of the butle 
of Pharfjia, iv. 163. 

Ctmliui DclMieUa, mtimi. 
ret of Cleopatn, acquaint* ber 
with Auguflui't delign lo re- 
move her from the monument, 
V. saj. 

Corntliaj Sdph, appointed 
general of horte by Camillui, 
when diflalor, i. 306. 

Coriudui Imlulai hii gen*> 

1 offer 

Csnulu, diughlerof Scipio 
Afiicsnui, and mother of the 
Gracchi, V. 1. Her chiiaftcr, 
*. Haj opportunity to marry 1 
king and declines it, ib. Her 
care in the education of herfoni 
Tiheriui and Caius, whim 
(heir father left very young, ib. 
Reproachci them with her being 
•ailed the mother in law of 
Scipiu, rather than the mother of 
thi Gracchi, 7. The flatue 
creeled to her, and in BiCciip- 
tion, 14. The magnanimity of 
ker behavior on the unlimel)' 
death of ber liini, 35. The of the ptoi. 
bonori paid her in her old age, detity of Ui 

Uinla, made coa- 

il by oaavii 
;inna, iii. 84. 

CuriuhiLS SylU. SceSyOa. 

Condius Net,,, iii. <45. 
Csnulius Uutt appointed 
ipBtn of the prclorian baodi, 



le of Sylla'j offl- 

ine of Czlar'* 
160, 167. 
OrraiUas, lived in itK tim*l 

ifcripliont by the &• 
1 Ila*e), iii. BT- 
C«r<iiiU,theBrcbiteft, >. 361. 

• o»»« 

'CdtTzai, father of Strttoaice, 
the wife of Antigonui, v. 1 iS. 
Caruiau Vileiiu), fat luMt 
««aia])iU. 7t^ 

94 1 CKA 

hid tMb hMiorad with Am 

hatiat&iirp, BxJaHiuinpK, iU. 

tS9. He li broitght up bi » 

tMll boufe with two brodwta. 

aignky killed by CcLr^ Mi- »(■ Tikei can of > lifter ia bw 

kn in ■ nuliDy, iv. tSj. Sad btr childlea, It>. Teibpe. - 

Cab, E«Mil of dw AllMfri- Mc inil chiAe, yd ieeD(ed of ■ 

Mat, killod by Pompty, i*. 79. erininal coTDmerce wiih ■ Tcf— 

* C«/< ind Ntraii, eolonil- ttl vireio, ib. That Kcnfltion . 
•dhy theRonawiH. 365. 

C5fl.iw, coUejgue of Vi 
n(i],l)iicamp farced bySpai . 

«U9, ind hinUf (bin, iii, I9S. died Ulenn to [even thon^d 

Ct/fnt, Aciniot, feat u cos- as* bimdted, ib. UAta giMtt 

[ult Ur oncle it Delphi, t. yA. ■dtamage. of Sylli'i ptofcrip- 

CMAbb, whit, K 15a. tioni, and oF the Hm whicik> 

Cttu, H*KBl A«i%liM, ey- happciwdinRone.ib. Kid 190. 

^<E> Miriut't law with Rfpc£l K«epi a number nf- Ihvei who - 

to voting, boE in ilio, iii. 4^. were builden, but buildi only . 

]tCan(Bl with LucuUui, igS. teiabouftforhimlelF, ib, Breedi- 

'6<Bt by llic iaate to guard the up Owb (or every fervice hi 

P'OpotiLti aod Sythinii, koo. life, in ordcrfor lale, ib. Ttiefc. 

Hii Hnbition n iigbt Milbrl- bring him * greater rcvenilo 

data endi in beins defeated Itamliii linda and lilver minrl, 

both bv fea utd land, aoi. ib. Hiihoufe ii open 10 flran- 

Sefated in a lei fight by Scr. gert, 191 He lendi money to 

troiui, iii. g^i, hii friends witboiic mtrretl, but.. 
uflriA in dhnanding il.allhB.' 
day, tb. H<i invitatiop) tic.- 

•44. chieity tiBODgn the people, ib. _ 

CMm, FubliiM, wlat Cicero He culiiiam the elilqutnce of 

lUd to him, V. 91. • the bar, defendi every citiini 

Cetla, Luciut, V 93. that appliea to him, and in all 

CofirAM. ■ name gitHl to V^ calei eemei prepared, lb. Rt- 

fiut, V. 176. tumi the (ilutition of every, 

Ctt/i, kiag of Pll^lllgOnii, RMnanbynime.ib. HitknowU . 

}D)nt AgelilautagainK the Peti. ed|^ of hiflory excenlive, and 

fiani,iv.ii. Marrietthediugh. be ii not without a Ufte cf A- 

ttf oF Spithridatei, ib. TiftoUe'sphilofophy -, yetknpt 

Ciur^, a mild and nnfuf- the philofopher, who ii Lit 

^Cioui quality, V. J39. guide andcooipanion, In aeon- 

C«a> with calf, a barbamui dition juftabovellarving.ib. ft 

{acfi(ice,ntc(<Iary for Che wldaw £91. Cinna and'Mariu) put the , 

Who married before hertinu oF father and brother of CialTuit* 

nounting wneipirad, i, 177. death, sgi, CialTus Siea into . 

Cuadrdkt, how punilhed at Spain, and takn refuge In 1 

Bparia, iv. aj. cava by the fca fide, in tl* ■ 

CrtHi, the name bf a dance landt of Vibiut Faciiaui, ib. 

UtKttiUcd by Tbtleiu, i. 60. Vibiut fupportthim there fort . 

CfflitiiiM, iv. 147. canfiderable tioM, 193. On th* 

* a(, v. 65. 1^4.. doth of Cinna, he nila form 
Crafit, ax fitfan of tile, v. Id Spain, 194. tiSti fRim 

M. thence into Africa, to Mctetiu . 

Cr^, Mtfcal, Ua. Mmt Fiua, ud •Fteiwajila into IMy, 

SylU (aid M bin onhuiAuiK tnalfiaithnM(lliiitrB«piia* 

fv*guu4i ib. He exacuM taSiaiiy, but thty nke hii ■»• 

diu,iad otber «araBilioiM in iiey and ttKcin Urn, ib. I«- 

■n ^blc ^ifnatr, ib. The lib- trmchn himUf i> <if pcsiafu- 

of btacompaicion vtitli Foul- Ii at Rbaguun, ib. CnCu 

p«)t, ib, Su»tfol«d to hivtsgn- buildti wiilicnib'dM ifthmut, 

wt«d mut^ at. the plunclw of ib. Spulaoiu got over it in ■ 

Tudof CD bit own ufe, sgg. Saavy and tnBpeAnout night. 

Vary Ietvia»blt to Sylli in tbt ib. Ct^ui npontt oE hit bar- 

d ecLQvi battle foughlncvSoiae, inf wtittEn to tha boala fof 

ib. MtluilfaeiiioauDiuftand futtici aKftaMe, aoi^ CoBKi 

rapiciouiuIcoFSylIa'apro{ciip- lo an a&ian vith the anemy, ia 

tiom, ib. SylU giw(.biin up, ivhicli be killa abova Cw«t«a 

ib, A fUneter, abd leiy cipk ihouland of Iham, 'A. Scndi 

bta of being Qtttcred ; covMaui, two of hii otiucii agaiaft Spii- 

toA balai C01U0U1 mai, ib. Ikiu, wIm bid retired lowaTd* 

EavieiPotnpey'inpidpiograls iha maBntaina of Pettlia, ib. 

in glory, ib. By the paiiia he Thafa^Auta tn put to flight, 

taket intheidniiaiftntion, and ib. Tlw advinligc pfOTea the 

good oScei ID hii Icllowciti- ruin of Spartacui i for hia 

Mtu, acquire) an iatenft not troop* iaOft upon coming to ■ 

inferior to tlut of Potnpcy, ib. decilive battle, ib. Cnfluk 

Baoomei Ircurity FurCcuiiin being in&irtned that Pompey 

tbp (uoi of eight buodred and wa* qiproacbing, hafteoi to 

dkity talenu, 196. Sacrificea meet the enemy, 30a. A bat> 

both hii tItacliniCDiii and. re- tleenfua, in.wluch Spaittciu, 

leotiqniti to hi) iotereQ, ib. after gKat exenioni of <alor, 

Tlwgladiatori' watbmiluouC, iiOain, ib. Pompey mseti ■ 

■97, Spamcui hai the chief numberof the enemy wbo had 

eonduaof it, ib. The chaiac eluped out of the field, and 

ter of Spartacui, ib. By ftiat- puu tbem to the (word ; after 

^em be efcapa from a bill which he takea U> hinMf the 

whenhe wai belieged, azid de- honor of finiOiiag tbe war, ib. 

fata Clodiiu Glaber, the piai' CnlCui haa an OT»ian gtanted 

lot, 998. I) joined byoDnbcri him, jog. CtalTiu loliciti Pom~ 

of herdliBen and Oiepberdt, ib. pey'* uitenft in bii appllcaiioa 

Ddeati the lieuttiiaBts of Vari- foi the coorulftup, and obtain* 

nai, and Vaiiaui him(clf, ib. it, ib. They are appointed 

Intend! to crab the Alpa and canfuli lage^ei , ih. Thcydi'- 

fcule in (bme privaleiudepend^ agree in every thine, ib Nc- 

ency, but ii prevented by hia thing of note ii performed, er. 

troopi. (99. Makiihii wayia ccpt CraSui'i conlectating tho 

(pile of the confuli Gelliut and tenihi of kit dUte Co Hecculei, 

^enculs', ib. Beati CailliH, and bii entertaining the people 

who cune againlt him with ten at tea iboufand tablea, ib. 

.thaufind men, ib, Crafliii it They are leconciled hy.AuTE- 

(oit ii^iofl him by the (enatc, liui, 1 Rotaan knight, who aT' 

ib. Uii lieutcDant Mummiiu Itgaaceininand faritframja. 

^ghu, cootriry toorden, asdii piter, ib. Cralfut mtlut the 

baUeo by Spattaeui, tb. He fiiD advancea, ib. la hia cea- 

fmiQIvt tint cotTi.wAh dcd* (aaHupaiizt^pB to make Egypt 

CRA C 9* ] C»A 

MbaHiy to the Ronuni, bat tlisufinid horie Cent by Ccbr, 

n ptevCDtcd by bij colleigue ib. Hii error in notltrengcb- 

'Catulut, 304. SurpeAedof luv- cning himfdfby die icquilition 

ing fome coourn in thecoo- of ^bylon lad Scleiicii, tb. 

{piracy of Cnitinc, ib. ThK Bchivei in Syria more like'l 

fuTpicioD pn>b>bly groundlcfi, tndei than 1 gownl, ib. Cil* 

ib. II. Cnffui <i >t enmily wi^ culiUi the mcnun of Chtci- 

Ciccro, but (i ]«iph nconcIW tics, and weighi tbe traCurea 

M him, ihroueh the mcdiition in the temple of Auigitit it 

•fhitfonFubtius, who wii a Hienpolii, ib. Omen of hit. 

sKitidmirer oF that eknuent ruin, 310. What pilTed bt- 

tnui, ib. Czlir comet ta Rome twrai him ind the ambifridort 

to folicit the conluKhip, *nd of Orodri king af Parthii, M: 

forms the ftmoai liiumvinte, Alirming accounti are brought 

3O5. In order to the prolong- oF the Pmhila manner oF fight- 

ingCcEar'agoTemmenCoFGaul, ing, and Calfius and others dc- 

PampeytndCtaffoawentobe fiKCrilTua 10 detibente, 311. 

confuli again, 306. They are Anaiafdea, king oF Arinenia, 

interrogHedin. full tenite, tato arriveait ibeRoman camp, of. 

Ibcir intentions, and Cnlfai an. fen him brge fnccnn, and aft. 

fwen with ' mote ihodeiation vita him to march into Partbft 

than Pom pey, ib. Domitim it by vfay of Armenia, ib. Ciaf- 

encouraged by Cata to'oppole fas njaflt his advice, and the 

thini in the elcAion i but they Armenian departs, ib, Othtr 

carry it by violence, ib. Dfive -ill nmens, ib and 31a. The 

■be oppoGi* party-out' of the fOicei wiih which he patleJlfae 

forum, irhUeCclaTisconlinueil Euphratos, jti.' Cafli'iaadi'lfet 

five yean more in bis govern- him to fecure histroopi in fo^ 

■otnt, and the Spaini . and Syria fortilied CQ#n, till he Had'ln 

■re decreed la Pompey and aECounl oF the enemy whklf 

CalTui, 307. CraflUi indulget might be depended upont or 

■ bngaioe and vain ambition el(e to mlrch along the ri**r 

' laquell, ib. The tribane till he reached Selucia, ib. 

at to sppole him Ariamnea, an actful Arabian, 

1 drTigni againft the Par- drawi CnlTui Into an immenle 

tnuDi, ib. He prevails with plain, 313. Sarena marcheta. 

Pompey to coodua him out of gainft him whik Orodti layt' 

Rome, lb. r Aieiui meets him wafte Annenia, ib. Sunna'i . 

at die pte, by virtue of bisoC opulence and great authority, 

lice commandi him toftiip,zad 314. ' Ariimnn Iridi CnlfA 

ntte'ri llie tnoft horrid execra- inio 1 vaft lea of fand, ib. Ar- 

liont agninft him, 308. CnF. uvafdea, by bit envoys, dedrea 

fai,lakiaghia voyageinthc win- CralTut to go and drive Onidea 

t*r, lofes a number of hii (bipi, oatoF Armeni>fMt ; oratleilt 

ib. Pays hii Tsl!pe£ls to Dvio- to keep to tlie hills, wlicre he 

tatus in Galaiia, ib. Throws 1 mightnotbeexpofed tothe Far. 

bridge over the Euphritet wUh thian cavalry, ib. and 313. 

talt, lb. Reduce! Zenodotia Tbe infatiiated Roman giveiaa 

and all Mefopotamia, 309- antwrr full oF relentment, 315. 

Suffert himlelf to be (alutid Cailiui reproaches Ariimnss in ' 

JmptrtUr, for tbe taking oFi private, with his perfidy, ib. 

■own,ib. GarriFoiu the.lowna. The Arabian anfwen him in aa 

and retarni. into Syria, to win. artful manner, and Euon after 

M;.ib. Hii fan iTiivn with t -wUhdnwi, witk tbeconfentof 

of coaauell 

CRft. t -9 

CnlTui, ib. CniTui lui io'el- 
Jlgence of the ipproiqh o' 

ftrthisni, ind ii grettly _ .„ 

conccncd, 316. Tlie difpofi- borlr, ib. «nd 314. Coponiui 

tion of hii forca, ib. Comti |OTcniar of Curx, soiito nun 

to dir rivcr<Bi1i(ru>, Hid i) dt- Crafrui, and conduSi hii army 

fmdbyTinny of hit officeri to into [he town, 314. The Pir- 

pafi IM night there, but he tfailDi in the morning defpalch 

marcEKa fatward with pretipi- the wounded Romani, znd the 

Ution, ib '^urena coDCcalihii (tiagglcn, ib. Sorcna lend) 

iDiin furce behind the advoK' pcKana to Came, with inridiooi 

-^ guard, ib. The horrid noife propofoU of > peace, ib. bat 

by which tbe Tanhiioi excite toon idvinee* to belicge the 

their meo to aflioD, and infpirc place, gij. Tbe Romani re. 

fhe enemy with teiior, 317. tolve upon flight, and'CnOu) 

They attack the Romani on all takes Andramachui, anochn 

fida, and with Iheir irrowi traitor, for hit guide,- ib. Caf- 

drive Ibe cavalry and light fiui dilcovcn the treachery of 

•nned back upon the l^iooi, Andromachui, retUmt lo'Cah 

it. Th* arrows do great exe- ne, and-fmrn ibence crcapei in- 

culion on the 'legioDi, which la Syiia,'ih. Aldiy llghlCnfc 

Were drawnup inaclofcfquare, fus renins the road, and geta 

ib. CralTui orderi^i [on, with pofTrffion of a hill connjfted 

a (clefl party, to get up with with the mountaini of Sinnao, 

-the enemy, ib. Thry fly, and 316. Silrena has lecourtetairt, 

young CraSua purfuct with andlbe Romans roneCnITiu t» 

raCirdor, ib. They face a. treat, ib. and 3^7, He protefls 

ut, and make dreadful havoc againll (hat violence, 3*7. &u- 

^f the Remani, 317. Pobllut rem tails hsn he muA &» the 

4aili in his attempt upon <be treaty on the banka of ihe-Eu- 

Iwavy aimed Parthlin horfe, phr>ici,3i8. Cnffui i) mount. 

with hi] light aitncd Cauli, ed upon a Parthian ho rie, and 

311a. Has an opportunity to the grooDU drive him nn, ib. 

"■ -' ■- ' -! fo The Romar.a nuke iWiftanA, 

andCnlTrriiflaininthe (cuSe, 
by a Panliian named Pomavc 
thres.ih. Tbe numberof Ro. 

, .. . mans killed inthis war, is iwen. 

ample, ib. 'fhc PtrthiiiM bring ty thou land, and ten thou [and 

the head of PubMui, andlhow ire made ptifoners, ib. Suittil 

it in an infultiiij; mannerto Ha Tends the head and hand df 

fatbcr, 311. Ihe Rumani tie CralTui toOrodei -in Aimenia, 

flruck with aftoni(!iinent allhe 'ib. Heprcloidi. notwichfland- 

. fight, ib. CnfliKhehavcswAh ing, to bring CnfTus alive into 

■uncommon inasnanimlty, ib. Gdeucia, 39S. Rii fjreicil pro* 

Hit fpetth on that occifion, -iceflior.i, 3)9. Hiiobtervationa ■ 

3a«. Tbe Parlhians mike ■ before the lenaie df Feleiicia dn 

great ftaughlcr smongH I he re- the obfccne bookt found intha 

miining truopt, ib. Cnflbs ba^a-^c oF t)ie Romans,' ib. 

giTei hitnldf lip to de^iir, 3^3, Oiodn and Aitavafdes are i»> 

The Romans decamp 'in the conciled, ib. The Bacchx of 

-pieht, under the rniiduA of Euripides afled Mors tfiim. 

Oftaviut and Ciflius, ib. Ig. ]39. A owmical 'i.tcidmt tk 
Tot. VL I 

CRA t 91 

the prclaitiDgsf Cijflui'i hod, 
ib. OiadciiimuriUrBlby hii 

Isn Phiutei, 3;r. wnor wim ijeraraiui, ». lU. 

Crtjaltfiioliut, baof Mir- Crdfiniij, verfctof hit, i. 11^ 

cm CnlTui, goci into mouniiBe H^iS'''' '"- ^^'■ 

sHCkera'ilwiiQiiaeiiiiii'SOf' Craiiffiu, the philofopbet, 

'RecoBcilc* CicEro md liii f»- doanotcxcnhinilelHiidacnfia 

ther, ib. Hi* (piiil wid vilsr of pravidcncc againft fonpcy 

in the Picthiu wir,3ig,3ia ifCei bii fill, i«. itj. A FarU 

Hii bcbaiinr when ruriuundul, palctk, v. 90. Tlic fivoii C>- 

31*. Commandi bil ancor ccto did bim, ib. 

b^rei 10 kUl him, ib. The L>^f, ibc father «f fblto- 

PanhUni cut off bU hod, put pccmea, ii. 341. 

tton the point of ■ Cpeari and * Crn^ru, v. 411. 

iafultinglv iOl CnJTui, who Crcon, DemoOhenCibid) Ai^ 

could be the [(ttiet of fii gillint chiu *& Ibe pfrt of Cnoo Ib 

I jnung iDtD, 3«i. ibeti*gtdy, V.66. 

Crajjii, the appljcilion of * Crilam, thrir Tiniple ta^ 

7abiui MtxiniiutO bin, it. 19. tenpente way oMiving,i. 134, 

CraSinui, or Cr^Ewi, Caiiw, From tbtm Lycutgui drrw bii 

&Iuted by Cabr in the morning model, ib. Theii deceit, i^. 

of the battle of Fbarblii, iv. no. 

tI7- BegiD) ibe aOiao, 118. * e'en, ibetribuUtbeapfi^l 

Fallt, ifnt prodigiout eiFoiU of Alb eniw>» paid to il, i. J4., 

■Tilor, 118. See alio, «5i. CTiHtiu, the furwUM of Ibe 

Craurni, hit calitflioa of A- laifaei of Mick Aatony,'*. j«). 

ibeniaD decreea, iii. iSg. * C'imifm, liver, ii. 141. ,^, 

C'^affruconfecntu a hunting Ctijfiims, collta^^gof M9>- 

picte, Ttprefanting AlMtodet cellui, ii. B63. WaupdtJ b^ ■ 

fighting will) 1 Uos, it Delphi, party «t Numidijai, ib. XhCi 

iv. 181, of hii woiindi, 164. 

Crtiem ind Anlipiter, two CViyJ^mu,, bufbiad of ' Pof - 

of Alextnder'i fueteUbts, after pxa, *. 405. 

having ndueed Greece, pab io' Cri/jaiiui, an oScer in Otba'a 

to Alia, iii. 3G9. He ii greitly amiy, v. 417. 

beloved by the Macedanians, Criiiai, loa of CallElcbnii. 

S70. He and Neoptalanut inftcumenlal in. T«calltng Alt!' 

.Biafch agiinEl Eumeaei, 871. biadct fro Di exile, ii. 69. Af- 

_ Both killed in the enfuins ac- ttrwardi one of the thirty w- 

tion, 3711.373. Ui(p<ue( which ranti, ib. M., Adilfes Lyfaiider 

bad happened Loag before be- to proaure the death of Aki- 

twecnCraurusaadHephxltion, biidu, ;e. 

iv. 189. Accounlof hii going CriuliaiUs, one «( ibe Spir- 

from Afu into Gteece, 307. Ua arbiiraton bttv«*n' dK A- 

O-Mfi, the [diilaropher, per- (heniana ind M^aRDriint,_ i. 

fuadet Denietriui to nile the Hi. 

flegeof flthenl, v. 15S. Cr,iylta theorator, &yj, wil 

CrilejUtea, mother of Cleo- . citmot be kept to any <«t diet, 

■neiHs, IV. 401. Uou into £■ v. £5. 

gj'pi in liopei of ierving her C'a/iu, hi* Coavetfttion wHb 

country, fliT- Her iorrow for Solon, i. »»9, ago. 

her foa'i diath, 4J1. Hst in- • [romi;*ii, a wild (ow kiU 

ucpid behavior and dc»bji^. kd thereby Tbel<u>,i.s>- . 

.AwwW, the. fan* with Uw. tioni whey, cdile, 35B. TIa 

■M>nth Ue£itoinlKean, i. jp niii^ of Antoev, v. 164. 

' * Crita»iiN, panot the ^Ui Carins, Miiiiut, CiEo itlaiira. 

tJtca It Arbcla tent tlion bjr Hii frugil maaoer ai living, ii. 

AlcxiDder, iv. 176. 307. Fyr[li«i(l«£c«ted bybimr 

tr»ui.i Ituaned md ftrnck. 111.30,31. 

doYfAby.ilK txcUnutioM of Cur/u,- Stt hfirecttmu. 

the people, iv. 6S. ii. 375. CurtioH LafCt i. 9S. 

• Cru/I^iatiilm, i. 9b. tTuniu, uiilluaiioiu SibiM, 

Crj^u, orimbulodeoE the i. gg. 

Sprunt, ■ cruel maiiacr o( de- ■ Cafrtni, di> whole.njCioD 

liioying tlv H«lau wiica lkii&:ul to the miii» of Hc- 

thoughl loo numerouj, i. 154. phjeftioo, iv. aij, 

aejits, phynciin to Ami:- • Cw.»(jfi jibiidi, iii, 184. 

•rKE>.Miiemon, a £)buIoui wiii- Cyiile, theraoiiierod'iegoili, 
■r, V. .3iG, 317. .warns Themiilocki of 111 at. 

plt^iai, V. i£. wmpl ijainU hi) lift, i. »g». 

Oifippai, the (on of Chibrlii On which account he dcdictut 

'■ S* '"■ »9'- ■ temple 10 her, iii 

•C>;>^,lii. ,78. Cybernejit, at feflival.of jw- 

.Cu/lea advilei Pompey to di. toll, i. 57- 

vara Jutia, ind exchiDge Cf • Ci^iiii, 'adopted (oa. of 

lir'ifrkudniip fm thai □f;lh> Th^lei, i. 134. 

lenitc, iv. 93 Cjc^tuj, tMSilaminiBn, wor- 

■Cunuln AriaM1>">'>>-*M' fI>>PP«<l by tha ACbeiuuH, k 

•■Cu"f««u, iv. 377, and n^ 51, 5a. ■ 

' *'Ciiiud, bilUcof. See Bai- ■ Cyclidti, lil. 134. 

i/<. CyS"", or Cyti<is, killed In 

.C««, LKohian, the faSiion tii (iaglt combat by Here dIu, i, 51. 

iL Setfotlmi. • ^Jnm. its water tMlrpnely 

'~ ■ Ckrci, the capital of the S»- cold ; Alcx^dec't (ickiuFi tha 

oo. Thence the lli^ con(equea;e of bathing ia it, iv« 

« called QuiriKi, lb. isj. . 

iaif itrlthio a fplm*. ar> 

IJJI. Mntdel. 

Can't, OM of the ofR«™ in ■ Cylaraiis, a pbceof exercifi 

tylla'i army, takfi the ciladd. near the galea ot Argoi, iii. 3^ 

of Athens, to which the tyrant iv. 411, 411. 

^Ition hadnliied, iii. 139. Cyltn, the hillory of him and* 

Cvh Ae tribune, gained hy hit aecomplicei, i. 109. 

C«l)r, who piya hii immenfe Cyaajjiriu, ii. 337. 

debu, ivi 1,03. Demand) that - Cjut^ Qllerto Agefilaui, he 

either Fompey Oiould dirmif) pcr^dei herto contend for th^ 

bis-forcei, oi.Citiat be (nOcred prize of thecluriot lace at the 

ilD keep hi>, 104. Haltciequi. Olympic gimei, to Ihow die 

- Uble propoUi mbefaalf of Cs- Grulu how tnQing all aabitiDB 

' lu, ii. Screent aiid lavo Ck- of that kind ■*>s, iv. 10. 

tbx whra. in dangC' of ^'"S * Cyne/afieln, i. 68. ii. «ie, 

Riled inpiingfromtheleaate' 371. 

luulc after the debate) aWut Crrg/jr;u, the place of CX(V> 

ditiline, ■17, The advicche ciCewiibouLthe city ofAlbcAt, 

pic Cata, 331. Hi* cxIlttH- i. sGj. 

»AU [ i< 

' * Cyfni fubmib M Aknn- 
i*T, iv. iGo. "the wuoBf Cito 
oiled then, t*. 351. 

thpfilm, ». 346. 
' Cyrhti, uUci on vrbicb Solon 
wrote hit liws, i. i>6. 

" Cyrntani, ii. nj*. iii. 195. 

•CyrrM"",*. 159,187. 

■• Cjmiu, Tir«i, iy. 7 S. 

C>ru, whence the Dime, *. 

Cjrii! the Gmt, why ht »• 
InluCKtts), i. ayt. Hiicp- 

V. 316. Hii itlouion to hit 
(ODCubine AlpiQa, 34O., Sup* 
|>li« Lybncltt with inooeyi iii. 
9j. &ia(pir«> agtiafl tbs l^iiis 
Liibrotber.v. gig. Hit viiHit. 
iiigoffenta the IjKidxinoni- 
■ni, 8113. Levia wsr agiinit 
Aitiurset, ib. £ntcniiB> 
Clorchui and ulhcr G rcelu i.) 
bit fervice, ib. It k itlcd iik k»t. 

, • Cjiluri, iSU of, iii. 1^7. iv. 

Cylhcrii,»at0^lt, Aatos/i 
mi&jcrt, V. i7]> 

* CyjiciJ, beSisr'J by Mithri. 
djttJ, iii. I3J. TlkiD by A)> 
cibiidei, it. 6g. 

ri'fcri'i./ iD.£i, i>» of 

J-' Mount Id., i. i8>. 

■ Dmefiai, fuiroideiMl ta 
Aleunder, iv. iGa 

Daaafiti, otbciwife- cilM 
PTMruJIti, tb( CTUdlia he eic- 
•teiled, i. 51. Killed by Tbc. 

Daaadiiat, affifti ndopidu 
ia'rellotiiig liboty to Theba, 

Damm, nnarkible for hi*. 
ftiIt'iiiiBiifiGandpolitia,i.S4(^ advifc Bsriele* ia 
Ihcidmiaiftntion, ih. BniHi- 

<d on thK account, ib. iii. (59 

Dtntaa, futnuied Pcripolcu, 
iri. 170. - . . 

Aiantfaa PEin«as, V. 64. 

i).«™, iv. .^S. 

DvKUtcfs, comipled by An* 
tigonai, contribulet. lt> the dt>, 
feat of Clesnaiei, iv. 443.. . 

■ Qitiiriu, liver, u. 145. : 
ifaoaiij, iii. 43. 

Dind of ihaC<>r|utii~'f, .why 
[(fSllEd, v. 331. W41lh(ill»l 
)>nfl1:]ai>f ClcacckittVniig, iba 

Dincii, pan of HiiaH!i «.>> 
giout ccr«aiiMik*t i- '7P. 
. i>)iideiiu iV Indian pfail*. 
r<ipt)rr« wbitbeJaidof lb; Drt. 
ciin philotjpbMs, iv. K19- Tt|» 
nil of bit hilbtry, ib.. 

* Dmtic, i). 169. WalEf 
biouyhi friKn ihence to the re- 
pofiioria of (he king «F PerQi, 
to fliow the extent of bit do» 
mininju, iv. 178. 

D.'pll'i, dtui^htet o( AiDf' 

■ J)«Jj/»f,hi»flijhl, i. r8. 

pjaai, o«geriu»ofSiicr>tM, 

iv. 38a. 

givtshitniiilirafli oni lad w a in- 

• Dtritaians, \\. ifil, ■ 

ftigi, ii. 51. iii. afiS. 

Dtritnui ciiriu the San*' 

flflWOTf, being, of a middle 

ihriician god< lo Troy, i. 3*1, 

nwure betwaa ilie diviot »Ed 


IhehunHn, i. i<«, 113. 

Dttdtnai, armor betru t> 

2>iii««Aiu, iiL «»o, i, »S3. 

Brutui. V. 3.1. 

Duifiiis, or i)i^»j, one oJ the 

• D^rdtai in. Tioat» ijt<t 

Micedooiay mauthi, iv. 149, 




fl«Moi.<, .i.a»thscad.»r» 

Ajri'ui,CadDiiuBQiu iE«tl>» 

llhiailiibigiliiftAlmMllCT.iv. Be»d,tltv uucil fecaluilE 

1S3, Theourabctofhiitortd, iU of lbM>,'i. Bii. • 

*nd hiictnMD on ttutooctTiOn, Dtm^, teaifitoi, 'n. ^o^ 

ib. Xba oQce ot AfgaidA Diatk, JS,XapttH)aii*.'iVTno^ 

which he boK DDdn tlir^iinfT iBi(oaa>it> in'thBe^pKil{>eri- 

kiag, ib. , Kcgktb^theWutary ly, but nuurcbit of ■ dlScr- 

■dviceof AinyAlas,iiidp<tDdvt*. cMopiiiit>q,iL ati, A'fuddcn 

hliBTiDtwbai itiitoolHt, [5J. death prefenxd to any othsr by 

lrd<l(ttBdbyAliiw»d«r^Ci- .Cmfa, a^ ifS. AMwirdly 

lki>, 156. Tbt mgniSceuM thing k> nin iiuo dx Mm* of i^ 

e'r hii lent, ib. The IMM h« 4(5;- 

'<M(»et<>Ai«aMd«r, ie». ^ii Ddii, public, ■ (ccurin: lo- 

a^fliaa on 'the Bt«*' of Ut tin ]nia«B, iii. 381. '' '' 

wiCo^ deuh; lb, l^ymiiAf- .I^«^f,a.plaocortN«e«iit>n' 

Iiutt'hiin tliM AleundaF hid in (he pii(oa U Sp«ti,' iv.' 

bttaial WbMWIthgmthM^ iS^..-- '- ■ 

(i»Ji6e;,. I)n4W4 (inimciDtb*^ - * JJi*rf»rf, .ji. m; iH;- ftj;- 

godi thsraupon, ib. and 170. 117. 

DefbalUd BMrAlbetiif^^. Hit ■ ' itetn^ ii. j*;. - 

Sight, 175. TilVn'by.BaAi), Deeitatim, >n mciitit' mili- 

>&{. FoM^'WOBniM With tMy fiuoWinimt, nviied by 

nvny dmtvtBg^ 'Wha^heCtid OrefTui, iti. 300, PulinprK— 

n> M^niiu; whs gawbhii tick byADt»ny,.v. \i^. 

luN»wU*'hl3.K»tfM>M*hu, ■Duial anihu tedt Cafat to- 

ib. and tS6. ' Biif.'ib^ " '- *■- HmtK the day he wa det- 

• 'Atnlfl' -ViWb^'hi* driltlnai fitiicttd, jv,i7g. ' 

Iw F«ty)at'i«, vJ gas. Wit in. - DaJtmit, mtniti' to Pitt' ' 

tfiati'la drfWyy glHiM -silth thooi, i. 70. 

Iwr-brMlwc/ ib; =' ' ' . -iXnSumi, fifttfr sf FyrrUn*,' 

iJarili^tbeetdeft [((n«f '^1^ iii. >. MiTricd 10 Demetriu*- 

•KtoWi V'SaB'.- BteliWd luc- iheWricf Antig™u»,4.v._i37. 

•elfer to the' 4^nK ind^ptti Her doth, iii. 7.' v. 1 431 . 

Witu^-H «tef \hk ptnM Hi- hit ■ Dimtcliai; bthn of Autaly-- 

turban upT^Ehl, iS: Acea^iilg n6, iii. «it>.' 

h»ttMcuftaMoftb«hl^tinihi] Hwidiuiii, i, 51. - -' 

fl(/«-'^, kins of C_ _. 

givctbertofribiibiKirterwaTda him he be;-ati to buildlate iiv 

coniccrtiBt berioDinii Anytii; the day, ill. 30S. T^lten inlO'' 

340. He conrpiTTi igainft hia Pctidui'i (hip after iho bslde 

fMhef at ibeinftigBlioiloF Titi- of Phaifaliai, n. iii. Cato'a 

bann, 34s. Ii taken and c^- vifitlo him,' 331. He goe« over 

ilally punifhed, 343. Sxoia Antony to AuguftUij v. 

" Dijijlilii, lake of; ' Iii, ion *°^' 

*-/)a^rB'jjtbefrcCnirittyi ii. Diifmfkert!. i;6». 

fftj. ... ■ • Btliutt, ii." jO. ti<.,isOr 

Dalit, the king t>f KrfiiV 157. 

fenrraf; arrivH at Mtrathon, DiUai, t!ie hiftoTiafN v. to-fi 

and lavtgei the country, ii. Qails Antony, ib. Sei)tby An.- 

■74. ■■ tonytoCleopaln, iBo. 

bm, a white day, why f» • De/a-.i. 60,' 359: iii. 153.. 

called, 1.375 .■' Dilphi,'). It. ct fafim. 

- Otji, au^ieiona and inan^i- Mpla, taWn, v, 3. 

*o>",i-3)9,S»0- iii. »»*» - W/A«iiB»f i. 53. ST^' • 

Mttagt, cetemortici pcffonn-' nrolcon, il ito. DMtftthiilK 

<^d by IlwAtbcniint after that forkillinghiibrathcr, iti. 
aSOersa,v\. 139. i>tKii,finiofDBt*idcs.kiU. 

' DtmaiUs, the Alhenun ol»- ed io fab fattw't.prcteice, i*^ 

(er,n'. (8c- Hiiinihii™unlr)f 313. 

h% etboufiiig the- Miccdoniaa - " Demetriti. ii.. 374. T, rjh ' 

■UmA, ib. Bitma Phocion t.9a. 
ikr Icfitiinf bii foa to £p4itif 
303: Hii oblervitlon m dn 

ntwi ofiAJejcudET'i dtKli, 304. -...,. 
Propofetto trot with Aotir>- OnMftWr, ba dfPhiliyoC 

tv, 307. Gels IK) noMy ill, MaccdoB, Cnt'M utbiAige't* 

ttid fpeidi itprofnfd*, 31a. Ronw, {i. 374 ■ 

Hh byiag k> Mi fen, ib. Hit DfrndriMi Uv HagmdiaB, v. 

letter t<>Aatig9nU, is which be 54,6]:. 

(clli him thn Macedonia biwc Atunfu, ronfe^i fnad< 

cUriy iNintBtd-tatttBflBtk.'tb. mni,''iT. 330;' 'ne- p«t^n- 

That tetter tnlereepled, caufs tidiM niada^or hiii ncbptitin' at 

bisandhit feii'idi9idi,3ij. H« ARlfveti, ib. -HlfcjMrfeMA 

Bledtoaffi9DeR»ah<ne(inbii pidctta^ii.a^. HuiiriuUBC*, 

plddingi ; for be fpolce beuef lb.' . 1 . . 

Ateiapore than that ontar v. ' D o Mk ( « , a Iwwati oC Cat-. 

48. Cocs-nnbafiidot la Alei^ f)iA< v. jOji.- 
■nder the Gmt, 61. Th dU J)iiutri<Li, fcin of Dasietriac, 

vine vkngnzice hiiatrhin ddw^. fiimittHft IktJMJiT, v. i6«. 
(sr^Tlfe itMhol DciBoftlHMti, ifcaHHairfttt «(.DeBc«nin, 

€8. Catfiai&T, tbefitKof An- iilMa«f Cyrmeitt. ■C■.' 
Iip■Ie^, kilh Mm, ib: Towbat ■■ Dfttiriai. -Pktidm.-^Kbl^ 

he compared the irtny ■([« the e*11'fHiMm to MNtabd^,' Vt., 

deadi (» AlcMnde^, V. 391. 1^7. ■ " '- ■; - li 

' JJnti'n^taj, ii. 151. ' ' - ihHitnOP (he- IMpaMic,. % 

^lOorajwaj, in>Her-ofi!Ul». frUodof CilOil,-iv. 375.^. :.v 

. '-,>^^ galley, iifc 197. ' DtmenniPiiiiina, s^m^ 

■ "' 'AhidritMj of CoTtalb, a fay- or of i^wBt'iorCa^dtr, «.> 

Inp pf hit, md'Hutarch'! re. iei: Ganrniufly tteiwd by&»-. 

flottloa upon it, IT, 13, 1T9- mefriiit Polioiwiw, las- "On- 

Keconeilti I4>Uip anid AleKan- chancer he #vc.crF Oar»oi~ 

dtr, 14J. Sees AlotandA fat. tbnes'«ontiniiUp>48; 
ltd on the thmac &f Pcrlfa f hii Dimtlnui of, Pbifix, hii ad., 

behavior thcKupon, 179 Hia ■into Philip, v. gt?. v . 
death and maGDiIiceAt fuoanl. ' flimlrial fos id AntigqntM. 

"198,199. ' CmuIui, ii. tSo, ' 

DcturaUi ot Rhodes relAf- Dtitlriai Polianxlt!, -Ion o^ 

<ri by Alexander at the inlerccf- Antigonus and Stiaftmica, v, 

lionof, sai; \i9 Eadeavanto&veSnneats, 

OcaarMul ttw SparBn, in- 111.387. ] Dim itifaly beautiful io, 

tenfti the king of Perria, bat hit perfoi);and a nalt apceablq 

thai pricce is nxoncilcd'to faicn corapanion, v. 1 1^*, AtgqiUiw. 

■ttbe teqinft al llieniillaclta, lo.his-pleBtiiTCi,B*dy«twnvdib 

i 197. - inatvideipediiiaotMbeiiihii.. 

J'ltiuTitai a Corinthiin of.' {nKft. called, ib... ReiuHigibly 

Aifr under liiHoleuii, ii; 137, afFdAidnitf' to bii la>l>er..ib. 

- 1*0. Inllanceof tlxhipDy.termiaK 

,tfa'iami4ilif lo AeHtoyoat ot tbB.rnadl sf ibcciLiun.^i^ 

kt) counie(*D«iBcd MitfariilWei, dlibliAiti the common wealth, ■' 
OA sKMuttrOf adiam, Deioe. pcomllci tliem • large [upplvol^ 
UiMIwlMtti^ him«f that in- w^tcMt^ tni timher eoougM* 
tmttaa, t*0' AiiJigc>nu>, wbilc build i hundicd g^Utyi,' ilt,^ 
b* nfidd in Fhtysi*! Uwfonn- Tbcir ciUEinc .lervility tad »n 
ei of Piolcmy'i invarion ofSf- delation to PNDCir'iui anA &b~, 
a»i-mi.lieaitluttoaI>tmtUiia tigoaui, l£&. Strxodc*. die 
«giin&hiin,iJ|tiugh OHlf (wow. Bruicipalinflruiqeiitof UutpiD- 
r .__ !u jjj__ f^ij^ adnto{o»,it. The god!k. 

BilM.% SffotWd iii«wG«u : BfiQCwice.'lheirv dirple«l|i9, W 
ihidMvieodtlrimjiwIchU Ijiit piptJHWWfrt* »r - ' 

heft antl. cqutp«g«j diitn 6niflu*-»II 1; 

... -_if_.-. thM dia Altipniwa & . . , 

(alt. ibcoonclt) ef .DoncinM, 

l^ty'i g f i yl , and wywmtht .»!.. DqnnfrLi^ ^jniei liufy-, 

go M Mfr-qf Fwl^Dy' by -nr MM^dctModcnrtntiitifuiwtnc. 

tMUBgtfacJuiei, ibi, A«^aD-i M»lliwi<^.,iU , Aa acMluDtDf> 

was baftn* doiwn fnHD C«UinB k» murf'mi nfin,, tbe dMgh-. 

Uxmbnoehfd'oii.^bMDnaaui^ tar of ~Ai)t>DiMCi; i*^ . , H^. 

tail lint aninfltlic Nabadue)^ MOnMVI^fiti ttl^fS^'lhtt^ 

[ubdueihem, bruigaQgcoi)^ Uv^'ncfuti UfO|iI»a|i,ttu bra—. 

(BUB'i>adIyi.Mi,.>,Riatlidie ihEr:«E,Flol«ny„.u£n«u%>ilh. 

BqpbnMi 'tiih'iiitvftitrit up* licbn a gnM>*t4l4 at lt«,wl^. 

OBkki-liiliMtKpeditieOiAluA BwJ^ny hiiqW.fadheaMliiB, 

mteof At aaftlM4t Myl9Pi. ib^, Flolenty fli«t -<«itb el^ 

ndjayi wtO* the oiwfry, lb. Qtlj* (;Inly,,la{h^ D^tb^OC' 

i)UiSH.PwJf»iy«>J«urefriM9 ca&vntbccclcbiMtdLiBukfall*, 

ite lege of Halicaniiffui, ib. into diehandt/jf Dcmctiiiu,ib> 

^.A^^gDBMapdJDeEMIriiM'ioTni The city of S>hini4,..aBd the; . 

the dcIig9,of.6ttiu&^W),fiK Itad-faiceiof Ptttleinyai 
.fcuB ibe yvkAof C«ibnd«r)i>d nBdeied to- him, ib, li . ._. „ 
Vlolniri Jh.^< DanHrlu^. bil* iha .prifown .[11^, i^.,. Sends. 

ifaithcT .nv^; Sw.tboMlnid.talr twelve bundnd Cuit>.i>i:»nnoi. 

.aiaia£Jilv«aBiM'ofa«Ddj(d- to. .tbt . Akbeqiaiii, ii>. .SeodiJ 

aui fifty Btipi, and' fi pan pro- Arillodc«iw to bit Cither witli,. 

tlilDiiag ijfbcfty,. ii FCCtt'ed the newt.of )v> ^ifioty, ib. .A- 

4nlb.)DvtiJhi HHi'CiDciBettiui iil)i>4t<niuliine> vilely with to- . 

the Phileii*f , who toOliniodtd tiaoi""'' 'Q^pitieiice 1 but b^lg 

.4Mt^:for QaJIaader^afafecoD- the^iirllMlalute hiinlUrigL.t^. , 

di(ato'rheb;i,i»3,.SiiMquii|l« ptopleaccepi ific tide, jb. md- ' 

.jtbc. fiirl' «fr,Mui)ycbia .with a 1317. Anti^ut Isi4>.tbeidii-,,. 

ditckand nuiparl, andltiUlo iem ilCo ts IJcisclciiu, . 1)9. , 

>l^^ta, wfiote. Ca(bt>d«r .had "the Egypliuu, 9D ibii-ascarioii, 

,viDdiar tpnifon, ib; HM>d- give BtolgnytJieiiil^ of. king,. 

,M«tB9 *ilk Cnlc<Vypli%,Mar Bi. Lylimachut and Scluiciu. .. 

J.9^lI*,'A.t^A 194. Hediftxlan UktWea(![aiTnJt,ib. Anti^o.. 

Ibeganifon of M^i^ taidt^ ixil miCurrio- in w^.VP'^''''"'- 

•Ipea the. city, fixe, 114. , Hif. igalnll Ptoleaiy, 131. .Being.. 

(Haatkin to Stilpo tiit philolo. ' BowliultOionof eigbty^leavet, . 

ftcr, ib. Rctarni to the li«e. the miliury 4cpaiXiiieiilIo.hi*, 

Viln>ycbi), ttkeeand demtri' Ion, ib. Takes no offenceitiut. 

ib« itk ib. Snien Ateu ai, Ioh'k. dd>«Hcb(tic*, .ilt. ^B^i. 

00 k- 

f >«* 1- 

tllu ptcidtariv giMt in th» •••,- iM- 

(■■ftniMiiMaiiiitlhipindai- home to ib* 

gma, igs. Coi* to wn with tbcr, igiiiiB 

Ik* Rhodiint, on Kconob of [■cwdbn of AUxandu hwl u- 

IheiralUnKewlIhPWleni^ ijg. iiiwd, 140. TtM ^t pRptia.- 

IB ^conrfeor it, bring»tba< tioaiof thciraMnin, ib, Adj 

iKgefi of hit hiUfolh up u ttM tignniu racoomwidi Dnnintus 

walli, Jb. Ttub Ueptlti dc-' M tha army u hii [ucoelfot, ib^' 

bribcd. fb. The-AAMlHu m- Oneat af IhciT defeat, 141. 

I bctwon bim Dmttiiua pan ADtiachiu, llM 

' 1]^ Cdt' foo of MciKUi, to flight ; tiH 

Mar lO'lhe dctHEt of AAtra*. iKf gomg untnalbiBUyiipiuidw 

gnnft 'Cabiidti\ 135. Ke parbil, lole* tha vLdoiy,.]!). 

tMVcs Cal&ndcf out of Atlici, Anttgan«i't noapi dElantaSS' 

Hid'defWiMmklTfKnnapytE,' laucm, mU AntigODUi » fltin, 

ik, Hcraela- VolunUrily (ub. ib. Dmelriui Sla [a Epbahii, 

BiMv^ atht be receiiret into Ilia- and', thsilgb in want of moaw, 

Mittylix#iOU(aKlMK«doafait*, {pan* itic mnplcaf Dina, i».- 

Win <«V<llt fMm Oil&nder, ib. EtubarlU ftir GKOCefvitKnE fai« 

Bmdafmi 1ib«rt>^-tb ihe Gncka principal depcndaiioe is upos 

i*tdiin ihe ftniu of Thenitopy-' tfiaAlhniiani 1 4*. - Their awi- 

Ht, ind roceiva ihc Bceodaiu' btffMlon-meetbira near iht Oyi 

ifllo hid aHiancc, iO. ' tMua cU^, and Mil biiti they -Urat 

him&lf Bnf(er of CVnchnie,' i«eiv( nOk^ng iMtlllieit city! 

Ptiylt, and PanaftiUp' lb. Pall iir. Thia Ingrttftud* ofThtiW 

the two latierln thtfhandsof ciiuhiin to (he hiart,*,' Stt* 

the AttwoJansagain-.ib. ■ TheA- hii galleyt ffoolDieir'pcHti.alMl 

dtrnin^vCry improperlylodge Aeaiforche ilHmttia, Whtte hK 

kim iDthe-nrdieflon, ib. Hit littdi the chia of encce alt in- 

debiuclieri«i then, ib. One i^ tA\nti to revolt, ib. SMi to tfiri 

Ibaceof viittK 19 fdand in A- OheHOTefiii, from *hent* M 

tMnl.ib. Hereducothalp.n^ iH>eei[b«doMiDiofW4]{'&yfii- 

of (he eankry called Aft^.Tn' mMhin; ib. 'WaMiif tnakM 

Pdoponnefas, and an- iVcadii ptn^oftli i>f inani^ to Stralo-' 

•Kcc^ Mtnlina; 'rjfi. 'Sell- lirce-, lhedktl|{R(A dT'Demetri. 

Argoi.Slcyon md'CorlnthTne,' ut. 11)3'. 'Z>etnet(?iu ftXa w^lb- 

ib, Maitici BcidamitVhefiltrT hit' itB^^hwi; arid by tTM-tiay' 

rfPyrrhiBiis^. h proclalined malto * Heft-enfon eiHtia. W?- 

f^cral of all Grreae, ib. Af- flringi off twiWe HanBtcd OiU 

liitneitbetTllEofKingDf Kin^ rats fn>m Quinda, S*bkh bad 

lit. Danelriot tnlifl) on bein; been the pTOpnty df ' his falhcyj' 

admitted hnmcdiatety, at hia lb. Meets SdeiKuj afOntflba;. 

RMni, ' birth to Ihe Mil and and Ihcy emmaih each ottiei in- 

IM gtrater myfteiio ; and Ihe a pVincdy marmir, ib; Deme. 

Aitheniani, contrary to all Ihe [riiis (eiiei (he province of Cill- 

inles, coinply, ib, and 1 3S. H« cia, ib. It contrtAol 10 Pto- 

conitnandt them to laife twn lemah, the daughlcrof Ptult- 

bundred and fifty talenli, and my, ib. Seleucus demand] Ci- 

thea gi TCI the money 10 hit mif. licii of htm. and, on his retef.; 

iKfroto buy (oap, 138. The in; Ihit, inrifb onhaVlngth* 

mttfaragaiii enpenfet of Limij, cilirt of Tyre and Sidon; if]/ 

iK." Sht it eSled oatftl Ui DemetMUi pi><)4roD|ef '^ar>4'> 

then,, by 


' ihc lof) □( 

bn cLiin in 

L AG,, » 

d of all' 



; S«l..tii» 

,m6. ■ 



nil cill 1 

thiilwf, jb. 



CO unity. 



kilkd Alt 


iht Ion 


Ml. Hohmy 


tealo i)<e ' 




DSM t >0j. ] OEM 

ib. The UaMdoDiuu- admiw 
tWviloc o( Pyrriuu, ■ad'ttef*' 
wu now in tne poileuioa Dt Uw pire DenwHUU for hii mityof 
tyrant Lacham, 1 45. He re- artft, ib. Fitrni«Jiinr| in< 
ducB it byfaDunc,ib. Firdoni fbnce of ttul vanity, ijtr ■, 
the Atbeniaai, and givea thtm a They aie offended ttto itbii 
Inge fupply of biadcarn, ib. djQblute life and difficulty of 
la Ibe joy of tfaciibeaiti, they accelj, ib. He throw* the pe> 
delivijta^ a him (he Pinn*> liliiiii rf the people- iuKi the 
and Munycbii, ib. He ptitt ■ rivtr.ib. DariogJn Ikkncfi li 
ganiloQ iikcwile in the Mnfc- Pella, Pyrrhui enten Uacde^ 
um, ib. rormi a defign upon Di>, and advancet at far ii E- 
Laccda:mon, and defeati Archi- dclla, 1 53, He comet to tema 
with Pyrthor, ik Udua^m* 

Enpiniiont for iccoveiing alt 
ii iilhec'l dominions, ib. T^ 
Taft flic of hi) galleys, ib. The 
kingi aiuck him in levcnl 
quarter), 154. Pytibua laku 
BeroM, and ttie Uaccdoniint 
levolt to him, ib. Demetruit 
qiiiu his loytt robe, and flin^ 
after havinj; helit hlacedonia 
DcnrCrius, 148. Erafiiiratus (even years, ijj. He goei lirlt 
phyfician to Scleucui, diicoven to Cil&ndtia, where hii wif« 
thai Antiochni is dEtpcralely in Pitila, In her defpair, lalui poU 
We with Sitaionicc. and Sclcu- fon, ib. He repairs to Grecct 
•ut^ivejbtrup to him, and dt- and coliifti an amy, ib. The 
.starts them nog and queen a{ AtLeoiint iivolt from him >• 

were sow very txtenlive, takei the philolbphcr, to rtiCe it, ib. 

Tbebet, and reducci the reft of Saili to Ada wiih hii forcei, ib. 

Sdotii, i(0 Make* ■ mode- Eurydiccbringibim Ptolemsit, 

tate ule olhii liSory, ib. Du- whohadbcenconlrafiedto bina 

ring an cxpcdiiianaf bis uito (ome time, ib. He lakea Sar- 

Tbrace, the Bieoliant revolt dii,indo^plBceiinIonii,ib. 

^n, ib. He teavei hu Ion Anatboclei, the Ton of Lylima- 

Anligonui lo btriige Thebet, chui,con)ei igiin3bim,aod h» 

and Diarchei againft Pyrrhui, moves into Phrygia, ib. Sb. 

who had oKrrun all Theilaly, meirius his the better in Dclr. 

A. ■ PyrihiH retires, ib. De- mifhct, hutLy{iniichus cuu*r. 

xelriui letnrnt to the fieje of hisconv«y], ib. He defigns ta. 

Thebti, ib. Taka it a^sln, msrch tovrardi AnceDia, but ii 

and pott only ihi rtecQ of iheci- prevenid by famine and petli- ' 

itHOi ID dtvh, 151. The jG- lence amonglt hii Hoops, ijT> 

torHnsbeinginpoirdllon oflhe Marches A)wn to Tariui, ud.. 

palTes la Delphi, he cilebiatci applies to bis loa inlaw.Scleu- 

Ihp Pythian gimts at Alheni, cus. for reticF, ib- Seleucui at. 

ik Marche* againft the JSXo- firfi relieves hiai, but toon after 

jiani, ib. . Leaves Pantauchut commencea hoQllities a'ainll.. 

In jCtolia, and movca agiinft him, i j^. Demetriui ravages 

Pyritaui, ib. .Pfrchuafalbbp-' th> counlty, and gain) fevnal '. 

wPi>Uufbai*Dd4)CeMlius,. idvanlago «f StUuciu, Ua^- 


> hii »it\i 

t gnat 

He ptBet Mount Amuui, >aA 
Seleuciu fotlowi,.) 59 I> neai 
taking UirpiLlc, ib. 
S^Ieucpt. aScrs him biulc, md 
hii troop* revolt to l)i« princ*, 
ib. Hfi hidahimlelf awhile 
iaiwoodupoaMount Amtaus, 
ill bofui of making hb W3f lo 

Dimtclaris, the I 
niia, a prclcuiled friend ip A- 
gii, beirjvi hitn, Jv. 39*. 

D"*i>:harii, hit account 1 
the death of Dcmo^Ui^oei, 

''• , ' 

DiinK'tj, his virtix ■! 
dntl>,v. ,3i,,36 
D:iacr«Ui . tV * 

DiBUtratii thcSpaituieKile, 

. 401. 

ti(4ble, and [iMrendus to Sffeu., 

ciu, 1^ Salewiu at (irfl: ii 

*oiy fayoHbly iodiaid \a hiiB, cipla af hii phUotophy, 

faM f<W>i>g' hit piaftivi upoa ""' 

the artny^ kupilujn a piiloocr 

at Urge in the Syrian Cbeifone- 

fiu, ib. Allowt hiiiK howtver, 

a princely tablt, and olhci cora- 

foni in lui coarinemeitf, 161. 

Deqictriua orders hii fiisndt lo 

Greece not to tnill his letter). 

Dnuxtiliii, an enemy Ic IV 

It hij (ul, i 

Hi> fon 

iVjHiXitliehiftqrian.i. 57 

D'meniu:, fiat by A re hi: 


of theacrivaluf I^ullm, 

goDui ciihe) Scleucui art offei 
ii{ all hii eSitei, and piocnifea 
tq delivecup himfelf an BoHigl, 
\q. prtKure hi^ /alher's Ubeny, 
IE) D(cn.triui.«lt«»)> fo' • 

Dtvumiti of loi, hi) lli<l^■' 
3 Peticle*. i. 354. 

D-.iMhasci, oiie of tl|a t)^ 
m of PhilapcEincn, it. 3^. 

degreu, 1 

lence lad iiiaSivity, ib. Dfinlu 

in'g and play fucceed, ib. A£- Sicyou, ib. 

tet three yeut canSDCnient, ht DiiaapkaitlU, 

djsj It tfcjigeof fiftyfour, t6«, -' "' ' ' 

'Antigonui receiveihii renuiiu 

M faa, and eondu^ thwn with 

greU fuiKnl pomp to Corinih, 

1^.. From ihMice Chey ut ti,t- 


Eleinhorfe,,ii. ajS. 
Xi;wipf>ii*i, U. 3.9. 
Dimfi^a, i. 66, 128. . 
Dtniipalii, \. got. 

"^ Hhials, Itu Alheniltt 

Tied to Demctrtia,and depoliwil general, repulfed in Xtolia, iii, 

. :ity, ib. 
Ihe ilTae he left, ib. Hii pofie. 
rity (ill the (hione of Macedan 
down 10 Peffeui, who uraicoA- 
^VCred by Ih: Romini, i6g. 

Dtmo, one of Denutriui!i 
RiiftrelTei, vi 135, Sunuincd 



9i8. Sert 1 

1th a 


aj7 The niagnific«Kf of bii, 
atrivil, ib. DeteimuKd to tb- 
tack (he.SyTacurini ininuiliat». 
ly, 178. Aflialti^ipalc.Ui. ' 
I) fuTrounded in ihc final, r>- 
Oi'sxiaris, ttie Leuconian, treat of the Atheaiana,Mid ftabi 

)uj reflcSioa upon a decree of hiinfelf, 185. Di^renl ac- 

Scraioclc], V. 136. Banjlhed counti of hit death, 18?. 

ior that relteaion, ib. Daujlktnii, father of then. 

.AcsaiWu of Soli, the nuie ntor, wai called thi iutri «■($- 

Mv* Votaiiuut' ijS. Ur, v.. ^. 

Dtmt/heiis the eiMor, the hU (boUKTlBg byfpMhing; wift 

'freat rdembUnce between him .pebbla in hii moiich, and 

and Cic<no,v.4i. Hii fMkcr Anngthem hti voice byfpak' 

Demefibaiei krp[ many fbvu iogis hem dji hill, jO. Jtta 

ttwark on tbe buGneEi ef-i Teoartfo, ib. Embarkj in til* 

{word cutler, 43. Mil molkct ■dminiftntitni in the lime at 

wilCleobuU, the dinghternC Phocisn^fi. Impluible inhii 

Cylob, ib.n, AtdieiECof fev- rcieatDwnUi'ntdrdpibUpref-. 

eayesnhelolcihu father, who ccutiOn ipinA Midiis, ib. H>i 

leave! bim a cenfideriiiile tor- i^lorianifDbjctt for hitpotic- 

tune, ib. Grealty wronged by icil imbi^n, xhe defence 6f 

Hi guardlant, Ib. Of a Ttckly Gnece, apinft Fhilip, ib. Hoft 

tubit, and geU the contemp B- of kii orationi uponljie princi- 

oui Dame of Bitului imongft pleof tcconmendiiig honorand 

.Iheboya, ib. Hu ^le the fur- viitoe, pieferably to all othef 

UoMof Atni, ij. Hit ■mbi.' cvn&dentioiu, j>. Neitherhai 

tioa to (pok in public taka iti caui^e to be tmfttd in the 

nfefn>mlhe fuCceCs oFCillit- add, notiifuSdentlyfsnified 

tratui, and the admiration in (ninntbeimprenioniofinaDey, 

which diat oratbr was holdeti, ib. and 53. Ycc exceli all (he 

ib. fiKbctupon Ileus For hii eratort ofhit (tmc, except Pha- 

f receptor in doquence, in pre- cion, in hi> life and ccnveili* 

imice to Kocrala, 4j. Stiwie* tion, jg. Hai the tpirii to ac< 

tlfo unde^ IPlato, ib. Goa to cole Antipbo before the AttikI- 

Uyi with hil-giurdiioa, and agui, after he. hid been acquil- 

pteaSi hii own caule, ib. A^ ted by tbepcople, )b. Prebatti 

tMqiIi to fpeak in the public oratiotii fo^ two idTernRiet 

delulJEs ; but fiili throughthe oa each fide of die queJliiHi, ib. 

yiolenceof hii manner, and the Account oF fome other ora- 

weaknelt and Hammering of bit tioni o( hit, 54. Goa With 

ooice, 46. Encouraged by in nine other dtpaiie^ to tbe cou^ 

ancient man named Eunomua, of Philip, and ll|il piirre an- 

tb. InOruScd in pronuneia- Jweri the fpecch of Demoffhe- 

lioDandi^l^n by Satyius th.e fu with the greitelV care, ib. 

player, ib. . Bulldi himlclF'a ,Hi> infwer to bit colleaguei 

luburraneooi (ludy, and Otave) who prtifed Philip, ib, He 

one Gdeot hit head, that- he may perfuadei.tlieAtheiiianito drivo 

not quit hit Slidy till biibaitii the Miccdonimi out oFEubm, 

i;rown, ib. and 4^. - Pytheiu .and to lend luccor* to tbeBy- 

telli hiro hii argument! (mcll of lantiiies and Pcrinthiani, 55. 

, the lamp, 4]. Dcmofthenei'a Ooei ambaflador la<ahe (Utiiof 

stifver, ib. Ha leldam Ipeaki Gnxce, and peifuides moll of 

tKItmpaie, ib. Yet, without them to join in the Icsgue a- 

prcnjcditaiion, anfwcn Python gainll Philip, ib. The alli^ 

theDyiantine, and Lama^hiik tbe take an army of mercenaries in- 

Myrrhrnon, on twOTcry fignal to their pay, ib. Philip l&t- 

OL-csfiooi, (3. In what relpeft nrifci Ebtnj and pblTelTej bin*- 

he took PcNclei for hii model, lelFof Pboci), ib. 'Notwith. 

ib. lie ii called, by the comic ftindhin thcle ad'anlago of 
writers, Rhopaperpeiethni, 49. ' the enemy, Demoftbenei, ]>j 

Theophrallui's judgment cott- his dequcnce, brings the'Tbe- 

" lins DcmofUiaies md l)e- bans to dtclire BgaiHfl h' 

toEM U .oS ■ ] EER 

but by fame futility be ii not {bmeof hii iilverCarie] on his 

liftoicil to, ib. Onela xt- 
iioonce the downfil of Graece, 
>b. DemoBbtneihugialcon- 
(idoKe in the Gnxiin ■»», 57. 
yet, in the Inttle of Chzronet, 
throw! iwiy his trmi ind Bio, 
ib, Philip 



ity LI 

.very e! 

(be mod 
pnt in jEgini or Ticetne, ib. 
Advifeithe yoans men, wb« 
TcfoneJ to Mm for inltiadian. 

the joy of viflcry, ib. J)*te, 64. Akxendfr d 

Demoahenct had received twge The Greek cities onci 

reailtancet from the king of combine, ind Antipatet is be- 

Perfit, 5S- Mmy iccufationi lieged by Leailhenci in Lamia, 

■lelDdgcdigaiollbimat Athens, ib. Dcmafthem ioini the A- 

bul the people continue him at then ian deputies in thcirappli- 

Ihe beiin notwiihlbnding, ib. caiiona 10 the Greeks to renew 

He pnmouncei the funeral on- the war, ib. He is recalled, 

tinni of iboliithat fdl in thelate andagalley^t to fetch him, 

battle, ib. Philip dies fooa >f- from .Ggiiia, ib. All the cili- 

illp di< 
The Athenii 
Ero\irn for Faufaniat who kiU 
led him, J19. Demodhenei sp. 

ptari withagirland 01 '■■---' 


though :t 

mly the (eveoth Ihori enjoymenl of hii 

Jay after bis daughter'* daath, ib. Antipater andCratcrusip- 

ib. The e 


gain, and the Thebans ittack the 
Macedonian gariifon in their 
ciadel, 6a. Demollbcncs rep- 
jiitDti Aleianiler as a mere 
boy, ib. Alexandw takes the 
city of Tbebe<, ib. He com- 
mands the Athenians 1 


. in this, D 
mollhenes and his party fly, and 
■ capital fentence is paned upon 
tbea>,itthe motion of Demides, 
ib. Archias, the exile hunter, 
is fent out after them by Anit- 
patcr, ib. He finds Dejiollhe- 
no in the temple nf Njpiuii 

Dcmof' Catauria, and endcai 

I addreOcs the peopli 
the fible of (be [beep delivei 
up their dn-s to the wolve;, 
and 6t. D:; nidei procures a | 
doB for the oratotj and the city, Thel 

The greatcaukcanceminK nian 


ned in favor of Dcmollhe- 
ib. .liX^hi 

f uade him 

mollhencs takci poilbii, which 
hecarriel in a pen, ib. Dies 
on the molt mauruful day of the 
ipbotia, 67. The Athe- 
nians eieft his Ibcue in bnri, ib. 
Theinfcriplionuponit,ib. The 
divine vengeance purfue. Oe- j 
madet for the deat1< of Demor. * 
Ihenes, 68. What Cicero laid 

Rhodei, 63, Haipi 

»S Alemiider"! treafwes from 

Btbylon, and brings them to A' 

thens, lb. DemnHhenei at firtt 

Jidviles tlte people not ta receive 

him : but afterwards hiiTen 

iiimklf to bebhhed by Hu^a- 

lus, ib. Sentenced by the court 

nf Areopagus to impriCnnmeiit 

ind a fine of fifty talents, foi lak- 

ing the bribe, 63. niej from guirdi, tarrio tnenrit ne 

Mieni,-4b, Tbe "encro&ty o( Ju4 deilh to AusMnus, v,. 

B-twjiratiu, the -FIixaci}n, 

's-m,prjas,n Athenian or^h 
tor, propolei that the geaetsl 
Ihauld have abloluic pnwerin 
the Sicilian expedition, ii. 51- 
-iii. B67. 

BiTcitxii.', one of Antony* 

OlA t J09 3 PIN 

IhTCyHidaif aa old bachelor, B49- Herlcmple atSparti, W. 

whit was faid to. him by i 3S- AcEpbefiu, iv. 135, 

J^ung Spartan, i> 13S, . Dianaja, vi if t al Eiiuomu, 

DeicyllUiu, one of the Spar- and macber of Lycuigua, i. lat. 

Ian gencnli, employed againlt DicadrcAu) lit UAoriia, L 

Ihc Perfians, v. 333. 60. iw. ao. 

" Oircyllnj, undertakes to leiM . Dia, ufcd amon^ the Pet. 

Vicaoor la the 'Firsui, i«. ^ns, v. 330. 

314. Dkomu, king of Ibe G«bE, 

DfBfa/i'oii, the foaofMiiuu, v. sio. 

1. ifi, 68. n. DilUtar fought alwaya om 

2)tucfl/ios and Pynha build foot, ind why, ii, 5. The ab- 

a'tempteat Dodona, and fettle foluCe power of the Ai&ttot, 

unongft the Moloflian . . .. 
. Dixiihfa, daughter of Phor- 
tes, fome fugpole Romulus to 
bave been her Cori by ..i£aeu, 1. 

' Dtioiif kills >Ieeac1es, taking 
hiin for Pyrrhiiiby tcifon of 
his dirguife iii. as, 

Puurii, inountaiocen fo call- 

* ' ' " :, their political in. 

Whence the :litLe, 
diflator by whom 

i. 306, V 

I Maxiroiu, 


i. 131. 

DiagBrai, and hii foi 
gdndloni, arc all'viftorioui ia 
the Olympic garner 
eig. M'fijl a Sparuo laia « 
him, upon it, asg. 

' Diaafirii, the name of oiu 
of the gates of Atgoi, iii,. 38. 

Diava AriJIduU, » tempi, 
built 10 her by Themiftocles, i 

q. Fulvius, «s8. , 

hunaius Tubenui, L S03. Syl- 
1a, iii. 16a 

DiMui ; Sertotiu* ferviog in 

iSi capaf^ty of tribune under him 

to in Spain, refsuei the city af . 

CiJlulo, and takes that of the 

>1M Gyrifsnians, iii. 339. 

Didiui brings 10 Cxfar th* 
headof Pompey'»eldeft(un,iv. 

I, vrorDiipped at Dianas plotiagiiaA A1eun> 

Ecbatane, v. 340. der the Great. 6« Lanus. 

DinankiisjiCoiiaitataaSSs.ei ■ 

under Timoleon, ii. 1371 14a. 

•Dder was bom, iv. 135. Diiterchiit accufet Demadei, 

Diana Eaclcia, ii. S97. v. 68. Flics from Athens, iv. 

fliflMOrMifl, i. 71,143. 315. Is toituted and putt* 

* Diana Pirfica, hiufers coofc- death by order of Polypcrchon, 

cnted W her, ii* ' 

1, fuppoied to 
hai'e laiied a ilorm againll Mi- 
thrldatei'i fleet, fora laccilrgioui 

Bindynseu, a name of Cy> 
bele, i. 198. 

Di'iii and Arillolte the lo- 
gician, defpatch Abantidas die 
tyrant, v. 346. 

DitoiTalis of MelTene, is 
enemy to rhilopamen, drawl 
tended he had hii white hind Mellcne off from the Achxn 
from Diana, lil. 31;, Her feaft league, ii. 360, Philopcemtn 
■tSyracufe, ii. 34S. ' Marcellui (ighis end defeats him 1 but, 
took the city the eafuing night, famc(Kihtioopicoiaingoo,hi 
Vai.. VI. K 

DIO T » 

is taken piifoner, 3G1. Dioo- 

poiton, 369. The Acbeani 
tike up arms to revenge the 
deith of Philopumen , ind Di- 
nocralei, to efcipe their ves- 
geance, defpicches himfclf, 363. 

DifM^hiy imghitr of Me. 
gacln, and mother of Alcibia- 
dei, ii, 34. 

Dinm, v, 314. 

D'mUi the Pcparethian, i. 

Dmles, commanding oSicei 
in Eleufu, Thefeus ovetieacha 
bim, and tjkej the place, i. 51, 

D'kUs, (an of Themillocle), 
adopted by hii grandfather Ly- 
lander, i. 300. 

DiocUs, one af Aniigonus's 
foldiert, tSAt Aratui in taking 
Acrocorinth, v. 3^9. 

Dioclidts, ope of the acculeri 
•f Aieibiades, ii. 54. ' 

DiodsTui, (onof Sophax, fub- 
duuagreal part of Afiica, iii. 

Diogtte! of Sinope, a laying 
ofWs.ii.i*. His converfation 
with Dionyfius aiCorinth, 1 31. 
Alenander's vifit to him, iv. 

o ] DIO 

Diemiin, fecmary to C\ta~ 

Dion and Brutui, both tdu. 
rated in the priscipla of Plilo, 
V. 131. One of Plato's maximi 
verified in them, ib. The Qm' 
ilaiity af their Uvea and death, 
lb. Dion, the brother of AriC- 
tomache, one of the wives of 
Dionyfms Ibe elder, 133. E(- 
teemed by that prince, not enly 
on account o( his alliance, but 
his merit, ib. The improve- 
ment he gained under the au. 
Ipices of Plato, -who providen- 
tially came to Sicily at that 
time, ib. This prepares the 
way for the lubvtrlion of ty- 
ranny in Syracufe, ib. He per- 
(uades the tyrant to hear PJaCo, 
ib. DionyCus ii ftung with a 
difcourfc agaioft tyranny, i ' 
OB the happinefi wf-'- - — 
fortitude and juHice 
vails with PoUii the Lace^ie- 
nionian, to take him aboard hia 
galley, and Icll him f«r a Have, 
133, »34- Dion retains his in- 
te tell with Dionyfms, and it [rat 
■mbadiidor to Carthage, S34. 
His noble anfwer to Dionylius, 
when he attempted to ridi:ul* 
Ge4o, ib. Dionyfiui hu thres 
children by Doris, on 

lich attend* 

Diogcsis, Ion in law to Ar- 
chelaui, iii. 147. Falls honor- 
ably in the iattle of Oichome- 

Diigiiiit governor of 'be 
Firxu), what he wrote to the 
Achsans, v. 37a. Gives up 
that, and other fotu, for a fum 

Bngjlon and Malcitcs, Tbe- 
ban generali, lent into I'helfaly 
to revenge the death of Pelopi- 
dis, ii 


a ton of 
«34. » 


Diamcdii, the Athenian, er 

people of A t- 

iot lor him of the peopl 
goi, to be ufed at the Olympi 
games ; but Alcibiadci buys it 
for himlelf, ii. 43. 

them daughters, Sophrofyne and 
Arete, 234, Sophrofyne is mar- 
ried to his eldeft fon DionyQus ; 
Arete to her brother Tbcarldes, 

Dion, ib. The phyficians give 
Dionyfius the elder a flcepiog 
dofci which puts an end to hii 
life, ib. Dion's frecand fpiriled 
advice to Dionyfius, agj. He 
offeis either to go in perton to 
Carthase to negotiate a peace, 
or td ht out and mainuin fifty 
galleys at hijown expenfe, ib. 
Dion's adveriarict rcpielent, that 
he wants to make himlelf maU 
ter by tea, ib. They lead th« 
ill educated king through eveiy . 



dl Dioi 

wtre forbidding, t^6. He en- 
dCBVon to engage Pionyrms 
in ■ courfe o( liberal ftudjts, 
■nd foi thatpurpofe to lend for 
Plato, »36, 237, Dion's ene. 
ini« perluade Dionyfim lo re- 
cal PhiliRui, a fiiend to tyran- 
ny, that he might counterafl the 
ioteoiioot of Plato, 138- Dion 
iiKcuted to Dionyrmsof >Qin- 
Imlionio fubvert the monar- 
ehy, ib. Hit real lntentiont in 
that rtlpea, ib. Plato mcetl 
-with a kind leception, and hi! 

II 1 mo 

Plato ii treated at Rrll with Ait- 
tinguilhed kindnefi j but when 
Dionyfim finds that he cannot 
ijraw him off from Dion, he. 
conlinej him within the puilieuk 
oflheguards, 143. The tyrant 
coctilcaies Dian> elUte, ib. 
Archytai demands Plato of Di' 
onyfiu,, 144, Dionyfiuicom. 
pell Arete, the wife of Bioi 


ib. Dior 

tonliderable influence at nni, 
(39. B)- an intercepted letter 
■nd other meani, PhiliDui and 
hij parly prevail upon Dionyfiiu 
to entrap Dion, and fend him 
off, 540. Yet he allows bii 
friendj two vefiels, to carry hii 
elfcaslo him in Peloponnefiii, 
ib. Dion lives with great [plen- 
daria Greece, ib. Dionyfiui 
treali Plato with a jealous and 
petulant affeflion, 141. A war 
orejlti oHt, and he dilmil&j 
Plato ; promifmg, at the fame 
«me, 10 recal Dion the enCulng 

produce of hiieftate.ib. Mean- 
time Plato k«pi Dion in the 
academy, ib. Dion'] connex- 
ioni with Spei^ppas polifh hii 
manner! not a little, ib. He 
lodges in the houte of Calippui, 
141. Plato exhibits a chorus 
of boys at Athens, and Dion 
defrays the expenfes, and ukei 
upon him the management of- 
it, ib. The Lacedxmonians 
make him free of their cjty, 
(4s. His obbrvation on the 
difficulty oficcels to Pteeodorm 
the Mega Knfian, ib. Dionyfiui 
i> jealous oF Diori'i popularity 
in Greece, and ftcps his remit. 
traces, ib. The tynni prevails 
on Archytaa and 'the oUier Py- 
ihigorean philofopheri to bring 
fliM onc« moK M Sicily, ib. 

refolves upon war, 145. Is af- 
llSed in hispurpok by thephi- 
lofophers, ib. Mnttsrsno mor» 
than eight hundred men in the 
iOe of Zacynihu!, ib. Sacrifi- 
ces to Apollo, B46. Prodigies 
that happened to Dion and Di- 
onyfius, 247. Diontakeialargi 

Approaches Pachynus ; but not 
choofrng to land there. Is blown 
offto Cercina, E4S. Indmger. 
of perilhing on the great Syrtis, 
ib. Artives at Minoa in Sicily, 
lands there, and isfupplied with 
necellaries by Synolus governor 
of the place, ib. Encouraged 
by the abCcnce of Dionyfius, 
who is upon an expedition to 
Italy, he marches for Syracule, 
249. Two hundred of the Ag- 
rigenline cavalry join him, ib. 
The inhabitants of Gela do tb*. 
fame, ib. 'Ilmocraics; who ijji 
left regent, fends dffpatches lo 
Dionyfius, which are loft by a 
very extraordinary accident, ib. 
Dion is joined by the Camari- 
rieans and many revolters from- 
Syracufe, 2jo. He draws tbt 
lionlinei and Campanians out 
of EpipolcE, by a ftratagem, ib. 
Dion marches to Syracufe, and 
the citizens open the gates to 
him, ib, Timocrates, finding 
hitqielf unable to gain the cita- 
del, flies, ib. The Syracutani 
confider the entry of Dion, ai 1 
new epoch of liberty, ib. They 
nominate Dion and his brother 
Mejaclei, prjelors, 251. H* 
takes the caftle of Epipolz, and 
iuvefti it with a Iirang wall, .. 

DIO t ' 

lit. Konyfiui trtives from It- 
aly, and oiten the ciudel, ib. 
lis dcfiMi to tteal, but Dion rc- 
fu!<i to hear hli unlnfladall 
unltft in public, or without 
the preliminary of hii itfigning 
the crown, iji. DionyGus'i 
perfidy to the Syracubn depu- 


e> break. 

e Syncufini to Qighc : 
Dion'i valor regain) the day, 
ib. He 11 prefenied by hit ar- 
my with a crown of |old, I63- 
Dionyfiui has art enough to con- 




soiifideHce of the Syracufins 
Dion ii dimlnilhed, ib. anu 
1'I4. Tlieycilltheireyei upon 
Heraclldes, 154. The chiiae- 
lerofHeraclidei, ib He ii ap. 
pointed admiral, «nd ii a pti. 
vatc enemy to Dion, ib. SofH, 
>n agent of DionyCui, come* 
into the aHeiBbly naked and 
wounded, a^y Piewndi to 
hive received hit wound from 
Dion'i foreign foldiers, buthis 
artifice a detcfled, ib. The 
SyracuEani remain jealous of 
Dion') fotcigu I'aldiera, C56. 
They defeat Fbilidiis, wbo wai 
•oming with a fleet to the af- 
Sftance of nionvfnis. and treat 
the dead body of Fhiliftui with 
ireit indignity, 159. Thety. 
rant leavci his eMeit fon Apol- 
locratei to defend the ciiadcl, 
puts hit treafures on board Oiip, 
and failing wiih a favorable 
wir.d, efcapes Il^raclidu tlie 
admiral, 457. llcriclides, to 
appcafe the people, propoleian 

I 2 mm 

ib. TIm Syncufant attack 
their rear, ib. Dbo orders iIh 
troop* to advance with Ihouta 
and clafhing of arms, and the 
Syracufaoi fly, 159. He retire* 
into the territoriej of the Leon- 
lines, ib. They purfue him, and 
once more an put to flight, ib. 
The Leontine) receive liira in 
an honorable manner, and 
malte hii foldiers free ofibeir 
city, ib. Their requifltions to 
the Syracufans prove fruitle(), 
ib. Dionyfius fends Nypfius 
the Neapolitan with provifions 
and money for the citadel, ib. 
He is defeated, and the Sytacu- 
Saot give into the moft dilordcr- 
ly rejoicing], ib, Nypfiui take* 
that opportunity to enter ib« 
city.and fills it with all the vi. 
olenceof war, ib. Thecitiien) 
apply to Dion for alEilaDce, 
160. Hb I'peech on that occa- 

marchei to the relief of Sy racufe, 
b€i. Tha demagoguei prevent 

1 freOi tally from the citadel, 
and dcftroyi the city with fire 
and fword, ib. and a6». The 
gaiei are opened for Dion, and 
Heraclidei, his watA enemy, 
161. U* 

linft the 


la Dioi 

Syraciitins, in fpite of alarming 
prodigiea, elefi new officers, 
■tnong whom is Heraclldes, 
«58. Dion-, mercenaries place 
him in the middle of a baital- 
ien, and march out af the city, 

. , . and 

Theodolesput themtlvesin th« 
hind) oF Dion, ib, Hii friends 
advifc him to pnt ihctn to death, 
1164. Hii oblenations on that 
ocafion, ib. He pitdoni He- 
raclides, ib. Repairs the wail 
that he had erected about the 
citadel, ill. Dion is declared 
commander in chief; and He- 
inued admiral, a6j. Di- 

again pta£tira agiinlt Dioi 

*nd privalely correrpondi with &me fword wiih which Dlmi 

Dionyfius, ib. Dion fighu Phg. had bren af&lEnattd, ib. AiiC. 

rtr, the enemy'i general, and tomacbe and Arete ire relealid 

hat the di lid vantage, ib. On out of prifon, and received by 

inUlligeace that Heraclidcs Wn IcetM, a friend of Dion, who, 

going once more to feiie Syia- after he had enteruined them 

, cufc, he hafteni lo the city, ib. fome lime, prelendt to fcod ' 

G*Glua the Spartan reconeilea them lo Peloponnefm ; but or- 

Dion and Keraclide), s6€. A- den Ibem and the infant Co be 

1 futrenden the cita* defpatcbed by the v 


lo Dion,andfai]>to Diony* Icetei is put to death by Timo- 

uui with five galleya, ib. The lean, ib. 
joy of thi Syiacubni od that Dlanvfia, the fcafti of Bac- 

event, ib. The affefting meet, chus, tbeit name changed by 

int of Dion and hit wife Arete, the flattering Atbenians to Df' 

■67. Dit>n puts the citadel in iilria, v. 116. 
the handi of the Syracubni, ib. Di'ny/'^erui, v. ^^^, 
The finiplicity of hii life, aftei - Dilx^us the cider, tyrant of 

hi) great fucceb, ib, Hii maO' SicUy, when his mother defired 

nerj aufiere aild unpopular, ib. to be mittied to a young Syra- 

. Strongly inclines tothcarillo- cu^n, what he laid upon it, i. 

cratic form of government, ib. SBi. He aflu the daughter. of 

Heraclides accufes him of re. Ariflide», theSicilian, in mar- 

fufing lo demolifb the citadel, riage, and ii refuDed it, ii. 113, 

■nd to breali open the tomb of Hia cruel: b^avtot on that re- - 

Dionyfiui, 16B. Dion permiti fofai, ib. Sell himfdf up lyi 

the eaettiei of Heraclides to Kill rant of ^ily, v. aji. Marriei 

him, ib. Calippui, who wai the daughter of HennocratM, . 

bound to Dion by the llrongelt lb. She ItilU herbtf, ib. Mat- 

tics of fricndlhip and hofpilal- ries Dorii and Ariflomacbe, ib. 

ity, confpirei againll him, ib. Puts the mother of Dorii to 

luconduA) the plot with great death, on fufpicion of her bav- 

art, 169. A dreadful [peftre ing injured his other wife by 

appear! to Dion, ib. Hii sidy potions, ib. The high value 

ton.thro'iahimfelf from thetop he frt on 0100,133. Hii be- 

of the h«ufe and is killed, ib. havi«[ta PUlo, 234. UiirelU 

llie confpiracy ripetii, and lefs feats and anxieties, 136,* 

Calippus i> fufpefled, ib. He< 137. Hii death, 134. . 
talces the great oath without D'Bnyfiss the younger, Dion 

hefilation, ^70. The foim of endeavors to infpire him with' 

that oath, ib. Dion is alTalli- virtuous feniimmis, v. 135.: 

nated in his own hou<e, ib. His education neglefled by his 

Dion's wife itdelivered of a fon father, ib. His debauchery, 

in.prifon,ib. Cllippuj hasthe ib. He invites Plato to Syti-. 

prefumption to give the Aihe- eufe, 437. His proiiciency un- 

nians an aceount of what he derhim, 239. The duplicity 

had done, 17 1. In attempting of his behavior to Dion, E40. 

lo'take Catana, he loles Syra- He finds •utaplaufiblepretence 

eufe, ib. At the fiege of Mif- to remove Plato to the callle, 

{ana, mofl of the murderers of 143. Envies Dion, and leJici 

Dion aie cut off, ib. Calippus his revenues, ib. Conveiti 

pafles into Italy, and takes Rhc- Dion's elUte into money for 

.glum, ib. He is (btn by Lep' his own ufe, ib. What he (aid 

tines andPolypercboD, wiibihe le Flato oa bli departure, i^^.. 



It «pelW by Dion, «66. Af- 
lei un yean Tccoven Syracufe 
from Ny[zus, iu ihen mafier, 
ii. iig. Defealed by Icclei, 
115. Surrmdm la Timoleon, 
119. The DuaDind dilToluCe 
life he led at Corinth, 1 30. 

Dicn^us oE Colephon, the 
painter, ii. »sO. 

Dieay/iul Cialcaj, father of 
Hiero, ouill the city of Thurii, 
iii. tr,e. 

Diixyf ui the Meflmian, a 
Kiadman, puu on Alexander'a 
lohe and diadem, iv. ai6. Al- 
eiander, by direaion of hii di- 
viners, puts the poor wretch to 
4«th, ib. 

Dioi-^us of MagneQa, the 
ihelotician.v. 71. 

Ditmfiii, brother of Dioclea 
■nd Erginui, alTifU Aralu) la 
taking Acrocorinlh,v, 360. 

DiophaM! general of the A- 
chxani, joins Flaminiiit agiinft 
Sparia, ii. 3i8. 

Dhphams the ihetorician, ■ 
friend to TiberiiiiQiacchiii, v. 
7. Killed on iKount of that 
connexion, ig. 

Liofkantas, Craterus'J fabu- 
' ]ou>accouiitthatATirtides,up«n 
his accufalion wai iiued hfty 
mini forbribery, 11. 3O3. 

Dcpi'liei cilci an oracle a- 
pinft AgeElaui'i aduancement 
to the crown of Sparta, from 
the objeftion of hii Ununch, 

Diobithcs, !ii» decree igainft 

AnaxaRorajand Pericles, 1.38,. 

Dw/ctridti, Ihc hilloriaii iv. 

* 3 DOL 

DiJiiUimi in ■ ftale, tbek 
good^tffea, iv. J. Tbeirillef- 
teft when violent, ib. Between 
UlytTe. and Achillej, ib. 

Dininalin, v. 




eeming theni, i. 1O4, Thefirft 
inllance of one among the Ra>. 

Eumepes'i laying upon it, ib. 

■ Dodna, the anti<|uity of itl 
temple, iii. 1. Oiaclet from 

i ags. i. 

; S'."-. 

in Ihc fcift of 

Deg lacriliced 
Lupeicalia, i. 1O3. , ' 

Dog that biles a man to ba, 
delivered up, according to So- 
lon'a laws, chained to a log of. 
timber four cnbita long, I. aas- 

Dog of Xanihipput fwinu 0- 
ver to the iOe of Salamii, ii. 
311. Hi.grBve,ib. 

Dig of Alcibiades, ii. 41. 

Dj? of Alexander the Great. 
ramaaPeriiai. Alexander build a 
a city in meinory of him. Sec 

D'l'ttllt Bcculcd by Czlat 


Diphtlus, prieft of the godi 
proleflorj >c Atheni, v. 156. 

iJi^Ariiii, oceof theephori, 
mcfti Agefilaus in hii return 
fjnm Alb, and ordcrj him to 
make an inroad Into Bo:olii, 


eminent in Greece, iv. iii. 
hut acquitted, t£3. Hii pro- 
fulened, 167. Said to be in 
the confpiracy againll Ciefar, 
S78. When tiibone of ihe peo-, 
pie altempu .the cancelling of 
dcbl!,v. 169^ Cicero inclined 
M go with him into Syria, 1O7. 
CElar'a opinion ofhim.iv, 178. 
Enlertaini a paflian fur Ctcopa. 
tn, and informs her of the de- 
fign of Oflavianua ta iemov<. 
her, ssj. 

D^d^tlU, rufpeaed by Otho 
of defigni agsinft hii govern-. 
ment, and fent to Aquimnn, », 

fid/™, what,*. 10. B, 
■ Djiifes. ii. aSo. Settle In 
the ille of Scyroi, and txircilc 
piracy, iu. .78. 

I, tlie pTofulion □( dtlei, fuCpeSi his coUng^Ar. 

in hii palace, i, iji. chelaui ot veacbery, iii. 1^6. 

Luciut Aotoniiu lebe'i againll Killed for the fake of hii pui- 

. ii. 179- 

Dmitivi, Luciiu, called jE' 
thrias, becaufe Caftot and 
PolluK ftrokcd hit beard and 


DoKitiiu ftandi for ihc con- 
fulfhip in opporitiou to Craffui 
■nd Psmpey, iv. 96. Theit 
party driTe him outoE [he fo- 
lum by violence, iii. Beaten by 
Senoriui'i licuteiunt, iii. 349. 
Headi a party i 

flo™ll■a™,apl^n^v. 13a. 

Dyan, Antigoniu fo called. 
See ^tsiifsiK!. 

DeiutKS ; Solon, to piomota 
papulation, ordered that iher- 
fhould not be given, i..2ii. 

DriaiBn, wjac, iii. 106. 

Dtocb's Uv<i, extremely fe^ 
'cpealcd by 

1 defeated by Pompey, and Solon, i.aiS. Said to be writ-v 
■" ' ■ ' ■-' with bipod, ib. WhatDnu 



o fight the bjtlle of Fhar-, 
Ikliaj ivk 113. Employed byi^n- 
tony tohaianguel^armyonhia 
rtCum froBi ihf Parthian cKpe. 
dilion.v. 193, Advifeibim to 
lend Cliopatia back to Egypt, 
104. Goes over to Auguilus, 
109. Actony fendj hii money 
■nd goods after hitn, and the 
tbou^li of hii ddertion bnaki 
Ui heart, lb. 

Daailius, befKged by Cxtr 
in Corfinium, iv. ijs. 

Havativi, and others in Pom- 
pey's army, difpule, before the 
battle of Plarfalia. who Ihould 
fucceed Czlar in the pontificate, 

iJrifoiUiifi, h» decree againft 
PericlM, 1.381, 

flra^cB of Minerva,;. ^76. 

Dfagoi that lay by Olympill. 
See OlyT^fmi. 

Dranatk exhibitionj, the «f.. 
fe£l Solon fuppoled they might 
have npon the piinciplei of (h«- 
people. See Theatrical Etter. 

Ortanu, Sylhi advifei LucuU. 
1 14 attend 10 them^iij. Ii8. 
DrmnicAates the Thracian,, 

Mies him 

ledidts the Sphettian, in, 

the rage of flatiety, propofe*. 

iv^ 114, ID*. that Deroetriui Ihould be con-, 

Boaitias cQmtnindi the left fulled as an oracte, v, 127. 
wing of Pompey'a, army at Draffis, See LkUs, 

Phartlia, iv. 116. Ziuruof Sanio<,the hidotiap,. 

Dpaitiii Caliiniu commandi- hij chiisQer, i. 375, 376. ii. 
the centre of Cxfir'i army at 63. 
Pharfalia, iv. 116, 261. Ap- * 0>tK«, iv. 41O, 
pointed governor of Afia Miner 
by Cilar, and defe;Ud by Phar- 

_ J, 266. 
D-jMilius Nir; v 
oE houfei i 


• Dyrrlaihi 
D;ifaoridas, i 

pened outward, i. 156. 

DiriuBS, bow long they had 
polIelTed [he CouiiUy of Laco- 
nia, iv. 34. The Heraclida: 
nix with [hem, iii. 1 1 j. 

Daryiau, jqoetal fo( MiUiti- 

CAGLE, Pyrrhui foialled by- • 
■*-' [heEpiroW, ui. 110. Prin- 
Ml ,foiid of ihU. ^pellatioD^ 

BCt [ ii« J l!tt- 

MdgUi hive bid two yonng tbe gmUd ignonnceand rnpeik. 

ma atililOE, iii. 79. YM Ml- ftition, ii. 171. 
riui i> (aid to hive ieea >n KTie * Ecuemui, v. 149. 

oE Icvcn, which pnliged bii Ecflwus, iv. 38V 

Wen conrulfliip>, ib. Ecprtpes, one of the e^Ori 

£jrt*, Pjrthagor ■ ■"— -j . .. - . 

did fi 

rorld, i 


£flfrtfiia(( in Liconia, i. 
ijj. iH. 186. At Atbeni 164. 
OnCicero'ipafliiig from Brun- 
durium, V, 98-. 

Earth^'uiki during the biEtle 
nciT the Thrafymeniaa l>kt, roe 
ftttMvtA by the combatinci, 
iiv 4- At Piburum, v. 107. 

* Eciaaat, iv. 114, v, 53. 

Kcitba, 1 friend of Antui, 
•■ 317. 

Ecdftat and Deinoptaana, 
Ibe tDteri of Pliilop<Rrfen, dc' 
ftray Aiiftodema), lynnC of 
Hcgilopolii, ind alBIt Antu- 
in eipelliiig Nicotla from Si 
«yon, 11,341. 

EchtcrMi, prleft of Apolli 
tygyriui, ii. »ii. 

Echtcratiiis the fopbift, — 

d Plito reduced the inftrumencs of- 
BBtre of Phrynb two ftringi, iv. 389. 
•£df/«,iii. .o,.4 v.,s3. 


s in Ibe (aOi of Bicchui, 

I force, ii. i3y 

'B.'v. a, 131. 

EiUi, revolt Bgnnft Cxlar, . 
V. 145. 

* £^r'Hi>, Mount, iil. 141. 

i^frifl, 1 nymph with v 
vomi pretended Co hold . 



Eight, fome oblervttioni oa . 
that number, i. 76. 

• Ei™, city of, ill. 177. Co- 
Ionized by [he Atbeniani, ib. 

Eirefiaiu, what, and why car. 
lied in a feftival procelEon, i. . 

* E/aa, one of dte citiei of- . 

Eclip/r of the fun, one hap- 

Anothcr il 

•f Romi 

.e of 

^/iCuj, thefirftoflheepbori, . 

bi* death, 
while Pericles wai embarking Italy, 
logo againllthe Feloponneluns, ' ' 

3B5. The Thebins groily dif- 
— ' ■— in ecliplo of the 

3*8, i 


1, H5. 


EUthinUi, their (agacity, iv. 

— ;ir ca« of their mat. 

Hk diforder tbey , 

Hannibit'i army, ii. 

difTe- EUphenor, fon of Chalcedon, . 

Pau- tOokcareofThefeus'ichildren, 

1 and that of Perfc- i. 74. Carried them with him 

, ii. 171. That which hap. to ihe ficge of Troy, ib. 

ned before Dion'i expedition, Eiias, oiie of the foni of Ci- 

Suppofeda foreruanet men, ii' 

of calamitiei, ib. iii. iSo. Ex- 

plained u I fortunate omen to 

' EUnfii, taken by Tbefeu*, 

wu donebVw;<iy ^f relief.tcube 

• Eh:.tket<c, i. 69. 

•£/;™iB. ii. 16a, 

EPA [ 117 ] EPH 

EHaS, one of the vile miiiif- in confequence of which AgeCi. 

ten of Nero, put to dath by laus declarei war againft ibe 

Galba,v.403. Thebins, ib. He gains the bit. 

EltfiicBce, the power of it, tie of Leudr>,-ii. B16. iv. 31, 

>ii. ij. Doei not thrive under 31. He invadei Laconii, and 

in arbitrary govemment, i. ratagei the country, 33, 34. 

ij6. n. Maicha to Sparta) 34. Ii killed 

Elpinki, filler af Clmon, i. in the battle with the Lacedx. 

867. Applies to Pericles in be- monians nearMantinealaS. Bu. 

half of her brother, and he telli ried by the Thebani at the pub- 

her [he is much too old for ma- lie charge, on account of hia 

nagingfucha tuic, ih. Sufpefl- poverty, ii. 31. 

•dof an intrigue with her broth- Epaplirtditas, a ■aiiie afTmned 

*r, and with Polygnotui the by Syll», iii. 161. 

Callias. 174. 

•£^ni«BBi,iv. 80. 
Etyfias fieldi, where placi 
iii. 345- 

Epaphroditss, an enfranchit 
cd lllve of Cxfar OAaiianui, 
itox. to be a fpy upon Cleopatra, 

£ficriifuj, general of the Achc< 
""t". 385. 

EmpydecUi, hii do£trine of * Ephijus, called the aifenal 

die elements, V, 110. of war, ii, 153. Lyfander'a 

EnpyUs, the orator, ■ friead fervicei to that city, iii, gi, 

•f3rutus, V. 1J3. ' The temple burnt the day that 

Evur/phorm, ion of Hippo- Alexander was bom, iv. 135. 

toon, i. 71. Epicia, judges in criminal 

Eniieii, mother of Pdemand cau lei at Athens, i. B19. 
Telaman, i. js. Epulis bicalis the power ot 

EnStaas the Cyprian, v. [he court of Areopagus, at A- 

■45- theni, i, 353. He ia aflaffinaled, 

jL»dymk«, the favoriteof Di- 357, 3^8. 
ana, i. 164. n. Ephialtis and CilTiy, impriU 

* Engti^m, a town in Sicily, oned by Alexander, iv. .84. 

ii. 151. Ephai, when eilal>Ulhed, i. 

* EllAa,^^.^^\. 1E7. Intended to leftrain tha 
Eio)\, i. ago. ii. 11%. power of the Spartan lenate, ib. 
£^'■11*9111^, hi] poverty and Their firll aft after their inau- 

(onient, ii. 198. More alien- guraiion was to declare war a- 

livc to the improveoienti of the gainft the poor llileu, 1J4. 

nind thanlbofeof thebody.ih. What; they did with refpeft to 

Kelcucs his friend Pclopidas in ttie imporlation of gold and fil- 

tfae battle with the Arcadians ver, iii. lOg. .Fine Archidamui 

i.ear Mantinea, soo. Jent into for marryinga littlewoman, it, 

Thcllaly to rtcovcr Pelopidas ■■ Fine Agefildus aia monop- 

Irom the tyrant of Pherz, 1)2. oliier, mvaccount of his popu. 

Succeeds in that trvice, 113. larity, 5. Recal him from hii 

Ileckons il the greatcll happi- wars in Alia, 15. Givti Iladai ■ 

nefs of his life tlmt his father . garland for his bravery, bat line 

and mother lived ia fee him vie- him a thoufaoddracbinxfargo- 

lorioui at LeiiAia, go. Sent ing out to battle unarmed, 38. 

ambaHadoT to Spaita, v. 30. Engraft all the power, and leava 

His behavior on that occalion, theSpaTtankingianly ihenamei 

ib. Hit debate with Age.rilaui i. tag, n, Dcpofed by the joipb 

in ( full qauocil of the Ginks, makat of both ll)e kiDg«_*C 


'■ 890. 391. 


Ephtria'dc biftorini/ixnCar. 

tik bf FluBTch, V. 157. 

Epickarmiit, i. 171, sji. 

Epitralei, the Acanniiian, 

■onvcyt Thraiiftocla'i wife uid 

children out of Alhcni, and ii 

put la dach for it by Clmon, 

Epicratcs, die Athenian, pro- 
polet tlut, inlUad of chooliDS 
□IDC archoni every year, nine 
poor ciliieni (hould be fenc am- 
baCbdon to Perfu, in order to 
their TFturaing rich, ii. (15. 

£,pk\irta» philobphy, [ome 

laraine, 1. 145. 

Epicurus piinilheA by Pho- 
cut for beiaj idDrumental in 
■be death of hii father Phocion, 
i». 319- 

Epicydii, Ine onlor, * m»a 
■nfit for conducing an army, 
llxniKtoclcs bribe! him to dr*p 

ifiiydid(is,ii. 15. 

• Efiiaarss, i, j86. iii. 135, 
iir. 66. v.^81. 

• B^diaria, L 50, v. 364, 
BUgithes, of Pellene, hii 

daughter reraarlLably beautiful 

what be did with refp^ to &a 
Aciariu. Uw, v. 384 

Epimpi, of Syllt, iii. 1G4. 
Epilnphi I only men i*ho di- 

i. 57- 

Epixyti, governor of- Upper. 
Phrygia, forms a dcTign lo kill. 
Themiltoclu, i. sgS. 

*■ Epizipkyrkns, u. 16*. 

Ep^piic myftetiea, ii. 56. n. 

part of philofophynotcommu-. 
nicited IB commoa IchoUrs, iv. 
1 40. 

E"fifiralul the Athewan, fa- 
ther to Phzax, ii. 44. 

Er^pKta , phylieian to Se- 
leucui, difcoveri the diftemptr 
of prince Antiocbof M be love, 
y. 148. 

firnto^ifiiM the hillorian, v. 
6;. i. 495- . 

EraleJihrKti, the eharaaer h« 
gave of DemalUteoei'i oration*, 
v. 48. 49' 

ErtShcui, Thefeut defcended. 
from him, 1, 46. 

EriUhiia, i. 53 71. 

37O' 37'- 

Epigmus ,ty nnt of Colophon , 
failed by Lucullut, iii. 196. 

Epilycus, i. aSfi- 

Epiminiit! the Phzftian, one 
ttf the [even wile men, i. aiO. 
Skilled inexpiatisni, ib. Sup- 
pofed to be of more than mor- 
tal entradion, ib. A prophecy 
of hit, III. Refufei thepief- 
•nti offered him by thexily of 
Athent for expiating the city, 



E'gadis, who fo caHed, i> 

Erginus a<Bfts Aratus in tak' 
Ing Acrocorinth, v. 359. Au 
teiDjtti to (eize the Pirxui,. 

t'giliks lies in wail forTbe- 
milloclei, for the fake of the . 
two bundled talenis reward pro- 
miled (or laicing him, i. 293. 

£rmw*uj, the Theban, advil. 



* Spitus, i. jt. The origin 
•f that kingdom, ill. 1. 
^iM^u, 00* of tbe ephoii, 

BUC r 119 ] BUM 

^hiiGonccraing Ly&ndcr, iii. him for taDonftratipg ■gmoft 

108. hia conduA, ib. 
Eiifi** wind*, • ▼■ III, 146. Eudaui, one of Ftrieiu'a 

Ltymacia, ■ fiioid of AgcC- E-adamiJai, king of Sputt, 

lliu, IT. aS. filher of Agii, iv. 3S3. 

isagarai king of Cypnu, £iiiiaiii, mafter o( ihc cl*- 

iii. 99. [diniu, infonni Eumenci of ■ 

fuUftu, a Spaitia officer, confpiracy agiioft hii lift, bo- 
killed in Inula by Pynbtu, ill. ciuk he wa> io hii debt, iii. 

as. 384- 

Etun, ■ uiumphal expielEoD, Eudi 
-which ihe Gndu (uppoled e- 

nphal expielEc 

■L (up ' - 

quivtlent to the Romau 

EaJtxui, the firll that applnl 

(onu time wiih Ferleiu after hit bt, ii. n^. 

defeat, ii. 177. Eiurgiui. See Puletij En- 

EvangtUi, mallei of Periclet'l trgeus. 

boufehold, i. 365. fciiu, oik of lbs nametoF 

Evtngelui, hit ireatjle on tic- Bacchiu, ii. 155. 

titi, ii. 345. Eviui,ihe rauQcian, iii. 366. 

• Eaiiia, i, 48, ;i, 370. v. EuKUitei, Vg "f Fergamui, 

fg. honors paid him at Rome by 

£iiMai the oraloT, iv. tgi. all but Cato the Ccnlor, ii. 

£iicAi^, thePlitzin, theei' 313. 

Bcditian -with which ha fetched Euaunrs, ■ native of Cardia 

fitefiomDelphi.ii. agfi. Dropt in the Thracian Cheribnetiw,. 

down dead at Coon ai he bai de- {aid by fome Io be the fan of a 

liveied it, and haa the honor of poor waggoaer; buimoreprob- 

being buried in the temple of ably the (on of a per<on with 

Diana, ib. whom Philip, kingofMacedoD, 

EacUia, a name of Diaoa, ii. had coanexioni of bolpiulity, 

■S7. Hi. 36fi, Philip u pleated with 

£u/i Jul, brother ofCleome- bli ptrformancei in the public 

nca, alTumed by him into part- exercilea, and tako him into bia 

flcifhip of the throne, iv. 408. train, ib. Secreluy ta Alexan- 

CoutRianJt one wing of the der the Great, ib. Upon the 

Spartan army againft AnligO' death of Hephcftion, and the 

«u»,ii.346. Defeatedandkill- promotion of Perdiccaa, fuc- 

edmthe battle of liellafu, iv. ceedt Pcrdiccatin hiicommand 

^13. of cavalry, ib. Huthe loledi. 

EitcUdas,Att Lacedemonian, rcfiionof an Indian expedition, 

Artaxetnei'sanlwer lohi)in(u- lb. Alexander honotihim with 

len», V. 319. hii alliance by giving him Bar- 

Euilidii, the Athenian, oppo- fine, 366. HephiEllion lakei hia 

fea Aratui, v. 379. quailen from him, and givea 

£111/11^), one of the CoTinthI- them to a mufician, ib. Eu- 

,an officer! lent by Timoleon to menei reporli it in Alexardei , 

take poffeilion of tl'.e caiUc of but only doe. himfclf harm by 

Syracule, ii. 199. complaining of a favorite, ib. 

tuBui, one of Perfeui's ttraf- Alexander wanting to lit out ■ 

wcri, ii, t^^. Ptrleut &ab> flnt, alka Eumenea for thna 

BUM [ lio 3 EUM 

kuodrcd tilentt : Eumenet ex- The Maccdoniini, upon ' the 

cubs bimlcif, mi Alexander deith of Ciateruij wbo was 

burai his leot ; upon which, their pirticular favantt, refolve 

great treifuretare found melted upon the dath of Eumenes, 

(iowi), lb. and 367. He con- and de(ire Antigonus and An- 

tinued Eumrneiuhis fecreary tipaterto tike Uw dire^iaB of 

notwilhflanding, 367. Anoth- thi war, 374. Eumenei Ukei 

or difpute beiween Eumenei fome of the king's horr« from 

BndHephcniun,ib. HcphxHi- Mount Ida, and gives a receipt 

oa din, and Eumenei exerts all for them, ib. Inlcndi (omake 

his art to celebrate hii memory, Lydia the feat of war, but, at 

ib. Upon the death of Aleun- the nquelt of Cleopatra, win. 

dif , a difpute arile* between the ten in the Upper Phrygia, 

late king's friends and the phi- ib. Alcciai and others con- 

lanx, ib. Eumenes pretends Co tend with him for the com- 

Aand neuter, but privately lakei mand, ib, Hii faying upon it, 

part with the Phalanx, ih. On ih. Having not money to pay 

the divifioo of Ali:\aiider's do. hii troops, he appoints the offi- , 

minioni.Cappadocia and nph. ceri callcs and landi, out of 

lagonia arealligned toEumciKs, wbicb they were to pay their 

ib. Leonatiis and Antigonui men, ib. By (hii hegainitbe 

ate appointed to put him ia pof- hearts of the Macedoniins, lb 

lellian, ib, and 368. Aniigo- that they dilcourage ill trcafon- 

iius delpifes the commiflion, able attempts agaiuft him, and 

368. Eumenei gets Leoiiatu^'i appoint him a ftrong guard, ib, 
(ecretfromhim, aatohiiderigni lie dilliibuleiamongfl them the 
on Macedonia, and flies with it badees of honor, which they 

lo PerdLccas, ih. Ferdiccai ef- ufed to receive from iheirking, 

tablifhet himinCappadocia, ib. 37 j. Lofet a battle to Antigo- 

Perdiccit ia defiroui that Eu. nui, by the treachery of one sf 

Hienet fhould (iccure the adjoin- his officers ; but, hangs the ttai- 

ing proviaceof Armeniaagainft tor, and, by an artlul move- 

the pnfUCcs of Neoptolemus, mtnt, return) to tlie (idd of 

369. Eumenes lailcs and trains battle, and buries the dead, ib. 
a body of cavalry, to be a coun- Pafirs by an opportunity tot!i>e 
terpoile againil the Macedonian Anti^onus's baggage, 376. That 
infiniry, ib. Craleruiand An- prince's faying upon it, ib. Eu- 
tipjter pafi into Afia, to humble menes reiiiw to the caflle of No - 
Perdiccas, ib. Thciriirft defiTn ra, with only Gvehundred liorit 
ii upon Eumenei and Cappado- and two hundred foot, ib. An- 
cia, ib. Meantime Neoplole- tigonus propotes > conference, 
mua falls upon him with the ib. Eumenes's tpitited anfwer, 
Macedonian phalanx, but is dc- 377. Anii^aus dnws a line of 
featcd, 370. Cratcrua and Ne- circumvallation about tbeplace, 
optolemijs advance againllEu- and leaves troopitocarry ou^e 
ineaes, 371. Eumenei fights fiege, ih. ThccallleafFiirJs on. 

conceal trom his troops that Eumenei fumilh'es out an agcce- 

tbeyhad to a% againn Crate- ableenturtainmenttohi^ frU-nds, 

rus, ib. His dieaai previous to ib. His invention forcvrrciLinj 

Ih: battle, ib. Me kills both thefaorfesaa well ^t mei. 378. 

Craterus and Neoptolemus, the Aniigonus, on the death uf An- 

latter with his own hand, 371, tipatcr, forms thedeflgiiof cfta. 

- 373- WecpsovcrCratenis, 373. bliihing hitofclf in Macedonia ; 

EUM I iti ,] EUP 

ud tlKKfoitgivHEumcaeihii idcdu undenakci tu leUrdliis 
libertv.oDcondUioDof biitik- mirch.till the troopicould tw 
jag the oath be prapoled, ib. aflenibleil, ind eHefti it by « 
Eumraet makca in alteration in ftntigem, ib. and 3B4. The 
the oilh, but ebUinj hit tiber- chiefi of the ArgyrafpideiigTee 
ty, 379. Olympic invite) hira with other ofiicen tomakeurs 
into Macedonia, in ordor to hii of Euroenesintheearuingbattlc, 
takingthetuition of Alexander's aHdaflecwatdstsafliinnalebim, 
fon, ib, Philip, Aridjeus, and ' 3B4, Thij plot n dilcovired to 
Polypeichon empower him to him by perfoni to whom he 
lake what fumi he plealid out of owed moaey, ib. He inakei hii 
the royal treafuies at Quinda, lo will, and dcllroyt hii other pa- 
enable him to carry on the wat pets, 385. The veierani beat 
againll Antigonui, J79. They Antigonm'i infantry, hui Jiia 
llkewife oTtler Antlgenei and cavalrv in the meaa time take* 
Teutamiu'to fuppoit bim with their baggage, ib. Antigoniii 
the ArgyraCpidei, ih. Thelc oRentoreftoretbe Argyrafpidet 
officer! being unwilling ta fub' ibair baggage, on condutan thai 
mil to Eumenes, he pretends they would put Eumenee in hia 
that Alexander bad appeared to handi, ib. Hii fpflech to the 
him in a dream, and ordered Macedonians before he In deliv. 
them to erea a royal pavilion, trcd up, 386. Antigonuj de. 
and place in it a ihroneof gold, liberatei [ome time in whit man- 
wbich.was to be hoioied with ner he fhould difpoje of him, 
their obedience, 380. He i> and at laft givei orders for hii 
joined by Peucelbi and other execution, ,387. After whick 
govemon of provinces, ib. hepunilhei the ArgyTa<pidei in 
The inconvenience) he experi- the moft fignal manner for their 
encei from ihofe govemori, ib. treachery, 388. 
. H« borrow! money of heads of Eimtnidis. See Furiii. 
the arniy, to prevent their con- Eumelpida had the direflioa 

£' tingagainft hislife„3ai. On of the myfteriea of Ctrej, 11.-56. 

approach of an enemy, all Ordered to abfolve Alcibiidei, 

the grandeesand officers give him 70. 

theiirll place, ib. He defeau £iiierij,oneof Thefeos'scom. 

Aniigonus, on hii attempt to pinions in hiiexpediitonagainlt 

pafsthaPafitigri!, ib. FeucelUi the Amaxoni, i. 66. 

fealb the army, and hope! to be Ettoma, the father of Ly- 

iadulged with the command; curgus, i. 121. Killed by« 

but on the appearance of Ami- kitchen knife, lai. 

gonuiandhij troops, they call , ' JEihmihj '1(5 Thncian, ad- 

for Zumenei, gnd though he ,vU(9) Demofth^esnot lo be dif. 

was fick and carried in a Ihler, qoufiged Jiy his ill fuccefa in hit 

Antigouus on fooner [pies Hrft attemptsio fpeik in public, 

litler moving from rank to ".46. 

rank, than he founds a retreat, fiuuuj, .a, fugitive flave, ftin 

38a. The Macedonians again up the fervile war in Sicily, ii|L 

grow mutinous, and lorea'd i6j. Dii;s of '.helouty difeiH, 

themfelve. all over the piSTioce jh>, I . 

of Gahene, 383, AntigonUi ~£uj6Swi«., faidby fome wti. 

■nirchei igainll them ; but the lets 10 be the father of Solon, i, 

oold isfuintenfe, thatheisforc- 199. 

ed to light many hres, which fj^ArdRDr, prepim the fcal* 

■dilcover his motions, ib. £u. ing lidden for Atalua, v. 9^8. 
Vol. Vi. L 

the litler mov 

BupytntiJii, tbe diviner, ttd - 
Vilci the fecriEicing □nheihne 
chiliren of Xctxa's lifter Sin. 
dauce, to Bacchus Omcau, i. 

■ Bifikralci, rivtr, iii. tsi, 

Eaphviiai, tuloilo Antony'i 
children by Cleopitra, Cent am- 
baffidor lo Auguftuj, v. ei7. 

Bifdcmai, Ion of the tyrant 
Icetu, taken and yal la death, 
ii. 147. 

Eapolia, fecond wife of Ar- 
chidimui, end -motber oi A- 
eclilaui, iv. I. 

B^.poH!, i. 349. , 

Eunpidts, i, 47. Hd ode In 
praife of Alcibtidei, ii. 41, 43. 
Hil epitaph on the Athenians, 
iii. £73. Oneof hisvetfes lavei 
Alliens from being deftrojed by 
Lyfander and ilie confederate 
Gieiks, 104. His verfcs fave 
the lives of manv Atheniani in 
Sicily, a87. Marinctt of Cau. 
Tius admitted into pnrt in Sicily, 
fcectute they conid repeal foine 
ofhJsveifes, e8B. Hi: 

BiryHadii, admiial of die 
confederate ileet againfl the Per. 
lians, charged with want of 
courage, i. 178. Olfen to ftrike 
Themillacles, lb. Thcmilto- 
clea't anfwer thereupon, ih. and 

Euryclis, the Eyracufan ora- 
tor, propofes to fend tht Athen- 
ianj to mequarrie ' " 

1 a fixA 

BiryMct, met of Phili, m4 
wife of Ptolemy, ». 1 56. 

E'-rylotlusKU Mpim, Alex- 
ander alEft) him in his pafEon 
for TeleCppa, iv. 184. 

Ei^yfiim the Athenian gen- 
etil, lent to (AcWy with rein- 
fotcemintS for Niciai iii. 276. 
Killed in battle, aga. 

* Et^tymtica, river, iii. iSg. 

EuTyptolnuii, Ion of Peti- 
cles^ filUr, i. 353. 

Euryf to/can,. Son of Mega- 
cles, Cimon marries Hi daugh- 
ter Ifodice, iii. 174, 

Eii^Jaiei, Ion of Ajax, il. 

' Ewylm, fon of Soiis. 
f Sparta, i. iii. Fromh 

iackent the'reini of gi 
ind flnds the ill . 




the CEchilian, 

) gem 

eath, i 

Efiyclri, the Ijcedatmonian, 
commands a Hiip for Auguftus 
•gainll Antony, v. Eii. What 
he laid 10 Antony, E13. 

EiryMa, lent by Cleo- 
inenes to the ephori, iv. 4O4. 

Enrydui, delccnded from 
Miltiadcs, V. 1=7, Married 10 
Demeiriiis, ih. Has a fon by 
himnaiwd Corrlizbus, 162. 

Eaterpc, according to fom* 
writns, the name of ThemiHoi 
clfs's mathCT, i. 1165. 

Butiij^i, the Anaphlj-iliao, 
exerts himlelf greatly to recov- 
er the reputation of Cimon, 
and is killed in battle, tngethcr 
Yiith Cimoo'i otbei fiiendi, ill. 

Bvlhydimas, an officer who 
ferved under Nicii), joined in 
commilTion with him, iii, 176. 
Defeated in m aflion at lea, 

Efthynui, the Leueadian, an 
ambufti laid for bim at Hierx in 
Sicily, by wliich hii men are 
cut off, ii. .45. 

Eathyvuis, general of horfe 
for I ecus, brought in chains to 
Timoleon, and put to death, ii. 

Batiymu, the Thefpian, W. 

Eulych'dai, i. 111. 

£.</jci«, V. m 1. 

EmtBpli, the force of it, i. 


FAB C lai 3 FAB 

ExKiJlidtit £albcr of Solon, i. Fabiin SuUiu, who iiift Kqnii^ 

199. ed die fumimc of M>»niu>, i. 

Exurailt, Athenian magif. Has Ihe funuunei of Verruco-. 

aoa fa called, wba violatod fus and OvicRlo, ib. Appears 

Jw privilege of fmaiury, i. How of apprchenrion and ftu' 

■□g. pid when » hoy ; buthii pawera 

EiKrtUim]. See It^ica- uafold Lhcmlelvei by degrea, 

loni. ib. He pFFparet hii body by 
exercile for the ferviceof tbe 
this, and his mind by unprov- 

gm. ing hii powers of perfuaGan, 

E'Ut! from Thebci, sITift ia ib. An oniloii, which he pro- 

reftoiing ihatcity W liberty, ii, nonoced a( the funeral of hi] 

BOi,t(/(j. fon, extant in Pluiarch'j time, 

Enicsoi Achaia, difputtia- ib. Five timci conlul, ib. Tii- 

bojt ihem in the leiiate of umphs fur his victory over die 

Rome, ii. 314. Ligurian^ ib. Afler Hannibal 

• E^fiae tea, iv. 186. bad gai.ied the battle of Trebii, 

Ex.diai*,»taonffitiu:Gmks, Fabjut adviled the Raman) to 

means the coiiclulion of a tr>g. Ibnd upon the dufenfive in their 

edy ; aoion.^H the Romans a walled lowni, 4. Notwilh- 

btce, iii. 330. n. Handing that advice and the 

'molt atarmtngprodigiei, Flami- 

niui Rghts Aa batde of Thrafy- 

F menus, and falls wilh great parC 

of his army, 5. Fabiu! Maxi- 

ritSIA.ivtM virgin, Eflrr raui iicholen diftator, ib. Ap- 

^ « Teteatia, Ciceru'i wif^ poinU Minuciui bis general of 

iv. 33^. the hsrIJE, ib. Ii preceded by 

Faiii, wiience the name, ii. 1 . Cweatyfour liOars, ib. Begin) 

Their delcent from Hercula, hii office wilh afta of Feligioii, 

U>, Three hundred of tbera cut 6. Amongft other thing* vowa 

olThythtTufcans, i. 319. ■ itr f-criim, ib. Takes Qow 

/■ij«-, Quinlus, Rud cantiou. m'.niures assiml 

frni ■inba.'Qidor to the Ganli Hannibal, ib. None but Han. 

befDn:Cluriuin,vio])tc;dKlaw iiibil tenfibie of bis prudeuc* 

of oationi, i. 317. SentloDd- in that rerae£t, 7. Hii gcncnl 

phi, 306, of cavalry gives him mueii 

FtbiiLS, chief poniifE when trouble, ai.d brings the foldim 

Brennui, kingof the Gauls, took to conSder hiai in a eontempt- 

Rome, I. gat. ibie light, ib. He keeps to hia 

fabUi BaUf, chofen didstor Rrll Icheme nolwlthilandini;, 3. 

ilHoDie.foidiepurpolfof ere- MannibaJ, byaminakeof hia 

ating new (enators only, while guides, ii led into the defiles of 

Marcua Junius wudifiatorvi'ith Cafilinum, iallead of the plaint 

Ihearmy, ii. la. of Caiinum, ib. Fabius fur. 

Faiiai PiUar, i, ^3. Sent rounds him, ib. Hannibal's 

to confult the oncie at Delphi, ilralasem to diCengage himlelf, 

il. 21. ^ Fabius baa the diladvautage 

Faiiui .VfiwiRiu, the origin of in JoDie jubieijuent {Limilhes, 

hi! family from Herculea, ii. ib. The ttibime Metilius in. 

t. The family very III) merou), cenfes the people againft him, 

aa well HillBftiioni, ib. He and tbs Iciuie Is difpleafed wilh 

ma the fouith in delctnl from tht uript he had fettled for die 

nnfota of prifonen, lO. He 

toconfuHthecracleof Delphi, 

felU hii linds to pay ihe lanfom 
of the Remins whom he had 

11. The magnanimity where- 

with the Romini receivi Vn- 

iwtived from Hannlbiil, ib. 

ro, ib. Fabiu. Maximni >n^ 

Fabtus'twiiig called lo Rome on 

Cliudiu. Mareellusire appoint- 

nltJei, Minucius Gghls conlrary 

ed gencrali, 11, Their oppo- 

file chatiSerj, and operaiiooj. 

to ucden, and defeats pan of 

ib. E«h ot them was five 

the enemy"! forces, ib.indii. 

times conful, ib. Mitcellus in 

Though this (uccth makes a 

his fifth confulale, is drawn into 

gnat noife io Rome.'Fibius de. 

>n ambufcade by Hannibal and 

Clara, be will fa.ften bick to 

killed, ib. Hannibal forges a 

chjiflifc hi. general of hoKe, ... 

Mctiliui ftin up the people, and 

they appoint Miouelus colleague 
to Fabiuj io the diflitorfliip, 

is near beinj! caueht in the 

In.,., ,3. I„ .£.. „...„ 

his colleague's requiGiioi 

qually with h 
tal's ftraligerr 

' Minu- 

cius to an engageinenl ; fuc- 
ceeds,' and iha: general is en. 
tirely defeated, 13. Fibiui 
marches to hi) relief, and Han- 
nibal (oon retires into hiscimp, 
14. The gralitude of Minu- 
■■■ addrefs 

J Fabiui 


biuslays down the diflalorlhi 
and the confuls that (uccctd for 
is pla 


i5. Van 


and rafh man, i^ for pi 
with defpalch, ib. He raifes 
double ibe ufual number of 
troops, ib. Fabiui exhorts 
Faulus .ficltiui the colleague 
of Varro to guard agiinll Hi 

17, Varrotakeapolloveragainlt 
Hannibal, near Canni, ib. The 
diCpofition of Hinnibal'i forces, 
and the enfuing battle, 18,19. 
Hannibal does not purtuc hia 
advantage by marching imme- 
diately Io Rome, no. He be. 
comes mafter, however, of great 
pait of Italy, ib. The greal- 
refi of Fabiui's behavior on 
(hat occaQon, ib. and ti. Hli 
tdation, Fabiui Piftor, is lent 

Hannibal in the mean time, ac. 
Behaves Co the BiuClans with t 

his chaiaOer, e6. Bidi his me:i 
leave (he Tarenlines their ingry 
gods, ib. What Hannibal laid. 
on the loGng of Tarentum, ib. 
Fabiui is h«Kired with a fe- 
cond triumph, £7. and his (on 
with the eonfullhip, ib. A Ro. 
fcene betwixt the father 


and the ton 
fon, and bears that Io 
great moderation, IS. Publilhes 
the funeral oialion, which he 
had dfliveted himfelf, ib. tci. 
pio propofes to rerrjove the war 
into Africa, and has every kind 
of op pojilion thrown in his way 
byFabiut,ib.and3g. Scipio per- 
forms great achievements, and 
finilhes them with the conqueft 
of Hannibal, go. fahiut does 
not live to [ee the reduflion of 
■be Carthaginians, ib. Theciti. 
2ens of Rome exprels their re- 
gard to him, by defraying th* 
cxpences of hts funeral, 31. 

Fcbiui Mfljtimiu, fon of Faulua 
^miliui, adopted into the fam- 
ily of the Fabii, ii. 158. 

filial Ruilai, »i HuIUUmiis^ 

FAI f <1S J PAV 

faiiOu, uqi>iic4 lh> name of her bjr Nuaa, i. 183. Tlieoi'di 

Miximus, IT. 5S. i>, I. Hcw» by her.theaolllDlemnanioaglb 

gRUgnndfatherof FibiusMaK- tbe ftomam, ib. Much knoviU 

>l>uttheiiiA)laf,>. FoUowtd edge of tbinji divine loft fix 

theliiumphilcluriot of his fooi Wanlof faith, ii. i\t. 

• Filcrii, befieged by the B». 
mam, i. 31.1. Tbe ichooluaU 
ter'i trcichery, and how he wu ■ 

135. jHmilhed by Caioillus, gi ■, 

/a^iuj, proprxKir of Spain. * f'lijii, ^304. sti. v. B^t 

bit ganramanE no^n the Ro- Famt. Sm Clary. 

maiu obnoxloui W the pioviiv Fmiiu, >t Athona, uaikr ll» 

cei.v. ift. tyraot Atiftioi), iii. ijj. In 

jiih'iu Faitlui, (aid t» be tbe «imy of MiUicidaUi, aoj. 

^ ptcfea that dffpatidKd Gal- Aootbcr famine u Atlnu, v. 

ba,.T. 4ig. >45. Fasiine is. ih* imy of 

ftHij Ca/fiu, cDTumaadBt of Antony, 196. An tarb eaten, 

■ kgion, ilui firft officer vh» whwli biio^ on miiaeUiai 

oicm dK oath of allegiaace to d«>th| 197. Fainini) ia th« 

C^fa*, V. 397. Saluta ViMlii' «tmpaf ^QKeriut, gsj. 

W tmpeioT, 408. Emjdiryedn /anf»i4, icraou Miiius in 

cneolhii generals, 419. 1^ b«r Utifa iii. 81. Hv idOory, 

/Ml of Ficu'i and Faunin, i.- f»o<iwi, dim a(lti« fricudi of 

181. Of MinsivaandNeptuno Tiberins Gracehi«, •c/^. 

eonttiiding [orlhepatfoiia|<eof Amir'ui, Coiu>> alnini the 

Atben*, 187. OF the nembcn confulatc chrai^h the intsrcft of 

■nd the belly, ii. 81. »^. Of Caiui Giacchui, v. a6. Op. 

tbe litift day aad tlia day after palei CaiutGnccfau*, jb. 

te fciib, i. g>i. Ofihekrpent M^ri, Ihe law that empow-. 

whole Uil rebelted igainH the ered them to fell theircHUtteOt' 

head, Iv, 3%i. Of tbe cuckoo totrtBti in (otat nSptd by 

nil little birds, v. g^o. Of tha Numa, i. iSj. 

waltet, iii. 319. Of the hantf. Ful^ af hii country, Cicana 

■aan and horle, v. 376. Of the the firll that wai honored with 

SiBsp delivering up ibeli d»gi. that dtle, v. 89. 

to the wolvea, 61. /ouaut, chedemigad, fable of 

Fiiridts, Caiui, laid, the hit being taken, together with 

Roman, were not o«rcomcby Picuj, b>r Numa, and of Numa'i 

the EpiiDtii but.Lsvioua by karaing chamu and other U~ 

Pvtthui, iii. Bi. Sent la trat creti of them, i. 182. SuppoU 

with Pyrrhui aboni the prlfon. ad lo have married the Sum Den, 

en, »3. ReFuIn to accept Pyr. iv. i»8. 

ihui's prefv-nta, ib. Ciaeaiglvei. Favanin, Marcut, hii witti- 
him an account of the Epicmii cifias ou Pompey, iv. 113. 
an philofophy, and he w1(h« Pompey <T;;!iti in conlcquence 
Hiatthe eqemit) of Rome may of the calUeiy of Favoniui aod 
(mbrace it, ib. Infonnt Fyr- other ofGceri, and it beaten, 
Aiuofhii phyfician'a offerlo 114,. 110. Hefliesv/iih Pom, 
poifon him, J4. pey, and treata hitn wiih great 

fiiflirjjijand Ptrtiet, howftr- lelpsfl, 121. li a friend and 

liceahla to a com moo wealth, vnioiu imi'a'or of Csto. nt, 

UtOi/fcntim. 368. Oppofaj in Cato'iabfenco 

Faiih : a temple eiefUd ta the decrees of the fuiatc in fa< 



Tor of Cxbr, but in vain, ib. 
I> cbolea Kdilc, ib. Brutui 
foundi him u to [he Eonfpincy 
sgainft Cierir, v. «go. Hij ai~ 
\entun with Brutui and Caf. 

(laughter of MetiU*, 


• 3 FLA 

fecuUci, in order oF p 
nfbituled by Nuioi, i. 
317. Theii office to t&u 
■Lds^ to declipc war aad p 

Faitriui, Jupller, whtnce the 

Faiijlidm, the foftirfjther of 
Romulut and Kemus, i. 80. 

Fai^u!, fon of Sylla, geti Mi- 
Atidiles'icravm into his hands, 
iv. 8& CalGiis llTike) him 
when 1 boy, and why, v, 178. 
Fuu hit edate up to ble, 93. 
Whit Cicero did of the billi be 
put up, ib. 

Far, Thefeui fKrlficn to it 

agod,i, 67, Alexanderda 

Ufcen by.Rornjlui, 
f^j, folbiddenti 


Figs of Africa, ii. 331. 

/5.DfTufculum,ii. 413. 

Fio^ria' beiges Mithridate* 
in Pitine, from whence Mlthii- 
dates makes his efcspc by fea, 
iii- 196. Invites Lucqllut to 
aihOance, ib. AfliilEnalei 

the bin«,iT. 171. Thelempleof Flaccus, 149. Hit men delett 
Tear and its woriliip, 405. A hkn, tnd be kills himldf, 15a, 
Janguinary patfion in tyrants, 

Ftsjl, in honor of the ti 

Fttfi of boug 
railed Ofchophai 

ffj/^ofnavfsamonglltbeRo- and Delphi, guarded by wi 
mans, called Satumalk. See owt, 173. To be lighted by 
SttamalU. liit funbranu at Rome, in cafe 

/>sj( of tlie Lstini, i. ;oGl af its happening lo be extiU' 

Fiafl of Profcrpine celebrated guifhed, 174. Called ^iJU md. 
sear Cyiicus. See Profcrfiac. Unity by the Pitbagotcani, 176, 

Fcafi of the Nonx Caprotinc Worfbippfd as the firll princU 
celebrated by the women in the pleot all things, 311. Anem- 
Goau Marlh, i. 113, 114. 935. tlem of purity,^ 

FtaJI of Ceres. See Thifmo- 

Fiajt of Adonis, accounted 
nminous to the Athenians, by 
Fcalon of its happening at their 
■robarkation for Sicily, ii. ji. 

A^of Ceres, it. 11. 

/(^oftheLupercalia, i, 103. 

Ftafi of the Pan»lhena:a. See 

Fca^ of the Metcecia, See 

FiaS of Boedromia. See 

FcbTuala, the feaft of Luper. 
Calia, accicatly bellied, 1. jOj. 

Uanh, (acred to the do- 
melllc gods, iv. 197. 

• Firmans, a company of 
brave m<ni who attended Cato 
the Center in hit operatiotui- 
giinft Antiochui, ii. sig. 

Flacni, Valerius. See Vale. 

Ftaccai the eonful marchs a- 
gaintl Sylla, iiL 145. Affadi- 
Balpdby Finjbrii, 149, »oo. 

//dccuj, Hurdeoniui, lent by 
Galba to (ucceed Virginius, v. 
398. The army refule lo tik» 
tlieoath of allegiance to Galba. 
which Flaccui propolb, 40L 

FLA t 117 ] riA 

Flanen Qairixalu, iaftituCed the fa, U(t he Ihauld b* to 

Vy Num., i. 169. 

Flamen, whence lo caltedfl. 

//■mtni'iu, C*iu>, the conful, 
ndily (ighu H«Diubal dut the 
ThrafyinRiian like, tad it kill- 
ed in the aftion, ii. 4. 

flaminiui .CaiiuQuintiui 
hmt with the former, dm 
bii conlulite deTeati iha Ci 
"■ 3i »33- Named geneia! 
boHe 10 Minuciui the diSi 
>nd dibualilied beci 

want of provifioni, 
(blvei lo force hii wiy up lb* 
mountiiiu, ib. Sharpi conleft* 
enfue, ib. Some fhepheidi diU 

He l^di : 
the thouland i 

h font 

It heard ic 

cry while be wu Sight, il 

:k9 the Macedonians, whea 
he believed the tribune had 
gained the top, 368. The M»> 
cedoniani perceiving the party 
at the top of die hill, lake tc 

of Phtlopoimen, ii. 356, QuicI 

both to relent an ioj ury, aod b 

do a (etvice, 364. A legionary declare fi 

tribune under Maicellus in tbe Pyrrhi * 

war with Hannibal, g6f . Ap- Romai 

pointed gDvemorof Tarcntum Hiilip 

Epirut with good order I 
cipline, ih. A> loon ■> he 
The , 



thief direfLar of Ihc coloniea 
lent to Namia and CoOa, ib. 
Offen hioiCelf acaadidate for 
the coofulDiip without alcend- 
ing by the previout llepi, ib. 
Two of the tribune* oppofe 
him, ib. The fenate refer the 
matter to the people, and Fla- 
miniui it eletUd conful, though 
not yet thirty yeari old, ib. 
Macedonia and the war wiih 
Pbillp falls U)hii lot, ib. Thit 

alliance with Philip, and 

the Romans, 369. 

yiiig coDceming th* 

Flaminiui and 

infilU that 

which the Ran 
Philip fhould withdraw 
lifoni from the Grecian ciciei ; 
which be refufes, ib. The reft 
of Greece declam foi the Ro- 

Thebei c 

The I 

a Elamini 

• of 

> [ends 


of hi) 



e the e 
hii commiOion, ib. Meeti Phi< 
lip neat Scotufa, and defeat* 
him entirely in 1 piuhed haitU 
at Cynofcephalie, 371, gje. 
hi) temper and abilitiei, The battle delcribed, 371. 
Find) that his predecefTor) Philip's eleape owing to the 
had entered Macedonia too lale balle of the floliani to plun- 
amp, ib. The X.M- 
im the honor of ihe 
ib, VetlesofAlcxut, 
o their pretenJloni, ib. 
■ ■- rthytl-'- - 


1 advifed t, 



li:>l butPhilip parodies ihem,ib. 

Philip goes in petfr 



Ear fiam him, ib. The prudence U !i3r 

■UMUs, ia making tbt peace appoinl Fliauniu th* canrul'i 

bcCare Aotiocfaus dccUnd bim- lieutenant, 3SA Antiochui ia 

Uf,iit, Tbe icn caamHTioaen dcEawd at Tberaispylo, and 

IeM by Ok iaata to ilfiA fU- foiced to fly, ib. Flaminiat 

aiiniiH, advirfa him to kicti^gir- {ecum tbt Gneki in Uw Ro- 

lifaiu in ibm of the priiitiftl aun inicrcA, ib. PrevailiwMt 

ciliu of GtewE; but kc fra- Glibrio to Cpne the jSulins 

TiiU wiih tbcB Id let GreoK and Chilciiiliini, ib. iird gSi. 

«ntinly'fnB,3i]4. HcproolBiinB TlEGIulcidluipa.y divi«baa- 

libcny •> tke Cfcdu, at the oii la Fliainlua, 581. Pait 

IfUrnun guMii lb. Their i)i ■ bftaa M bii pnilc, ib. 

fhenituf jojiandippliarcixing Somt ftiairfatatti ol hii but 

dovB the ciowi fiDnlhcBr, dafcribsd,!!). mcl jBs. SHlag* 

373. Tinr teflcAiooi upon af his, 381. Hb n creilBl con* 

riHnBiti)'>geiKK>fity,aftci'dKy Isi, ib, Hiiatb wbilr helm* 

wctt ntinsi ia tbcw boolca, thit office, gig. Hia brother 

ib. Ha defpaiches Lenbitu* Luciiu ii tspciied iIk femti by 

lo die Bargytliiiu in Afii, Cats, ib; TiUi't rekntmaat 

Stntioiai iata Thrics, P. Vi^ agiitift Cato, gSf. Hsaotilra. 

UuB.10 AM>oahiu,>adgoahin< MSidoT todieeauiE aifiuCim, 

1«11 to Oakia aid Uagoebt, whither Hannibal h«l ndr. 

Sot ihs puiyefe of euendifig ad, upon cbe defeat of Antio; 

UhcTiy, 376, Appoiated ddrec* sbui in Phrygis; aad demaoda 

•or «[ the Namean grata, ib. that Hmibil fhoiild be put to 

Recommanda dw loeiil virtnei death, sElg. That demand of 

UtheCmki, ib. Tbe bebav. bit conSdertd ^paad cm, 3M. 

kirof th( RoDiBi* on ihi>ac> 387, TlimLDita dici in hit bed, 

talloti addi gmlly to their giS. Flaminiui guady fupc> 

power, and para the way to ilor to Philapnmcn, in the ia- 

Miivarhl uipiiB, 377. Flaini. vicei ho icndt»d Gi«ce, ib. 

fliu* dedicate! (hieldi to CaftoT Flaminiua anibiiiiiui, and Pkii- 

■ndPolltix,aadac[Owiiof gold lopremaa obftinaUt ihefornuir. 

boftililiaa agiinft riot in military lino 

Nihil, the tyrant of Lacedx- peifonal valor, 389. and F\t~ 

tdon.tiutlbaiicampromilu lbs miniui in polntoE julticeand 

matter vridt him, 378, The bumaoity. 390. 

Achvani red«« the Romaa /Isainnii, Luciuj, bradicror 

i>ptiv« that -weie dirperTed in Titus, expelled the lenate, ii. 

GKece, and make Flaminiui a 38^. Admiral under hii bro- 

prefent i>f diem, 379. Thef* ' 
Homani make the mofl honor- 
able part of hii I 
Aeconnl of the ti 

The Rqmani limit the line of a sSo. 

thouland talents, which Philip Ft'viv and Marcelliu, tri- 

wai uuder obligation to pay ; bunei of the people, tear the 

(end back his bn Demetriu), roval diademi from the flalues 

and declare Philip iheirally, ib. of Cie&r, iv. ^76. Depofedby 

\ntiocliu) invadet Greece, and CKfit, B77. 

le Italians join him, ih. The Fiii-ms Gulhis, taAily under- 

omms fe,id the conful Aciliut ts'tej an exploit aeainll tb* Par. 

labrio BgaiallAnliochus, and thians, T. 191. 

PUL [■ 1*9 ] GAB 

Flmiias Siiims, brother of ki the wir, ib. Her dcall^ 

Vttparun, left governor of 185. 

Home by Olho, v, ^so. fuhiia infonniCicero of Cat- 

Aurd, the cclebralcd coDite- ilinc'idcrign 10 kill him, v. Si. 

zan, her amour with Pompey, fii/uV, Cndui, the ptocod- 

iv. 45, So [leit 1 beauty that lal, (taiD by Hannibal, ii. 1^7. , 

Ca!ciliua Meiellus, when he FiUtiius, flaceui, infui'ma Ti-' 

■domed the temple of Caltor bciiui Gracchui of the fenate** 

and Pollux with paintings, put defiifniigainft him, v. 16. 

her piflute amongft the left, F'ihius, Quioius, appointed 

46. di^btor, ii 158. 

flull, an inftrument tacied Folviu!, a friend of Caiu. 

to WKt, ii. 151. Gncchuj, v. a8 Sendi his fon 

fml/ius Capito, fent by Mark la the eonful Opimius, 33, He 

Antony to condua: Cleopatra and his'tlden fon killed, ib. 

intoSyri3,v. iSg. Hii body thrown into the river^ 

fmlciai, killed by Vaieni, v. and his widow forbidden to put 

401 . hertelf in mourning, 34. 

F'lrlaBaU. See Atlantic IJl- fVrurd/citalioni, their origin, 

t!td!. i. 145. Allowed women, for 

FortaJU, how diftinguirhed . conlribufing their golden oma- 

from chance, ii. ijO. Hfr im- menW to makeup an offering t* 

age fsid to have Ipoken to ibo Apollo, 310. Not made for 

Roman matroni, 111. Lovei young women till Csfar't time,. 

to make affaiti turn upon a iv. «24. 

minute circumfianee, iv. 411. i^iirf/^r, the original of that 

Her inconllancy, ii. 181, 1S9, name of reproach, ii. 99. 

193. Hergreateft favori, una- Fariei, their temple, i. 67, 

ble to fill tlie capacities of the 109. 

human mind, iv. 98. Unable fKri'i, Camillui Gia raifei that 

to conquer virtue, «86, 43a. family to dlftinflion, i. 303. 

Fotntalm, whence theirori- F^rim, tuciui, colleaguela. 

gin, ii. 167, 16S. Camillus, when miliiary tfi. 

fusnUiH of fire near Appo- bunei were appointed inftead 

Ionia, iii. 15s. of contuli, i. 339. SentbyCa- 

/ji, flelenby a Spaitsn boy, millui againntheTuCcani, 34a, 

andbeluffenit to eit out hit Fun'iti, colleague to Flamini- 

boweli, rather than be dilcoV' ui, ii. 131. 

■red, i. 143, , fw.«j, lifutenant to Publiui ". 

• Fregitlx, V. at. Varinnj, dcFiaud by Sptracui, 

• Fregdlinam, ii. 863. iii. agS. 

Fricnijhip ; true friendlhip, furnuii, an able orator, T. 

on what founded, ii. 199. In- 106. 
ftaneeiofit, ib.v.3.0. 

Fagithii, (bole that Dy in G 
battle, their puailhment, iii. 

Fulcinia, mother of Miriui, 

, iii. 4j. tliat country tor winter quar- 

F'llvia, widow of Clodiui, ters, iii. 383.- 

KWrriei Antony, v. 1 70. Main. ■ G Hi, Romului and Remui 

Uini hi> quarrels in Rome a- lent thither foreducition, i. 81. 

{aiud Augullui, iSj. butciu- Cstiniti, Aulu>, ■ liibuot. 

GAL E ^3=1 > 

■uirchei to Ebc relief of Chx'o- upoa i 

nea, iii. 141. Propofeulaw TLluiV 

fartavclliag Ponipey wiih the caGon, 

commaiiiTai lea, and Hlanil (or tKac pre 

four hundred furloogs from the diutare^ 1 

, Lv. 67, 68. 
tul, 91, 347. Huibepiuviuce 

ofSyria.v.93. _ ; 


ib. The fpeech of 
us to bim on chat oc- 
He eufnnchile) all 
t themlelvei, ib. !■ 
nperor, but choolo 

with the tilje of 11 

o the fenate md people i 

ie, ib. The frantic nui 



Dion and Heiaclides, v. 166. 

Gaimcini, 3 lams of Neptuiw. 
ace NtptuBt. 

'CflftK, Mount, i». 315. 

' Galatia, iv. 331. iii. 74- 

Cilbii, Sulpitiiu, the linhed 
1 thic cvtr rofc to 



the imperil!' „ ^ , 
Vet unable to pay the army ihi 
vaft (um) vrhich Nymphidiu! 
Sabinus, one of the cjpiaiiu of fioi 
the prxtorian cohorta, had pro- the 

to dcclace Galba a 

eflate, ib. The scvou. iiom 
Nero becomet general, ib. All 
acknowled^ Gilbi, exctpC 
Cladiua Macec in Afiica, and 
Virginiut Kufus in Germany, 
ib. fi^Jba is much afraid of ■ 
VirginiuE. p^nlculaily after he 
had defeated V>i'.dex,ib. Wilh- 
cd fur hii foroier lifeof caCeand 
leiliire, 395. Or: of Calba'* 
fte^ildicu prrivca in teven dayi 

K'.OVi4U gu-rdj, 
fcJite and people al Ruinc, 
had d;i:Ia^nl Cilba aa^aai, 
ib. He Ukewifs ajfuns liim 
of the death of Ncra, ib. VIn. 
iui confirm the newi, aodia 
iromoted, ib. NymphidliuSa- 
linui gcu the adminillration o£ 
affairs at fLone Into bis hands, 
ib. Obliges hii collngue Ti' 
gellinua to give up hii fword, 
396. Makca gnat enterlain- 
mencs Far the nobility, ib. In- 
ftruaj the guards to demand o£ 
Galba, that Nymphidiui may 
be their fole and pei^ual cooi' 
roander, ib. Hepriminds the 
confuU for putting their ieal, 
dcr the opprelGors of the pro- rather than his, with the deU 
curators. butgiy<uchemihecoa< potcbei, ib. Permits tb* peo- 
folation of hii pity, ib. Does pie to Oeftroy IbeinfonnerimA 
not endovor to tupprels the others -emplojed by Nero, ib. 
fongi mads upon Nero, ib. AScfti to be called the fun of 
Norbfornu him of Vindes'i CaiusCierar, though probably 
■notions towards a revolt iu ths fou of a gUdutor, ib. and 
Gaul, 393. Viades^comniiiiccs 397, Takes 10 Wmlnlf ihft 
open holtilitia, and defue*. wbol* nurijof dethroning No- 
Galbate accept tli£ imperial dig. ts,, and even afpinu to the im- 
" " "' eiial feat, ib. Scads Geltianta. 

the noble family of i}ie Senli, 
yet thinks it a greater honor to 
be related to Q, Catului Capi- 
tolinui, one of (Iw moll virtu- 
Qtis men of his tiioe, 391. &e. 
lated alTo t» Livia tht wife of 
Auguftus, ib. Rifes, by hct iU' 
lereil to the dignity ol conful, 
ib. Behaves with bnnor iu 
Gertcany, and during hl« pro. 
confulatJ in Africa, ib. His 
fimpleparJiinOQloui wayof Uv- 

o SpaiB by Nert 

Galbate accept (be imperial dig. ts,, an> 
pity, ib. Galba delibentes peiial 



only his gTBrt age (Ihough't* 
™ fereiltytbree when he cirae 
o die empire) tut hii wain of 
ctrildnn, expofei himco con- 
lempt ; and 'tfiereFare detcr- 
mrneslo adopt fome young no- 
bleman, and declare him 'h)i 
fnccMTor, ib. Sbine account of 
Otho,ib. and 406. Ht txpetts 
to bethe perron ad opted ,lh rough 

liito' aft ■> a fpy upon 

Galba, Ib. Oalba ii apprehcQ- 

ftwe of the power and defigni of 

ViTginiua Ruf 01 ; >Ut Virgini- 

■I -abides by'hii-fi/flnfolutioi 

ib. That general, with mu( 

difficulty, pcrfuadss hii army 

tb acknowledge Galba, it "-' 

ba tends Tlaccus Hordes 

fnccad him, 398. Vi „ 

epEs to meet Oalba, md findi the intereft mf 

bQt ■ cold reception, ib. Vi- danjghter hepromires lo marry, 

niui,diefirftmimfltrofGaIba, 40^. The foldieW wifti that 

■ tapBCioajandlibidinousman, Olho may 'be the man, fb, 

ib. Cktmelini'Laco isappointid Cilba givei no anfwer to Vi- 

to the eonunand of the guardj, nius'sappiicai'ioh, ib, 'His the 

Bhdof the palace, 399. Nym- public good really athcittln 

phidius adopts delperate meaf- his intended appointment, ib. 

troops which he sttempled to 
corrupt, 4O1. Galba orders 
Cingonius Varro, and Milhri- 
. dates, two ot Nymphidiuj's 
accomplices, to be put 10 death, 
without any form of trial, ib. 
Scndi an orderfor the execution 
oF Petroniua Turpilianus, a man 
of confular dignity, ib. Cauks excellent quali 
Macet to be-taken off ia Africa, • ■ * ■" 

and Fontcius in Germany, ib. 
Falls npon a body of 

Tlie army in Germany : 
again il Galba's o Dicers, and ap' 
points Viiellius emperor, 4*8. 
Galba proceeds to the adoptien, 
and declares Pifo Ccfar, ib. and 
439. He gives 


n Romi 

id the 


black and lowering, 409. The 

" ■ qualities and prir.Cely 

of Piio, ib. Olho 

litaCes revenge, and reuin* 

hopes of afccnding the im- 

al throne, ib. 

uance of Ihuit cflab'.ifhment, 
and kills great numbers, 4Ciai 
M i leribl y pa rfi mo n io ut hlmielf , 
but fuSers hit minifter to plun- 
der the ireifury in the molt in- 
Jatioblc manner, 403. Punllbei 
fome of Neto'i evil roioifteri, 
but fpates Tigeliinus, the great. 

-n officers 


efl deli 

□ attended the facrilicc, geti 
of the palace into the forum 
■[ laluled emperor by I 

who had bribed xery fmall party of I'oldiei 


two milcieants lau^h at 
murmuri of the people, 41 
mi [rep relented, ib. His gv 
error in not giviag a gratu _ 
to the army, ib. Yet he tx- fi 
prelTcs himfelf nobly upon it, il 
ib. The troops in Gi rmany de- g 
Ipife FIjccus, and =re flmrift tt 
ready to mutiny agfinft Gslba, 
4OJ. Galba fuppoles tbU oat 

and the tribune who kept guard 
opens the gate, ib. A mob of 
people ctowd [0 Galba't palace 

(land up in his defence, 
10. 11 To is lent out to the l<fe> 
guardsj lb. Galba goesoutin- 
to the forum 10 fpcjk to the 
people, ib. Various reports 
concerning the lucceii of Ollw 

6AL [ iji ] GAU 

^th Ite prxtoriin eoboiti, ib. GiUlui, lent by Auguftui t<% 

A body of horfe and footip- Clcapatn, v. iii. 

pan, md dccUru Galba ■ pii- Gamij, mllUutcd byXhereui 

Tin man, ib. He is atUclud in Delos, i. 60. IJIIimiah, by 

in biiredailch)ir,ib. Scmpro. Thelciu, in honor of Neptuoe, 

aius Doifui, a centurion, ii the 63. n. 6;. ii. 141. The moft 

•olymiD faithful to Galba on honorable place at the HlWian 

thijoccafion, 413. Hciitum- referved for the ACbenitni, i. 

bled out of hii chair, at what 6^, iv. ■■. Olympic, in honor 

was called the Cunian lake, ib. of Jupiter, i. 65, ito, 149. 

Says to Ihe con rpiralott," Strike, PyAiaJi, iv, io.v.151. A'on- 

if it be fo[ Ihe goodoF Rome," if<M, ii. 141, 351. v. 367. A 

ib. li defpatcbcd with many general anni (lice ioGieecedu. 

Ilrokes, ib. His bead i> carried ling ihe celebtallon o( the great 

to Otho, who demand I alio that gamei, i. no, 149. Circenliaa 

ofPifo, ib. PiCo'i head is loon games, 91, 306. 

brought, 11 is alfo that of Laco, Cikcj in honor of liberty M 

ib. and 414. Numbers petition Platjca, ii. 195, 197. 

f»r their rewiid for theie mut- • Gaodariti, and Pritjii, tlieit 

den, and are afterwards all put kings make prepanilonj agatnll 

to death by Vitelliui, 414. Otho Alexander, iv. 205. 

Ereventi the bldiers from de. Catgis, the breadth and 

royingMariusCeiriu, whohad depth of that liver, iv. B05. 

DO other crime than hii fidelity Alexander's troop! ictufe to 

to Gatba, ib. The fenate it pab it, ib. 

alTemblca, and Ukes the oath Cardm of TiHaphemei, ii. 

to Otho, ib. Vinim'i daughter 59. Of Luculluj, iii. 140. Of 

Tedeenu hi* heid with a large Aitaierxej, v. 358. 

(urn, ib. Calba'i corpfe ii car- • Gargtans, i. 53, J4. 

Tied away, with Olho's permi f. Gates oi Romt not accounted 

Gon, and buried by his freed, bcrrd asthe wall wai, 1. 87. 

man, ib. and 4tj. Hiicbarac- * Omgamcla, otCa.-Kpi iou/e, 

ter, 41J. a place near Arbda, where the 

, Ga/ia, Serviui, iccules Pau- great battle between Alexan- 

lus.£miliu>, ii. igi. der and Darius wu fougbt. 

• Galba, a man of prElorian iv. 170. 

dignity, killed by Cilar't fol- • Gsils, their origin, i. 315. 

dieri at Rome, iv. 976. Their firll inducement to enter 

Galley of Thefeus preferved Italy, ih. They befiege Clu- 

for iges by the Athenians, i. lium, 316. An infringement of 

61, Quellion amongll the phi- the law of nations, by a Roman 

lornpfaen concerning its identi- ambaffadar, .draws them <o- 

ty, ib. wards Rome, 317. Defeat the 

Calliy, a fmall one of gold Romans in the battle of Allia, 

and ivory, prefented by Cynu 319, Enter Rome, and kill the 

to Lyiandef, iii. 107. . (enaion in the forum, 324. Lay 

* Gtdtia Narboninfii, iii. 349. ii^ to tbe capilol, ib. Prop- 

Gaitm, Sylla's UeuWnanc, iii. oCllons for peace, 359. llie 

143. .fraud and infolenceof the Gaulj, 

Callus, ^ae of Otho'i gene- ib Defeated by Camillui on 

rait, V. 4S0. tbe road to Gabii, as one divif. 

CiUUs, Flaviui, one of An- ion of them had been before 

tony't ofliccrs, diet «f fcii near Ardef, 330. Their man-' 

wuundi, V. 194, ner of fighting, 342. Oblerv* 

•11 , I » 

Misafl neutrality duiiog t|u 
^iinic war, ii. 131. Qcfeud 
^ilan' widi grot nfeluiioD, 
^36. pefcUed by l(irccl1iu, 
>ib. Tbeir fiiricc and npacitVi 
iii. 31. Break oppp the tombi 
ol the kings ai ^gie, ib. Their 
•*ilor, 319, 8I0. The GiuUfti 

CeliM, a 


I tdeai to Ncoptak>- 

inuj, iorm* a defign tq poifo« 
Pyrrboi, iii. 5, 

Ciloa, out of (be gavcmaa 
of BoEotia, iv. 16. 

CeniiiiHi, an enemy to Mari- 
ui i Miriiu, in hit fugi 
"'" dread) bim, 

valry, the chief depeDdeoce of He Uxia Mariui, and c 

CcHiniu, a ffiend of Pom- 
ptyi Pompey gLvothiimiarels 
Floiaup to him, i». 45; 46. 
Ht idllt firutiu Crcticui by 
fompey't order, jB. 

young CralTij 

Cam, twg bulled alive bjr 
■4be Roman), il. iga. Beaten 

' by^apiniu), ib. Cicljr'iwan 
f«ilh liiein, iv. 137. etjie. 

* Gam belteged, iv. i£i. 

* Cf^^d.couDtrybf, iv. no. 
Ceffe, coafecrated to Jnno, 

«nd kept in the capitol, by their 
'cackling dllcover the appipach by Cleopatti 
of tbe Gauli, i. gai. tavii, ib. ^ 

Ctgtnie, on^ o( tbe two iirft Gmttltgy ; fomt giat £ami- 
'*eIUh conlfciated by Nuiba, i. lies in Rome tracing up iHeit 
■J74. ptdigreeto Numi, a(urpieioa« 

Ctgmid, her daughter in law burineb, i. 160. 
" ■ » h». tbe firfl family dif. '•---■■ 

tony with the ftate 6t hii affair) 
'a Rome, v. 107. Sufpefted 

ference with herthatwai known 

■in Ronie, j. 197. 

• Ctia, iv. 4e. 

. H9. 1 

"49- , 

Gclamr king of Argoi, depo- 
Mbya^aioD, iii. 40. 

Gtllitnui icat into Spain by 
'^ymphidiui, to be a Ipy upon 
'«alb*, V. 897, 

Gillius, Marcu], what Ciceio 
■bid of him, V. 93- 

ctinlul, defeaUi 

Ctatiui, king of Illytia, joioi 
Perleut agtiaH the Romani, but 
il deceived by him, and with- 
draw), ii. 166. Defeated by 
Luciu) Anicius, ib. 

Giamitry, ii. 143. 

Gowiw, V. ag. 

Grradas tbe Spaitan, ■ laying 

• Gn-«flui, iv. t 
Giraadixi, killed 

1. 199. 

1 thai iulj, pidatandEpamlnoada), ii. 

Ge/Ztai, Luciui, v.'sa. 
Ctilias, one of the cenfon, to 
-Vhom Pompey, ai a Roman 
knigbt, gave an account of hii 
havbig (eived the cimpaigna 
■required by law, iv. 64. 

Gilen, fovertign of byracufc, 
makea the Romans « pieleni of 
com, ii. yi. Hit Aatue prc- 
lerved by ^ ."yncurani, when 
tbcy dedioy thole oF ihe ty- 
139. Hisjuft and wild 

Vol. VI. 


•Ctrmia, iv. 415. v. 370. 

• GergiUuii, iv. 5O1. , 

• Gtrmns, iv. a37,»38. 
Giniuaicai, the Ion of Dta- 

igofStatira, ib. Uer 

.GOD I 13. 

Ht ennnji'i aurebtri inlo ridi- 
•ulc, ii. iB. Sent by ibe Cii- 
thiginiuu into Skily, 14s. 

Glairu, the commard in By- 
thyDia tahca from faim, and giv- 
■n to Fompcy, iv. -jt. 

Glediateri, their war with the 
Romaiu. Su iftTlaim. 

Gituciu, ■ king of Iliyiia, 

Jitfcrvca Pyrrhuj when an in- 
inl, iii.3. ReftoTOhimatan 
•■rly period to [lie thtone of 

dltuciui, ■ (cditioui tribune, 
-•mployed by Mariui, iii. 70. 
Ii cut to pieco, 73. 

Glaacifput, iv, 189. 

GUhcoi, phylician to HephZ' 
&ion, iv. 114. Ciucitiad by 
Alexander, ib. 

Glaiuat, fon of Polymeda, 
bis valoi, iv. egG, 

C/auiu, ally la tlK Trojani, 
». t3i. 

Cleie»i, phyQcianto Cleopa- 

Gltry, that which ii derived 
from vittue, mete eicellent 
than that from power, i. 167. 
In flow progrets, v, 74, A di(- 

Gods of the arth, i. lOj. 

Goditfi al the women, by the 
Grtekt called Gynxcea, by tb« 
Roman. B«ru Dta, v. gj. Her 
hiilory, iv. csg. The manner 
of worfiiippinghet, V. 85. 

CM and filver prohibited K 
Sptrti, i, 133. The great roT- 

e in Gin 

which ler. 


&'<>r)r of one't anceflori, the 
wortblefi more ready to enlarge 
tipoB it than men of merit, v. 
344. Follows ia the Itain of 
virtue, i. 191. Great deAreof 
it dangeroiii to Ihofe who ire 
■I Ibe bead of an admin iftralloa, 

■CwtkxMa, Perreui believed 
to be tier child, and only iup- 
polititiDul to Philip, *' ^ 

* Cm/bi, i- s8. 
Cull JVfdryfi, the place where 
Romului dilappeaiFd, i. iro. 

•CiX'ti Herns, the creft of the 
king af Macedon, iii. 1 1. 
GuifUi.ui. 183. 

G^den p 
minated all 'the great roa3i ip 
laly, and on which they wem 
inlcribed.v. 411. 

• Gimfhi, a city of Theffidy, 
taken by Cicbi, iv. ajg. 

Gaialas, one of the Antigoiki, 
See /Intigmui, 

Gmgyliii, the Coiinthim, 
comei in aid to the Syncubn*, 

Gtiad goCdelj. See Gtdiefi 
of the women. 

GordiaiiKnM, iv. iji. 

• C'dlMi*. iv. ,5a. 
Gordiui drivenoutof Cippt- 

dociibySylla, iii. 116. 

• G'rdyac, iii. aij, iv. BO. 
Giirg'^i tin Leootine, tht 

chata3er he gave of Cimon, iu. 


e of Eumenei'c 

'• 37": 

Gergidai alTilb Pelopidat im 
Teftnring liberty to Thebei, ii. 
»07, Embroils the Spartan* 
with the Athenian 9, by drawing 
in Sphodiiu to attempt the Pt- 
IEU9, 109. Said to have hrtl 
formed the licted band, aij. 
Pelopidat improvei thi« ioftit*. 


t-SS > GRA. 

1km, by miking them fight 
one body, and not in [epara 
pinln, ib. 

n poor Romiiu in Italf, ind 
t lolvei to procure i new Agr 
in 1.W, 8. Confulu tome o 

Sorso, wife of king Leoni- 
i*i, Ker anfivtrlo 1 lady whc 
told her, none but ihe Spanan 

I Ronu 



Oppoled by the rich, ' 
he pleaded fur Ihat liw, ib. 
Specimen of his eloquence, ib. 
His adverlkrits engage M. Ofij- 
viu), one of the tribunes, to op- 
pore him, 9. Tiberiui orders all 
Gor-gu, npcoples the city of the courts to be (hut up, tilt the 
Cela, li. 149. law [bould be paOed, ib. PuU 

• Gonj/niam, ii. 354. iii. 33, his own feal upon the Ireatury, 
Cgirdi, iii. 133. ib. The people aflembic Co giva 

CnKTuiKOK, balance of it like their fulTragei, but Ihe baltoC- 
tbe Briiilh, i. iif. ing vefFds are carried off. to. 

G'tichui, Tibetiui, the fa- Maaliusand FuWiu. 

Harries Cornelia, the daughlei 
of thatScipio who cnnqueted 
Hannibal, ib, A prodigy ol 
ferpenU that happened in hii 
family, ib. 

G^dctibi, Tiberius and Caiui, 
the difference in their dilpoG- 
i, oratory, 

, 3. Aliki 

Ui Gracchus, nin 
thin hii brother, 

in early period, 


rs older 

Liiusand FuWius prevail up. 
Tibcriut tirll to refer th* 
;r to the fenste, ib. The 
ication 10 the frnite endt in 
ing, ib. He depolei hi> feU 
tribune Ofbviui by a de. 
af the people, n. The A- 

:'s featgirento 
:lienls,ii. The 


r ia 

of a. 

.. Hiicbar. 

lee the land) pr 

ibuied, ib. Nafica 

Tiberius, ib. He 

the with great ma!i.;niiy by the len. 

ate, ib. A friend of hii tup- 


powd to be poiloned 

Claudiui offers him his daugh. 
ter, 4. Serves in Africa under 

the younger Scipio, ib. Is the dren to , _ 

lirft to.fcale ihcwall inlhelieKe people, ib. Aiulus, king of 

of oneof (heenemy'atovrns, ib, Fergam-^t, dies, and leaves tht - 

liippoinledquEllor, ib. Serves Roman people his hdri, ib, Ti- 

— J— .1. i..i ..._.:.... :..L- l.„:... __.,g|jj ,1^ (he people. 

under Ihe ( 

Nununilne war, ib. Through 
hii Iniereft with the Numan- 
tinei,prociiresipuce, and (aves 
tbelWetof iwenlythoufand Ro. 
mam, 5. The peace ii annul- 
led at Rome, and Scipio lent a- 
gainQ Ihe NumiDtinet, 6, Hif- 
(ory of the divlGao of lands in 
Italy, and of Ihe Agrarian laws, 
prior 10 thnle of Tiberius and 
Ciiu) Giacchtu, 7. Tiberius is 
moved with ihefceneof dillrefi 

•-, (houtd have 
Ihe dirpolal of that ioheriunce, 
13. A Icnatorof the namcof 
Pompcy, accufes him ofade- 
fign to make hlmtcH king of 
Home, ib. Annius poles himby 
anuneipeacdqueDioD.ib. His 
arguments in defence of his de- 
pofing Oftavius, 14, 15, He 

Eropoles other populirlaws, in 
3pesof gaining Ihe iribuaefhip 
following, 15. HoubU 

ifjuck h* beholdi anODg ibe hii majority in the alfembly at 

#RA f i3< I ORA 

*e penpU, ind hu iscourb to ing the right sf voting lo iKd 

•ntrcttid, ib. Mceti -Ivilh ler- iMla illid ; regulating th* 

<r>l ill omcni, 1 6. 1> received nurktU ; and iovefting ■ judi- 

with joy by the people, now it- eiil pewef in the knighti, t^ 

fonbled inthecipitol, ib. FuU Retunu money ta the Spanilli 

TiinFlaccuiinfcnoihimthilAe ftMes, for the com which Fabi- 

tanded intenll deTigoed to lOaf- lu had intoned from them, 15. 

finate him, TIbetiui louchea hii Procuret dccnei for fending out 

feid, Tignifylng the dinger he colonici, making roadi, md 

was in : and hii enemies inter' building public granariei, ib. 

prrt that motion u the reguifi- The raclhod he look with the 

tion of acrown, ib. The con- poblic roads, 26, He makea 

tul Tcfurmg to proeeed lo vio. Fanniui conful, and it him (elf 

lence, Nafica leidi on 1 party appointed tribune the fnoiid 

which deftroyi him, ii>. Hit lime, ib. Faoniui piovei un- 

dead body ii (Kaled in an in. grateful, ib. Calui colonitea 

human manner, 18. Biifrienda Tirentuin and Capua, ib. The 
nobility incite hia collragne Li- 
Tiut Drutoi to outdo him iA 

pacify the people by indiDgiog popularifh, 17. Slufia <aid» 

ibem in tbe Agtaril . _ 

Graahui, Ctiai, ttier the dcnh 
of hu brother, Itvei For (ome 
time retired 1 but, dnrinir hii 
retreat, improve* hit poii 

iiu twelve colon iea, ib. Ckitit 

CIO Iplanl a colony in Car> ' 
ig. Uean drAe DniTo* 
lays an information aglinfl Fill* 
' friend ofCaioi 

nrd bythe fpecimen of hit foned by Fulviui 

•loquence in the defence of Vet- nivanceof Caim; Mleaftit«M 

liui, ib. He goei quasltor te the lb given oat, ib. Caiui give* 

ronfu'. Oreftu in Sardinia, si. Carth^gE (he name of Junonik. 

tliiilieam,ib. Hedillinguinin ib, Meeli with ill oment, lb. 

himfelf greatly in Sardinia, ib. ReiuFni to Rome, and prupofe* 

Prevails with the Sardinian* to other lawi, sg Fanniui otder» 

giant the Romioi a (upply of all thlt wen r 

cloihing, ib. The lenate put) '■■'-' 

fTranc upon Mecipta'i 
balEidors, in order to mortify 
Caiuj, tl. They endeavor to 
keep him in Sardinia, ib. He 

impeached, ib. Qefendi htm. 
ielf andiiacquilted,ib. Cleara 
himfelf of all concern in the 

notwithftanding the oppolition 
t>f tbe patricians, ai. Hit 
fpeech previoui to palfing two 
laws, 33. What thofe laWa 
■were, ib. Other popular lawa 
Mative to coloniiine a 
iidifigthepublic lands; 

aj depart from the city, ib. 
Caiu] promifri to fupport the 
allies, but does not perform hit. 
promife, ib. He pulls down, 
ceruin fodfoldi trsSed by his 
calleagues, 30. MiCcarriea in 
his application for a third Iri. 
buneltiip, ib. the conful Opi- 
miui prepans to r«pral hii lawi, 
and ennui hbaOi, ib. bnd Caidi 
to defend them, ib. Tbe tWa 
parties meet in tfie eapitol, anS 
one of the conful'i liflon, uling 
Icuirilous language, ii killed, 
gi. The lenatearders thecni' 
ful to provide for tfaefafetyof 
the commonwealth, lb. FulvU 
of Caini, f 

log tbe ai my clotfainf i extend* fniKi lo npel fonx vrilb foita, 

ORE [ 137 5 HAI 

ntd miichei out to r<iie the A- lervicCiU. 145. Invincible whe* 

venliiuhill, 31. Gaiusgotsoul united, v, 351. Philopicmai 

in fail utuil habit, with no otlicr called the hH oF tbem, ii. 343. 

weapon but! dagger, ib, Lici- G^rsi, brother la Tigranei, 

ni»'s fp«ch to him, ib, Fulvl- furteiidtn hlmfclf to Lucullui. 

Ha lendi hia younger ton to the See Gi'fJi^ 

oonful wirt propoltls oE peace, • Gy^l", v- »ST. 

33 The conful infiftj on their CiliffHS, (on of Clesndrida!, 

lubniiting at difccetion, ib. exttendy avarkioiii, i, 370. 

HiFehe* igainft f ulviui, ib. Intiull^il hy LyCandtr to carry 

Tulviui ii putto ihe Cword, ib. money for the public ufe to 

Caiui letira to Ute temple oE Sparta, ili. 105. Ripi the bol~ 

Diana, ib. Hil prayer to the- tom oF the bagi, and Caket out 

Eoddelj, ib. Ii prevented by hii put of it, ib. li deiefled, and 

friendtrn>mlulKnghim(elf,and withdrawi from Sparta, ib. 

tikei to flight, ib. FiniOiei his> Gael to the alGllance oF the Sy- 

diyi ID the grove oF the Furies, racufuii, B74. , Arrives at the 

34. Hu body ii thrown into very inftant w beu they were go. 

the river, ib. Uii goods con- ing to capitulate, ib. Defeat! 

fllcated, and 4iis wife forbidden Niciai, ITS' '^>^'=' Plcmmyr. 

10^0 into mourning, ib. um by llorm, ■7G. Refutes tha 

Grain, PJalo deCred Xeno^ Athenians a truce, 2S5. Touch- 

•THu the philofopber, who va cd with pity For the tnisfonunea 

Biorofe and unpoUte, to lacri. of Niciai, ib. Demands him of 

tee to the Graces, iii. 44. the Syraculant as hii prifoner, 

■. •G'-flwio, river, iii. %o6. and is refufcd, t86, 187. Ob. 

iv. 149, rioiioui to the Syracutani for hit ' 

Grjiiiiu, fontoMariui's wife inoroleners and avarice, aB7. 

by a former hulband, iii. 78. GySpfai, (he .father of Agi»- 

During Mafius's flight gets to til, iv, ,^98. 

^iOeof A^narii, Hi. PailLv Cyirni/jpiij?/, Indian Philot 

with Mifiui into Africa, ib. and aphcn, Lvcuteui Fupp'iied Io - 

%ii have confulicd them, i. i»s, 

Griaiiu the quEflor, Sylb, Why fo called, ib. n. Aletan- - 

tined]yonlybeFonhedied,or- drfi converFation with them, 

dered him to be (Irangted, iii. iv. C07, io8. 

»63. Gyi"'!', faid to have beem ■ 

Gratdus PtiTimw, Czfar'i the mother of Mid;j and .1,«;. 

quzdor, taken by Scipio, tv,. chut, andiheivifeiirFaunui, iv. 

■35' I^ ^" life given bim, si8, Sn Gufic/i of the woid.-u, 

but kill* himtelf.ib. •Cw^JTi/iiw, iv.4. 

Gratiladi, ii. iiO. ■ GfJuua, ii. 356. iv. 414. , 

* G'O", the magnificence of 

ber public buildings, i. 359. H. 
Th» moft glorious tj«t« for 
Ihedilpliyof great aflioi 
971. Libanyproclaimed 

Gneee by order of Flaminiua don, 

■t the IlLhmian games, 374. • aattiii, mount, iv. igg. 

, Grtrks, the- wifdom of their Hair, why worn long by tim ■ 

attention to liberty, to popular Spartans, i. 148. iii. 90,91. Firft ' 

gtkveTHment, end tp the vicilli- fruits of it faeriliced to Apollo, 

t^eabJfortane, 1,930. When i. 49. The Abaclu tiled to 

•rlllilled in the Carihijjiniao Olive ibcfon part of iU b«ad) 

' »■■ ■ «»jlc 

HAN Z i3* i N'B^ 

ft. Hm dircfiimii Alexander lus'i rmuini, 964. Re M- 

gavehis foldien with nlpeft to knowledgci that the dividb- 

it,ib.- Shaving it (according to counrelsareirreriftibte, ib. Plu- 

HerodotuiJ a mark of forrow, tarch'i obfcrvatioo or his never 

iii, 90. n, Alexander ordered being wounded in battle, a6S. 

the very horfej and mulej tn ' " ' .- . . . 

Diom in [be 


for He- 

384. From 

thence la 

that of 

Bbieftion, i 


Piufiu king 

of Bilhyn 
nd fpeech i 

. 38s- 

' HiJitrt 

IS, attacked 


Hit death, a 


fender, iii. 


"E it, a86 


• Bdicar 

4^, iv. 

Jfit. V. 

be judged the "great^ft general., 

387. iii. 9. Hii advict 
king of Am - 

1 biiildtl 

• Hdmifm, V. 49 

Hawifcjr, ii. 141. city ol At . ^_. 

Himniiai altera Italy, gaini Hitrnu, hit trifling aitlbe i^ 

■In great battle of Trebii, and fore S^TacuIi, ii. 135, 136. 

■ui11Etruria,!i.3. Beati Happimfs, i., 158, S30. I*. 

HirafytDeniin lake, 4. Sen- 
Sble of fibiut'i prudence in *- 
»oiding 1 baule, while othen 

Harm*., i». 
HanuJIcs, n 


■vice of Atei- 
ind carries afT hit tr^t- 
184, 303, V, 6a. 
Har/uMi, fan of Tiiibazba^ 

ra that difficulty, C|. Orderi 
ihe Isndj of Fabiui to be fpated, 
while the reft of the country is 
Tavaged, lO. Defesli Minuiiui, 
] 3. Sayi of Fibiua, that the 
■loud which had long hovered 
upon the mountains was copi* 
down in a ftorm at laft, 14,15. 
The good effeS of a jeft of hii 
upon Gifco, 18. Choofes hi) 
ground, and draws up hit army 
in an excelteni manner at Can. 
nje, I B. Sayi of the Roman cav- 
alry, when be faw ihem dif- 
inount, that ihey were delivered 
10 him bound, 19. Kills lifty 

thouland prifoneri, ib. Hiser- 
Tor in not purfuing hii viSoty, 

watk. of favor, iH. 375. 

Hiai, a bloody one fsand lit 
laying the fo undalion of (he Cap- 

othrr of the fcnfes doe 

entertains Theleus, i. 54. Hi* 
gratitude to ber, ib; 

Hiculi^utx, a (aciiiice offered 
byTbefeuito Jiwiter Hecalui, 
i. 54- 

Hicalasii (he Theloikian, L 

• Hccabmiaam, the AtgivBt 
(nare Fabimj ea. Defeats Mar- defeated thereby Cleomenea, ii. 
^Ilii!,ai9. Hiiobfervationup- 410, v, 377, 
on Marcellui's returning to the Hatlombitm, the month f» 

ges Italy, 160. Draws Marcel- 
lus into a fnare, ,63, .64. Hi* 
Ijtiielaul behavior' to Idarcll- 


HatitmpeJm, the temple of 
Hfincrva at Athcni locallcdtb 



HiCUmotii, the Athcslln pMi 
-wby la oiled, J. ■! i. 

flifliw, V. 388, 346. 

■ Hiitti, or £iid, a peopleoE 
Giul, revolt frnm ihcRomui], 
iv. »45, £46. 

Higiam [he Athenian, Ip' 
peali to Polyperthon, iv. 315, 
(16. li coadtmDcd to die, 

Higtipjle, diughter of Olorua 
kingofTbrace, wife of Milti- 

t t» 3 IrtR 

Henkche, taoOn 6t SclMM, 

Htge^as (he Migocfiui, i 


■//(/ad', > 

or t 

• MilvtlitKs come fuddenl; 
upon C«far, bu 
tad forced to retire (o mcir o' 
balren hills, iv. 237. 

Hilvu, mother of ClCero, 

Hiptachtlcu, Hi. 137. 
Hiraelm, plaeei in Atheni 
contecrated to Hercules, i. 74. 
* Hiracica in Pontui iu. 

Hilia, ftolen by Thefcus, i. 

Helnus, foa of Fyrthiu 'by 
^;t:cnTia, iii. 9, 

HiUpolei, Demetriui'i iIm- 
■Unes for taking tlities, v. 131. 

J/e/ccm die Cyzkenian, v. 


Hcticim, the « 

HiUtJikoi the hiltorlan, i. 56, 
Hcltanicui, the SyrKufao, v. 

Htractiia fettle in Pelopon- 
neCui, iii. 114, iiv Thekin^ 
of Sparta of that family, lb. i. 

Hirdclidis of Ipontui, the hiC 
torian, i, 313, 385. 

Heneltdti, a Svracufan 
vauth, brkigsOD the tittle la 
irhich NLciu ii defeated, iii. 
Hcradiiei, the SyracuAn id' 
lital, V. 138. Hiibehavioc ta 
lion, atf. Hia dfath, aGS. 

Htraniiui, bii opiaion coa- 
eminglhe fotil, 1. iia. 
Hiraum, a temple of Jtmo, 

■ 3^3- 
* H"<""*, ptomontciiy or. 

' itiTxa, ■ city of Alcidb, 
iii. III. iv, 404. 

//crcu/ii deHroy] robben, 1. 
49. Kills Iphltus, ib. Om- 
phat« treats him as a Rave, ib. 
He inllIQs the fame punirbmolu 

had dor 

I. The 

Hckidiui Frifiui conveyt t- 
, way Galba'ibady, V. 414. 
fit*A{ylMB, the favorite of Al. 
ander, iii. 365. Hisouartel offeriug. 

with EumetiFs, 366. Wirti Cra. 
tenisiiv. i8g. Hisdcath, 114. 
Amongft other extravagant ex- 
preirioii] of grief, Alexander 
pulli down the battlements of 
theciil^Sjib. "HUfuneral,«i5. 
ill. 361. 

firft who grants the bodies oFth# 
" * ) &e enemy, 69. Ini- 
io the great royfteriei by 
oflTwieuj, 70. Hielitfl 
Fabii defended from hha 
ymph of Italy, ii. I. Al 

--- - cowartfa 


ipidci'delcripttve of him, 
1 73. He never was the aggrtf. 
lor, and Thefeus imitated him 
in that retpeft, i. 50. iii. i8». 
Hiitemptei, i. 74. iii. eS2. «. 
S08. He lakes Troy, iii. 337. 
mUl AntxiU) and Wi a foa Pjp 

HER [ >4o 3 HIE 

hit widow,n»nedSoptuX,346. Alexander, iv. igS. Put t* 

Sylli dedicate! the tentli of hi> dalb, ib. 

fubHince lo hin, iii.' iSi. CnC- i/rrnn (labi Phrynichui for 

fui does the fame, igg. hi) de'ign to' betray the Atbeui. 

H-.rculii, laa of Alexander in ileet, <i. 61. 

by Birline, ill. 3S6. Hcrmos, iv. 304. 

HrTcas, i. ao6. Hirmotiaus, the father of 

Hrniiitt, Ciiai, cited 11 an Milio, Cyrus'i concubiae i. 

•vldence igiinil Maiiui, but 373- 

cxcules himltlfa] being patron /ftriuf , left govemai by The- 

lo the fanil/ of Maiius, i}i. feui of the city of Pychopolii, 

47. which he built io the country 

Hrennias, one of ScnnriuVi of the Amazons, i. 66. 

•Hicers, defeated by Pompey, iftro, niece of Ariftolle, and 

iv. 63. mother of Calliflhcne), iv. 193. 

Uiremiui the centurion, det. HiraJei, v. 90. 

patcheiCiciFO, V. iia. H^rod of ]uda [endi force* 

Hirip^its the Spartan, by lo Antony, v. jo8. Revolu to- 

tootevere an inquiry after the Oflivius Cxlir, ai6. 

plunder, difabligeiSpithiidatea, Hirinierin, i. 6j. 69, 70, 8j< 

iv. i>. HiTodolan, tJM biflorian, k 

H:'-ma, or lUtuei of mercu- 65. ii. 194. 

ry, mutilated at Atheni, IL ji. AtraMaj of Bilhynia, belov- 

iii. i6j, ed bythegodi.i. 164. 

^riuw the priell, trodden Uirots ; (erpenti, why can- 
to death when Miihridila tied (ecrated to them, iv. 431. On* 
Irom Llicullui, ill. ait. link in the chain between the 
Httnagorai, iv. 86, divine and the human nature, it 
#;raiiii<u joins Hnratiui Co. iiz, 113. 
ales in defeu ding the bridge a- Hirepkylm, the Samian, id, 
gainll Pocfena, i. ^^1, 153. vlfei the alliei to lake the fpoilt 

• H;rtmMC,l. 51. n iv. 6G. for their Oiare, and leave th« 

* HirvUBia, purple of, iv. flavei to Ihe Atheniani, iii; 

H^raippidai the Spartan offi. 

Herojlraliii, one of the friend* 

•er, put to death for futrender- 

of Brutus, fent by him into Ma- 

iagtheCadmea, ii. 108. 

cedonia, v. .89/ 

Hitnippiu, V, 45. Accufca 
Afpafia of impiety, 1.381. 

Hc'Jiliay the only roiTiieJ 

woman uke.T from ihc Sabinei 

HlrmippM, the hifto.ian, V. 

by the Romans, i. 93. Said to 

65. i. >49, iog. 

have been afierwardi the wife ol 

H:rm>,rMs, general of the 

Roranlui. ib. 

Cyraculani, a ^ying of hii, iii. 

Hifiod, honored afUr hit 

t; 1. Hii ftratigem againft Ni- 

death aioneofihe gods, forth* 

cia., a83. Inclined to treat ih. 

tikeofhiipoetiy, i..66. 

Atheniani with mercy, but 0- 

H-fychU, the prieftefa .f Mr. 
nerva; removed fiom Claiom., 

«rruled, b86. 

H-rmKralis, father in law to 

ux to Athens, iii. aE8. 

{/■"*ii:"^" of Rhodes, em- H'tapihm, ii. 149. 
■loved by Artaxer/estocorrupl H'tmpfil, king of Namidia, 

file ilates of Greece, », 334. endeavors to detain young Mfci. 

JiczMflaiu, bit plot apinA lius and Cethejjus, who bkd ia* 

HIP t ui 3 Hip 

lih ielagt It hit (ouit, iii. » dWorce, btit he c! 

Jtitrkpfal, Pompcy gives htm Bipparhai, UAtr of . 

the kingdom of Hiubtk, Iv. nucMthe wifeof Dionyfiuith* 

ji- elder, v.Ejs. 

' Hiira, city of., Vt. 145. iff^^nLi, foil of D1«d, *. 

• Hicrapulii, given by An- 153. 

teryto Monefei, v. 19S. The ^^jsj, lhebpV>a, i. 1^9. 

(oddcfs worDjipped there, iii. ISppiv, a fiithful (ervsAt M 

309. Fyrrhus, cirries him in hii In- 

Hitra, king of Syrscufe, ii, f»ncy to a place of refuge, iii. 

1^3. Dedru Archimed'e^ loap' a. 
plyhiimachematicil knowledge 
to pratlice, 144. 

ttient, tlw pretended fon of 170. 

Dioilyfini Chafcos, leprefSnU H^, tyraW of rtHfaoa, be- 

to tlK Atfaeniani tin ctru and Cegedby TinioUon, endeaion 

toils of hii mailer Niciai foi to make his cfcape ; but the ia- 

thrir b«itent^ iii, ijS. ltlbilantifelzehiin,aDdputhitU 

■Hitmymo], ■ defendant of to aii ijpunniiiiotij death, ii. 

HierA, tOaflinatrd by his own 14B. 

tnbjeAi at Le*ittium, ii, 14). Itipfi, tbt SyncnOii «ntor, 

■■ »■ '?,T- 


a young CnlTji iti ii. igS. 

umeoi extremity, to ttlite to H'bpKDm. I. Ji.. 

Efchnc, iii. 31;). H-.ppt:ralci,cbiiim>i>!An^t^ 

Hi-rnjm^!, tU hlftari^n, ficer in Chakedim, killed bf 

rfornmilBoned by Antigonu! to Alcibiades, ii, 66. 

offrt Eiimenes terms of pewe, ft'ppxraUs, the Syracoftt 

iii. 378. Appointed by De- general, defeated by Marcelliu,' 

-"-— isgovinif- -' " -- - ■■ - ~ 


B'ppKrales, the Aihenlin ge- 

•mWMi, ii..39. iy. S3. 

neral, defeated at DeliulU i> 

• HimiraaBj, i«. ja. 

BiEorb, iii. »i7. 

Hituraus, hiotber of DeAie- 

HipfKriUi, the phyflcUn, ii. 



HM, « white one pfefrAted 

cian, availed htofelf of mcfcin- 

tite sdvan'ages, i. aot. 

froto 0iana, end thai it.prefig- 
allied to hiro future event., ib. 


H<Pfoiamia, wife of Mopt, 

mpparckus, Antooy'. freed. 

and mother of Pittheus and Ly- 

fidice. i. 50. 

jnpparchui oE the vrtrfl df 

mparmti, 01 araii MdXL 

Cholarga, the firft perfon han- 
ilhed hy the oaracifm, iii, aSs, 


HiMcrch^!, fiittiei of Afclepi- 

appidyli, the Ainawui, 1 pH. 

.a«,'?v.304,. . . 

lir etefted to her tfonor, i. 

pontcui.and wife of Alcihiidei, Hlppolytiis, brd hy Guripidat 

11.40. Offended athisditTalnte to have been educMd by n^ 
ttfi, Dieleavet bitn,*ndftiaft>r thiut, i. ^7, 


HOB f 141 ] HOR 

Ulppaytui, the bn of There. Holy C»nul tut. Sec Canal 
iti, UK great muforlunei ihit trit. 
befel him, i. 68. Hely Fin, how to-be lighted. 

HibpehliLS, the Sicyonian, Uw See Fire. 
ravonli of Apollo, 1.165. 

Hipponiaikui, the wreftler, V. 

Hipfmidim, fon of Agefilaui, 
one of theephoci, and courio to 
Agii, klDg of the Spanani, iv. 
38S. !avei his fatbei oo a crit- 
ical occafion, 393. 

HippoKKus makes an unfair 
■dvaatage of Soloa't informa- 
tion with TrSfcEl tn the abolilh. 
ing of dehu, i. fll4, 915. 

Bppimiaii, faiher oECalliai, 

Hamcr, hii workt, by whoHB 
praienred, 1. 114. The elder 
Lycurgui tupnoled to have liv-. 
ed not long after his time, 1(1. 
His work) coUraed into one 
body by Lycurgui, become 
roote gaierally known through 
hi) meani, 1 it. His opinion of 
the divine influence on thcmind 
of man, explained and fupport- 

ihi( peculiar exceUsnce, that 
they leem to be produced witk 
eaFe, 1 jo. A paQage of hii ei. 
piiined to mean, that ibe pcrfoB 
who loves not labor will be in- 
clined to fupport himfelf by 
violenceand rapine, 339, Said 
to have been bora at los, and to- 
tr- have died at Smyrna, iii. 333. 
ds His eiyfun fields fiiuated in tb« 
awtoff outof fnr, ii. 103. AttanticI Hands, 345. Thehigh 
Hplmlif, one of Cleomenet'i value Alexander let upon hia 
ofgreat poems, iv. 141. Alexsoder'i 
copy of the Iliad, coriefted by 

haves with wanton rudenefs to 
him, yet afterwards marries his 
daughter, 40. 

• Hippi/ninn, a city of Luei- 
nla, afierwatdi called fiio, v. 

Hppeti!, one 
friends, lame, bi 

Bniiii and Panfi defeat An- 

Arillotle, and called the cop* 

tony near Modena, but are both 

oftheCa/kct, ib.andi63. ' 

killed in battle, V, .09,175- 


H-Jloriin, the duty of a good 

inhabitants of Chieronea, their 

•ne, V. 1157. Proper for him 

valor and fetvices lo Sylb, iiU 

lo be fituated in a great cily, 41. 

.M^r., the very ancient fab- 

H^ir, the temple of, ii. 

uloui, or at the bed uncertain, 


i. 1. Truth hard to be dilcov- 

H-iar, only the image of 

ered from htftory, on account 

virtu*, iv. 381. Whether hon- 

of the paitialiiy of thoie who 

o« change nied . manner, 1... 

gave an account of their own 

ffmturaliis, Antoniui, hi& 

thofc who write long afteriOie 

fpei'ch to the pixtoiian bands. 

dfi^y and Bio^ipby, iheir 

' kjp'lil^, one divifion of lU 

ufea, ii. 154. The difference 

Athenians, i. 114. 

betwttn biilory and lives, iv. 

• H'plilcs, the liver near 

>32l , . . „ 

which Lybnder was Oain, iii. 

HiTttrji, Uiircus, d«diiatai 

HYD f 143 ] JAS 

tbcmnpleoC Jupiter Capiioli- ^iAu, father of CiMici, iii. 

Hiirattiii Coclii, why To ciU Mtiiinaits, L 91. 

kd, i. (53. Defend) Uie bridge Hypalts, > friend (o Lconti. 

while' the Romint break it dii's pmy in Thfbes, ii. M16. 

down behind, ib. ^ Killed by Pelopidii, 197. 

HoTtimofioii. 1 plice near the Hjptrhalas, geneni of the 

•cmpleofTheleui.lo called, ud Achxani, defeated by Dymex, 

why. i. 68. iv. 41O. 

Herjes - the fleOi of dad onea HyttrMai, the oftrarlfm dif. 

breeds walpi, iv. 431. graced by hit baninimeDt, ii. 

H'Ttinjiui marcbes with a 44. He the lafl that it fell up. 

leinloicemenl fur Sylla from on, iii, 165. ii. I7B. 

Tbelialy into Biroiia, iii. 139. • Wy/KriwMHi, lomo account 

Aaiasoae of SylU'a lieutoi' of them, i. 393. «. 

".«.'*'>«, the ora 

H^nt^ai, Quintu), dffina ff>J^*io, It. 101, 359. 

Catot0 2iveuDhis wifetohiin. H,l>fiihidai,i. ao8. 

HipficnUia, Mithridatea't m 
treft, Dcr courage and atienti 
to tluc prince in bii diltreli, 

». 189. l6. 

UiTlcnfiai (lain by Antony • ffyrrtniii, iv. 79, 186. 

•n hii brother'! tomb, v. 178, • Hyrcantan, fta, iv. So, 1! 

•91. Hyrodti. Sw Oralis. 

Hajpilalily, Jupiter avenge) 
the bleach of it, v. 39a. 

Hfipiiti, killed iu the battle I. 
between Romului and Tatiua, 
i. gS. 

Hofliliu, the conful, defeated 

by Perleui, ii. 161. 309. 

H'-"> (acrifico [bmetimei * Jilyfas, wa ancient city o{ 

offered beforea battle, ii. 114, Rbodei, ▼. 134. 11. 

SI. InlUncea of ibem, ib. Jalyfui, hu hillory painted 

It acceptable \m the godi, by Frotoeeoej, v. 134. 

• .5. 7««"Sm., i. 190. iii 8s. 

Hufiind'y- See AgtinU JanMS, why reprelented with 

turt. one face bcForc and another be- 

/f>rici>iliii/, thi favorite of bind,!. 1S8. Hi> temple, when 

Ipollo, i. l6«. to be Ihut and when open, ib. 

* Hrtl" begged bv Niciai, How often but at Rome, ib. 
iii, 170. ' • iafjg'"- '■ 65 V. 1147. 

Hyiriti, employed by the * yd/^jjin, pape of, iii. 17. 

Citieiof Afia on a eomiBimon _7<ir«i5 of //^ai, taken prlf- 

to Antony, v. 180. Behaiei oner by Pompey, who gave hi) 

with great boldnefi, ib. kingdom to Hicmplal, iv. 54. 

* Hyaam, razed by Nieiaj, ^^a/im, and hii BiipArgo, i. 
■ill. 870, 68. ^ 

* Hyda/pis, Alexander pallel J"/"™- *''' expedition to Col. 
ftat river, iv. 103. chii, iii. 17*. 

Sfi^ruiii, ir. i(. J^**) ^' tragedian, iii, gja. 

IDA t ' 

■•f Craffiw, ib. 

Javeiii, tfin<f CPUrivii ■ 
fww lorta for it, ili. 66. 

■ Ihria, tbc king of Ibeii* 
srelenU Potnpey with a bcd- 
ht»i, t.ble, and chiii of I^U, 
tllofgoid.iv. 11. 

• iitrimi, » warlikt ptofile 
{Mtcd abouE Mount Caucalu's, 
deFuied by pompcy, iv. jS, 

luDtaini, iv. )8. 

/*«-iu,nv«r, iii. 3S». 

Uyrtvu, govcnioi of Andu)- 
fti, Antigonut puti the Argv- 
n<pii)e8 in hii lundt, tabchv 
nSei out tnd dcAi^Vcd, ill. 

/«/■!, T. 395, 407. 

^Mi, priqcc ef l}ie Lqin. 
finet, cboliin goieral by iHc Sy- 
i^uboi igaiuft Diopyfius, ii. 
iig. Dciigiu 10 ieiK Syracute 
for himlelf, 1 to. Hii Icttcn ta 
tbc CoiinthiiDi excite their in- 
dignation, il(- Hedefeatl.Di- 
onyfiui, nj. Hii propofali to 
Timoleoo >l Rbegium, ib. Ti- 
tnoleon efe»p<j from Icelei'i 
■mbaOailBn and the Cirtbagini- 
va It Rhegium, .and enteti Sici- 
ly, i»6, Therehedetealijcete*, 
ie8. Icetei [eadi two a[r«mas 
to Admuini .to deUroy Timo- 
leon, 133. who ii f relergtd by 
' " jupoGtioii of Providtnc- 

ried off by IdM tnd Vfoftu, I> 


Idlintji psniftifd at Atlwii* 
byilawafKoloD, i. 113. 

Idoauf^ tbc biftaiian, U» 
calumnieg agaioll fericki, i. 

Jcalaafy, in wbat "ifyny 
piovided agiinil by Lycurgu), 
i. 139. TtK FecTuni extreme- 
ly guilty of that fault, 193. 

• ^T^iUm, taken by Pqm- 
pey the Gmt, iv. Sj. it. 

Igmltast one of CralTui't of- 
ficerSj efcapei with three hkjo- 
dred men tu Cinx, iufgrn'.s ^ 
loveiiiur of the battle thdl hid 
been f<:ughl, and then hafteni lo 
ihe bridge over ^ Euphfjlei, 
iii 3«d. 

/«fl, Rhea, of Sylvia, daugh. 
tei of Nuioitor, and mother of 
aomuluf apd Remus, i. 70. 

//«, one of the wivei .ofSyl- 


if Kduc 


tion, 1^0. Mt Itaguei 
^in with ihe Caiihagi^uans, 
\45. Butoij defeated a>^d put 
tn death, 147. v. 271. Hi> 
wife and chtldien alio 'uflcr 
death, (o[ Ihe cruelties of the 
iam'ily to that oF Dion, ii. l47' 

Ickt-cvrnt^, an j£^yptiau ai)i- 
(lal, itl hiflory, iv. (83 H. 

/SiiKiwd Caliiciaui build 
the Faithenoo at Athens, i. 

" lia.l 

'■ S74- 

IlinvM, accoidiog to Plw' 
taich, a place fo called Irom 
Jupitec't Slowing bimlelf pro* 
j,,iOooilher*,i .83. 

■ Illy«, iii. s. iv. 347, 41*. 

Imafti, forbidden in divinje 
wolfhip by f ytkagoru and Nu. 
ma, i. 171, Iiio i^nEGts permiu 
led in .the lenip'o » Rome for 
170 ycitri after it y/u buill, ib. 

laagti, or forms of vifiUk 
objofts, accurd^g to Democii- 
lus, fl.iatii.g in the air. ii. 154. 

Ittmtrulitfol Ihe loulfiron^ 
ly aUciled, i In. 

ItijiTeailiDnt, the' opinion. Ihe hid oi' their force and 
efiefli, i. 314 iii. gee. An 
Athenian pcic {lei's laid, Qie 
thought ber office was for bliiT- 
ingnotlurcurliiig. it 56. Thofe 
a jiinll Cialfus ai hisdepanuM 
from pome, iU. 398. 

• Indian], feme f them »fi- 
for " iheir 

lOX r 14S ] ISA 

hUax pbilolbpluri, Iv. eOi. a colony into Caria, i. 51. A 

Alexaodei haogi fomeofihcm cullom obfcnied by the loxidfi 

-•jfeditiooj ptrtons, who were Jiis defccndanCs, in memory of 

■only advDcalc) for Ubeity, lb. an incident Ln Thefcui's lift, 

They perluaded Sibai 10 Eevolt, ib. 
■Oj. Their philofopheri, why Iphklcs, i. 69. 
tailed Gymnofophifti, ib. ■. /jC^iiraWj the Athmiao gener- 

TbfiT convcrlalioa wicli Alex- >1, to wtnt he csmparei the 

ander, ib. and loB. Ooeof ciuxdUueDt pattiof an aimy, ii. 

them, mined Calanui, bums 197. v. 390. Dcleati a pai^ 

himlel{, iti. Analher burnt of LicedXmonijns, iv. 13. 
tiiinCelf long after at Atheui, ib. Ipkicratis, lieutenant to Ac- 

Ijlgraliluat, punilhed by the laxerxei againll the j£gyptiiiu, 

godi, i, 314. V. .V17. 

InimlMe Liven, ■ fociety To 
dcDDMiinalnl by Antony and 

Cleopatra, V. ai6. 49. 

Jao, her fufferingi from the Iphitai, colempoiary .with 

jnloufy of Juno reprefciTted in Lycurgui, i. ibo. Lycurgua 

the piocelt of a lacii&ce by the aSifti him in ordering the cerc- 

Boinans, i. 306. mautei of the Olympic gunet, 

•/i,c™,eaft[eof,lv.7j. .ao, .49. 

* /K/uiriiiRi, paitof theGiuli /^^, kingef Mauritania, and 
{b.caUcd, ii. Egi. father of Al'calta, iii. 345. 

imcTiaUry monih, i. 1S6. • Ipfus, iii. 4. Battle of, v. 

/sEcjTf jnun amongft th^Ro- 141. 
inini, after the death of Romu- Iras, DOe of Cleopalra'a -wo- 

luE, how fettled, i. i6b. mak, v. eo7. found dead at 

lekai, (on of Antipater, chief her feet, aiG. 
<af beater to Alcxauder, iv. /r<iu and MelUrtnsatSpait), 

E16, what they were in the dallei of 

* Jol(iis,v. 169. young men and boys, and what 
/db the tragic poet, fomeac- their ofBcea, 1. 141, 144. 

Isn of Chioi, i. ^9. iii'. 179. in Sparta, i. 133. Prepared fo 

I<m the favorite offerfeuij a» not to be malleable, ib. 

Ferfeat puu bit children In hii Ifidsi, (on of Phcebidai. ^oci 

bindt, and he betiays them, ii- out naked from the bath to hat- 

igO. tie, iv. 38. -His valor, and the 

* loaia, wltaC in ancient eHc& his appearance had on tbc 
timo, i, 65. enemy, ib. How rewarded, arid 

Icnia in Afia, v. 63. why Sned, ib. 
• /raifliitea. iii. ij, Ifaui inftrufli Demofthenei 

Isitians, iheit luxury, i, i»4. in eloquence, v, 44. Hii ebar. 

loft, dauuhter of IpHicles, after, 45. 
-and wifeofTbcleus, i. 69. Ifiajtr, hit family alliance 

Jophan, ton of Pifittiatuj by wiih PeEiclei, i. 385. 

Timonaira,1i, 331. Jfiuricus, Serviliu., Cirfa.'a 

Joi or /flj, a city where-Ho- competitor for the ponlificair, 

merwai faid Co be buried, i. iv. iij He (pcaksagalnlire'id. Itfignifiej aUOavio- ingdcpBtiesfromCxIailoPom-' 

lei. iil.iaB. nev with propofak of peace, 

Cifar declares him hii 

ague in iki coclulst^ z^j- 

1ST t '46 ] JUI- 

• * Ifckna, iii. 31s. Ilalii, one of the diaghlHi 

Ip, ClcopUn drelled in tbe o( Themi&ocla, mirritd ta 

JubiLodhiE goddefi, lod >F- Pantbideiofdieiacof Cbioi, i. 

JcAed 10 be c^led t feeoad Ifit, 300. 

». 204. Jidliu, i. 77. 

Wfliirf, ■ p»rt of Syracufc To Jlhaitm, i. 374. 

•illed, ii. .»s, 135- •/dw, iii. .8g. ii.ii7. 

Ifi'id, Adandc, Solon begini Ititmtui, or Ilhome, 1 foT- 

a work under thit title See Ireft belonging to the MeflenU 

JtUatic IJlanJ. ini, laid to be u ftrong u A< 

^I«nJ io the Tibet, how crocorinlh,- v. 387. 

-fbnned, i. 141 . Called the Hn- Jlvnii, an ■ppcllati(Mi of MU 

if Ipoti, or tbe ifliod betweea nerti. See Uintrat. 

the [wo biidgti, ib, J/iii't iJag at Mauriunii, 

Ifianii, Fortunate, Homer hii pride, iv. 367. CoroAed 

plKei hii EljrGuin there. Set by Cita of Uiici, 368- 

"'— ^ Juta, king of tbe Numidlan*, 

■^ ■ ■ ~ - iv. eea, 


ljknia% Ap«llo. Set A^ diteited by Ccbr, 
it. S69. 

Ifatiaai, ■ friend lo populn " 

goveniineot in Tbebet, cairicd 
10 Spam after the takbig of the 
Cidmea, and put to death, ii. 


■ neban ofEcer, 

Jtit, the 1 
king of Ml 

iv. 170. LedcaptivetoRome, 

which lurai to hi) beoefii, ib. 

He bccamet a learned and elb 

Marrici Cleo. 

taken prilbnet by Aleunder of patra, Antony'i diugbler. 



■Epirainoodai, 1*3. • Judaa lubdued by Pom- 

Ifmnia!^ inufician, made pey, iv. 83. 

.hit fcholara btiT bad praftiiisn. J<^g", «■>'■ choleiioutoC 

■n ai wellaa good, V. 11S. the aqueftiian ordcc, v 15. 

l/mttuu, the Theban ainbaf- Jagurlta deUvned up to SyU 

faddi, leti hii linf fall before la by Bocchua, iii. 51, 124, Hii 

Anaxeniei, that in taking it up chanSer - '^' 

he might ieera to adore mm, v. 

J/fcrttu, ii. 43, V. 44. 

J/ixlue, daughter "of Euryp- 
Mtcmui, »ul wife ol Cimoa, 

Iftrium, ■ place of lirength in 
SpartJ ■ 

,e, and hii lay- 
ing upon it, ib. Hiihifloryde. 
lineated by twenty golden fUt- 
uci prerenli:d to Sylla by Boc- 
' >, and ciciUd in the capitol. 

76. ' 

I^cr the hiftoriao, i. 73. 

• Ifter. See DanuU. 
•//aj, battle of. iv. 155. 
j/mkiiGamii. SetGamn. 

* ijikmis of Corinth, i. 50. 
-T. 357. Between tbe Red Sea 
■od the Medilemneao, b[4. 

■ Ijlkauis of Corindi, Czfar 
■ttrmpis to dig tbrougfa it, iv. 

fid wife of 
Ccbr pronoi 

to Juliua Cxfar, 

mce* her fuoenl 

Pompey, iv. ^_. 

g teal affeQ ion far her hulband, 
97. Removes the jealoufies be. 

time, 117. But fhe diea in 
childbed, and they breaks out 
again, 98. li buried in th> 
Campui Maitiui, ib. 

47 J KNI 

389. Slular, i. 99. SjUanuLf, 
iiB. Of Pifi, 347. i's/umi 
*nd Pd/uuiu, V. ijj. Templt 
of lupiUT Capitoliuui, i. 14a. 
Jiipius, Marciu, t. 

5. 357- 
proved by bit ftocy, iv. 


ALli^DAR, refDrmtd by 

* /u/ii, I town in the inand 

Julinj Profu/ui, by hi) dec- 
laration that Romulua wai i«. 
ceived aniongft the godi, »p- 
peihi the tumolti at Rome, 1 

7ii/;«j 5*/iiia(i>r, iii. 343. . , 

Ji/iaj Aftm, a faldier in ihe petfeflly by Ciefjr, ..... 

giurdi. (alfflyinem tKalhehai Ktrala, LeSi. ' 

killed Oiho, V. jii. Keraian, an alUr (o called, 

_7iinu, wife of CiiGus, *. i. So. 

«77. Kiig: theduly of. king, i. 

7iiiitui BnUuj depolei Tir- 116,117. Wherein di Hi nguilh- 

' auin. See Bnilui. ed from a tyrant, ib. The af- 

J^nius Bn,lu,, one of the feftion of hi. people hii beft 

iirllthbunei of the people, ii. guard, v. 366. 

St. K<«g ! thetitU whenaffumtd 

^ii*fiu,M)reu),di(blorwith by the (ucccITarsoF Aiexinder, 

the army, while inochei li 
UtoratReme, ii. la. 

JuiAis, prietor in ADa, 1 
n>ricc md extortion, iv. ait 

JuJiius Viaiit, governor 
Gaul, revqtti agiinft Nero, 
jga. Killi blmfelf, 334.. 

J%M Qiiirilis, why io called, 

Her ftati 

by (Tamilliii 

Juno, hit tfmptca atSamoi, 
Argoi, and Lucanium, pi under. 
ed bylhe pitawj, iv. 67. Hir 
temple near Corinth, Iv. 13. v. 

Jfano, ber datue it Argoi, i. 

juno, Afpafia, why fo called, 
i, 3J». 

• Junenia, the name given lo 
CaittJage, when rebuilt by Caiui 
Gncchui, V. iB. 

Jupiltr Aamn, iil. 1 10, aSj. 
Capitdinui, U. 107. Ftrelriui, 
i. 95. Hcc^ui, 54. InJiTui, 
176. n. //fflJ, 183. LihratOT, 
ii. 196. The Diarritr, iii. 5. 
$ipifim, 145. StTvMr, t. 

The cffea that title hid 
upon their behavior, ib. 

Kingi of Athens, a mixrin of 
theirs, i. sS?,' 

Kings of Rome expelled, and 
1 commonwealth let up, i. 136. 

/ ready they (hould 
be to receive pclitioui, and te- 
drefi grievance., v. 15a, .53. 

Kingi of Spaita, delcendanu 
of Hercules, iv. 3. Their power 
limited by the inllitutioa of a 
(enale, and Ifill more by that of 
the ephoti. See Sctalt and £- 

Kings of Perfia, cuftonary 
for them to give every woman ■ 
piece of gold when they vi(- 
iled Ferria, iv. 111. There. 
fore few «f Ihem made th»t 

lilil, ih 

KaiglUs, or eqiieftiitn •! 

Aiit ,- Gordian knot i 
Atexandcr. Six Curdian. 

C »4> 3 


sri, 156. The Sabinra a coI~ 
1^ of them, ind iarae of their 
Ml introduced by Numi, 160. 

fofe W exclude from the ge. 
council of Greece, fuctt 
ics u had not joined in the 

linft Xcr. 

1B8. Th>i 

o Pompry, iv. 109. Eagerfo 

bittle, I 

would have given the Laced 
moniaiis too much weight in 
the (ca!e, lb. Traverfe the de- 
figns of Periclci, 3S7. They 
lini^l Fliftonax their king for 
withdrawing out of Attica, and 
pad fenience of death on Clean- 
dridci far taking money to ad- 
il, 3TO' Invade At- 

, t the field ., , 

lill he Ihall have routed the cue- of king AKhidamiu. nd ad- 

my, ib. vaiKc as far » Achamz, 38*. 

LaiyrUth of Crete, i. 55. Make peace with the Bmliana 

Tliefeiu confined in it, J7. and deliver up PanaAuitothe 

* Lacatian, the Athcniani Atheninru, but difoianlled, 0. 
accufed there, i. 377. Attackl 4;. Theirambil&dors impoj). 
«d by Pyrrhui, iii. 35. Epami- eduponbyAlcibiadei.aad their 
nondai goei Ihidier at ambsili' pnripofili rejefled, 4G, 47. Ef- 
dor, iv. ga A eohfpiracy there trtm any thing jujl and hon- 
(uppreflial with great arc by onble -' - ' 
AgeGIau.,35. Dcbli .emitted. 
391.. Cleomenei aUtmpts to 
brine the conflitutios ba£k to 
ill firll principles, and rfTefl? 
it in a i;oi)d degree, 400, 436. 
Sec S/jr(a. 

Lacedaaoaians invite Lycur- 
■ laj. He new 

They a 

del. t^eii 


tufical ai 


n of government, 117. Be- 
: a battle the king bciiliced 
> goat, and the itiufic played 

ihehymntoCalloT. . 
king had an Olympic champ i 
to hght by hii. Iide, 149. 


to their country, iv. 41. De- 
p livePbccbidaiof hiicommand, 
andfinthim for feiiing the cit- 
adel of Thebes, b'jt at the 
bine time keep polTellLon of the 
citadel, ii, aoi. The greater, 
ror of the Lacedasmonian nlR- 
ccri in the Cadmx, in not (up. the party of the tyrant] 
the night they were attacked, 
237. Thofc officers furrender 
the Cadmic, and arc punilhed 
for it, 108. Their wars with 
the Ferriini under Agcfilaus, iv. 
15. The Lacedemonians entet 
Bxotia with a powerful army, 
s6. Are defeated by Pelopidaa 
intheBatlleofTcgyrs i which 
* the iirll ;inie they were beat- 

by a 


Defeated by 
Epaminondas and Felopidis at 
LcuSra, iv. 3t. Not expert in 
fiegea, ii. S94. Their decree 
. „ , Bgainft the Athenians, and i» 

in the flrll rank amongH the favor of the thirty tyianti, iii,. 
ites ofGrecccfoifivchuudred 193. Tlieir regard for Cimouo. 

edxmoniati Lays, the Athe- 
11 puuifh a man for being a 
They n ' 

LAC t 149 ] LAM 

llieAtbeniingeatnl, 1S7. De- Licmic nunnerof fpttlung, 

lite fuceore of the Albeoiaii Sex Sayings, 

■giinft the Heloli ind MelTe- LaciopiiiU, 1 omie given to 

nUo), but (end their forces Calliu'i family, lad why. See 

baclc without employing them, Cailiv. 

iSS. Farther iccounU of the 

battle of teuara, and circum- x 

ftancei pteriouj to it, iv. 31. ■. fa 

They behave with great magna- i. 

nimity on that defeat, 3». "nwic 

Jcniple about the oracle con- to 

ceraingilame kinr, 35. No hi 

enemy had been {kii in their 

country forthefpaceof fixhun- Laliui, happy in haviag 

clred yean, 34. They lole the coimexian wiUimoft thane 

ntoderaliOQ ufual to tbem ' '~ — 

LxTttides, accordiuf to Ibm* 

lion that Feiiclei wu Sned, 


LacTjtidai advifea Age&Uu* 

letLyliader'ipBpen rdl with 
minthegnve, in. i»i. 

LturUas, the orator, v.6j. 

ae of fuel 


to Ibe ambafladori of Tachoj 
■od Neflanabi], and private 
iallTufiiani to Agefilaut, 41. 
Whence the comiptlona thai 
led to their ruin, 384. Their 
|;reat dcfcience to their wivea, 

Laliui, Caiui, wheoce hii ap. 
pdlationofnS(»'i/c,,v. 7. 

Lalius goci in difgaife froa ■ 
Lepidni'i camp, to advlfe An- 
tony to attack ii,v. 1J5. 

Lati, Fopiliu(,the confpin- 
ton alarmed at bia talking witb 
Cisfiir, V. 183. 

Latrtii, Cicero layi he lived 
faia life, V. 105. 
., i. rgy, Lamma, the conful, anfwen 

Phllopcsmen'i behtv- Pyrrhiu, diat the Romani nei. - 
ior to the Lacedjemouiani, ii, tlKT accejited him a) an arbitra- 
3i7i 358, 359- SeeS^arlBBj. tor, norfearedhim a. anenemy, 
Idcf^BiDfliiif , one of the (ona ii. 18. Is defeated by Pyirhui, 
•fCimon,i.377.iii.,87. .9, ao. 

L^elaaans, defeated by Cato Lmi, the Coliiithian courtei 

the elder,!, 314. lan, laid to be the daughter of 

Lttkana ufurpt the fove^ Tinnndra,Aleibiades'aini(l[e(>, 

idgnty of AthcDt, v. 144. He ii. 76. Taken when veryyoung, . 

^niCi the place, 145.. alHyccane, ib. iii. 170. 

Lttharts, lather of Euryclei, take, Albait, overflovrs in a 
». S13. very dry fummer. fxcAliiai. 

LacloTtiiM blamea Cimon for ' Laki, Curtjin. S« Curiian. 
entering the territoriei of the Laki, Luciniao, itawatsfi 

Coiioihiana without their leave, foOelime* fweet and fometimea 
iii. >88.' bit, iii. 3O1. 

* Lacnium, iv. 67. LJie, Thnrytnenian^ the'bat- 

Lace, a friend and rainifter of tie fought near it, il. 4, 
Galba, V. 41 1. DeCpatched by Lamachns, joined in commir- 

the cnnlpintoTj againll that fion with Niciai and Alcibiade* 

ward of, ii. 56. 

Brought into ditrepiite bv hia 

ia, divided by Lycur. 

poverty, 55. A more fpiriied 

thiny thoufand toU, 

genenl than Niciaa, ib. Take. 

the opportunity of Niciai'a Tick. 

IB cup. SeeCwAiM.. 

Dtb-toeogagedie ^yracului. 

LAN C »Jo ? 

iii. 273. H< mi Callicnui, clo, mirried 
the SyncuUn generil, fill by Leivu him u 


o Pycihai 

Mch other") hanil, ib, 

Lamuhai of MyTrhene, tbr 
Sophift, hU pioegyrk ~ ' 

1 lu hnd, 1 
(notbcr ntpcQ a monllc 
199. Conrideredua bad 
by Alexander, ib. 

• Langatribr, iii, 350, 
Language, the Latin, ■nctent< 
ly much mixed with Greek, 1. 


Jjudici of Troy, (aid to luv» 
hnl Clyraene by Demopboon, 
i. 73, Oapiictmg heidoty in., 
the Poitico ciUed Pscile, Fo- 
lygnotui pUti the figure of El- 
pinico in her worn, iii, 174. 

horfci, Herculei„ 

ment of her providing. 
Called Demetriui'i Hilipelii,^^. 
ObjeQi to the ftntence of Boe- 
chorii in an affair in her own 

.n enurtain- taket Troy (Ik &t& ti 

Lanudaw the OrcbopMnian^ 
bit cure for the fpleen, v. ^j. 
Laatiiiin the Albenian, iii. 

, the lacred lamp at A- findinKfux 
the i; 

r appiarii 

of the tyrant Ariftion, i. 173. leon readily compliei with, ti. 

Lighted again by fin gained iji. 

from the [un beams, 174, ' * Lapitha, Theleui aflifti 

lun^ito, wifeof Archidamui, them agjinft ibe Centaurs, i. 
•nd mother of Agi», it, 1. 70. 

LtMte, the diviner, predi£ti Lara/, or Lari, a commim 
from ihebornof aramgrowing Dime of the Tufcan kingt, i. 
out of the middle of his fore- a^s. 

bead, found upon Perielei'a Latenudia, a fcflivtl kept IB 
^miinds, that Pericles'i party bonorof Acci Laitntia, i. 8o. 
would (oon be grc?lly fuperior Lareiuin, (he fiqiy of Laren- 

to the oppofite one, i. 351. tia and Hercules, i. 80. 

Laafmiiu, the Lucanian, " Larija, iv. 17, laO. 

.._ .._,_^_... ... .._ •iflr;/u,rlyer, ii. 348, _ 

LarHm. See Spuriui Larliui, 
and Tilai Larlhu, 

LoKpriii!, grandfather to rlu< 

' Larwi 



tf Lanipfacins taken by Ly- of free bom virgins of the Ro. 

ftnder,iiig7. A city given to mans, 1. 114. The Riimanj 

Tbemiilocles by the ting of fendihem fo manyfemalenaves, 

Perfia.toftipplyhimwlUiwine, who betray the camp of tht 

i. E57. Latin! to the Romans, ib, 336. 

LaviTui, or th< Bi.^fm, a Invade the Koman tertltprie), 
Are defeated by CamiU 


■'« feaft. 

, /»/.. 

X4iu^, dilughlciof Aptho. Lalena, frighted by a.wil^ 

rAw I 

iKal oat Mount Ptoum, i 



the protibilion of gold and Tit- - . 

■11. ver, i. ijo. 

Laltaaya!, and tbe ^ntrib- Ltagut, Achzan. ^et Aha- . 

liani, defeated at Gcixfiiu, i. <nc 

319. * Libaiin, iii. 140. Sylll'i . 

iji(i/A/!r, temple of, iv. 405. vi So ry foretold by propheciei , 

Lavghltr, a little JUtue dcdl- from thence, 141^ l^ftcn b7 . 

cited to the god oflBughterby Lylander, it8. 

LycuTgui in the public hall * Lechteam, i 

^viwre they uled 

• Lmiiivm, i 

* LanTintwm, 

a TiWe 

e•^ 1. 159. 


* LtBua, a proniontocy in , 
tbe country of Troai, iii. 197, 

■ i-'g'!, iv. 80. 

Legim formed by Romului, 
1.89.,. Doubled, loa. How , 
laincdatdif- . 

longiDglotheAtheniini, i, 168. ferent perloids of tbe common- 

did tr 



1 the building of- 
Ihipt, ib. 

* Laurm, 1 city in Spain, ti' 
kco by Sertoriiu in light of 

Pompey, iii. 356. 

Law of Romului telaliog to 
bufbaod and wife, i. 104. 

Lau of Perictei againft baf- 
Urdi. See Bayards. 

iauj of the Spartans never to 
make one man twice admjnl, 
iii. 95. Eafily evaded, ib. 

Lauj, Agrarian, againft bri- 
bery, &c. See jlgTariaBt Bri- 
hiry, &(. 

Lsvigivtri, i, 166. . 
Laas of Lycurgui not reduc- 
ed [0 writing, becflufi: the prac- 
- tice of what they enjoined waj 
tabeinieiwovenwith the whole 
courre of the Spartan education, 
i. 135. Forthe particular la wi 

glidialort in Capua, 1,11. igi. 
T^Ky break from him, and raib 


i. 3J6. 

Lrstuhiy the conful , iharchei , 
tgainll Spartacui, and i> defeat- 

LiiHuhs th».ceu(«T, iv-64. 

Inlu/iij the conful, avert: to 
B pconcillition between Pom~ . 
pey and Cafar, rcfurei to affem- 
ble the fenate, iv. lOJ. Op- 

SfoCsfar'i dcmandi, V, 167. 
Ill Czfar ■ robber, and lays, 
there waa need of armi, not 
voic«i againft him, iv. 95O. 
Drives Antony and Curio out 
of the lenale houfe, ib. v, 167. . 

LcHtdu, Luciui, coming to 
jEgypt, and wandering about, 
ignorant of Pompey'a fate, ia 

after, v. 

leath, i' 
Uulas. Con 


of Sura, ib. Joii 
confpiracy, iv. 33B. v. 83. Ii 
expelled the fenate, but after, 
ward) leftored, B3- tr. A fay- 
ing of hi), ib. Infatuated \>f 
a prediflioni, 84. Dnwa 
luagei, B17. cne ambafladori of iheAllobro- 

iawjkili ccafed in Sputa, ou gcs into tbe confpiracy, ibi la 

)us than the breach of ihem, 
Purpolely left ambiguoui 
ncreife the power of the 

•MiTJQcd ia full fcnalc, ttkea 
inU> clofc cuftady, Sj, ind ex- 
•culed, 88. 

Ln of ByzantiiiD, ■ lanng 
•f hit, iii. iSo. 

Z<« tlie Corintbiui, lillia 
fnm the citadel of Syncufe, 
■nd diOod^ (be eoeiny fniin 
AchndiiM, ii. IJ4. 

LetttUs the AChsiiia, tc- „ . 

*afa Fiubniu of a tmfbnibtc ed, and hit (bi 

chinatr, 387- Heoppofe* A- 
gijinbLiiefomuiOni, ib- Ad- 
herei to the party of the rich, 
who wen igiioft the nmiflian 
of debu and dlvifion of land, 
ib, I> icculcd by Lybnder, 
and aia to the temple of Miner, 
for refuge, 390. Ii depot. 
"- ' '----•'-- nlawClrom. 

LikIutci the ftatnjry, W. 

Ltocratii, an Allmuin of coo. 
fidenble note, ii.' 195. 

Limttui, the Macedonian, 
wami Pyrthuj of ' 
which ■□ Italian bad 

u bad upon bim 

of Alex 

ilhed, 39(. Tbe gnat virtue 
of hit dtiighler, who wai wife 
U> Cleombrotus, ib. 305. He 
nimpeli the widow of Agii la 
irurry hii (on Cleomenes, 398. 
LttiUiiUs efpoul^ the Spartan 
inlir«ft al Thehet, «d bccoam 
DOC of the' lyiBDti there, ii. 
101. ScndiaiMiniagiinftthe 
It Athena, who kill Aib- 

KBierali, direAed after the death droclidet, i 
of that prince, by Perdiiiaa, is lopidu, 
cftablifh Eumeoei in the gai. * Lri 

Bmment of Cappadocia, iii. a6€. t. 

2 SB. Conceivct > projea Co LiOai 

iu Che kingdom of Macedoa, 
wbkhhenuDtioiu in confidence 
to Eu^ieaei, ib. Sent by - AU 
uandcr to the Udiei of Dariui'.i 
family, iv. ij6. Employ> > 
niunbeiof catneli, 10 bring him 

culh out of £gypl, la be ufed eral, author of the Liml 

OBlyinwreftling, i8a. Joini iii. 1. v. 64. 'What palfe 

itipater, -307. li killed in twea ' ' 1 *.< ■ 

■ Lcmtxip>idas, 1. 198. 

tiii the kcnld, difcaven tt ■ 
Thefeus the confpincy of the 
Paluitidi, i. 54. 

Liafiheius, the Athen 

batllc, ib. 

ZcniiUi, uncle of Chaiiliui, 
kin; of Sparta, i. 113. 

£;<1Iiiiidi, Icing of Sparta, telli 
one who talked well, butitan 
unleifoaabic time, that he wai 
impertinent for fpeaking fo 
much to the purpole, of what 
it wai not to the purpofe to 
Ipcakof. i. 145. 

tioKiJii, fliin at Hiermopy- 
Ise, i. »7S- 

Lmiditi, Alexandcr'i tutor, 
i». 138. Bidi him be fparing 
of frankincenfe.till he had con. 
queiiMi the coiuitrioi where it 

'■ 305. 

Phocion, ii. 
104. His viftoriei. 
Hi] death, ib. 
ijtajai, one of the an. 
Idngs of Sparta, alka ha 
i at Corinth, whether trees 
fquire there, i. i]6. 
slycMJji, born in marriage 
ii by Timza, but believed 
the foTi of Alcibiadei, ii. 

edged ai hii Ion by Agii upon 
his death bed, 3. Set afide at 
fpuriou] through the manage. 
ment of Lylander, ib. Seeallo 

tlB r rjj 3 tic 

L'fidas, Msrcm ■Cmilius, Liberty^ Games of, obrelTei 

ohief of tfae feoale, ii. 192. at Flaiea in honor of the brav* 

Ltpidiu, Mircui, againlt the Greeki who fell in battle there, 

'nclioationof Sytll.chofen con- See Ganui. 

Liiirly proctaimed to all 

Greece by Flintiniui at the 

tAhmian Ganiei. See Cames. . 

L'hcrly, an altar reared to her 

by the Greeks, il. 195. 

ful throxigh the intereft of Fom. 

pey,iv.57.iii.i6.. Attempt! 

after the death ofSylla, 10 mike 

himfelf abfolute fovereign of 

Ramc, jg, Fliei into Sardinia, 

»pd dies of grief for his wife'i " iiOt'Arj, iv, 147. 

infidelity, ib. Lrtilina, the goddels otfune- 

tepiins, Cxfar choolei him rals, i. 176. 
for hi) colleague in the lontol- Liiii had the command for 

Ihip, V. 1 70. Forms the trlum. Poropey of the licet that watch. 
»iute with Antony and Oflavi. ed the mouth of the harbor of 
Hia Africa for Brundurium, 

hisfhaVe, 185, 

Library, ttiat of Alexandra 

Lepliics and Pol vperebon 
I;itlCralippu,.v. .J,. 

burnt, iv. 166. Thit of Per- 
gimu. given by Antonyto Cle- 
opatra, V. 106. That of LucuU 

Z'^n'tcj, tyrant of ApoUonii, 
fuirendeii it to Timoleon, and 

li»opcti to III the Grecian llte- 

is lent 10 Corinth, ii, 140. 

nti, ^i. .43- 

£(*IiVj, brother of Diony- 
.,e elder, v-ajS, 

•Libya,m. .16.ii.53. 

i«v,, iv, 885. 



Lkt: Syllaandotbendiaof 

the old men met forconverfa- 

the loufy difeale. See Lmjj 

liDO. to which the new born 


(hildrtn were carried to be «■<- 

LicAias, the L«:eda:monian. 

in.ined, i 140. 

celebrated for hii hofpitslity. 

L-llers, LMonic, i. I4fi. ii. 

iii. ,8., 

65.iv. 1-4, a65. 

lidma. daughter of Liciniut 

* i!Btfl.;.w, ii. 154. V. ss- 

I.i^arm, Roma fiipjiofed by 

tnS:,,, and w;fe of Caiui 

Gracchus. V. 19. Her dircourfe 

* fome writers her dauKhier by 

to her hulhind, 32. Deprived 

llalus, i. 77- 

of her dowry after his death, 35. 

• itBCfli, a Corinthian colo- 

iitrijij, the vellal virgin, M. 

ny, ii, 130, Apollo's temple 

Craffui pays his court to her, in 

there, iv. 66. 

order to buy hereflate, iii, 1S9. 

LfcelAa, i.'goe. 

Lkinius &leh railes i great 

commotion in Rome by infift.. 

• Ifiiflra, batUe of, ii, 113, 

ing that one of the contuli 

(houtd be chofen out of the Ple- 

battle, iv. 403. 

beians, i, qii. Appointed gen- 

Lttiirida, daughters of Sce- 

etal of iforle, 3Z Procure. 
■ law that DO one ihould poITeli 

difus, their rape, and the bcri. 

fee to be offered to (heir mane). 

above live hundred icre> of 

.• Lf'iKW, river, ii.i7«,i75. 

land, and is the firll thatbrealu 

it, ib. 

LihrFMir. See S«(-S«. 

Uimai CtbJTui, See Crafiu. 
licini^, &rvint to Caiui 

, Liitralk,iv.f,i. 

UiiTty of man not inconfifl- 

GrKchua, V. 8. Killed in au 

«nt with the cooperation of 

lempting to ddqid hii mallet.. 

UN C »J4. 1 LUC 

LUiiias, Publiiu, defeated * Zi'n^infj a people oECmI, 

hy Pericui, king of Macedon, iv, E4S. 
i\. i6>. I.<Vni let look in the city of 

Liciniin Uacer, iccufed when Hk/pn, v. 178. 
Cicero WIS przior, goei home * [.ipariaii aaacli the Ro-' 

and dnOei himlelf in ■ white niia (hip, charged with m of' 

gown,u lecuie of being acquit- fthngfor Delphi, i. 311. 
Ud i but finding that he wu ■ Lirii, liver, iii. go. 
call kill! himMf, v. 76. Liniing, ihit defeagrKefuI 

Licinitt, whit he (lid of Uar- in Alcihudes, ji. }5. 
•Ui CnlTiu, iir. E97. L-/piagoi the gout, iii. 15I'' 

LitinUi Cafui, 1. 306. XMnjs, the crooked (laff of 

L'StfTi, perfoni wboattcnded Romulai, ufcd by the >u!;tir9,. 

oa ihe great ofEcen of ILiie a- i. 104. Loft when the Gauls- 

moiiRll the Rommi, why to burnt Rome, and recovered by 

•ailed, i. 109. niincte, ib. 335, 

L'lymxidi, hi) manumsat, t.hU, the wife of Augullui,- 

Pyrrhui fills there, Ui. (i. v. saj, 391. 

£./' .- a general thould not Lhiai Drufui, uncle to Cita 

be prodigal of his life, ii. 107. the younger, by the mother's 

iilgtrioj, Quintus, defended fide, iv. 313. 
with great eloijuence by Cicero Lioim Drujiii, tribune with. 

before Czlir, v. lO^. Ii ic- Caius Gracchus, v, vj. The 

r'ltted, ib. Yet afterwards in fenate put him upon oppormg. 

confpiracy againft Cielar, that popular man by afti sit 

»79- grejMf popalariiy, ib. 

L^kl, a great one appeared Libiui Pajlhumiti, general o[ 

over Cclar'i cimp the night the Litini, i. 1 14. 
preceding tbe battle of Fhaibl- tisiui, Marcus, whit he laid 

fa, iv. 114, »6o. eoncetning Tarenlum, ii. S7. 

Lighlniiig, I ridiculous ftory /."7, the hillorian, iv. 163, 

•t ■ charm for it, i. 18a. Placea • Lixri Ipiafkyrii, ii. afia. 
(truck wlchlightiiinjaccounted ■£DcnV,ii. an. v. tja, 356.' 

&cred,i59. Laltias, Marcus, Cato't col- 

* Liguriaai, the expedition league in the quxftorfblp, Iv. 

•f FaulHifmiliusagainfltbem, 331. 

11.158. and of FibiusK^ximus, Lof/iW, Lucius, iii. 349. . 

•. Exctcile piracy as far II the Lmginuauu, a fumame of 

pittan oEHercules. 159. Form Artaxerxcs. v. 316. 
■ batrier agalnll the Gauls, ib. Znu, how defined by the 

Under Mari us, engage wiih the philofopheri, i. 116. Whattbe 

foveof t'----' • 

61 . love of the gods lowiids ta 

.»6s, the month lb calUdr 

* L-lj/iitum, promontory of, 165. 

'■ »06. • LiKca, 111. 305, IV, 95, 

LiRnui, a Macedonian con> * £iuanidii lake, iii. 301. 
{[lirei againit Alexander, and ii Liianiaii, iii, 15, ig6. 

killed in the TcfiQance he made Zufrtii/ii.oDe of tbeRonuu . 

lolhofe who were lent to appre- Iribei fo called, i. 101. 
kcnd him, i>. 193, XuriAai the tribune, propofEi 

^Xitiu, ii. a6j. , the cbao&Df Fompey diuiUi ' 

cretU, defied conful, 

LUC [ IJ5 3 LUC . 

tut is oppoled by Cita, ind Hiigmt ifrtfiiaii foiliii brolh- 

>ur being lumed outofoISce, erMarcui.ib. Tbey are created 

iv. 9g. zdile9togttber,ib. DiHinguilh- 

liuiliui fuffcti bimfeir to b« ei himlelf ia the Uarfian war, 

tiken, to fave Brului, v. 3O9. thoughthenvcryyoung, ib. Hi* 

nil Ipeech to Antony,, ib. He conftincy and mildnels recom- 

■ttenat Antony in bi> rettic- mend bitn to Sylli. who mnke* 

ment inu> ibe defcTt, v. m. ufeoC bit ferviai from fiiftto 

Lniai, (on of Cimillui, i. lall, ib. Sylla givcihim the di- . 

336. leftionoftbeminc, 194. SylU 

Liicias Aalmiui, hit rebellion lendi bim out, during the bege 

■gainll Domitian in GcTmiDyi of Athens, with ■ few (hipi, in 

ii. 179. Thencwiof his being Corch of pnivilioni, ib. He 

cut to pieces with his whole btings Crete otei to that gene> 

armj,luddenly (pteadinRoroe, nl'sintereQ. ib. Futianoidto 

and the author not to be found i the civil wan in Cyrene, ib. 

^et couIinDed afterwards, ib. Sails to Egypt, and tiads a itiag- 

Sit bU tic other LuciiuniJir niiicent icccpiion there, igj. 

ihiir family names, Fioleroy refules to enter into a|. 

lurntia, the wife of Numa, liance wJihSylla, butotfecsLu- 

i, 190, cullut pFcfents to the value of 

Liarelia, her rape the caute eighty lalenl«, ib. Lutullua 

of the abolition of kingly gov- touchaatCyprus, ib. Theltrat- 

•mmcnt in Rome, i. 236, agem he nude ufe of to efctpe 

' ' (be fatherof Lu- the enemy's Oiips, 196. Gets* 

i ___..., ■ -.0 'rcBifunply offbipsalRhodei, 

jnd reduces leveral iUandi in 

_ Ofetia, befiegfs the Agean lea, ib. Mithri- 

young Marius in Fcainefle, iii. dates abandons Fergtmus, and 
157. He applies Cor the coDlul' retires to Fitanii, ib. Fimbria 
fhip againlL the inclinitioas of defires Lucullus lo Ihut up Mi- 
Sylla, andis killed by hiioi- thridates in Pitanaby Tea, while 
der, 160. be attaciu him by bnd, ib. 
iucrttiuj, Luciui, chief leni- Lucullus rejcfU tlve propofal, 
■or, i. 33a. and fuffers Mithiidatea to ef- 
L'cvMien ca\B, iii. 194. cape, 197. Defeats the king't 
Licidlian games, iii. iig. fleet twice, ib. . Conveys Sylla 
£iuiuVaf, Lucius, hii grand' and his army from the Cherfo^ 
fatheramanof confulardigni- nelus to the Afiitic coall, ib. 
ty, iii. 193. Metellui Numidi- After the peace between Mi. 
cus was his uncle, il>. His Fa- thrldatei and Sylla, the latter 
■her fotindguillyofeinbeitling layia line upon Aba of twenty 
the public money, and his mo- thou^d taleiits, ib. Lucullus, 
ther a woman ol but indiHetent being comtniniancd to levy the 
reputation, ib. Deiefts Servili- fine, and to coin the money, 
m, hii father'i accufcr, inJome performs the odious panof it in 
tnifdemeanor, and prolecntei is letienta mauner ai polllblr, 
him for it, ib. Has great com- 197, Punilhej iheWityleneana 
mind both of the Creek and for having joined Maiius'i par- 
Latin tongues, ib. Sylla dedi- ty, igS. Hal no band in the 
cates his Commentaries to him, troubles of Italy, ib. Syllacon. 
'lb. Verfed in tbc liberal Icien- fiitutes himguardianto his fan 
cei, ib. Writes a Ihort hillory ib. Tliia was the founda'lion of 
•fthcUufi in Greek vorie, i9{. the jealouHes between Fompef 

tuc . c 15S 5 Lue 

' «iul LucuUiu, ib. Aim tlw ■cquatnctkm widi hii urival; 

<lath of SyKi, LucuHui ii cbo- >b. Ptctcioitural tokeai of it. 

(m couCul wich M CoUa, ib. llcf to (he berieged, 204. A 

A new war .wilh Michridatci i> itflrni of wind d^ioys MlUiri- 

,propo!ed, ib. LuculLut leadily ditcs'i macbino, ib. Mtdiri- 

fupplies PompeywithiaoDeyin diles, bard prelEui vidifmiinCt 

Spain, Icfthelhouldcoinehome, fend) off pan of hi) forces 10- 

. (ad be appointed (o the com- waidiBithyoia, io&, Lucullu* 

nand againR Midifidaiei, ib. comu lip wiih iheni at the liver 

PievenU L. Quiotim the tii- Rbyndacus, dellroyigreitauDi- 

bune froxD retcinding the afbi U", a/id makes many prifoneri, 

of Sylla, 199- The meiliad be ib. MItbiidalei efcapu by fa, 

takes to ga the government of 106, LucuUua IliiXcs aoothei 

CtlLcla, ib. Gaias the cammand great bli>w Bgainit hii troops 

in the Mitbridatic war, ib. Hi) near the Graniciu, jb. Gives 

colleague ^otla ii (ent wiiha chafe to a fquadron ofthe^ne~ 

fleet to guard the Fraponlic and my'j Qiipi, takes tbem, and kill* 

fiithynia, aoo. l.ucuUuspaflet their admiral Ilodorus, ib. 9e. 

into AGa with a legion raifed ftioyi more of the king's (hip* 

in Italy on this occalion, ib. near Lenui09> and takes Mariui, 

Finds the Roman troops in A<ia, the genetat lent by Sertorius, 

Caiticularly lltofe called Fim- prjCona, BO7. Mithridates, in 

riani, untiaflable and entirely iailinj; towardsPoiM:us,encoun' 

corrupted, ib. Bringi them Cers with a dreadful Itojtn, ia 

under dtlcipline, aoo. MithrU forced to quit hit own (hip, and 

-dates [Kw models his army, and lake to a Ihai lop commanded bj" 

brings it from (how 10 ufe, ib. pirates, ib. The "pirates brinj 

The^ieople of Alia e»t«mely him Ufe to Heraclea in Footu). 

opprelfed by the Roman tax.- ib. The (enate o&er LitculluT 

giuier* and ufnreTi, are in- tluee thoaiand talents (o enable 

clioed toi'erveATithTidatci.soi. himtolil out a fleet, but Ik 

But Lucutlus redrcilb) their tdls them be (hall drive Mithri- 

gtievances, ib. Cotta fights dales out of the fta, with the 

Mithridates, and it entirely de- (hips which the alliei would 

fealed both by fea and land, ib. give him, soS, He refolves to 

He is (hitt upinChalcedon, and penetrate into Pontus, by way 

Lucullus marches to hit relief, of Bithynia and Galatla, ib. 

ib. Noblelayingsof Lucullns, . Findj provifiowa very fcarce at 

ib. He goes to meet Mariiu, firA, but afterwards meets With 

whom Scrtoriut had feat to Lu- them in extreme plenty, ib. 

cuUui, but the two arinies are Hij troops complain that he 

Siarted by a prodigy, io». Re- taket the enemy's towns by ca- 

idves to r.'diice Mithridates by pituUtion, inHead of lldrm, ib. 

famine, ib. Mithridates de- Hisanlwcrto thofe who com- 

cimps in the 

.light, aad 



lined of his proceeding (low. 


is.ib. I.« 



,ib. HelcavesthefiegeofAm. 

follows, and takes meafure 


.s to Mucsna, and marel^i 

cutting off hii 

1 convoys, 


Mithridatci'i 1 

nen have tl 



the Cyr.iccn 



i.sog. Inthe(irilenf;agemeitt 

that the Roman 

IS who lay I 



: Roman cavalry are put to 

the heighu w 



ib. ButLucull 

us finds mea 

taken pribner, behaves wilh 

^ondoQi. LucuUni to 1 ftroDg orTignnei, ib. H« nfuCu w 
poftwhichcoomuDditlMpIaini ' deliver up MithridiKi, iiS. 
of ^ Cabiii, ib. A {ccond m- Cfaan[e) hit cold bchnioc to 
couDlcrbetweai the two armies, Mitbridices, ib. Klctrodariu ii 
ib. A Dirdariin giandee pre- facrificsd upon thetr recoacili>- 
tcnditodelenCoLucuiluiiwilh tion, 119. The Grcciui citiei 
a view to lilifliiiile him j buC in Alia infiitute a feaft in boa- 
it provideatialiy dirappoiated, orof Lucullua, ib, Lucullui 
sii. Sevcial ULirmilhei Co the l>yi Tiegc to Sinope aad taku 
difadvanuge of Uithiidats, it, sia. DeAniya the Ciliciant 
Bii. The king quits iiiicamp who had thrown themfeUei in- 
in ■ difoiderly manner, and to the lowii, ib. Eadeavon Is 
would have been taken, had not iive the town, on account of 
a mule loaded with gold flopt ■ dTcam concemini the hero 
his pur[uer9,ib. Lucullmtakei Autolyciu, ib. Ilie lad polioy 
Cabiri, and many oUier placet, oE Tigraac], in not joining Mi- 
wbcre be finds much ticarme, thcidalet fooner, 2t\. Macha- 
■nd celfafei many pritonen ; ni, (on of Midiridatei, fcndi 
•monga the reft, oo« of the Xucullns a cniwnof gold, and 
king's rifUrinamedNylla.Eis. dertreitobc admicted amongft 
Iklithitdatei lends the eunuch the friends and alliei of Kome, 
Bacchidcs lo Fharnacia, to put ib. Lucullui leaves Somaliui 
'il'ii otlier nderi and wives to with fix thoulind men in Pon- 
dtatb, ib. The tragical (lory tu», and with little more than 
of Msnlmc and Berenice, the double that number marchet 
kaog's wive*, ib. The manner agiinll Tigranes and Mithri- 
in which Roiana and Staliia, £tei, ib. Hittroapi munaur, 
the king's fifien died, 114. and the popular orators atRomC 
Mithridates fliei into Armenia, declaim againfl him, ib. He 
ib. Lucullus fubdues Tibarene paHei the Euphlalet without 
and theLefsATmenia, ib. De. difficulty, and has prelagei oE 
mandj Milhridales of Tigranes, fucceb, ib. MTet througTl So. 
ib. Returns to the ficge of A- phene, and pufhei hta march to 
milus, and takes it, ib. Calli- Mount Taurus, an. Enten 
siachus, who had defended it Armenia, ib. 'Tigranei behavea 
with great ability, fiets 6re to like » man intoxicated widi 
it, and (lies by fea, ib. The profperity, ib. Mithrobaruinea 
Soman) plunder it, up. I.u- ii the firft who ventures 10 lell 
oiUus weeps for iu '^, ib. him thetrutfa, and is feat witk 
"Kebuiids and peoples it, ib. a body of men to take the Ro- 
Themifcrableftaieof Afia Mi. man general alive, ib. Lucui- 
nor, ai6. By the regulations lus fends Sextiliui againit him, 
of Lucullui, iu fuffcrinn are 113. Mithrobarunes faUs in 
relieved, and its debts paid, ib. the aflion, and mod of tna 
The farmers of the revenues troops are cut in pieces, ib. 
taiie a clamor agaiiift him in Tigrmo leavej 1 igranoccria, 
Home,but he is adored in Afia, and retires to Mount Tsunii, 
ib. Appius Clodi4.sismilltd imending to afTcmblc all hit 
by unfaithful guides, but at left forces' thei-e ; but Lucullus cutl 
.arrives at Aniioch of Daphne, oIT the parties as they come up, 
where he is ordered to wait tor ib. Mureaa attacks Tigranet 
TIgnnes, 117. Clodiui brings in a defile, and puts him t» 
overZarbieaus, kingofGordy- Right, ib. Lucullui invelUT^ 
■<ne, ib. The po»-er and pride granocerti, ib, TigTaoet, CO^ 
Vot, VI, O 

tUC C ii« 3 LUC 
trary to ihc advice -of Wilhri- enl, 134. Hit brother in itw 
itta mirtJiCT to relieve "n, ib, Clodim eschrj the FiihbrKm» 
I.ucdTIiii leaves Murena to con- agamS him, ill. Rts treopf 
tmue the ficgc, md gofl with * mufc to nraith for fome fime, 
(rmll irmy igiinll Tignoc), but on newi thit Rrtjini vriJ 
sij. Tignnei'i faying on tlie lieiiten by Miihiiditei, diey put 
dtmrrruCh-E appeiraace of the thcmld-vrsni motion, 231. Tri- 
Jtooani, ib. He hnigina Lu. arini hiBeni to fight before im 
Cullui ii Aying, on hit miking arrivil of Lucullus and ii de- 
ti motian to p>fi the river, ib, 'tnteil, ib. Miihrrdicei, ck- 
Somebody obfervei chat that pefling to be joined by Tl- 
liad been a blacli day to the granei, avoids an aftian with 
Romaiu, and Lueullui lays he Lueullus, t36. Lucullus pn>- 
'will 03^ it a while one, laG. poEet once mon to march ■- 
He gains (he advantage of the gainfl Tigtanei, but hii mutrD< 
fummit of a hill, and bearj out troops fhow (heir empty 
down upon the entmy, who fly ---'-- -^ "■ -^ - -' 
'Widiout Hrikinga fbtiikc, aij. 
'Tigimes tides oB, one of the 
'lirll, and gives his diaricm to his 
fon, ib. Tlie diadem i! after- _ , 
■waids lakni, ib. The prod i- mand, 237. Their 
gioui carnage of the enemy, ib. fii^di bring Cbem to an inttr- 
Miihridala meets Tignnei, and view, ib. They meet upon 
endeavort i«confoleand encou- polite tertas at firll, bnl part 
I9ge him, aaS- Lucullus taXti gieitcr eneinin than ever, 23;. 
TigT3nocetta,ib. nndiimmenle The circuinlbnce of the laurels 
tteafuret (here, aad makes ■ which the lIAors of Lucullua 
proper nfc of them, ib. Re. gave to thofe of Pompey, ib. 
commnidshiiiifelf to the eatlern PompeyinowiLucaHui to take 
nations by hk juAice and hu- no moic tbin frtleen hundred 
manity, 119. Does great honor men httme with him, to attend 
to die reniilni of ZaiblrnD!, his triumph, ib. With diffi- 
king of Gordyetw, who had culty be obtains his triumph, 
been put to death by Tigianes, through the inlereft of the pa. 
jb. ReceivelambaUadott from triciaos,t3& Ibe triumph db 
Paithia, B33. Tindt Ihe Par- -fcrlbed, ib. and =39. He divor- 
thians inlincerr, and mrditttei cei Clodia for her tnftmoiu 
sn expedition igaiitli them, ib, life.and ii notmotefotlunatcin 
Hii tn>ops pinvc refrafiory marrying £ervilia, Cato'i liiter, 
■nd mutinout, ib. He afceodi 139, Soon qoiti the affalit of 
Moimt Taurut, and marchci Aate, "teid letires to luEurloua 
■ceinll Artaula, the capital of jndulgnicei, ib. Hii villas, gar- 
Tip-ires, t3i. Cefeiti Ti- dent,Ti/h ponds, purple robet, 
granes in another pitched bat- furnituie forhishoule,and pro- 
tie, Ggz. His army refutes to vifions for hi^ table, 140, 141. 
follow him to ArtaMla, 733. He entertain, the Gi«ian lite. 
He c.roffei Mount Tauiiii again, lati in hiihonfe 141. Cicero 
e<:ei agaiiiil Nifibni and takes and Pompey fup with htm, and 
il. ib. H» good fonnnefor. only allow him to faytohitfer- 
(tntos him, partly through hii vanis, "Wetiip in the Apollo," 
swn fault, ib. Mvrmuiings a- ' 143. He coUifb hooks al an 
ph-.ftbima: Rame,«nd prac- immcnfe elpcnfe, and his Ii. 
titalotsppaintingmoihergen. bratiri itt open to all flic 

LUX, C ■» J tVC 

worldrib. TheGraeki inpu- lyii, Ihefuberof LyAadcr, 

licular hive his countenance, iv. jSj. ' 
and he oflen confen with then * Z.^cuiri,' iv. 401. 
on tnittcrs of lorning, ib. He " C^cai^a, iii, 376. », io8, 
give) the preference to the old Lyceum, iii. 135. L 67. 

Kidcmy, 944. QicitmaMy * l/cu, ihe attioni of Bnl- 

■ttendi both dke [buCeandthe tu> in IbitcOunlTy, v, 194, igj, 

forurn [ only quilling hii pre- sgfi- 

tcnrions to the lead, ib. Pom- Lydanius, bis comb in Ar- 

paily fubom i perfon goi, Iii. 41. 

" 'a defign Lyttacdcs the Athenian, the 

xy'i pany 
□ accufe Luc 

hiilife, (4^. The people in (i& from Atheni, i. 7^. But after- 

on burying him in the Camput vurdi pufhei him from a melt., 

Maniui, bui hii brother begs and kill i him, il>. iii. 17S. 
leave to have it done in the Ljcon the plaver, inlerti if 

TufcuUoeniW, ib. lerfe io hii part, by which be 

Z.'cu'i'iu, Marcoi, lis brother bcgt ten talcntj of Alexander, 

Luciui'i piticular attention to- and that piincc giiei them, iV. . 

him, iii. 191- Appilnltd «dHs 168. 

llnnj; with hisbMth*r,ih. AEti £;n;niof 3yracilfe, anKCom^ 

■tODeoFSyUa'slieuteaanu.uid plice ia the murder of Dion, v. 
^Qi ■ conlidenble viAory, 
>i3. '64- Atcufed b ■" 
miui for fome of hij »( . __ 

(|uzftoc,balicquiUedr>38. Alexuder-dK lyraat ofFbcrK, . 

LxnUu, Harem, prztor of il. a-' 
Ibcedonia, iv. *.t^. ' 

£u4i«u, hit intTiKue with 
Arton'torAriini'iwife,i. 31 £, 
SI 6. Ratbeii title than a name, 
S'6^". . = , 

L'lptrcalia, t fad of ptiiili. cheini, revenges th» dath of 

catioq, i. 103. A dog iheii f^ Fhilapcemen, ii. 36). 
criiiced, 1O4. LycuTgida, diyi obterred in 

Lnptrci run about naked and memorjr of Lyciirgui, t. 159. 
bealUie women with thongs, to Lycurrui, the Spartan Uw^ 

cure them of baxrenaefi, i. 104. giver, £e limei in which ha: 

W. »76. flouiifhed, i. ita, lai. His ge- 

* Lnjilii'ii, iv. 131. V. 406. nealogy, ib. He fucceeds bu - 

* LiJiUnUni (end ambalQ. hrotber Polyde^ in the Spar, 
dors to Senorius, iii. 347. t<n throne, but rElinquithu it 

Luflralitn, v. 300. when it appan thitliis broth', 

Lalaliiii CatJas. See Cola- tt't widow is picgnint, tat. 

lui. Prefervei the child and keepi 

Luxury flies from Sparta oa the idminiftration, only as bii 

the introduSIonof iron money, guardian, 113. TogeCcIearof. 

i- 131. lucrrales amazingly at unjuH fufpicions, invels inl» 

RoKU in I Ibait yeiivilt iiii foreiiEncoantrin,tillhiiaepbevf 

ffi. Chu^auAQioiiId be grownup 


B, ViEt) Crete, md imfura 
up fomc oF the Crctaa Uwt, ib. 
TcTTuidei Thalti, Hk lytic pocl, 
to go ind idtlc il: Spam, 134. 
Gets a copy of Momer'i poerat 
'm lonii, it), and 115. Scleai 
one of the ubeei of Egypt, 115. 
Said by coie ni^rian to have 
viiited the Gymnofophifb, ib. 
Seturni, to Spana at the lequed 
of hit counlymen, and lefolvet 
lo liter Ihe whole lume oF the 
oonflitution, ib. Gains the 
{anflion of the Delphic oracle, 
laG. Prepaid tlie piincipil ' 



the temple of Minervg, butfoon 
makri bis appearance again, and 
joint in the undertaking, ib. 
Lycurgui infticuuaafenale con- 
£fling of iwentye^ht peiloni, 

<]uilil>ilum between the kingi 
and the people, 117. The e- 
phor], whtn mftiluled, ib. A 
full account of thofcrajgiftraui, 
ib. n. Ljrcurgu! makei an eijual 
divifion of landi, 130, San^ 
llhn gold arid filvcr, and intro- 
ducea hiavy iron money, 133. 
Thit legulaiion eradicates luxu- 
ry ; but makei their mechanica 
excel in the necefTary arts, 1 3a. 
He obliges ail the cilizeni lo eat 
■t public tables, ib. Lofes one 
of hii evH in an infurrcflion, 
defciipilan of thefe 



It only of temperance, 
butoFedacation, 134, 135. He 
ehoofi» not to commit the prin- 
ciples of his golity to writing, 
but to inlerweaie them with the 
•ducation of youth, ib. Com- 
mands them to have plain and 
fimple dwelling!, 136. Notto 
fight often with thefsme enemy, 
ib. Hiaregi' ' *"- 

fl« virg- 

mark of , 

elors, 138. The Spartan n 
Tiagei bow conduced, ib 

■60 r 

jealoufy removed, and ■dulterie»' 
ptevented by the hufband'i oc- 
muDication of hi. wife's favon. 
139- No weakly children raT~- 
cd at Sparta, 14O. The nurre* 
encellenC, 141. The education 
of the boys undertaken by the- 
public, when they reached the 
age of (even yeari, ib. The- 
whole an eicercile of obedience, 
ib. Their allentiou to litera- 
ture very fmall, t4i. They at* 
principally taught to he valiant 
and hardy, ib. Encouraged in 
carr^'ing things off by furprife, 
butpuni(hed if difcovered, 143. 
I rent and Met I i tens, what, 141. 
Their {pare diet ■ ■' ■ - 
make tbem tal' 

boy, ib. They are accuttomed 
from iheir childhood to think, 
144. Ifa favoriieboyoSendi, 
the ptrfon who had taken him . 
into his prolt^ion il punifhed, 
ib. Thev are taught to be con- 
cife in their linguagc, and to 
excel in Iharp repartee, ib. In- 
itances oFtbat kind, 144,143,, 
146. Their reverence for old 
'&• 'SS, 146. The Spartan 
poetry and mufic, 146, 147. 
TIk king tacriiices lo the mule* 
before a battle, ib. Their dif- 
cipline leb Feveie in war than in 
peace, 148. A fiying oF Ly- 
curgui concerning a Urge h«ad 
of hair, ib. Other regulations 
when they had taken the field,^ 
<49' Lycurgus alBftt Iphilus in 
regulating the Olympic games, 
and orders a general armillice 
during thofe games, ib. Tho 
difciptin* of ^ Lacedzmoni' 
ans continues, after they arrive 
at years of maturity ; and the 
whale city, in point of good or- 
der, is like one great camp, ib. 
The citiiens exercife no me- 
chanic ant ; and the HeloU till 
thegroundfortbem, ijr>. Law- 
[uiti are baninied with moneyi 
ib. Lycurgui encouiagei faca- 

1.YN r i«i ] I-YS 

ItauriKJi. 11 * ffafaning of iheti mil provided [or Demeutui, r. 

hiidcMrcife and diet, iji. In- 138: 

fimd) thnn In live, not for Lyrt,iv, £75. 

tbemlclvoi, but (or tEiciT coiin* Lyfmiir of Alopece, ■■ 300.. 

try, ib. Tlie method which he Lyftudcr, hii (btue, or ttot 

ordeii,of choofings new fma- ofBraGdis, in the ontoiy of 

tor, iacareof a viciDcy, ib. ind ibe Acanthiaai at Delphi, iii. 

1 u. Hi) regulatiani with ret. qq. Acinoclitui, (he Iither of ~ 

w AnKgtnlo^QtSparU, Spirun (tifcipliir 

153. Wh« Siecryptia, otim- firm hnrt, »bo*e the charmi of 

bulcade, w«, ij*. lie Spar- »oy pleifuie, except liat of glo- 

tani treat the Hdbti with th« ty. ib, Payj too much atten- 

greatedcruellViib.and ij{. Ly- tioD 10 the gnat when hii own 

curgui providet for the peipe- intcrefl is concerned, ib. Doei 

tuity of htilawt, bym^ing the not loveniaafy, yet litis Spir- 

{Kaple fwear to obferva diem ta with it, and with the love of 

till hii return from Delphi, ijj. ic toe, ib. The Athenian!, after - . 

With tbc fame view voluntarily tbeit defeat in Sicily, become 

puuaperiodto hi> life, 15ft once inore equal to duLacedx- 

Hjl cftabliDuneot, and tbt glory moniani at ka, gs. I.ylander 

of Sparta, continaeior the (pace is pitched Dpoa to a£l B|;ainll 1 
of five hundred yean, ib. In . thetn, ib, He pr<ivei a greM 

tbe raigB ofAgiirbe Ton of Ar-r benefaflor to the cityofEphe. 

y find] it) way (ui, ib, Goel tn Sardii tc 


., , , quaintCynii with the treach- . 

•MEacorniption, ib. Eulogi. cry oi Tiflaphemej, who, con- 
uia of ibe Spirtaiu, 1 58. and of irary to the king's orden, fa- 
Lycurgui, 159.. Leavei.afan vored Alcihiadca and the A- 
natoed Antiorui, whodieawith-- (heniani, ib. Ingretiitei bim- 
outiffue, ib, A feaft called Ly- felf greatly with Cyruj, whi ■ 
CHigidz, ii obferved in mem- gives him ten thoufand pieces . 
•ry of him il Sparia, ib of gold, 93, . Increafei the <ci. . 

LycuTgait head of ihepedicii men's pay, and, by that means, 

i...S3i, almoll empties the enemy'a 

Z)iciir^ut the orator,' iv. 1911 fhipi, ib. Aftiid to engage. 

Lyctirtiti, tjic conditioni on with Akibiadei, ib. Brats Att- 

which he propoies to deliver liochnj, to whom Alciliiafl«a 
Dp Byzantium to Alcibiadet,.ii 

• l.ycMS, tivvt, iii. S09. V. feme, ib. En: 
iST-ii- '<*i3fi7- Ijys the found 

• /.yia, i, 4J, 77. iii. 374. cralical covemi 

y.- 156, 317. 

Lydian Manh, one of the _ „, . -.,-, 

Apanaa feftivils concludes with patti, whin be Icavn them, i 

iti ii. aoa. DiltrelTes his fuccefTor Callicm- 

X^^uii, iii. u. . tidas, gj. Callicratida), who ' 

Lpctai, See llis. was a brave, but not a courtly 

Lynttai wrote a defcription man. f.ilt in his application to 

•f uc entertainment which !*• CyrUibimaney ; fudliMBaf^:' 

LYS r 'S» ]■ lYS 

er U killed in the fea Eghl at ber otlhipiuthcLicedEmdnF— 

Arginulz, ib. The camnuDd aiu lit plaltd (o allow ihcm, 

19 rcSoTcd Eo Lyiaadcr, who ib. L; lander findi ■ pnteace 

'wiiamaaoFu much an and to ctiange theiifonn of govein- 

duplicityaiCilIicrattdai wuof ment, 104. Bunu all tbcirOiipa 

opaineb and intcgiiiy, 96- An except twelve, and pulli down 

inllance of his duplici», and thrir willi, with every inftaace 

Cioelty Mo, wiUi ie(pe£t to lbs of feflivity, ib. Seti up the 

inhabitacti of Miletui, ib. Cy- thiity tyrants, ib. Putt t gir- 

lu* givei bin large {unit, and ri[on in the citadel, ib. Lyian. 

promifa him a great Sect at hit der (endi the treafurti be had 

ntum from Media, 97. Ly- taken to Athen, by Gylippui, 

HmdcT pilligei i£giaa and Sa- who openi the bottoms of tbc 

lamis, ib. Vi&ts tbc coaft of bagi, md Caktt out large fumi^ 

Attica, when Agitwu with bii 105. In whtf manner that 

bod foTco, ib. Talia Lamp- fraud wai difcovered, ib. Sci- 

bchui, ib. Tbe Alheniia fleet, laphidas propolei to exclude i\I 

con&Aing of an hundred aud gold and (ilver money froia 

twenty (faipi lies at *gos Poto- Sparta, ib. Lyfindir baa inter- 

Bios, ib. Lyfander formi over eft enaugh to get it retained as 

■gainft them for (even dayi 10- tbe public trealure, 106. ThU 

getbcr, 93. Walchei hit op- provet a moft pcinicioiu nuaf- 

Hitunlty when tbe Albcniani ure for bit country, ib. He e- 

ihould abate of their care, ib. rcfis hit own Itatue, and tbofe 

Alcibiada, goeitotbeAtbeaian of hit oFBccn, in bralj, at Del. 

commanders, and gives them phi,and dedicates two golden 

counrel. whicli they treat with ftin lo Caller and Pollux, >b. 

■ontempt, ib. Lyfander lalli He likewile places there die 

upon tbe Athenian fleet, when galley made of gold and ivory, 

the men were gone alhore to. di- which Cyrus had prcfented him 

*ert themfelvet, and ukei or wilh,i07. Hiialtarsereaed 10 

deftroyt the whole, except the him, and hymns (ung, ib. ' Hia 

facred gilky called Paralus, and favan M the poets who flattec- 

«igbt Oiips, with which Conon id him, ib. Flattery rendera 

(Icapes to Evagoraskingof Cy- him extremely arrogant and 

, pros, 99. This fin ifhej the Pe- cruel, 108. loftanceof hiicru- 

loponiicrisnwar, ib. Story of 1 city, ib. On the complaint of 

great fUne (alUog from heaven, Pharnabazut againll him, the 

joo, 101. Lylander vifiU the ephori lend the fcytale, and re- 

miritime townt of Afia, and ev- cal him, teg, Phamabazua 

cry where fcti up an oligarchy outwits him and makes him hia 

compofed of hiiown friends and Dwnaccurcr, ib. Lyfan^icpre- 

creatures, lOi, 101. Heexpels lends an obtigaiiun to vlfitthe 

tbeSamiani and Seftiins, lO.i. tcnitplear Jupiier Ammon, 110. 

Reflores the iginetie, Melians, Returns upon bfsring that the 

and Rcionzans to their poI[l:(- oligarchiet were going to be 

fions, LO3. Albent ii gteatly dilfolved, ib. Is appointed gen- 

diftrellcd by tamiite, and Ly- eral again, 111. Is prevented 

lander obliges it to (urrender at from taking Athens again, by 

difcrelioo, ib. The Aiheniant the jealouly of Paufanias, ib. 

ire'^ed 10 pull down the The Athenians foon revolt ; and 

fortificitiontof thePirzus and IhaL circumltance redeems tbe 
ihe lor.g walls, I 
' «xitcs, a 

tTS r tSj J tYS 

itroiSt o! Agia, heGndimcani Lybnilei in Ibe lEar, ib. A>' 

to get Agcfillui ippoinCcd king, other party ^lliei outwiththe' 
itOtwithlbDcliDg the prctenfiona Hiluniini, and kills Lyrander, 
•f Leotychidu, and the lanu- 119. After thii, hii army 4 
iM&of AgeTiUui, ib. and iii. put 10 the roul, ib. Paubniu . 
Advilia Ageliiaui ta carry the inarches taHaliartiu, and lecov- 
war into AOa, and goea with era Ly!aiider*j ijody by ireityj 
him ai aac of hii countellora, ib. tC il buried in the terrilo- 
113,113. Tlie king finda that rka of the Fanopanni, ib. Ait 
Lyiinder ii treated with fuperi- ancient ancle fulQIled by Ly^ 
ordiftmaioD.aadhumblobini fander"! being killed near tfae 
moce than he ought to have liver Heplitei, no. Lyfandtr'k 
done fuch a friCDd, 1 13. Ly- poverty, which wai dikovered 
Imder comet to an explanation after hia death, provca an ad> 
with AgelUaui, and h» the vantage, to hi« chara£lcr, iit. 
lieutenancy a[ the Hellerpont Amangft hii papers, after hi* 
given him, 114. He draw i off death, ia found that political 
Spilhcidun from the FerGan in. one, which dilcovered hii de^ 
lirefi, ib. He retnnu to Spar- fign to make the crown eleaiie, 
U, and forms a-dehgntoopena ib. Agelilausii inclined to pub- 
way to the throne to all the cit- liOi it, but ia lellrained by La> 
iaenaatSpana,or, atleiH, toill cnlidas, ib. The Spartan) fisa 
the Heiaclida:, 115, Hopes, if the perfons who (lew offfroa 
he cannoteSeSlhu, to have the iheir engagement to hit diugh- 
bcft pretenGoos himlelf, ib. ten, ib. 

GcU Clean of HalicaniafTus to LxfatvUr, fon of Lybii, it. 

cempole him an oration' fui [able aBj. Chol'ea oneof tbe epbori 

to Ihc occafion, ib. Endeavon Uirsugh the intend of Agi*, 

to fuppoit his Icheme with di- 387. Prapofei a decree for the 

viae ianfiiont, ib. The priefti cancdling of debts, ib.' Ac- 

ef Ammon •cculehim, but tbe cu let king Ltonidat, 390. la 

Spartans regard them not, ib. profecuted by theephorifor hi* . 

Availi himfelf af a pretended decree lelacing to debta, ib^ 

fon of Apollo,' iiG. Giveait Deceived by the artful A geb. 

•ut that there were certain or- laui, 391. 
wleaat Delphi, which none but Ly/tialriiUi the Megalopol^ . 

■ fon of Apollo was to open, tan, hit advice to Cleomenei, iv,. 

,ib. The whole fcheme nii'car- 419. 
Ties through the cowardice of Lyfigdas of Mefalopolii, fek 

oneof tbe agenli 1 but is not himlelf up tyranltiiere, inbopaa 

dctcAed till after the death of of finding fuperior hapnineb 

I.ytander, ib. Charged witben- in power, v. 369. It dilap. 

gaging hit country in the Bz- pointed, andquilslhefovci 
nwar, ib. indiiT. He i. ty, ib. Joint hisc' " " 
againi) the Thebana with chzan league, ib. i 

Joint hit city to tbe A. 

army, and Faufanlas with chorcngeneralof that1eague,anil 

anolher, iiS. Hetakei Orcho- dccUreiwaragainfttheSpaitant, 

menus and Lebadia, ib. Sendt v. 369. Quarrels with Aratut, 

letten (o Fauraniai that he will and lofei his iniereli, ib. Forms 

meet him at Halianiu, ib. The a fcheme to have all the honot 

Thebani interacpt tHc melTen- of bringing AriftomKhua, ly< 

night to rant of Argos, into the league 

Haliartui, ib. They order • but is difippoinled, 373. Af»- 
. ^rty to wheel about, and taka tuibegleAitofupponluiii widi 

db. infantry, and ha it killed by 

Lyfiilci, a nua in i Lew 
!phcn of life,' by llie inllruc- 
imuof AfpaHa, becapica one 
'Of Eh* piiodpil aoA RiolLpaliu 

L^mtilim, fai^ of AriHi- 
6u, ii. afig. 

L;^miuliiu, foa of Aiiftido, 
cSBCiiincu tbi bauoty of tbc 
AucniiM, ii. 304. 

Xjjiiu£Aiu|Ea«dfQiiQ£ AcifU 
for bit bmd, ii. QO4.. 

I.y^mackii*, king, fotfw a 
Ituet M Fyrrhut, w fnw FU>- 
Iwny, iii. 7.' Kw^grt Upper 
UictdoBMt II. nvidw (be 
kisfdoB of Maudooia wiifa 
Pyirhwk, 13. Mmbct againA. 
him u fir ai Ede%, upon which 
Pyrrkui retLp», »d to(t> hil 
floR of MauidiHua, i^. Sayi 
(•OneOciiEMtbtUaarian, wb« 
mi-to his an accourK dE Lhe 
A»aion's TiGt. to Altiandc^ 
"WhH»w»t I at- that tiBn," 
in. iS& S«fpc&id by turalliea 
•■ accoust of hit great power, 
»i 143. Takes priiboer by 

Lyfimackis, the Acamaiiian, 
preceptai to Alexander, iv. 138. 
Dalirei to go with his maWa a- 
gaiitftlhe ArabAanioB AiMiliba- 
nill, by which Aiexandel Dull 
■Oi'iull rtlkot his life, 161. 

Ly^ppui, the AchKao general, 
ii. 35 J- 

Lyfippal, Aifxandcl futfen DO 
•Cherartid (n raike hii Hmuc, 
i". 136, Repreteol* in figutu 
«f brars, AleiaEkder- kUliiig a 
lioo, 133. 

Macciimaiis, gfcal lovers oC 
their kii)|), ii. 178, 

Mfcdiatictti^i name givmt* 
Uetdliu.iii. 43. 

Umciaiudai, theLaccdzmonJ- 
intyrpnC, killed in battle b/t 
PbLlopccoieii, ii. 3(1. 

M^Aarci, fan oflditbritlatM, 
lead* Lvculluii crown of gold, 
and drGici !• be admitted iatii 
the friendOiip atul allince oE 
tbs Romans, iii. xii. 

liiMciitiimti, the (oBerity of 
Aoticratea, fn called, iv. 38, 

M^cwi, the faTOrite of Au, 

gua»»,v. 115. 

Maiinj, Spuiiua, [tabbed by 
Sttviliua' Alula, fat aspiring to 
the ntanarchyvV. 273. 

Uaaiii, P^iii, iii. 54. iv. 1 B^ 
MagMHi, buEbec to Phaina> 

M<jai, Wolhec to Ptoiemy 
kingofEgypt, hit life laved by 
CleomeDca, jv. ^7v 

Atyi, the Petrian, iv. 136. v, 

• iSagsii^ aeity given Hw- 
miltocls by the kiog of PerGa, . 
to fupply hiiH with bmd, i. 

Magaeftn citizen. Anlonv. - 
giici hil houle 
dieilin^ one f upper, v. 1 

• MdgiufiaKs, ii. 37J, 380. 
Mij-e, theCttihtgimanaiimi. . 

T>1, joioi Icelej in hia attempt - 

upon SyncuJe, ii. 134.. Uif- 

"iei, and [etuiui to Afiica, ,. 


'37- . 


Malcius and DiogUon. feni' 

by lhe Thebans into Th^ffalv to 

M. revenge the death of FelopidM, . 

ii. aig. 

JtM.ICARlA. daughter ol Her- * Malia, pronuMitory of. It. , 

'•* cula, ii.aiA.. aS:. v. .ii.-i. 


Xatiat Biy, i. 367. in favor of Pompcy, iv. •;*• 

* MMti, AlcKander'i daogtr Accufed oC having robbed lh« 
io the tttacli of their cily, iv. public, ind defeDded by Cich 
I198, »o6. ro, V. 77. 

Malliui, or Mdn/.'u] Luciui, JifdHiui AcHias Gtahrio, fenC ■» 

■n i(£<bal lo Caio the elder in gaiolt Anfiochoi. whom be de- 

»ltempting the hdghti near Ther- ttt\A »t Thermopyla;, ii. 310, 

mopyla:, ii. 31^ 380. 

MamiTci pniend to be de- JHanfaj Amilhi, iii. 56. 
fcicdanli o( Mamercui the Ton Maniiis Giriui Diilatus Iri- 

of Numa, i. 189. anipht ihrice, ii. 307. Caio the 

Afdnercui, tyrant of Calana, fitter often vifili bii little farm, 

forma an alliance with Timole- ib. Hedefeau Fyrrhus, ib. Hi> 

on, ii. 1 19. Enviei his achiev. anfwei to the Saronite ambalTa- 

inenti, ind enters into league dots who offered him gold, ib. ' 
-with lipeCatthiginiani, 145, It Man/ias, Titu), the temple 

beaten by Timoleofi, indfliei of Janui (hut in his confutfhip^ 

to Hippo tyranl oF Meibna, i. i83. 

\iO. Surrenden to Timoleon, UaelSiis, wlihSyHa'iveleranj^' 

lad >1 lent to Syracufe, when, engaged in Catiline'i confpira^ 

uponhii trial for brcachof faith cy, v. Si. 

and other crimes, heattempli to Man/iui, Torquitui, caubs 

bill himtelf, but is prevented hit own fon to be beheaded for 

and put to a Ceverer detilh, 1^8, fighting without orilen, though - 

149. he gained the vifbory, ii. is. 

' Mamerlines, t warlike peo- Manlia! Sava the capitol, i. 

pie, inhabitiDti of Mellana, 318, Put to death for afpiring;' 

iii. 17; to the (upreme power in Rome, 

Mamurius Vetarivs makes e. 338. 
levcD brazen (hieldi, in relem-' Mantiat, (he tiihune, oppofei 

blance of that which Numa Flaminiui in hii foliciuiian for 

C tended to have falleo from the conrullhip, ii. 365. 
ven. See Frtiriui. Mmdas defeated by the Amr 

Mdac/niu, Ciiiu, the conful, brones, iii. 61. 
it beaten by the Numantincs, Manlia!, Luciui, defeated 

and makei i poce, for which by Sertotius'j lyutenanl, iii. 

he ii dltgraced and impriton- 3^9, 

ed, and the peace annulled, v. Maiilini, Luciui. See Man- 

i, S: 6. lius. 

* MaiJiniiua, iv. 383. Masliia conrpires againft Ser- 
Uanirkidai, theSpartan, tells toriui, iii. 363. 

Pyrtlius,, " If he it a god, he Miatius, hit application to 

■will do them no injunice i if » Tiberius, v. lO. 
man, there will be found as ■ Mantinta, a. 341, 35a. 

fpai a one as he," iii, 33. Taken by Aratus, iv. 40a. Itt 

MaidTiiclidas, the ton of Ec- name changed lo Antigonia, v. ' 

phanes, alTids Agisinhisfchcmei 383, Bauie of Mantinea, ii. 

for relloring the .Spartan confti- 47, 35a, 

tuiion to itt original purily, iv. • Mariirhm, battle of, 11. 175. 

385. Called to account for it Martlkmian bull conqaeied'. 

by the ephori, 390. by Thefeui, i. 54. 

Uaniiiui cupelled the teoate v.— *... ►« r..ifiT ,r, A«rV. 
by Caio, ii. 313. 

JUani/iu tbslriboac, bi«U 

M/kK [ i6i ] MAR 

MurctUiiwi mi DumititH de. roifoubte cooditi^iu sf face, 

■quid, of Fompcy, whuhtr he .ib. Tfae Komtnt nuke an of- 

will Hand for ihecanfuUb.ipsr fcTing to Apolto on thii ncca- 

not, iii. 306. rr. g6. fian, ind lend a pnleni iq Hk- 

MttraUaif Itro^wc in law ta nt kingof Syraculci 137. Han- 

Cx<u O&viaau), V. loS. nibal snten Italy, and MfrcA- 

' UariiUns, Harcui, goo. with Im u lent wuh a Qnt la Sicily, 

CralTai to Cicero't houfeat mid- ib. After tbe great blow at 

night, with Uuen qclaling to CiuaK, MtfcMui lends {Jftecn 

CatUin^'iconCpiracy, v. 81. hundred nca to affift in the do 

UoTiellMi the tilbune, fon of fenccof Rome, e^. Iiordtr. 

the coiiquarur of SycacHle, ii. cd to head the renuinder of tlie 

i6j. Romm army, which had retired 

iWrcdtui. Ton of Caiut, hii ID Canurium, ib. TheRomaiu 

tnolhei OfUvi* dedicate! aU- wifclyjoin ilieboldnefioF Mar- 

biary, and Auguftiu a thcatK, cellos with the caution of Fabi- 

td bii nieuiocy, ii. 965. ui Uax^mut, ilx What Irlanni- 

MaTallii!, the conrul, attend- bal laid aF them, ib. Maiiellua 

cd by the lenite, commands mitclkt to the relief of Naples 

Pompey to prepare for the de- and Nola, ib. Recovers flandi- 

' '1 country, iv, 104. id to the Roman lalereli. 139, 

' againllNoia, 

. nfftance front- 
the inhabitant) ; but Maicellut 

334. Callogue wlibCato, ib. i) prepared, lud the Romana 

Mkrciltui, Maicui Claudius, bUy out i^joa the ecctny at 

the origiuil of kii family, ii. ihiee diaeimt gates, ib. Tbe 

S43. Whence the furaa-ne of Caithiginlani are defeated for 

M^rceHui, ib. His great (LiU the fitft time, 140. Maniellua 

iq war, parEicuttrly in fingl* is called to (he confulatc, but 

coDibat, tji. He rtCenei hit Uyi it down, upon the omena 

broiherOtaciliuj, ib. Appoint^ being declared inaufpicious, ib^ 

edaulil* and augur, ib. Some Atticlu Hamiibal, when he had 

time after (he hrft Funic war, feet out large detachments for 

Home ii engaged in a war with plunder, and defeats him agiin, 

theGiuIj, ib. They are defeau H'- Tbreehundjed of Uanni- 

ti by Flaminiui, 131. Flami- bal'i cavalry come over to him, 

niui and hii colleague being ib. On the death of Hierony- 

depofed,Man:ellu9 is appointed miu, the Catthaginiins allert 

c^nful, and taketCneiui Come- their claim to Sicily again, aad 

lius for hii colleague, 134. The Marcellui, now conful the third 

Homans bcBege Acens, ib. time, ii fent into that ifland, 

Vitidomirus, king of the Ge- a^i. With much dilfifulty he 

fata, lays wafte the country proeutej leave from the (enale 

about die Po, ib. Marcellui to employ the fugitive! from 

comei up with him near Clafti. Caanc, il>. Hippocrato ihs 

dium, ^35. A battle en fuei, Syracubn general, hoping, by 

in which Marcellui, with aum- meanj of tlie Caijhagioians, to 

' bert gnat^ infeiior, defeattthe let himlelf up Cyrani, attack* 

enemy, and kitli fheir king Vi- the Romani in the di&cia at 

ridemaruir ib. Con fee rates the Lconlium, 143. MtrccUua. 

Bpolia Opiiot CO Jupilei Fere, tiltei Leo^ttum, ih. FUppo-. 

tiiua, ■36. b batiaied with a cralei, by reprefcnUag Marcd< 
ttiiiiaph, ib, TbcGuiliolttiia. lot ta.* laugu^ii}' maiti 9><» 

MAR t i«7 J MAR 

•dmtffion into 8yi»cn(e, and erachelsft lowm of a«S»in" 

bidtdcflincc to l^rccUul, ib. nitn, and mVkntHreediDu&nd 

MarcetlVii ittacki it bottl by of Haaoibtl'tnieTi pTi%0(Tt,ib. 

fca and land, ib, Prepaiu i Cniius Fulviui, ae proconCid, 
pr»d'igu>iu machine upon eight ' whh eleven nibunfs, and gmt 

giUid /aftened togoAer, ib. partofhiisrmy, is flain in Apu- 

AichimEda ietp'ifa his prepa- lia, ib, Marcellut rcvengei hit 

rations, ib. The great deiliuc. death, 157. Hanntballiyi nn- 

tion Whicti the philofophet'i ny fnires forhim, bntHeelbtpo 

cnginei made amongft ihe Ro- Iliem, 158. Called home to 

man fliipi, 145. Marcellut'i declare Quintus Fulviui difil- 

gitat niachiae, called Sambuca, lor 1 his colleague having refof* 

i) broken in piecei, «46. Ar. edtonoroinaUliim, ib. Watch- 

chimedes hai {corpioni and et the motioDi Of Hanarbal, 

. otherenglncs,taB»ata1ebdir- while FabiUa gflximai bea^M 

tance, ib. MarccUut calls him Taieatum, ib. A baldc U 

the luithcmatical Brisreus, ib. fought at Canuliun, in which 

During the fiege of Syracule, M>n;ellus is beaten, 159. He 

)lbn:eUus lakes Mtgaia in Sicily, lencwi the charge the next day, 

S48. Attacks Hippocratei at and amply redeems tlie Roman 

Acrilli.indkilljeigBtthoofand lionor, i6o. Maraellus retire* 

of hit men, ib. In the confe- to SinueBa, for the lefredimrnt 

ftnces held with the Syracubna of his wounded foldiert, ib. 

about the ranfom of Damippui, Hannibal ravages the country, 

Marccllus takes notice of a ib, Bibului accnfes Matcelliu 

tower which might be gained, of negleft of duty, »6i. "He is 

ib. In ihenight of Diana's feC^ hoDorably acquitted, and cho- 

tival, he gets into the city, and fen con(uI ■ firth time, ib. At- 

fotcibly enters the Herspylura, lays a dangeroni commolirt in 

149. The fuliteqHent Optra- Tufcany, ib. Does not [ucceeii 

tions, ib. s. His oflicers com- In his tlefire to dedicate hii 

pliment him on his taking (He temple to Honor and Firtie, 

tiiy, but he weep at the ih. Several prodigies happen, 

thought of what it was to fnf- i6». He it extremely ilerirouj 

fer, ib. He ismuch afUjAed it to (ight a declflve balllc with 

the unhappy fate of Archime. Hannibal, ib. Fixes Tiia camp 

des, 151. His mercy to the between Bantia and Venufia, ib. 

people of £a|uiiimi 9.jt. He Hamtibal cuts in pieces TomB 

is called home to carry on the troops that wern marching )> 

war againft Hannibal, 153. gainft the weftern Locriaos, ib, 

Carrieiwiih him themoA vslu- Hannibal takes advantage ofa 

able of the llatuea tod paintings hill that lay between the two 

from Sytacule, ib. I) latisfied camps, to form a llratagem, 

■' ■ " " ■ ' aba, 163. Marcellusgoei with 

. „. , -, a fiw horfe to leconnoiire the 

racufans before the fcnate, but hill, in order to encamp upon 

honorably acquitted, 456. Con. it, ib. His eolleagoe Ciifpinus, 

tinuei bii proteAion to tliem and his fan Marccllus, Uiend 

notwithftanding. Bid their lib- bim, 263, Hannibal's am bulk 

' eny an J laws iby hii means . riles out of Ihe woody hallows, 

are conhrmcd to them, 157. kills l^arcellus and monally 

marches agai nil Hannibal, and wsundsCrifpinus, ib. and 364. 
afts with more vigor than the . Young Harcellus is carried off 

oihccts before him, ib. jtccav- wnunilcd, 26^, and Crilpinui, 


.who diet of bit woiindi (omc 
lime tftcr, ib. Hinnibil, after 
luviogtikcn Miiccllui'i fignn, 

f;ivei die body ■ nugnlGceat 
iincni, and (enili ihe aSies in i 
mver urn lo liii Ion, ib. Mar- 
cellui'i public aonalioni, 165. 
Tbe iorcriptioD on llie pedeHil 
oFbU lUtiw in the temple of 
Miaerva it Lindui, ib. Hit 
poAeritr contiuues in gnat 
fplendor down to Afarecllui 
tAe ufpiiew and ion in Uw of 
Auguftui, ib. 

Mflma,, daughter of PhiC 

ph«, i. 

o the pbilofo- 

'idow, 3(1 
Murtiuf, Numa' 


kinfman, peKuatlei tiim to ac- 
cept the crown wfaich the Ro. 
inanialferedtiiin,i_i67. SUrvo 
hinirelflo death, 190. 

Murc'u!, Ion of M^ircius, 
tnarriei Pomp ilia the dauijiter 
of Numa, [.190. ti the fjther 
of A□cutMa^:iu^ ib. Publiui 
and Quintus Marciui (upply 
Rome with water, ii. 77. 

Metinu.Caiui Uaiciuj. S^ 

Manias Philippui, ii, igt. 

Marcius, employed byCati- 
luw to kill Cicero, v. 62. 

* UanSai, Mount, i. 334. 

Kanus Creffiu. See CraLs. 

Kanus £milhs L<j.iJ>s,ie. 
dared chief of the lenate by 
faului jGiniliui, ii 19s. 


Mardian conduih the Ko- 
mans out of Fartbia, v, 193, 11. 

UtrJion, ths eunuch, v. 137. 

MirdMiai, Xci\i,-s general, 
Paufaniai t&a a> commander in 
chief againll lum, U. 289. and 
Ariilidei >l the b^d of the A- 
Iheiiiani, ib. He is killed in 
^baltleof PUwa, 593. 

Uatci, tbe gravel of thikCe-af 

MaTgitcs, why Demofthenaa 
called Alexiuder by that nimt, 
V, 60. ■. 
' Idarica, > coTDCdy of ZupdliB 

fo called, iii. sj(, 

Murkiati grove, dedicated ta 
the nymph Marica, iil. 8a. 

Uiriiu, Caius, bad no third 

■ 43- 

Hia Oati 


bii dirpofidon, ib. Tbedibd- 
vinlagenf hi) bavingno knowl- 
edge of Ihe Greek. literature, 
ib. HispareDtsobfcureandin. 
digent people, 45. His father's 
name tbe (ame with hi), and 
his mother') Fulcinia, ib. Bom 
at a village in tbe territory of 
■'- Makej " ^ '^ 


Ltnder S 

at the 
one day 
be a great general, ib. When 
tribune of ilie people, he pro. 
pole) a law which IdTtacd the 
authority of tbe patiiciani in 
matter) of judicature, and car- 
ries It againll the coaful, 46. 
Oppotes [he plebeiant with M- 
(peft to a diteibution of corn, 
ib. Applies for ihe officeof le- 
iHIe, andIaCn,it, ib. Is accu. 
fed of bribery in hi^ application 
for tbe pratorlblp, and gaini it 
with gTcjt difficulty, 47. Coei 
proprnor to the farther Spain, 
and clears it of robbers, ib. 

MAR t ifi? ] MAtt 

'IdBd Taipiliua wbo bad loft bri march-llmnigh N'oricfB i- 

tbt town of V>(:ci, md ihea giioll CKului, aod the Teutoncs 

'iafblti bim fbi il,fO. Applici (ad AiTi^nina ibroiigh Liguria 

to Mrtdlui for lane to go ind *g>inft Maiim, ib. Muiiu ic- 

•tUad forlbe conlulOiip, wbich cuftomi hii men to the ancQutli 

Jk gaini oaly twelve d>yi be- md l^bk lookt of the cDertiy, 

foM the «leHion, ib. On Hi ib. Thetroopicompliindf hii 

■mv»l at Rome, by itlfe chtrg- reftniining them from t&ion, 

■» agiinft MeielliH, md gre«t -" " ■■ ' ' " - 

premiiei to the people, hepre. 
-Mill on Item to e|f^ him, ib. 

nil iDlbleot (pegchea i^nft the Two 
nobility, 51. Metelliu '- 

it Rufli 
ct up the foTc« to Mdiiui, ib. 
Bocchtu, fither in Ixg to Ju- 
(unha, daliven up ihst prince 
to5yll«,Marii»'iqiizllori who happened 
thsKc endavon to rob Marii 

(S. He nuke* gmt ufc of tbc 
pieCended prophecies oEcSyri- 
10 woman, nar^ Miriha.'ib. 
1 vUlturei, ^rich the fol. 
ditn hid taken aod adomed 
with imten cr/i\tts, commoaty 
appar before any gWit fuceefi, 
m. Prodigiej [hat happened 
^— ■'-- '---- ''■ Whit 

iului Pomj 


liu, 51, fl. Marius ii tle^d 
'Conful lEain, though ahAnt, in 
-■order to his going general a. 
.^nfl ibe I'cQtoiMsind Cim]>ri, 
who were marching towards It^ 
ily with an atiny of three bun- 
dled ihouEiad men, 5t, jj. He 
triumphi Cor theconguedaf Ju' 
gunhj, who i) led captive, ^j. 
Af(er tbe triumph, Jagunha ii 
'ihruS down nalied into a durt' 
geoh, and ftarvcd u death, ib. 
Mariui enten the IXats in hit 
■triumphal robe, ib. He trail 

-intrenchm«f, aadlalGal 
berofmen, 53. They march 
by, and aflc the Romans, wheth- 
er Ibey have anjg .commandi to 
Some, ib. Maiius follows, 
and ■prepaiejfdrjjaitle near A- 
quie Seitiz, ib. Fitchei upon 
a carnp that afforded little wi- 
" " ' "" ' npia of the 

of the a 

ny to get v. 

ter, bring. 

The Apibronci and Liguriini 
are tbt firft that engage, 61. 
TlbeAmbrone) are defined, 62, 
le upon i'he Romini pifj a ditagiteible 
-tbe road, ib. Tbe harbariaDs, night, notwilhfbnding, ib. 
ioflead of coming upon bitn Matius defpatcbs Claudiu^ ' 
immediaidy, iavade Spai^i, j6. Marcellus, ID lie in ambuOt be- 
We diltiplinei hii troops in an hind the e^my with three 
HKellent manner, ib. He ob. thou[»d men,' ib, Th^atiT 
-tainiathird and « fauitii Con- delcrlbed, 63. Tbetioops vote 
{Blfliip, beCButetheRonunidid Mal6» fuch of ibe tents as were 
' not cboole to meet thebarbari- not plondered, ib. As he i» 
•n> under any other general, ib. ueparing to let fire tO'pilei of 
"The pirt the tribune Saiurainai ;Jpe eoenry'i armi, newi it 
-BBedonlhinoccarion, ib. Lu- trrsught hira of hit being eled- 
■;jatiuiCatu1uiij appointed coi^ dl conful a fifth lime, 64. Ca- 
^gueto Marius, 57. Maiilat lulus gives 1^ the Al pi to the 
jeneamps by the tivej. Rhone, Cimbri, and pods himtelf be- 
'•nd makes a cut in ^ moulh* hind ^ river Athefu, ib. Tbe 
of that liver, in order to the Romani fly, and CatuH"! when 
fapplyiig hi] clmp the bftt^r undfe l" Aop ihem, put> him- 
vith prsiirion*, ib. TheCitb (eif at their head, 6«. Haiina 
Vol. VI. P TT* - . 

g«to Rome, but tcFuli* ibe pnicnt, byjlie bi«^iag ool bC , 
triaWBh lh«t wi» offered him, ihe liaAaiTiitT, ot the wit of 

DsCatiilui,.te.'Wh«t tbeiUiu 
vecn M»riui ind the "'■ 
1 of the Cimbri, ib. 

. ikouhnd oE the enemy (d oae 

Hm' battle . Uttle, intl iaBm not Popbtiua 

ilh'theCitnbri, 6?, 68. The Silo,oneoE their bed geDfuli, 

' ' - ' ■ ntiM of him. 

. defpente hthivjot ot the ^i 
bcirWd theii women on i — 
defe^ 69,«M>riui giint the 
honor of iSTdiy, though Ct- 

. tului did moft lervice, ib. He 
itolled (he third founder of 
Rome, ib. He co«ts the peo- 

■ pie for » fiwh confulihip, 70. 
Timid in popular aflembliei, ib. 
Obuiuj the coofullhip by the 
aOinance of GUuciM and Satur- 

'* niout, throwiOolMetellus, and 
ftu Valerius Fliqcus elefted 1 

). He layi dov 
iind ui^t pmteace ol ioa- 
ility, jGT Yet he fbilciis the 
hief cammicd Iglinfl Mithri. 
itei, throu^ the tiibune Sul- 
itius, ib. Takei hit ezercilii 
i thc-Campu^MaitiiCIilt* > 
oung mui, ib. Sjlpilmigeu 
ix bundled sf the equeftrlm 
Otdei about him, whom be calls 
iti fenitt, 77. That(l^- 
killi the (on of Pompeiu* 
colWtgue, ib. an^ 71. AbeU Rufui, oneof the con full, and 
Satuminui inhiiflgiariautaw; puti SJlla, the othercooful, U> 
in the murder of Noniui i and Uight, ib, Thm be decree* the 
in a clauk f Uiging >he lenate command to Mariui, ib. Ma- 
to confirm i^tever the people tiusfcndstwe oScers to Sylla, 
IHould enafb, «». By i^ant of with orden that be Ihould. do- 
the fnatc thR lurked in that tirer up the army, lb. Syili 
claufc, and Mariui's prevaiica- pulj ibofc officers to dtalh, and 
tion, Meteiloi is banilhei, 7a. maichei immediately towacda 
Mariui afb 1 double part be- Rome, ib. Maliui, after lome 
tween the nobility andtbe fedi- entities 

raile forces, (lies, ib. and 78. Hit 
friends dfillrthim, 78. He re- 
lite, lo Salonium, a little villa 
of his 1 «d from thence to Of- 
tia, where he embarks, atunded 
only by Graniui, ib. Young 
MaHui is in danser, but is (aved 
by a bailiff of bis (atbct in law 


md the reft of the cal^ fly in- 
to the capiiol, but arc loiced to 
fub^it- lor want of water, ib. 
TheTnemberi of the calial arc 
defpitched by the people, on 
•' their eomiog down into the fo- 
rum, ib. Mariui declinei of- 
thwflgh fear of a repuKe, 71- 
On the recaJof Mctelluf)Ma- 
rius takes a voyage into Afia, 
an^etpeavots to ftir up Mi- .„ 

ihridalesto war, in^pesof Be- feai „ , 

ing cppoinled ^^eral a^irtt' grmitiet and badr.wn'her, he 
him; Bocfhui, king ot Nufci- goes on fhore afClrcaum, ilj. 
dia, ere£ts in t^capitula iet vRi great wantof provirion>,aiid 
of figurci,ioin|ffirinsthehi{lo- hurledi)y Sylla'j (oldien ; yet 
ly of bii delivering up J.igut.j encourages bis little compar.j; 
tba toSylU, 75- This inflames byaprophecy tlat he llioold 
•thejea16tity ol Marius.Hl A gain a feveiflti conrullhip, 79.' 
.civil war ii prevented To t the ^e e[pies a troap of horfe m^. 

loafb Italy, ib. DlBredeti by 

MAR [ 171 ] MAR-- 

• lug tswirdi hiv, and with ter he tee^ a party of Numidiaii ' 
much difficulty geu on board a horrE in purfuit of hioi, gf,' He 
veOcl, ib. The ;turin<n, after ii infRrmci of the ^uirtel be- 
having KfuCed to furrmder him tw«n the confuli Cinna and 
to the horfemeiif-Jet him alhore pjbviut, ib, OAaviui having 
near ibe mouth of the river Li- HpeUcJ Cinna, and appointed 
Till and there dekrt him, 9aif another conful in hit roam ; 
He applies to a cottager to hide Ciiuia colledi forcei, and Duin> 
him, ib. On (he noife of per- taH the war Tgiinft them, ib. 
foni (ent by Gemioiui to (Mich M7iui fails, to join him, with 
for him, be lca«t the cave only a thoufand men, ib. He - 
■Khera lift wai lurking, and arrivea at Telenion, a port of " 
plunges intooneofthcmarBies, Tufcany, and proclaims liberty 
81. He ia ^(coittred, and car- to the Oavei, ib. Culleas ■ 
ried U^intuma;, ib. The nu- confidtraWe force, and lilli for- 

■ ib. Maltea 1" 

a aHiftance, which is 

nte averGoo to him, ib, ^Mie accepted, ib. Cinna declares 

fargen ber refentment, anVfin. him proconfut, and fends him 

lETtains Marius in the beA mm. the fafces, which hs rejefte. Ilk 

ner, ib. He- is encoura^ by He cuU off the enemf 1 fKi- 

n omen, ib. The magiftratei vays at fe^ and makes himfelf 

of Hintama: pafi (entence of nulUrof (he tnarititne towns, 

vf death upenbim,8v Theex- 85. Oilia ii betrayed toh1m,ib. - 

ccntloner, who waaeitheri Gaul The conful O^viusii llain, ib. 

oraCimbrian, tmmblei it the He enters Roirie, after having 

voica of Marios, and at a light dermirred, wder pretence of 

which darted from his eyes, lb. being an exile,''86. Marius fe. 

The foldier reports this to the lefts a guard from the (laves, 

people, and they refolveto eon. and calls them hia Bardieani, 

4a& him wbemcr he pleated, ib. Thele put ail to death, 

ib. They Wadhimeventliiough whole talutation Matius does - 

the Marcian grave, ib. He goes not return, ib. Account of the 

da board a velfid provided by dreatful maOacret, 87. Comu. 

one Belieiis, ib. Finds hia (on tui efcapei throngh ihe Udelity 

inlaw Granius in the iOe of of his Oaves, ib. Marl^otoar - 

jEoaria, ib. Touches at Sicily, Ihe orator is dilcovered in his 

from whence he cfcapcs with retreat, and llain, 8S. Luta.^_ 

difficulty, 83, Is informed ia tius Catulus, formerly the c«U*'' 

thqjfland of Meninx, that his league of Marius, in defp^ir 

{on Marius had escaped to Afti. puts an end lo hia lifi^ib^Jrhe 

u, and was gone to implore Bardizans art cut oif By cTuna 

fuccorof HlemptL^Sg. L«nds <td Sertorius, ib. News ii 

ia Africa, and receives a mef- bniaght that Sylla hsd put ati 

fkge from the prztor Sexlilius. end lo the Mithrida|ia vHt, and 

commanding him lo depart, ib. . wu reluming to Rome, ib. 

WsnoHianfvfrr, ib. Thekin'l This givas * Ihort re[pit« to the < 

- of Nuroidia detain^ youn^jia-' mi (erics of Rome, ib. Marius 

Tius at his court ; bulalowd- it defied conful the feventh 

venture fcti him fK and he re. time, ancTSie very day he enters 

turns to hii father,". The o- on his office, orders Sextui Lu. 

Dseo of two li:orpioDS Bgbting cinua to be thrown down the 

puts Marius upon etaping to a Mrpeiaa rock, ib. Finds his . 

yi acigl^ring iibod, indfoflaaf- factiLtin fail,.ib. Uu rccourie.- 

MAJt t' >7* ] MEV 

toibe bottlE, ib. Btooattit- expedicioni, wilbeiiiiknfTMifr ' 
liraua, Id. Din *t-)lKatcaf ufe e[ bCTprediaioni, iii. &$. 
.,. ,_.__•*.. MtTliM. SasMBtiia. 

Martiaiit, t. 4 1 1 . 
MartimtiMi, ■ iWiHor, v. 395* 
Mtrli'j Xtx mi'rrin Tcrtt* tlka- 

Mdrliti, T. 103, 
HiTaUti, » n'lhxait of dm 
pnpU, tean the rayal diidema. 
from the (tiCu« of Cztir, iv. 
1)6. Dcpoftd by C«i«r, »77. 
Ut/fnija, king oMfam'idia, 
j« aeuuwa ac nu gouk, dvc hii waii with the Canla^iiitDi, 
Bikn bii c<capc by th; iIEft. ii. jj^ A Andy frieod^itf Ui« - 
■nee of ■ yonng wonun tbtt Rnmm^ib. < ( 

loll in loTC wilh hint, ib. It MafjKki, % Perron officer, 
beilen by Sylb, 153. Bchavn bchivei wilh gie»i coungv, iL 
wilh cruelty, 90. VlicaUPrc- E87.. Ii kiUid in bulla by die 
ntfte, 15J, Eill> himrelf, go, AtheniiDi, ib. 
i^o. Ma^iaiu, mclofettcir Tine, 

jrtrdt with the bona of Aote 
who fril in [be faMile between 
the RoDUiu ind tbt Teutonci, 

^veity, w ith As chagrin ff an 
uafortunit^ wTctcb, wba bad 
HOC obuined wKit h« wintetf, 
U>. HiidcUhprodudivtofthe 
gratcft joy in Rone, 90. Hii 
fan tmdi la the fooEAept of hit 
criKlty, and coma to an 1^ 
titndy end, ib. 

Maria, [onaf Qaioa nbrim, 
iii. 7 S. Go*a to beg fuccon of 
Hionpftlkinjof Nomidii, B3. 

UsriaiCilfas. Sw Ce^'u. 

Mariti, MaTtoi, piofciibeil 
bySylli, iii. 160. 

Man'u, Mircin, a Ronun of- 
ficer, fcfit by Sertotiui M ift M 
gcneni for Mithiidua, iti. aet. 
so;, ]6«. 

Mariut's mnlei, who fb cal- 

led, i „ 

MtTpkaialii, a Cipp>docian 
prince, hulband (0 Pfyche, with 
wbadi yaung Cato lad an in- 

irignt, iv. 3§o. 

Mgnisgc, cuftomt md emt- 
mnnin idaiing to it at Rome, 
'■ 9=. 93. 91' RomuliB-f hw 
toncerain(it, iCH. Regulationi 
oFLyciirgDi, ijB.andof Sokin, 


Nofr^ufni, ■ feaA id honor 
if the XoniB mairvna, for dKir 
patting an end (o ibi wai bi- 
wten the Sabine* and the R»< 

Matita, Ma<n-, thalaapleof- 
a goddeh (0 cillad by the Ro- 
laaoi, i. 306. 

Mmrijiti, what he bid la tbs 
fanate oi RoOte, v. 396. 
• ManrTamM, iii, 345, 
iHvAU, upon die iihpTelGoil 
made on Rnmcflia by th* Buc- 
Irian borre, fendi a party round 
III. la fill on thole who guiF^S^ 

!iij, ii. 174. Alcindei'i baggan, iv. 17*, 

ontai ihe father Akucandin'a muniiicnKe to iho 
id Rental, i. So. foo of MaE^, iftt. 

• JtfBT/ci'^i, city of, founded Mtal ; no licriiue to ba lUdl 
byamerchnmi. ROi. 

• Mff, Sylla pcrfnadea ihem 
to declare (at tbc Ronaos, iii. 

Murlha, a Syria 
"ed up by Nil 
P 1 Ow attends him in 

McA:t, wife of jfigeut, i. $3, 
SupBofed to haveiBoialed with 
Naphtha ihe crown md veil 

■-MrJn, their htbiu, iv. 187 
* Mtdkt, ii. 165. iii. 149. 
Mtdimus 1 ■ DiBcp ind a me 
dimnus of una, each valued a 
vdracbnu in Soloa'i time, i 
Slj. Of wheat, fold fa| 1 
thoudnd drachmai in time 

M'liiui, a friend of Autigo- 
nua, biidKam, V, 130. 

Idigaitakiis, famed fot hij 
firanglh uiA CQungc, a friend 
of young Cnffuj, iii. 318, 319- 
Killi himldr, 3E0. 

UigaiMis, Son of Spilhii-' 
datet, 1 favorite of Agefilaui, 

Mtgaiyzui, Alexandif'i let- 

Jlf^ac&j, archaa ofAthen. 

171 3 MEL- 

• Migtra in Sicily, ii. (48. 

■ M'i'ra rellofed to libeny 
by Deinetriu), v. 114. 

MigaTtnfiavi lake Nitca, and 
recover Salamii from the Athen- 
ians, i. aio. Salimi] i) recov- 
ered by Soloa, «o6. Theirman- 
ner of iepulture, so8. The A- 
theniini forbid them 10 fet fool 
on their territoriei, 379, They 
are united to the Atbcniuii by 

* • *ft/rifa in Macedonia, ii 


which had 



CI, iv 

rhcTtjlu, mi- 

ruinedby th^ 
ring the Athen- 

of Cleome 

rriei the mother 
403- Taken 

i. 109. 

Mcgaclts, father of Olno- 
macbe, and gnadfathcr of Al- 

MigKlii, Ion of A'cmasoa, 
Iwadi apaity of the Atbeniini, 
on their breaking into Fabian] 
after iIk departure of Solan, i. 
S33. Pirillratng obtainaa guard 
and Megacles (Ilea, igf. . . 

M'gluk!, a friend to Pyriliui, 
Pyrrhui telli hin> that the juder 
ei the Roman army hai nothing 
of the ^ibarian. in it, iii. 18. 
Fyrihui changei.hii dreCa with 
him, upon whicb beia attacked 
and killed, so.:.r 

Migaclci, brother try Dion, 
joined in lommiffion with Di. 
on by theSyracuiani, v. 151. 

Mepiaeui belonged lo the 
eoutt of Philip the Ion of De- 
meuini, V. 385. 

* MtgaliJHiiii, taken by Cle- 
•iwan, ii. 34S. iv. 418. Ita 
iahabitanti (avcd and reftored 
by Philoptxmen, ii. 346. Hard 
preffeil by Nabii, lyruitof 1^ 
- cedzDWB, 354. . 

that peifoni of geniui 
have fo mething of it, iii. 91, 

litilanippu!, ion of Tbefriu 
by Perigune,i. fit- 

M'knefui, the o ' 


'■ 3!"' 

: poet, 
111. 173. 

Mdanthas of Sicyon, the cel- 
ebrated painter, v. 354. 

McltnlhUi, what he laid in 
pniCe of PhocioD'i wife lo a 
player, iv. 30s. 

■ Mtlas, river, navigable 
from itilource, iii. 146. Swelli 
about the fummer folfticelike 
the Nile, and produces the lame 

Mdcagcr, Thefeui amils hi 
in killing the Calydonianbo- 

• MrlBxa, ii. sag. 

MeRctTlcs, ccr.nnon 
worlhip bE htm, i. 6j. 

Mclmfiiai, iv. 1 . 

Msnjfvs, the philolbpber, 
Theniittoclo ftudies undei him , 


i. a66. 

Meli/ui, admiral of Samoa, 
beati the Athenians, i. 374. But 
is afterward) defeated by FerU ' • 
•lo. 375- 

MEN [ 1' 

IffiHairi, inlubiUnUof Melo, 
(menfihe Cycladei, Alcibitdu 
ths chief eaule of the (liughier 
amongli them ; yet be thinki 
be dou ihe KUad gml honor 
by cahibiiing with one oE iU 
Women, ii. 49. Ly^dec rerf- 
ablinin (bent, iii. 103. 

* Milita, in Achoiian bar< 
•ugh, i. to-], iv. 301. 

• M'lilea, eily of, iii. 146. 


iv. 96. 

• MtlUriA, iii. 348. ' 

M'llimi. See Inns. 
Milon, on*oE ibe iffociiW! of 
Felopidu in delireiing Tbebei, 

JHijMiiiit, Caioj, secure* the 
two LocoUi, iii. 338. iv. 343. 

Rliwniss, Pompey's fifter'^ 
hufband ; Pompcy, nter hehad 
reduced Sicily fur Sylla, tefc 
him governor there, iv. 53. 

AltKmias, Pompey'j lieulen. 
lot, liilled in baleie by Scrlori- 
at, iii. 358. 

MeiBnun, the iHoft able of 
Dariui'i genenli, iv. rja. Hit 
deaih, ib. He was hulbiod oC 

+ 3 _I«JEN 

tui Pornp^Di, propolc* tf> hfn 
■ inelhad to make [he wOrtd bis 
own, t 186, 

• Minic, ofUe of, fii. 336. 

• Maits, in Egypt, the 
prince of it folieits Ibe favor of 
AgeliUu»,iv. 41. 

MmetliJiis, '— 

other tgalnft Ep>TIliliondla and 
Pelopidis, ii. iiS. Ii fined b/ 

MmeiTiies, the hiflorian, . 

■ MiM'Jer, one of tile Athf- 
■lian generals defeated by Lyfan- 
ilerat jtgoi Potantoj, '" - - 

mmlitmai, an officer of the 
bedchamber to Lucullui, r^vEi.. 
his maDer from tn ilMmpcoE 
Olchacxxs upon hit life, iii. 111. 

• UiatUai's haveti in Af^i. 
ca. Agefilaut die) thei^, iv. 

Miniksi, brother to Ptole- 
my k-iHg of Egypt, it defeiKfl 
and foifimders to DcmetriUt, ». 

itiiavuKkas and Siyro, fent 
by Mithriditei to iulercepia Ro- 
rnin corivoy ; but their troop* 
lie almofl EoOlty cut off by 

Lucullus't convoyj, 111. lis. 

JUmandir, joined in (ommif. 
fioii with Niciat, iii. 177. Hii 
faijl ambition to fight, ib. 

JlffadWrr had the caie of 
.^migonul'l bsBgr-fee, iii- 376. 
Eiimenet hai an opportunity to 
take it, and foibeirs, ib. 

Minandcr put ta ^eilh by 
Alexander, for defening a for- 
ritfs of which he had tfic com- 
manil, iv. ig^. 

JWi-BsnJcr, the poM, allud'i 
ffi Alexander palTing through 
■he Pamphylian (a, iv. ,51. 

Hlmai, lea oScer undrtSw- 

tbepeopie, ii, 81,81. 

Mtat^Acs, one of the young 
then lent with Thefeut by way 
of tribute to Crete, i. ^7. 

MtiKjIhtus itirt up the Athen- 
ians againft Thefeus, and Ukta 
the reini of govemntent, L ', tj 

Mi^_fiheui tliE oraloi, iv. 


if'"- ■SeeMWia/. 

■ Mitinx, an ifland atwhjch 
Marius totiches in hit fligtl t* 
Africa, iii. 83, 

lH"iipp:u hat a principal 

conmaod under Penele, L 3Ci». 

MES t ire a MHT 

Ui^^i fhcCir^,! tM' M^tA CnttN^MM, ■ fiiaadef 

' •rkiiD TiflMl by CiceA, t. CtfGui and Brutiu, fighti in tl« 

fm. ngbt winf [rf>th«iririny ilPhi- 

Mmaceui, Ton of CrMS, fc- lippi, v. 301, Hit gtntou* m- 

vote) hrmtcif to dciih for Ui fwerto Augnftu, gtt. 
country, it. 214. «. IMUk, wiftil' with DWmi- 

JtfOioii, PhidiH'« fehoIirK- .liw, iv,99. 
cafnhhn, ind Fhidiu dM !o • Mifftn" or Mtgim, tn 

prifeo,i.38o. Sicily, "■ 136. iii. «7.i*. 419, 

McnaM oomtnmdi the ThtC t. B71. 
bliift horfe in the PcrBin «(p<. * Megtfitks, in. ij. W. 

diiion, v.jao.B. 331. Theft- 383- 
tberof PhtB>, i». 1. • Miginu in Vi^o^omt(tai 

Me^loT, brclhiti of Memnou, the rertility ai ihe Invdi (bout 

goei with EunWnM to AleMo- it, i. i»9, w. 37. Rttftibllib. 

dCr, -wbta he bR * cemin com. «d by Gpatninonda, Iv. 37. 

pliint to make, ill. 366. Freed from ifaetyiiBl Ftabiab<r 

ilftny/Aii comitunds the gar- PhiloptEinon, ii. gs4- 
lifon which AntiplHrput in h' JKft^j'/T', afingulaTMcidtat 

tbsis, iv. 3O9. Offen PboclOD tuppeni to one, iv. jOg. 
» turn Of money, *hi<h be n- Mtjtrias Tionu, t. 418. 
fufe, 311. MiiwMrf conlinuei tbcbnlltt- 

MctttHsits, ot- JHertritnius, ing of aw Pinhwmn, which bid 

the Roman iOlercaliry tnonlb bttn begun by CoTtfbin, i. 

fo called, i. ig6. W. \^^. 361. 

i(fcrcAnf,hi) pr6fiElSon ban. JUMi^'Mrm, themoDth Ibcal- 

(tiablc, i. 100, E«i. SofoDfot- led, i, 950. v. 65. 
Iowa it feme iime,.ib. * Meltptnlum, ii. sg. 

McTcaTj, hi^flitus^ Ii. 5«. Maill*. ^SKCaciUaMeHlia. . 

Cimon petnltled to (reft three Mrttlkil, Qulntvi, bit invid- 

wiih hononble init^iptioni □■ ktua obfcivttioa apm Tibariu 

KConntofhitviAoTyin Thrace, Gnccbw, v. 13. 
iii. 1 77. Many of hti (tatuc* Mcteitus, Qulntui, why ciI. 

debced In one night at Athena, led CtUt, \. Bb. 
i6^. ForwMcbAlclbtadeiand MiuUoi, the chief pontiff, 

hi* friend 1 ar« accufed of iiari- mimei hii daughter to Sylla, 

leg*, ii.-53. iii. 129. Hi» death, W, »»5. 

Mercury oi jEgtui'i gate, i. MruUai, Caius, -ctllt upon 

53. Sylla 10 d«cUrt whom he wilt' 

Mirspi, dloghter of Erac- fi'e, and whom deftmy, iii. 

then), and mothn of Dxdalui, 158. 
i. 58, Mflillm, or, u Flutanh «alla ' 

Mcrula. Stt Conclks. him, Mctitiui Cimitr, gi»ei th* 

McfiSalii the eunuch, won o(- Tignal for theittaik upon Cifir 

Anaxetxes at dice, by Paryfatia, in the (enatehoule, iv.-iSi. 
and ordered to be flayed alive, Mttdbi, Qiiintua, Ccciliin, 

for having cut oJf the headmd called NamiiKui, i> general in 

band of Cyrus, V. 330, the war againft Jugurdia, ill. 

M'/a/aies, raatbematical in- 48. Talua b^riui For hialieu- 

ftrumenti, ii. (44. lenant, bywbomheii fupplanl- 

* M'/'pelamia. See tba life ed, ib. Hit lirmaeb and difi' 

6f Crajiis. nity of mind, 71. A bying of 

Jtlt/a/fl, faiiicr of Valeria the hi., ib. Brailbed, 73. BMtU 

MiSt «f SylU, iU. iCfl^^ kd, 74. 

MEr I '■ 

■ UHtHu, Ion of thclormcr, 
iii. 85. 

. MtuUiu Pias, iavita Fomp«f 
to hii dlilbmce, iv, go. Re- 
tatet ihe ehalleiige of Senoriui, 
iii. 390. Plutacch'i oblervation 
upon that icfubl, ib. Layi 
fiegc ta tbt city of Lagobtiti, 
but 11 forced til nilc it, ib. !■ 
waundci nnr Sigunmm, 358. 
Tbis in^iru- Che Romiiu with 
fuch fury that Ihcy giia tlv 
viaory, ib. Promifei a hun- 
dred lalenti and twenty thoit- 
bai acta of land lo the mm 
tint Ihould kill Sertoilui, 359, 

mily upc 
jained of Sertoi 

iu,ib. Gro 

yein, 349. 

UiUlii CrtHcus, > nlatioD of 
tW former, iv. 71. Bdiigei the 
piratu in one of the lowm of hii ambafli 
Crete, ib. Pompey eommandi of the foia 
hin to deCft, and he refufcj, >«. Miiu, i 

Mcltttui Nipt!, tribune of the liidias, 
people, iv, 337, OppofeiCi 
lat'j opening the treiCury 

, Rome, 254^ A decree be pn 
poled, and the meani he uf»d lo acnuiai^jan af 
ret il paDed, 1411. Diiippoint- oF money, 1. 

, ed by Calo, lb. Hll bcfuvi.- • "■— 

i?« ] MIL 

be wanted to diO'uidetheia from - 
calling in Pynbu., iii. 14, 15. 

Uctreiias, 1 player, and f«- 
ToriWofSylU, iii.,6f -■ 

Militiitii the Atboiiaa, ilL 
■ 81. 

Uilrahras, counlellor to Mt- 
thridatei, and honored with tb* 
title of his father, iii. >ig, jig. 
Put to death by Mm for'wanc 
of fidelity in an embafly to Ti- 
gnnei, sig. 

Muiin commanda a party of 
Macedonijnj, iv. 306. li de- 
feated and killed by PSocien, 

Miilm tbe Atbenian oppob* 
-AntDi, V. 379. 

Uicipfi lendi the Romania 


M'l'ltas Siipic, V. Bi. Father 
in bw lo Pompey, iv. io«. See 

Meliamlijcka, iii. eSi. 

• UllhlU, V. HM. 

* Uelhy^iat, 
McliliMi the tri 

o Min' 

:, kinfmm 

I agaiaft Fabius Maxi. 

Milaiia, a feBival inaiturOi 
byThefcin in remembnnei of 
Ihe people of Attica moving to 
Athens, i, 63. 

fScUn tbe afttologer, to pre- 
vent hii fon'i going upon tbe 
Sicilian expedition, bumi his 
own houfe, ii. 51. iii. 16S. 

Mctm, the Tareniioe,' feigni 
himfelf drunk, to excite the at- 
MtioD of the Taicatincj, whea 

. Arillolle ereai 1 
Ichoal of philofophy there for 
the people of Stagira, iv. 140." 

■ Miltn taken by the Romani, . 
ii. 936. What pafleJ bet-vc^ 
(he peop% and Augullus Czfar, . 
V. 3.1 v. 

iMt/iacif QjrfEene compofi,- 
tioni of Arillides, iii. 329. ' 

• MilHas; iii. 108. The peo. 
pie at war with Ihofe of Samoa, 

,' Mitilary tribuies, eUaed for 
a time by tbe Romani inlUad - 
ofcontuli, i. 3o», Theitnum. , 
ber, ib. 

Milo, detached by Perfeus tat 
oppofe Scipio Nalica in hii at- 
tempting an entrance l;y dte 

Mild, a candidate for the GOQ7 

Mia c 177 ] Mrr 

KaindkilltCiadiui, v, lOO. * MinUrnif, Mzriuiluriii in 

Decided by Cicera, ib. ' ihs marlkci Mar it, butistakdi 

Uilou oi -nteOaly, t ilviou add brought bcfwMtbe magir- 

aoA friend «f D<on, t. (fg. InMl «f \hu plMS, ill. fli , 

Uilliaiti, che firft in digaitj' MMuftU, Calui, t. ijt. 

andaiilfaorily of'thE tat Adw- AttnutfiU.LiiciiM.nbiu M»- 

974. Tb« otire erawn denitd of horjc, 11. 5. 

himaftcrhii viftory, iii. 17;, pMhlRlpdoii, -j. Gtini Tome 
178. The father of Cimoli, advanugc of Harniitwl in (ht 
173- Hii Imphy excitti thtETs- ablcaceaf Fibiui, lo, Verfatit* . 
ulKinn of Ttannilliic1c<, i. jO. tlie people to give him equal au- 
la Rued, and dici in ptifort, iii, Jfa«riry witfi the diailor, la. 
173- * ^ « worfttd by Hinnibal, mi 

MUlt, the favorini coiMahiHe (taronably relieved by Fabitu, 

of Cynit tls youn^r, ii called 14. Hit fubmifGon and (poecll 

Afpafid. SeeA/j«ifia. toFabuit, ig, 

Mmailimii, tho BacchMiali lo JWiaud'iu, MaKui, one of the 

called, iv. 135. firft qBzftort, i. 14B. r 

Mini, ^s value of it incmf- ~ Miliatif!, TherMuI, O-ibiiDa 

ed by Sotoii, 1, 114. . of the ^pte, iv. 34S. 

Mimtiriu the Spartan idni- Uiracla, Plucanh') apinloa 

nl.iii. 63. Defeated by rflci- of them, J. jOB. See Proii- 

biadei, and Oain, 65, gits. 

.Afii^ ; great •tiada praduc< Mirrtri, coticlve ones, by 

live of gmt Ticci, u well la wMch the Km of Vtlb was ta 

ireifvirtuei, ii, 77. ba itkindlwl,!. >f4. 

' M^trvoths Syll4ma; i, ill. Miifatlunii, In wtaf Ctlei D 

Oflilelii, 134. The./rmian, iii. Cfill, ii. ao. 

31. iv. ig. She comniuiicatti *U(/it«>,1>bTiui'j^vilIathrTe, 

10 Peridu a nmedy io a dmnl, iii. 76. 

L bGb. Her peplum or veil, Miiirt, si Mif^t, t^ fu« 

ir. lEj. Tin gobdm ftalac of wdrlhipped ondef that name by 

h»r micbe by Hiidiaa, i, 36a. the Feihani, iv. 169. v. gig. 

Htf iiatg« biViughl fram Troy, HiAridatts, ki>gaf PonttW, 

3B1. Her temple at Alhcnt ptheri ftrength after jiis 4t- 

calJCd fartteiiM, 361. Hn fea«, utdbecowei tlormldable 

temple at Spai{a«aUe^'CJa/cW- nwniy M the Ramanl, ii. 3BT1 

'.39°' ' ' , '- - h^iui cndeavon to pnvokc 

if.. ~Si.C wire 
niinea at lavKiui 

ifu«, butSylU is appoint- 
ed to dp coTDfuiDd ioi(,i34. 
ms iiAnvitw and peace with ' 
* Mnwri, iii. 9ji. V. 14), Sylta, 149; 15a. BafoTediis he 

Won dcnunib triboteof (be Httl cauled a buttdtcd md liny 
AthtDiani on account ef hU tlioiiland Roieaet to b« malli. 
<bnAjidi«|«ii having Ian kill- crad in ATia in ane day, i5«. 
cd in Attica, i. 54. WtM itM He leaves Ptrganiu, and fiinU 
tribute wag, 55. Two sf that hitafclf 8p in Phace, ig6. 
name kin(j el' Cr*K, ijS. «. md. Ttrsght by expcrioice rather to 
la. wtivsOiobd bu *!«*■.' prepare hii trowpn bycKerclft, 
ihaa to F*rBlih (hein widi fplen. 

. ... , didamu, aM. Marcho to fur. 

Lp^ OdBttf TM'aM,|s«. prilcC^io«»,«n. AcctMitaC 

hiiopnatioiu tbcie till provil- * UisjIcMtni puni(hed b^ 

ioDt uc cxtictndy Icarcc ia hii Lucuilui Foi hivicig joiiieiMa- 

owa cimp, ind be iiobliged to liiu'i party, iii. 197. 

ttliDquifli it, (04. Tikn the Af^bAtiu, ■ frimd of Ar>- 

opponunity of 1 uorm to nuke tiu, v. 34^ 

hixTcape, S05. Would have Miumen. See ArUxtrxci, 

ban Ukcn by Lucnllui, had not Untfitis, Ibc Alhenitn irchi- 

thevnTiaat the Ronun lol- teO, hvc yean io finifhingtbc 

dien prevented it, 113. Order* partiao o( the citadel, i. 

Iiu wlva and fillen to be putio 36*. 

dncb, ib. FHci to hli ton in UmfiphilKs, Thenidocles'a 

law Tigranet, B14. Encourigei preceptor in political knawl- 

(hal prrace iftir hii defeat, laS. , edge, i. 167. 

OSeri to fupply ScRoriiu with ' Umjijitslimt, Therftflocltl'i 

inoiMy and fhipi, which that diughter devoted to Cybele by 

general, though an exile, will the dirtflion of that goddefi, i. 

not accept but upon ceilain eon- 198. 

ditioni, 361. ilii faying upon Unifllimi, the notice taken at 

it, 36*. Shut up ID hii camp him by Homer, iii. 177. 

hy PomDcy, i*. 75. Hii dream, Matfira, one of CimoD'i mif- 

ib. Ii deh^Kd, and fliei with trelle), iii. 174. • 

only three fTteDd], 76. Thefi- Moic^jr, the oiniment of the 

delily andferviceaofhiiconcu- fair fcx, i. 195. 

bine Hyp fic mil, ib. Deliven MaJg, Apallonius, Cicero and 

poilba ta exh of hii friends, Cx<9t aUend hii leauiu at 

77. Mil memoirt, and IcttWl Rliades. &a Apollmiti. 

\itXwiBx him apd Uonima, St. * Mologims, iii. i. itfcq. 

Hii death, 8i. Malop,!, »a Athenian .Ifne- '' 

Ititiridalti, fon of Ariobat- ral, iw. 197. 

unei, what piSed between him Mslpadia, an Amazon, i. 67. 

ud Dcmetffcj, v. 1 »0. • Utliii, liier, iii. 145. 

Mirtiiinci the Parthian 
advice 'Co Antony, v. 

^'lAruLiFei revrarded by Ar- quence, which ii befriended te 

tattrxeifor w.unding Cytui, democracy, 138, n. Caaoff.and 

». 318. Put to death forcliim- detefted by the Ronuni, ij. 

ing the honor oE -Virhat be bad 148. V , -^ 

done, 319, 330. Mtfijii, a .Parfhlan ^ble< 

MilAriiittt, a native of PotI- man, TevMti to' Aaton^but 

tui, Uuihi at Galba'i withered foon delerti hih, v. 190. 

face and bald'licad, v. ^OQ. la Umcla, her l^ple, i. 101. 

■ pntto Beathby GJba, 4O1. daS. 

Miihriiaits, kingofComna- 
fene, v. ao8. " 

Milhniarainei, (snt by Ti- (beep, 3tc. i. £47. 

granei again ft Luc ullui, iii. efa. Miiey. Set L,ukIIuiii. 

li tilled iu battle, tt^. M""y, called the ^ntas »l 

Uitkropt'^a, nephew to iujfnt/i, iv. 411. 

Xerxes, his laying to Demaratui _, Mmcy, Grecian, why ftimp. 

nnon hii ambition to wear a di' eltjrith the figure of in ox, i. .. 

■oeiB, and to be carried io pomp 6fP ,' .' * 

ihroQgh Sardii, i. 197. M'mcy 1 gold and filver mon. 

• JC^f&itt, i, 813. iv. 111. «yprohibitedbyI^nfltui,a«iH 

MUM [ 179 ] 

tieavy iron 'moocy introduced, form 

i. 133. Gold »nd filver, when 364. 

biougjit in again, provej the ru- ehaicui, iii. 43. 

inofSparU, 137. Tbekarcity Muniaiuj. ibe lieutenant of- 

of it It Atheni in tlie lime of CralTui, defeated by Sputaciu, 

Solon, »»4. iii. 999. 

Mone/. See Briiiry. Uummiai, Caiiit, iii, 135. 

Mininu itSitci all Ae offers Munaliui Plancul goei ovo to 

of MlthridaUi except that of Antony, v. 176. 

laaidage, iii. £13. Lives un- Muiufiiu, Cato'i friend, iv. 

kappv, ib. AUeinpti to hnig 316, 344. Tte diffirence be< 

bertilf in her diadem, and. it tweeo himindCato, 330. Tbc^ 

breaki, m. ve reconciled, 351. 

MiB(t inleroUry. Sm Afcrya • Munda, a city in Spain, iv. 

tldinui. 171. Battle aeax iU walli be. 

Umlki, the Roman, whence 

iween CxCir and ihe feni of 

named, i. i85, 187. Donotan- 

Pompey, ib. 

fwf c to the Grecian months, 83. 

Mu„J^,, the name of tha 

Numa adds two to the lulen. 

dltfh dravKH about the place 

dar, 186. The irogulariiy oE 

where Rome wai ereaed, i. 

the Grecian, ii. 141. n. 195. 



pouring oil upon them very an- 

Wll> that that fort would one 

cient, iv. ,48. 

day contribute to ihe miferitj 

Mim. S«Ec!iifi. 

of Athens, i. 210, iv. 309. 

Moon, conlidered u a god- 

ij '*3- 

defi, iii. 133. 

Muaychian, the month fo call- 

iiiiaii, three feen at Arimi- 
nuft-at one time, before (i« de- 

ed, iv. 318. iii.- 104. 

Munyck,,, i. -3. 

feat of the Gauli by Flaminiui, 

Mur.rna commands the left 

ii. 833. J 

wing of Sylla'i army in the bat- 

* Moriiis, livti, \\\. 141. 

tie with Atchclaui near Chxro- 

Uol/iir Earth. See Ctflj. 
Malhiri, what goddclfei To 

nea, iii. 143. . 

JKuwna, Liciniui, v. lOO. 

mlled, ii. 15.. n. M(,wjifl,Lucuiluj'slieut<««m. 

' Mtiining, the time allowed blocki up the city of Acmfus, 

for it at Rome, i. 176. and at iii. sag. PuiFuea atid defeat* 

...Sparta, 151, PJJ. u Tigranei, a«. 

UDunljist,- what [he height of Uurana, ctiofen con(ul with 

tlwhiJtheft, (t ,63..' > rfilanui, V. 81. ,^ 

M.«M, wifelofompey, falfe Jlu^jia, LuciiS, accufed oF 

to bb bed while b* ii upon his _^ibery by Catoriv. 337. la ac- 

Afialic expedition, iv. 87. He qiMd, ib. .Behaves rn a very .. 

divorces her, ib. tefpeuful manner to Cato, 343. 
■ Mu/*ti^,%Ha'sf»c«compar-, ' " Afurtiii, v, 413. 

ed to a mulberry Ilrewcd over ' Mu/< of Silence, Called Tad' 

Mults, Mariui'i foldien fo '««/™, i. 67.' 

called. See Mariui'i mtlii. Mafrs, iheic temple, iii. 143. 

- Miunni'u], Lucius, who de- Mu/c allied to 

Aroyed Corinth, prevents^ The Liccdzmonis 
defacioeoi Philopiemen'ataon- Mutkn, Demet 

ament, though moved (or Iti by Dcraechaici, 1 

s focilled 

MYT I il 

Ibtiowu, CBoenJ of Ibe may 
U SycU wbea Glib* it dcclucd 
cmperat, t. 418. 

Maiiu, at tbmiu, why ail- 
ed Saewla, i. «S4. Aueaiptt 
to kill Poifena, ib. MiOikM, 
and burnt off bit light hpod, 

Muliui, fither ia l*w of M*. 
liui, iii. 7S. Hu b>Uiff bvci 
youDg M*riui by (ending bim 
off ID ■ laid of beam, ib. 

Matins, a Rtaiocr to Tibcriui 
Graccbui, made tribune ihrough 
Ilii intcRll, T. 11, 

Uttiiu Stsinia tbe Imya, 
ia. 163. V. 8, 70. 

■ Mjcali, i. 343. BitUe of, 
M- "79- 

• Mycenaa*!, a colony in Af- 
lUa, iii.^46. 

• Myg:limiii, iii. sag. 

• i^i.>, iv. 301. 

Myra and UcatUMiluts. Ste 

WjpTDji, the perfon who man- 
aged the charge agiinll the ^r- 

3 NAX 

CD to Demetriui, bocaufehe 
fail Ltmin, V. 138. 
• iijUtau, iv. 86. , 
" Miiu, a city given 10 Tlio. 
miUoclet (a lupplv Un witk 

'V metriui Tnin:ho agaloft 
them and bringi off conliden- 
ble booty, V. i». 

NbUs, tyrant of LacedBBion, 
furprifea Mefliene, ii. 353- 3M- 
But fUes OD the approach of Pfai- 
topoiBwni 354. At war with 
the Romant and AchioaDi, 335. 
Slain by the Italians, 357. 

Niili, Agnon the Teim 
wcaii fiNer sues iq hia Ihoei, 
iv. 1 8a. 

k'ama of diftiDSion amongll 
theCreeki, iLi..43. 


1 the cafe 


SSyrtclcs, the orator, v. 51. 

UyrniJii the Athenian oraloT 
■nd ftitelnian, U. 195. 

• Myrrkinai, a bojough of 
Attica, V. 48. «. 

Uyrtiltts, cup bearer to Pyr- 
ihus, Gdan sttempts 10 bring 
him into a plot lu poilbn hii 
mailer, butbe difcoverstbeplot 
to Pyrrhus, iii. g. 

Uyrtiliu, the hiftorian, v. 

MjrrM, granddaujhiit of A- 
ri&idei, ii, 304. SocraCei ii 
faict lo haw married hf r out of 
of charity, ib. 

Hyrdc, ikred to Venui, Ii. 

eafily it 
C^hes tire, ib. See lAiii». 

• NtiJit, ii. agB. 

• W.™*, ii. 365. 
A'artjtijSi.«,i''- IT- 

Nafica, Publiiis, why >a ene- 
my to Tiberim Gracchui, v. i a. 
lolifli that the cOQiul will pro- 
ceed againft Ti^iui Gracchui 
ai. tyrant, 17. Leadj « p«ny 
tathecapitol that kills Tib^ut 
Ocacchui, 18. The leaaie, af- 
t€r thia, fen4 him ambafladflr 
into Alia, becaufe be i> becone 
eiEramtly obnoxtoui todie pao- 
pla, 19. He die) near Perga- 
mu9, ib. See Scipit Nafta. 

NaacTutei the orator, per- 
fuadei the citiei of Lycia to op- 
pofe Brutu), v. 004. 

• Na,piia, iii. 38. 
Natf^thtus, Theleui's pilot, 

The vi&oiy 


•itCbtlbAMt and ftioc ton there, Nl^ttttmi, one of Hitbri- 

Iv. i<|0. CMonned b^' Peri- ditei'i ol£cen, beilen by Lu- 

■»ik», i- a59- ciillniit fci, iii. 197. 

NuSas the piinR^ ■*. aSI- t&fpUilimus, rapHia of Aleic- 

-Cn^eavort to -peiCiudc Antoi iiidcr'i life gated, iFuc tiK 

<frinn deftioying ■ capiUl ptint- daath of that prince , eodeivon 

'tug of ityrint, tb. loleSaitlK Rputitian of £a- 

NeandtT, ■ young nun nAo ttienft, iii. g6j. Ii At^aluA 

iSm^i in cnrying oS Pynhus and killed by Eumenei, 373. 
■in hb infjnoy, iii. i. Ifioplaltmus, Htbet of Olym. 

* //eapths, pirt ofSyncufe, piaiiiv.ia^. 
4i. 149. - tfiptuM, worChipped by tk 

Ntardtn 'tlM Pldi^oTaii,-H. TRitcniani at their tutelar dci- 

JO7. ■yti-49- Mi»ie«ttyleinC»liu- 

Afearfju llie CtcOd, ufel hU rii, iv. 66. Hii lUlci of Afpl^ 

intereft witli Anli^ui la &ve Aw, i. 76. Gidm.kui,-s\i. The 

CuTDcna, but fiilt to tliB II- E^atflrian, qi. Hii ismpteft 

■te m pt, iii. ^87. Spatti, iv. 393. . Tbcfeut tepo* 

ffrtrchti baniOied MacedoaU led R> be hii Ion, i. 4,9. 
%y fhiUp, but aftetwardi re- f/trf, ia bim Antony'* off- 

■ealled by Alexander, iv. 143. ' Ipringgiin the imperial powet-, 

AlexiDdcri adniinl, iii. 366. for be wu the iijth in dcrcQit 

Sv. «0g. Civei Aiexaader ta fiom Antony, v. itS. Prt». 

'Kcount of bii voys)^, 111. elaimi liberty 10 Greece, at Co- 

Xeenrnmiuy, iii. 176. [inth, ii. 37S. His gre«t nior- 

n^aiahi tevoitt from Ta- tnilia, v. 400. He killi hit 

' 41. AgeGlaus de&rts mother, ai^ altnoft ruini tbe 

T>e)H>i, tad fcivci RefinubU, Roman empirf, ib. Hii ate 

&. 'upon being iolormed thet Galbt 

tfllatJ fte 'ScEpGan, TSc*. wu dtclired efnperor, 333, 

-phTiftus hcqucathi to biio kil -Hit d<3th, 395. 
Wiitiagi, iii. 151. "* ft'inii, the molt wirlike of 

A'ruca th*CDaneiin,-ii. 49. the Selgc, defeated by Ccfir, 

• Siaia, i. 368. V. 349. i*. 14^- 
■ ilrmin Camit. See (,»■«. A'.ifcrj, in time •£ fcdllion, 

Mtc/ltrsi of ilaliatia kiH> 'infimaiuby Salon'ibw, i. aso. 
Xy&nder, ill, r»t). tJicKa, widow of AWmdrf 

Keaiti, ftlhv I0T lliertifto- of Corinth, \» married to Deine. 

■rfei, i. 165. trius, and Arllgonm geti the 

Iftxits, Ion of Themillocla, citadel of 'Corinth from her, v. 

■i. 3«o- 3i8- 

tfiaifm Baotiin, K. 177. A'u i.^fi'of Trftierte, makei 

Nt^iMtmmi, fan of Achillel, ■ decwe vtry f»vorahle to the 

^tt\a in Spirut, and leavei ■ -viivea and children oF (he Atbc- 

l^ngiuccel&oa of kinn, iii. 1. niani, who retired thilh£i tipun 

Nnftaltmus, railea to the the invifion of Xerxci, i. 177. 
"IbroDe by the Moloffiani wiien Nkagorai the MeOenian, ■ 

they ravoKed fromfyrrbui, iii. fecKt loemy to 'Cleonienei, iv. 

I. Pyrriiai rettimt, and alio- 418. 

ciMM hiQi in the goveramcnt, Nitmar, (oit to receive Eu. 

^. He igiea, or it ii pmend- mcsei, who wn delivered up 

«d that he agreei, ta the poiCon- by the Argyrafpidet, ill. 38^ 
JDg of Pyrrbui, ib. Ia kiHed Nkantr, the canmilEon of 

'WPytAui, 6. Keayllw in MonytlBi givca 

'VVL. VI. Q 

^tC -f i<* -3 NIC 

Misby Caffaadcr, IT. S13. Bii era many plicei Id Thnce, til. 


ict, ib. BcEeUi the Mcgarcn- 

, got gianilfathcr GuuuidCoriiitbiiiu.ib. CbooC- 

16 PlDttich, V. iij. csioloriiiiiUoph)', nulur than 

* Mi( la BiihTDJi, i. £6. lave two of hii men uDburicd, 

Kiicralui, filber uf Kicias, 158. Tates tht forlrelsof Thy- 
iii. »s». ii. 44. '*, ib. Tbr .ffjir of PylM 

Kuemlus, the poet, the con- tad the iOe of SphaficTia u 
' left between him ind Aniima- dc^wa nut to ■ conlidenblB 
chill, which fhould wrile (he length, ib. Clcoii, the enemy 
bcftpocm in praiCeoC Lyliader, of Niciis> wbo hid pievenecd 1 
iii. 107. peace villi l}io Laced icmoDiani, 

A'uui of EnguiuCn, ii. E51. now raiieg a climoi w)ta& 
iVitfoi, fan of Nlccralu, iii. him ahouc the burine<t ofFy- 
*ji. Younger than Fericlet, loi, Z59. Niciai declam be 
yet often hit colleague in the will fiedy give up to him the 
' wan, lb. The nobility hope command, ib. Cteon pFomi- 
be will prove a barrier agaiaft Cei to Rnifti the expedition in 
the inlblence of Clioa, ib. He twenty days, and perfonns hi* 
is equally favored by the pco- proraife, lb. and i£a. NIcIm 
pie, ^53. Nalunlly timid and ii no (ooner clear of Clean, than 
cold bearted, ib. Applies his AlcibiadesbeginatooppDftbim 
wealth to the puipolciaf popu- inibeidminiflntian, 2G1. Uev- 
laiily, piicicularly in public enhelefi, he eifefiiiatet a peace 
exhibltioiii, ib. Enfranchires ■ with the Lacedemonian 9, ib. 
Ibve who had appeared with Alcibladeaenduvontoeinbroil 
applaule in tbe chandler of the two powcTi agilo, 163. 
&cchui, ib. His regulatloDa Draws tbe I-actdxinooian ani- 
wlthiefpcEt to the chocus that baiTadora from Nlcias by f aUe 
-WIS liait to the ifle of Deloi in promifes, and nultei them ap- 
honor of Apollo, 954. He pear to prevaricate, ib. Niuai 
confecrates a palm tree of brafa, delirej to be fent lo Sparta, to 
andipiect of ground to Apol- adjuft the tnatteri in difpute, 
lo, ib, Ii piotu to a degree but does not fucceed in Utat 
of fupciftllion, Ib. Has filver commiRian, £$4. The Ath^- 
minei in the borough of Lau- nlana enter into alliance witli 
rium, aj5. Givei money not tbe Argivei, Mantineani, and 
onlytoihofa who deferved hi> Eleani, lb. Alclbiades la ap- 
bounly, huttofuch ai might be poiated general, and (be war 
able to do hita harm, ib. Goes breaks out afrelh, ib. Tbe 
feld>>m into company, and pie- , quarrel rifes fo high between 
tends to be fonvti intent upon N Idas and Aldbiadej, that the 
the bufmeb of the Hale, 15S. people propofc to banllh one of 
His retainer Hiero' liold! out tiiein by the ofttscifm, sfis- 
tbcfc pretcDcei to the people, Nicias and Alclbiades join ut- 
ib. His life It in faflalifeof terelb, and turn tbe oftracifm 
grratfearand care, tb. When upon Hyperbolus, ih. ThejC-' 
he takes the command, makes gefteani and Leontinet deGie 
it hii bufinefstqpniL:ced upona tbe Athenian! 10 undertake tbe 
fureplan, 457.- He takes Cy. Sicilian tJipeditioe, a66. NU 
Ihcra, an lllaiid well iltualed for cias oppofes it, but is over- 
annoying Laconia, ib. Reov- ruled by the ant of Alclbiadea, 

NIC l 1 

Ibi The laagutne and Tain 
bopa of the AthoiiMi, ib. 
Thouf h Hicias ii ip pointed %ai^ 
enl along with Akibiadn ind 
Lanuchiis, he ftiil pralelli >- 
giiall the war, ib. Dononia- 
tut procurei' a d«Ke that the 
genenli {hall have dilbmianaTy 
powen, E67. The oracle of 
Jupiter Amnion it conlulted 
ud giVB in ambignou) in- 
fwrr, ib. All the Hermx, ei- 

I of Nici 

and ibi. 

ether ill's 

TTie tolle.^ 

for proceeding immediaKly lo 

afiion, but he oppofa thrnt 

both, 169. Alcibiada is (oon 

flailed home to take hii trial, 

ib. There ii now an end or 

in which 

were the Syi 
■70. In thii Lheoncle of Am- 
nion it fuppoFed 10 have iti ac- 
(omplilhment, ib. Though Lk 
machui nmain) colleague lo Ni. 
■iai, ITicial baa the chief au. 
liHirily, ib. He l*y> liagc to 
the little town of Hybia, aod 


leizei the port of Syraeuli:, and 
•Dcamp) in an advanlageou) 
fitualjaa, 171. AUaclu with 
lame foccdi the Syrieufani sn 
theii return, ib. The Svncu- 
fani cbaofa Ihree gnenli, in- 
Head of fifteen, and emipovrer 
them lo aft at diibretion, ib. and 
■7a. Niciai ei«*eati hit troopi 
frani takingUMlempleof Ja|H- 
ler Olyinpiat, ■7*. WinlMi in 
Haxoi, a city between Syracule 
■ad Catioa, ib. The Syracu- 
&na make another excarfion at 
far as Catana, ib, Niciai, wha 
llii vigoroui in executing, u 
Im i> How in TcTolving, ntsnu 
to Syracule, gatni ibe pcninfula 
flf Thapfoa, and get* poOeOion 
%t Bpipobt, ib. BetU not only 

!3 3 NIC 

the Syraculan infantry but ihelr- 
cavalry, ib. Enclolei Syracule' 
alnoll entirely with a wall, ib. 
LaiBachui engagea the Syricu- 
<ani during the ficknefs of Ni- 
cIh, and falli in the aSion, 
873. Niciaa Eavea hi] camp by 
felling fire lo the machinei be- 
fore lbs intrenchinenu,ib. The- 
citlet declare far Nlciai, and 
fupply him with provilion] in 
grot abundance, ST*- TheSy- 
lacufani are thinkingof a capit- 
ulation, when Gylippm airivet 
In Sicily, ib. Heeolleflaacon- 
lidarable army, aad comei to 
Syncufe, ih. Offera Niciai ■ 
life conduS, provided he will 
quit Sicily, 175. It treated 
with fcom, ib. Defeated in th* 
firll tagagement, ib. Beaii the 
Athenians in the lecond, by only-- 
allerins the difpolition at hit- 
foTcet, ib. By acrob wallcuta- 
lhrough tbein, )b. Glint ai> 
intereA in other lowru in Sicily,' 
176. Niciai falls tnto his old 
defpondence, and applies li the* 
Athmiani, either for another 
limy, orelb: to bcRicalled, ib. 
They tend a reinfoicement and 
money by EuTymedon,and re- 
folve to lend DcmolUierKi with 
a refpeftible flwt in the fpFing, 
ib. In the mean time £uihy.^ 
demUB and Menandcr are ap-. 
pointed colleaguei to Niciai, ib. 
Niciai gaias fome advantage by 
(a, ib. Gylippui takes the fort 
of Flenmyrium, in which were 
lodged the AlWian floiti and 
money, ib. This alfo eulaoff 
their convenience of convoyt, 
ib. Menander and Euthydimua 
foKC Nicias to give halde at 
tta, andheii beaten, 877. De- 
mofthenes arrives with a formi- , 
dable Sect, ib. He, too, ii am- 
bitioui to come immediately t»' 
adeclfive aflioo, lyg. Niciw- 
aepreliena to him the want the 
Syracubnt were in of moixy,' 
and ihar being tiled of Gylip^ 
pui, but caaaot prerail iipoB 

Um (ivwtit, ib. Dtmofthcnu' 

tttidt-s £pipol« in the aighl, 
and hai (osie tdvKUigs at hift, 
but protetd) t ' 

a Syncuia, iW. T)teAt}i»> 

e [«i 


and thtir gtitei^i NLaiM ■ 
DnnolUMRei biffti death, ib. I* 
1S7. M»ny dieinthequMWM, 

M hit opinion lar 087. Some iro bmdcdin Ati» 

ining to Adwrif ; bat Ni- ' {vrchads wid) lb* figu<« of r 

ciu, afraid of iiDpochrntnta hoile, ib. Some ate idaM 

tbcn oppaba itr >7(|| 'Bo. fo( t^il good bchnioT tn lib- 

Frefti forea toming in m tbe yiaide, and lams for reptaling 

Syncutana, and lkkn«fi previil- a. f«w of EbBVarfes of Euripidu, 

iog in ihr Athenian camp, Vi- s38. A poor bartxr it put » 

ciiiagreeilo ccEuro, tSo. Lnbt tb< tortuttfor catrying ihciirft' 

bii oppanunity by his liipeTlli' ntwi of this gmi dibfter ks tha 

■iooi ban of aiicclipfeof tbe magiilnla ot Athsnt, ib. 
moon, ib. and >Si, Intoiiupon Nkm, a Dave ibat btlongtA 

hiiUcr^fica.tillhelifurrauRtl- is Cnateni., Iy. 184. 
ed both by fea and land, iSi. A'Ei, or \'icin, i]ie nama af 

Kii fleet il defeated, and Eury- an il^i whicb oaaviin net, inA 

vrdo»flain',a8£. Tbe AthetiiaM vhich ba conbdcn u arfavoi*. 

inrift on hii leading Ihm off by b!< omen, v. an. 'Ehe mdK 

lind, but be refolvca 10 liik an. of an dcpbaiM ; hi* fidelity a» 

other oaval afiion, ib. Aban. Pyrrhui, iii. 40. 
doDi hi* grcM camp mi bia Mculii kiii» Fafai, md fct* 

walls, ib. Tke erut f« fichC hinialf up tynoaaf Sicwn, v. 

defcribed, ib. md i^. Attte " " '■ 

Ike difeae *f Nicin, H< 
cnlet, by a llrMagara pnvenu 
Um fronkmiring in tlu nigbt, 
vhen he might bavt done ik 
laldy, 183, 984. Tke Athrai. 

■D» 4t laft begin ItKir namh, Cypnii,oiMo^ die{M«rid«i)n in 

wictievsryOiniiHnftanceaf nil^ tb* theatrical eaunnnnuMi oE 

cjybeforEthcm, il4. Na:inbr< Akxandti tb( Ureal, if. 167. 
luviiontbitoccaltoBWitbi'pir' Nindtmut, a Tbsbaa bolb 

it and piopliGty, ib. Tbroogb 
It of right da^a fceept hi* 

34S. Expflled by 

Nkariim, hinjof Sri>nii»i« 

> divifior 


«&j. DcnwlUiena il (urroond- 
ttl at Folyzdium, and Albi 
Wmfelf, but tbe ftrake doet not 
prove mortal, ib. Nicjasirtvain 
offers conditioni of pease, ib. 
Ilbicbu on ta llie itver Afiji*. 
WSil'- A bloody- IceiMlin the' 
TtV^r, ib, Niciat throwt him- 
(ilf atdu feet of GylippDi, wha 

oblarvalioa npon him, ij, 19^ 
Nittitmut, Cat Meeaoian, hi4 
u(cule{oT(!)Biiging.fidea, V. js. 
NUtgiim, cnlerMiH The. 
niAocI«»aC£gat in Malia,'!, 
ig^ Geta him canveytd To th» 
StrCmi COUII in a womli's ooti 


the pbUoiaphor, * 

HUtiKacJa, daughter of Ttw« 

a order! that ilie Aibrniaiaa B)ilkoci«,i. 300. 

Ibould haieguarter 1 bo t thole NiiliemMtlks , hii paintinga, 

Olden ate (lavly obeyed, ib. & though niccaUeal, appeared to. 

>8G- TheSyracufanaerea tn>- be wroughl <*B with eafo, ifa 

phie*, (36. Manb with thtic ip. 

^i(bii«nia tlilumpbant «*(■ ■ McAiaMbii, a CgflMk U*» 

NOR t i>5 J NUM 

0*i tt Camt, tt;endi young young Marius,dcfe>ied by SyU 

GnlTui in hii Pirdiian expedi- l>, >ii. 153. 

lion, iii. 310. Ntrianiii ttapes wilh digi-i 

Nictniachiu iofornu hii bra- cully finn Btutui, v. 199. . 

thcr Bilinui of ■ conlpincy >• * Naricum, iii, 57. 

giinft Alexander, iv. 191. * Nauacanant, iv. 34S. 

Kicemidcs, ilie Aih^iin, i. JVuiu Ponipilm, Tevcnl Ra^ 

£00. mm faniiliei iracc their pcdi- 

Nkamtdti, king of Biihynia, grec up Ui him, but not with ■ 

Teconciled to Mlthridalei by luBcienCc^rlaiaty,i; 160. IUtb< 

Sylla, iii. 1^8, 150. Vi&ied «r cotenporary with Pytbago- - 

by Czlir, iv. ■•!. Fas the Spiitin, than wilh Py- 

* A^icmuiu, iii. 107. dogorai the Samiw, ib. On - 
Kitmidis, the Tbel&liu, in ihedcmileof Romului, virioo* 

debato aafue-abaiit the choic* ' 
ofaking, i&ii -It ii agreed 11 
ka (hat the Ramuu fliall choob 

,...,. . ,. one out of the body of the Sa> 

&y11a her h^r, iii. 113. bins people, 163. Tbe inlch 

A'l'cg^rata, the larae witb Cil* itgnuni, haw (Mtltd, i6t. Nik - 

noiti. See Carmeata, Di> ii the perloD pitched upont 

Higtr, a friend of Aatooy's, 163. Me wu a citizen of Cures, 

but 10 him by OSavia, t> boi. the Ion of Poniponiui, and had 

A'ljiii'iu, PubliiMiAfa-iwdof married Tatia the daughter of 

Ciuoi, v. gS- 'FitJui.Roinuliu'iaatleague, ib. 

* Hilt I th»Nlle, m H'ic cbaraSer, ib. Believed to ' 
well at of the Daiuibc, kept in conveilc with the esddeli Ege- 
the ireafuiy of the kiagiof Pe£> . ri^ i6j. 1 In bis.Jortieth year, 
iia, iv. 17S. -wbiD iav iled to the tbrane, 1G6. . 

* AWm, iii. 11. iv. 19a. ■ Hirantwer to the ambaffadora 

* A^ji, aciiyinMygdonii, on that occafion, 167. Hit fa. 
by the Greckt (ailed Andoch, ^er and hii fiiend Maniui pre. 

b him to accept the 
,67, 168. Vatiusthe 
^ Nmaadts, Thraciaiu lo «*11- interrex cceivn him in the fo- 
ld, iii. S9T- ruin, and his cleAion ii cgn,. 

* Neminliai, marfhei aboM firmed, ib, lie has happy prc- 
it Czlar inleadetU lo drain^iT-" 1^^ in ' tbc llight of birds, 
874,. 1&9, JmmcdlitFlydirmilT»Che 

Nauj ef. lit Gmtj-, - t^na guards that had been kept on 

Ctpraliini, a fcaft kept by.the foot by Romulus, ib. To Iha 

}loinini, innemsryof Pliitota* p tie ^ adds one fur ftomuta'ii 

iodtheothef lervanl maidi who ib. Moulds iha people to ■ 

impaled upon tbcLatins, i. 113. (bfter temper by the force of fu- 

ai4»83y>- perdition, 170.. -Hai-juftcon- 

* A'()'iiicrii,roeha of,iv. 119. ceptioni of the EifH cauleofatl 
NiOiiu!, killed by Satumioui, things, 171. Allowsna images, 

bis'competitor for llie Uibuner nor bloody JactiBces.ib. &iii 

fhip, iii. 71. to have a [on named Mamercui, 

JVo«BJ, nephew 10 Sylla^ r*. whoiuhegi»ea the furname of 

jeEted in bis application for tbe ,£miliiit, 171. laltitutes the 

aanfulate, iii. 134. order oF prieftt, called pontih.. 

•^jra, ciftieof, iii.3j6. ■ cei, and is himtelf po.ilife:, ■ 

iHfiamtSt the coafut, and .maxlmus, 173..'c. > 

Uhcn by LuchIIus. 
■ f/oL, ii. 138. i 

p«otii«>, Undic, ib^ md itfr Tt*- 

Thc Wy Gre lo be prebmcd implt of Jnui Ekut fM ibm 

hjtim vribi Tti|nii, ik. !□ fpiceoF fattytbiee rcaniadi* 

whM BUDtr li^icid ifiia, ragi of Nunu, »g8. Thclnp- 

wben it happcoBd to b* txti»- py iaianKa of fail eji*al>lr,. 

guijhcd, 174. Tba number of 1S9- Vnrioai accauati of M» 

thcvdbrit, ib. Obliged (a pn- wives laA children, tod notb~ 

ifg. Tluir puniAiRMiila, ib. mimed Fompilii, ib. fompi* 

Tb> omnaay of ihsir b«inf li* h» An«ui Uaniui by Efa* 

Variad liivE, whm dn brolu youngtt Miniiu, 19a. KanHi- 

teir vow of ctufticy, ib. Tbt gact off by » g«uk dacltm, ib. 

taBpleofVaftabiuliiBioorM. fiuitad with gmt hetwr, mi 

m, nd fauBd (mie tgsa 
but llM fcnM Aink*. 

^IttHan, Ut. Tachu lium ta ifMr v but iIm fcnM* Aink*. 

■uliMW diB goddtb UbiltMi proper la bura A«ib, im, 19a, . 

ib. nvn (l« (ima of im>ma< 'A* nWoitun a[ dM (ucctcd- 

inf, lb. Uic lagnJationt *o»- ing UngiaUluiMMhucbnb 

eera^ wfd»«rt, itT' H*iii. satr, lb. 

fiiOiM tht {tend «rd*)t nf At • JKiantfi, Goipia'i wt^f.^. 

Mil ud FMhlM, 167, iMi to% aniuA h^ iii. 4^, 

Tbt AntiliBt whm iff. H* * Jfumantiiits bm dw MBfal 

buiidi ■ palica ne» ^ wnpl* Maaciniu, fcin bii amp, aod- 

of Vcfbi, la^ (panih noftof nk> the Romni pritsncn, *, 

hi) line In religiowi tMicila, $. Out of rafpeft to. Tibeiia* . 

iSo. KM*9 the p«otd< im«. Gncchui, they gnnt dRCOnfnl 

nnt *nd MEcMiv*, ib. Mbny ■emuofpaci, ascl Icl tfaa Ro> 

•f bitpFcceptaninnbletholcof Man* go, ib. Tbi) paace m-. 

Pydagoni, ib. He bring! the Dulled n Rone, 6, 

people 10 believe the moA ' »r . ■ .. 

probable lalci mncfming 

conDtAian with tht gddi. 

iSt. Not only wii}> Kgeria, Number thrtc', &ie perfeftiwa 

but with Picul, FaBDua, and of ii, ii. & 

Jupiter hlmCeir, ib. The ridi- Nimuriui, > (ntmd la Mariui, 

tuioui dum far thunder (ud piuvidei him a Utip for hia t(- . 

jighting, ib. He bailda teni' Capita Afrin, iii. 78. 

flatoFidts, or Faith, and to f/mmriai^fpnUuatff torn- . 

Teiminiit, 183. Dnw» the pey'g l>k« prifoaer by Ccitr, 

people to IgriculIuK, a> luotb- Md tint tO Ponipty wMi oSsra- >. 

tr gftjt meiiw 0' - '' '" "" 

DiftiibuWl the 

coropaniffi, accorriiag To the'^ 

»fla and trades, ib. Thia ef- . , . ^ 

{ijftually incorporaKi the Sa> dence, i. SB. EjcAod fram iha 

hlfKi with Hw Romtni, itf. thioiie of Atba bv hia brotbar ■ 

Ik correal the tevcrjtv i>f <he AtnuliiM, f (|. Rellored by Ro- 

hw which empDwered fathcn mnlua and Rmnaa, 84.. 

toIelltlieiTchild^n, 183. At< iVxi'^inK, the Koman nutk*^ 

tentpra the reformatiun 1^ dw daya, vbyibcaUtd, ii, 93. 

rhof AgTMjlo^ii. 4a. lUdhM 

iraoiby vnyof fyinb*], tbrawB- 

'I- SUV- into the lea by Aaiftiitt, iip«« 

* Mv^Ax«, iii. •. aktagaauthisoi. 

■ aymfhawm, ■ pliu aai Oalh UtwcM tka kiafi if 

Apollonia, when ue conlbat ^riu ud llittr fubj«&i, iii. 

fpringi of fin, iii. it*. 5. 

JHy*^ SfiraginJei. Set flalil tikm wkh KbuA » 

Nymphdia, ntuMl iliuAtef ui. i' 
sfCiliitu, Cb<u'i frwdaw, •$. 
V. agf. CMi, iii, ■«& 

N m ftii ii a SaHiau pnoifai Ccfau, Quint, wattU aM 

ibe loidicreof tbepixtoriaica- vifit lb* kiagdeo of Pwfa, 
h«n^aiidlkla«Hnard«stbi Aangb hia nWiv* «oii^i7i, for 
pioviBCB, aMcb tewr iaou fnt of (Ik «Bp(nn im giriaff 
du coeldnccbepiid, facd^ every wobmii ■paetcof Booey, 
•laring Galba empcroF, v. Ml. i*. ■•t. 

AuempCt to fat npfarUmfelf, tftfau, oae of the font of Ar> 

)95. lln iMafuMi he yHrfiia, t«xerx« MuanoA, t. 3M. fted* 

I9A, 397. Hudcadi, 401. Menwtvgainraaf UibiMbcri 

Nyfiai, Iks NrapalitBtt, gMi da lj a f i d , lucecedaMtb*ciovra 

yw w B— and mtatfm piy the udoQUlaaall bit pndneONa 

tro«pi in tbe cafik of Synsab in Mwlty, 340, 344. 

fM- IHoayflM, V. •59, He it OSnt, htlf fiOci of AiigBt. 

Afmted by the Sf ncuJiiM, bat to*, Md widow of Cliui M<r> 

tlwy HMkr u Ul «(e o( dwir gcUbi, ii nunSed Is AaMoy, «. 

TiSory, ib. Sallii* •»(, Kd DM 1S5. Reraocilei her brochcs 

flTetodn city, «6«. Driven isd hilbrnd, vSf. CaeiCaA- 

back by ffios, 263. Ami, ud cuoei Aiuony cam. 

*Jf«^, icity In India, be- fidenblerappliei, loi. HMonil 

ftigcd by AlHKider, It. (01. InBmw, aog. Ii conttamdcd 

N)!", filler of MilhridM*, Isy Aatosy to i^it kii luufe, 

tia&i by LucuUtu, iii. iig. wMck llu doa with gntm. 

lu&nce, 105. LamenCt ^K 

file JhoHid be niLBibcnd i- 

O. anngA the bm&i of the civit 

-wur, ib. TakodMnaaf Atuv- 

ny'icluldna after hifdtMh,* 17. . 

OSduu, Cndiu, peiBiit* Fer- 

fan to Mjoy Ae pnteaioii of 

d the life of a triUw e 

1.79. SKitdtoJo- dicunpi; 

(bit undrr which AteMnder 

guirdi agatoft hit ercapis; by 
in, ii. iSo. rcHiua faniBdeM . 

jitdied his tcatbrfbrebbglntde hiiDGJfiohi , __ 

af Chteroim, Aewn la [1»- Oaavms, tla uuful, driKS 

tanh'i time, it. 141. Ginoa OM of Rame, Iii. t^. 

Oatjtt^ f>Id to hifa fan* the [■ > miit of gnM pnbity, but 

fiiginil Btme al Aitawrivi adhere* too figrupuloufy to iha 

MMmon, V. 316. lawi in time of civil vMr, and 

Osri, the method of faking the luperftitiDnhM too much hold 

(W oatbamoDgftlht S]rnca(> af hiiD, 1^ XkcLow iM wit 

OEN C (■< i OLY 

tiM mdx diva frac of IhM nvagcd by Pcfickt, i. 368.-' 

city, froDi which, is nuinte. Varoid to nkc rcfu^ witbi* 

iwnceof tbebwi, he ncluda ibcir willi, ib. 

Muiui, ib. Too much itnch- - * Oaitia, Alnoedcr ooder- 

tA to divinen, ib. Sciiad ind take* to nrcnn tbcii ciuie ». 

pnttodntb by order af lUii- gaialt tbc.£uJjm,iT. iga. 

M usd Ciaiu, ib. O n t ^m , fan of Thclcui by 

OSmiiti, goveniot of Cllicil, Aiiadiw, i. gy, 

di<i, and Lucuilui ipplie* for Oiiai. SeeCucun. 

IbU province, iii. 199. OJiIU, Lucretiua. See Lncre- 

OaMvims, licuteniDt to Cl*(- tim Ofilla. 

du, in viia cndnvon locon- Oi/.theopiniaDoE ibeincieDt 

(ble him iflei hit defeU ia T*^ pfcyliciaiu, tkit il ii IjlutiiT 

Ihia, iii. 313. InbM OD K- wbn ipplied oulvnidly, %oA 

compioyiiii Cnffiu ta Sareu, pemicivut if aVsn iawudly, 

317. li kUlcd ia cndenrori^ ii. gag. 

to pnvent the Aitluaii from OSy Jiragt, found on tbe 

caTTviiig Cnffiu off, gat. baaki of the Oxut, rod (be wk 

0&DUi,LuciiufaBtbynMk teiof UM liver itldf oily, iik 

pey to fuperccde Metcltu ■■ 199. 

etcle,i«. 7a. IitnMcdbyhim ■ OAi'hi, iii, 346. 

wilh conlempt, ib. OIUmi, lulor tf "' '■' 

_^. childicd, 4>Kiki out iato t pia- 

d K phetic veife, i. 193. 

Ulia,.iT. 374. Old tui much boDond M 

OOauiai, Cbiut, iffoWM Ow Spnti, i. 13B. 

HMiitor being in. the o«ifpi(»> ^Vij-anj^, HSmotitboliOied 

cy igiinft Ce&T, whca hi «m by Puiclti, i. 3^9. Alcibiide* 

not, and fuflen for . bi^ naaltys nilrri-a f^nt of propebog one 

iv. sSi. UAthaurii. fit. 

O&nm, kfarcu, iribiiBe Olict, iht bcied oIi>e it A- 

widiTiberiui GrKchut, v. 9. tbeni,i.iti. BougVoft^I^ 

Tibcriiu deporn him, 11. cKd olive, bound -vtitb^'wool, 

<>A«iirj,M>rcui,iad Muciu lad offinsd to Apollo. Sec 

lnOcii, command theccntnoE iirtitite. 

Antony'i foicca againft Aagut- iMixc, one (piing ciUed (iH 

tui, V. an, and aootber the Ftht, ii. ait. 

OSaviiit. See Aagiifliir, * Oltcni, Mount, ii. i}^. 

OdtMm, 01 Mafic Theatre • CJ!iifin(aa,H. 4*1. 

built by hricls, with m«iy Oithatm, prince of tbe Dir- 

feiti ind fowl of pillin, and ■ dtrimi, pratendi la-deEcit [KMp 

conical iT>af, in imitation of-lhe UithridaUa ta Lucullui, iiL . 

kingoFPetOa'tpavilioH, L.iit. an. Attempt! to kill Luc nk 

Odtari, (weetonei, how pro- lu>, but miicarxics,.aia. 

ducedi iv. 1 36. * Olyapu, oncle of, iv. 390. 
OljmpunGtmn.- Sec Ctats. 
Scvent Olympic gimei brfoie 
ijKcoKinia« era oi Olympiadc, 

Olyapiti, the fideliiyofEu* 

iv. 4tG.' menes to that priaccli, iii. 3]^ 

fcatii, tribe of, iii, lS9> Sbaiuvita him into Macedon,, 

« Ciacai^, (beir tercitoiics ib. Early initialed in (Ik my% 

denMrfOfplMMMdBlBElina, Clrikr, 16% mri; *t%. TM 

•adjMHly'addiaeAtD'aukiJb' GtUu, v. ^ta T» TifaEriOT 

alia aad lupaAitMiv, iv. -ijf. Giacchut.ij. TaCaltuGrac 

The nigbt bl^Ta the cwifiiiw- cIhu> a8. TaDaonaadDiaay'. 

nutiart of hv narriag*: wldL £iu, 147, 151. To MiA Ana 

Fhiiip. fhe dinocd thita Aaak trayv kit:, bM. To Ponpty, 

dirbalt iill Bpon bet wombr iv. 74, 114. To OAmmm, «. 

ib. SooK if EEFr >. Inpait wsi *.M. ToOlbav.ft9. laCitB- 

obferwd Hx be cIoCe by h«viih »» W, 96, 111. TaCtOiiu, 

AUyingsFWiHpau' AlnoK* 2991' yia. To Bruut, a}*. 

dtr'>pRUia<Ua|>tDbetheronaf 189, 199, 308. T« Amu* 

Jupittr, tgg. Jcrioiu aid a»- 3te To bMOBy, 119. Sot 

^Mihfe i> ksr DEmper, ifa. ^odigiti. 

Ikrr inhicoBBit-r 10 Cleopat™, (^f^, fce Akc/Oh Om^ 

FhcHpl othR wife, 144. She tit. 

■dvitei Aletaniler oai lo be f« Omfia |iii[iia AraHtriM 

pTofufr N the ob^ifts of hi* wilka large ponegunM^ ^aad 

boant^, iSi. She ind ker he acccpti it wUi gnat civUM^,. 

daughter Cleopatra nife a partly v. 319. 

agiinll Atttipasr, and diiide Itm^halc-.'IiaKeietginaiiiiat^- 

t£c gatfcraiBtac doiiag Abijiii*. Uf b^ aa ■ Hmn to hcr, in 

AWt aWIJEace, >ia, order to expiate bit fnd*, •• 

e^Fia^ud^ar, anAllMnianiaf. OMbwunt ■■ kilUcg IpUtai, 

ficer, behave* mrith grnt bmery k. 4^ 

i«ihcbudeai?lieK«. SeeAtf- ffwru, > pried of BaiidnKy 

llr afBUUim. &ad la kans iMrriul AiMm, 

* 0fy*jmf, the height of thai Atr fte wm i*itamA by TIm- 

*(Hyi^u,acit7irfPanpliy- fwaiu JtreHiu nbM* lu» 

lb, •avnooict af Hblira, tmA vifion. in conrcqucnccof which, 

odKtB^StrlospeilDnncdihar, Poaipi)^ rad Cafiiu ne nron- 

i». 67. ciled. See Caias Auriliits. 

Ciymftfyfhyiematodefi- OiufirUui UMada AWM«dei 

tn. V, tig, in hai ea4aia eapadilku, ir. 

■ Oijif!i«u, V, 4S. g«8. SwabwAUsMdntathv 

£)iww thu h*pp«ae4 to Ho- ladisn philofephon, ik. flliw. 

nalua ml Remiu, i. 8$. 83. taifaeltetof wbkb M Wn haa 

■ToTheiBiftael«,>8i. To An- wa) admiral, in tt* '">yu^ 

tiginua,*, 14a ToCMniUiH, rawtd (be bwdwrn point of tn- 

i. 308. To AgeFtlnia, iv. 6, die, sog. 

To Alcibiado, ii, ji. 70. To • Owaa moimtaioa, iv, 415. 

Unoleori, iif, is$, la;, i4r. OtuhutcAu] connnitj (acriUgB 

To PaulM jBinitiu, 16$. To at Stiplii, aod &IU in tha Siti. 

HAetUai, »M. «55- To l^f- lian wars, ii. 145. 

ihiu, iii. 35, 37' To lifariu, OuaaorcAu, whd hadlbccaf.. 

79, Si, 04- TaS^li, tga. Td tftdy D( Eumeoea iv Ka^ffi- 

il^ridito, 134. TotbeRa- naa, hia eoavei&tion «idiEi»- 

IMoa, i. gi^. iL 3. >ii 13a Ta iMitea lUfniicnibig lb» fcir of 

Gmm, 191. TothaAdnobM, im^ Ml. 3S7. 

1.03. ii. 51. Ui-afi?-*- if6. Ommtflu, ww of OdM'k 

To CnBai, tii. 909, jii, go. (imdinw, *. 4101 

Til Akaaaikt, i*. 148, lif, C^ftac, tfta kins of Eh*» 

tCt, ifO, 173, I99)»e. n name ^^ CiKb ai ha G»udd i». 

ORA t 190 I ORA 

ionce, conduOcd by PeripoU Oratdi canceraing the Tno* 

b> ihe di<riocr fiDm Thcffiily cdBon of the Spiitn kingi, ta 

inio Boeotii, iii. 179. be opened only by ■ bin of A- 

Opiellai, piliKc of CynnB, poUOi iii- "6. The deuh of 

V. 117. Lyiaadti, lao. To AleiUDder 

tf^MM Spaliii, wh)t, indby the Gmt, iv.- 147, 15s, 165, 

wbciin won, i. 95. ii. 337. itS< Conceraing Ccbr In tho 

Cpisiiu, Luciui, of the pa- batUe of PbiTfidta, 163, To 

tiiciia putyi loin hii clefitDa Cicero, t. 73. Conceining tha 

forconiul through the oppofi- battle of Chcronca, iii. 141. v. . 

liaii of dim Gnccbiu, v. a^ 56. Three Cornelii to reign it-v. 

Il afterwirdi cbobo, and eo- Rome, S4. Coaceming the un- . 

deiTOri to annul tbe. ifU of lying of the Gofdian knot, iv. .. 

Caiiu, 30, Rt. Upon the ruin i^a. Thai the Sclpioi (hnuld ' 

■nd death of that [tibune.buildi be always vi£torioai in Africa, 

I temple to Concord, 35. Ufci b68. Concerning the burial of > 
idiaator'ial power in hia can. Aiatui, v. sSg.- ToOtho, 409., 
fulate, ID condemoiiig [o many Orittim, Funeral. 1 See /ii< . 
eitiiena of Ronie imheatd, ib. ntral Orelimi. 

II csnviaed of taking bribe* of Qrath., and Speecbea of Al.i. 
Jaguilba, and grow* old in iKander, iv. 181, 188. Of A- . 
diAionor, ib. franlus to Pompey, iii. Of> 

C^UmiLtha ItaUao, film his Appiut Claudiua to (he fenite, 

■am on Pyrrhiis in-pwticulai ia iii- ■>. Of Aratuito Philip, t. 

Ml OWagetMOt, iii, W. 9*7. Of Srenno,, i.3,6. Of' 

OMu, Caiui, ■ friend of Cleopatn, oat of the tomb of> 

Cieiir, fanw KcounC of bia Antony, v, 115. Of Calo ta 

wriiinga, iv, 5a. tbe three hundred, iv. 369, 370,v 

CptiiUdi^ Sea Uiiunt Opii- Of Ohdonii the daughter of Le. 

hti'- onidai, 394. Of Cornelia to 

Q^V, or centurion!! deputy, Fompcy, lai. Of Cleomenea 

V. 410. .conctrnlngthe inftiiulion of the- . 

OrncUof AptUt at Delphi, v. cphoii, 406, 407. Of the fame 

73. Of Apollo TegyTm,u. an. concerning d*ath, 415. Of Co~ 

Of. TrtfAnm, iii. 141. Of riolanus ta Tiillui, ii. g;, 98. 

A^kiaraia, it. 194. Of Ja- Of thabmeagainiltheinfoknce 

>ttr.,<mw>, iii. 191. Of Do- of the people, go, 91. OC- 
^i, I. 195. ' Ciaiful to the anny after the 

Ortdt of Paliphc, iv. 38B. death of his {on, iii. t^i, »3a,. 

403. Of ibe iaat, on [be going u> 

OfMlt by Necromancy, iii. tneel hit own death, t^-j. OV 

176- Dioo, ». 834, »37, a6o, «6i, 

Oraclri and propbecie* con> (64. Of Eumenea to Che Ar. 

cerning .figeui, L 47. Con. gyiafpidM, iii. 386. Of Fabius 

urning the future grtatneb of Maximua to hi) army, ii. 14. 

tbcRomana, 113. Concerning To Paului iCmiliui, 17. Of 

the walenof the Alban lake, CaiuiGracchus,v. 13. Of Ti- 

9)7. Tbe coming of the Gaula beriui Gracchua, 8, 14. Ot 

into Italy, ii. 13*. 71k death Hannibal before his dcadi, ii, 

itf Cimon, iii. 191. To Mariua gB6. Of Herfilia, {.99,101X1 

that hefhouldbea feventhtime Of Licinia, the wife of Caiua 

fipnful, 79. Conccmiag a lime Graechui, v. 31. Of Eumetwa, 

l^gof.Sp«na, iv. 3. . bcfon bit dgi^, iii. ^i^ <U. 

ORO C >9i 

IiVcbIIh* to tbe army, iii. 20S. 
SCO. Of MariuiCelCui, V.416. 
OfMinucimtohistraopi, ii. 15. 
Of Niima refufing tbc offered 
crown, i. iGj. Of the fitber of 
Numa in anrwcr, 168. Of O- 
tbo to bi> iioapi, v. 419, Of 
Fiuluj £miUui lo Pcikua, ii. 
iSi. Of the (ame to the young 
officer), on the ukmg of Perle- 
ut, ib. and 189. 01 the bme 
IDthepeopleof Roine,i90. Of 
Paqfouu againd Scnoiiui, iij. 
361, Of Pompcy to Conuli*, 
iv, loi, Of Remiu to Numi- 
toi, >. 8a. Of Senoriiu, on the 
force of perfeierancc, iii. 353. 
Of Sylla to hii men, 147. Of 
Tberycioti to Cleomeaies, on Che 


baOadar the Piithiina feat to 
theHonuni, iii. ta6. Puttd 
death by Arlacei, for rufferiag 
Sylla to take the place of hon- 

Oradri, or Jfyredn, king of 
ftnhii, tendi ui embairy to 
CiaSiu, iii.310. ReRatedtohu 
IhraiK b]r Suresi, 314, Con- 
qucn CialTui, 311B. Ii murder, 
td by hii (on Fhnitei, 331. 

Orxfri the Cretan killi Pto- 
kmy, the foa of Pyrrfiui. in tin 
cngagemeDt on the ra^Tch to 
Argoi, tii. 37. 

Onnufiti, or Ortmaui, tha 
god who ii the aiithoT of good, 
'' lailed by the Perlian], iv. 

at of death,!' 

4M. 4»i 


OfTiriW.. ,_. 

or Valeria, TilUi to Publico la, 
to VoliuQuia, the motberof Co- 
rioluiiu, ii. 10;. Of Volumnia 
to the RonuD nutnma, leS. Of 
tbc [iBie to her Iba, lOg, 110. 
Of Viniui to Gdba, v. 393, 

Oralery, the concifeneb of 
that of PhocioD, iv. tSg. 

Orator prevails monfrom the 
goodocfi of hii hearten IbeeU 
oquence of hii tongue, ib. 

• OrchoKCKSi, 

* Oriynii, is Cappadocla, 

Orijlii, the conful of that 

"'"or«*'w, river, iv. 1*7. 

* OricHT^ii. 184. iv. no. 

* Onti^ Alexander nuFchM 
through th^r country, iv. 209. 

* Oratum, ii. i6s. 
OrMiij, ol the familyofE- 

teilbeui, i. 71. 

* Orirrtiu and loxuiplantt 
oolony in Catlj, i. 51. 

Oroandii the Cretan, takes in 
Perfeui'itreafure, and then leavBi 
him in the iHe of SamothTKC, 
ii. iSo. 

Qr^ttVLs coma fron Arlaco 
to wait en Syll«, ttw fiiftun- 

'68.V. ,.„ 

Ornlti the PerGiD, v. 3411 

• Orapiaiu, their eaufe, 11. 
sag. V. 44. 


OrphamaaA widowiexculed 
from tixei by the Romaai, at 
the lirll ippolatBient ofquzC* 

Orphtoi, iv. 135. Hijftatue 

of cypruist Libnhra, 147. 

O'pMii^s, V. 416. 

Qrltagana tbc diviner, ■ 
friend of Timoleon, ii. lai. 

Onhia. See Ditnt Orlhia. 

O'thepagui, iii. T42. 


QfiOfiaria, or the Feafl: of 
Boughs, inftituled by Theleiu, 

I.e., 61. 

Oftddtfs, iv. igg. 

O/lanei, brother to AttaKerx- 
e> Mnemon, r. 316. Hii lay- 
ing to limagoraj, 336- 

•O^ia, iii. 78,85.'. 417. 

OP'ui, Lucius, the firft parri- 
cide in Rome, i. 105. 

Oflriuifm, agalnft whom ero- 
ployed i. 171, 290. ii. 44. Oa 
whit account aboUIhcd, iii. 

Olacilim, brother to HarcM- 

DTH r *9s 3 orra 

aih.Mitcai.hii'UxnTyind Mp*,ib. <Mlio doc* iMtJk. 
lam of plaliiTe, v. ^og. Hit prive Lucioa, thetmidierofim- 
eaaneSiinw w lib Mori, jb. N»- UlliuitSf hii comnnd in Ibe 
K> k iDcLiaed -to put Vm t> (nny, but ordenhimta iKcnd 
dalli, in order to luvc Puppai bin on bii mcch, H>. Tikos 
•ntheljr to iihnfelf, fofi. But paiticulir cire of Ac motiwr 
tbraugk iIk iiucieeiEon«f<«- ind wKeofVintUus, 4*0. Ap:- 
■ci.beiideDt oiK gHcmar nf point* Tbvin Sabinus, brother 
Lnlimia, ib. Ok oftbefirft toVetpiliin.gomniorof Rome, 
dat d*clarei lor Galin, ib, ib. -StopiMBrixiHum.andoT- 
Piyi hia «aun in m •frecnblc den hi* itoiy to nrarch on under 
BBanciboth to G«H)i nd'hji hii linitennti, Mariui Ceirin, 
raiuifter Vtniui, 407. 'ndua StietaniiH, Pairitnus, GtHoi, 
nearfuici tor being ippointed ■ndSpurini, ib. Thcpneloriut 
{uccetTor to Gilba, ib. Coa- mbortj, umccBftonnl Ed fer- 
tn&i imneBle dcbti, ib. Sribei vite, irfnAory end inColem, ib. 
the ^«Uiri*ii cohort!, ib. Re. They ire infulled by the -cne. 
bcis >giiaft 'GtHia, opon being ny'i troops « Wieentii, «nd 
difippointed of Iheadapli«o, bch**e heuer •Fierwird*, ib. 
409. 1; ibeneant of GaH»'s Sotdc KCaimt of Cecim and 
death, 413. Goej 10 ihecspi- Viltos,ViteIliHj'! gaierilii, 411. 
tal, ai innpen>r, and laetiHcei, Cecini, eFter bit rtpul&at Pia- 
4iG. Pardons Mario* Ceirui, nnllt, n»rdw9ii|!*infl Cremo* 
ib. Mikei a gisciow fpwchto m, ib, Cellui gains a cDnfid> 
Ihe fante, ib. Divides there- enUc advantage of-Cecina, and 
maialng part of hit iMitutlhrp mull ban ruined bii amy, if 
witii Veiginioa Rufu, ib. Be. PiuliBUt had not eome up in 
^na hii adminillTaliun with time to («mid him, 41*. Otha 
favani prud«nc and popular fend* hi> brother Titiinai to 
■&, ib. Refcilves to punilb take the command, and gives 
Tigellinus, and thatwretch cuti him Proculns for his aflifijiit, 
his own throat, ib. Olho re- ib. Holds a codncil of war in 
meraberi noiie of his private which hismoftmipeT'ented gen- 
quarrels, 417. He alCumes the erah advife him to wait for hii 
name of Nero, 10 gratify the traapa from Mylia and Panno- 
popiilacr, ib. The prctorian nil, 413. But jnipaiiei^t to 
cohort], ia theirconoem, or pre- have the abir decided, be giaac 
tame of cDncam, fortheenipe. orders for* geaeialaftinn, 4^. 
Tor's Wety, behave in a very Retires to Brixillmji, ib. His 
turbulent muuKr, and go near ft'eat error in that ftep, ib. Some 
to ddpatch a great number of fVimiiihes apon the Po, make 
fanatori, ib. He punilhes two Otiio's troops at flrdriacnn in- 
foldiers by way of example, fift on heiag led out, ib. Pto- 
418. Has intelligence that V'l- cuius encamps unfkiHullr, 495. 
teUiui bad taken the tide of Marches Ihe next day to icdi 
emperor upon him, ib. Re- the enemy, though his force* 
ceneaatcouDtt fromodiercosn. were aiuch tattgued, ib. The 
tries, favorable to himfelf, ib. battle, 416. AnniiK Oatlus ae- 
Lctten pafa betwaen him and ceivei the Icaltered parties into 
Vitelllus, which end in mutual Bedriacam, ib. Celfus and Gal- 
nproachei, 419. Piodlgiaan- Im treat of peace with Cecinus 
nounce a change ib. Cecina and Valeni, 4B7. Tiiianus le- 
Md Valeace, ViteUiui'i gsne- pants of iiaving agreed to fuch 
nls, teiai ibe pa&i at ibe * RMty, asd teida upaa 1m 

OXA t .19] I FAI, 

fi^lBcti* Bcdriicitmi buthli Thu, AI«xudcr taku huninta 

tii^p* jcfeit him, ind join tlie hii fTienddiip, iv.iSS. 

conqueron, ib. Plutaiclivifiti . , Oislifd, bipther to Ailax. 

^the' Gelil of battle long, aflr, crxet Mncmon, v. ^C. 

418. WbennewiUliTOUfhtta • Oxut, xivtT, W. 199. 
ptho.lhat tbe battle it loa, the O'yuTtts.AXexandeialkihim 

'th>op)abi)UthlTn|ivceverypot- wboker Siliinctlirci, wbo had 

lihle afluiancc of (bcii fidelityi taken {»ft on an iaacceflibl* 

419. Hii rpoch, in which he Tock, wu loiui of courage, it. 
afTuK* tbem, i)nt, thousfa be eoo. Alejundei'i obi^iiioD 
Itiiowi the lace baule to be by on being aniwati ia tbe ni^a- 
no DiciDa deci&ve, bs wilt lay tiTc, ib. 

down hii life to procure tbeni VtyMiit, Con of /^bulittf, 

Hce,ib. Taka leave of die fiabbed by Alexaader, iv. Bit. 

(cnatQra, and Mben of his "Qnjiraia. Sttilalli. 
.{(lendl i in particulirofhia iie~ 
pbew CoceeianuB, 430. Ap- 

mCea hli foldien, wbo cbought P. 
&t lenaton were forlaking him, 

431. Sleepi biund the night pACCUNUS.kat bySylbtB 

following, ib. Falls upon bii ' iflUl Alealiithe fonof Ip'h< 

(word. mi. expUei with one ibi to recover hii kiogdomof 

rn, ib. The iTiBy lamCDt Maurilaaia, ii defeated and kilt- 
death in tbe GiKcicA man- cd by Sertoriui, iii. 345. 
Dcr, and givehim tbe moll hoD' Ptckii, who had taken Lef- 
onUc bunal, ib. A plain bo>, being called to account by 
tnonument ia put upon hia the Athraiana for fame mildc- 

5nve at Bniilluni, 431. Be meanor, killi himielf in open 

ied It the tff of tluTtyIe>eD, cgnt, iii. 9^7. 

taving Ri^ed only three " Pachymu, pwoontoty of, 

•nonihi, ib. By hii death in 'v. t^S. 

fbioa meafan compenlatc* f»[ Fuuruj-, 'Calm, ■ Romaa 

|bedir*Tdeiiofbiillfe,ib. that rErembted CcafTut, obliged 

* Oirjz, iii. toi. bj> the Panhiaiu fa) peHooaie 

'Ovadin, the fnullertriunph, bim, iii. sag. 

ii. 154. Not tbe (ante with the Puiimm, Vibiua, Craflns 

■Giei* Evm, Bifi. but derived 'takei refuge with him in Spain 

'from (be Latin word 'Ouii, ib. from tbcccuelty of Mariui, iii. 

Oniada, 1 nitae Fatnua J^k- t^l . 

imni b«d, in bi) you^, on k- . Pt^it", prince of Panhb, 

xountof hit feeming timeBeft nariia the lung of Armenii't 

.«nd ilupiditv, ii. a». filler, iii. 3*9, Killed in a bib 

Oiol 1 Athenian, maney im- tie by theRoraani, 331, v. 187. 

pteSi^ with the Kgure of one, /"ifrJiircliu, the Spartan, « liyia 

tli. 105. -tngof hij, i.iji. 

■ I0t, |i>4tvb)TB^tcEn. . See Paan, the hiAoilin, i. 59, 

.■Praiifui, Faanmas, iii. a. 

'D«, valued at five ^lacbmie ^dinftri , nccellent otwi It Sk 

W At&ena, i. 114. cyon, v. jj^. 

*" , vilind at » iiBodrett "' ■' 

tiien liir Stolen 

j. yr. Palitiichil!,i.'Tj,^.' 

VfUkrti, the brother of D^ " -fahifcitAi, • «i«f CTtS 
Vm. VI. & 

t .M ] PAR 

(a grtax, in the tiisc 
(If PiiAui lEmiliut, that tile Ko- 
Buni {»id DO tua fTom hifl 
time m ihe contultte of Hinlut 
Ind Pmb, ii, 191. See Hirtiui. 

Pantalton, 1 man of great pov* 
cr ind inlercll amongH the jE- 
loiiini, V. 371, 

Faitaiahui, left by Oemeiri. 
ui to command in £tcitia,Ehal- 
lengei Fyirhus to linglc com- 
bat, and it overcome, iii. 8. V> 

Pamtas, fent by CleoDienei 
to feizeon Megalopolis, iv. 418. 
KUlihlmtelf in ^gyptonthe. 
do Dot inunnury with that of body o( Cleomenes, 430. Mn 
Agnui, i. 54. wife a woAian of great beauty, 

Falm, one fpring fo called, counge, and dignity of fenti- 

ta tteniHocUa by ibe king of Tiii 
Periu, i. 197. -^ 

PalilU, ■ paftoral feafl, i.'ffS, 
. 103. 

Palladiim, oT image ofTallu, 
i. 3«t. 

PalUmii*, next hein to £■ 
geoi, if TbeTeui lud not Wn 
acltnowledged bli lbn,Ii>ve re- 
courle to amu, butaie defeated, 

d another Olive. 

Palm iTit (hooting up near 
the fUtue of Czfar in i amolt 
MTrallei, confidercd ai pieng- 
urativc of hii viflory V FhaT. 
Uia. See Prcdigiu. 

Fasamcs, Philip, king of 
M«edon, brought up in hii 
houle at Thebea, ii. lEO. 

Paviphilius, of Sicyon, t cele* 
bnted painter, v. 354. 

• Pt»pkylia, iv. 3i«. 
Ptsi,i. 165, 

* PtnaBus, ii. 45. V. 135. 
Pavalht! commandi a galley 

of Tenoi in the (ervice of 
Xerxes, aad cevolt] from him, 

Pantkaiiis the Spartan gent 
ral, Felopidai kills him in ili 
battle of Tanagn with Mi ow 
hand,u. tio. 

Panthiies marriei Italia, lb 
daughter of Tbemifloclea, i 



Pamaheitra, the feilival of 
the oniied Athenians, inftituled 
byThefeuj, i. 6j. iv. 30B. 

FoKratiuB, what, iv. 137. n. 

■ Pmi^, iii, 18- 

ADimiu, tlie month of Me- 
UgiCnioa (0 called by the Beeu- 
Uani, i. gio. 

'ife of hulu) JCmi- 
reed by him, ii. 1^7, 
P./rfriuMa/i, ii. 157. 
Papiriui Carta, the conftil, 
deFcatcd by Sylli'a lientenanti, 
itiakei hli efcape in the night, 
and get* into Libyia, iii. 155, 
Pappus, ^!._6^. 

Partt\ii,tiiiif lb called, iii. 
sU, one divirion of the 

* Psiiilima,\. til 

* fatftpttaiu, iii. 
Pantitui, i. 69. 
Pan/a and Hiriuu 

19. 'lO- 

• Parapolanians, iii. 141- 
Parii'i htrp preCerved n 

Troy 1 AlcKtndec nfuTei M fiie 

k, iv. ifS. 



Barifcas, >n eunuch belong* 
uigjO' the yoiinget C^nu, v. 

* Parma, imbalTvlaii front 
dut plue, iii. 69, 

Parmcnia, falhei of Pbilotai, 
warm Alexanderof a ruppofed 
itdgn of poilbn from hi* phy. 
Gtiaa, W. 1^4- TclU bin), be 
would accept die oSr^n of Di- 

c 19s a PAO 

extniiKcrucl^lo ill that wen 
concerned in tbe death of Cviui, 
or in cutting «lt hit bead and 
bud, -328, 330. She poirons 
Statiia the wife of Artaxerxes, 
331. Ii confined for fomc 
Liy of Babylon 





xaader, 16S. 


ilfo to hia advice to fight 
knight, 171, Hi) piny, in cles, 346. 
the great battle of Arbela, dif- Pa^trat 

ordered by the Bafliian hotfc, """" 

. 336- 

f fl>-ai,Cyrai'i borfe, v. 313. 
" Pafirgada, v, 317. 
Pafeai, the father of Abanti' 
■J".v. 343. Killed ty Nico- 



king of Soli in 

Sends to Alexander for i'B^^Aa, the wife of Minos, 
s, 135. Cenfured for it, fuppofed tohave had a criminil 
" withbijgmeral Tio- 


fays to Philotas, ■* My Ton, be 
*■ lefj," igo. He ii put la 
death by Older of Alexander, 

5Uiiiu> the Ibtuiry, why I 
wed by the Athenians, t. 48. 
' Parritide. See opai. 
. Parficj, uled in adorning the 
Ispulchrei of the dead, ii. 141. 
Crowni of it beftowcd on fhe 
viAon in the IlUuniati and Ne- 

Parthnm, the teiaple of Mi- 
nerva at Athena, i. 361. v. 135. 
Ptrthiau deTcat CralTui, iii. 

tiS, 319. Their manner of 
ghting, ib. and 391. Their 
habiu, 31J. Defeated by An- 
tony, V. 131. AttKk bin) in 
hit return, and haraft him en. 
mmcly, 194- af'l- 

Parli I great parti produce 
great «icei, at well aa lirtuei, 
V. 118. 

Par^eUs, wife of Dariui, and 
notherof AnaxerxeiMaemoi), 
T. 316. Her atiachment 
younger IbnCyrui, 317. 
cauraga hii ambitioui defigiit. 

Pajipha, her oracle, iv. 388, 
Pafiphm, iii. B55. 
Falitiirii, river, iii. gSi. 

■on, in the country of 

0, Iii. 5. 

PoIiCIUI, I. SO4. 

* Palnrraiu, Brotui'i letter 
concerning them, v. 173. 

• Palrx, ii. 47. v. 123, «o8. 
Pairktani, whence die term, 

i. 89. A hundred of the noil 
eminent Romani lelefled by 
Romulus for ■ council or len- 
ate, ib. He leaves them only 
the name of a fenate without the 
power, 109, Theyconfpiie a- 
gainfthim, iio. Theic num- 
ber increaled, ica. 


i. 90. i 

Patrxtii, father of Soib, 

. the » 

00, the Romans, an account of 

her nlation, t. ^a. 

En- * Palmii, iii. 140. 

Panlai iEmilmi, Lucius, 
o''lhe ful with Tereotius Varro, i. 

Her chuader, ib. Her 

>S6. _Str 

PAtr f i9« J FACT 

u ^miliui (o tiK CDrifut. 
1 63. Omen of fuMeli Id 

»9i ifis- him, ib. Hii IpMch Co ih» 

Panful jEaiJiai, hit bmlly pcoplfe, on bdng appomted to 

fnppaled to bedcrccndaiits oFi the comniand in Maccdoait, 

foa ofNumi, ii. 155. Ii ibe 164. fcrfeui, by hU ivaiice, 

taa al Lucius Fiuliu jEmiikui, lo[es the iffiftance of xbe BiC- 

viho fell at Cinnz, ib. ScU (arnz, iGj. And impofei upon 

•ul inadiffcmit track from the hi> fiicnd Gcntiutfcingof III7- 

nft of the young nobility, ib. rii, 1G6. ^miliuj, after alafe 

eittiatbeoHiceDf «diUagaioft and {n«dy pafiig*, finds Fcr. 

twelve comptJion, ib. When leui ilrangly fortified by the fca 

taken int? the college of an- fide al ihe foot of Mount O- 

gurs, nudiei thcirtules and cet- lympus, 1G7. He flnda water, 

with great attention, for hii troops, by digging altha' 

id in mililaty diiei- foot of the mountain, ib. Findi 

Is Icnl pr«t»r into out a way of coming at Ihe en- 

Spain, with double the ufual emy, Ihtough Ptrihzhia, iSS. 

number of liOon, and reduect Scipio Narica undertakes to lead 

the baibiriini who had revolt- the troops ibat were to cake chU' 

«d, r57. ReturnttoRomeiiot circuit, and cxecucea it widl 

a drachma the richer, ib. Di- great ability, ib. A Cretan dc^ 

vorcei bil firft wife Fapirii, af- leiter iDfomi Ftileus of hii' 

urbehad lived long with bcr^. Feileui fendtMi- 

and <tie had brought him Bc« to with ten thoufand ine'n. In 

children, ib. Marries a fccond feiie the hei^M of Olympui, 

Vife, by whom hehastwofoiu, ib. Scrp'ia defeats Milo, ib, 

i£8. HisfonsbydiefiiHwile, Ferfeus qiiiu hit camp irtdrei* 

(iG adopted, the one by Fabiui titca toPydna, 170. His fiiend* 

Miximui, the other by the fan encourage him to give the Ro< 

afScipio Africanui, ib. One matii bittle on the adjaanii 

<if hii daughicn is maicied to plains, ib. £milius is aDon- 

tbe (on of Cato, and the other ilheS at the niimbers and goni^ 

tO-EliuiTuhero, ib. Thepov. order of the eneiiiy, ib. HaK 

erty and content in which the the art to encamp without tfelng 

.£lianfamilylivcd,ib. In his dillurbed by the Macedonians, 

tirft confullhip reduces the Li- ib. The different elfefti which 

guiians, and takes from theta an tclipfesf themoon baa upoii 

the Ibips which they had em. Ibe Romans and Macedonians, 

ployed in piracy, 159. lacan. 1.71. Paului lairific« till he 

didaie again for the confullhip, findi Ihe defired toktils, 
and loii» it, ib. lo^iefli the then announces viSory to ino 
education of his children, and I!,omtn), provided tut they' 

FocureitbemaotMly Roiaan, Itood upon the detenUve, ib, A 

it Grecian fniften, ib. Cir. circuniftance which brings tha' 

Gumftancei which led to the' Macedoniam to begin the at- 

war with PerleuikirgofMace- tack, ij». Thebaltle defcribed, 

don, 160, lit. Per feui, though 171, I7£. Marcus fon of Cato, 

a man of (lender capacity, by aiidfon inlawlo £miliui,Idrei 

theadvantageofhiafitherPhil- his tword, and finds it apiin 

ip't preparations defeats fcvc- with miich dilGcuIty, under ^ 

ral Roman generals, 161, i6«. heap of the flain, 171;. Scipio, 

SoliciU fuccors fiwm leveral the Voungcr foo of .«miliut, i. 

oatiou), 16:. The RonianscaU mllSng, but returns to lEecanifK 

PAU C '97 ] PEA 

. _ One of the (bni oE 
(here deC- that prince becomn clerk to die 
jHilchej Euftiii and Zuiixuc, Roiaan magillnce], lb. .Gmi. 
Iwo of his trofuren, with hli liui brings fo mucli money into 
qwnhind, 177, All hii troops the tmrury, thit the people hid 
forbke him except I few Cie- no occafion to piy anyiaxei 
I, and from them he artfully till ^ timet of Hinim 



stsbKkfomegDldpUtewhich Fanfa, ib. Accepubte 1 

' ' given Uiem, ib. He people, thou ' ' 

Samothrace, and tikn inteitll of I 

Ibe Dohil 

I ibere, ib. £miliui Is elefled ceofoT with Marliu) 

in two dayi time beconui maf< Fhilippui, ib Hismodention 

lerofallMacedania, 178. Per- in that o£ce, ib. Sickens dur- 

icta engage one Oroandei a ing his cenforOiip, ib. Tha 

Cretan to carry o ([..both him coidialitgardexpnOed FoThim 

and hit. treafure, but the Cretan at hit funeral, oat only by the 

deceive* him, ] So. Mil fator- Romani, but peilons of the 

iM loD. betnyi hi«ehildmi(o coualriei he had conqneied, 

lliB Romana, itk He fuiren- 193. Leaves a very fmalleftue 

dcri himfelf to Oflavius, ib. behiod'himvib. 
Behavei meanly when brought Fnlit], the conCul bribed by 

before .Cmiliui, iSi. .£mi. C«lar, iv. j^, 148. 
Inii'i lebulu to bim, ib. Hii Pauhur givfn up to the pra< 

(pccch to the olKcen of bis army. Ccnptioa by hi> brother Lepi> 

«n.theinftibililyofforliine,tb, diis, v. 110,176. 
He villuGreece, nformLabulei, Paufaaiait commander in 

andgivufpecimeniaf hisbouik. chirf oE. the Cnrluat (he battle 

ty, iSa- EnAthisDwadaLue ol thtxi, iL tig. ctfy. 
at Delphi, on a pedefial dejign^ Pmfanias, king of Sparta, 

ed (or that of Ptrleus,.ib. Willi maic&a into Attica undei: pie- 

(CB commi<Ea»ers from-Rome,. tence of fupporting thethiny 

ietllci the government of H»« tyrants, butceally with another 

cedonia, ib. Exhibit! games, Tiiw,ui.iit. Obtainsa truce 

ill. Hm a happy talent foi and cartiesjiif thedead bodyof 

making entertaiamenls, 183., Lylan<l'r from before the walla 

Takes nothing of Feifeus's of Haliaitua, i ij. . Retires to 

tiaTiires for himfeif, lb. Sacks T^ea, lei. Delerted by the 

feventy citieiof Epinu,.and yet allies, who put themlelvei under 

the.foldierfMwk>mlhepluru the command of Cimon, 175. 

in was given, have do mom Unfortunately kills Cleonice at 

than elevea. drachms a roan,. Byzantium, 176. Hii.unhap. 

1184. Eetums to Italy, and fails py end, i. agO-.n. 
iiv^reat pomp up th& Tiber, ib. Paufiaiai kills Philip of Ma- 

liie loldicri endeavor to pre. ceden for denying him tedcef» 

vest iGmilios^l triumph, ib. underan unfupporuble injuryi 

Serviliui fpcech on that.occa- iv.^144. 

fion, iBf. The triumph de, Paufiimat ^ phyriciau, Al- 

bribed, 186 — 183. . .£miliiit eundti's letter to him on the 

lofeshis twovounger Tons, who ufe of helleharc, iv. 184. 
WCIE Dot. adopted into other j'ou/anidi, fiml by Seleucul to 

families, iSg. The magnanimity {cite Demetrius, v. 160. 
tt r.difcovered in hit fpetch on Ptace, of Niciat, iila 161. 

(lot occaHon, igo. .Different Between the Athenian! Mid (he 

Vtcoontsof Ibedeatbof Perle. king of Ferfia, t S j. 

PEL t i9« 3 

PiKt ef Anttlcidw, it. t^. 

T. 335. Betwteo SyUi «ad 
lUtbridtta, iii. ijO. 

Pt*ci, ID lltu enAed to her, ilhment on Pilopidu Bid oth-a 

iil. 185. Verie> delciiptin of en, tb. Epaminondu is diftv— 

btt, i. 1S8, 1B9. prdediiipDorphilafopbeTiilr. 

* FiMin, irock fDC*ll«), Archiuind Lcontidn hff mtw 
iU. (1. t]rnnt(iii'ntb«i,ib. LeoDttda* 

PtHai, i. B31- ■• {mds pnfoDi to AtbMi, to aC- 

* Pctfu, city of, ii. lO*. bSiuledicacUa, but onl7 0iic 

* Pu«, i. 36S. V. 3R1. oftbcm MI*, ib. The Atbcoi- 
f nVifibei, bii (ricndfliip with ini citcoungs ibe exiles, ib. 

Tbdeut, i. 70. KcBirnetDei- PclopiditprevailiupoiidieDito 

dimu, ib. Aflifti Tbcreus in itlimpt the ddhrennce of tbeir 

ttenpeof Helen, ib. AunnpCi munlty, ib. Tbn icqawD^ 

wcsnyoff Cort the daughter ilwir Iriendi is Tbcbei with 

•f A'idoiKui,iDdi>l«nitopie- tbeii refolatioD, to*. Ctaxtia 

Mt by hi) dov, 71. offcn hit boole foi tMr ircep- 

ftUJktti, iil. 1. tkoD, ib. Philidu, one of Ihcir 

* fatfrUu, i. 76. piny.findii&iiniio gethiinlelE 
filus^. g*. ippoioted lecRliiy to tbe tj~ 

* Ptlig»itit,n. 173. Tacu,ib. EpimitKiiidii infpires 
PlIU, •$. I jj. ii. 176. the youth with m tmbHion V* 
PtBt, Lbciui, dilgnced by thraw off the Spirtan yoke, ib. 

Brotui, V. (97. Twelve of tbc enilei, of whom' 

* Fitlent, recovered fitmi tbe Rilopidai wu one, bsving left\\*tii by Anlut, v. 370. tbe reft of tbeir party it Thrii- 
Taktn by efannenej, iv. 41 j. fium, fct out in difguifc wifti 

i'c/DfXi'-ti, the bn of Hippo- dngi>iidhDiitingtM)lca,ii>. Oirt 

clD>,nob1y descended, ii. 1S9. of their friend) fiftafgered irf 

ilalws B generoui nfc of his Iheipprbichingdangei.Bnd** 

wealth, ib. Cannot prevail on deG^ neat being dilconieited^ 

bLi friend Epaminond» 10 par. lOa. They enter ibe city in 

tlike of hit riches, and cheitioie different quarlerj, under ftvos 

partaite5olhiipo«rty,ib. Mar- of their difguife and tbefsowy 

tin into a noble family, ]-etat. weather, and get frib to Cba- 

urwardi by hii munificence let. ron'ahoiiifc, ib. Ttieexila md 

fcnibii fonnne, 199. Dclighti othera makeup the number oP 

Iniheexerciln of ibe palcltia forty-eight, ib. Philidu had 

and tbe field, ib. The happy pnvioufly inviiedchetynnuta 

conlequencn to (be public froA an entertainment it his houfe 

ihepcipetualfriendlhipandhai- Am evening, ib. A npoTt i* 

Bieny that (ubfided between brought lo Aicbhs that th4 

himindEpaminondss, ib. Rrf- (xik, weie concaiUd in tb« 

tued in baEik by Epamioonda, city, and he fenids for Charon, 

MO. Tbe Lacedimoniani be- ^04. His Intrepidity beforeAr- 

came jcjlom of lie Ibebans thiaJ prevents his beingfnlpefl- 

iheirlate allies, ib. Tbe pari v ed, S05, Philidas driiki uptb« 

iu Theb« which w» inclined tyranti to a high pilch, and 

10 an oligaichy, belnyi the keepi np ibeir enpeftatlon of 

Cadma to FbtEbidas the Lace, fome women he bad pmmiled', 

ilciaonian, ib. The Spirtaai ]b. A natmlve it lent to Af. 

lay a fine upon Phcebidas, but chias,from AthenJ,of theViboi* 

.li«p tbc ciudd notvjtihfiiad^ tSm, )>ut he rtfofes to read it, 

net. t m i ns. 

tndliy)i"BuJitie6kMAtn>i*," B«itb, MdaMkeviTycM&d^ 

ib. Cturan and Otben eniet nble pA^fa in TdopOsncftu, 

tie binqutting (oom difgiii(«d (16,117, Tlity VeatuM » keep 

■I wnmen, and d«fpatch Archi- llirir cOnmUfibn b*]r<iad tbtai> 

u and f hilip, 906. FtlopidU pintiOB ot dtt y«r, though At. 

goes iniaft Leontidai, who feOaltr wu CtplBl, ti?. Lajr 

wnacboinc In faii own eBam- mSe Laconia wWi in irioy of 

bcr, iDiI derMiches him HiA IcnBtydMMfludBeB, ib. Drivt. 

DiBtb di(Etuil7, ib. Hjptvt Oe SpUbou oiA of MeSttnl*, 

flutes Ibe fate of Lernilidn, Md <«efttblifii d»» incient in. 

to}. EpMriOdndH Md Ooif U hOittilU, tb. in Uieltittnm 

d» join the deliiicKn alBi^t Atalthe AiheniiM, it». Are. 

■Montrf , whtr > confidenbl; ct^Uy Med for hAJting t!)e 

bodyof mfti,ib. Tkeerrarat cosunind li^yODd the tinietl^ 

ffiBSpnOUoficEn inndf bhy- lawtffby bvF, tiB,. AcquiU 
" " ' ■ "" ■" ' - Meneelidti forvu k< 

, , , „ itoft thete, ib, Ittiar*. 

dii ii elc^d by ifac peoille oflt Dfi to put Chaniii upon * foot- 

STdKeeVtrnonof BiSOti], ib. ing nidi tbem, ib. AhtiTyfiite. 

TaliciUKCulnieat little befote li Lnd npon that mvScrui Ban, 

fucfon iTtiied from Spma, ii^ Tfie HikSUitni apply (A 

•oB. Hiii aSioD ot td6plddt Ihe ThebUii-fLiril&ibtiteanitift 

jnftly cdkd Gftet tb ttrit o( Aleiimder ffii tyifint of Phtne, 
"nirarybului, lb. Tb* Athtn^ ib. Pitopidaj t^H the tone 

taiu, alarmed it the tirinl of ibinddf ^le^tlccon,lndnct>T- 
l Spartan inby trti At bordera- erl lxt\Bt, ib. Endtnoft tA - 
of BUotii, draw off from the hununiu dw tyrant, but in 

Thcban Icagae, but Pdopidil yain, ib. The lyriat efcaM* 

findi iataBi to tmbroil them out of hU baadi, ib. PriopidU ' 

With tht 3partiiu again, 109. gou into MiCtdonia, a iTbitia- - 
Bii s%tnU pertuade Sphodiiii torbetwecn AtiKanderindFto- 
Ok Spartan 10 an sftempt upoA lemy, iiO. Bringi Ptillp and 
VbM Titxui, ib. He defeats the thicly other hoftigea to TbebOi 
Bpartjni in feveral rencounters, ib. Philip prOpo(tiEbMninoO« - 
aio. Giicumllancctwbichjpt' dai ii hi] inttefa ia iheartanA.' 
to the battle of T*gyra, -an. conduft of war, *. Flolemf , 
Thebillle, an. Ttie lacnd U1U ftie kirg of Macedon, and 
band, fi ill forrafd by Gorgi- ifiuln« tht ioHreigiity, ih "- ' 

Wife, who deGiei him to tak« pcrfohnince of which he elvea 

CareofhiaperrOT, ib. Mircho hiironPhiloxcnusasmboftagCt 

With Epaminondaa againll Gle- sat. BeQegei FhaEla1iU,ib. AU 

ombrotuj, ai^. Story of the eMBiJer, Ae tyrant of Pher*", 

leuaridn, daughteraoF Sccda. ipprcAclM* h with hia army, 

fm, whalk iBimM were to bcap^ loa Felopidas ii imprudent C- 

pea(ed by the bcrifice of a red nough to go to him without 

baited virgin, ib. The btltte |airds, 'ii. The tyrant leiua 

of Lenflta, 115, tiC. Telopii. him and Ifhieniis, and maka 

dai, ibcD capllin of the facred himlelf mafter of Pbar(altit, ib. 

land, he « confideraMe Ihaic TMie, the tytanCi wife, vifi's 

In Ihehonoiof thavlfiory, n>. Felopidai ai the prifan, aai.. 

yelopldii ihil Eparainondai srt Epuninondas recoverlhim in4 

qipoinud y^iat goveiBOti of IliDnilM out ot' ibe tynet'K 

PBP t lOo J PER 

hnds^iig. Pdopidiigouan* * Ftrctu, ■ city given TIki 
biflidar ta the FerGm court, miltoclo by Ihe king oF PerGa, 
tnd i> bigUy bonond by Ar< M Cupply hu wardrobe, i. 197, 
HxeTxet, 111- ObU'ia* «U ho Pirditces, on the death oC 
^fiKi, ib. Accepti none of Ucplizlltoii, (upplict hii place, 
the Line'i prefeau, ib. The Ui. 36^. He eCbbliniti Eu- 
tyruu of nieiB exKndi bi« menei in Cappadocia, 36A. 
ConqucQi nut oppFC&ioni, sa^ Miicba againll Plolemy, 369.. 
An ecli^ of the Cud happcoa. Is killed in ■ muliay in Egypt, 
whesPelopidalii marching out 373, Had aOillwl Rouna i& 
wiDQbint, ib. He hu tbe talUag off Siiiinand heiMcrt 
advanlace in the battle, QOU iv. iig, 
withftanding hii inferior num- * Ftrgamns, iii. 13^ The 
ben t but blla a lacrilice to hii libnry there, *. >o6. 
lefentmeat aigaiuft the tyrant, PirgaKniaiu, Bnitiu'i lettei 
*a6, t»7. The forrow of Cbi to itwm, i. »73. 
alUoiaiwell m Thebana, for /'irianifr ente|taiiu (he wil«. 
bii deitb, Kjk Hii funeol mco, i. aae.. 
folenuiiud by the Theilaliaaa, Fcriaadir, the (ao of Cypfe- 

■iS. The Thebiiu lend an ir. lua, v. 346. 
my 10 revenge bii dealfa upon PtrAita, the raotber of A]ax» 
Alexander, ai^ The tyianc i« tnariied to Thcleui, i. 69. 
llain by hia wife and her three Ptriclii, of the Hibe of Aca- 
bmthen, a30. tniniii, and the ward of Choa 

PitopQiiMtfan WdT, i. 377. largii,!. 34S. Son of Xinthip^ 
Laft] tweatyfcvca ynra, iii, put and AgariAe, both illuftriTi. 
s6i. n. Qua pcrfbnagu, ib. U<1 petfoa 

* Pitoptniufiii, iir. 4]t. L defciibed, ib. Sallied by tha 
£ j. 71. conic po«a, on the largencli of 

/</d^, ifttr be wai hii b<id, ib. Damon, under 
Fdoponnefua, fiHaied illiancea pntRiceof teachingbim rouric, 
inhlj feraily wiihtheneighbot- inlliu&i him in polillci, 349, 
iag pHncei, and became the He attend) the leCtuTca of Zeni) 
moll powerful king in thofe the Elean, ib. Moll indebted, 
piru, i. 46. Tatheiof Pitthcui (oihii fuUimeoawry and gnat 
and Lycidice, ja kaowledgeoFnaliiic.ta Anaxa, ' 

fWqbj of Byzantium, Cieetb gprai, 350. Cured by him. of 
NipoftuiaiEi with him bv letter fupetftiiion sat,. Patient unn 
(or not piiDKiiling for his honor, der injuiiei, yet taxed with 
able reception there, v- 90. pride, ib. Tbcram with onie . 

• Ptiafiam, v. iGj, aiS. bom, foundjii tbe.grounds of 
Ptnnis, river, ii. 367. Fetidea, what iactrprelatioi) 

. PtaUteffmtiiXni, an order was put upon it by Lampo and 
•f men in Athens accmdini tQ Anaxagoras, ib... Fericlei re> 
the conllitution of Solon, i. gi7, binbles PililiUatiu in b-ii perfos 
u. «69. and manner, 35?. Engage, jo 

PtnUahliim, whjt, v, gtft. n.. the adininiltraiion, .ana lake* 

* Pciliie, I boroughofAt. the popular E«ity,,^auliE CU 
lica, famed for iU marble, L mon was at the head of the no. . 
>ji. bility, 3J3. tivea extiemeljt 

• PinUltiat, iv. 413. ». 37jv relired, for the lake of preferVK. 
ftnlhtiu, iii. ,330, V. 413, lag hii. dignity, lb. Ovea>. 
Fiplum, or (acted veil of Mi- throws the power of the .iixv- 

ytrva, L 6^. n. op>K4ii by meam of fpJuallcta, 

iV. Iitiprova hiteloqucnceby would fafFci' theni to' b« id- 

bi) phi1o(i)phy, lad tmm the feiibed With h'u name intlnd 

iorce of it gaiot the fnrname of oTthcirs,a63. He'proi:utei ihd 

Olympiai, 354. Said toihun. the baniHimenl of Thucydide*, 

iti and lighten, a^ he fpoke, and b<came> fole miller oF A- 

ib. ThUc yd ides'* obletvaiieo iheni, 364. Tteats the people 

on theeloquiinceofPeiiclet, ib. with lefj ceremony ; but ia. 

Sevinl fayingiof Periclei, ^J5. Iliidlv juH, ind does Dot adit 

Me HtII endisvors to bring one drachma to his paternal 

himteltta roniefoftofcquality eflate, ib. and 365. Holds tha 

with Cim'on, and for that pur. reini for fifteen years after the 

pole corrupts the people with bantlhtnentof Thucydides, ind 

the public money, ib. Caufes for forty yean in all, 365. At- 

Cimon to be bauifhed by the lentlve to bis own finances, ib. 

oltracifm, 356. Cinon, during A fe'rvanl narned Evangeliu, U 

his exile, attempUto join his very ufcful to bim in his private 

countrymen in the battle of Ta- cfcconomy, ib. Ii informed thit 

nigra againft the Laccdzmoni- Anaiigoras inteudi to (larve 

MI, but ii rcfufed that favor, himfelf, and hstlens to diETuada 

ib. Cimon ii recalled, and Pet- him, 3G6. Sends deputies to all 

iclei and be lake different dtl the Aates ofCreece, ta fummoa 

paniaeatl in the Hate, 357. them to Atbeni la confult «- 

Ferictes ii uhjullly charged bout rebijilding the GiEciin 

wifli tli« al&trmstian of Epbi- tjinples «nd the bell loeafure^ 

lllei, ib. Upon the dCalh of for pieferving the peace 6t 

Cinon, the nobility fet lip Thu. Greece, ib. and 36J. The Li- 

^didei agalnfl Pericles, 35S. cedzmonians op^tofe the requU 

Rrlcle* iadolgei tba people lition,and it oomei to notHuier 

■Soto nVI more, ib. He cm- 367. The b!ay of hia nieaU 

[floyi lixly ^lleys for eight' ures In war, ib. A laying of 

iJiodAs every year, ih. Hispol- his thereupon, ib. Enileavara 

icy iiifendijigoutcoluniei,3jg. to dilTuade Tolmides from hi» 

He remove) the public trealures expedition into BiEotia j but 

oTGreecefMrn Delos.andtakes Tolmides negleds his advice, 

them into hit own Cuftody, ib, andTall. there, 367, 368. Per- 

Conarufts noble edifices at A' icin'i expsdition to the Cber- 

thcDi, ib. and 360. Rebuilds foucfus, ib. That by fea i> 

the Parthenon, 361. Phidias Ji round Peloponnefus, ib. Ha 

rupetlnteadinloFall the public blls with a ftrong Qnt, and Ic 

edifices, ib. BuUdi the Odeum, Cures Che Greciao citiei iu the 

or muiic theatre, ib, Begina neighborhood of the Euxins 

theloiig w^ti, Ib. A workman lea, 369- Sends ■ colony qE 

fall] from the veftlbule of the &x hundnd Atheniana ta Si- 

untcated to Pericles In a were poiTclTed with a palliaii 

drcatn, Ib. Phidias flnllhes the for conquerii^ Sicily and otbec, 

golden Aatue of Minerva, and cauntnei^ib. Oppofei tbcLi. 

inscribes hli ownaameon^ Ctdiemoniana in the (acred war. 

ifedefkal, lb. ItsricJes ii accuC- aod putatbt temple of Delphi 

ed of a variety of intilgucJ, ib. ia th* kandi 01 the Flioctaw 

and 363. He oSeri the people 1^0,3)0. Inferibei the AtKe- 

fa beat the wbolecharpaf tha Bian privilegBoE confulling th^ 

public bull dings hia ^, if ttvf mkU it^ anlk(ki«M (!» 

PER [ 303 3 PER 

bnzta wolf, ib. Tin people of hriclet, on ilie rgii of Miner- 

Cubm lad Megan revolt ; and vi, [b. Afpili* ii (cculed of 

the La»d«moDinu, under tliclr impiety, 3S1. The £uiu accu— - 

king Plillooax, invidc AlUci, fiboa i> intended igilmft Anax- 

ib. FcrictnbtibeiCleaDdtides agonf , «nd a charge of pccu— 

the giuTdian of Pliltonui to re- Uiion tgainfl Peiiclei, ib. Ha 

- ' -Ritaleatt begj Afjufii off, md tondua« 

' ' ~ ' Aruxigoras ODt of Alhent, ib. 

_. . _ . He hilUni on the war, ib. 

■miDing the purpale, ib. The The LKedxmoniini ddire the 

teal ule of thafe tea lalenti, Atboiiani to banilh all execra- 

371. He duHlfei the EubcoDii blepcrioni', hoping that Peri' 
lb. Agree) upon a liuce for clei would be included in the 
ihinyyeari withthe Lacedzmo- mirnbir, 381. This atiacbes. 

, „, r upon the Atheniar 

the Samiuu, il die inftigatioa more, ib. He wirai the Athen- 

of Afpfia, lb. Some account iinsof the enemy't deGgni Co 

of that celcbiattd woman, ib. fpare hit land], when tbey 

Though Periclei bad two fooi ravaged the reft, ib. Archida- 

by his wife, named Xaothippui mus invades Attica, and pni- 

and Panlui, they pan by con- ceedi ii far u Acharax ; buc 

lent, and be nuiiiei Afpalis, Ftricia kcepi the Aiheniana 

3ji. Hat a fbn by her, ib. clo(e in the city, ib. He di- 

Hii operaUona againft the Sa- videi the landt in jEgiaa ■- 

Btiaoa, who areat lad eoUrely mongft die poor citizens of A- 

Teduced, 373, ttjif. He eele- ihena, 3BJ. He ravagei ihe 

braleitbe obiniuiexif hiicoun- PelupoaneOan coall with fail 

trymea who had fallen in the ileeU, and layi watle the tcni- 

Ehmian war, and pronouncei . torie* of Hegin, 38^. Tho 

tlieir funeral oration at Athens, plague breaks o«i at Atheni. 

■76. Upon a ruptutc between ib. He mani an hundred an^ 

tbeCoriolhianiandCorcyreani, fifty Ihipi, ib. Aneclipfaof 

be lends Lacedzntonins the fon the fun happeni, when be ir 

ofCimon, with ten (hipi only, about to (et fail, gSj. He ex- 

(o the aflillaDce of the latter, plainathat phxiwinenOB, fa aa 

977. Afterwwdi he lead] a to remove Ihefupeiaitiouafean. 

Urgti fleet, ib. Complainta of his men, ib. Lap fiege to. 

nude at Sparta againll the A- Epidaurut ; but the ficknefi a- 

on the Pelapannefian war, ib. prtve hint of the command, and 

Anthemocritus the Athenian he- lay a fine upon hitn, ib. Hii. 

raid, is aOaflinited on hia way eldtll fon Xaathippai behave* 

to Lxedzmon, aad all propo- in a very^undutlful manner, ib, 

fltiont of peace prove aboiilve He lofot that fon, and ftveral 

]7g. Phidiai is accufed by the other pccrons of hia family, in 
party Chat oppoled Pericles, of ' the plague, 386. Rtuini his. 

«nbeMling Che gold, when he dignity of fenliment till the 

nade the ftaCue of Minerva ; death af hi) taft legitimate (on 

bit he had contrived it fo that Paralut, ib. The Athenian!, 

he could take off oU the ^Id, difappointed in diftir otbec 

ahd weigh it, 3S0. Phidiaa, ftatefoien, call Perictea agaiil 

biwevei, iscondemiied,forpBU to the admiaiflration, ib. H^ 

ting bis own fi^nie and that of lepeab tbe law wbicb bc^bi^i 


PER t ») 3 PER 

ttide igiinft baHtrda, Wing ftrittml, ont of tbtyiaitot 

now fumlelf only mMural chiU Alheoi, iii. tGfi. ii. 44. 

dren left, 387, The rigor widi Perpttna, joint Senoriiu, i'li. 

ivlikb tiut Itw bid been put aj*. Jeiloui of the glory at 

in cxeciuioa, ib. The ftoM mt general, met conlpira 1- 

Uamb«r of Atheaini citizeni, pinft him, 36s. Killi Serta- 

•fttt the cscluQoo of tbofe at liiu, in Ipite of (be IinSioa of 

the half blood, wd Ibe plague, bafpiulitYi 364. Ii ulun pii(> 

ib. Pcridet 11 permitted to om, ind putio deathby I\>in- 

cnmt I Daluril (on by lui own pcy, ib. and iv. 63. 

name, ib. Tbil (on u poi to * PctThai'uui, ii. 168, 37^ 

death by Ibe AthcDiani, after Ferfaui, the pbiloIoDber, 

Urn fet Agbt at AigioufK, ib. commandi in AciocoiinUi for 

Perietei lakn the plague, but Aoliganiu, v. a^S. Antut 

hai it in a lingering manner, tnkea that cibdeK from hini) 

3SS. nil frieiidi when they i^i. A faying of hii, 363. 

think him iiifcnrible, and at the ■ f cr/r^pfij , Aleunder enten 

— '-* of death, diicourie about that city, iv. 178. Burnt the 

d, ib. TW remarkable palace of ICetitei there, iBO. 

obfcrvation IhithemadeontlHt Pcr/ntrtiut, die iflcAa of 

oeeaGon, ib. Hia chatafler, it, lii. 353. 

389. Vuch wiDud in the ad. Ptrftmot the heroic timet, 

miniftialion, and regretted by ii'>< 'Ti' 

the Athenian], ib. PrrAiij,kingaf MiCEdon,lhe 

ftricJUaj, Salt by the Spar, fon of Philip, goei to war with 

tani to Aihent, to rc^uejl fuc- the tLomaiu, ii. 161, 161. Said 

con apinA the Ueloli, iii. to bcafupporititiaui child, and 

iSa. really the Ibn of a Itmpllref], 

fcrijpiBt, the dauihlerofSin- ib. Dcfeau (bme of the Raman 

nil, Thefeut ht> a ton by ber, generali, i6a. Uak« great 

Tiamed Meianippm, who(e fon preparation) f*r future boftili- 

Inxut mignlea into Afia, i. 51. tics, ib. Kit iDrdid avarice. 

She afterwardi, by conlent of i6fi, 166. And timidity, 17a, 

Theleua, ii tnarried to Deione> He ii encouraged by hiiolScera 

HI the Oechalian, ib. to venture upon a deciCve «:• 

Pirintiiu, if. 113, a97. V. jj. lion, 170. Said by fome m 

fm^ixw, a hero, to whom have withdrawn to Fydnaita 

theoracle diredi Solon to be- fooQ a> the bitlle began, 173. 

rifice in Satamii, i. aoG. Defeated by the Roinaiu, 175. 

feriphati, lumamed dTyar- Hit (ubfequcnl behavior, 177. 

tu, or the aat itartr, Oain by Ofiaviui fpam Ibe lanfluaryof 

nieCeui, in the lerritorici of & the Cabiri, in which he had ta- 

pidaurui, i. ja. ken refuge, 1S0. Surrendcri 

Piripharitai, Artemon why himlelf to 0£taviui, ib. Be. 

fo called, i. 375. havei manly on being intro. 

firifelM, the diviner, con- duced to Faului jCmiliui, iSi. 

duQi king Opheltu* into B«o. Led in triumph, 1 88. Put to a 

G«, iii. 170. cruel death, 191. Ii ibe laft of 

ftriJtaUiiJiui, i. \0A, the kingaof Macedon, v. 163. 

P(rilw,AleKander'ido(,tbat * Firfini, their wan with 

pfmn buildi a city «T the the Cneki under Datiui, ii. 

Ifl the tkMOf AgtW»oi, T. S33- J^Joo^r '» "^nv^hy ^ Bfifc- 
«i_/if. With AlexuidCT^ tj,ih. 

fiat, the wild Tow of Craaw 
myon, killed by Tli^i, i.£i. 

Phatx,:ibe ittM of one ol 
the nuT^nen v?ho liilcil with 
■niefcul to Crew, i. ^7. 

fkietx iqil Niciai the only 
^rtoni i^le to mike had ^ 
pinft A}cit|Udet ia the adiDJp* 
illntion, u. tf. 

Fkmiinti" infonni EMncno 
of a caafpiiiKy <S"i>'l \*P*t 
benufe Eunenei hid botiswcd 

».....». their country dif- 
ficult, 178. Their jtiloufyrf 
their women, i. 193. 


PrJUUnct »t Kome, 1. 107, 
345. Throoghoui Iitly, 178. 
AtAthnu, 3B4. In iV «i*y 
ofDemctriui, the eonfe^iunc* 
of onwholtTome diet, V. 147- 

• fcUlia.'ti- »6«. 

• f rt(H« Hill, lil. 301. 

Ptiilm, the prctor, idvifei Phadm, , ., 

the fenite to bum the boolti of when the onele direAed fc A- 

Numi,Wbichwentfound>bout theniins lo Mtty the bone* of 

foor hundred yeiri »fi(T hii ThefeuifromScyroi toAihen*, 

death, fnd treated of relipon i. 75- , „ , 

and pbilo{ophy, i. i9'. PArrfra, Thefeu.aiirrie.her, 

Pirimi, one of the evil rain. i.Gg. TbecalamitiO &id loen. 

Iften of Nero, put to dalh by fne "pon her unlawful paffion 


of hi 



Pililiar, 1 Roman, receivej 
Pompey into hii (hip, inconfc- 
auenee of a dream be bad upon 
hii voyage, iv. iit. 

• Fitra, in Arabia, iv. 85. 

• FtlTt, near Mount Olym- 
pu», ii. 16B. 

• PrfwAai, iii. H3. 
fitTonim, one of Craffm ; of- 

ficeti in the Parthian eipediUon, 
hii gteac fidelity to hi< goieiail, 
iii. 3»7. 3«8. 

forHippolytui, (uppofed^otM 
be liaiEioua, ib. ' 

Phanfrelt, .Che wife of S»- 
man, difcoven Neoptolrnui'i 
confpiracy igainll Pyribui, iii. 

FAaan, fpme wiiters rechoB 
him the fiift Ving of the Molaffi, 
after (be dduge, iii. 1, 

fkahnx, (he Macedonian , db 
(cribed, ii. 171. iii. 371,, 367- 

Phaltnm, the mouumenO of 
N*uli(heui and Phxix erc^ 

'pttrJnius Turpiliami, a pet- (here by Ther.o.jJ. s7; 

fon of conCulir dignity, putt 
da(hby Galba, V. 401. 

fctutftii! joinj Eiinienes, ii 
380- Bndclavora to gair ■-■ 
principal authority m itea 
381. 1» furprifed i 
«f Antigonua's»eh, 383, 

The cWalry defeated, and the aCj. 

pianlom of die evil genini 
of Biutui appcin to him, iv. 

riarai, a Lacedxmoni.aD of- 
ficer, under pretence of intro- 
ducing liberty into Sicily, wan(- 
' ■ telE up tyrant, v. 

bacgageuiten, through hii cow. 
Brdice,.3es. AleJUnden letter 
to him on hii being bit by a 
besr, iv. .83. 

pixodoTtii, governor of CajH, 
tK>(s of inarriage between hii 
daughWrandAridem. the ton fcveial 
«tPhilip,iv.i43- Alexander'* ""•< 

PhaTKBilH, i. 89. 
PkanabizHi endeavon ta 
iver the Laccdxmsnias Ihip* 
.jith hii land forces, ii. 64- 1> 
defeated by Alcibiadei (h«e 
' veral timei, 6j, 66, 67. 
.p/artaieiiu compltintto the 

I>H£ t m 1 

I of Lyboder'i having 

IcUei by him, icIraEliog whic 
be hid iSccted, wMch fac prooi' 
ilci to do, tiut palmi a diffci- 
CBt l<tUr upoD bim, ib. liuch 
fat &e Stniett he had done 
tlteai,-iiO. I> defeated by Spi- 
tliiidateiandHerippidai, iv. ii, 
II. Hia conference with Agc- 
filaui, 13. Sent by Atlixerxn, 
u hii general, sgairift the Egjrp- 


ton of Artabi- 
cORimandi a corps of for. 
horl^ under Eumenei, i[i. 


PhirccUs fent to corrupt ttM' 
oracle of Dodona, iii. nj, 

Piiralai.'xhx Ion of Amat- 

PkerKydts, the hiftoiian, i. 
65. iv. 389. 

Phtrecydti, the philofopber, 
hii Ikin praferved by diteQioa 

Phtrecydti, die diviner, die* 
of the louly difeafc, iii. 163. 

PhiTimdalts cominindi tbt 
Feirunland forces, and is de- 
feated by'Cimon, iii. 183. 

Phidia,, the flatuary, hit Ju- 
piut, i. 380. B. His Minerva, " 

f6«. Surveyor of the public 
uildingsforPericlei,36t. U^. 
juAly acculed by Memnon of 
Ribezzling the gold, ilga, Im- 

fWfldcfi, fonofMithridates, 
revolts from him to thcKonian! , 
upon Which Mithridates kills ^ ^ 

himlelf, iv. B5. Sends prefents prifoned for putting his 

to Pompey, lb. Defeats Domi. figure and that of Pericles upon 

1 Calvinua, Czfar' 
ant, 166. Defeated by Cxfar, 
ib. Czlar'a lacoilic account al 
it, lb. 

• PhoTiacisjWi, 113. 
Piamapalei, the tnoft ettperi- 

enced generit that Orodes hsfl, 
killed in baulc by Ventitliui, 
V, i8t. 

• Ptarss, the ifle fo called, 
. its fituation, iv. 163. 


• Pkir^ges, 

• Phfifn, ill 

• Plu-^i, rii 

Minerva'afhidd, ib. 

Phidiiu defeated by Sertorius, 

Phik, daugliter of Antipater, 
and widow of CraterUs, raanicil 

bertelf upon the loft of the king- 
dom of Macedon, 195. 

Philadttplmi, king of Paphla- 
gonia, takes part with Antony, 
v, BoS. 

and joins the Greek) at Salamis, 
iv. 176. Inmemoryof hiszeal 
for thecaufc of Greece, Alexan- 
der tends part of thi! (poils of 
Alia to the Crotoniaot, ib. 
Phayllai, the Zatynlhian, v. 

fhiladtlphu,. S-x'Pulim 
ThiUu>, one of (he foB^ 
liti AJBX, \. i6^. 
rRe, Pkilagrts, preceptor to 1 

tellus Nepot,painpau<ly bai 
by him, v. 9a. 

Pkilaida, an AOienian ir 



'■ V^■. 

i. lo^. 

Pkilargyni, Cato'i f Feedman, 

Philtats, the poet, i, 3^7. 

Philiiai, » friend of Pelopi- 
das, appointed fecretary to A(- 
chias and Philip in Thebes, S 

■01. lovita tlie tynnls to hi* the oppolitki 


. ,.. _ ,. nof Demoahme*, 

tiaulc, and piomifei to provide ib. Hu mild and buminc bb 
ihiin Tome floe women, 204, h>vior, 59, 151. 

PiiliJii, the lifiit between Phi/if, ihi Ion of Demetriu* 

him »Bd Tbtmiftoclei, i. 169, the fee on d, goei to war with 
llie Rom)ni, li. 36^. Su^piiliu, 
■nd another fiomui general, 
only trifle wlih him, 336. Ha- 
miniui very Hi to all agaioft 
him, on accounl of hii engaging 
manner, by whkb he could 
thefouager,pr««nd»lowoiider gjin the Greeki, 365. He come* 

how the elder Dianyfiui 
find time for hii poetiol per 
fomiinces, iL 13a, Diony'ius' 
infwer, ib. A miximof Fhil 
ip'iiG6. BroughtupatThebe! 
and imiatea Epaminondai i 
hii military con dud, tsc 
Stods peilons to Argoi, to al 
bOinate Phiioprrmen, gsl 
Initiated in ihe myfferiei, iv 

lew with Flimi 
369. Addrdia hij army from 
an cTTiinence, that Inppeni to 
beaburyingsrounil,37i. Beat. 
en by Flaminius, at Cynofceph- 
al£, ib. and 371. Submiu to 
the difcretion of the Bommi, 
373- Preprei again in the in- 
leiiot parts of bis kingdom for 
wac, 161. Puts bis fon Deme- 
1J4. Dreams that his unte'i trim to dea lb, v. 39a. Hecame 
-womb i) fcatcd up with a (eil, to the crown of Macedon on 
-whofeimpreflion was* lion, lb. the demili: of his kinfmao An- 
Tbit dream interpreted, lb. tigonu Dofon, ii. tSi. v. 383, 
Commanded by the oracle of Aratui, and the other Achzans, 
Ihlphi to (aciifice to Jupller call him into their allilUncc, 
Ammon, 133. Rettivej three 385. He gaini the Cretans by 
. ._: 1 1 1.,. — J — .i-_ j^j profpe™ 

day, 136, AfieGs to fhow his 
eloquence like a fophift, 137, 
His facing to his fon, upon 
his managing Bucephalus, 1 39. 
' SendsforArillolletoinaruahis 
fonin philofophy, 140. Caui- 
es great diforders in hii family 
by marrying CleBpatra, while 
Olympiai was living, 14a. Or- 
ders the Corintbiani to luid him 
Tlwiraluj, one of Alexander's 
confidants, in chains, and ban- 
ifties four others, 143. AfTaf- 
finated by Paulinlas forrefufing ■ ib, and 390. 
bliq juflice, under ■ great inju. ceive bard ci 

Z he had received, 144. The ftomlbcRoi 
re of Macedon at his death. 

by foIlo\ting the eounteli of 
Aratui, ill. Puts fome of bi« 
courtiers to deaih for Inlulting 
Aratui, 386. Hisvices, whicE 

He cocrupti 
the wife of Aratus's fan, .ib. 
Takes Aratus up into Ithome, 
and a(ti his opinion as to fell- 
ing that ftconghold, 38J. li 
defeated at tea by the Ramans, 
388. Caufes Aralus, and the 
Ion of Aratus, to be poifoned, 
ib. and 390. Is obliged to 

that his crimes dererved. ib. 
. _ Philip, Archias and Leonti- 

gant joy upon the vjflory of das i ' "' ' ' 

He reiki 
with great emotion, after the 
battle of Chzronea, on the dan- 
'gci be had incurred, ihrQ»sh 

Philif Aridaui, in .iridxu. 

&lUnce of m old Roman, who Lyrandet 

bil long lived in Egypt, iv. g-j. gi. Hc'had id v lied the 

117. Atheniiai lo cutoff the right 

Pliilifi, Alexandn gives him thumbi of ill their prilbner) of 

I gavcntmEnt in Indji, iv. 104. war, gB. tybndei'i quellia.i 

Philip, Alexander's phyli- ta hitn thereupon, and fail bd- 

ciaa, iccu-Ted of an iniontion to Twer, igi. Hii intrepidity and 

poifoa him, cleati bimfelf of death, ib. 
ae imputation with great hon- PhilKtitC!, the fervaut of 

FMlip, the father of Matcii, 

: Gracchus 
■ PhilKralei, the okioi, v. 
of Cypcui, Solon advifei hin 
nmove his city tiom a b» 

citv ioli, ai9 

of Apolloat Delphi, ii. 145. 

ration in the olfice oE cenfor, ii, 
J 91. 

Fhiiippui, Luciuj, father in 
law to Aagullus, a faying of hit 
concerning hi) affmion for 
Pompey, iv. 45. Fropotei to 
fcnd Pompey into Spain, igainft- 
Serioriui, jg. 

• PMlippi, ballte of, v. 30*. 

^iiVi/lpc.agoldcoin, ii. 379. 

Hiitippidts, the comic poet, 
■I enemy to Scratoclet, v. 126. 
A favorite of LyHmichui, 1 17. . 
SefirEs tobeexcufedfram htar- 
ii^lhe frerels of princes, ib. 

PIdiifius, the Syracufan, com. 
mended atan hiftorian, iii. £50, 
Marriej one of Ibedaughtcri of 
tmtioes, v. ^38. Comei with 

> fleet from Apulia lo aflill offen the «lebnited h 
DionyliuitheyouagerinSicily, cephalua ia fale to Philip, iv. 
IjG. - Ii beaten by the Syracu. 133. 

has, ib. His faying to Diony- PhilBJiiimn, Utt fon of Crau- 

Jius, ib. Hii accufstioni againft lis, or Craugis, of Mcgalopolii, 
Dion, 139. The baibaratii ii. 341. Educated by CalT ' - 

Punilhed by the godi for hi> 

ficrilege, 146. 

Phibhlas, Qulntuj, Cicenj'i 
freedman^trayi Cicero to Ad< 

tony'i iul!iani,v. 11c. In what 

manntr sad by whom put to 

death, .,3. 

PkiUaidcs, of i.ampta, ir, 

' PhUinicm. the ThefHiliaa, 

he fnffered, tjS. Hii 

younger yean, ib. AfW- 
ward) under Oio tuition of Ec- 
demui and Demophanes, who 
delivered their country froth ty- 
ranny, ib. ExcellenlJy formed 
to virtue, 343. Called the taft 
of the Greeks, ib. His vifage 
not very homely, ib. Simple 

n>/n,the arlenil in the Pirs- 
ui, his work burnt by Sylla, 
iii. >39- 

Phth walks in the Ilepj of in Jiii manner ana areu, iti. 

Carneadet, and defends the new The llory of hii hadefi at Me>- 

academy, iii. 143. gira, ib. What Tltui Flamini- 

• Pkilaialts, 1 hill fo called, us (aid of him, ib. Hit talents 

Hi. 1 40. and inclinations propofe Epam- 

pJBlKk>ni],i, G4i£J>6si C9. iaoadaiashispMc«ni,ib. Dc- 

^les the fertile of wrdUing, nai gos to rIcuc tbc Melliah- 
344- M^lui incucfioni inCo Li- tni from Nab]i, the lynnt of 
caania,ib. ^endi hit lei Cure ei- Liced^mon, locl fucceedi, ib. 
Iliei in iht chik or igriculCurc> filimcd foi going,! fecond time 
>b. R^d* chicDy boaki leli- into Crete, whea h» fellawciti. 
livcto wir,34j. Conriden mil- iciu weis dillreQied by Nitdi, 
itary cxc^lence ■> the bigheft 3^^. Philopceraen'i jaying con-- 
of humin iRipiovemenU, ib. ceming Ptolemy, ibi HkMc* 
Tbirw yon old when Cleomr- gilopolilaiu inclined to pilt la 
nti lurpriTcd M^lopolii, ib. outlawiyagiindhim, ib. Wbils 
Standi upon hli ddfcocc till the in Crete he outdoei the Cfetiiu 
inhibiliatt had mad« (heir ef, lhem(elvct in irtind ftntagcin, 
cape, ib. md 316. Pettuadet ast. At his return, bt Sndi 
them 001 to return till Cleome' Philip beaten by Flaminiut, and 
ncs had left the place, 3^6. Dif- Nabisengagedin war both with 
tinguirbei himCclf under Anri- the Romans and Achzani, ib, 
gonui in a battle with CleoiBe- He ii choren gennal oF the A- 
lies, ib. and 347. A (ayiitgof chasani, ib. Vcnturo to ait at 
Antigonujconctminghim,347. fea, and ii Ihamefully beaten, 
Antigonui ii defiroui of iet«n- ib- Puti to lea again to relieve 
ing him in bi> lervice ; but, Gythium, and fucceedi, 356. 
confciaiij that he cannot bear a Nabii comes upon bim as ho 
fuperior, he goes into Crete, waimaFchingthroughadiHiculc 
where he gains a tboruugh pafi, ib. He puti.Nabiiand the 
knowledge of the lliatagems of Lacedxmonians totherout.and 
war, ib. At his return he Kills many of them as they en- 
makes a great reform in the A- deavor to regain their city ir 
theaii iBvalry, 348. Defeats the night, ib. Thii gives um, 
the jElolians and Eleans near brage to Flaminiuj, who mikes 
tbe river LaiilTus, and kiUs De- .peace with Nabis, 357. Nabi« 
mophantus, enmmander of th« is alfaffinated by dw AWlians, 
Elean horfe, ib. The Achi- Philopcemen feizes Sparta, and 
ani called in foieign piinces in joins it 10 the Acluean league, 
the time of, but Hood ib. The Lacedzmonians fell 
upon their own bottom in that the boufe and goods of Nabii, 
of Philopoemen, 349. Hecor* and, by a public order, give the 
refli the errors of the Achiars, moiiL7 10 Phjlopttmen, ib. Ti- 
in drawing up Cheii forces, and mulius is commiOioDed to ac- 
io the make of their arms, ib. quaint him with that order, ib. 
Turns their pafEon for Ihow, Philopoitnen refufcj the money, 
from dreli and houfehald fur- ib. What he laid on the occa* 
niture, to arms, 35Q. Takes fion, ib. The Lacedxmoniant 
t}ie field again [) Mac hani das, the having thoughts of withdrawing 
tynnlof Laced«nion,3(i. And from the league, Diophaoe*, 
Vills him in the battle of Maoti' then genenl of the Acheani, 
I") 35*- 1'be Achxani, on goes with Ftaminius to chaftife 
tiut account, erefl a Qatue tu them, 358. Fhilopicmen enters 
bim at Delphi, ib. PalTes hit Sparta, and (huU its gates upoq 
ghalanit in review at ih« Neme- themboth.ib. OniFrefhcam' 
ap games, and is received with plaint againft the Spaitini, he 
great applau'e in the theatre, puts eighty of their citiuna to 
ib. and 35]. Philipof Mscedon death, demolilhes their wall, 
fendi fome perfoni to Argos to and adds great part of theirter.! 
aJTaOinaiohim, 353. philopd. ritory to thitqEMeg»lopolis,ib. 


Campd] Ihem to give thcl 
children in Acbvaa tducitioo 
ib. Lameati l\at he had no 
the caainund o( the Achzani 
when Anciochui and the Syrlia 
lebaved with fo little regard ti 
difcipUnein Greece, 359. Con 
tendt with the Romans, afte 
they had e[labli[hed themfelve 
in Greece, ib. A fayJ 

C 109 1 PHO 

their and a pn£Lical philobpher, i> 

. PhihjliphMus, i. 149. 

Philijiratiti the pbilaropber, 
Cato pays him great refpeS, iv. 
367. 06bvbnu> diailus him, 
and why, liia. la what raao- 
ucr he obtains his pardoiii ib. 

Piilolas, thc-fon of Parmedio, 

general of the 
eighibtime,! ' 
of age, 360. 

Elefted and arrogance, . 


in length, iSl. 
information of 
great account to be made of treabn again K the king, igo. 
amao, who fulFered himlelfto Is Teiicd and put 10 death, igi. 
be taken alive, ih. Dinseratea ' Piulotas a\ Araphida, the 
J Mellene off from the phyficii 

', ib, Phil op<c men ,lhougli 
[ich, marches againll him with > 
I'm ill corps of Megalopolitan 
voluDteen, ib, RepiiKc) DLna- 
ciateg ; bat iaaat frelh troops 
Cdminc up, he ii pulhed upoa 
the rocka, and bii horfe ihrowa 
bim, 361. Is taken alive, car- 

; by a [ophifat, 
993. lewaraed tor ti by Ac Ion 
of Antony, witha wbolafcivics 
ckT plate, ib. 

'. PniUii, or Tiaola, a (ervnU 
maid in Rome, het ftralagem l« 
pielerve the honor of the Ro- 
man virgin!, and to mal&crs 
the Latint in dieir qjmp, i. 114, 



Alexander's lieu. 

neri and put in nrifoti, ib. The 331 
Mell^Diaiuthemlalveslimenlbii i 

fall , ib. The Acchin) demand 
binl, 361. Dinocratei . opens 
tbedungeaain the night, and- 
fends in his fervmt with a ioSe 
ofpoifon, ib. Philoptsmcn in.. 
quitu whether the Megalopoli- 
tan cavalry had ek^ied, ib. Be- 
ing anfwered in the affirmative, 
be drinks oS the poifon with 

great btiiraaioo, ib. HI1 death G(l<x of Dionyfiui tbeeldi 
fills all Acbaia with grief and >lj. 
lamenlaiion, ib, TheAchxaas 
march againll the MeiTenianif 


rcprovca tiy mm toraniniamoot - 
ptopofal, iv. ijB. 

Philoxemu, fon of Ptolemy, 
goes with Pclopidai from Ma. 

Philoxeaui, the poet, his dU 
ihyrambicj, iv. 141., 

"■■' ■ Theftetht 




mlelf, i 

pioccHion of the 

ib. A Roman cndeavsrs long 
after to get his flatuea- pulled 
down, but Mummiu* tolbida 

it>afi3. 364.- 

Philefilihiri, tbe honoi done 
then byPoii|pey,.iv. 86, The 
diOerence between a fptculalive 

"PW,«.,iv. .i4.4»4- 

re- , Phlycnfiam, die people of one 

The of the ward) of Athens, i. 109. . 

piixien came to the adminif* 
tntion when the commonwealth 
of Athens waa no mcrre thin a 
wreck, iv, igj. Probably not 
the (OD of a turner, 189, £d> 
ucaled by Plato and Reno, 
criies in tbe academic f liilob. 
phy, ib. FarticuUrritet in hij -< 



Phocion, ib. He gi 


Hii hying upon 
ChiKs'i nflcfling on hi> coim- 
tcoinee, ib. Hi) fpecchFi con- 
cife, but «ty tvtigrny and per- 
hnGvc, ib. and 190, He terva 
Hodrr Chibriii ia hii youth, ind 
htlpi (o cockQ the impetuofity 
at ihit gcaeni, 190. Hii gal- 
tut briuvioi ID the (ei fight off 
ibe iflr of Nucu, ib. Goei to 
the iflmdi with 1 rioglc fhip, 
*ad previili with ihem 10 fend 
ttwirquotuof (bipjind money, 
■gi. Endeivori to excel both 
ilitny depirt- 

meol, which wu not IhetuDon 
in hiitime, ib. Elc&d general 
live tnd forty tima, ib. Pop- 
i>br, though be oopofcd the ia- 
dinatioDi of the citizen., ib. 
Sevenl fiyingi of his, igs, 
*93' 'Si' ^* l»^ ■ givat deal 
•I goodoed and humanity, not* 
wiihftinding the faverity of hii 
cxptefiioni, tCff Ms marchei 
IgainCt Philip i>£l«icedon'i for. 
cc£, which were endeavoving 
teeflablifh ihciiiielves in Eu- 
^at, and . dcfcau them, 395, 
■gS. BrirtiPlutarchoutof E- 
.Kiria, !96. Makes himfelf mar. 
let of.lbe fort of Zaretra, ib. 
Savet Byigntium fcorn Philip, 
, «97. Takeifeveralbfhilftiips, 
ud rttovm cities which be had 
gtirilbned, ib. Itwoundedand 
KCumi to Athens, ib. Upon an 
application from ihe people of 
Megiin. he fottiliei iheictown, 
tiy Building two good wtllt 
down to the harbor, 11 well as 
Acures ii on the land fide, 198. 
BdnoHhtDO catiiei it agiinA 
iim for war with' Philip, but 
idvifet iU being conduced at 
llKgleateft diftance from Atti- 
ca, 10. Phocion'j faying upon 
it, ib. The Aiheniini are beat- 
en, ib. The people an with 
much difficulty prevailed on by 

tkeii c*-ci 

of A 


D the bands tt 

ion for a peace, but for ■ peace 
the conditioni of which ftiould 
bepreviou(lyknown,i99. The 
crroi of Ibe Atheniini in not 
abiding by hiacountel.ib. He 
will not permit any rejoicingi 
at Albeni on the death of Phil- 
ip, ib. Reprovei Demoftbam 
for hit inveflivea agiinfl Alex- 
ander, jh. Advilet the giving 
up ihe oriion, which AlextQ. 
det denianded, 300. Is in great 
edrem with that prince, wh» 
will not receive the (ubmUEon 
of the Aiheniaas from any other 
bipdi, ib. Phocion refules AU 
exander'a prelenti, 301, but ap- 
plies forthelibeityofhis friendi, 
ib. Alexander off^re him hit. 
choice of four cities in A&a, but 
herejcCt>theoffer,ib. Hiihoufe . 
Ehown in tiw lime of Plutarch, 
ib. The excellent charafleroE 
his wife, 301. HiifbnPhocu* 

thePinathenca.ib. Phociuisof 
a ditorderly turn, and addiaed 
lodrinking, ib. Hisfatbetcar- 

what elfefi Ihe dilciplineof Ly. 
curKUS would have upon Mm, 
303. Alexander appliea to th* 
Athenians for fhips, and the or- 
ators advife them Id refuCe him, 
ib. Phocion-s faying upon it, 
ib. Harpal Ultra itoiounybiinga 

thftu, and attempts to corrupt 
rhocion among the reft, bu( 
without efftft, ib. Prevails up. 
on Chaiicles, PViocion's fon in 
law, to take money, 304. Cha. 
ridti builds ifuperb monument 
for iht deceafed milirefi of Har- 
ptlus.ib. Charicles ise^led ta 
ao'counl by the people for tbf 
money be had latun, inddelirem 
Ihe pnittfliini of Phocion, which ' 
be lefaln, ib. Pbocion'i advice 
to the people upon the death of 
Alexander, iv, 304,. Heoppofd 
« the Latnian yin, ib. Siil) 
d^pproTc* it, iiQtwiili|l«itdn|{ 

PHO C >" ] PHO 

Ilieruc4^t of LeofilMMt, 305. crae the death of Pbocion, ik,. 

At tbcageoE fouricoTC, uku Phocionlabantolavehiifrienit 

thfcomnund, beau theMxC' but i> aotable, 317. The dig- 

4oauiu, and killi their genefai nityof Fbocian'i behivior ia 

Micion, 396, 307. Antipiter, the lift fcene oE hii life, ib. 

iflerhii Mat in lldlily, u Whache (aid to Thudi 

illy, u Whache (aid to Thudippui, oa 
defcad hii btwailing himfelf, 318. 

joined by Cnterui, and 

the GTceks, ib. Antipaler Other excellent (ivingi of'hi* 

mirchei towards Atheiu, ib. On that occaGon, in, A decree 

Phocloniifoittatreil with him palTcd, that hia body (hould not 

fot face, and AntipaUr inrilU remain within the bounds of 

thitthecanditiontof it mufibe Attica; nor chat an f Atheaiaa 

leFt enlirely- to him, 308. Aa Itiauld Eumilh fire iai ihe fune* 

•ccount of Ihod condition 1,309. ral pile, ib. The lift ofEcei an 

TIk AtheniansBte forced tare- peifanned in die territory of 

ceite a Macedoniin garrifon in. Megira, lb. The Athenians, fbon 

10 Munychii, ib. Menyllui, 1 repenting of what they had done, 

friend of Phocion, command) erca the ftalue of Phocioa in 

the garribn, ib. He offers nio. bnfi, and bury hjj remain) at 

clou money, 311. What Phn. the public eipeace, 319, Tbe^t 

cion laid upon it, ib. On the put to death hii principal accu- 

dealh of AneipaCer, Nicioor ia ler, lb. Hisfon Phocus dellroy) 

appointed ffovemor of Muny- other two of his aceuten, ib, 

chiiby Ca6imde[, 313. Poly- Theproeeedingiagalnfthimput 

pcrcbon pra^fes upon the A- the Greelu in tnind of cholc *• 

tfaenian), in order to get the fort ninft Socrates, ib, 
liiCohiiawnhacidi,ib. Thecon. 
fldence that Nicanor placed in 

Phocion, ib. Dyrcillua forma Uaccdon, v, 55. 

■ defign to Icin Nicanar, whto Phcui, a friend of Solon's, i. 

hecamedown into the Fircui, 113. 

ib. and 314. Nicanoi make* an Piecus, fon of Phocion, if 

attempt upon the Picziu, and vifiorioui in the foot race, i*. 

Phocion, who III led 100 much 301. Other pan jculiri concern* 

upon his honor, doei not guard ing him, 319, 

agalnfthimln due Cime, 314. i'^idot, the LacediemoniMi 

Agnonides accules Pbocion o£ incited by Arcblai, L«onCida>, 

treafon, ib. niocion retires to and Philip, to feiulhe ciudel 

Polyperchon,3i j, Depuiiejire of Thebes, ii, boo. It. mj. In 

(encio Che camp of that general return, be afflib them aninftlhq 

toKXufe Phocion, ib, Phocioa democratic parly in Thebca, and 

■Itempti CO make hi) defence be- they become lynnti, ii. lOo. 

fon Philip Arldxiisi but being Deprived ofhiicommaod by the 

often interrupted by Polyper- Lscedztnoaiatii, for leiiing Ih; 

d»n, holds hit peace, ib. He Cadmea, yet tlicy keep.thcfbn, 

■nd othenaredeclaredguilty of lOi. Killed at Thelpic, iio. 

tieafon, and (ent back to Athens Phaiu, iv. ^04. 

to hale fentenCB patled upnn * Plutxicia, given by Aotony 

themby thepeople. 316. Anat- to Cleopatra, t. iSg. 

bmhiy of Oaves, foreigners, in- * Piankians, their fleet beat. 

(MnoM peKoiis, and citiiens en by Cimon, iii. 1S4. 

who were.caught to believe that pAinix, preceptor toAclgilj 

thry could nototlierwifeiecov- lei, ii, 34a, 

nthipopuUrgovenniiei)!, de. tlmiii 'al Te^tdUi 4*>4 

Pkrjuii, iv. 3B9, 

^,.. ■ Phry'ti. SixPHxii. 

nhni'i, the T^bu, Alrxin- ^biii.wircof Admetai,klnt 

dtr iafifti on hit being ..itca of the MoIolHuu, i. igi. 

up to him, wilh FroEliytei, iv. Pfiliia, the motliEt of Pyr- ■ 

f/urtMi, TiTaiiK of ApoUa, * Phliiabr, ii. tt5, 374. 

1. i6j. Pkyradatiirtt, or txut huK- 

Fk^iai, blhu •£ Dcxitlia, »r, who To utied, v. 6^. 

t. 77, i'Ayj*4, one of the mrdt of ' 

/'lorM/g, DcmoIIfaenei com- Atheni, ii. jG. 

pofdioomioa FaibimigiinA "' ' 
Apolladoni*, aod mother for 

Apollodonu igitnll Phomiio, atmocia, v. 115. 

"' ' , the hiftarim. 

o put Fompey to I3fr 

j. Forms > tcheme PhyUiu fighU gillanll; in 

■etinil Cclar usd Cleopun, deftnu ofEpaita, Hi. gj. 

*6s, Ii capitally puulhed by PhyUiiix, Thereui meets 

C«lir, laS. with the Rrll inflincc ofhorpi. . 

• nraala bcGegei) bf Aato- tality from Hxta in Altio, i> 

Bf, V. i9(. fia. 

PkretUs giva hit father O- * PiaHtm, or die i^tMi ii. . 

rods poifoa 1 and that prating (31. iv. 48. . 

incffeaual, defpalcbc* him id- * Ficiaa, or nthet PiStit iiU 

ocher way, iii. 331. Hii meC- 131. 

&|e,Mk,ingof I^nhii, loFoni- Piius tad' faaati, two demi. 

pey, and Pompey'i anfwet, iv. gads j the (lory of tlicir bein| 

78. BeitenbyArriniiu, Pom. taken by Numi, and obliged to 

pey'i lieutaniiit, 80. Facmt a. indrufl him in certain chaiiiu - .. 

Untigrm 'againll Aotoay, V. and expiationi, i. iSt. 

FkrMtiy nephew to The- . Ptgrii, iW. yji. 

fniaocla, marriB hii diughlei PUiU, fcad of. See. Cyi€T. 

Hicamieha, i. 303. ncjitt. 

Firiarianj, the people of riiarii, bU to be dcfcended ' 

Fhror, one of ibawirdialA- f""" Pinut, the Ion oE .Numa, 

Otai, i. a6j. i. 189. 

Wri>ui, iv 36, Finariat, i. 197. 

""WruM, iii. 374. iv. i5». Findur, verkio! hit, i. 147. 

Firifgui, ooe.of Alexander'. The favorite of Pan, 165, Ai- . 

c«mpanions,eitpd1edfiamMa- e under /parei his iamily in 

«doni» by Philip, iv. 143. Thebes, iv, 1(5.. Pindar and - 

Pkry»ichiii,m Athenian eea. Eoaminondu redeem the citdit ^ 
etalroppofci thecounreUofAl-. of Boeotia, i. 13. 

cibiadeiat.Samos.inddlfcovera . Pindarui dcfpalchM Camua .. 

them to thcenemy.Ji. 60.. la at bis retjuell, v, 178, 304. 

Aibbed by one of Htrmon'i Piralti, Oiote of Cilicia raif, . 

men, and aftciwards declared a ten of the feaa, iv. C6. Their 

Kiitor to hiicountry, 61, eiirerae infolence, ib. Coit- , 

Piryniihai, the comic poet, quered by Pampey, 70. .Pi-,,_ 

i, ^JQ. ii. 54- »ica gate, 1.' 6j. 

Piranj, tbe Atbealin hirbor 

foniBedb/Tbcmiltocla,i. tij. 
Sphodriat nukei an attempt up- 
on it, IT. 96. Ergious, a Friend 
of Aiatiu, and Aiatus himfelf, 
do the time, v, 37 «. Sylli talus 
il,iii. 139. - 

Firiliau. S« Piirithoui- 
Pifiinder (enl from Samoi to 
Athoi), to change the govern- 

n.m, 18. 

■ Pifidiani, i. 198. iv. I51. 

fi/ij, the Thefpian , h» author. 
ityinThebei, v. 150. Deme- 
trius lakei him prifoncr, butaf- 
terwardi makei Rim governor 
of Thetpix, ib. 

Pijijlratidis fent ambafladoi 
fraia Span* to the Fecnan Sa. 
trapc, a faymg of hii to them, 
i- IS'. 

Pi0nlai, the ktnfman of So- 
lon, i. 199. Hischanfler, ib. 
n. 131. Caufea htmlelf to be 
wounded in feveral places, and 

wotindi (rom the nobility, ib, 
«nd333. Obtaima guard from 
the people, and, by means oF 
that guard, fcta hiraWf up ty- 
nntt t33- I* >ceufcd of mur. 
der, and though poilefledaf f<i- 

beFore the comi of Areopagui, 
^34. Makei I law la favol of 
(uch It were maiiqed in the 

inful the next year, 
Ib. OS, 13a. 

Pifo, Caiui, the hiftotim, iji. 

"3 J 


Pifi, adapted by Galbi, v. 
409. H i) excel lent qual It in, ib. 
He ii killed by Otho's pany 
near the temple of Vefta, 413. 

PiffHihaii, the (on of Hyftaf- 
pet, a friend to the people of 
Samoi, i. 878- 

• Pkani, Mithtidates Ihuti 
himfelf up in thai city, iii. 196, 

PiUacas, one of the (even 
wire men, the Milyleuaol 
chaole hitn fot tbeii (oyereign, 
i. H3. 

Piuhiui, gtandfat^T to The- 
(euifbytbemothcT'ifide, faiinds 
the city ofTfiriene.i. 46. 

< PUy^ftt, iOe of, iii. 344- 

■ Placenlm, v. 4^0. 

Plseai. See PiJIilenit. 

PU'cui accufed and caft, 

though Pompey appeared in hii 

behalf, iv. 101. Goes over from 

Antony to Augultut, v ai]& 

PlaMhg i Solon's law con- 

* Ptatcea, battle of, i 


Plalaiits, Alexander'! (om. 
pliment lo them upon it long ' 
after, iv. 175. They build » 
Umple to Minerva, ii. 196. ThB 
Creiki yield them the prima 
honor of the day in the battle a- 
gainll the l^iriani, ib, Games 
of liberty celebrated amoogft 
them, 897, 198. 

PIbIo, a paBage in his writ, 
ingi concerning the happy ef. 
ietti of royal audiotity, and a 
philofophical mind united, i. 
189. V. 1 15. Provides far the 
expeofes of hii voyage into E- 
gypt, by th*mCTclwndi.reof oil, 
i. aoi. Findt fa^lt with Eu- 
doxus and Archytas, for apply- 
Ing the mathematica to mechan. 
tc purpolea, il. 144. Thrae 
blelliiigs, for which he thanked 
his goad genius, iii. 89. Ad. 
mirei thepoeiryof Antimacbui, 
andcomfoTUhim when the pr»i 
ferencG w>9 given by Lylaader 
to Niceratua, 1O8. What Cice. 
ialatd<rfbin,v.9q. TbsC]^ 

miiM (pply la hlmfsTkbod/ 
of Uwt, nd bt tal)i ihcBi it ia 
hHd to giw'bwl 10 > wealthy 
pcoplt, iii. 194, 195, Hit doc- 
Iriati derive tbcir mlholity 
tVom hi* nomplMT lite, and 
from hii liTerting 1 divine prin- 
ciple rupeiior to nccefflty and 
Utft, aEh. A maxint «f hi), v. 
a4^, Aiiotlnr, ajr. Another, 
■34. DirrAed by thegodi in- 
to SlcilTi ajS. Sent away by 
Sianyrius the elder, and Caid si 
MgioM (or sOave, B34. Dion 
hia dWeiple, sjii. Returns to 
Siaily, Bsa, The gtm efFcA 
thithitinftruaions had atlirft 
upsa Dionyliiu the younger, 
■39. Ealaitiitu (he Atbiniins 
withgintBit Dion'] expcnfe, 
1(1. Rttunii a third time to 
Sicily, 143. ATchytH demsndl 
hiiB oFDioByriui the younger, 
inihtinnK of ihcphilarnpheti, 
B44. Demofthannhiadifeiple, 
V- «. 

Plaa, the comic poet, i. 349. 
ir. 44. 

PItiiitw coafal ; when Rrft 
cKMsd, ptebeiani eatn the prir- 
' il^ of having Iribanet 10 pro- 
taft their riglUl-, i. t4;. r. 

• WniBT)pf f'tai, iii. .476. 

Ptlfitrcui, the brwherof Cjf- 

Pmnm, brother to Ruffu- 
1», RiilH in the difpnle be- 
liKEii Rotnulin and Remus, i. 

Ptifimau, king of the Lace- 
d<KmanIan>, retire) fmm Attica 
by the advice of Clondridea-, 
and ii fined for it (o high that 
Jie ii obliged' to <]uit his coun. 
try, i. 370. Hii anfwer to an 
Alheatin, who faid that the La-' 
cedcmoniani were not Iharaed, 
I. .46 

P(i(aici, author orthefs lives, 
CMfiniu the reputation whictr 
B(er>tia' had' recovered, i. 13. 
Cbmonaa the place of his Hirth, 
14. He ickaaurledges the (to- 
pidityof tlw foeaifftn io gea» 

.4 a ruT 

nl, Inil imputei it ratbcTio their 
diet dun theirair, ib. The yew 
in which Me w»i bo ra not e»fy to 
beat'ceitaiDed, ib^ He fludied 
philnfopby under Ammonius it 
Betphi, when Nero made Hia 
piogrerj into Greece, ib. Am- 
moniut did not corcefl hii pu- 
pils with the rod, tg. Corpo- 
ral punifhment in our public 
CcbnatiiOneof the worfl remaina . 
of birbarifm, ib. Amongd the 
ancients, at 1 very early period,- 
ihey fludied Ihingi inllead of 
wordi, 16. Plutarch, wbenbe 
learned the Roman language, 

whitadvanced in life, got the 
kna^rledge of wordi ftoin hii 
knowledge of things, ib. The - 
Greeks hid teeth to the mathe — 
milici, philofophv, and every 
other fcicnce, witlkiut the ac- 
quifiiion of any language bat 
their own, ib. An inffance oF 
Plutarch-J early ftHl in criti- 
cifm.inhia dilTer»tion on the 
woid ff, engraved on thetemple 
of Apollo, ib. New interprela- 
iKm of that word, 17. Tho 
works otlhtir potts werealrnolt 
univetlally committed to mem- 
ory by the GVeeks, i3. Thrad-. 
vantage Plutarch rsadt of Ihir 
ntoile of ed\iCTttion, ih. Tfef 
(bmetimn be made miDaiui by 
ttnfTing loo moch to his nmno- 
ry, 19. Hewaj ptobibly<rf the 
latter academy, but l>anowed, 
notwithAanding, whathe Found' 
encdlent in every fcS, 19, ao, 
Hii btnevolent regards 10 the an- 
imal creation, 1 1 , t>. He piyi 
great af 
His rea „ 

without wealth, 14. He had. 
the happinefV to know his great 
grandfather Nicarchus, ib. His 
gnndnther Lamptiai, a man of 
great eloquence, and an excel* 
tent companion, ib. His father 
a learned and virtuo as man, but 
hia name not ddiveKtl (town tt> 

t Romi 

induce sf hii nligioiM, waA thcK&im too 
indulgcat la liiperfiitioiti 37. 
Yst, upon the wbilE, htd btrik- 
onble noliODi of the Guprcme 
Being, ib. Hit opinion of ge- 
nii or dzmoDi, ib.uiii 38. He 
i> c«nlocraled pnefi of ApoUo, 
33. £l^ed trGhoD of Che. 

philoiopber would idninlfter 

ju&ice, ib. He juftly illcni. 
ihat the maft dingeroui public 
faaioni an oflcDat firft kindled 
by privau mifundaftrndiBgi, 
40. UeiOciB all the neceffity 
of ebedience end deftreoce M 
magiftcalei, (hough they happen 

rspubllcanai heart, and ■ friend 
to liberty, 41. Hii domellic 

fathtr'. difcr 

tarclf] effeaion to hii two bro- 
iher"! Timon and Lainprlss, ib. 
Me ii bid 10 have palCed into 
Egyp', '5- Undoubudly vif- 
iced Italy, and probably on fame 
bulinefs of the Chxroneini, ib. 
Probably wrote bis morali at 
Rome, and hii lives at CluEro- 
nea, a6. Conilintly kept a 
■ ;«book, ib. Wa. 

and other 

Italy, almoft forty years, «7. 
CoUtaed many material! from 
convcrfaiion, ib. Entellence of 
the Uble lalli of the an<:'i*nt9, 
and meannefa of the inoderna, 
ib. He made no groat prog- 
leb in (he Latin tongue, ag. 
Telli u> himlelf that >ie wrote 
the lives of Demoftbenes and 
Cicero at Chironu, ib. Did 
not Rtire to Chzrooea tilt aftec 
the death of Trajan, ib. The 
bookof Apophlhegmt, fuppof- 

his wife w 

The n 

hand, ib. Preceptai 

confular dignity, and 
governor of lUyria, 

Lh Soflius Senccio, 

ixeaa, ib. Hu 
He had 
at leall five childm by her, 
four font and a daughter, 41. 
Two of hi>[aDiandbis'dau^i< 
ter die young, 43. Helefctwo 
io Trajan, foni, Plutarch and Lainpriai- 
led Io the Tbe hUer hai given us a cata- 
appointed logue of hi) father's writingi, 
■9- His ib. Aliilof thofethatareloil, 
the genu. 44. His nephew Sextui leicfKa 
d, C9'i 30. ttK Creek language and learo- 
oman no- ing to Marcus Antonius, ib. 
lures, 30, .The charafter given by that em~ 
Aurulmui peror ot ScKtua, applicable to 
friendlhip Plutarch, ib. Our ' 



>eof Iheeflablllhm. 

joyed (hat reward of philolb- 
phy, long life 1 but of the time 
of hit death we have no fatiifac- 
lory ac 

refuted, Plttdich ol Eretria afks aCCIl- 

ind the real lime allerted, 3a. ance of the Athoniani, iv. 195, 

The Roman- writers, who were He is dtiiated by the Macedo- 

his CO temporaries, probably niani, 196. Driven Out of ¥" 

jealous of his fame, ib. and 33. retria by Phocion, ib. 

Tedimnniei of others writers to Pialiii, the gad of riehcs, not 

hismeiit, ib. He retires in the onlyblind, but without feafe 

decline of life to Chsronea, and iiK>tion at Sparta, i. 133, 

and thare wrilet his lives, 35, Piynliria, the time durinj 

Critiqat upon ihofellvei, 35, -aihich theonnmenti of ihepai- 

3& Plutarch's fenlinunu of ladium, or imaECoE Minena, 

(itedut)' of a biographer, 36, an purified, and tbeioufek- 

37. He was conllitutlonally fclf ii cbveicd u|^, ii. ;«. 

POL [ *i6 ] POL 

Pa^x, 1.66,67.' Tluioarum iflen.put (o dothby Cil)M. tf. 

from which the Athniiia anion 403. 

tpokt there, turned towirdi tke Pdydttm, the fbtuaiy, 1, 

ka bv Tbanillocla, 187. 3*7- 

■ Fa, river, lii. 66, v. 415. Pelycralci the Slcyoniia, a 

faUi, iU. 174. deCcendant o( Aralui, v. J44. 

f«>Mrj, their bads cmOied Fluurch idditllei Iha Ult at 

Bk between two broad nana Antiu to bin , ib. 
in Peril*, V, 33 j, Pelycrttii, Ly{ander follow* 

PaUmarcki, imoDgft the SpiT- bis eiimpte, iii. 06. 
tiiu, i. 134. The lunuil goV' Ptlyciili, diugbur of Lyfi- 

HDon of Bsotia Sa cilled, ii. machm the fon af Arifiidei, ii. 

mai. Wba lo ailed tmongft 3O4. Tbe Athcniani alGgn bcr 

thcAIhciii*iu. I. iiB.)!. a public allowance out of rc- 

PeUmn, Alceoi and Doci- gard tobcr gnndfaibcr, ib. 
BUI dilpute tbe command with Polycrilui the Moidgean, phy* 

Eumenct, iii. 374. fician to Att»xerxei, n. 334. 

Pw/nw, king of Pontus, An- " ' ' " '" ~' "^ 

tony'i ally, taken prifoner by 

tbe Panhiani, v. igi. 1. 121, 111. 

PaUciui, or Paliackas, Japi- PtiyJirrai end Theoporopus, 

nr foctU^, V. 153. kings of Sparta, icfert a claule 

Poliarcita, a nunc given to in the it^rlra, i. iiS. 
Demetrius, r. 153. Pthena*!, oik of tbe loiuar 

Ps/ificf, u. 89. 90. iv. 187, Thrm'i floe lei, i. 300. 
aSi. *. 38, S9. 74. 80. "J- Palyesiaai the Sphettian, eic- 

Pi/Jiohu the SyrKulan, uncle bam the Atbeniant to war, and 

to Henclidei.goowithlengal- it proves a laborious piece of 

leys apiaft Ntciu, to lEIia bis work to him to [pcik about it, 

nephew who was in danger of iv. 193. phocion'i obfervation 

beitig taken, iii. *ia. thereupon, ib. He calls De. 

Peilu, die troop) oF Otho mofthcnes tbe grealell antor, 

find fault with him, v. 431. but Phocion tba bca [peaker, 

Petlii theSpanan, takes Flalo W. 189. v. 49. 
on board hii (hip by defire of Pelygnolas the painter, fuo. 

Dionyriui the elder, and fells pobd to have had i 

him fori " 

See Cfl/!or and Pel- 

^■iih Klpioiee, iii. 173. 

peemen, ii. 351. Cyrus, iv. 11*, 

Polyarce!, the Laced'xmonim Petymtdti, father of Glaucui, 

ambaflador, 1.378. His laying iv. 196. 

to Pericta, ib. Potyptukim, 01 Piit-(/pirc1uai, 

is, Mr- declared genenl of the army by 

. which Antiptier a little before his 

is attended with a mixtuicof dtilh, iv. 313. 

triumphal and futwral pomp, Pelyftnhn and Leptines kill 

11.363. Solicita Calo in favor Calippus, v. 171. 

ofthBAehiEaaeKitei,3i4. Ptljphrm kilted by his rw 

Pa^Z(liu,Dneof Ncro'imio- phew Aleiunder, lynrat of Pbr- 

Ft^firalits, 1 Muedouiin, iv. 

Ftlylitn )oiiii AlcibiHa in 
profaning ihc facnd myftecin, 
ii. 5». 

• Polyzttian, iii. tSj. 
Pfl/yit;.., i, 115. 
Pmniitlirti ihe PirtlMan kill) 

CnCTui, iii. 3sS. Obtaini the 
cuftonuTy reward, ggo. 

Pffraana*, whu, andwhy to 
called, i. 87. 

Pampria, the third wife of 
, CzlVt fufpefled of an intrigue 
with Clodiiu, V. 94. Ociac 
divorcei her, 95, 

Pmpt^us Sih, iii. 75. iv. 

• Pmpeii, v. 76. 
Pimptiii, 1 (enator, aceufes 

TibcriHS Gracchut of afpiring 
tothe (oveteignty, V. 13. 

Paapciti Aiili'i. See Aalits 

0. Pottew Rti/ui, conful 
witfiSyila, iii. 77. R. 119. Hit 
i> killed liy die tribune Sul- 



Pimply, fon of Strabo, ai 
much beloved by the Romans 
as his father wai hated, iv. 44. 
Hii excellent qu>)itiei, 45. The 
beauty and dignity uf his per- 
{aa, ib. like Alexander the 
Great, ib. Flora'a paflion for 
him, ib. Simple in hit diet, 46. 
Hi! faying upon his phyiician't 

' ■ ' - -lirufh, ib. Serves 


s father a 


mfelfand his father 
Irom being ailaflinaied, and pre. 
vents the troops from defening, 
47. Defends himhlf and hit 
deceafed father, at the bar, with 
applaufe, ib. The pt*ior An- 
teflius gives him his daughltr, 

Iwt foen afu( dilappein far 
(□me time, 48. On the death 
of Cinna.'Carbo tikes the leias, 
ib. Pompcy lailu forces in the 
Vol. VI. T 

7 ] POM 

Piccne, ib. MKchei to join 
Sylk, 49. Oa the w»y defeata 
three generals of the oppofite 

pany, ib. Scipiodwconlulad- 
vancea iftinQhim, and his men 
deferttoPompey, 50. Poropey 
defeat! Catbo'i cavalry, ih. Syl- 
li marches lo Pompey, md li- 
lutes him Impuralor, ib. Pom. 
pey goes at the requeft of Me. 
tellui, to his alliaance in Gaul, 
ib. He ii perfuaded lo divorce 
Antillia, and to marry jGmilia, 
daughter in law to Sylla, ji. 
The affefling circumllaoce ef 
that divorce, ]b. Emilia diea 
in childbed, ib. He expels Per. 
penna from Sicily, and recovers 
ibatilland, 5a. Puti Carboto 
death, ib. Sparea the Himerc- 
ans for a bold laying of tbdi 
countryman Sibcnis,^!, and 53. 
Sails lo Africa wi^ 1 powerCitl 
fleet and army, 53. Seven 
thoufand of the memy revolt to 
him, ib. His Ibidiets, with a 
fpiritof infatuation, dig for tie»- 
iute about ihe ruins of Carthage, 
ib. He defeats and kill! Donri. 
tiui, 54. The battle defcribBd. 
ib. I'alies Hiarbai prifoner, and 
"■ ipfal, ib. 

^ Sylli 
give! him the fumame of Mag. 

nus, 55. He demand] a Iri. 
umpb, and gains it, after fome 
oppofiiion from Sylla, 56. Re- 
futes to Halter the army, 57. 
Ceu Lepidus returned conlul, 
tguaSt the will of Sylla, ib. 
Sylla's prediflion thereupon 
loon verified, ib. and s8. SylU 

will, yet he procures Sylla in- 
termeol in the Campus Martiui. 
thouglioppofed by Lepidus, 57, 
Lepidua colleai the remaim of 
tlic Maria* faflion, and lets tip 
for difUtoi',- jg. Pompey i« 

^tigtiirfthin'by Catului ihe pomtcd sQt of die fljuelliiw 

odicr oanful, ■«! (oon dcCeili order, lb. When confiil , hr i^ 

l^iiliii and all hii piitizDns, p»is btfore the crntontogivc 

ib, Brinm dHhonDnbty to m Kcnuni of hli h*vlng liTvcd 

Snito), who b>i lamnAtrei thteampaigni re<}uired by l«w, 

Mntmi, ib. iJpidui fliei into , ib. CrafTui and he >re reeon- 

Sardini), where he din ofgrirf ciledby a command announccA 

for thtitifiileliiyof biiwKe.ib, ai from Jupiier, 65. Pompwf 

PomjKv hu inteRll enough la leaves tbe bar, fcMom appear* 

beleDtin lid to Metellui PIui in public, and neverbutamidft 

againil Sertoriui in Spain, ffj. « large company of Friends and 

SCnoiiu) expreHei hiicMitcmpt Tetainen, ib, Some accounts! 

ofhim, ib. He ii ifflitied at the llrength and audacity of Ibe 

Ihclofaof I.juran, -which Ser- Cicilian pirales, 66, 67. G»bi- 

toiiiu bornj in hi> prefence, 60. nius propofei an edift for Sai4- 

He defeita Herenniui and Per- hig Pompey againfl: ibem, and 

penna, ib. Fight! the battle of invcfting him wiihamoftea- 

Sucro, ftotn which he elcapei ^et^^^w^ tommand both at Tei 

by quUring hii horfe with gold and land, 67, 6S. The peopk, 

trapping], ib. Behavei wiih mdCzfarfor his own view >, 

XttU icfpefl ~lo Matellui, 61. approve I he edi A ; but it dtf- 

Applintalhe lenate fotmoney plea tes the fenaic, and one of 

U>pByhiBtnops,aHdLiicullu9,' Jhe confuli veniurei to (ay. If 

vho was jealous of biin »a Pompcy imttales Romului, be 

.ccmpciitorfarthecommandj- will not efcape his fate, 68. 

(ainft Milbridates, tikes can to After itiii bi)l is pafled, Pom. 

tee liie money lent, ih. Serto- pey procures an enlargement of 

liot is aBaffinaled, and Perpen- his powers, 69. He divides 

ni uDdeiUkea to fufply his (he Mediterranean into thirteen ' 

place, ih. Pompey, by a ilret- parts, and appoints a lieutenaiit 

agtm, draws Perpenna into ihe for each, ib. Numbers of tlv 

field, defeats, and put) him lo piiales are reduced, and the reA 

death, 6a. Veryprudenlly de- retire to Cilicia, ib. He clean 

tlroys the papers of Seiioriui, the fea o( all die piratjcal >d_ 

ib. Returns to Italv when venturers in forty days time, ib. 

.CrsfTushad almoll finiftied the Theeonfut Pifo inveighs againft 

war with the gladiators, and him at Rome, ib. He retutni 

bappeuing to liill five Ihouiand to Rome, ib. Gabinius prepam 

of thole Oaves, acquaints the ■ decree for depoRng Pifo, but 

fmateihat he had cut upthe Fotnpey will not fuffer him >• 

vrar by the roots, ib. It is ap- liropDleit, ib. Pompey rceci. 

piehended that be will retain barks, and louctKs at Athens, 

bis troops, that they may laife ib. The honor the Athmiana 

blm to the diflAorlhip, iuthe paid him, ib. He defeats the 

difmifle* iheiQ immediately at- piTstejon iheCiliCiancoaft.aoi 

terhit iriumpb, 65, Me re- compels them lo .furrendcr ad 

ftores theiribnnejofthc people ibeir cafiles, 70. Places ^k 

their authority, ib. A tecond pirates in inland towna, 7s. 

Guilty of an invidious aflion, 

in attempting to firip Melellnf 

viauus IS appDinien nis coi- of his command in Crete, ib. 

Ittgue, ib. and 64. Theydit'a- and 72, The liibune Manilius 

gnciii everything, 64. Pom- procures a decree which givci 

yoy pMiniii judges' w be ap- Pompey the dircflion of the 

POM [ : 

■nu tpaak Mithridito and Ti. 
graoes, and makes bioi, ia fiQ, 
lovereign of the Roman empire, 
71. T1» injufticetheieby done 
Lutullus, 73. Tbe artiGcial 
Beblvior of Pompey, when he 
ncmes the nevii, ib. He 
lakes all opfiortunilies to annul 
tbctflsof Lucullus, 74. The 
Ewo geoEnls have an iuterviewi 
which only makes the breach 
the wider, ib.' PoRi^y fcducei 
i9 Lucullus's [oldieis, c>u:epc 
fixteen hundred, ib. Lucullus 
departs for Rome, aud Pompey 
maccbes in queltaf Mithridau^, 
IS- Pompeys operalioni againll 
MithrLdites, ib. He ronti him 
eiUiicly iieanhe £uphratei. 76. 
Mitbridaus {lib with ooly tlust 
MUivdanu, one of which was 
hi) concutrine Hypricialia, ib. 
Tiiranes lets a price upon bis 
head, 77. Mithridalcs dirofts 
his flight through Colchis, ib. 
Pompey enteii Armenia, onlhe 
invitation of. young Tigranes, 
who had revolted fiom hit fa- 
ther, 77, "ngraats the elder 
receives ■ Roman gurifbn into 
his capital, and roikes hli pec. 
fonil (ubmiJEon to Pampey, ib. 
Pompey conlinuei to TLsranei 
the dominions that he bai in hit 

•[on klngof Sophene, ib. The 
falber is very hsppy in tbefe 
conditions ; but the Ion mur. 
inurs, and is leCervcd in chaint 
for Pompey's triumph, 78. 
foaipey marches in iearcb oE 
MilhHdata, ib. The Alhini- 
siu attack him, and are defeated, 
ib. and 79^ Hs grauu ihem 
peace, 79. Defeats the IbeiL. 

ther, with hii own. hind, ib. 
DefigDi to vifit Hyrcania, but ia 
prevented by the great number 
of fetpcatshe duds on the way, 
^a. Takes the route from Ar- 
menia the lefs, ib. Givcsau- 
dience there to the amballadots 
of thcElyma:ansac.dche Medes, 
ib. Scndi Afraniu! againft the 
Panhiaos, who were laying 
waile Gordyene, ib. Afraniiis 
defeau, and purfues tijam as Ear 
as the province of Atbelis; ih. 
Pompey's polite hehavior to 


, favor 



till hij time, ib. Enuts Col- 
chis, in order lonurfue Mithri- 
dalC), who concealed himl^lf 
about the Bofphorui. and the 
Pal us MfBolit, ib. Ii called 
back by the revolt of the Alba. 

the quz(^rs, to be applied £0 ' 
the public reveaue, ib. I'indi. 
inlhecaaicof Czaon Mithri. 
datu'l private pap:ri, by which 
he difcovets htm in his real 
charader to be ciu^ and libid- 
inous, ib. Coes to Amifui, 
where he diQi-ibutes goveru- 
meoM, before the war is fialfh- 
eil) though he had blamed dut 
meafurcinLui:ullai,8B. Twelve 
kingi appear b.:fon: him there. 

reducing MItbiidaici by (amine, 
ih. Inters the bodies uf thole 
RomuLS who fell under Tria- 
rius three yean before, II3. Sub- 
dues the Arabians about Mount 
Amanus, ib. Converts Syria : 
into a Rooun piovioce, ih. 
Reduces Judxa, and takei iti 
king Arillubuliis prilbner, ib.- 
AdmiuifUia juftice, and dccidei 
diCpuies between cities and priu. 
ces, panic ularly b,^ween the 
Armaiiam and Parthians, i'o. 
Too indulgeui to his ewnmin- 
iaers, ib. I'he infolenl uft 
that bis freedman DemeUiui 
made of bit favor, ib. and 84- 
Pompey'i theatre beautiful and 
grand, but bit houfc not oftea- 
taiioully groat], ib. He Dutches 



.a^ihft PeCn in Arabia, 85. 
H;ir ttui piKC, he nccivei the 
i:tw) of the dctth of Mithrl. 
dales, ib, Marches to Amifus, 
whfre he fmdj prefcnti from 
Phi mite), logetfier with the 
bodyoEMItbridites.ib. Moves 
with gre»I pomp towartl! Italy, 
86. Hiibouniytophitorophen 
ind at Aiheni, ib. At his re- 
turn to Italy, has the moilifiea- 
tion 10 find thai his wife Mucia 
had difhonored hit bed, 37.' 
He divorces ber, ib, Appre- 
henfioni in Rome (hat he will 
keep hllaCDiy on foot, and milte 
hiInre1fab[o1uleini(ler,ib. Re. 
niDTed by his difbanding it im- 
loedialely, ib. Tbe'clties pour 

] POM 

;lares he will defend thole law^ 
with the (word, ib. Marries. 
|u1ia, Cs tar's daughter, who 



. sofehin. 
in the a d m'inillration , he endeav - 
on to gain him by propofing > 
bmily allimce, but is rejeAed, 
ib. indBB. Bribei publicly for 
one of his friends, 88. Histri- 
.n being i 
■ he WD 

heea over the other two, 89. 
He advances the Roman reve. 
nuej from fifty to eightyfivo 

Ruined by the weight of h 

pey had sn 
faring lol 

hich Po"m- 
id annulled, 90. Fompey 
'iiig loft his majority in the 
lenate, has recourfe (0 the tri- 
bunes of the people, ib. Clo- 
diai inrifts on his (acrificiiigCi- 
uro, and he complies, lb. Cx-. 
far, on hii return from Spain, 
TecoBclles Pompcy and CnlTu!, 
ib. Caifar, in conlequence of 
that imion, is appoinledconfui, 
tpd propofes fcveral lawsagree- 
nble to tlu people, but not to 
tJK fcnatc, 91. Pompey de- 

ib. 'Gives his own daughter t 
Cipio, whohadbeeflpiomite* 
to Fauftus, ib. The eonfu] Bi- 

of the foium by violence, and 
the law for the divifuin of lands 
iscan1ed,ib. TheafhofPom- 
pey are confirmed, and the (wo 
Gauls with lUyria are given U 
Cxfar for five years, 93. Ca- 
ts foretells^lhe calamities that 
would fill upon thecommori. 
wealth anion Pompey bimfclf, 
ib. Lucollus retires from ftate- 
aSain, ib. Pompey becomca 
eilrtmely uxorious, ib. Clo- 
dius behaves to him with ex- 
treme infolence, ib. Culleo ad< 
viles Pompey (0 repudiate Ju- 
lia, other! to recal- Cicero, 93, ' 
He embraces Ihe counCel of ihe- 

tum, recbnciles the feiiate Ca 
Pompey, and procures for hini> 
the important charge of fupply- 
ing Rome with com, 94. Hft 
executes it with great aoiliiy, 
ib. During the wars in Gau!, 
CxEir is privately making prep- 

fovereignly, 95 Pompey and 
Ctaffus give him the meeting at 
Lucca, where it ii agreed that 
Iheytwofhall- have ilieconful- 
fhip the enfuing year, and Ci- 
<ar his command continued for 
five years mora, ib. Marcelli. 
nus attempts to bring the matter 
to an eclairciffemenl, 96. Tlie 
anfwcrs that Pompey and Craf. 

fus g 


perfuaded by Cito 11 . 
for the confullhip ; but he and 
all his friends are driven out of 
the forum by an armed farce, 
ib. Pompey prevents Cato from 
being elefted praitor, by a pre- 
tence of having feenaninauf- 
picious Bight of birds, ib. The. 
groteA pan of the Roman em- 

POM Z " 

fin b divided imongft (lie tii. 
umvirate, ib.and97. Pompey 
iitohne Africa ind Irath the 
Spiini fer his fhi 


I his 


PoDipey txhibit 

theatre, ib. Julia's great it- 
U&\<,<> to Pompey, .-b. She 
did in childbed, and the child 
doeinotlong [urvive her, 98. 
CnFTui is Ilain by ihe Paclhiani, 
and tbut the lalt obftacle to a 
civil war a removed, ih. Pom. 
pey affe£l> lo detpife Cxfar. 99. 
Suffers anarctiy lo prevail, in 
order thai he bimrdf may be 
appointed diflator, ib. Is pn- 
veiiled by Cato for s time, ib. 
Suffers confu (ion to Oke place 
again, ib. BibuJus makes a mo- 
tion tiat Pampey Oiould be de- 




. Pom- 

pey mitries Cornelia the dju^- 
IM of MetellHS Scipio, lOO. 
Her great accompli (hmenCs, lb-." 
He Dtikeitaws againft bribery, 
ud againll encomiuini upon 
patbni acculrd.buIiiexETEmcty 
jxrtial in Iheexecutlonof them, 
lOi. T^ui hi] father in law 
fbr his cDlleague, the lad five 
months of his time, ib, and 102. 
Hi* governments a re eoiilinued 
to- him for four years more, and 
tn has a thoufmd talents a year 
allowed for the fubfillence 
pay of hij troops,! OS. Ca^far's 
tiiendj demand that he Ihould 
eidKT have another can(ul(hip, 
or the term of his governments 
pfolongrd, and Pompey favors 
■hat reqiiirition ; but Cam's iil- 
timcd feverity prevents anyac- 
eommodalron, ib. Pompey 
fends for the twoleKionsheha* 
knc Czlar, and Cxrar tends 
them boBiP liltcially rewarded, 

adeep with the pride oF pov 

I ] POM 

war, t03. Cilar, now not hr 
from Italy, lendi hii foldien to 
vote in election), and makes 
powerful friends in Rome by 
bis nioney, ib. Curio the tn- 
bune makes plaudble propofals 
in ibc nameof Cnfar, 104. The 
conrul Maicellus inRltsthatCx. 
far Ihould be declared an enemy 
to the Hate, if he did not lay 
down his arms, ib. Cxbr'a 
friends remonftrate, and mikc 

■nd Marcellui, at the had of 
the fenate, inarcbes out of the 
cityto Pompey, 1O5. Pompey 
has no (ucceTs in Ihe new levies, 

about a reconciliafioa, bat witb- 
OT«cffeft, ib. Cilar, having 
feiied Arimiuum.tnirchesirith ' 
a (nnll body of men, and pallbi 
thcRubieon, ib. Tatlus afki 

(atisfaQoryanrwer, 106. Pom- 
ftf is invcAed with dilcreiton- 
ary powers, ib-. Hi! 'declares he 
win confider thofe who remain ' 
in Rome ai the panizTns ofCje- 
tir, 107. CietararrivesaiRome, 
and ii levers to no man but the 
tribune Metellus, who endear- 
ors to prevent his touching the 
moiity in the public Ireatury, 
it>. CxFar haltens to drive 
Pompey out of Italy, before his 
foixec. could arrive from Spain, 
ib, Pompey failf from Btun- 
duGum to Dyi'thachium, hav- 
lirli Riled the principal 

s of , 


fhaip (lakes, and covered them 
vrithearth, lOg. ' Csfar having 
rmdebimlelfmaderofall Italy 
infiitvdayi,flurcheiintoSpain ' 

forces there. 

and 139. Pon 


troops with great dilig. 
afiivity, 1O9. Manykingsand 
princes repair to his camp, and 
he has a complete fenate about 
biot, ib. £v«n Lal-ieaui uid 

BOM- E "» 3 POM- 

Riatu I repair la hit Hindard, e> the Rioiinder of the flight i>r 

it). Ciccn), diDugh b« had ad- i efberman-i cabin, ib. Colli*. 

vi[edothervi(t,>ndTidiu>Sex- iloog in a (mall rivu boat, ib. 

tiiu, though utiemcly old, do Is taken up by Pnilius, a Ro- . 

the firoe, no. The hunune mio citiMn, into a fliip of bur- 

4ecie< made at the motion at den, i z.i. The peilbn.he taol(-. 

Cats, ib. Czlif, hiving made with him, ib. Steers for Mity-. 

llimfclfmaiUrofPompty'ifor. ]enc, to. tal« up Cornelia and 

ca in Spain, marchei bick hit {on, ib. Their didiedful- 

ihrough Italy, Wli to Orlcum, meeting, isa. The idvice he, 

■nd (end) Vibulliui Rufuj to gjve the people of Miiylene,- 

Pompcy. with piopofali of 1 13, He compliio) to Ciatip. 

peace, iio,aiid \ii, Pompey, pui o£ Provldenct, ib. Sets, 

iniladof accepliBg the propoC (lil with his wife and fticndi,. 

all, (ecuru the parti and llcong ilt. Touchea at Alalii, where. 

boldi.iii, Casiaioflrautackt he it joined by fome Cilician 

Fompey'i intrenchmeuti, md galleyi, ib. finds in 1 little 

Id ODc of thoteatiBcktitiiidin- tlme.fiKty itnitort ibout him,. 

wr of lofing bit whole army, ib. It informed that hit fleet 

lU, Fompey don not purine is oitirc, and that Clio is gone^ 

his fflvantage, ib, Cxbr, Cor- with it to Africa, ib. Laments, 

want of provtljoni, is forced to hit. great error in giving Cxfac. 

decamp, and uket Ids way Co ballte at 1 dilUoce from hi& 

Tbeilaiy, 112. Uponlhii, Pom- Seel, ib. RaiCes men and mo- 

pey's troopi are 100 much elil-. nfy, ib, Deliberates about tbe- 

«i, aad impatient for a decifive country he fliould redrew, and. 

aflioa. ib. Afnniut sdvilet fixes atlall upon Kgypt, 1E4. 

_ . , , - . Noiiiie! hit arrival 10 Ptolemy^ 

f uling that ad. ib. The young king demands, 

vice, ib, Ke.purfuei CiBfat,and of hitcouncil in wlut manner. 

cDUies up with him on thepUist hcoughi to treat him, md con-, 

o[pharlalia,ii3,ii4, Isieaz- eludes to put him to. death, 

ed inlo.a.bavlc,agiinfthitbetNt 1:5, A boat it lent to receive 

judgment, 1.14, Kiidrcam,ib. him, ib,, Cornelia divlnet hia 

Another prcfage of hia defeat, file, itS, The latt words ha 

ib. Ciebr'ilayiDgwhenheper-. laid to her, ib. Piolemy'i peo. 

Ciived the enemy prepared foe pie fit lullen in the toal, ib. 

hitde, ijfl. Tliedifpofitionot AUsfllnate Pompey as he is gei,^ 

ihe two armiej, 1 16. Pompey, tingout.ib- Dies the day afWB 

orders bis to wait for ihe encr hit biilh day, atihe age of fift^ 

my't charge, ib, Th< oumn nine, ib. Cornelia makes bet- 

bers on each fide, ib. Thebat. efcape, 127. The body of 

He, 117, iiB. Pompey quitt Pompey is thrown out naked» 

bis. raukt, and.ietires to hi; ib. Buried by hii fteedmaa 

camp ; but (in ding. (hat not fc, Philip, and an old Roman foU 

cure, he changes his. habit an4 diet, who was a fajoumer ii^ 

flies.iig. The number of tbe Egypt, ib. C*tar arrives in E- 

iUin,- 190. The enci;ny findt gypt, and executes veogeancq 

' 'I of .prepa, OQ the roiJrdercr^ of Fompey, 

), Fompey, 11(3. 

t purlued, Pojupiy ibe younger, that 14 

^uiis hiilioife, pallesby Lariiia, Sextui, feiies Siciiy. and itjfeftv 

and comes to Tempc, ib, Goea the Italian coafts, v, iSfi, Hi* 

down to die lei.caaft, and paff^ witwei to lUMk. AAtsny, ig^. . 

rot I »»3 J 

Maul propoki to make him herc< 

w of [he world, 
■nfwcr to Menai, ib. 
Pmpim, (on ai Hun 
P/m/mnia, the wife ot Quia- 

Pimfoniai, ibe father of Ni 
nu, perfuades hit Iod m «tt\ 
ibcRomin crown, i. 167, 16: 

Pmn^miu, the pnior, giv 
■ cODcifebut plain Bccaunt of fiift: 
the lofiof thebiUle at theXhra- Her 
lymeniaa lake, ii, j, Givi 

"■"■ wounded and tak. bv 

I Michridi 

I with Otho ind: 
Nero, V, 405, 406. 

Pepalxc, whether tnoft info. 

.%<j. lent to good. men when govern. 

ment protpen, or in the C0Dtr»- 

ly circumfiancts, iv. 186. 

PiipukTity.ii.^i,,^%i. , 

Forcia, Gftec to Cato Iha 

younger, W. 319, 

"-(u, the daughter of Cato, 
larried to Bihului, iv. 340k 
[celleolchanaer, V. »8i. 
herlcK a private wound. 


could bear, ib. 
to Brutus, ib. Hngreitanxie. 
liBOii Hit account, iSa, How 
aifeaiedat the fight of apiaara 
at Elea, iSS. Said by (anie to 
have fwallowed hat aOiea, by 

en prifoner by Mithridatei, iii. 
aao. He anlwen, with a dig- 
nity becoming a Roman, to Mi- 
tbridatei'i propofi), ib, 

Fomfimius, killed in defence 
•f Caius Gracchui, v, 34, 

Etntificei, inftituled by Nu- 
mi, i. 17B. 

Puntiftx Majdau!, hii office, 
i. 173. 

Fatitas Cfmittius afcendi the „ „ 

cwiloli to inform the. fenate Pircii, whence that family, 

of CamiUui'i ^iOory over the name '- ' - 

Gauli, i,. 336. Foi 

, AiRfiiiJ, a fervantof a Roman givea 
ofthatnaswmeettSyllainapto. Atom 

d telti li 

fell, ifc 

>j, funtoCatoofUtka, 
O debauchery, Iv. 380. 
or it by the valor he ex. 
the battle in which ho 

Furfina adopt* the ciufe of 

Pmliui Cbucui, the title of Tarquiji, and declare! war a. 
one of Cicero's poemi, V. 70. gainft the. Ronuni, i. aga. 

• fwtnn, iii. 134. They retire before him, ib. 

FtptJias Silo, ittempU to BeTieges Rome, 3^3. Thebold 
intimidate Cato, when a child attempt* of Mucius Scxvola, .. 
iv. 311. 154, 355. Poriena'i gener«ua 

Pifi7iii],.thepr«Cor, banifhe* behaviet to him, and t 
ihe frieni ----- 

of Tiberiui Grar 
V. ao. Obliged ti 
him&, iU 


Fapilius Lana, hi* addred to 
Brum* and CalTiui, v. iSl Hi* 
■Ufcourfe with Cxtar, 183. 

Fiplkola. See PublUoti. 

Peruit one of the principal 
kings in India, hil prodigioui 
ftaiuK.iv. 203. Takenpdfon- 
er by Alexander, 104. When 
alked how h* dcftred to be 
treated, anfwerj only, " Lilte a 
king," ib. Rclloted to hii do- 

Pofideim, one oE the Athenian 
months, iv. 355. 

PofJoniai the phiLolbi^ief^ , 

nti r a»* 3 PRO 

iii. B9. Ckaro lui dilcipk, v. Priacifi*, the gawnl'i qiut. 

m^, tiat n the Ronun ompf e&wD- 

ru« P-^i-ii, W. 86. M. ■ td licred, od Kcount of ibc 

n a. -..ii-.. a — I — 1 — inagH of ^thegodt being p1»c*<t" 

then, V. 3gg. 

K fooihliyw ft- /"iT/hii. S« lldvidiu Pri/~ 

qairei to be bouodisd iinprtr- cw. 

«Dcd till Sylli btd concjueced Frm/vu, 

tflii. See Daeufiei. 

Pafibniii Minoi, nllLed PrKtldu, emptoyed by A 

byCalofDr wiLting 1 hiftory gullui ta g<t Clcopalia ilivcin. 

ta-Gruk, ud aKing pirdoa for la bit handi, v. sii. 
inpropriftin of laDguage, ii. Frxului, juliui, nukei oath 

giB. Ihit Romului hud ippnTtdia- 

Ptfltiaiui Tuiirtai cfnted Mm iD 1 form none ihaaraonal, 

ceafol, i. 156. AppointMt die- i. 161. SenCtooBei Numatlw 

takir la *A igtinft ihc Aqui crown, 166. 
■qd Voll€i, i. 303. J'rdcii/si,»ptiinaFlh*giuTd* 

i'^iMiu, Kpuciui, rivaliTi- (0 Otlto, v. 411. 
bciiiu Gnctkui, V. 7. PraJui,lhc giardian(orkin|« 

Pilama the LeTbiiD, iir. SO4. -who vieri nicori, fo caltfd by ■ 

* Pmaims, t piKC in Allki, tbc Laced x mo niani, i. lit. 
where the Albeniuii adign the Pwtdigus .• the fwtauDg of 

dughlerof Aciflidna faroifoi ■■- ' ' -"- -" '-" 

bar dowry, ii. 304. 

PMjkimil, V . tOJ , ••■ my. licpiiuriiiniuiai uvil- 

* Patidaa. Ii. 39. it. 136, ' Oawing of the AH^n like, i. 
Pmer'y, i'- 389- ' 3°*- The vmifhing of the 
PtiMT, what iu effeff, iii. body of Aicntia, ill What 

15S. Aibitnry powerabaiden happened in niarking out the - 

tetbcpo(reaoi,aawellalathe' (oundationi of Altsandria, iv. 

people, li. 131. 164- Stone (lid to fall from ■ 

Fr.rcia. a eourtezai, bei in. heaven, iii. lOo. ^^'hat btp- 

fluencein Rome, iii. 199. penrd to > perfon who leaped ■ 

•fr«B(jfc»((, iii. 159, upon the alar of the twelve 

Prmuta, a Roman Kannent gods, E67. One of Atitmfs 

edged with purple, i. lOi. n. Haines al Alba fweats far many 

Pratmim co^arls, v. 39ft. days, v. »0B, An Aliar emiu 

fr«»!(ui the poet, iv-, ig*. a blight Hame, when ihe fire 

Pfiyir,i. i3i. OE Camii- ieemi to be cxtioguinied, 86. 

lui. 307, At Argil the pticfttts <rf the ■ 

Prattgarai advifes the Nca- Lyciin Apollo runs iiKO the ' 

poliians lo olTet ficiificcs to the ftreel, and criti out that (he - 

gods for Pompey'i recovery (cei the citycovtnd wilhblood 

tn>m Ikknefi, iv. lOa. and goce, iii, 38. The vanlfh. 

Pwatinguii, lb< pi-rfens who ing of Ariflcai the pToceneriaB, 

porformed ceitaio ceremoniej \, m., Intidenis Tflaling to 

•bout the jaage. of Minerta, Btis inleipwied as prodigiej, 

Profirpim attiring lhemfelv« 
ilhing of (lenuia ihe-Aftypa- 

PRO [ 11$ ] PRO 

Ictilun, i. 111. The cntwin- PTolyla %ai Apolia, iiaghttn 

in; oF a Tnake about ibc face of of AgeGliui, iv. EO. 

CldtaiBti on the crofi, iv, 439. Promaeliiii, vi&orioui ia K 

A child borii wilhan eltphanl'i drinking tnilch, dita ia three 

head, ii. z6ii. Craii'icondufl daya, iv.zie. 

Alexander through the Libyan Promitkiait the hiftoTiaii, i. 

dtreni Ea the temple of Am- 78. 

man, iv. i6j. Eagles, and Praneficuj', iv. 4^ 

ftandards fa called, prodigies * PioinimtaieS of Diana, iv. 

relating to them, iii. 79, 3i,i. giO. 
iv. .73- V. 18, «47, a99- 3=8. 
FMraih Qip out of the hands of 

• Profmtii, iii. aoo. 
Proferpina, the wife of Al- 

tended for Orifice, iv. 

flame iffuet from the ftandatd, doneua, 'king of the MoloITi, i 

iii. 130. A-globeof fir! filla 71. 

betvi-etn two armies, aoa. A Pra/cpine, the teremonics bF 

double Giil belonging to one her fea[l,.iii. lOi. Her robe 

viftim, and encloCed in one worn by the perfon who took 

caul, v. 380. The Hema de- the great oath, v, s;o. 

faced in Athena in one night, Projperily, iii. aiS, 37s. 

ii. 51. iii. 167. Z.iWr willuiut PrMtgoras, the philofephR-, 

1 bead, iL 163. iii. 37, 191. iv. i, 3SS. Banillied Aiheni for 

S15. Lightning, prodigiea re- afcribing extraordinary phsno- 

tating to it, ii, 17S, 16a. V. . toena to natural caufei, iii. sSi. 

••8, ijB. Mmhi, three leen Frotim it{\n» of Alexnider 

at one time, ii. cja. Orphtai'i a proof of hii being reconciled 

ftitue of Cypreft wood fweats to him. and he fives him five 
profutaly, iv. 14B. 

ie bale of Cxbr's ILat- 

ue, iv. >63. Rja with one Preliyui nod Pianix de. 

horn, i. sst. Sivir in the Pi- manded by Alexander of the 

cene, sppeari to flow with Thebans, ai autbon of Ihe war, 

blood, ii. a3a. /tdivni devoui iv, 1^5. 

Iheiryoungin the city of Rome, PTotoginii the Caunisn, a cel- 

iii. 130. Rat! gnaw the con- ebrated painter, v. 134. 

fecraied gold, 130. Sirptntt Prolai, a merchant, founder 

creep into a helmet, and lay of MalTilia orMarfeillei, i. lOi. 

their egga there, v, 18. Shitldi PrMiris. Korhing aiiieat 

ini fpcirs, and perions fight- The/cut, i. 69. ■ Bafinefs tnar- 

ing, fcen in the ihy, iii. 59. rtw, ii. aoj. A fiiaOtr will nil 

Stand o( t Trimfel [a t mauia. hold a dultJiin, iii. B19. He 

fill tone heard in the air, 130. playi the CriUn aiih 4 Crttan, 

Crown of ViSory hlls upon the 109. He aican aiifps m Art 

bead of Timoleon in Ihs temple Wsj, 197. Dtai men do not 

of Delphi, ii. 114. Tumblei bite, v. aoS. iv. 115. Sueh a 

down at Pergamui, iii. 134. ene haineei of nothing iat parflty, 

fiaift without a heart, iv. 378. ii. 141. Thl die is cafl, iv. to6, 

fekr from heaven announcrei iji.v. 369. In mint then is 

iii. 38- v. a 

up by the I 


ling of the Gauli, i. 314, 
\. See Otuiu, 

. no 

J'ini/JdKf, paiticular, ii. 133. 

covets afpiiugof >a oily aMare 
on the tnnlu of ihe river Oxui, 


gypt, appoi 

wijnu, king of E- 
U Luctfllus a table 

Prujoi, king oE Bitbynia, 
Hunibal Sia to hii court, and 
it demanded of turn by ibeRo- 
Bunt, ii. 385. 

PrjUsei, nwmberi cf die A- 
theoiiB (tnate who campaCcd a 
court of judicature, and con: in- 
ued in oKce the tenth pail of • 
year, i. 1119, n. 

PryUnait, u 57, 63, sig 


vas Cent by Sylla to 
■ '95- 

lephew to Antjgo— 
nut, icQi ai a hallage for Eume- 
nes u> come and treat, ili, 37.7. 
Flclcmy Dionjjiiis, king of E- 
gypt delibecatsi on the meaturei 
he fhould lake with retpctt to 
ftjmpcy, i' 

of hi 

.uHeri, ' 

Fryltais, the grandiither of luade him t 

tycnigui, i. 111. ' mail, ib. Defeated in battle by 

Ppaumi the pbilofopher, >[- Cxiar, and neverheardoE aftei- 

&rta lh( divioepoinrCTaadpniv- -wards, 138,266. 
idence, iv. i£i6- ^iaUsty Idj^f, aficrwardt 

Pfiaapiii, priefl of Ueliopo- king ai ligypi, one of Alcian- 

lii, >. ib3. der'i piincipal officart, uuiriei 

PJychi, the wife of Macpba- Apama, iii. 3(16.' 
datei the Cappidocian, conupt. Pteliinj, king af Egypt,- Cit- 
ed by the font of CaU> of Utica, to'i advice to him, iv. 34^ 
>■■ sBO- PlitfHiy.kingof Cyfirai, tin 

PJylii, Africans wko cured propolali CaLo Blade him, iv. 

pertoH bitten by Eerpetui, by 31S. He poifou himklf, ^g, 
(ucking tbe parts )fie£ted, iv. FlaLny PhUvncltr, nukei 

3.66. piopotalt of marriage 10 Comel- 

i'Uutn'uoEMagaia, virkdicat. ia, raolher of the Giaccbi, 'v, 
cd by Dion, v 

Plidtmius, the daughter of Pco- 
luny, given in nurriage to Dc- 

Ptotimy rwftored to hit king- 
dom by Gabieout and Mark 
Antony, ¥. .64. 

Pidcm, natural ton of A- 
myntat the lecond, tnakei war 
upon his brother Alexander, 
king of MM^:don, ii. xio. It 
the lather of Philoxeniu, aei. 

Ploltay, fon of PyrrhUi and 
Antigone, iii. 6. Killed in the 
battle wilh the Lacedxmoniins 
on the way to Argos, 37. 

PlataiyCtriaiiiii, king of Ma- 
eedon, killed in battle by the. 
aauls,iii. * - ' ' ■ 

PloUml, the fon of Chtyfer- 
mui, vilitaClcomenti iaprilbn, . 
iv. 41Q, He is killed, 430. 

PMiay Eutrgiiti, his frieod- 
Ihip ta A»tui«ndfavori to the 

353. 35 S' Drelared bead of the 
ActueaD league, 364.jDemaDd) 
of Cleomeiies bis mother aad' 
ihildicn at holLagti, W. 417. 
fiehavci witb fome degite of 
generoGly to that prince, but re- 
fufes to fend him back to Greece, 


of Cleomenes, iv. 436. 

of that . Orders ihe bod/ of Cleomenei 

:d to Fyrrhus, to be falUned to a croft, 431. 

A-fs'Pfat cuCwiiKt ibiMt .the-; 

HJB t »»7 a PITB 

%ea<t of GeoiDCTin, (31. The IcncrstFnt were to be &□! 10 

faperfliluiis ian of niHopatcr Taiquin, ib. The confpinton 

oa IhiC occasion, ib. Kknowledgc-their ctime, 1^1. 

F/alimy, govttnoi of Alexm- Brutm conaeimu hU own [cms. 

Jria, liined by Clwinieoei, iv. jand glvej oideri for itieir cxe- 

^30. cutton, ib. The frnnndi v'lA 

Ptekmj the diviner, htipit- which he beholdi that (cme, ib. 

diftion to Otho, y. 4O9. Theconfol Collatinui, beingac- 

Plaai, ii.Eii. cnfsd nf fiTOilng fan Telationi 

F»*/irii(«, Valeriui, dcfcended who had coo (pi red igainft the 

Imm Ae ancient Valcriui, who commonwealth, it degraded, 

vras the chief author a( the un- 24a. Tbote ictationiof hiifuf. 

ins betwRK (he Roraani and Eer death, ib. PubKcola is fnb- 

(he Sibinet, i, 136. Diftin- Ili(uted in his place, ill. Vin- 

■guilhed under the kinp by hij dicius i> rewarded for hiiiD- 

dnqoence and' riches, ib; Em- [aimation, ib. The goods of 

ploys bolh with great preprie. Ihe Tarquins are plundered, 

ty, ib. The people rite againll and their palace levelled with 

Tarquin the Proud, on account the ground, 143, Afield which 

of the injury done Lncretia, had been in their poITelEon, ii 

and her unhappy fate, ib. Va- confecrated to Mars, ib. Tar. 

leriusaflifls Brutus, in expelling quin applies 10 the Tufcani, 

the king and hii family, ib. who give the Romans battle. 

Stands for the conrullhip with 244. Arum, the fon of Tar. 

Brutus, and lotei hii eledion, quin, and Brutus, the Rotnan 

£37, Ii.thelir(l that take) the conful, fall by each olher'i 

oath propofed by Brutus, lo hand, ib. The armies, aflB' 

fupporx the Roman liberty ; great flaughter, are feparated 

though before he had retired by a Horm, ib. The Tufcani 

Irom public bulinels in difkon- deleft Iheii camp, and nearlive 

tent, ib. Tinjuin by hii am- chouEand are taken prifoners, 

JnQadora propofa to treat, but 145. Valerius triumphs, and 

Valerius will notfuHer chemto ii the lirll conful ttiat enters 

be beard, 138. The exiled Rome in a chinol and four, ib. 

kmg demands his eifcfb, and Pronounces the e\ilogium oE 

obtains a grant of Ihem, not- Brutus, ib. Thencethecuftom 

wilhdanding the oppofition of of fnneral orations, ib. Vite. 

Srutui, who calls bis colleague nui is envied for his governing 

<:ollatinuftraiior, ib. The am- without a colleague, and for 

bifladors, during their flay in his lofty houfe, ib. Gains the 

Bome.corrupi the Aquillii and name of Publicola, 246. fills 

Vilelli, who were tiephewj to up the feoate, 147. PalTes an 

Collatinui the conful, »S9. The aft [or liberty of appeal frotii 

Vhelli dtiw in two of the loos the conluls 10 the fenate, ib. 

ofBiutus, ib. They iffemblc Exempts an ihccn, and others, 

in the houfe of the Aquiltii, to from taxes, ib. Whaithe value 

bind the confpiracy with a ef an ox, and a fheep, was in 

dreadful lacri&ce and aath, ib his time, lb. He makes it law- 

AOave named Vindicius dif- ful, ,vithoutrornioririal,tokiU 

rovers the plot tn kill the con- any man who Ihould attempt (9 

luls, and informs Valerius of it, fet himtelE up (or king, ib. and 

E40. He and his brother fecuie 348. Places the public (reir- 

.the contpiraters, and kciie the ure in the teinfile of Saturn, 

amjocrmits the people tachaore at Cliutui.faunderoftlle Cbn- 
quxhori (at UB minigunent dian family, laignia, wiLh t 
of it, SfS- Taka Lucretiui, verycanridenbleaumtierof Sa- 
and jfiCTwardi Marcui Hor»- binei, to Rome, 158. The Si- 
tiuj, for hit colleague, ib. Ii binei reoewing the war, form 
deGroui to hive the dedioting in ambufcide for the Romani ; 
of the temple of Jupiter Caoi- but Publicoli, by a counter 
toUaiu, which wu built by Jltalagem, dcfeati them with 
Tarquin, tga. But the ten ite grai lUughler, ib.and aig. He 
aivei thai honor to Horilius, ii honoml with a triumph, ib. 
ib. fliftory of that Umple, Dies foon after, and ij buried 
151. Taiqiun having applied at the public charge, £59, 160. 
to Foriena for aOinance, [hat Thewoniciiconlinuetheinaum- 
prince dectarei war againfl the ing for him a whole year, ib. 
Romans, 251. Porfena gains a Puilimi tleals the fcahbard of 

eosfiderable advantage, and pur- Mithridales'i fword, and fclliit 
fuei the Roman] to the oeigh- to Ariaiathu, iv. gS. - 
borhood of Rome, ib. Publi- Set all Ihi Putt.11 undirliiir 
cola glvti him baltla, in which Jtaily Jmms. 
he \i defeated, and carried off Purpte ; (hat of Hermoine 
wounded, ib. Hoialiuj Co- much eBeemed, iv. 178. Pre- 
cln, with two other brave Ro. ferves its color an bund ivd and 
mans, defend) the wooden ninety year;, ib. In what man- 
bridge, till the Romans break ricr prepared, ib, 
ildownbehmd!iini,2j3. Pub- * Pulci,ti,ii\. .63. 

licola fiandi chiefly upon the Pyaurje^on, the month fo call- 

defenfive, ib. Defc^u a flying ed, v. 6j. 
party tlial was ravaging the " Pydna, iv, 190. i. aga. 
country, ib. Provifions ex- Pyhdei, themuf^ian, ii. 353. 
ireniely fcatce in Rome, ib. Py/i«i adopts Hercules, pre. 

Thefloryof Mucius's attempt vious lohis iniiisiion, 1. 73. 
upon the lifeof Porfena, ib. and • Pylos, iii. ajg. ii. 45, 89. 

Bj*. Pubiicola refers the dif- • Pyraaia, iii. ^o. 
pule between tlie Romansand * fywHS, i. 31 j. iii, 343. 
Tarquin to Porlena, ib. Tar- PjnVaiir^iJ, a peiibnconneO- 

quin refules to abide by his ar- ed with Pericles, i. 363. 
bilralion, i^^. Porlena makes Pyn/m, iii. 1. 

peace with the Romans, ib. ' PyrrbiJj, the fucceflbn of 
The conditions of the peace, Neoptolemus, fo called, iii. 1. 
and the hollages which the Ro- Pyrrhas, the fpn of .*;acidea 
mans were to give, ib. The and Phthis, iii. 1. His laying 
ftory of Clcelia, on of thehoft. concerning the Romans, ii. 369. 

1. ,.._.._. I .i_ Some account of the peopling 

and pofifhing of hii •country, 
lit. 1,2. Has two filters named 
Dfidamia and Troias, is. His 
father is depofed, and the fans 
of Neoptolemus brought in, ib. 
Pyrrhus is cartied off, when an 
infant, by two faithful [ervanli 
named Androclides and Ange- 
lui, to the court of Clauciai, 

• 3' 

PYR I Kj 3 PVTt 

Clinclu, iftcr rome heSution, of Egypt, to RUid the pR>|^b 
~^- -'cinfint into hit piDEK- ofPyrrtiui,?. Pytrhmd - " 
Ciflander.kingnfMa- thcfnad.ib. Demctirui 

(fteidie infant into hit pionc- of Pyrrhui. 7. Pyrrhiu dctciu 
MOD.J. Ciflander.kingnfMa- thcfnad.ib. Demctirui, wE 
ccdoii, dcminds him oT G)iu- hid liiuwifc bceo ipplied t 

_. , ortfu&a to deliver him irrivo, kilii , ._ 

Dp, ib. Glauciujcandufli him, gcti himCetf proclaimed king 

M an eialy ptriod, iaio Epiriu, of MKedon, ib. DcmctriUi ii 

and plicia him on the throne, jeiloui of the growing power 

ib. Hii perfon defcribed, ib. r)f I>yiThtii, "and goo to leric 

Bdievtd to cure the fwiUio j of him in ihe-field, ib. They m, 

Che Ipleen, by touching the pari idverienlly pafa each other, ib. 

affeOed with bis toe, ib. A- Pyrrhui hndi Fantiuchni, Bb> 

bout five yon ifter, he goes metriui'i lieacnimt, tnt gna 

out of hii ovm tcrriionu, to him a grelt ovErthtow,'S The 

tlterid the nupliili of one of Macedonians conceive a higfa 

Glaucius'i foni, 4 TheMolof. opinion othij valor, and dit 

fiani take that opponunity to cover in him a [trong nfeni- 

Kvolt to Neoptolemui again, blance of Alexander the Great, 

ib, Pyrrhoj applies forprolee. ib. Anligonui'i faying coTiccm- 

tion to Demrtrlui, who had ing him, ib. Not eafily pro- 

martled hu lifter Deidamia, ib. voked, quick to repay a leind- 

Actompanitt Dcmetii»j at Ip- nefs, 9. Saying of *is, ib. Afler 

fui, and diftia|uiffa» himlelf the death c^ Antigone, he mar. 

in that battle, ib. Keepi for liei (cveral wrves for ihc'pun. 

Semetriui the cities of Green, pofes ofintereft and power, ib. 

tb. Goea a hoftage into Egypt, BeTide hit Ion P'olemy, already 

where he gains the ftvor of mentioned, hehaiAltxmder by 

Ptolemy and Berenice, ib. Mar- Lanairag'Che daughter of Agi> 

liei Antigone, the danghter of thoclc», and Heienna by Kr- 

Berenice, by Philip, her fonner cenna, the daughter of Bar- 

tiulband, ib. Antigone pro- dyllis.'ib. Sayi he will leave 

curei him men md mor.ey, hii kingdomio (hefon whohaa 

which enable hioi to recover the Iharpeft fword, lO The 

thekingdomof Epirui, 5. He £pimti give him ihe name -of 

iffociales Neoptotemai in the «agle, ib. Has intelligence 

Iiingdom, ib. ThekingiofE- that Demetrius is fick, ente™ 

pirui look an oath in the man- Macedonia, and penetnies as 

nerofthe kingiof England, ib. far as EdelTa, ib. Demetrius 

fJeoplolemus sttempts, otitis rrarcbei againfl him, and he 

pTttended that he aicempti, 10 rclirea, ib. Demetrius medi. 

poifon Pyrrhiis, Ibl P}rriiu> tales an expedition for the re- 

defpatchei NCoptolemus, 6. coveryof hispatemal Mngdom, 

■ Has a (on by Antigone, whom tb. TheotbeTkingKlefire Pyr- 

he names Ptolemy, ib. Builds ilius to exert himIeK on this 

flte citj- of Bermices, ib. Alex- oceafion, 11, Pyrrhus lofeshis 

ander the fon of Caf&nder, ap- vife Lanalfi, and the Ifle of 

" "" " which 8T« 

'. ■"•- He 

driven him ont of M^cedoiria, marebe i againll Benpa. ib. 

ib. He deouBib the maritime 'Hi* dream contemirg Alewn. 

part of Rfceedonia for hii h- dn'lbt Great, 4b. Takes Be. 

ward.ib. Lyfiinichus, whowas nea, >9. Demetriiu, appre- 

Inelined to ifliftAntipater, for- bending that his army might 

ses letters ai from Ptolemy kimr levoltto L^'fimachut, if becoi*- 

■11,^. VI. 4- 

tvA r .30 J rvR 

tinucd U) mifch againll him, alor U njaClcd, ib. Tbc k* 

lums tgiiiifi Prcihui, lb. The lion on the bacdii of iKe Siris, 

MKcdoniant revolt to Pyiihiii, in whicb Pyrrhut pravei yi&o- 

■nd he it praclaimcd king a! lioat cbieSy by nmu- tit hii[ 

Macedon, ib. LyCnuchui elepbiati, I9,.a0. The battls 

mikethii >ppnnnc;e fOQnaftrr, delciibul, ib. MotwitliBLanding 

■nd pntendingthat betud con- hii viQorf , he (cndt Cineu la 

tribuled equally to the ilighl of Bdidc wilh piopolitioa) of 

Demetriti), dcmanda bii fhar* ftKC, whicb ate rejcfied, it> 

of thekingdom, which Fycrhut The^Hch of Appiu Claudint 

Bgneito, ib. and 13. The in- againR, thole propolitioni. i«. 

Cgoificince of (teaties between Cioeai calli the (esatc of Roaie 

kinEs> 13. Pyitbua eolen the an aHetsbly of kiogi, 13. F*- 

citadd of Atbeni, ib. Advifca bricioi (cdL amhiHsdor 10 Fyr- 

the AtbcniaDt never to admit an- rhui, to treat about the ranloni 

othtr king within tbeir walli, and excbuige of pritoneis, ib. 

ib. Tikei Ihe Grecian citic* Pyrihu* offets him money, 

from Demetrius, notwithdind. which he refuCei, Ihoughbiicir- 

ing the peace he had made with cumftancei were very mean, ib, 

btm, ib. Demeiiturs alfaira FyTihui't pby^ian makei Fl- 

being entirely ruined, LyGma- hriciui an offti of poifoning 

chut marc hes againft Pynfiui, him,«4. Fibriciuidilcovenlh* 

debauches hii army, and difpof- tiaitotouideTigiita Pycrhui, ib. 

feifet him of his (hire of Mace- Fynhui defeat! the Romans 

donia, 14. Fyrrhui's impatience again ac Arculum, •£. Siyi la 

of inaftion it relieved by an the te who coDipiimenled hina 

applicatioD from the Taimtind upon it. Such inolhcr vi&oryi 

for aOilbnce agiinll the Ro. and we are undone, a6. Re? 

mans, ib. Melon the TaiCD- ceivea invttationi from the Ma. 

line cndeavon to diOuade hia ^oniaoi on one band, and 

counlTymen from calling in* ftom Ibe Sicilians on Mother, 

foreign prince ; and to excite ib. Lesvet a garrllon in Ti< 

their attention be feigns himfelf ren turn, contrary to the incU- 

intoxicated, ib. and i£. Cinen, nations of the people, and palT- 

firit minillcrto'Fyrrhus, dnws » int»Sicily, ib. aod 17. Findi 

:him into ■ convertation, in the moil agreeable rccepiioa 

which helhows him ihe vanity there, 17. Ravages the Car* 

of ambition, but doa not cure thaginim province, takea Elyx 

him of that difrafe, 16, 17, by ftorm, and ceUbralei lbs 

He meeti with a dreadful florm games wbieli he bad vowed to 

in his palTagc lo Italy, 17, Hrrcules.ib. . Defeats the Ma- 

Makes the land with great dif- nienines, 1 numeraut and war' 

iicully, and maicbei with the like people about MdTane, ib. 

[cittered remains of hia foicea The Cattbagiaians court hit 

to Tarcntum, ib. andiS> Coi- friend ih ip ; but he in&lla oa 

ita,s the luxury of the Ttren- their cvacuatmg Sicily, which 

tinea, and inlrodueei llrlA dif- they nfufe, aS. Hia next ob- 

cipline, iS. Has iRUiligCnce jeSii Africa ; andwantingmar- 

ihat LEvinuatlte Soman conlul inera, be campeli the Sicilian* 

ij coming againli him, ib, ^oes to fupply him, ib. ..Cegeneraiei 

10 the riverSirii, 10 FCConnoLtiE from a moderate prince into ■ 

the enerny's army, ib. What tyrant, ib. Ungrateful to Tho- 
non and Softratut, the pcrTona 
whofiill introduced him isO . 

PVT X .31 J PYT 

Syncufe, ih. Lsfcihiiiolluenet ib. Hiiprecepu, iBa, iBi. Av 

inSicily, ib. WbH hetaid<Hi ftitat«ic^ediohimHEl(imc,H 

loning it, ig. ThcMimeniDct the wife II of the Gneks, i7(. 

Mack faim, titer hi* Rtam M EalogiDin of bim, i, so, >i. 

Italy, ib. He cleiveidownonc Pylhagtras, dw iU*iaei;, iv. 

of their (oldicn, wbo challeni. >[«. 

•d falin to fingit combit, ib'. PyAeu, (be antor, fevercly 

Mirches igiinll Miniui Cuiim, leprovcd by Pbocion, for hii 

wholly It Benevealum, and i) impudeoce in fpeaking lathe- 

defrgted, 30. The battle de- people, iv. 303. Tellt Deoiof- 

Icribed, ib. Relumt to Epitus, theaei that hii oralicni fmell of 

eaten Macedonia, defeats Anti- the lamp, v. ^j. Demoftheoei'a 

ganui, and ii once more taVfed anfwcr, ib. Joina Anlipater, 

to thedireoeof MacedoDia, 31. 64. Speaki to the Arcadiana 

.^rchci to Sparta, at the requeft againfi the Athenians, ib. 1» 

orcieonymus, 3a. Hli opera- anfweTed by Demoftheoej, ib. 

lionibeforeSparta, 33, 36. He Pyliian Apollo. See Afiiilt 

iarepulfed, 36. On the invi- Pylhiiis. 

tarion of Ariftxui, msTcha) to Pylhiui Gtmii. SeeGanei. 

Argoi,. 37. Hii Ton Ptolemy i> PytUenki, the miftnCi ot 

killed bytbeway,ib. He lenda Harpalut, It. 304. He ere£ti ■ 

■ challenge to Anligoiius, 3B. magnificent sioaument (a hei 

That prince'a aafwer, ih. Ht memory, ib. 

cnlen Atgoi, ib. Hii aaioni • PjtkUit, ii. 16S. 

there, 39. Hit orders are tbV- Pytlucki, foo of Polycratei, 

taken, 40. Helaku ^ plume a defceadam of Aratui, v. 3\^ 

fro 31 hii helmet, 41. Struck Plutarch wrilei the life of An- 

dovni by a poor old woman tui for the beoelit of him and' 

with i tile, ib, Dafpatched by hit brother, ib. 

Zopyrua, wlucutaoffhithead, Ffthaclri, one of ifaofe that' 

4«. A magniRcenc [ uncial pile fuSered death with Phocion, jv. 

-pioiidedfor him by Antig?- 317. 

BUI, wbe givei hii aOiM 10 hii Pjthmlidi! (aid to tt*ch P««- 

llelenui, 43. tclea ni 


/yto^grat,! Spartan, Temitk- Pythaierti liei __ ..^ __. 

ible in the Gymnaftic exercitct,. TbemiAiKlca, i. 193. 
vifita luly, i. 160. Pjlluidui, brother 10 ThcbCr 

FyAdgwat the philofopber, (be wifeof Alexaodac of Pbene, 

went into Italy about file aget allifta h«r ia defpatching himr 

ifterNuou, i. 160. Affc&lo. ii. 119. 

,bt thought (ometbing [upciior Pfthax, one of Alcxandar^ 

to t)K reil of (be human race, oaicen, iv. iiB. 
I ;0. UCet a tame eagle, to lerve Pythn, the muficiin, lii. 9. 
lhatpUTpafe,andfliawibi>gold- Pjrili", tlx Byzantint am. 

enthigh,i7i. Believes the Su- lor, aafwcrcd by Demoftbenci, 

premeBeinglolKiaeoTTDptible, v. 48 

SilEve, inviEUe, and -an ob- Pjlhn, the (erpent killad by . 

onlyof the mind,ib. Sacri- Apollo, ii til. 
QoUung lo luB Oialhailire, * PfHtt^ii, i. 66. 


KAM t »3* ] RHA 

Q. tbegrauodiof F«icle9, t. |ji, 
Expliioed in ibe way o£oitwii, 

eVADRASS, 1 (null piccE of ib. AccooaLtd foT philafapb- 

bnli coin,. 1. 9j. which ically, ib. 
•acli Ronua cltiioi cant rib uud Sap< of the Sibiac li^ku, i. 

■owirdi Subiicolt'i iunaral, i. 91. OcciliaDia war, 94. Pm- 

•Co. dufiivtof biuei coa£qiieacB, 

gidirintdn*, or QaAdrantula, lOO. Rape of Uelcn by Thtle- 

1 tianie given aa iofaiuoui li&cc lu. Sec IliJih. 
•f Clodiui, V. 9£. Jijjjc, how punilhed bySo- 

Qtaili, u. (1 . Itm'i Uwi, i. ai j. 

Zuatrtli. &et Diffntitis. Aif beard tu cry, wheaMi- 

Qiuijlv, cbc ofKcc what, i. nuciiu named bit general, of 

t4B. By wbcun &rll uillituud, borre, ii, 234. 
ib. R^Lijiuiia, one of the ^a of 

* ^uifl^, iii 379- V. 143, Rome, nur the opLlol, i. i^ 

Quinlilii, i. 109, ig]. <■ Adivnnj, iii. ^^. 

gulnlii}, one of CalatheCen. Jtcpjliri, liicSyncuSia, talt. 

Inr'i ficedmeH, ii. 318. en by the Athenian!, til. >7a 

^Kinnm, Tilui and Luciiu, Riligm, its exeicires to be 

fcrolhen. See Flaainiuj. performed wiih great reverente 

Qianliti, Luciui, the Uibune, ud aucntion, i, 1 to. How ds- 

■ttempti to letcind the afU of fiaed, ii. i^S. The regard the 

Sylla, but isoppaled byLucul- Romini paid la it for 1 long 

lui, iii. igg. Obuins 1 decree time, 233. 
iei recalling Lucullut, 134, JUmaitiiim, ■ flrong Gtiutios 

jgiu«u.u. See Ufiltlinui. 00 Mpunl Avenline, wbtte Re. 

Quiitiiu (oj^tii guei with Ai^ mus propolcd to buILd tb« city. 

lOTV to C»lar V. .67. 


i. 85. 

/(<■»), twin brother of Ro- 

Knants, >,id hi^ qmltorScro- 

■nuliu. [eiied and carried befon 

Bba, fly [ropiSpartacui, iii. sqi. 

Numiu>r, i. 81. Hiifpeech, ib. 

Saallthi tier Quihti anitr 

and 83. FauEuluj ciriies U 

tluir/amily fr«iCJ. 

court the trough, or cradle, ki 

giuVma; Mount in Rome,!. 

which Romului and he weic 

»13. 18a. 

taken up, and he is acknowledg- 

Ouirimilil, riaaen,i. .69. 
OKirisu, Rom ul 111 fa called. 

ed by Numitor, 83. Whaloc- 

cafioned hii death, 86. He ii 

i...., .13, >6.. 

buried in Remonium.ib. 

Qams, the meaning of. tlB 

Rcfyaeiim, v. 59, 

term, i. 100. b. 113. 

Rtlical of the ten tboulind 

PuiriUs, the Roniani why fo 

called, i. IOC, ,63. 

. xLdammlkui, 1 i udge under 

gwriJu. See Juu Quiri' 

Uinoi, i. 56. Slid to have mar- 

iiied Akmena after tbe death of 

Amphitryon, iii.iig, TbeH*> 
liartkni Ibow hit tomb U Alel» 


nAlt/; an attempt to Kcount 
•IV foritt falling ingrcatquan. 

•XiM«mt, i». 306. '■ !«. 

FJUaumi, one oE AAUny'* 

titiei (Tier a battle, iii. 63, 64. 

fiwdmeo, v. 199. 

Am wiih OM bom found >■ 

BimKUi^tt, i. i»i. 

^omului and Remui, i, 79. uCe of ibem, i 

Shta, the motbci of Scitoci- ' Riphaan mountaiiu, i. gig. 
Wi>ii'33S. Raidi, the Mlentioa of C. 

' Rhigia"!, 11. ix%. .Givchui to ibe rcpiiring of' 

•SAi^l'im, ii. aj. v. 1149, tbcm, v.a6. 
t;i. Jto^au rile totheheigbcof 

Ritnia, ■ little inand near Dt- empire by meini of tempennce 

lioj, in which NieJai prepared «nd fortiiude, i. 111. Admit 

the pruceflion and choirs that jio ufe of imageiin the worlhqt 

were to perform in honor gfAr tf thcgodi, foran hundreduul 

mindjofmoi, i. 364, apitol on the coming of the 

fthitra, the fundaoientgl flat- Cauls, 311.' DiQrelTed by fam- 

Utes of Lycurgu), i. 135. Ms inc. 3^9. . Delivered by CamiU 

calis them fa, becaufehe would ttu, 230. Defeated by Hannibil 

|feve them thought acacuUc,' in tlie grat battle of C/uinie, ii. 

lb. to. Behave with dignicjr on 

* AAnic, Cjebrliyat bridge that occa lion , !ii.> Tlieirittea. 
Ht.t\t,\y. i^t. Uon to leligioua ceTemoniee, 
' * iiWdakeo bjr C4(I1>U, V, lOo. Offer human facriBcei 

194^ on the invafion of the Gauli a(- 

* Rieiians, their brave de- Kr the lirll Punic war, :3i. 
fence againft Demeiriai.*. 134. TheRojnant, forlanuages, un- 
They dcfire him to leave ooe of' polidied, md -Ikaied only in - 
his enginetuimonumentoftbe igricuitureind war, 133 Mar- 
£ege they had undergone, 133. cdltis firft givea them > taftc for 

Rhtitgtttu, diughier of At- piintingt, and oilier curioHiici 

lixerxei, nunied u> Omnlei, v.' of ail, for which he is blaowd 
by the graver citizeni, ib. Lofe 
both their confula by one of 

' Hanoibal'sftratagenu, iGg, 164.. 

_ Degeneiated in the Ume of C<- 

Rkafacet and Spithridtaes at- to the Cenlbr; sog.-i He com- - 

tack. Alexander on his palEng parei Ihemto Ihecp, 313 The/ 

the Gran icui, iv. 150. AleK-. rejea the preleni* of Pyrthue, 

■nder k.il1iRh(Eface>, ib. ■ ud all propofiUons of peaee, ■ 

* Rhcaium,iv. 418. while he remaiiti in Italy, ii>. 
•ftiiine, rivet, iii. 57, 399.. 13. Praclaini liberty to the ■ 
RhofDjitrptrilhTti, a name Creeks, ii. 374. ^ 

|j»W Demoftbcoes, V. 49.. Rama, one of the Trojan mit- 

Rhlii. i. 68. ron>, whn came wilh .:£neai in- - 

\ Rkymilalcts, i. 96. to Italy, i. 76 Advifci herfe. 

■• SijiflintaJ, river, iii. «Qj. male compjnioni to burn the 

«*««ta«i, a Perlian bird ft> Ihipi, 77. Romelsid to becall- 

•allcd, V. 33a ed after her, or after Roma, the 

Riches and eloquence, (be daughter of lialuiand LeucarLa, 

' IlKans by which the Romani ib. 

gained a place in the admiuif- Rmanas, fan of Ulylles and - 

ROM r *34 3 ROM 

H, JU ferociou* ud uncivil- them iboulthi Gtuation nf dic^ 

iMd Aate at ibe tcceQioD oE Ku- inloidcd city, which ii lefecreit 

nil, coireQcd by the influence to the decifiOD of ■ug.ury, and 

of Tdigion, 170, Burnt by the cinied in firor oF Romului, 

Giul>, 314. Rebuilt by Cam- ib. Rcmui [idicules, and leajs 

illiu, and adorned hj Marcel- over the ditch which Rocnuliu 

lut, ii. tjj. opened, 36. BeOiui it Hiio, 

JtMifuj, varioui accounu of prnbabtyby t^iehmdof Roaiu 

Ua origin, at weU k that of Us, ib. Fauftultu talU in tb* 

^D^DK, i. 76, 79. Tlie Ton of fcuEIlc,ib, Cciemania ebfervd 

fi, Rhea, oT Sylvia, Die daus^- Infounding Rome, under the di- 

of Numiler, 79 Amnliua, reflioii o( proper perfoot from 

bmiher of Numiloc, ordera Hetniria, 87. The twentyfitft 

Romului and hi) brodicr Sit. of April celebrated ai ihc birtk 

Kui to be deltnyyed, but the day of Rome, 8S. Foniu lb- 

letvant only expofei tbem by noft warlike of the people inia 

' tbe river, ib. Then they weic legioai, 8g. ConlUtutu 1 leo- 

w>. juekled bDK time by ■ Die ate, ib. Appointa the conaex- 

Jf' ■ wolf.itt. l^kcn up by Tauftu- ion batween tbe paniciani and: 

' tui, and nnrrcd by hii wife Ac- plcbciani,ai patrons and clientt, 

■a Larentia, 8a, Sent to Gabii qo. Exhibiu Karnes, at whick 
lor education, 81. Their povr- 
cnof body and loind, geoeroaa 

llKy diftinguini Ihemldvtt in AoUiusind Prima, 9a. Theo- 

'■^fiay between the herdfmcn rJginal of the nupiial acclama- 

ofNumitor and Amuliua, ib. tion TttUHt, gt, 93, g^. The- 

WhileRoinulutisemployedin Sabinei demand ihtir women, 
divination, Remus is taken prif- 
oner, and brought to anlwer 

tor die late violence, 81. The own band, and dedicate! Ae 

reiening prince icavea the cor- Spolia Opima to Jupiter Ten- 

itflian of him to Numitor, who trius, 95. Taliiu leadi the reft 

(eels an inftinftive klndnefs for of the Sabines againft the Ro> 

bim, ib. Hia I'pcech to Numi- mans, 96. Tarpeia betiays tbe 

lor, ib. and S3, who conceivca capHol to the Sabinea, ib. anil 

hopes of bis beinght)gTand(an, 97. A balile enfun between 

83. Fauflului delirtsHDmu- the Sabioa and the Romans, in 

tus to aflift hii brother, and in- which ibc Romans give grounit, 

(ormi him of the particulars of 97, 98. Romulus prays to Ja- 

hiihinh, ib. FauAulut hafteni pitcr, and the Bonians return to 

with the cradle to Numiior, the combat, 99, The Sabin« 

but la queftioned by Amuliui's women intcrpofeib. Thefpecdt 

guarda, who inform that prince oF HerQlia on that occalion, ib. 

of their lufpicMns, ib. Romu- and 1 00. A peace ii conclud- 

lui arrives, brin^ a conGdtnble cd, ib. The conditions of it, ib. 

tQrcewilhhiro,and[nanyof the The Sabines are incorporated 

citizens Join him, 84. Amullus with ibe Romini ; an bundleU 

it taken and (Iain, ib. The two additional feiiators are eltAed i. 

brolhen rciolve to build a city and the number of foldiert in a 

In the place wherethey had (heir legion is doubled, ib. Thetribea 

KiH nourilhment, ib. Open a and wards of Rome, originally 

Stace of refuge for fugitives, what, 101. The privilegci of 

i- A dilpuie aiifct IwtWKa lkS^H(uwfH«))ib. Remta- 


t >3S t »»M 

: each hit Rome Ime lib i tn^ftnte af 

kit rad lUiu 

iuadred loutaif (epintdy for tiieirowa, ib. Specimens^ 

&Die time, but tbcxwiiit it- of ■ free commgnweall)^ A; 
lemlle together, ib. Storyof Romul ui diftatei la the (cnaK^ 
the cornel tree pre pi(ited from and Ae patrician* go into Ab 
the Quf t of Romiiliu'i Tpcir, toulsQiiiy to lani thcnDwisf 
to*. Tbe Sabine* receive the the dar, ib. Other ■rbitiaif 
KomM mouthi, and the Rooun* afti of faii, ib. " '" 
come into tbe ute of their Ihieldi, 
ib. The fcafti of Mitninalia 
and Caraienulii iaftlluted, ib. 
Tbe Lupercilia, (03. Romu- 
Iu> iatroducet the Tacied lire at 
Rame, and appointi the vellal 
virgin!, 104. It (killed in div- 
ination, ib. Tbe Liluiu, whit, 
ib. Hit law concerning divoiic 
M, ib. Appoiati no puoifh- 
ment for o&iul pirricidc, but 
calUill murder parricide, 105. 
Titiiu ii killed at LiviniuDi, for 
the crimioal behavior of fame 
•f hli people to ceitain ambaf- 
bdon, ib. Romulut givei die 
body of Tatlua in hononbla 
interment, but doe* not puailb 
hii mutderen, ib. and 106. 
Thought iceel^ry to hi] death, 
ib. Tbe Sabinet remain quiet. 

tmaccouotibljr, ib. Vari^usft^ 
lici concemiag bii deidt, 110. 
AI 1 agree in thii, that tbe Station 
defpalcbcd hjoi, ib. The Iri^ 
ton tell the pupk tbat Romu. 
lui wai ciughcup to heaven, ib . 
Juliui Piocului confirm* it ml 
the ftra^tb of a preleaded ipa 

faa of AnatUon, i, 


, the aQor, 

> fend ambiOa- 

RoxMu, Cfler to Miibtidatei, 
iii. aig. Diet untimely ex*- 
craiing bti brother, 114. 

Soxana, picgaint by Alex- 
ander, i v. 119. It jealous of 
Statin, and procurei the datb 
both of that princefi and ber 

Takci Fiden: 

and makes it a Roman colony, iifier, ib. 
ib. The plago* broki out >t ilojeanrj, aPerOuioflicer, ad- 

Komt, ib. The Cameriani at- dieReslliemtftocleiinrepnMch- 

tacktheRonuiU, ib. Romulut ful termiitiM paSei him in tile 

defeats tlirm, takei and colonl- court, i. b^Sl 
EOthelicity, ib. and 1O7, The * JtniUtn, Czlar pallea it, 

Vnenlei declare war againft the but firft ddibcntei, iv, lOf, 

Rairiti, prKior in Macedo- 
nia, iv. 3«6. 

Rt^nas, one of tbe incefton 

of Sylb, expelled the lenat ' 

Romani, 107. Eatravagint ac- 
count of ^ viloT of Romului, 
ib. The Veicntci obtain a Iruce 
fbra hundred yean, by giving 
up the diftiifb of Septcmpagi- 

uiD, lOS. Romulus triumphs being poIKQed' of moK than Cm 

forhit viAory, ib. After be pounds weight ot plate, iU. 

bat reduced the neighbariag iis. 

tOuDtries, ilfumei the monarch A^iij,Luciui,boa[l) of being 

to n odiout d^nte, ib. Civei ling CaiutGnc- 

effence by hit drefi, by bit chus, v. i3. 

■uacdiand WStftn, ib. Oiiihe Au/iu, Cluviui, 1. 417. s. 

death of hit grandfatbcr Numi- Rimilia, (at tutelar goddcfs 

tor, he leaves the adminiftratioa of cbildreo it tbe brctft, i, 79. 

•f Alb* io the handt of the igp RiatintlU, what fo ciUet^ 

kibiliati, 109. TbeSibiaciiD indwhyri, 1^ 



ftV, ii 


, licuU 

lui. iii. t 




ni. „. i. 


3*9. ' • S/Uiimi, titj of, V. ttg. 

M<icl- £<>/'>, piidli inftiiBlcd b; Nu- 

,!)», to cike cbirge of (he bra;^ 

loriiD, Ibiild (hat fell from iatce, {^ 

178 An Kcouaiof llKiTpro-- 

ceffion, 179. 

SilixeUT, Juliat. See 7tffiv- 
5. Sclimliir. -* ■ 

S/Uiai, cpniBMnderarifMP^. 
CAM4C0, Calliul. SCf Cd/E^ 'ligniint, throw* hii Ibnditd »- - 
O Saiact. mongft tbe.eoemy, ii 173. 

Snlii'is, oar o( tlie kingi «{ 5ii/iiij, iperfon ofSamothricc 
India, his revolt from AluiO- OT Mw(inca.[iid Cn hiveUu|tit- 
^r, iv. 207. tht dince in iimor, i, 179. 

• Satlnts, Tuppofed to be.« Stlmitm, iii. 78 

colony of La(:edx[noni>iUt '- SaJtnins, fteward to CMo ; 

94,160. Attack ihe Rotnppt . Cito the OEnlor, to ^i■ old age, . 
911 account of the r»pe, 94, In- nu"ies hii digghwr, ii. 33a, 
i)ide tJie RoiDsn (crri(arici. and Salmiiu, Cala. Sec GU(> j«/*- 
ue defeated bf Mircui ValciU .»(]. 

ui, brolher to Pablicola, loling Silt Jfriagi, or lilt woiki, i, 
thinten thouland of thelimen, loS. 

asS. Again defeMed by Fab- Jd//a/?,(behiaotiin,millakea . 

licola, 159. infayiagthat camel> were lirft. 

StUiii women, cirried olf by (cea by the Rnmiai in (be bat- . 
the Roraani, L gi. Run in be. lie fought by Lucullui near the 
twcenthe Re inani snd ibi Sa- river Rhyndacui, iii. 204. 
bine). 99. Their eloquent re. Sain'ns, a Roman who bad - 
monnraiice on that occarion, Icrved under Pompey, takes part ^ 
which concllialci a puce. ib. in bi> afTiflination, iv . 1 15. 
and roo. The honou paid fdiRcad,a)tiDd«}f (hip [0 call- 

tbem by the Romans on ihit at- ed, i. 374. 

.coucit, 104, 101. S^abuctiy a machipe invented ■ 

Satium, V. 90. by Marcellui ia (he liege of Sy- 

Sacrfd Mfaitl, ii. 81. racuie, ii. S45. It ixkAroyed ' 

Sacred Band of Tkibms. See by Archimedes, ib. 
Band • Samiaai beat the AttKnian 

Sacrti aiiir, ii- i^J- "■ Beet after Pericles was gone, and ' 

Ssculre, a buffoon, v. 30J^ brand the prifoneri in ihe fore- 
Sadalei. See AixlUs. hud wiih the figure of »n owi, 

* Sarrt, iWei, Ii, i;8. i. 374, The Albeoiani had 

■SiUiQiU, faid (o be (he &[ft briudcd them with »&a-aana^ 
^vcn up to. [he A(heQians by and thence they. were called by 
rl>ilxw>aDdEuryracn,thefaiii Ariftophanus a kucni ptopU, 
of Ajax, i. 137. TheAtheniani ib. They are entirely reduced 
lofe it, and, after nu'iy vain (ri- by Periclej, 375. Their flalle- . 
als, mukea law that there (ball ry to I.yfinder. iii, goj. 
b«fio motf atlempls for recov. ' • Samniles, iii. tj. v, 6, 
ering ii, eOj. Recovered by Saiio*, chief berdfnun to Ke- 
Solon, ao6, iO;, TheGreciin optolcmus, iii. 5, 
4nd Perfian Heeti engage in the * Samn, Pericles heatt down . 
OniU of Salaroit, sSj. ibc. walls of lU capiul, i, 3],$. 


C »3T 3 


* Stmafila, V. )8t- S^»gt_ mi Mfofh&eraa'ot 

* Samalkrace, oi Sanuiiriuiii, jka/ikiiiiv. isi. ^miluu, ii, 
iii, 1107. iv. 66. iSa, i83.v. 390. ^/iip,i.a3f}. 

SasathrKisn gads. See Co- Jfi-miui, iv.tjQ. -igifilaiu, t, 
tiri. lO, 11,16, 17, S3, 14, If. A, 

SaaMirMkai al Spiita, iv. gii, 3S6, 396, 397. jfUiiudii, 
404. ii. 39, 41, 48, jj6. AlixandiT, 

ioniJacf, IiltcT 10 Xerxet, her Ibe Grot, iv. iG, 137, 141, 
ihree iaat (kriiiced by cbe 143, <47, 14B. igS, 166, 16S, 
Grceki Co Buchus Omefta, i. 171,181,183, 103, 11 j. A' 
aSt. »aci^TJi^, i. 103, 104. jtitaU 

* Sii^, iii. Big. riiu, 136. iv. a8, 34. Aatigt- 

* Sippho, V. .48. nw, i. 9*. ii. 197 iii. 8, 376, 
Sardiani U ttjold, why pro. 381. v. 1 11. AntiJateT, iv. aSj. 

eliimtd by the ciiir at Rome AnljftheTiti, i. ijS. Arihiitai, 
before every Iwcilice for vi^' n6. Archiftraliu, ii. ^a, Ar- 
cMJinudas, i. 146. ArtUdtmiU, 
iv. 4»i. ArgilcmiiSti. iji. A- 
Tiftidt, ii. »7s, S73, 174, goi. 
AiigaJllUt V. 113. ArUMTMl, 
Jig.— OfSWM, ii. 10. Sru^ 
tu, V. 181, 197.— of aiapatrt, 
184. Cafi-r, jfiUiai, i. 96, 346. 
iv. jis, i>6, "ag, "46, ijS, 
E63, t6S, 169, 3S0. Caai/^ui,!. 
ail, 330. Callkraiiiai,ii. tgj, 
O^m, iii. 315. T. 301. cUtt 
Ihe Cenlor, ii. 196, 311, 316, 
elpafim. Cla the Younger, it. 

ry, I 

• Sardis, iii. 97, 374. iv. lO. 
». ifiS. 

Sardmic tangk, 1. 30. 

£jnR(ii(iu,-v. lOj. 

SorpciiM, preccploi to CalO 
lh> Ynunger, iv. 311, 

SatHaraiiuj, an cuancfa be- 
lODgiag to Aruxerio, v. 3*6. 

• Sttric*'*, Ukm by ibcTuf- 
tuu, i. 339. Retaken by Ca- 
nUlui, ib. 

Sofurcii, Publiui, the tribune, , „ 
fivei Tiberius Gnccbui the firti 33G, 344. Circ*,*. 73, 7S, 
wound, V. 17. 93, 93, 103, 105. Gson, 

S^urmdia, leaft of, i. 193. 
iii. 84. V. 144. 

SaSuranu, Lucius, ■ funoui 
tribune, iii. j6. Supporti M»- 
riiu in all hii mafurei, ib. and 
70. Frtfpofis an Agiaciaa law, 
II. BanillieiHetellui, ib. R(- 
> Ihe Capitol, T). It 

ClioHous, iv. 40a. Cr^- 


nifed in 

dcring himfcif, ib. K'ill(d,nc 
withftanding, u Toon » he e 
ten the forum, ib. 

Satyr brought 10 Sylla, 1 

i. aiS. iv. 411. Demaratia, i. 
145- "■ 'i> '79- Dtmttrlai 
PtLaritui, V. 111, 134. lit, 
mtriu the PhariM, v. 387. 
Demefiiiius, iv. 19a. v. 47,491 
6f». S3< 54. *3> W. Dugout, 
ii. II. iv. 147. nitxyfus, i^ 
131, 131. Draci,i. ii;.~.Of 
Epamatniai, 136. Epimntiits, 
am. Eannti, iii. 374, 376, 
384— Of Faiiui Uaximni, u. 

Satyrti, the diviner, or, u be 
it called by otbtn, OrAattTti, 

•ISIb in killing Timophanea, ,...., , . _„ 

Ibe bnitbn o( Timolcon, iL Fkminiui, ii. 3B1.— Of Grat. 

lia, thai, Cain, v. aa. Gidia, 4:4, 

SafTnu, the afior, formsthe Gfrgt.i. t^T.~Oi HmiiM,u. 

aronunciaiioD and delivery of 14, 18, 19 aS, %ii.—X3i Ipl^ 

Oemoftbrnv, t. 46. Illlt*i, i^i.-'i-tmiit Iiyioji^ 

5CK t »3< 3 SCJ 

i[ them, i. 141, 'iS' Satital iMtnainmeaU. 
of Byuiu JTJualrical. 

146, V. 151. — Of Let' 

LutoUiii, i 

I. ago. Ltamdai, i. 


F"< • '45- '*»■ '" 9> 'fJ- 

•fur/io the orator, ill 33a. Lj. 

fandir, 96, 111— Of Aferiio, 
66, 68, 70, 76, 8s, E91. Ml- 
ttltiu, 50, 7», 73— Of Pxie- 

Schinectfia/ii], a fiime given 

* Scilhiifiis, Mt of, iv. sott. 

" Stwiiijiu, re«ft»blilh«d Dy 
Lyrindcr, iii. 103, 
Titus, I, iji rarmtiaa, iv. 190. £fi^t<,Publi 119 Co melius, fur-, 
ft/ntitii/iii. 199, 111, 113, sas. lumcrj .^rtciiiini, undcttakei (o 
ferWd,!. 354, 35s, 36J, 368, remove itic Caithiglniin wai 
388. />jli/i^, 347. iv. 139. Flii- from luly inlo Africi, ii. 2S. 
/allien, ii. 354. 358. Fhatim, His greitsftisnithen, 30. He 
iv. agg, jgi, B93, 194, i - ■ - • ■■ . . -.- 

0, 364. ii.90, 116. i 

..8, .44. Pl,p.. 

,, 4^ ■ in. 
194. ph 


with Hannibal mt B- 
5. TTiey debate who 
wu tne greiteft genenl in the . 
world. 387. 

Stiph Nt^a, fon in l)w to > 
Afticanm, offers to fetch* com-. 
pad, and conduit a patty foi - 
jEniiliut tO'talu Per feus on tba 
taoreacceflibleftdcii. >6S eV> 
ecutesthe rerricewitb gmc abil- 
ity, 169.. AnenemytoTilieri- 
us Gracchiu, an4 why, v. ik. 
Put! Tiberiiji to death, 17, 18. 

Sfipio jBnitiamii,atl!mkcaa&. . 
Afiicanui. hiippiry formed for 
virtue, valiant and ambitious of 
g)a[y,ii. 176. Theatmy af raia 

46, 56,9.-95, ,31. Fmptm, 
Sexlm, V. 1S6. FampimiKS, iit. 
■10. PItiaipides, V. la;. Pla- 
fcnij, V. lai. Pyrrhus, iii. 9, 
10, a6, ag. Pylht<u, v. 47. — 
Of r. giuariiti FUmmia. £ee 
tUmUiai — Ql Raitalus, i. 106. 
-^if Sirleriui, iii. 341, 343, 
as6i 367. 36"- Salsn. i. aoj, 
•ii, aia, 118, »30, «3i^ 133. 
Stkmu, IV. 5». Sliipe, v 114. 
^rKonicw, i. 15S. Syii, iii. 
13^ "37. '38. 156. 5(0^), 

ii, 3*4.— or 7^*10, 56. m- 

mijltcUs, 1. «68, aBfi. »86. Tt- 
Ui.l'dci,'H. laj. TluoitTai,'A. 
70. Tittpiaifiii, i. 119,1^7. 
Ti(>, V. 344. Ti;?™.", "iii. 
•aj. Tiaudia, n. 146. 7Y- 
W, ii 4fl. 7V»«kiu, 197. 

Scavoia. S« Majius, 

Siamltaii, ■ ward ia Atheni, 

&ii^ Hylt, what, iii. 173. n. 

&tiiiriii, hii daughter iSmilia 
liFonpey'irecond wife, iv. 51. 
iiL»6<J. _ ^ 

StiJafii), the Itory of hi< ccedingCxIar intheponlj . ._. 
Aatighter, ii. 114, 114. M< commandi Ibemai 

Saltiu,* friend of Antony body in the battle of Fharfali 

with IVrfeH., 

b. favontbe 

peopU in hii 

igi. In thai refpeQ different 
from hit father, it, Foietelli 

the fuwre greatnHj oE Marius. 

iii. 46- Differ 
hi.£'.th,v. .8 

at accounta of 

Scipic. Metell 


to Pompey, iv. 

alTigni Um 1(1 

.«., Pompey 
comnund in 

MuedoDia, <ts8 

TTie allerca. 

tion between hint, jnd otber 

ftioadi of Pompey absul fuc- 

■Uendihim. in hit flight at the 
batde of A£Uum, v. aia, 
SciMti, a Have of Pompey, [y. 

. Heuid Calc 
Africa, a67. It received fayt 
Juba, king vf Mauritania, jy. 

a&7. TibeiiuiGiKcbuiferm.. 

SEL [ »3j ]■ Sep 

under tilra, v. 4!, Ti dcfnied Ton AniTochiii is defperalely in 

by fc»fat at Th»p{u>, iv. 169. love wiihStfatonice, 1 48. Give*' 

Siipio Salalius, ■ mem pcrlbn up Slralouiceto h'n (on, indak 

in Czfar's irmy, Czlar gives Cgm him t confidcnble tetrito* 

him^heCiLulirconimand, ioor. 17,149. Eaten into all iinci 

der Lo lurn an ancient prophecy with Ptolemy and LyCmichiK 

en his Tide, iv 168. agaioft Demetriut, 154. Galoa 

* Siiradiiim, pramoncory oF, over the army of Demetriui, and 
i. EO7. luepi him a prifoner at larg<^ 

Seirm flain by Tb«leus, i. 15a, i&o A laying of bi>, i&o* 
fi'i. * SiUaU, battle of, ii. 34$. 

Siiropioriim, iv. 3. • Stl^irU, taken by Alcibi»- 

iciriij provides Thcfeus with des, ii, 66. 
. > Salaminian pilot, i. 57. Stmfrmias, Tiberius, con ful, 

Scotoi Ihe Theflalian, a fay- it 133. Much beloved by Ihe 

iogof hi>,ii. 314. people of Rome, ib. Fermilted 

ScoTpitHs Icin lighting by Ma. to nominale bit own fuccelTors, 

riu. on tbs African eoaft 1 it ii ib. 

• SceU/a, ii. 123, 370. i 

^ inda up in his defence, al 

Scrtpka, ti'iK&or to CratTui, iikilled in Ihe altempt, v. 413. 

iii. 3O1. Scuaii of Spana, of what 

Scrihnia, v. 4[». numbcritcoalilied,!. 117, Hm 

" 5cyivi,\!\toC Thefeusre- method of ehooGng itimem' 

ti«i thuber, i. 74. Taken by ben, ij«- lithe principal fup- 

Cimon, iii. ijS. port of the Spartan Bate, 117. 

Scylalt, what, i. 1J7. iii. ^iiuftof Alheoi, i. ai>, 119. 

Scylala, ifttfcaU b called. 

Sinarori, Roman, called Fa- 

geiilaui, IV. 17. ihcri, and Cm/irifi Ftthtri, i. 

, ■ Scythiani, iii. 317. '- 131. 89, 90. A hundred mcmben 

■ Sea. See Cajpiitt and Mcdi- from the Sabiues added lo their 

terranem. number, lOa. Judges of all 

Sici^o* at tlie Roman people caulei, till the Gracchi added an 

to the lacFcd Mount, iJ. 81. equal number of theequdltian 

Sicundti, lecretary to Olho, order lo the bench, v. 24 

T. 424- Smna, in his friendfliip for 

Stditioii. See Kiatcrl. Otho, perfuadea Neio to lcn4 

Sei/aihU, what, i. si6. bim into Lurnania, v. 406. 

• Siieucia upon the Tigtii, Sii'ido. See J#iiJ. 

iii. (19,310. • i'«io«), i, 315. 

Siltmai I. fumamcd Nicanor, S-iliui, ibc Jtoman goveroM 

■tcoven Babylon from Aniigo. of Macedon, iii. 135. 

■us, V. 11*. He macriei Stta> Siplimpagiiivt, i. 1O8- 

toaicethe daughter of Dime- Sei'Umii!, who had terved 

triua, 143. Quarrels with De. under Pompey, aflifti in ibe 

ntetiim, 144. Jjil covers by murder of (hit great min, i», 

means of bis phyfician that hit 1 ag. 

SER. C Ma } SSR 

SfpHaulci-j caDOcaed with CiniuiibntEDinihefonim,H< 

Aecontu! Opimiui, T. 34. forced to quit Rgme, ib. He 

* Stjaani, \i\, 66. U *3g. ind StTloriiu colteS frclh roicM 

Strajiim, ■ vounE nun who in lulf , ib. Miriai ictonu to 

|>1ayed wiih Altituidci it ten- Tuly, ind offer) to join Cinnl, 

nil, whit he Uid to .hat priotft, ib. SeitoriDi oppoles it, till be 

iv, iSl. li inrormcd thit Miriiu Otnc 

Stratii,n >t6, lit. Hii npoadic iDviUtionoFCiaoa, ib. 

Hmplc ind ofkIc k Ktbylon, Remonllnto to Mtriui ind Cin- 

ib, m igiint hii tivagi pTooefU 

Strinii, an Egyptim nuHb, ingi iftcr viSory, 341. Dc- 

V. 16^. ftreyi Hariai'i Bardizmt, ib. 

Scrgiui the pIiycT, ■ KUiixr After the dath of the cider M>. 

10 Antony, v. 1 70. liui, lindi the wir igiinft Sylbi 

* Serial, I. 186. in Italy badly carried on, and ix- 

Serpint, the fable of iti tail tirei into Spain, 313. Pays tall 

^uarreltingwidiitibead, iv.311. to the baibiiiaiu for hii piflage 

P..,._..r_.. .. "--producca o*et the Pyreneea, ib. Hiitav- 

w,iv.43i. in[ upon it, ib. Finding che 

ScTttrivi, Quioliu, of a let- Spmiirdc aTetle to Ate Ronan 

pcQabIc family in the town of goTtmnient, be lower) the taxes, 

Hurfia, and country of the Sa- and eictifet tbcm from pravid. 

binei, lii, 338. Loll his father ing quarten for the Ibldien, ib. 

when a cliild, ib. Had a libc Sends Jiilin Salinitot to hlo<^k 

n1 educalioa given him by hii up the palTei of the Pyrenees, 

molhsr Rhej, ib. Makes hli ib. Salinator ii sffaffinated, 

firll ompaigo under Cipio, a- and Anniui, lieutenant to Syl- 

giinft the Cimbrl and T«uionej, la, gains hii paHage, 344, Ser- 

339- Swima the river Rhone toriui fails for Africa, hut the 

in hinrmor, ib. Afli againft Moon refufeto reeeivehim, and 

the fame enemy under Mtriua, he returns to the SpaniQi coail,* 

and goei amongft ihem as a fpy, ih. Linclj in the ilte of Pityu< 

ib. Goes \i capacity of tribune ft, ib. Prepirea with fome pi- 

undetDidim into Spain, and nllcil veflel] lo fight Anniui, 

take up hit winter quarter! in but it prevemed by aflorm, ib. 

Callulo, ib. The barbarian! at' PafTo the ftraiu of Gadca, and 

.tack the Romani there, and kitt lands in Bxtica, ib. There 

miKy of them, ib. Sertorim meets with tome mariners who 

Eti out of the .town, collefis give him an account of the At- 

ne fcaltcred foldien, entersit lantic or Fortunate Illandi, ib. 

■gain, and puu -the inhabitanli He it delirous to go and live 

to the fwO'd, 340. Difguifei there, 345. The Cilician pi- 

bb party in the clothes and arms rates leave him, and go to re- 

of the barbariani, marches a- (lore Afcalii to the throne of 

C>inl)lhe<;yri<lsniana,indcutj Mauritania, ib. Sertorius fup- 

niem off, ib. He ii appointed pott* the Moon agiinft A'caliL 

fuzllorinthe Cifalpine Gaut, ib. Syllafenda Faccianus lo^be 

where he it very aftive in the alTiftance of Afcalu, Ib. Scr. 

ciufeof Matiut, lb. Standifor tori us defeats and killi Paccit.' 

^office of tribune of the pei>- nut, ib. Takes the city of Tin> 

3>le, and lolet it through the op- gis, ib. Tbellory of Antieus, 

poClionofSylla'i faflion, 341. who wajbi»rjfdthert, 346. The 

joiniCinn) agaiD&Dfbvilu,ib. Lulitaniant' ihvite' htm to tjJv 

SEK X **t i , SER 

^^ammmdwrnaag^^tta, ib. iagiotbetai]nnuinit]r,perfever. 

The chtn&i of Snieriin, ib. lance, and obcdKnee lo dieir 

A Hnle chjBgnk in the latter general, gjg. The meui (W 

;pniad of hiililE,by hitmiifor- took la fubdue ibe Chiraciiani, 

tun<3, 347. As genenl of the who dwelt in civa upon a 

Lulitininii reduces Che neigh- mountain in all ippearaocc im* 

baring province), and numben pregnable^ §54. Taksibecitf 

■cone OVR to Mm, ib. Tb« of LaiCran, thourh Pompey wtx 

.great ufe be made oC 11 while come to iti lelief, and Uy dob 

hind, which he pmendi to be byhini,3£6. Beiiti Pbmpey ia 

'4'giftfnin Diana, ib. and 34 B. the battle ofSDcro, 357. PooF- 

Tfilh a fimll foice carries on pcy is wounded, and obliged to 


in B«- (bout the lurnilute, ib. Lofes 
; Dnmiti U9 and Lncitu Han- Hi hind, but a happy enough 
iim in the Hither Spain ; and to lind her again, ib. Givei 
killiTbonnius, who wasfenta- Meiellus and Pom pey battle on 
.gainll him by Metellui, 349. the plains af Sagonlum, and, 
Redueet Metellui to fuch ejc- Metellua being wonnded,' the 
tremitiei that he ii forced tucill Romans eseit them fclvei in fiicli 
in iolliui to hi) affilbnce from a manner tiitt they defeat Ser. 
Gallia Narboaenrii, and Pom- totius, 3^8. Seltoriui relirei 
peythe Great is fent with moth- into a (ortrefs, while hii officfn 
IT army from Rome, ib. Metel- affemble freth forces, ib. He 
lui marches againit the Lango- cuu off the Roman convoyi 
britz, who had but one well in both by lea and land, 359. M<- 
theircity, 350. Sertoriui [ends tell us retires into Gaul, and Pom. 
tbem two thoubnd Ikini, tilled pty fends a melTage (o the Ro. 
with waier,-ib. MclcIIh) lendi man fenate, expftlfing his di(> 
-cue Aqniliu) 10 colleit pmvif. trffs,ib. M.:tc!lui olfcn a greJt 
ions, but Sertorias lays sn am. reward 10 any Roman that 
''buftilochim, andcutsofF the Diould lake Sertorius, ib. His 
convoy, 351. Sertoriaa arms vanity upon an advaniage gsin. 
■nd trains the Spaniards in the ed of that general, ib. Scnoiiui 
Roman manner, ib. Colleftslhe forms a fenate outof the palri- 
childrenofthenobiUly Fromlht ciant who had taken refuge with 
kveral nations of Spain into the him, 360. His paffion to be re- 
-oityof Ofea, and gives them lloredtohii country, ib. Hit 
' maRenio inftruft Ihem in the extremegrief upon :he newsof 
Grecian and Roman literature, the death of his inocher,ih. The 
ib. By this means the children greatncfa of his bduvior, and 
become femanybonagetforthe regard to the dignity of hii 
Rdelity of their parents, ib. country in his treaty with Ui- 
Mullitudes lay themlelvis under thridatti, 361. Milhiidaces'i 
-engagements, ifSertoriui Diould faying upon 11,361. Milhridaiet, 
fall in battle, to die vrith him, by tVat Croty, it lo have Cippi- 
351. Perpenna arrives in Spain, docia and Bithynia, and Serift- 
and his tri»ops infift upon his rius to fupply him with a ^En- 
joining Settonui, the rather be- inland fomecroupa 1 the kinS) 
■caufe Pompey had now paffed on the other hand, ia to fumiOi 
the Pyrenees, ib. SertDrim ap. Sertorius with three tbouland 
flies to the fenfei of the Span- talenu, and forty Ihips'of war, 
iards by a fymbol, recommend- ib. SeitoriDiididilUlliaBeoc* 
Vo^i. VJ. W 

SER C t*' 3 SHI 
al lumed Marcui Miriui, ib. Subi SpuTiutMzliiu (brafpii- 
I'crpcimiandaihcitcabilagiiuft IDE t° '^ monarchy, ib. 
Seitoiiui, and caufc fome of the Sirviliiu, employed by Pom- 
citinofSpainlo molt, ib. and pcy to guard tbe Pontic (ea, 

363, Seitoriiu, cxafpenud at mnu Sim at Colchii, iv. 79. 
■fail, put! fome of the childrco Scniiliia, Mircut, h'li (pcech 
■flhaSpanilb nobility to death, in behalf of Paului fmtliui, 
and (dls olhert for Oava, 363. and in reply 10 Sulpitiut Galba, 
Perpanni dtawi Seitoiiui, by ii- iSj, 1S6. 

£alle prtlencfi, to an enter- Sirviui CtUia oppoCa the 

tainmtnt in hii tent, ib. Tbe graailng Faului .^miliui a Iri. 

confpiratoi) take that oppot. umph, ii. 185. Cito, at thcage 

tunily to defpatch Sertotiui, of nincly, iccufn Serviui Gal- 

364. Perpcnnagivet Pompey ba, gai. 

battle, and ii deKited and put .fcrutuf, a frieiid of Sylta, u 

to death, ib. ondidate far the ccniullhip, 

^^m/c war, iii. 300. iv. Es. and the peaple rejefi him, in 01- 

Scnniia, Uaei oi Cito of U- . derio (how (heir difipprobi. 

till, iy. 3*0. Married to Lu. tion of Sylb.iii. 134. 
cullus, and divorced for in6- S^iiii, govemorof Sicily, v, 

delily tohiibed, 33g. Attendi 174. 

Caloin his enpediiioni, 364. j't/lm, Publioi, whatCiiiero 

li left widihecchildat Rhodes, faidto bini, t. ga. 
ib. • Srftm taken from the A- 

Strvilia, another Tifter of Ca- tbeniani by Lybndcr, iii. 102. 
to of Utica, married to Silanui, * Sclie, iv, 174. 
iv, 837. Seven wife men, i, sos. 

SertiilM, the mother ofBru- Sextilis, month of, iii, 6B. 

tut, V. 271. Debauched by Ca. Siiliiias, pTKtor in Africa, 

lai, 97J. Send) Cxfar a billet, lendsa meffage to Mariuitofor- 

which is delivered to him in the bid hitroliaiux, iii. 83, Ma- 

fenatehoufe, ib. Calo inriila riui'i remaikable aaCwer, ib. 
that the billet ii from the con- Scstiliui the prctor carried 

f^inton, and Cxfar Ihows ic .ofC by pirates, vilh all die eo- 

him, ib. See alfo i*. 339. figni of his dignity, iv. 67. 

J'criJi7i^f,theauf;ur,pro(ecut' S/xiilias, LucoUui't lieuteo. 

ed by Lucullus for uodue pro- ant, his exploits, iii. (13, 
ceediagi ia hit oiGce, iii. 193, iSixiiui, Luciui, tbe firft coii- 

Aufuitted, ib. ful chofen out of the plebeiaiu, 

Sittaliai Capia. SeeCx/iie, i, ''47> ", 345. 
' Senillm Ifiariau. See IJav- Sexlas filial. See jElius. 

rliut. Sexliii Lvcinus, throwo, by 

J<™t/('Hithe prtlor, (riit by orderof Marius, from the Tar- 

Ihe fenate to forbid Sylla't ap- peLaii rock, iii. 88. 
proaching Rome in armi, is Srxlni Pempeim. See Feisty 

treated by thefoldierswilhgreat the Younger, 
indignity, iii, 13a. Sctai, nephew to Pompey, 

Serviihu, upon Pompey's re- iv. 311. 
fufiDg to flatter his (oldicrs, de- Sheep, the price of one at K. 

ciarei him truly great and wor- ihens in the time of Solon,!, 

Ihy of a triumph, iv. 57. E»4. 

SeTi-iliiu jUiah, M, Brutua ShieUiiM.Ut\ fiam heaven. 

deicmdcd from him, v. 371, Sn Aacyik. 


SIC r 143 J soe 

Siiyli, dieir booki conCultrd SHo, Poped^us. See FaptiS^ 


ii.6. The perionlcmplDvedto 
confulllbem wen under (heob- 
llgaiioo □(■ bCKcy, ib. Tluit 
pndiftion conMroiDg (be butls 
of Cluiroiwi, V. 56, 57: 
* Sicamiri, iv. 14>. 

Simams, a friend i 
psmea, ii, 952. 

Simaki, (he Alhenli 

Simiiui ihe pi 

f »>iu, the pii 
by Theleiu, i. 51 

bender, fliin 

Ba, Oppolntbe (ending a coU 

ony to VcIlitrK,bucU overruled 315- 

by C. Mirciui Coriolinui, 87.- * Smcpi, Atiiveni from the 

Pronouncei (•nlcnccoC dath a- tyranny of Timetilaui by Peri- 

Kainft Mtrciyi, gj. Agnei IhH cles, who {endi Ihither fix huD- 

Marciui fhall hive ■ ttiibci iri- dred Athenian colonifli. i. 36a. 

■) before the people ; jtpoa Taken by Luc 

;. 99- 


J Themifto. 
clta'i childim, i' «So. Sent 
privately bf Themtlloclts to 

Sicyii, ntcued by Antu> 
fromtynnny,v.3so. Joint the 
Achxan league, 351 . Famed. 
*■''"?»«'«". 35*. 365- 

Sintju, the daughter of AIo- 



Sigliaria, i. t^t. 
ilatia. a ctlrbnted flatuiry, 
iicd by ihe. Athcn- 
foihUflatue of Thcleu), 

J/rii, river, iii. ig. 

Si/imaCae biftorian, iii. 194. 

S'^iulhres, beliegtd by Al- ■ 
exandcr upon a rock, chat wai 
d«mcd impregnable, iv. aoO; 

S^nuda, the monumeat of : 
thole that were killed by an 
earthquake at Spaila, lii. 1S8. 

Silling It table, a po&ure oE-' 
mourning among the Romau, 
iv. 367. 

£>/«■», Joniui, eleOed con. £/divi. Spartan. 

M, V. 81. DecUra for the Slatici.Ronna, 

bigheft puniDnnent upan the during the Saturnal 

>mplicesof Calaliu*, iv,33S. lnTnalia, 
ilifiei that decliiation, ib.' SmyTBa, Homer 

riea Servilia, the fifter of died liiere, iii. 338. 
Calo, 337- In what lefpefl Sockaris ' " 
blamed by Cala, 338. 

Silaauj, M«rcu>, quiti Anto- 



, raid to be.the fon of adi 
Apollo, to be leni to Deiphi, to iui 
demand certain oiKlei,bywliich 
Lyfander dtfigned to change the 
Spartan conllick ' 

he raid to Miltiadn, iiil 17S. 
Socraui oppofei tht Sicilian 
"lion, in conrequeticc of 
litioni from his good gen* - 
50,5i.iii.t68. Thef - 

ity o[ hit love for Alcil 
.36. Yield! U>A!cibia%» the 
,riieof valor, 40. Ii laved 
Silkui, Fubliut, why pro- by Alcibiada in the baule of 
Kfibcd, V. B91. EMlium, ib. The qiulitiei at 

S'Utcis, one of the Parthim hit mind, bow dificreot from 1 
n»*nl>, iii. 313, 33Q, whatbiipe[foiipHuailed,3ts. 


80t. E *M J WE 

4>laiindbyCilotbtCcD(i)troT di{puM( iboat Lbc lAir olCf- 

Us bchivior in hit family, gi6. ten WiiwDcluliBa, M). Pnh> 

Condemned lo die foi bit phi- digiu ippnl, uul Atbeai la- 

lort>pby,iii. a8i. Hiifalelike bo u under {updflilioiu Utu, 

IfutirfPbaciaii, iv. 119. iia Spimcaida ii ulW io. 

■ S/ili, a ciiy o! Cyptui, i. [ran Cnic to perfatm hit ccic- 

lag. in-, 167. nu>ni« of otpiadgn, ib. Hi* 

* Stii, i city of Cilicii. R- chiraflci, ib. He pntpbutes. 

BLlndbyPompcy, in. 71. ihallbe AtlKpiaBiwill •« day 

St/on, ihc Ion of EKcea.tdn, ■ rcfienl e( having nilcd ihe for- 

dtfctodaiii of Codrua, i. 199. tccli i^ Uunychia, >ti. Ah 

QonmSled with Pifiltratui, not account of ihc partiei ia Attici, 

only by fricndQiip, but by and of the miferiei the poorU- 

blsod, ib. Uii fithtr huiU bii bored undti by inlon of Ibeic 

tortune which otiginally wa* debu, ib. ToEtftify thedllbiv 

r.atgteit, ib. He endcivoii to den Solon ii ipp ointed archoD 

retrieve it by merchandile, 100. and lawgiver, 111. Many ts- 

but hai no attachinent 10 richei luut biin la ailuiDe ngat povwr, 

fiiibet than they are ufcfu], ib. but be declinei it, ib. H< can.. 

Tbii eiprcSed ia fbnie agree- ocladcbta, aaid aiake* n Mdot 

■bit verita of bia, ib. The uCs tbit foi the fMnie ao bmb - 

he made of hi) poetical talenti, JJiould lalic the body of hi*. 

K>i. CuliivalM that pan of debtor for Cecnrlty, aif. £■>- 

iVOTal pbiJolbpfay which tmla UrgeainafurM and ihevalneaf 

of civil obligationa, ib. Mai naney, ih. Unlaitpily dilcov- 

little knowledge of nituial phi. eta hit defign to caocel dtbt* Ha. 

lobphy, isa. NoDtieof the lome of hii fricndt, who eaaha 

IcvcD wile men will allow bitn- 1 villanoui advisi^^ of it, ib. 

Wf to be tha wileft of the W- andaij. Snnhc&iktKOopl* 

(D, ib. Solon la kea Anacharlis of ihc lemiOtoa of delna,ai5. 

into bii fiitndfhip, >0). Tbeii lliciich arc difploM at iba 

MnverlUioD concerning lawa, caoccDing of dcfau, •oA dm 

ib. He ii cntcriained by Thalta poor at hii not making an eqwl 

SI Milctua, and >&a bim why divirionof laad*,ib. Tbyare 

lu doei not marry, ib. The aecoauled to him, wd niTcft 

(ODtiivancaof Tlulc* thareop' him wilh fait pawcrtart4gifla~ 

on, ib. The MegtreoruBi baV' lioD, »i&. He pepeali the lawa 

iag uktn Salamis, a decree is of Unco, except tbafeconceiE- 

p^ed at Atheni, thai no at- ingmurdef, ib. Appninu fun*- 

tempt Qiould be made for the orderi of ciliuni according >o 

Tecoseiy of it, lOg. Solon their propnty, (17. PeiloM of 

trigna himfelf inliDe, and geu {upeiioFpropeily (o bear office), 

Ibedecnerepealed, ic6. DiiTer. ib. The Thetu. who are tbe 

entaccounti of the nunncr of leweft order, hove no odwr right 

hit retaking tbe iOand, ib. and the a that of voliog; ia the gan- 

a07. The difpuic concerning rial aflembly i but Ibii appaaia 

tbe iiknd continues t|ll it ia dn- i« tine is ba a matiei of great 

Iprroincd by the Lacedzmoni- importance, aij. He ^b- 

ani, aOT- Solon procuretade. liihcs the couii of Areopagus 

(Re front the AmphlfiyDni for upon a belter fooling, ai&. 

chlliliBg. the Ctrrhzani, whtf Appoioti a (nuteof foul h an-, 

had latril^ioujly laid liegelo drediii^. 3neof hislawidca. 

Driiibl, 1^ Btingi t^.lftn^ dv^tbcpeifon iiifviUiiM vibA., 

80f [ i+i i SOR 

And* neuter in time of ftdi- lon'i ablcnce, ib. ThectunflH 

ttan, aio. Mil liwtconcHning of Fififtritus, who wu at the 

hsiiellei, lb. CoiKcrning our. had of oneof Iherepartie9,a3e. 

riage, lit. Agtioft fpeaking He womidi hlmfdtiD ordcrtu 

illoFthedad, ib. Again It it' procure a guard, ib. Solov - 

viiing the lining ooceruio pub. who wa nowretumed, oppof- 

iic occafiaiu, ib. Concerning ts it, but in vain, (33, TbeU 

wills, ib. and til. He regu- pit exhibili in ingcdy, 131. 

Ineitbe journeys, mouroingi, Solon's opinionoffueh enhibi- 

■ud bcrificei of tbe women, tioni, lb. Piriftratiu (eiiei tH^ 

•la. A loik not obliged lo ciudel, and with it abfolute 

roainlaiii hi> father, if he had not power, '933. Solon exhoita the 

uu^tbima trade, 913. Biftaidi Athenian) 10 recover their liber. 

cxEHled from relieving their fa- ty, but without tSt&, ib. Hit 

Iben, ib. The court of Areop- anfwer to tbofe whoaflud him, 

■giutocxamineintoeveryman't bow he durfi fpeak lb Frcelv, . 

meant of fubliftence, and to 134. Pifiltralui oblervei the 

cluAife Ibe idle, ib. Sotik ab- gralcH part of Solon's laws ; 

[urdily ia bis liwt concerning upon which Solon gives him 

wainen,ib. Hialawsconcem- lone countenance, ib. Plato 

ing Weill, planting of Ite«i,an4 aUsmpls the defcripiion of tM 

nifingilocki of b«i, 114, 125. AlUnticinaBd,buidoesootiiv« - 

No produftof (be earth, except tofinilh it, 1351 Solon's a Ihet - 

oil, to be exported fnsmAtlica, laid to have bmi IcalteTed about . 

•*5. Law* relating to wolve* tbe ille of Salami), ib. 
■nd dagi, 134, >■(. Tothenat.- S«/«ii ef Pktca, iv-sij. 
unlizingofforeigneri, 115, To S<AwB,oneDf Ibecompaniona - 

■he going to public entertain- of Tbelinis inhia e^qwdition a- 

menu, lb. TheCe laws of hi* gilnft ihe Anuzoni, i. 66. 

were to continue in force for ■ Drowns bimielf in contRjuCDCe 

hundred y«ri, 116. Heimendi of his hopelefs paOion for Ami. - 

the kalendar, SI7- When hia ope, ib. The river calked by 

laws (00k place he withdrew hia name, ib, 
from ihe captious importunity Stnctii, the Parte, the moft 

of th: citizens, and travelled for learned of tbe Egyptian pr'iefti, 

ten years, ib. ind iiB. Hevilits gives Soloa an accooat of ibt - 

Egypt, and gUsan account from AlianCic tOand, i. 118. 
thepriellsof theAtianticlfland, SofikaTui, ii. 337, 
which heatlemptsto defciibc in^ ' Sij>Aiai, country of, ill. 

verle, ib. Sails lo Cyprus, and sia, «a9. Iv. 77. 
is very letviceaUe to oneof the 5o;i*«i, fon of Hercules, by 

kings in building a new city, Tinga tbe widow of Aniaiat, 

which is called Soli, ib. and builds a city which be calli . 

119. His inurviewandconver- Tingjs, after the name of. hit' - 

(■lion with CnEfusuponbappi- mother, iii. 346^ 
■wft, 119, »30. What .Efop, ■ S«^A«/fj carries (hepriieofi 

thefahulili, bid to him, ib. tragedy from £fcbylui, iii. .- 

When CriBfusiion the point of 179. A faying of bis, iii. aya 
[ufFeriog dcalbbefore Cyrus ibe SiifhrtlvUi » iuffMi Ol Di- • 

Greil, he catla on the name of anyhut the elder, by AriAo. ■ 

Solon, and relates lbs coQverb- macfae, v. 134. 
tion, which taves hii life, 131. Seroitu, father lo AtUia, Ca-. - 

The three partiesin Attica quar, to's firil wife, iv. 3*5. . . 
rel witb each other during So- . Sirtx, the mimic, one «f the tc 

STA t.'-^- r an* 

pM^klbMSylla unafid him. dtrofScrtotioi, iii. ggi. T^yt 

fdfwiih.iU 163. anowdifaeirlivafarilKirgca^ 

StrntUMi, n offwn under eniM, jgi. 

Luculliu, diFaUipirtvcifMi- 'jiTim iml 111 'iiHiiiiiii > [i^r 1 

lllridMn't ihll itBckcd ■ c«~ cat af a wfciM biiul, iii. 34]' 

i«y, ill. ■(■. Left in Tanlui Sptiraminti, the «i(iDdvan-. 

by Lucullu, 111. ployed by Firyjitii 10 ruin Mk 

StfAiu, minilter M Plshmy Umdaw the Perrim, v. gtg. 

nnMpMDr, formi ifchnnei- * S/iarte, theoalycity-whBM 

gnak CkoneMi, it. 41S. ikfaa htd aa infl— ice, Hulaa. 

UJklatiiA Amitatis HinA A- hnngdmelimcu wtlltahliad, 

M M n il. Xerjin'i brm idni. i. 133. The triiofa ifaa 

n(,witbl]virpiket iato th« r«a, nguJarity which tfaeialiiAiitarMB' 

•■ ■!>. ware obliged to ublene, nJMi 

S^grntJ, ■ friend of Denw- hie odc greMcuip, 1 49. Foftii.. 

nwi'Potiorcelee, V. 1^9. tude cvltivtud Ika* man 1^ 

Sr/ii, the Syncudn, his in-, jullice, 1^4. Luxury anten that, 

bnoai«r, ■». 155. MrU city iloa; with, gftj. 

igMoft Dion, ih. Condemned Uniied by PhilopMnien lonM- 

by ihe Symcudni, and cepidl- Achsin iogue, li. ggj, O^. 

(y pmHtied. ajS, fnfftd by lyrmti, 958, 399. 

Soft, though fitcr (o Abmtt- Statlaau, ^^adtator, ong- 

in the nigning tyrant of Sicy. taally a Thinan OiBpherd, hot 

an, (ana Aniui whenacfaild, * aian of giMi JphitiDd imdiai-. 

V. .14.1;. Ibnding, iii. mgn-.- IW prodigy- 
of ■■ f na ka twiningaboul bit En 
nplaiaed by hit wife, ih. Ha. 
elcipei by Hraligen fntin a 

T. BSit Biounuin wlattbe waebefcged, 

Seguu, Uixk Anion y>> lieu., panthe Koauta to fiigfat, and 

*cnuii,i. igft. Mkn-tbcir caap, s^B. DefeWi. 

Sv^TuAff , I perCon of gnat au. Furiut the lieuUiunt of Vniima, 

thoitty in SyrKufe, invito Pyr. and CoKsniui, Vlrintu'i coU, 

rhui into Sicily, iii. iS Pyr- l^ne,ib. Makahitwayin^uu. 

■bnigrowi jokui of him, and o[ Lcnlolui and CaOiui, 199.. 

beUlorccd u> fly, ih. Beat* MamBi«, liautenant 10.- 

Stltria, a feaft in honor of A. OntTui, ih. rmdaametbod of 

ntuitbedelivGKrof hii conn- noting overihc wall which Cnt^ 

try, V. 3S^ ' liji builtaci«lithEpemnfuUaE 

Seal, iti immortality, i. 1 1 >v RJwgiun, 300. Hi* fubleqnat' 

felfeasd of a (elf dircAing {uceeft maltet hit traapi raf no. 

powtr, 346, lory, and he ii forced lo try a. 

Jd0i. kingof Spetia, oneof general aSion, 3O1. Pmion 

IhcanceaoriofLycurgiUii. 191. to Ifaii he kill* bia boric, 301, 

Under his con dufi the Spanim Ha tnakci greatbavocof ibem. 

i, bdue theHdota, ih. Heoter- rroy, killi two cCBtuiioDt witk 

Ka.-hn the ClitoiiuH, ib. and hia own band, and falli arce. 

I 4-. pawned by nuaibcii, ib. 

joar, the wild oneof Crom. ■ ijM^tunr, the priuaoy rl- 

■avon. 1. 51. tbeii comnKioe wiib OtO* 

■ J^iiirJ^ difciplincd-tiKhe biid<i,Li38. The edueatiou 

Soman manner, and a number of their childno, 141. Tia, 

•[AciichiIdKa.eA«K*tedbyoi. chkf «m1 ot tbdr. diki^iBf 

SPH f u* J ST* 

-waf.toCcuh ibem obcdiwrc, SfUmti, titi Une immt ti C^ 

pUimae midii Mil> tiul «aibi- lanui, n. M^ 

tion 10 conquer, ib. Tbfirb*^ Sfliin*, «a ivary «■«, givea. 

14*. nine lArfii, ib. IMip. by way pE pMnicy U Honotr 

fid ita mm*, sf dentiit^, if Gui in a ceitiiu cau<e, t. 73, 

diCcovSKd M ibcir tlwfti, ib. Gicero nlligp hta uptn it, lb. 

Then(iiliiti«iicrfiyo«DgSBu. J^wJriiu Ibc SpftcUn, of » 

tn, in [ufttiag ■ low whieb ha usleM •onpta', aiiil viiy eipa* 

had Holm logtuw out hit boW' ^'e of being flatUiBd, i*. tl> 

•ll mbci tbai be WDold be At. hMowijtt (fcc titwut, ib- 

Mded, 143. 'ncir IbMt fay. SpMrnf tlirlu, ayafte fn i>ll. 

iBpandflurp Kpirtoa, lu, lA^ ii. (9^ 

>^6. Tfarir(i«ti7 widDUtUe, S^i<:i7fiLi,ibegUilia[aivv, sgfi, 

147. JKrifiacMdwMureihb jitririw', ■heMBtful, wl^ be. 

E*ia • bmle, ib. NouriOi ibtii biranil JtoDttaq''> nppaMilnMW 

bnr,.M4 dnbitdaftady, 148. to tbe fonwiigo aamunil {of 

Tb«r dad btucv, aaul diieiplbw Ik^plying ftanw wilbcuB, iv. 

Ua Ibnu ia tbac of war, ib. 9t. 

nie Bi«h«J of d(Ai«g ibck J^Mttv.Dooiiliiiaaidlcipi* 

Aoatora, 1)1, iga. IbeiT ba. conlcnd for Cxfai'i poolificitc 

Mil, and linM of nouning, bcfoic tbt koulc af FkMfalii, 

ijg. Tbi^ .diAi/fjir, ■ cud iv. 1 14, 160, 

my of Ldloiin; ibe nmbcr of Sfirtl inna of dnwiag up 

IbtHiittf, 15^ Appliadtaby aaimy, ii. j^. 

4ii pcopia ot alhar cAuatiiM jj^ri^hi, ■ PerAan €>fiiaar, 

fcr gcncnli, 1 j8. Tbeiryou4 killH by Cliuu ia tba infant 

li^ootii wilhanenly delinof tbtt h« WW aauog * blow at 

flloryanddiadof diCgnccjiii. Alaxaadar, iv. aja. 

8g, S«ijMir«wi»». ipitkridaui, iba /Hfatt «C 

j^ans, tha-Rbodiaa, i*. 301. Uegabtlet, iv. 8. Brougtit otit 

SfwtDB, the Boetian geaai^ •» Uia «»cian istKcft- by Ly- 

Jt C c M aiha Athaaiaiu, iw. 19. fander. ib. 

Sftani. fat Mpmritiiu. . SptlU Ofiit. See Opmt. 

Sfniai, a UuidzwHUBB po> ^ri'n ^i . Ste Aiafauu. 

«l, i. iflj. S^ar™, ooeof Olbo'a gnc. 

. • iperekiat, ri»er, i. TJ. "lai V. 4tO. 

Sptujippiu, iba f^loCbphur, ^uriu Z^rfuu aSfla >■ 

iartiaaaJy acyinted wUh Di. dtfanding tbt Uidge agHufl 

awat Athau,v. a^A. DIoagivt PotCeni, i. aia.. Set At tA, 

Van a piece of {dadiK grooall tr Sruaii HHtir liiir Jamity 

Mh« he wmt io£icily, ili. aaaU]. 

Sjhb&na, iOt of, ii. 46. iH. ' Stagira, tbe biitb piMt «f 

«fi<i AiiAedt, in. 1413. RtbuUtac 

SpluiT*it dMhiADiMa, hit aC' hii requcQ, ib. 

ttHint of ibc Donbcr of iiyeui- St^ylui, (on sf TfaeEiM by 

(lu'i tOiKiani, i. iBj. Ariadns, i. 59. 

SpAariu, the Boryftboiita. i^ Slari, iht optoioDi of Ania- 

llrufliClaoaunet ia pbilob^by, afOiai and oitier pbilolophut . 

"'399- AfliAthitn iafonniiig concerning than, iii. lOO. 

(he Spaitaa youth, 407. Staficralii makca a piopofal 

* j^nu, a bwough «f At- to Aleiaodrer lo cut Mouni.Ap 


tR*0 I U» i SUE 

un, wkM covTfg he SuU. Ste Lidnitu 

e8«, 381 
£tt<(Miu, one of Aalony'iof- 
Been, killed by il» Pirulim, 

&raf*, the philoEopber, 

Strtii, die father of nimpeyi 
hited by the people u much >■ 
hii Coa w« beloved, iv. 44. 
Killed by IjghCrun^ ib. 

SlrMili^Tlurm«pyU,iy. iS,- 
•4S- *- I3S' Of Silimii, 1, 

... _, . .. . _ . »79i OfSyroboludi, tgj^ 

•tlh ;kM [EfpeA by Alex- StrtL^au ; of Alcibudei,' - 

r, iv. 157. Dim in child- 11.65,67. Of Antiu, v. 347) . 
348,368,374. OfCxbr, It. 
»44. OrCiniilli»,i.j43. Of 
CiBOn, ill. 191. Of Dion, V. 
»49. Of Etinmei, iii. 37., 
3Ta> a84' Of HuiDibil, ii. g, 
13, ». Of Luculliu, iii. loS. 
sia. OfMiihTidele^ 1 
Of the P: 

StatUiai. Set SitjUiii. 
JMIira^ After IB Mithridttei, 
(he fortitude with whkh flu 

cd with 

bed, 168. 

SUtir*, diughtet oi. Diriui, 
»i>d wife of Alexmder, iv. ■■ a. 
Uuidend by Roxida, iig. 

SUtir», wife of Alexander 
Moemon, *. 316. Foiloned 
by PiTyfatit, the queeo nMHbcr, 

SHUaaUxraulXat Fifd, *. 

Of St 

9». '97- 

:• iffi- Of Solon, 1. aoj, . 

i, am^. Of Spattacui, im- 

Of Themiftoclo, i. t79'' 

i, V, 338. Of TU 

Staltr. Sec JupiUr SUUr. 

Sim^liai atlt&t K> imit 
CMD of Otita, iv. 37S. Would Of Tiribo. 
have killed faimlelf, a> be did, msleon, ii. mo. 
hid henothaen prevented, gBi. .Slrdfe, the fiiend of Bmliu, 

A fciend of BruLut, jb. *. e8o. faid to have affilled him ia def. . 
Hii hird)i;enEeTpiili,8iO, 311. piichlux himfclf, v. 311. 
Hiidatfa,3ii. StrMclu, the Aiheaian ora- 

Stiflun, aBexperinuDt «[ the tot, 115, laS. . Hit impudence 
yoweroE Naphtha made in the ancLhrvility, ib. The extravB. 
BRfence of Alexander upon lui - -- ^ - ■- 
body, iv. 177, 

Stepianui, V. 53. 

Sir/in^otiu, thebilto^ian.ceIl■ 
f«cd foi- ioconGlUocy, i. 363, 
374- Hit iccoiiM of Cimon, 

lii. 173. 

Sthau, an onKn of Himen, 
iv. gg. Forafiank iqd bold 
bying of hu. he and hit fellow 
ciUzou an {pared by Poinpey, 

(li&idci, the diviim, iltendi 
Niciaiinlo Sicily, iii. 181. 

Slilpe, the philoiapher, tclli 
Denwtiius, " He found none 
Ihit wanted to fteal any knowl- 
edge," v, 114. 

* Slirii, inPhocii, iii. 171. 

Slirt, waid.of, ii. 6>. 

SUk fhiltfofky, iv, 399. 

t^M to Miibridaiis, iv. So. 

Straanici^ deughiei of Deme> 
Lr.uibyPhila,v. 143. Married 

ivat diicQvercd U> be deb 
ly in love with her, 149. 
iftmicc, daughter of Coii> 
and wife af Autigonui, 

Stiliciaii. See Bria 

stn t » 

ibui^ccDodanmd, iv. 415. 
SuilUi, why 1 Romm raou, 
1. My. 

SuifitUi, or Saints, defied 

SnipUiiu, m boJd and infoleat 
tribune oF tbe paople, briagi 
Uiiiui into the forum, end d«- 
chm him proconfnl ind general 
M the Hilhriditic wir, Hi. ;G, 
>3>i >3i- Tiluiiguardoflix 
bundred horfe, whom he ciUi 
hU antifenitori, }7. Killi tbft 
foB af Porapeiiu Rufui the con- 
M, ib. CondBmiwd by the Ish 
Me, ijj. Belnyed by ddc of 
bunave9,ib. Andexcculed, tb. 
SiipiliMi Qatnau, dcgnded 
from the ' " ' ' " 

i* Macedooh, U. 366. 

J.UI, cdiplB d£ it, ir. iB, 
Jin opinion of aftroaoman goO' 
Mning iti motioni, tSfi. 

• J-aiiB., T. 373. 

SiftrjUtiait, Ihe gicat nil vf 

Sura. Sa Ln^tia*. 

finNo, the Pirthbn i^enl, 
iii. S13- **u chir»aer, ji^ 
Tkc privilcip of hia family to 
cmvH the king of Paithii, i^. 
H* hidia hu b«d fonc bdibid 
tfw firft naki, 9*6. Dcfnti 
CnO^iii with great Oaitghler, 
319. SBkdt pro^lalt of a coi»- 
Rnioe, m order to be i&fann' 
U whKher Cnffin wai ntired 
into Cwnaornot, 316. By hb 
(itfal imfurei giti Craflta into 
kiihandi.grti Soida the imd 
of OMfiutaOTadai, ib. Bor- 
USqiam dM Roaan trinnfh, 
SI9. I H» <<ue t to dia fcnaae of 
Ueuciathe booka lamid in ilw 
baggtnof Rofeiai, lb. Thi* 
aiM the icMtDia ia aiiad of 16' 
Up'amllct.ib. MiaannycoRi- 
pnad U )te fcrpnti called. Sit* 

» 3 STt 

la^, ib. HeiaiMUIo4<Mlitiiy 
Oroda, 330. 

Surmamii. See iAntcr, 

* Safii,iv. IS- Tba wetkb 
there lound by Aluander, 17S. 

SuJaaiHiTis, uncle to Phanw 
baiui, undemkei to detptlctt 
Alcibiadei, ii, 76, 

* Slttrnm, i. ggg. 'Tik^ 
and retaken the lune day, 337. 

Samril/mni. Sm Uackicriiius. 
Sytani, one of the daughwpt 
of Themiftodea, i. 300. 

* .f^tfti, a ciiy iaLucinia, 
coloniud by Poricka, and call- 
ed Thurii, i. 359, 

- Sjltaria fan, " It wt) D» 
wonder (hat tbe Spartan* fiecl^ 
nikedtheii Uvea, bccaufalb^ 
lud nMhiag woMk livi^ for,*^ 
ii. 196. 

Sycapiat, Ihe original w l 
isg of the word, i. •■!■ 

SyiU, Ldcuu Coracliu, iIm 
oontul Kufinua vaaonc of Us 
tac»aeri, iii. lac Bom M » 
Icantyfonuoa, ifc. Bia 6fan, 
lag WfatncebiiBiiDeorSyt. 
I*, >b. Fond of ptayen n4 
jcft«r», khI joina id even drok 
key in -oompany, tkon^ gnn 
and »■«•■« wbto ht bsi faafi* 
ode M tnAft, ib, AddMa* 
to debaocbery ibfo^ lifc, ib. . 
Nicopali), d*coaneaaB,la*(a 
kirn her eOaac) ib. Hit motbcB 
in law doc* Iha fcne, ib. Htt 
gM* quteftor with Ualiua intai 
Africa, ib. eaiai gii« hooo* 
IB the military dcpattoiaot,. ik. 
Mdwia friend of Bocchia,hmf 
oFUppCTHua>dta,ibL BMchar 
dcHvcn up Jognnb* to Un^ 
1*4. Nbriin ii je^eut o( SyUr 
liH fame, ib. Hut jtakHify ia. 
iBCfcaled by the fignet whichi 
SyUa Mtkea nfe of, ii>. Y«t M». 
rin coniinaaa to caploy bim imi 
Miwan, ifc. SfUi ukea Co. 
plllui, chief of th* T^^ltgtt, 
priiooet, ib. fnfuadei im. 
Maifi to dcclu* f»t iht il». 
nun, tlx A^ undpCkMlof^ 

SYL t 'SO 2 SYL 

dMCoUagueotMiriui, ib. Pro- hii life by elctpin| into the houb 

CUKI provirioni for tbecmipi of Miriiu, ib. SylligeU la the 

both of Cilului and Mirius, cirap before Miriui'i oificeii, 

n' iHei for the prator- ind they ire ftoned, 131. Ma* 

ofu it, ib. Gaioi il lius plundets, and puu to death 

C»f»r uttj thefriendiofSyUai " 


, and Fednioi Miihridaies Mariui is forced to fly, ib, Syl* 

iQ hii progrefs of power, ib, and I1 alTcmblei the fenate, and geti 

tl6. lithe firft Roman that Miriui and SuipiuuB condemn., 

received an ambslTador from eil to daih, ib. Sets a prict 

Pardiii, ib. A perfonin.lhe upon the head of Miriui, ib. 
The people reJeS his nephew 
Nonins, in his ipplicatian for 
" .. ,. "Tills 

it doa not apon^l, ib. He propofes Cin- 

proceed, ib. The quarrel be- na, who wai of the oppolite 

tween Sylli and Maiiiu brealu faQion.for theconfullhip ; but 

Autafrelh.on occifiDa of Boc- ttrRmakuhimfweariodonoih- 

chui'l cccfLing certian fUluu in ing againft bim, ib. Cinna is no 

dw capitol, ib, Sylla nerfonns Hoonei elected than he impcadiei' 

great things in the Matlian war, Sylla, ib. Sylla leaves the im- 

117, Hii enemia reprefenC peichment behind him, and fets 

kim ntberu * fortunate, than forwaid ag^ainftMiihridates, ib. 

» great general, ib. He gloiiea Piodigy that happened to M i- 

fai being the favoTile of fortune, thridato, and olber circum. 

ib. AdvifesLacullQs to attend fiancH of his affiin, ib. On 

■o the virions of the night.isB. the arrival of Sylla in Greece, all 

Haa many inconGABiGict in hit the citiei, except Atben; , (ubmit 

chanfler, ib. Ovedooks die to him, 13s- He hc&egea A> 

crime of hii fold iers in killinf thens, which wishild by tbety- 

Albinni, one of hit lieiitenanti, rant Ariilion for Mi^idatei, ib. 

ih. Eleaed canfut with Quin- Cuu down the groves of the A- 

(U9 Pompeiua, when bt wii cideiny and Lyceum, ib. Vio- 

iftyycariof age, lag. Marriet laiej the treafures of Greece, 

Cueilia, the daughter of Metel. and fpret not even ibe temples, 

lus the chief pontiff, ib. The ib. His laying upon Ciphis't 

BanKtofothenof hlswives.ib. Icruple to touch thote of Dd. 

Anbitiousof thecondud of the phi, ig6. Ariftion infolts him 

Mithridatic war, ib. Finds a and Metella from the walls, 

rival foe that poll in Marius, ib. igj. Faminepnevailsin Athent, 

Prodigies announce the civil ib. The lyi ■ 

,130. Tbc oblervaliont of lence and cnjelty to the peoplei 
riilcao diviners upon them, during the famine, ib. Sylla 
Sulpitius, the abandoned fcales the walls near the Hep-' 

in the Mithridatic war to Mart- part of the wall, and entela the 

Dt, 131. PompeiusRufotand town ai midnight, 133. A 

SylU «rder a ceHatioa of all dnidful fUughter enfua, ib.'- 

public btilnu(i, ib. Sylla is Sylla at lijldopt the carnage, 

compelled by Sulpitius to i«^ ib. What he (aid on that oc- 

vokeit, ib. The ton of Pom. cctHon, ib. The tyrant retim> 
peiiit is killed, and SylU lav^ , Co ^ cUadel, 139. Ii iotcM.i 

SYL t »5i ] SYL 

, •* (umadcc for wmt of water, conditiouODwbichSylljgiiiiU 

lb. Sylla likcwife Uka [he FL- it, ib. Milhilditn demun, tai 

TKiu> uid liy> moft of it in delira to be cxcufed u to cer- 

■Oiei, ib. Taiilii, the enemy'i lain anidei, 149. The rather 

general, movei down from becaufc Fimbrii, who had kiil- 

Thncs with a gieat army, ib. ed t}ie conful Eliccua, waa 

Sylla nurcbei mto Bsotia foi nutching agalnfl him, ib. Bm 

the bluof provi&oDi, ib. Mar. Sylla, who has an interview 

lenSut joins him witXi rein, wiihhimat Dardanui, obligta 

foiceoient frota Thedily, ib. himto ratify the whole, luj. 

Hit army but a handEal in com- He nxoncilci Aiiobinania and 

Eirilba of theenemy, I4D. He Nicomedes to him, ib. Mith(i> 

Kp> clo(e in hi) iDtrenchments, dates delivers up faventy of hit 

and the enemy llraggle off, ib. Oiipi, andRie hundreducheii, 

In their excurfions they lack ib. The Romani - ■ ■ - 

lit, ib. Svl 
or woald 

of Pinopea and Le. ditioni too ea(y for th 

Sylla triti whether who had murdered an hundred 

>ald not miiu hit and lifly tbmland Ramani ia 

■rooptmoR willingtofacedan- one day, ib. Sylla matches a- 

fer, and it hat its effefl, 141. gainll Fimbria, who was en- 

Oidera them to (eize a difficult camped at Thyatira, ib. fLm. 

pefi (woid in hand, ib. Ar- bria'i troops go over to Sylla, 

cfaclauinM>*«igainltChKTanea, and Fimbria kills himleif, ib. 

and SylU feods it [uccors, ib. Sylla lays 1 Hne upon A&a of 

Ciicumftaticet pRviout to the twenty thouland talents, and 

battle of ChcroDea, 141. The compels the people to quartet 

battle defcribed, 143 — 145. Out hii'loldlert at a vail expcntc, 

Af (ucb prodi|ioui Dumben oF 150,151. He faili lo Athens, 

the enemy, only tea thouliiid where he is initialed in the my''- 

reachChalcit, 145. Sylla m if- teriei of Ccies, 151. Carriit 

let only fourlein men, ib. He from ibene* the library of Apel. 

inCcnbei bii trophies to Man, licon, in which were the worka 

Viaoryaud Venus, ib. Cel- of Ariftotle and Theophiaftus, 

ebiatet gimei at Thebes, ib. ib. Hiving fomcihing of the 

Take* from the xbebant half gout, he goci to the warm b^ihs 

their lerriMriei, ib. Marches at .£dep[ui, ib. Encourages the 

to oppofe Flaccui, but rel urns Alxani to rebuild their city, 

upon ioleltlgence that Dorylaus ib. Goes to Apollonia, where 

had entered Brxoiia with Mi- a fatyi is broughtlo him froma 

ibridates's bell troops, 146. place called NympbEum, 1 51. 

That genera! accuks Arcbelaut He is afraid that hli troops will 

of treachery ; but, after (one dilpcrfe u foon ai they reach 

flight {kirmiOiei with .Sylla, a- Italy; butltlcyvoluntarilycome 

greei with Arcbelaut that the and take an naih la Hand by 

war ought to be promSed, him to tbelall, Lb. Haitocope 

146. Yet the plains of Oicbo- with fifteen generals ia Italy, 

own utlenpt the king'! gcneiali who have under them twenty- 

. toengage,ib. Account ofihe fivelegioni, ib. Several prefag- 

battle, lb. and 147. Mctella es of hit bcmg viflorloui, 153. 

coma from Rome with in ac- He defeats young Mariui, and 

countthatCiana tndCarba, be. Norbanusthcconrul,ib. Othet 

fide other outrages, had burnt prei^ftioni and pretsget, ib. 

Sylla'afaoufes, 14T- Alcbelau* Mircui Lucullus, oneoTsyHa's 

propofti a pe*ce, 14S. IW lieutenants, defeati the enemy 

-wlriiiTcrf infntar [»rce, 154. Tikn 0ie iddiiiodil nirfte ef 

SyllBCoTTBptiScipio'i fold'Kn, Ftlii, ib. Givu ibc anna of 
ndcr vretnce of treMiPg oF Fiuftuitnd rtulbto iHe twin 

fMKt, ib. Bntt Miriui, now !k htd hy Metdia, ib. Lays 
eoniul, nd kills ten thouCnd down iliediAiIorfhip, ib. IM- 

ncaiwichthclofianlyof tvcn- icils three tenlhiof hiiTufaltHKa 

(Tthnw, if5. Hii limtcnnitl 10 Hercules, 161. Mctetladia, 

■R BTery where viflorioui, ib. nd he mH-ries Vikria, ib. Falli 

^rt>6 pafb ov« into Africa, inlo Ihelonfy difeafc, 163. Cin. 

ib; Sylli'i la« confii« is wilh eumftincei prectdingMs d»th, 

T«iermiis theSimniie, whombe ib. HU burfail nid cpiapb, 
«veTC9ine3 with difficulty, tb. 1G4. 
The battle delcfibed, <j6, 157. SyHa, Snlius, i. 9c. 
6ylh ware in til his battles ■ Syllaiaan JupHcr, 9ee Jfw 

goldeti imtgenf Apollo, 156. filtr. 

HiiaddiedtoitDnthisoccifain, £y/ii, i poem fa called, ▼. 

ib. CralfH'i Treat fenicn in t^l. 

Ac >akm with Tiiefinuj, ib. Sylni, Rin, OT iMra, diughtier 

The lennins of the brolien fre- of Numltor,and motherof Ren 

tian (end deputies to him u nulus and Remin, i, 79. 
Antemna, 157. Ht promifn • jj'wfo/Mi, v. agg. 

them impunity m crtuin con- SfalU, goremor of Mino»( 

(tilioiH ; but, after they hBTC T. i^S. A friend of Won, ib. 
perrMiBcd the conditionj, de- Syphax. See Soften. 

ftroyt themineoJd'bloodin the * Syracafim!, tbeirwirwith 

C^nwit Kome, ib. The fei*. the Atiieoiint, iii. s7r. D*coy- 

aM, which he is hannsaing, ed to Catlna by Nicias, ib. In- 

Ufia withiermrio ibeircrio, flead of fifteen generals, eteS 

ib. What he laid upon it, ib. three, whom thay mvt& with a- 

Hefilla the city with maffaeres, difcretionary power, ib. Draw- 

)S8. C. Mctellus vtntnna to a crofs wall (ram the city to 

aft him when there would he hinder Ihe Adieniam from fin- 

anendof them, ih. Hii pro- ilhing thein, 173. Rtady ts 

(eripttons and confifcations, capitulate when GylippDs ar> 

1J9. Young Marius killi him- rivet, 174. Give the Alheniana 

lelfalFrxnelle, ib. Syllt'icfo- 1 total defeat undertheconduft 

elly to the people of that place, of Gylippns, £83. Keep a fef- 

•b. Tba noble behavior of one" tival in memory of their lakinj 

of Sylla'sfriendi in that city, KiciMprifoner, aB6. Deliver- 

ib. Catiline having killed hii ed by Dion frjm thetvrannyof 

own brother, Sylla, at hi! r«. Dtonyfius, v. B57. Their in^ 

qued, puts him imongft the gratiiudeio Dion, sjS. Recti 

proleribed, ib. Sylla declares that deliverer. 160. Their mif- 

Irimfrif diftator, 160. Mikes efable Rate after his death, ii. 

Pomp» divorce his wife and 119. Their alfeiti retrieved by 

marry hii daughter in law -«- limoleon, i^g.itfiq. 
niilia,ib. Lucullus Ofella.who • Syficafe, i Corinthian col" 

badaaedashislieulenantigsinft any, ii, tig, n. v. »6i. Be- 

Prsneltf, afpiro to the confui- fieged br tbt Romans, See Jlf<rw 

Ihip without his confent, and ii cttlm. 

killed by his order, ib. Sylla Syimttlaid to be defeeoded 

leads up his triumph, in wtiich from Syrai the ton of Apollo, 

the rellored exiles make the and the nymph Siaope, iii. 

aoftagrcnbleap]Kannce, 161. 199. 

''Sfr»>i, king of lh« Tribilli, 
/Alexander defnu hiai (eon »{- 
ttrtai acceffioB, iv, 145. 

ijnu, loo of Apollo, ili. 

1 ] TjM 

10 tbeir tSftttce agaMt die K*. 
roaaijiii. ij. Oneof (hciTcit- 

iieM wtrni themof ite reftreidt* 
tkey would bo t>kl 'uader, ib. 
Their BKhen, iv, 403, 

* Tarnitiait ncovereil fiWH 
Hinnibil 1»y fibiiu MaxinHW 
bf meiM of I vronan, iu S4. 
Fabiui (lid, he would Itav* 
that cily iu »Dgry goda, «6. 

Tarpiia betrays & capitoI 
to flie SslMoes, whoptomifeher 
whM liifly wore upan IhnT loft 

wkelmed by their fliields, 97. 
-Tarteia, 1 V"' -' ' 
micKd it'Num 

d cvnfe- 

■arfriaa roek. 



eff, V. g. -Tarfeai, 

FiifAaj, the Xgyptian, enter- lui wiifa the defence a/ the cip- 
tiliM AgeTitaos in bii (ervlca, inriagainft Tatius, j. gG. Ac- 
iv. 39, Leave] Agelilaui only cording to Jubi the hiltorian, 
the CQirnnand of the merceni' guilty of betnying it, 97, 

"" (he Tellal virgin. 

riB, 40. Agefilaus goei 
■from him K> Neftanabii, 41 
'Kchoi, thus deterted, takei ti 
•flight, t2. 

Tit&i, tile imife to wtron 
JIuraa pays hii homage, i. iji 
TaBici, ii. 34 s- 
■TiTBorui, iv. 66, 311. 1 

fiid by fomi 
field to the public, wh'ich wai 
afterwardi called the Camfa» 
Hoftius, i. 143. How bonoi- 
ed for thatgjtt, 144. 

rarflnimuj, fon ofDetiWMaa, 
aceordhig to fotne authsrs, OiU 
fitfl ibai- triumphed in acluchit, 

Tar^niHu Sixbis, i. art. «. 

Tarqtiniiii Sitperbus^a&alaa 
ot grsodfon of Tarquiniu! Ibe 
fon of Deniaratu). i. 149. At- 

iniquitom manner, and g6vem« 
likeatyrant, 1.136. Expdiedon 
hisWn'seomiOitling'a tape upon 

demand his goods, 238. f inda 
Oielter with the Tutcaoi, who 
lend him back wltha numerou* 
antiy, B44, It defeated, anci 
hiifon Arunillain, ib. RetintP 
itClufium, igt. 


Forfena, zm 

kUt hi] caitfa a 


>. 38j. 

Tantiu, catculitct the diy 
indbourof Romului'inalivity, 
f/om ihe circunillincei >nd'*c- 

I (Eirint of Antut, 

Ttihan, I 

• TiBifigit i SylU, wkcD 
lieulouDt to Manui, ukeaCo- 
pillui, chief,of the Tcftofigx, 


7>lM,daugh((rofTaliiii,.and prifooei, i 
wife o( Numa, i. 163. * r^», i. 11- iv. 3;, 391, 

TotiHi, gnunl forthcSahii 
^ilnRtlieRoinaii3,i, 96. Gi 
lie RoDUni iuLtlG upon whi 
the malnmi interpofe, i 
Seigni in conjunaion with Ko- 
nmlui, 100. Killed u he wu 
Ikri (icing with RomuluiatLa- 
vinium, 1O5. Buried in in hon- 
onblc DUaaeroB Mount Aven- 

Tdnmu, ii. 49. 

Tatrut genenl and priiiK 

Winifter io Crete, i.5s. Hi. con- 365. OFNi 
neiion with Falipha;, 58. Van- Tcfeucjiai, i, 77. 

fuifliedbyThefeut in Ihenmei Ti'^m*"'!"', the CoTintbiuj, 

which Minm eihibiled, ib. ii. 129. 

• Tmriu, Mount, iii. Et>. y. Tdantes, an Alheniut tribe. 


Tilaun, gnndfon 
i. 51. 

• Tilamax, « port of TuEcioy, 
iii. 84, 

Tiltclidii, biiverTo, in which 
be deCciibei the pawei of Peti- 
longll the Atheoiuu, i. 

laud foica, v. 111. 

Tat, paid by the Greel(i for 
Ciirying on the FerQan war, ii. 

Taxis in Greece 'trebled in 
Cxty yean time, ii. 300. », 

Taxiiei, Mithridalei'i general, 
comet down fron Hince and 
M*cedoa,toioin Arcbelau), iii. 
139. . DeEdited by Murzna, 
Sylla'i lieutenant, 145. Sent by 
MitbridaKI t " 


Tdtfhiu, the Ion of Hercutei, 

i. jj. 

TthjUcj, oiKot tlte luxilU. 
nc(t w1]om tbc Syracufaiu cam- 
mi moned to go la Dion, V, e6o. 

Tc'^au, the Samuiu, hiaap. 
eraiionj again! Sylla, iii. 155. 
He decimpi in the night, and 
iDaichei lo Rome, ib. 

the condition of a Have, Alex. 
andet aflifti a piivale foldirr ijx 
hii application to her, iv. 184. 
Ttleftal, the poet, iv 

wiLhtheRomani,sa5. Hiiao- 

TtUutiai, half brother to A. 

fwet to Tigrana, who oblecved 

("efilaui, appointed admiral, iv. 

to him that the Romani were 

flying, ib. 

TllU,, the Athenian. preFerrwl 

ran'", one of the kings of 

by Solan in point of happincEi 

ladia, Ibe extent of hli domin- 

to Cto(ui, i. »30. Ml. Hiafenfiblead- 

TclUi, \m temple, v. aSj.. 

di^rt to Alexander, and that 

• rri«/iu, iv. 134. 

piince'i anfwer, ib, Givetaod 

' TimJK, the chatm. of Itaat 

ftceivei picienti, aoi. 

sfit aefoiibed, Ui. 367. Pma- 

Eyf^n through: ic ^fter the 
Itlcof PbtTlalia,)*: no. 
- • Ttaihieti and UfipiU.; \v. 
fft. Defeated by CxSiT, Lb. 

• T/ikJbi, iti, 197. 

Tafa, ihc'ch^fcti HI which 
■he imageiof ihegodi weic cit-' 
lied in prorellian, it. lOO. - 

Teranui, i. 78. 

rodrna, the wife Of Cicem; 
tneddles with'poUitc], v. iS. 
^ud, and Un«afy in her tem-i 
^r, 94. Hltes'Clodiu), lb: 
'Si%\eeu Cicero in hil banifti: 
OKitli, 1O5J' Divorced,' ib. - 

TtrenliKi yarfa.' Set yarn:- 
>• Culn; the tribune, 
dit, - 
pcrfomio-dwrighlof citiiem, 
lit: 383;-' 

7n-nitwf, Lucius, coDfpiFH 
*gKinA PompeiiuSlnbomid'his 
fcm, iv. 47. 

Ttrenbiii, bid'to be th< per- 
iaa who killed Gilba, v. 434. 

TtTutriiat Uijilaif, a pro* 
verbisi niprefBon, i. ja. 

Ttrmtruj, flain by Ucfcuiet, 


rcTRimi, the god of bound. 
■lies, a tanfit built la bim by 
Huma, r. 183. Hii Eacrilicei, 
what, ib. 

Ttrfawder, the poet, i. 147, 

■is- '"■ 389- 

TertU, the little daughter of 
Paulut ^Tniliu), her faying 
"PcTfeuiiiilead," conridered 
JD a lucky omeu, ii. 163. 

Ttrlia, riftet Ca Clodius, v. 

TiflTiriu!, the perfon who 
carried tie Ward, ia the Roioan 

Tijamtnli, or Willi, i. 111. 
Titfyi,hetoac]t. See (?r<i- 

• Titr.^(i/ii, i. 54. 

r<ucr, one of the iccufeti of 
Alcibiadet, ii. 54. 

Tmanus, one of the pritKi- 
pal offii^en of the Argyralpidea,' 

379:- Confpirea againll Elf- ■ 
nei, 384. - 

' Tiuloacs and Cimiri invade 
Italy, ill: 53. Dffeited by Ma. 

riu«63:- SeeCimlri. 

I, Ptole. 

iftrer!, perfuidej 
ander to bum the palace of " 
Xerxes in Ptrrepolin,' iv. 180. 

Tiultra, the fira Roman wife 
who had any quarrel with her 
mother in law, i. igfi, 197. 

• Tialtaiir, iv. g88. 
Ttmlt!, one of the feven wife 

men, i. »o«. Goej upon mer- 
cantile bufinefi into Afia, soi. 
The (irft who extended hii in- 

Suirio beyond mitcennecel&iy ' 
jrpraftice, «oi. 
Thalis, the lyric poet, i, 1 14. 
Thailu, the fon of Cineu, hia ' 
valor, iv. igS. 

• Thapfui, lii. 17a. iir, 16S, • 


Tiargtlion, montfa of, ii, 70. 

V. 183. 

Tharryur, king of the Mo- 
loffiani, Lii. I . 

• TUfiaiu beaten in a fea ' 
fi^t,iii. ,85. 

rAd/im marble, iv. 318. - ' 

• 'tiafis, i. 363. v. agg, 
Tieagetci, comnaaAcr ol iha ' 

Thebani againft Philip in the 
battle of ChEionca, iv. 14G. 
Falls in that battle, ib. The no- - 
Ue behavior of hii filler, ib. 

fayi, "She iia prleft.: 



Thiaridm the Megalopolitan, 
, fan of DionyQa* 

the elder, 


»3a, iv. ,67,30»,368. 4»8. 

" Tkibans, fufpeSed by the 
Laced cmoniani, >f«r they had 
dillinguilhed themfelvei ai aui- ' 
iliaries to that people in thefirb 
batUo of Manlion, ii. 19^ 

n^trrdtciran fnoi o( Ou A- fliipi, ib. Why he liMp* ay 

Iheaitni, who were oppreflicd rlcba, 169. Dnwi rouch-ccoi-- 

^tbc^rty lynnti, iii. 117. piay to hit houfe, by anmtaiii- 

~lKirgilltMbdi*vk»iiilheb«. ing as excellent lyrift, nj^ 

lleofChzroMi, (ml retmt if- Keepi) mafDi&cCDt equipMr 
*t'<(i*- ST< Invade I^ouii, ib. Enbibiui tngcdy tt fail 
i". 34. Pi(( the EuioDi, ib, own cKpence, ib. Belovod by 
fc*y rKgetoSBirti, ib. Rrrolt the cinniiaoa peofile, ib. VThlt 
(ton Aleiundei, Iff. Tketer- pilTed between him and Si- 
rlble ftKoge taken by AlcXan- meoidei the peel, £}i. Givea 
der, 145. The bed (oldien in Epicydei noney, lo engage him-. 
Greece, v. .55 not to apply for the commMul, 
Tieic, daugfaterof Ja(on,*nd ib. Fuu the inUrpntai of the- 
wife of Alexander the tycant of Perfun ambia^adan to death, 
PheTE.ii. ail. CampalOonates ib. Geu Ai«hiniiu degndeJL. 
the (uSeringi of Pelopidai, and a7a. ftaifed la cbe commind 
viGia him in prt(on, ib. Con- by the Athenian!, ib, Pertuadei 
foim againA ber hntfaand, and theoi U> quit (he city, and mn- 
Uifti in killing him, iv. 130. back on baaid iheir (hipi, ib. 
* Thtiei, ill citadel (eiMd by Givei up the chief aonmaad of 
Fhccbidii the Laced zmoniaB, the confedenttt to Enrybiado, 
I*, tj. Twice taken by DeiBe> and thereby tevea'Gnece, >73. 
Icluj FoUttrceCn within a (hact Ptcienli Aidiitelaa fram quiu 
priod, V. igo, I'ji. ting the fleet, ib. Tbc aaiaB- 
■ T^i/fTx, iii. lOS. at Anemirium, 974. Hi« ftfat- 
Tiimii, iv, igj. >gem with ngatd ta Ibe tOr 
Titm^Klts, the (on of Ken- niana, 875. The artifiee by 
<lei, an inferior ciiiien o( A. which he drew the Atbeniant 
theni, i. 165. Hii motbet a for- tothelhlpi, 17G. Hit inler- 
eigner, ib. Con (equrnlly deem- prrtation of. the oracle conoem* 
cd illegitinute by the lawt of ingSatamii, ib. Tlie meani b* 
Athens, ib. Declare! that the Bijideu[eof to gCt money for 
tcophieiof HiUiideivreuld not the embarkation, B77. life 
fufterhim to fleep, go. Per. pcocara a decree for recillii^ 
fuadet ferenlof eIk nobility to Ariftidet, ■78, Hie anfvrei to 
take their exercHe amongll the Euiybiadei, 279, Itttatt upsa 
ylegitimate atCyaolacgcB, (65. in infolont officer, and on aoer- 
Re^led to the Lyoomediani, tain Erctrian, ib. His flraU. 
ib. Hit nffural. quilitiei, 166. cem to prevent the nonledentiM 
What hit tiHOT fiid of him, ib. from fepantiag, 9B0. Xerxea, 
Notacule in learning thepoliter in coali^ueaceof • privatemeC. ' 
■rti, ib. The namei of hl« maf- lage from Themifloclei, givta 
|en,ib. The irrtgularitiet of orden that dieGreelufbouldbe 
hia youth, a62. The emblem fuimunded in iheftiaitaaf Sala* 
feiy which hi* fathcT endeavored mil, ib. What pidTed between 
to deter him from aiming at 1 Ariftidea ud llKmiftaclet on- 
ftiieinthe tdn^nillratiiHi, ib. that occaGon, ib. Xenaetfita 
Hi) great ambition, ib. IHi down on an eminence to view- 
difference with Ariftidei, ib. the lea fight, iSi. Thcnilto' 
He forefeet the Perfian war, Clet [acfiacei tlnce Perlkn cap- 
■6S. ManirgothepaUictreaC tives to Bacchni Omefka, ibn 
Bry with piudence, tb. Per. Happy m the choice of time, at 

TtlK C » 

«8*. Tbe batllE o( Salamii 

defciibed, ib. il ftp Themir- 
loclei fDuads Aiinidti, about 

bnaking down the brtdgt over for Alia, Egi. Hii dangernat 
ibe HellcfpanC. 184. Ariitidu'i N»o>, whilher he w>] driven 
tnfwer, lb. ThemiftoclB, un- by allonn, ih. Pirtof hiilreit 
der pretence of friendlbip, ad- urea conveyed to him by Mi 
vidsXerxeito By. before hii friend], and the reft coatircated, 
bridge over the Hellerpont ii 193. H« airive] at Cunu, 
bfoliendowB, ib. Amoi.;ftitic whcrehefindi ■ proclamation 
eitiet, jegioibeaii away the of Ihe iting of Perfia'i, of tvio 
palm, and amongll thecom- hundred talenu nwird for ap. 
mandera, Themiftoclti, iBg. piebending him, ib. Flid 
How honored at Sparta, and from thence to jEgc, where he 
■t the Olympic garnet, ib. Hii is concealed by hi) friend Nico.' 
byinga, ib. cl ftq. Heamufei genei, ib, Mii dream, in coO' 
the Spartan), while the Athe- lequence of which h« Ries to 
niant rebuild their wslli 187. the Perfian' court, ib. The 
He Tonifies the Pirxui, ib. £n. manacr of hii conTevance, {94. 
coungea Made and navigation, Hi) addteft to Anautam, ib. 
vrhich greatly advance the dem- it ftq. Hii fpecch to [he kingf 
ocntic pany, ib. Placet the 195. He relate) to iHe'king hii 
toArum io Pnyx, To ai 10 face vifion, and an oncle he had 
the fea, ib, Formi a defiEn to From Dodoni, lb. ~ IVjoyhis 
incRaie the rtaval Brenglti of airivM| gave the king, C96.' 
Alhen), ib. Is ordered I»coin< The courtiei) treat him wTih 
municaleitto A-riflidei, t%%. rancor, ib. But, at hi) feconil 
Tbe Athenians rejed it, becauTe audience, the Ung' (peaks to 
it ii an unjuH OH, ib. He him graciouflf, &IU'' him he 
carries it againft a proporal oF owed him cv^o biindred tatenr), 
the LKedxmonhn* in the ){. promirea many other favort^ 
(embly of the amphiayoni, ib. and alki him what he bad to 
Incurs their haired on that ic- propofe tonceming Greece, ib^ 
count, and that of the other aU He de&rei- a -yehr to leani the 
lie) by his enafliona, ib; What Ptr&anlkflgilage.'ib.' Tliegrttt 
he laid to the people of Androi, honoraconferredonhiui by the 
and their an f we r, 189. - Envkd king, and the free liilercouTle 
by the Athenian), and forced he hak wiA hlM, 197. He 
often to recount hi) own <er- a inflrufted in the learning of 
vices, ib. He offendi them by thcMigi.ib. Thekingisre' 
farther building ibetempTer'f lonciled Io Demaratus the La- 
Diana Ariftobale, 190, From cedxmnnian at ibe rcqiielt of 
his llatue in ihii temple, it ap* TbemiRoclcs, ib: Grvei the 
peared that bit ti^St waa as latter ihiee cities for hi) viain' 
heroic as his foul, ib. He ia iioance, ib. What Themillo.' 
banilhed b^ the ofttacifm, ibj clei (aid to' hh ehildren, ib, 
Kefufes to join hi the plot of Ei>iiryea governor of the Upper 
Paubnias, butdoemot ditcotcr Fhrygia, empldys perTona to at; 
it,i9i. Accufed of beingaa ^fTioate him, 19B. He iiin- 
accomplice in It, ib. Hi) dc formed Of it in a dicam ; in 
fence by letter, ib. TlKAchea> tonfeqnenceof whichhebuildf 
tanafend perfans to (eize bin, i-tunple lo Cybele Diodymene, 
but ht ehapet » Co[cyra> itri and. contecrata hia daughter 
flies front thence to tnccowK Mnefiptolcnutoberleivicc, ib, 

AOti the govcnnr of Lydii'i Tkmmtfui, 

... -_ infarm tb« »• tbc biftariin uq]ulUy,ii.. „ . 

UHgDrit,tQ9. Aftn thii, be Hii opinion that it w« batt for 

bduvo will) mon prudaic«, Fampey lo ntirg to Egypt, 

■ad Vivalong iji gnt bcuclty la^. A faying of Ci;«oca>- 

In MagDclii, ib. Oatbe revolt ccraiiig him, v. 103. 
oT Egypt, nd the grew idvwi- Tlu^liiiia, the fathw of Hip- 

ti^tigaiatd'byCi<Donu[et,the piTchiu, v. aig, 
king calli upon TbemiftoclB Thio^afiiu, bit abbnatiaa 

■0 talu the direaioQ of an bx> coocerniDg Danofthean indl 

pcdition, ib. i^ii nafoiu fat de- pcmadu, u ociuxii v. 49. 

•lining tiut comoMnd, ib. He Lovet bii wodu to licieiu, iij*? 

vnUaperiadlohiilifebydiink- >£>. 

ingbull't blood, 300. How TimiknJUi ufu&ng tac|uit 

vwny yean be lived, ib. Hw Corioih, ij putt* dtMbl>r A- 

chiUrm by bit iwo wi*a, ib. latut, ». 3G3. 
Hk Munefitu ckQ ■ moau. Thcafamfu, kiu of Sparta, 

nait[Dtutm«Eaoiy,>|idcoDtLD- inlsilia cUule in tM RMlra, lo 

M the honoB and privilegfa pRventthepeoplefrMV*llKi<tK, 

■anted hii poKcrity, down to or corrupting any law,, >• I aSii 

, ib. I<V'f> Verl~ A ^i'lg of bii, 1 

>[aiicpiu|di, ib. netJtaki'i, tbt 

nadeaei of Phafelii, (he Palopuiai is hii enteipnie Itti 

1, tbaTl»baa,,}aiu 

hODOn paid by Altwndei li> ibe Tecov«if of libtrly, ii.,aO>. 

hufUtue.iv. iga. 7V<ywM^ itndCoFf*&<n,tba. 

TlteJrn-iM, accufed of joiniiV Spininigeaeitlai killed in the 

Alcibiidci ID hit biHlaiquei^- battieofra^ne, ii. ,ao«. 

on the myJUriet.ii. sa. 7iap«mf»i, of CBtdnt, tha. 

T/uaLrm, tht A'im'^mii^'h- fabulift, tv. 964. CciKen- 

piic&,layt, itK.SMcmiontpTO* (raochifet the Caidiaoa at Itia- 

niMinced againU . Atcibiadtt, nqutft, ib. 

weie ddII oF 'themleI<Ml, if ba VictjmifM*, UDJuft in Mcuf- 

bad not iajuicA die Eonmoa- ing Damofthemt of untaUlul^ 

wealth, ii. fO. pnuciples wi4b lafpeQ to the 

Thttdarai. thaT«Ttntine,dlC- conuqonwaalth, «. ^. 

EKed by AleiHcda (vr fait in- rWi,wbo,». iftj. 

■noui InAc, iv. 1 jS' Ttttria, wtm, m- ■»• 

Tiaxlanu, the Atbeift, iv. T^oru, the prifOali, m> 

jji). inoltheao aacafai'bccof teach-- 

T/iaidiirai, cuioi to Antylloa ing (he Bvftt (o -cheat tbeia 

the Ion of Anony, bit liUaoy oufttrt, v. gj. ^ it put to 

•nd[piinifhDi«Dt, v.aag. dead) for -ihM and other mot- 

TUoisfei, V. ttsS. mitiei, ib- 

Thainfus, of CUoa, bhad- Tittriu, ii. 35. 

aiutO' PioUmv to uke away JRiritmnf', Itw foaiof A(r 

thc life sf PoTopcy .llic Great, dm ; the Atbaniaat.^y bit ad- 

iv. iBj. Fliei and Itvat ■ vice, (obmit to:tbfcS|tarHB >ia- 

wretched vauboad, 't^S. Put jiuiAionicipitltdovnilhnrlaBe 

to daa)h-at U& >r Unuu^ V. walliviii.ioe- Wlty fBratnai 

•96. UK Jvtwfiti. •««. g. afiv 

THE t M9 jl "Tl^ 

.l/Ht, iii. aoA. iv. 79. W injBic ua aae, but to ujie- 

* 7'l<rB«dpa, > fmalV .riwar vfgrincf .of tueh U Ibould ot- 

'.M*iCba)roa<i,aii«enc]ylacaU- &r hioi vialcnoa, iti. AUMlicd 

•d, but ificrwardt mibm, i. by Paifbeut,. liiniaDicd Coiy- 

*•■ *■ fiS. £7- ,p«a,or iheCluh inaot, wlwm 

Tl^mafyif- SttStrnlt. lie Ibyi, ud thwUkv tbeplub - 

T'Acr^tMM aaiilei Ckeomeni Cqc bi< w«afK>p, ib. JMtroy* 

^ Kti» tiam (lie ttorm ibic Sinnlc che-Pinc bolder,. ib. Hm 

lieatiipaii him, into ^ birbor .alaii.DttaadMcUi>'Ppii>.byf«r' 

of itith, ,'>"■ 404, 4x5. Jlc i^fane li^ dai^KT of ^(nii. 

deipttehHJMMitclt,.^*^. .fli. iialk > wild low aMwd 

""■'-' " - yl»n, ib, IkftKiyi ^LtOD. » 

i. 48. fjmoui robber, ii: 

lolwa' ■ 

?V/(ij,> Undof Wafam,Li>- wiellling wit)i Cvcyoa, aai 

48. ktliaiaiai>tlKfpi)t,G«. J}t^ 

Cit^fiwr, MMBd»l t$ iba fi- p>UhBt .DntMfttt, .fiKCuBt^ 

ikn't &defniaE«ea]wu», wd. frocraftti, .i« t^.taatcfWinw 

llVbi>jn>olhca,fT«m Pcl*p«,i. u-be bid derpMliKl O4(ii09. ib. 

4£. Plnbuu.fsHBdnrofTTo. Motu wiib^ firil InfUfKciif 

«w, M^ bit ignndttAtr by bq(p^iCy£niip-lb>dck*Bdjittt 

«ke notboi^t tide, jb. jfigen*, oE Ehvttlui, end ii p^rifbil by 

•fiowMrdi dw Crib« of Xbcr tttem, ib. findi Aibffu ap* 

ta^HHwa^n oowli .K Pd- *e («*ily of AgctM .in gntt 

4rhl,«nd«p(>linlerFinlMi>far ditln^mp, fi»- ttodia pw.. 

lie .iniirpnutkMi of it, V. .(ivdti .lEpii* <o po>^ bim.W 

;KitbaMr|>nKttK>«piiw*n)coi«- «> "^■(■•"niaU.i butiThiCw*' 

HWlCe.bAMWa AglM 'fiA b> Hpuing cuvB with bi(- 

JkagblH uMha, ib. ^K|bm ivord, ^etwluKw bim tobe 

Jiidu :««rt«<« tolfalna luul^r b bi4 ion, ib. J^fjtva .AcJuipw.l^ 

j!nMaoBB,iiKlgi««.AthradU ad^H .him -b^on: ;l|i> paopk. 

«tiiof».ifaie!bo«ldbiveab>a, ib. ThePiIlaalid* aoniiDfrKe- 

tolgod-himlo hiiB, bo^'itia, bm «|b dE(ai|*4 

tivcdit.nua'xftaMi wilh thpfe thiou^h tbctfocbeiy oF a.bH- 

toMu ; but »ri4i gnat [HivMy, gliLiuincd t,co», ^^, Thtleu* 

•a«« the PillaiWid)^ got* tgtia& 4b -Mtrathoww 

A. Th*l«u>, why Co ittmeili .boU,bnDgiliiiii*liwt>i Aihoi*. 

^ft, ' Brovght up by Futttaut, aod WiKMrhim -Hi the Italr 

iO. HHtutorC^aidMbODOT' ^aiis Apollci, ifa. Ii.tatH'- 

nd withbcriiica by d* Aiben- niDcd by Htnlc, lb. The tri- 

- .IMU in the Tbafeaa feilb, ib. buCc.jsdemafuLad bylbeC^bn* 
He offen iIk Eitft ffuili of hii tbe-lbird time, od Kootint of 

- IniT 10 Apolla (t Delphi, bu AndtogcuiJitrisf ban {bin ift 
ib*«ea aoky the foFt.psrt ofbi* Atiioo, ib. Tbe tiibute.oon- 
)M«1, ib. Ttatt kind of too- fiAedof fqwen ymtOK iBmmd 
Inn ihaooe -caUed fTii/lii, ib. m amay Tii^rM„gj. Tb* W- 

, He ii' reported the (on of ootMir, luid CrMMi labyiinlhi 

Heptaae, ib. Taka op ihe-la' .vfbat, >b. The Albfaiiiu ok,- 

fctneofbiiiirigia, 49. Cboofaa pNlling rtheir ftfnuwit, AM 

ta^o.MAibmbyUod, (bough .«geue, who w*> ih* uufa of 

thcriMdi VKR iaCtHad by r^ their mbfiittuaea, tool^ao Omk 

AtM,.ib. £RulaM:lbBBAkn« JBlbn, Tbifcui4«uifai«lM 

M OIK of tbe (ercD, j6. Hfc to D^emoii hnfbnidineR, *nd 

Ihip ii (enC out with a bltek nuchuiei, ib. Thefruidielirll 
f>il,ib. But ■ white ORE till- (bu inclined- to i poptilii gci'^ 
fo given the pilot, to be haifted eminent, ib. Gives the im- 
if he brougte Tliefcuj fafe biek, preffion of m ox to the Ath^ 
ib. Tbereuibidtohaveipilot niin monc^, ib. AddaMegm 
fratn StIiRiii, beduCc the A- to the territory of Atheoi, ib. 
theniini hid not (s yet applied Sett up i pillar in the tfthmui, 
thcmjelvei much to navigition, ai a Durk □( diftinftion between 
57. Makn an otfeting forhini. PelopOnneruI Bad Ionia, ib. laA 
felf and hii fompmiom to the 6j. Inftitulei the IfthiBJM 
Delphinrw ApwHo, ib. That games- ta honor of Nepwne, 
ofiering; what, ib, Coimnand- 6fl. Hako war upon the Ain- 
cd by the oracle to tike Venui azoni, and rtMi»ei Anliope a> 
for^hii guide, ib. On his ar- the leward of hii valor, ib, 
rival-in Crete, Arildne falls in Oneof hti compantoni nained 
lovC with bim, and giva him a Saloon fills in love with Ai*. 
clue of ibreid, by which he tiope, md drewnj hinfelf ia 
might pafa and repaia through conCcqueaceof hn hopelels p>C- 
Ihe labyrinth, ib. He kilti the fion, 66.^ Tbeleui calh Ihs Hvi. 
Minotaur, and carrio off Ari- er after hil nutie, and builds i 
adne and the young Atheniaas, tttywhich hd nioiea Pythopo- 
ib. OtheraccountioFThelcui^ lis, ib. Ilia Aroaiuni erab the 
expedition to Cicte, ib. Other Cimmerian Bofpfaorui n^n the 
KCounta of Ariadne, ib. and j8. ice, and march to Athens, €7;- 
He put) in at Deloi, vii faerie IMeua lacrificei to fisr before 
Aoe* to Apolto, 60. Thence die be engagca thern, ib. The fuc* 
annual deputation of the Athen- cefs of the aftion dubious, ib. 
iauto Odoi, ib. n. On faia A pace concluded after four 
approach to Attica, forgeta to months, ib. TheFeoshasbydic 
hoift thewhite fail, ib. .£geua Amaion a f on named Hippol^ 
throws himfelf (tora the rocks itui, or, according to Pindin 
and iadalhedlo pieces, ib. The- Demophon, 68. Marries Phz- 
feni tends ■ herald to Athens dn after the death of AntiOpe^ 
wilh'm accoDDt of his bfe it- tb. Hil odwr marriages and 
turn, ib. Enters 'die city with wiioun, 69. Hr aOills the La- 
forrow, bat it' received wiih pillueagamft the • Cenlaun,. ib. 
great rejoicing, 61. The Ofia- «id AdiiAus ia recovering At 
pharia celebrated in tneniory of bodies of ihotvthat fell befsie 
that event, et. and 63 Theved 7hebei,)b. Tbefriendfhipbc^ 
let in which TheleiB' tailed', 'tween TlM(i?Us and PiritkoiU) 
prefervedio the (inn of Dnne- ib, Titeleus, on ocea^on ofbi*- 
trius Phaleriuj, e>. A temple fricod't^nartioge, goes with bini 
eteSed, and facrNiirea offered to into ibecouotry of theLipilhie^ 
Theleui, Ifae can of which he and joins tlicm againft the Cem. 
eommiti to the Phytalidz, 6>. tauis, 70.. Piocnres Heiculo 
He fettles ill tbe inhabitants of admilfioa *o the myftaries of 
Atiita in Athens, 63, Efefti a Ceres, ib. &rri(n offHeien, 
democracy, ib; Conneds the when he was fifty yean old, ib, 
ciCad^withlhe-city, ib. Infti- Ht and hit friend Pirithouaan 
lutes the nnatbenza and Me- parfued as far as Tegaa, 71, 
tiEcia, ib. Invites all ftiangen He places Helen at Aphidma 
totqual piivilegu in Acheiu, underlht infpeftioaof.tiii <ao.i 
'i- DiAingiuOwiihepaopleiit. tbei, ib. Goes with EirilhoiM- 

WW r *<& y THDx 

&U< Bpirw. >o fcldi »S Ac ttndvr, murdend by her tom< 

diughui of Aidoncui, ib. Fi- Aotipicer, iii. 6, *. i^G. 
rithout iadcftroyed by Anlouo.- The^ui, out, of ue fom of 

Di'i dog CcfImtuIi ud Thsfeiu Cimon, iii. tftT- Lodpi.inin. 

ii iraprifoucd, ib. M^timc formationigiinft Alcibiadct,(ar 

llcndtlieui escltei • (edition in hit huiUiapt oa.Ate-arfttiaiaai 

A|b4oi, ib. (nd iBvitn Caflor .Cciw, ii. jt. Tbc ft»m of diat 

Md PoUuK iaCo Auiu, j.*- inForniatian, ib. 
AcidciDus ipfornu ihem wbWE 7'^^iu, the player, (tot by 

Helen wu concealed, ib. The Alciaader on * commiSiaii lO' 

academy ilwayi fparnd by'.thc FfflBodorui, govemoTof Cuii, 

McedEDtoniansferliia&IWiib. iv. 149. Alesandei'i DOBceni 

The Tyndaiidz beat Ibmi ad- Jor liu Ivfnig tbc pdM ia t^gcr 

verbries Id a 1« ba«le, sad do- -dy, 167. 
nolilh Apbidnai, ib. J£ihn, rhJUii, iJm fan <^ PiMB- 

tliemalher of Thereui, aal- lui. ii. 031. 
Tied to JUcedciDoD, andfrom- 7*1^, Qflcrof BionyGualba 

thepce, wicb Helen, to Trvy, elder, and wife ai PbilascniM, 

M. Tbelcua it Mleajed'by Ai- .v. 144. Hot dignity of bAav- 

doneoi, at the interaeflkiD of tat, aa^. The regard ciu Sfk 

HoictilH, TV Itoturor to A- ncubat had (or her, ib, 
tbMa, Htd •tleiii{Ka w icducc .T'Af/u.thekiweiftoTdcrof da* 

b Atheniana by force, but i* Atbenianala called,!. ftii,as|L 
«*erpowered, ib. Gendi hii Tkttji, or iW^t fAnsu, bat 

(shilUini ioto EUbfo, and K> anele, i. 78. 
tiros to cbc iOe of Scyrog, irkcic Tiimira comiMnd* ibe Ij- 

bc it irtacbeiouay del^rayed by ccdieaionian forcet m tbair fiift 

Lycomsdet, ib. U«etlhaus dy- ttleoipt la ^deliver Ibe Abti«. 

ing in ihe expstCitioa to Ttof, Grcekt, but without (vccafa, c>. 

the bioa of Tbeleus recover the 333. 
kingdom, 7j. Afler the Me. TAom, i. 6$. 

dian war, the Alheiuaai arc fidtm, ooe of ibe prinquiA 

commanded by the oracle to peifont iaSytaciiJe, ungrateful^ 

bring ibe bono of Tbdciii (o ly put to deaA by PyTOuw, iii. 

Atboni, 75. This ii carried into eS, 

execution by Cimon, who plan. Thtnii, the Egyptian court*- 

M the renuins near Ae Gym- um, v. 139. v 

oafium ; and TiKfeua^i on' Tiar, in the P^icniciaa bs. 

tony ii madia place of nfuge, gua^e a /jci^ir,.iii. 141. 

)6. . Ttmaaia], lieutioaot to Mb 

Tktfiuflmia, the fta&afee. lellus,.Icatagain(lSirtariu>,iBd 


killed by&ttgenenl, iii. 349. 

rhi^ioafhtri, V. B70- 


Un land f^KKi at the fiege of 


lAnpfaCBs, and givsi hia (ol. 


iliea the plunder atler the town 

• nifyi. bagi» to enbibit 

WW fl-tmed, iii. 97- Pit t« 

ti^diet, i. 131. The opinion 

death by ike ephori, becau)it 

then. w« fiUar found in hia 


poflillion, .09. 


rA«« pf Latifla, tfceonly 


perfoD that paid any attendo* 

TJUJSnka, wi^owofCiU 

V. 119. . 

THU [ 1*1 J TIG 

Titlh, the EsyptW montli (be founder of C]uetx>liea, id. 
to ciILcd, i. 89. 143. 

' Tlirit, iii. I ii- ■ • 7%Mti™, iii. 150. 

* Thrtctia, village of, iii. " Thymtlaia, i. 58. 
BOS- • Thrcatii, iii. ^a. 

* lHyrau, iii. I5B. 
Thyrins, fent by Augnftuj (o 

lilt. .' eieopaln, v; 11;. Chaftiled 

Tkrafiai, iv. 340, 3jO. by Aolonv, ib. 

7J»J^<u, tlK (on of Thn- riun, ii lamb ytnni wilh 

bi goo from Siiaoi lo Aihcni, the figure of one upon iu had) 

•■ puipofstaacculeAlcibiMlai, dtemcdominoutby AlcxindeiS 

ii. 73. Mirchei from Tbcba, iv. 199^ 
and rccovtn the cillte of Fhyle ■ Tiiartie, iii. 108. 
in thencighbarbjodaf Alh^,. * T^cr, river, i.. ]& ii. 16^ 

iii. iij. i». BJ3. 

Tirafydiruifontof Philip'* Tiiiriiu Graahiis-. UeCrati 

uabalbdon to Tbebet, v. 56. ciai. 

Tire/yiiti, an Athcnim geit. THerius Simfmiiu. Set 

•Cfsl.huiroopidcfpiled^lf tbo<i: Statmniui . 
of AlcibiblH,. for- the defeat Tidim Stxliui, Ihougb old 

whicb Phanibaxui hid given md lime; joiDi Pompey ia Ma^ 

.tbemneiT Ephefui, ic. 6j. Af- cedooia, ir.iiOJ 
■erwirdi vi^iMuiinconjuDc- TigtlMui, upnin of Ito 

tioawiibAU:ibisdu,at>. andSSi Prctoriao Wd in Hero't lirnef 

* 7%r«l^iiflHU. SeeTiraJy. T. 391. The people infill Dpo» 
■nmn like. bii being capitilly punifhed^ 

Tirianiai, one of tbe liUa 404.' He bribei Viniui, chiel 

•tBia:bui,ii..»55. stinilter la Galb., 403. Pr^-- - 

■ TJaiaSa, i. 183. iv. 16. uoidi to be Gcli., bat [oaa^aak.a 

Thucyiidi!, tbe Ton of Mile- the moll Infolent rejolciagi iat 

fat hii infwer to Aixhidamui, hii recovery, 404 Mak.cimiig> 

who atked whether be or Feri- niflcent pnleiiti to Viniiu'i 

ak> wi) the belt wreftlet.i. 354- daughter, ib. Otho' fendi far . 

Encouraged by the Aihcniia bim, 417. He.cuU. hii owa. • 

nobiliCyto oppole Perklo, 3j3. tbioil, ib. 

BaniHied, glrj. Hit c banker 77^rMei, Ion ia4awtoMi<'- 

ata ftatefnufll 958. tliiidatei, iii« aog. - Hii con. 

Tkuyiidci van hiftoiian, de.. queAt, S17; Hit- pride,: iiS/ . 

(ceoded from king Olsrai, and Refulet lo deliver up MiUiri< 

■ relation to Cimui, iii. 1731 dalM, andtdli Apphit, theRo- 

Hii death and iepulcbn, ib. man amballidar, tint he ii abltt 

TW^^, Goademned to.die lo repel Fufce with force, ib. 

m<hFhocion,.iv.3t7. Changes bil.behaviot to Mi- 

-• Titiiri'i, a city in Italy, tbridilet, ib.- - Hit imprudencK 

built by Dinnyiiut Chalcui, iiii in not joining that prince while 
■(& ColoDiEed by f eiidet, i. .hi) foYcec w<M entire, sti. 

g^. Hebeheadilhefitft perfonwba 

7]fairaH AplOi^ See AfoUt.. gave bim nsticeaftheipproach 

rA»"«. of Luiniluj, lie. Sendi Mi-. 

* TH^riitit, il. 13a. iii. 141.).' thrabarzanei, who wii fahardy 
«. 6c, ute Idt biin tbe iiatb,-vnlh 

3^*, jaothei.ef CbxtoD^ .otdcn lo bciof Luculliu alivct 

TFM t a<3 ]■ TIM- 

ih. Qaif Tlgnoocsrl*, and: ate toUmid tbe loft Dfiica,11,' 
flttirei u> Mount Tlanu, 113. ;£. 

Amcked by Mnmu ia ■ d«- . Timaithii, the painter, a ]uL 
BIsiDdputto ilight, ib. ILc- loiypiece of fait reprcCaiiing . 
fnitiu hii foglilk confidenu, Aratui'* >£lioDi at Fellcoe, v. 
on being joined by the Dciib. 371, 

boiiag kuig>,-ti4. Defeated in . 3'iaic^lAnu, governor of LU 
■ general atlion by LucuHuii pan, peiruade* bi> people to 

whhoffcringi to Apollo 1 

Efai, i. gii. Tbe Romaui ac- 
nowledge Ihe favor, ib. 
Timi, the bcft coimlelUir, L 

Tint, the graitR of alt bcn- 

Tim^Uts. (he tyrant of Si- 
nope, envied by Ihe AibeoU 
BBi, who frnd thither Cx huD. 
dxd colonilli, i. 369. 
. , . TimacUa, GAer to Theagenei, 

the kingdom of Sophcne, which Ibc injury Ihe fuffend indie iicic 
fompey allotted him, ib. Ia> of Thebca,iv. 146. Herrevenge, 
prifoncA by Ponpey, and le- ib. The digniiy with which 
lerved for bii triumph, 7B. Ihe behaved when brought be- 

* TuriiBWrrf^.iii. 1*3, isS. fort Alexander, ib. 
■ Tigtit, river, iii. iia. TimndUai andCliniaaelcA. 

• Tigmn 

cuUui, ib. ReEufc. to raeiye 
Uithridatei wba defeated by 
Poin[«y, and ieta a price upon 
hiahcad, iv. 77.. Receivci* 
Roman garrifoo into bii capital, 
ib. Makea a mean (ubmiQion 
t» Fompey, ib. Fompcy re- 
ftorei him hii kingdom on con- 
tlitioni, ib. 

7igT«iui, the younger, re- 
volti from fait faUier to Pom- 
Not bliified 

• Tirtnta, iv, ■37, 

• TSfhtfium, ia. t4«. 
Turn, wife of Agia, fciag 

«{ Sparta, hai a Ion W Alcibi' 
■det, iv. a. Proudof thatcon< 
neaion, ib. ii. ^. Her (on ex- 
cluded the (uccefGon, >a a baC- 
d though .acknowledged by 


Ti of Sicyon, 1 


wai Icpaiated from her hut- 
band Dion by the tyranny of 
Dioayfiut, v. 144. Command! 
in the abbnce of Diony fiua, ItO. 
niei, ib. 

TimcTim, hh [evere verb* 
agiinfi ThemilLoclet, i. igg. 

Timtdimui, the father of Ti- 

to acknowledge himte 

Ibme othen guilty of defacing T'laa/auj, hi) cenneAioni of 

ibeHenne, ii. 55. bofpitality with Philop 

. TuainuthehiUoTian, for what 
cenfured by Platarcb, ilL 150. 
V. tje, *J7. FoTwhatcoD- 
tnended by Cicero, iii. sgi. x. 

7imagaiit, iv. 94. 

Timgorai, the Athenian ara- 
baOidor to the court of Ferfia, 
V. 336. SufFcia death on hit 
return, for receiving prtfenta 
while he tSed in that capacity. 

by ibo 

Spamnt with a prefent of an 
hundred and twenty talents, ib. 
Loth to declare bit commiOion, 
ib. Philopcemen'i.anfwer to it 
when declared, ib. 

TimekBH, the diRraaed fiaM 
' Syiacubn afiain ~ 


of the Syiacut 
he «a. fent i, 

. Sicily, i 


Timndrt, the miHrefi of Al- 

itakct advantage of the 

11, CO nelUblifli him. 

felF, after he ba4 been exiMlled 

cjbiadfi, faithful wd aScdion- teayfiis, 119. Tbeinc^coit* 


i<9.' MmvAu offcn la M'lMir 

Off M tiiMi t»M}i bif«Uf Mai tUt 

citKld ofSVMHDft, itt. Timd^ 
leo»[en^ Mar hunAtM nen. 

... , bar I tiw *t • live, inco the tW- 

fbriheSyTKubni wcnacolony- >M, ib. l4iis corpi uikca 

fmB CoTlulh', ib, I«tu t& ■ ponMhM ol ike h*i, Oorei, 

dwiMa pert sn ihtt M««&an, ud ilt tbit bclongtad to i!l« 

■ to. TiM Corintlttim glMt tynn:, oxccpC hii AioilCf, ib.' 

tbt (aocon, nid sjvS the cod- With hii MoBey he gea rm 

iMndof ihatatbTimOlmn, the b«ird ■Ihip, md etclpa to thv 

fon of TlmadnBin and Dntu- c^my af Timolton, ib. It feiW 

Tifte, ib. Hii eluM£tn', lb. With a very modenVe Fam of 

He lava the life of hii brolitcr money to Goflnih, ib. An ac 

TinMphanM, in Mie of hii si- ctttinteFhti tontieT iufftnagl, 

peditioQi, III. EnrtMvifti ttt i^. Thfe Bievi Tift ht led at 

dinWiile Ml ItntlMi fftAn Anifif OMmiIi, lb. Styingi of hi* 

liiaiftif up tytWA in Coriittti; which feera to iadioM that h« 

ib. Find] hint obWnite, and biH<e Mi AiiflriTtuaei with lonie 

ii inllcumcnial iit bii deafh, Ib. Inma^lj, 131. Hi) Bnfwnrai 

ItnHieh'iffliaedon accaUTnaf Man who attempted tube arch 

his mHiltcT'i avrriibn tb him, irpon him, ib. and la Philip 

ud gives himrd'B up > prey <a ot-Micedon, 131. The Corin. 

n>Bl«ncholy,iM. TweOlyy'ears thtani Itnd Tinlaleon « rein- 

tftti, ti •ppoiiwed to the coih- torcemetit. Which ftopi »l TTiu- 

tnand in Sicilti i*3' Whtt rtiun, beciufe the 1e* vh bertt 

Jeleclidn bid ta hin on thit with the Carduginian Sect, ih. 

occlGnn, ib. Tlie Cotinthiant Icetei carrici an the liege of the 

have clar proof of IceKs'i <]\i- citadel with great viioe, 133. 

-plieity, H4. Omeni of fucceb S*di two men to Adtioomco 

to Timoleail, ih. Re «niva at afl^nue HAtoltbn, ih. Timo- 

Rhegium with tengilleyi. iij. le«a'i provichntiil deliverance, 

JeetM, having bnnn {Honyrtna ib. Tcetes take* an army ot 

in a fct battle, fends the Car- CiithiginiHii into Syracufe, 

lliagintins With artful pMpoft- ij^. TIW citadel ii mucH 

tion) to TiraoleOil, but (eently diftraOed, bnt TiIRoleon ftndi 

chtigei Aem to prevent hii neani te (end provilinnt into 

landing inSicily, ib. Tiinolton it, ib, Mi^go, the Carthaginian 

oiitwit»lhtm,aBd latidiat Tau- irfne»i, and leetei, gongainft 

.TonKnium, is6. Andromaehut, fc.lana, from whence (hbVe pnr. 

-tiw priiice of that city, petnfili vifioWs Catne, ib. Leo, the gov. 

hlrn ibnuke ita pliOeof antii, emor of the citadel, Etlliei nut, 

i»7. TheSiciliini having been defeats (he fraopi tint were left 

oten deceived by pretended (lit- in thecity, -and liilKs Achfaill'- 

■livewn, no other city, e*cept na, a confidedable quarter of the 

Adrinum, is inclioed to receive city,B*. Hmnogoeita par»de 

ThiWlettn, ib. A battle ii before Syracufe with the pre- 

ifought between Icetei and Ti- lenee of a viftiry, and in Hio 

mdieonneir Adtanom, inwhich mttn tit«e the Cbf inlhiao reio- 

the fnimer is defcUed, itS. forceineni IWdi- m Sicily, anti' 

Severn citiei join in alliance joini TimolMn, 135, is'S. Ti- 

wiUi TiiBoleon, pntieuUrlyCa. moJeon takes liftlfrna, 136. 

«n M* itrptincaHaateKOt, HlMttea-to Sjmeufv, Hi. M^ 

TIM C sfiS a TIM 

__ . : 1 H*olt *• iTE Ceoi ihemCElvn, ib. Hcfh 

■lOngft thetrooptof Icetci, md uckilbcm u tfacy ire palling 

RtiRi to Africi, 137. laXf the river, i4». The bitlle de- 

fiudi ixldl/ on hii defsicc ; fcribed,i43. Athunder ftom 

but Timalten itlacki the city befriends tbs Greelu, ib. Ti>- 

in Cevenl quirteri It once, ind molcon.-on dienewi at thevic- 

cairiti it without the lab of tory, lends the hud (bmefl of th« 

one Corinthian, ib. Hecallitbe Ciitbuiniaa >nni 10 Corinth, 

citlieni together, to deftioy the 1 44. At hii return to Syncure, 

citadel which hid been th< bat be banilhts the thouland meres. 

of tyranny, 1.38. EieSi upon naries who had defeited him be- 

the place ■ common halt, ib. fore the battle, 145. Mamcr- 

Syracule being in want of iru cm and Icelet revolt, and call 

liabitaiiti, he appliei lo the Co- the Carthagiaiani in again, wb« 

rinlhianiJoT a (upply, ib. Tbe fend inoditr array under Gifi:o, 

Corinthioni colleA Oa Syracu- ib. The confederalei gain fome 

Jan exilei, and with lome new advantage againft 'Hmoleon.t 

' *oloni&t, TDike up a fupplr of but be lofc* only the mercena- 

ten thou [and, 139. Timoleon rie>,.ib, Whilehe U bcrieging 

au%fls a mucb greater number, Calauria, Iceletmikei aninnnd 

ib. Oivida the lands among into ihe SyracuEan lerritoriu, 

them gntii, but felli the houCn and in hii return infulti Ti' 

for a thoufand talenti.ib. Tbja moleon himfelF, 146. The lat- 

inoney bccomea alJippLy fortfae ter lets him pab but purine* 

public treafury, which was ex- and defeats him on the bank) of 

DiufUd by the war,'ib. Before the river Damy rial or Lamyriai, 

this, the Svracufians had con- ib. Takn him alive at Leon- 

demned.and fold the ftatuesef riuin, and putt him tod<ath,to- 

their kings and tyrant!, faring gethcr with his fon Eupolemus 

sone but that of Gelo, ib. Ti- and Suthymua bis general of 

tDoleon del iven the other cities horfe, 147. Suffer* (be Syn- 

from their tyranu, 140. Re- cubns to defkroy tlie womenof 

duces Icctei Co a private ftation, Icetes'i family, ib. Mimereus 

ib. Leptine*, aprinceof Apol- of Catan^, and Hippo sf Mede- 

lonia, u alfo depoled, and fenC na, ik atto reduced, and capi- 

toCorinth, ib. Timoleon, at- tally punifhed, 14S, 149. The 

GJUd by commiCioners from Caithaginiani conclude i peace 

Corinth, givea the Syncufans ■ with him, 148 Agrigentua 

bodyof lawrj, ib. Sends his —■■ ""-'- — . . 

lieuttnants to ravage the Car- „ , ^ ^ 

thaginiin province, Ib. The tioni of theSiciUans, in an cate 
Canbaginians arrive at Lilybz. and eleguice that attend all bit 
nm with! numerous and well ifiioiu, and in the perpetual fa- 
■ppoinled army, ib. AUrvbal *or of fortune, ib. and 1^0. 
and Hamllcar match in gnat Spendi the remainder of his ilfe 
£ury agsinll the Corinthians, amongfliheSynculans.iDd en- 
a4i. Timoleon meets them joyi the blsflings he bad pro- 
seal tbe'banks of the Crimefus, cured, 15a. Tbt anCwers he 
with ■ handful of men, ib. made on being attacked by two 
DeKterouQy turns an inugincd demacoguet, iji. Inbisold 
ill omen into ■ fign of vlQory, age loles his fighi, ib. He ia 
ib. Another good prefage, ib. confulled, notwilhllanding, on 
He and his troops have a dillinfl ill in^portant points, and in 
Tiew of the enemy, before they every at-aeEt tiiiled with ireK 
Vsfc. TI. Y 

TIN [ »S6 ] TIS 

booorbythe Syncaboi, tjt. ' Tingis, ■ city in AFric** 

Hit eify doth, md ndgniRcntt built by Sophaic, anil To nuneA 

funcnl, 153. Hi> memory eel. fromhis mother Tinga.ili. 345. 

ebnled with annuil pmn, ib. Tiantu, the hulbuid oi Fan- 

ApalcflniiereaedBrauBdhlt nia, iii. 81. The quinri be. 

monumoit, ib. TheSyraculiui] tween bim ind Mi wife, ib. 

faappy in hit liwi for ■ long Their ciufe comes before I/b^ 

CDurfe of yati, ib. riui, ib. Haw decided, ib. 

Twmtbepoel, i. i7'.''-»4t. TirrtJ, laeunuehof D»riui*« 

Timm the JWin lidlir, pajlci bedchamber, iv. 1 SB. 

othen by without notice, but TiTiiaziu, iv. 94. What Ar. 

addiella Alcibiadei with great taxerxis (aid tohim od hli puu 

kindoefi, bcciufc bethought he ting on the king's robe, t. 319. 

would do much miicbief, ii, 49. Wiien he mounis Artaxerxea 
■ frefti hoife, after he had 

minlus, ib. Hit addrefi to the 
people of Atbetii, ib. Hii epi- 
uph, a 15. 

Tinow the Phliilian, i. 350. 

rj»iiii<fjof Argos, ii, 331. 

Tainidts, V. J46, «i3. 

Tinofkajiti, Timoleoii'i elder 
brother,)!. i«a Ofafanguinc 
and ambition) difpolitian, ib. 
Commands the CoriniLian cal- 
ory in a battle with the 

In gre. 


but refeued by hii brother, 
Tlie Corinthiaoi, forthefecurity 
of their city,entenaln four huo- 
died mercenaries in tbeir &r. 
vice, and give (he command to 
Ttmophants, ib. By thealGil- 
ancc of thefe mercenaries he en- 
Oavei hii country, ib. iKno- 
leoDUidhis fi lends entreat him 
loreIinquilhthetyranny,ib. Ti- 
tnophanei abfo' ' ' ■ =■ 

been difmountcd in the battts 
with Cyrui, deCres htm to ic- 
member that day, 314. The ma. 
ny changes in his forlnne, 338, ■ 

241. Delivers Artiiettei Ad 
is whole army, in the expedi- 
tion sgaiufi the CaduTiani, 338. 
Artaxerxei promiles him hia 
daughter, and difappointi him, 
■341. In revenge be ftira up Da- 
riu) agsinft hit father, ib. His 
charaacr, ib. His fpeech to Da. 
rius, ib. His deftgns being dtf- 
covered, he Ji furpriled by the 
guard), and die) hghting in hU 
ovro defence, 341. 

'■ 3^4- 

Tifaphrnus, the king of Per- 

lely rejcAing Ra't lieutenant, though a great 

mciraavice 11 poniarded, iti. enemy to the Greeks, it chlrm- 

TiRoAifUJ, the Athaiian gene, ed with the behavior of Alci- 

nl,ii. 197. Hi) oblervitian, bUdej, ii. J9. After thegreat 

that a commander in chief nival viflory which Alcibiadei 

ought to be alhamed of need, gaincdof theLicedzmonimt, i( 

lefSy haiarding hit perfon, lb. irfraid of the Rfeittment of bia 

Will attribute nothing to for- mifter the king of Perfia, fei«« 

tune, iii. 187. IsbaniHied, iig. Alcibiades, and fendi him to 

Timalhivi the poet, ii. Z53. Sitdis, 64. Agrees upon a trace 

and mufician, iv. 389. with AgeGliui, promlfing to ft* 

rinoicnui, elcfled general of free the Alialic Greeks, bnt foon 

the Achnn league, V. 375, breaki it, ir. 8. Defeated by 

rin^d, widow of Anlsus, hat Agefilaui, lO. Fut to death bf 

a Ton called Sopbix, by Hercu. the king of Perlia's order, ib. 

les, who had killed her huf- Tj^ffJ*(rB« difcoveri Cy no"* 

band, iii. 316, conlpiracy againft hit brother 

TOL C »S7 3: TRl 

AiUMTxei Macinon, and com- PeiicW tndeavan to diOuadc 

muaicatejit to ibe king, V. 317, him from in unneceSiicy upC' 

210. Put to death, 336. dition into Bsolia, i. 367'. 

Tiuns,i. i8s.v. 391. Killed in baulc, 368,1V. 19. 

* Tilhora, iil. 139. rn/mniiiiii, the TuCcan geoe. 

TiAraaflii, fucccdbr to HITa. iil, killed by Corneliiu ColBu, 

pheiDca, puU him to death by who ihercupon is entitled to the 

order of the king of Ptrfii, iv. Spdit Opina, i. 95, n. 96. 
lO. Propolei terms of peace (o Tor^aatiis and Dolabella, Syl- 

Agefilaui, and promifei him la'i offi^eri.advife himto delay 

large fum> of money, ib. De. hi) engagement with the Luca- 

fcated byCimon, iil. 183. nians and SanDnile; before the 

ntjiism, the brother of Otho, g"" "f Ri""e. '"■ 156- 
V. 4gs. ' Tor^ualiii, Uanlius. SeeMw- 

TtlilHus, fenl by Haminius Uui. 
into Thrace, to expel the garrj. Teryxt, taken by Cielar, T. 

foosof Philip, ii. 376. 1O9. 

Tiliaiu, thtfriend of Cafliuj, • T'tckin, i. 70. 
v.jrOf. Killihimfelf, ib. rr^j,mechaniconn,thought 

fitas,. Quintal, faitteli t bcoeith the citiEcni of Sparta, i. 

viftory to Sylla, iii. 141. lOi. 

Titius, qucOOr lo Antony, 
V- 194, Goei over to OfUvil- 

lUU, 306. ItrliiniaenU. 

TUuriiu and Cuila, officer! in • Trallcs, iv. 163, 

CiB^r'ianny, cutoff by Am- •7>d|[/idii],apeopleof TtuMe, 

Itioiix, iv. t4j. demand a ccnliderBlion of A- 

Titits larlius, left by Coral- gefilaui for hij paffage thiough- 

aiiu to command U theriegaof their country, iv. 17. Dcfe^ 

Corioli, while he went to fighc td by him, tb. 
the VoUciani. ii. Si. • TralHius, iii. sCl- 

SauA by order of Cicero, B5. and cuftomi intoSparta, i. 

Upon a promils of impunity, Triialius, v. 101. 

diicoven all he knew of tba T'lMliait one of the frieadi 

plot, ib. of Antony, v. 1G9. 

rilw, oneofthefoDiof Jan. Trdia, baUle of, ii. 3. 

iiu Brutus, put to death for Tubemas, Caiiu, tribune of 

confpiring with the Tarquini tbc people, propofa a decree 

■gainft the commonwealth, by by which provinces were to be 

order of hi) filber, and in his continued or given to Czlir, 

fight,!. 141. CiaffuJ, and Pompey, iv. 97, 

Sa ike Biker Titi luiirr thtir 3^4. Holds Antony in convef' 

ftmitjtuaas. , litioo without the court, whilo 

Tityiu,i\.tii. Cxfar is killed in the fenale- 

rw^PjrrAai, which was be- houle, iv. tZa. ■. v. £39. 

tieved 10 have a healing virtue rriydiitai, what, 33. 

in it, untauchid by the hre Triarms, Lucullui't tieuteo- 

whenhiibody wuburnt,iii. 4. ant defeated by MithridalO, iv. 

• r*/tru«, il. lOa. 83. iii. 135. 

TahtauSy i. 367. • T'iiah, iv. 145. 

Ttlmides, fon of I^oueui, Tritii,.tiK people of Rotae 


TrUanei, miUary, elcftcd far 
• linifinllcidaf confuJi, i. 30a. 

TriiuHCi of the people, wbeo 
firjl obuiDcd, ii, 3*. and n. 
Their power conlillcd priDcU 
pally in putting a negative on 
the plocenlingi tfaey diftilud, v. 
9. iv. 336. Could not cffea 
any thing ai a body, if one wCK 
diflenlieac, ib. Tbi only ofE- 
ceii wboprereiredtheirautbor. 
ity when » difiator wu appoint' 
ed, ii, 1 1. JulUy compacrd to 
a violent medicine, iv. 336. 

THpai, fent by the levc 
men from one 10 another, i. 804. fi 

Ttipytui, by order of Cli 
menea, offei 
pcnCoiL of 

condition that Cleomenei were 
declared ger.eta) of the Achnn 
•"S"'. *■ 379- 

TriUn, V. 363- 

Tmmtli 0) Ttalm £milia> 


loghter of 

et liim H Brandiv 
iSuiD on hi* nluni from eKilo^ 
V. lOfi. Diei in childbed, 106. 

TaSius. Stc Ciccn, 

Tidlui, Afpius, or Aliiiu, king 
of iheVolfci.v. 69. 

Tullui Hojliliu, fucceedi Ku- 
ma, i. igo. HU fupeiftition. 
191. Hii death, ib. 

his great auuwrity among the 
Volbitant, ii. 96. Hit perfond 
enmity to Corioliniji, 97. 'Hi* 
leplication and fpeecti of Coii- 
olrnm to him, ib. and 98. Hia 
recep^n of that great man, gS'. 
Joined in command with him, 
"I. Refolvu to deftroyhim. 



He and Vn 

Eirty fall upon Coriolanua, am 
t it preparing to make hit dc- 
-' fence, and accomplifh their pui>- 

Cfe, 113. He ii killed ins 
ile with the Romant, 114. 
Ta^u a(ki fempey, what 
forcei he had to oppofe Caefar* 
idiog him ill prapand'. 

Taliv, a friend of CU< 
? rrojans, i. 76. g*. 

Trojan women, i, 76. 
Trojan courfe, iv. 311a. 
Trtias wife of Arytai, and lellui, iii. 49. Hit fate, 50. 
mother of ^.acide), iil. t. * Tufiani, MUeA in religious 

rroui, daughter of ^Eacides rltea, i. 87, '•■ Originally* 
and Fhthia, and filter of Pyr. colony of the Sardiant, 108. 
fhui, iii. (. Take and lofe Sutrlum the tuns 

day, 336. Take Sitriium, 389- 
Are d^eated by Camitlui, ib. 
Tv/™ diviner,, iii. ,30. 
• Tiijiulua, people of, revolt 
from tM Romant, 1. 340. On 
. hearing that Camillui waa td- 
.ing agaioll them, put 

Trophenius, his cave an 
de, ii. a93.iii.i41. 
■ Trry, how often tak 

Taicre, theSloic, callt Lucut- appearai 

lut Iba Xencea of ] 
•40, 141. 

Tiiitrtas. See Pofikua 

• TuUr, iii. a95. 

• Tudirlim, iii. 59. 

of peace, ib. Tif/t 

of Tufculum, iv. 113. 
Tutola. Se« PUUlu. 
Tycton, ii. 113. 
T}deiii, hit infolrow ts Al- 

TyniLtridt. So O^fr 
Pol/it. ■ 

TyiiUraj, the fatbei of He 

■Dd SvlU I 

r rfS : VAR 

nuke ftliria, ihe daogbter of M<f. 
lali, ind liEker (o HartcnliHi, iii. 
Mika advancci lo Svlla, 
S7IU names her. ib. 
/'rrV, all the bfanchei of' 
ihit family for fix hundred 
years, acknowledge Publieola 
n ihe fountain of iheit honor; 
i, 160, 261. Have a particular 
burying place affigned them, 

y*ietias. Sex PMictla. 
Valerias, or niher Tiberiiu, 
one of the fans of JuniuiBru- 
eathby hii father 

Tynnia!, the Eulxuns cbirofe 
Mm for tkeir king, i. iit. 

Typko„, V. .65. 

Tyrsmiiii the grmmarlan cor- 
reftstKecapieiof Anftolle'iand 
Thcopbraaiis'i woriu, which he 

found in the library oi Apelli- . , , .. 

con die Teian, iii. iji. The fortrealoa agaiaAtheco 
injulUce done him by Mu>ra«, wealth, i. 241 . 
aij. yaltTim, Marcui, brother to 

Tyranny, StAaa't dying cofi. Publieola, beats the Sabinei in 
ceming it, i. 113. tvra batdei, i. afi6. Honored 

TjfMtt liveineonthiuil fetr, with* triuropb, Bud a houfe 
¥.366. The mitnbie life of bniUm the Palatine hill at the 
die tyrant AriAippui defcrifacd, public charge, lb. Obtains the-' 

Few die a natural death, 
or leave any poUerity, ib. 

• Tyre, bifieged and taken 
by Alexander, iv. iGo, 161. 

Tyrt, Cic«o' ' 

'- 65- . 

Tyrtaiu the pMl, i 


1. 359- 

PMifiu, charged with 
anamminion 10 confull the or- 
cle at Delphi, i. gcfi. 

yjirius //wcuj.hiicharafler, 
ii- 30T, 30S. Thegenerouaen- 
couragnnent he gave hil coun- 
try nei^bor Cato, 308. CatO 
chofen conful with him, and 
eenfor, ib. and 3*3. Appoint- 
ed chief of the CenaCe, 313, 

yaleriui Flacevs, cboUti con- 
Vmbaf- ful with Marius, iii. 71. 

3 Cral- 

fui, iji, 310, His npJy when perfon bcfkdt 

OfalTiu laid, be would deliver been fii'linie 
hit anfvMr «t Seleuciat ib. Ktltriut A 

ftleat, Fabiui. See faiiiu Valerus U 

Xttm. an, v. 311. 

« Valimia, iv, 60. Vaic'im, g 

Vtleiia, the daughter of Pub- great leirnin 

liiola, one of ibe hoAagca given Foiripey, iv. 
to Porfena, i, 255, VvinHi, P 

ytJerie, the fitter of Publico- Epartacoi, iii 
la, as [he is ai her devoilons in Varus has 

•heJempleof Jupiter Capiloli- Antony, v. 

DUi, ha) a fudden impoHe to go Coltltn, i' 
to the ladies of Corinlanus'i 
Her fpeeciii to 

jt 10 death bjf 
s, defeated by - 

them, ib. 

I, ibe philofapher, de- 
'aiutiua to calculate ibe- 
id boiH' ol IU>mubia-iiia> 

TEN C »tft J VET 

iMty from the circuntlbncei molata, Hr. The ficit Romaa 

■nd tventi of hii life, i. Sft. Uut wii honoied with i U'f 

r^arrs, Temitiiu, the conlul, umiihovirthe Pittbiuts, iBa. 

anun of oblcurc binfa, ii. i6. Vnius Ebitragiii,\. ^f. 

Kaita hifofdf by decliiming Ftmu Anodxc, i. 59. The 

^inft the (low openiioai of Paphtaii, iv. 343. Hkiphertf 

Fibiui, ib. titt itray gmtei or the f(J}«riiiii], 114, ijg. Lu- 

ihin any the Ramini had fent cntliu'i dteam ia the temple of 

^Jnll Hinniba[, ib. Totally Veniu, iii. 906. 

defeated in the battle of Cannz, Vfiu, 1 call on the dice fc> 

19. The fcn«te, at his return, called, iv. 324. 'Hinice ibe 

Ihank him for not defpaiting of proverb, " Wisuijarbidi," ib. 

Ae commonwrakh, ai. * ynii^a, it. 19, i6i. 

Varroiai A/ranius, Pompcy'i Fcr Satrua, what, i>. 6. 

lieuleDaoti in Spain, iv. 954. Cirama, one of the Veflal 

Czfar makes himlelf mailer of virgini caufectaled by Nunu, 

their cunpi andiroept, ib, ' i. 174, 

yaras, hii difpule^ with Sci- Vinaia, the wife of Pilb, v. 

pio, iv. gPr, 414. 

CsfBi, Alphinui, genenl •f • Vtralla, lit. 67. 

tba Batavi, v. 416. VWcmgatriii, general of the 

Ftlimm, appointed pnctor in Arvemi and Camulet, iv. 245. 

preference to Cato, through Ak Defeated by Czlar, 146. 

influence, or rather vielence of Vergiiia, the wife oFCoriola- 

Pompey'i party, iv, 96, S54- """'i "■ *°7- 
Ciceta'9 puna upoo Vatiniua, 

• ytieifUi, beaten by Romu- 

• rcii, the capital of mlcany, 
i. 108, Taken by CamiUuj, v. ^.8, 

after it had Hood ■ ten yeirs yijla,\.-ji. Numa buildi a. 

fiege, 307, CamLHui'j prayer temple to that goddeti, 176. 

/upon that great fuccels, ib, Bii Mariui diiven into her temple, 

triumph in a chariot drawn by iii. 133, VeiUI virgini ellab- 

four while borres, 309, lilhed at Rome by Romufiu, I. 

■ yilairuH, i. 3o. r04. Yet fame alcribe the in- 

Hc/(/w, i, 166, ftimiiootoNuroa,.ib. Guard, 

ftlia, i. 160. ii, iga, iani of the faired fire, 173, 

■• fe/i(r« lakeo by the Ro- Theirnumber, 174, Their pra- 

■una, i. 344. A colony fent rogativei, 175. The punifli-^ 

thither in the room of thole menti inQified on them whn ■ 

tint were fwept away by the they broke their vow, ib. 

peftilence, ii 67. Cecil, in Latin Cicer, iheoce- 

Velktus. ietSkimuj. Cicero'i family hid their fur- 

l^ngtaxce, divine, ii. 146. name, v. 69. 

Veraidii, two btothenof Cm- F'^hiiu, Sporiua, /aterro till 

bo'a faAlon, banilhed from the election of Nunaa, i. 168.! 

Auxipnim by. Fonipey, who Citliai, a friend of Cai«» 

then afled for Sylla, iv. 49. Gncchni, v, 10. 

I'ettiiiai, Um by Antony a- Vcttariiti, the tribune, v, 131 

gain ft the Panhiln), v. 1S7, f([u?-iaJ cotrupw the pn«»- . 

Defnts Pacom., Ton of Orodei, >ia(i cohorts, v. 41a 

ib. Bcriegei Antiochu* io Sh - W*rm iiumrim M>k«tl«., 

VIR r »7t ] voc 

btazen Oiidd for Nuim, i. meacof the Gaute, ib. DeAaW 

179. Vindex, ib. Hu merit and dec- 

yitariai, ?ubtiiu, one of llw IuMmds abmiing Co Galbi, ib. 

Gift quxlton, i, a^S. Delivers up ibe comnUDd tB 

yu Sacra, v. 8j. Flicciis Hordcouiui, who vn* 

FHitu Padaiui. Sn Pacia- ftac by Gilba to (iKceed hinr, 

mu. 393. Treated with coldocfa 

fiKss, the Sioiliai], hia in- by Gilba, ib. Again preffiid 

gntimde to CiEcio, v. 97. ta accept the empiit, but abide* 

' ^tfe, icityofLucania, an- by hii fiift reiolutioai, 43>. 

Gioitly called Hippomam. Sec Oiho takei 



end of 

ftfisfy confideied it a god- 

145; . 

f itfiiu, Fubliiu, lent to tnU 

with Antiocbui, ii. 376. 
Vitiitx, luniiu. See ktiiu 

finiiciiu, 1 Gave, dilcoven 
Jiiinfavarof Tarquia, 


firuLmru, king of tbe- 
Gauli, killed by Qiudiui Mev- 
ccllui.whothcieuponii entitled' 
UnbtSptiuiOpima, 1. 96. ii. S3S. 

fVhu, be> work* atiraA our 

t^rtiui of the iime nime di(. 
iiemt in dtScient chan&ra, 
iv. 18B. 

<, berdi 
■ledged, i. 



e, a43-. 

findiaa, the ■& of nunumtC- 
fion, why 16 sailed, t, 143. 

I'lWii.j, killed by^the Picea. 
tinci faicilling Fompey ■ fchonl 

i^miij, Taui,oneofthecom- 
BWodm of' the piatoiian cs- 
barti, and firll minlflei to Gil- 
ba, V. 193. Libidinauiand iv- 
■ticioui, 398.' Prapofci Otho 
««ipHip*r peirJoa to- be adopt- of Aeeniperor 

iv. 43*. The honor which Ibe 
euj^i all her own, iii. 166. 

/'uc/Ziiand Afiilii confpire 
with Tatquin againU ihecom- 

Z'ircffiiu.'hii detent andqB^ 
itiei, V. 408. Saluted emperor 
b^the tvoopSh ia Cennany, ib» 
Futi to death all thole who fa^ 
claimed rewardiiar deftroyiw 
the friends of Galba, 414. 

riltUius, Lueiui, the biotlvT 

lyGatba, 407. Appointed 
conrul^il*. Killed, 414. 

rfrgi^u,, Caiua, p«tor in 
Eicily, lefitlei Cicero entraace 
intolhatilland,Dotwitb Handing 
hit obligationi to him, v. 97, 

Kirginii^ on* of the iiibunei 
of the people pRrailad upon by 

proeefiagiinftSylU, iii. 134, 

firgmiis, or rather yergmiia 
Raftis, geriHal ia Germany, v. 
Refulel to lake the in 

Uliadci, the Samiar 

he galley of Paula niai 

if proof that the coi 
would no logger fubmit tobit 
command, ii. 199. . 

Uahriciui, the divinci, U' 

> Calbi the it 
ing danger, v, 4.0. 
Unammly bekwca 

the fan: 

■ *99-. . 

Z/Bio»otflatei.and cities, 'a* 
happy mi&t, v. 364. 

Uniiy, fire fo. called by ibe 
perial title, and declare! himlelf Pylhagoreani, i. 176.. 
an enemy to all who Iball af- yoctnits, one of Lucullusf*. 

W*R f 17» J wot 

inity to eSctft oat of limccDnny, 

Clato'iiR- eadeivorul to guard igiuift tliM 

hunuoliyiaf upoahim indhii '■'- 

diughtin, ». 9g. 

• ttlfii invulc the Rornm 

territoria, i. 333. Reduced by „ 

Cuuiiliu, 336. Tike up inni WaUr wlitywhicb [pringi an- 

iguB, Bid, I»|stber with the Tupplied, fuppofed by [oiw to 

Pncneftinei, nvagethecoDDtna be immedijlely fonaod by lite 

oflhob who were is illiacop condsidtioD of vapon. See. 

wilb Remt, 339. Agaia do- fnttaini. 

fated by Camillui, ib. Collea IPaler of a fountiin, in which 

«ll (heiifarce to rdiewthe city Bacchiu w» waOied immedU 

of Corioli, ii. ta. Give Ihelter Uely aftei bli hiiih, [aid M lafta 

ca CoiioiiDai wko tndi thai Itkcwioe. SttCiBkJa. 

atmio, 9l, lOi. DeCpaicfathit fCtftroftheNiteand Danube, 

fiaXHl, .and Ibra stgnt hii prelmed mong the treafiuvi of 

death, 1 1 3. Eniiraly lofadoed the kings of Perria, to fhow the - 

by the RoBiiu, ib. eiteni of theii dominioiu. See 

yW—w'a, the nothet af Co- Bttmti, 

riolaniu, ii. Bo, 107. Her ao- -Ifiy, the Appuo, Ccbllayi 

farertolbe Ipeech of Vakrii, outigreat dealof hiiown moo- 

m8. Her ^ecch to Corioiaout. cy upon it, iv. ai4, 

pKlfioe trim to dnw off hii tViUi at Atlieni, if public 

foicea fn>ai befme Roim, 109, ones, aJl that were within the 

lie. diflanne of foHf furlaagi, hid 

fbtumniiii, B aiaiii, pulto the privilege of them, i. 11^. 

-death by Bnitu, «. go6. 0[her regulstiooi of Soloncon. 

fWmiu'iu, Publina, a^iiend •nniDg welii, ib. 

of BrutDi, V. gi ii WhuU, mcdinntiK of itCald 

f apneas, ii. t6. foiathouUnddnchmc, iii.isj. 

lifipitit and Tauileri, peo- Whetli, Egyptiu, an emblem, 

yh df Gennany, bieak into of tbe ioftabilky (^ fonunc,!. 

Ganl, >v. ai). DcfcMad by 181- 

Cjefar, S4a. WMu Day, i. 375. 

* Utita, \i. £Bi 3^' *■■- £°' ^'fi ■' AichidJmKS, king of - 

/Vroe, tua-tOBple, i. lOT. fipaTEa, fined far marrying a 

-* ^iiAuniJ, river, by [he liUlc woman, >v. 3. 

■C«*lu aall«d Lathronue, ii. 8. Wi*t, a mnady againft vaia- . 

tUtw-u, Ro mill lufcea twelve, King, and foDckiDdiof poLfan, 

ao4 Remu) only^ fm, i. 8*. v. i^. 

Two with >bTazeo exilian ap- I^im, Kcording to Numa*> . 

pear befon Haiiui'i vifUuiei, indiiu^na.BattoWoffeced itt. 

iii. ^t|. (Kiifice, except fioni a vine 
tiul xMi pruned, i. iSo, iBi. 
FCmc mingtrd wiih fpicei, 

W. uiedtnwafbingof feat. iv. 30a. 
lt'iiJ/,a ttie one (ucUet Ro- 

"tXTjti-LS, long -OOM, which mului andlUraui, 1. 70. 

''r f„rtifced AdKn down lo ITii^ of -btari at Delphi, P. 

«1k (a, iv. »4. , 370. Priority of privilege in 

Wdr cannot be brought to conful ting the oracle, engraved . 

xu«f npoHcd.wal* .wUh^ . Wtjfii^ blllUIkli»l^ JAiO.-. 

XEN C «73 3 XER 

to fight It Algol, iii. lO. Tlw Xaarii, m iDiimitc friend 

oceifionof their being To rep- of Cleomenes, giva him, it M* 

relented, ib. Pyrrhus why diC- reqoeft, an KCount of Agii^ 

heartened it the fight, ib. dttigni for tbe refoniution of 

Waif cirrin off defpitcha (he commanwnlth, iv. 400. 

defigned for DjonyGuA, v* 14^ Ftndi him much inclined te the 

Wui;h of Spim, i. 195, fame fyllein, and withdraw* 

1 96. Their courage, iii. 34. from the connexion, ib. 

Their influence QTcr their hul- XhifcfcJ, of the wird of Cho- 

band), i. 137. iv. 386. The latgui, buifda the dome of the 

(hire they h>d in livac honon, templeit Elcufii, i. -'- 
i. 137. 

Womtn of Athens, Solon' 
I*wi conceming th«T joumiei. 

nouming, andlicrificei, i. saa. Xtnoclci, the Spartan, lent by 

(ftwiofRomci.ige. Tern. Agedlaui to LariiTa, iv, 17. 

pleereAed to the Fortane tfWam. Xinxlcs, the AdnmyttiM, 

eiiby the Romen), when Cori- Cicero't vifilto him, v. ft. 

olanui wu previilnl upon by XtimraUi, the philosopher, 

tai wife and mother (0 retire the vanity of hi> faying to the 

from before Rome, ii. 111. children of Lvcurgm the ota- 

Wtmn of Micedon, Such tor, who bad delivered fain 

cxeiciled in the ceremoniei of from a probtution lot the JKr- 

Oipheua and Bocchui, iv, 135. bKU, ii. 377. Hato advifc* 

IKmuii of Genniny great pre- him to bcrifice to the Giaeett 

tsnderi to piaphecv, iv, 138. iii. 44. Alexander offeri to 

In their divination obferve the make him ■ preient of fiity 

Sowing and ooile of IllcaoUi ib. blentt, but Jk Kcepti only ■ 

Wmta belongini 


cfteem with the Athenlani, 308. 
What be ItiA of Antipater, and 
the tennj he offered, 309. R*. 
fufei the freedom of Athena, 

• ■yAtfTHUNS, iv. xs^. t. 
" «73. Ttie paOionile de> 
fin that people bid of death, 

Xmlkifpiu, the father of Per- 
■dea, defeats the king of FeHia'i 
Ke>]enlialMycale,i.34S. Mir- 
liei Agarille the niece of Clil- 
thenei who expelled the race of 
Kfiftntui, ib. 

c\a, pmturcinhi)exp«ice9,ind 
aifielpearul in hit behiviorlo 
hii father, i. 385, 386. 

Xai*gtr»i, ibe fon of Eame- 
lui, hii accoiul of the height of 
Mount Olympui, it. 169. 

Xnarthii, >n iofipid and 
fiivoloui writer, iii. iji. 

Xnabiantts, a celebrated peN 
former on (he flute, v.iea. 

XenobhiUSj captain of a hand 
of robberi, Aratut hirei foma 
troopi of him, v. 348. 

Aino^sn (ighti ai a volunEeer 
under Agefilaua in Ox battle of 
Chatronea, iv. iS. Send) his 

fiiof education, it. ConduAa 
the ten thoulaad Gmka inOeii 
Rtreat out of Afia, 1. 197, 

Xtrxts endmort to join (ha 
iOe of Salamii to the continent, 
i. 183. Loiei the bxde of Sa- 
hniii, iBi- rliet ia conic- 


C "74 J 

quMce of 1 (IraUfcm of The- cbnied in ( nugnUKait nnBneF- 
minodet, ib. Alexander cU- by Loculliu, ib. 
buei with himlelf wbelbcT Ik * Zirf (ra, * ctftle in EuIwe^ 
(hould tat Ibe ftatue of XerxEi taken by PhociOD, iv. 196. 
Ibat wu fill™ down, iv. 1 79. • Zrii, a tity of, i». 166. 

Aleunder bunii che plve of Zent, of Elea, in natuni phi-. 
Xerxn, 11 Ibe inftigitina of ■ lofophy, ■ fatlowHof Fermea- 
courteun, igo. ides, and ■ (ubtlc difputant, i. 

349. F«]cie> wu fail difcipic, 
ib. Sec 399. 

Zen>, ihe Cilieian, iv. 399. 
ZinB the Cretin, v. 335. 
* Znmltlu, iii. 309. 
ZnaJelaj, i. gt. 
Zetgila, the third daft of 
men imongB the Atheniuu, u 
117. Whylbcallcd, ib. m. 

Zvaiimtiu, king ot Spirta, 
Father of Archidimiu, iii. 187. 

Znxij lelli AgHhiTcui, w\» 
bo^d of his defpitch ifi paint- 
ing, that he paiaud very flaw. 

BOre perfeftly by Juliua Czbr 
ItrAtfi tat tnida fie tit.1^ 

Tfttr in which Rome wii 
'Uilt,i. 83. 

Yur, the great yt*r, iii. 13a 

' hiiiu, 

an arttficci i: 

£^ Dioa, V. (ii). 

Zaiytcku, illeof,ii. 381. iki. 
rti. *■ «46- 

Zdtattu, i. 1 66. 

Zf^itwis, king of Cordyene, 
blDught over to tbe Ronua in. 
Iveft by Ctodiu, Lucullui'i 
lieuEenaat and biolher in law, 
iii. 917. Put to. death with h1< 
wife and cbildicn by Tignnei, 
licfore tlw Romans enured Ai- 
awoia, tig. Hii obCequinccl- 

Zifyrns thoiifh a fiave, ^■ 
poinud by Periclea fchoi>iiin»<._ 
Ur to Alc'blada, ii. 34. i. 143. 

Zt^nu, an officit in die aii. 
my of Antigoniu, cut* oS Pyr- 

ZoToafiir, king of the Ba&Ti. 
ani and lawgiver, fuppoled to 
beinrpired, 1.166. 

Z^iH, the wife of kingTi- 
grinet, led captive in Pompey'a 
triumph, though be redored the 
kingdom of Acmenia to Ti-. 
gnnet, iv. 89. 



frmlie Prt/i ef Ii At ah Tkomai, Jun. and /i>r file iyhhii* 
WorcdUr, ladiy Thomas U WttitiLt, Newburypon. 


A SELECT CENTURY of the Collo- 
quies of COSDERIUS. With an Engliih Tranf- 
Ution, asliterjklas poflibli. D«ligned for the Ufe of 
Beginners in the Latin Tongue. 



SASMUS : With an Bnglilh Tranllation, as literal as 
potlible. DeCgned for the ufe of beginnen ia the Latin 


. EUTROPIUS's Compendious HISTO- 
RY tf ROME; together with an Englilb TranflaCion, 
«s literal as poUibk, NoRi and an Index. 
Makingof Latin.— Co mprifiofo after an Eafy Compend- 
ious Method the Subftance ofthe Latin Syntax. 

GREEK TESTAMENT.— Fiift American 
Edition, printed on a large Type and good paper. 

LESSONS iti ELOCUTION ; or a Selec- 
tion of Pieces in Profe and Verfe, for the imtrvvfrnent 
tfTmtb, in READING and SPEAKING. 



nity ef Man, and the Value of th« Objetis princtpaUy 
relating to Human Hafpinefi, 

• An original Volume of SERMONS, by the 
cdebrated Divine, J. LATHROP, D. D.